General Hospital blog - November, 2021

November 1st, 2021

Britt and Jason have to swim their way to Cassadine Island, then hide out in a workroom until Jason's able to go looking for Peter. Speaking of Peter, he appears to want to condition Maxie to want to take him back, but he also wants Obrecht to talk her into being with him again. Obrecht is able to burn him with some acid and run away, but then she gets shot by her own daughter, who couldn't see who she was shooting. Elsewhere, Jason finds Peter, so let's see what the writers come up with next to delay Peter's death. Shawn and Spinelli use a high-tech microphone to listen in as Spencer prods Nikolas to admit that he had Hayden shot. Nikolas thinks Spencer is wearing a wire and is trying to record a confession. Spencer says he was really hoping that Nikolas would deny the accusation, which Nikolas never does, making Spencer believe he's guilty. Shawn reveals that he planted the idea in Spencer's head, and he's still waiting for an answer. Brook rushes Gladys out of Valentin's room before Gladys can tell him he's not "Bailey"'s father. She tries to argue that if Gladys spills what she knows, she won't be able to keep getting money and perks out of Brook, though Brook can't keep letting her use a company card. Gladys is like, "You're rich – give me your personal money, genius." Brook agrees and Gladys is satisfied for the time being, but when Maxie learns what's going on, she panics over the idea of Gladys spreading what she knows. Dante and Sam debut their relationship and recap their European adventures for Sonny and Carly, who are happy to see them happy. Austin wonders if Maxie encouraged him to give up on his birthright because she truly believes he's better off without the Quartermaines or because she's Team Brook. She tells him she really thinks he should be a doctor instead of dealing with his wacky family. Sonny tells Carly that Cyrus wants to meet up, and later decides to go see him.

Isn't it Halloween? No one's wearing a costume.

My guess is Peter conditioned Drew to protect him, a la Dante's conditioning to protect Franco, so Jason will have to fight Drew. I'm bored already.

There's no way any recording Shawn and Spinelli got of Nikolas confessing would stand up in court anyway.

This is the perfect time for Brook to talk Chase into pretending to be "Bailey"'s father, in case Gladys does tell Valentin she's not his.

I guess no one's going to bring up how Sam used to be involved with Sonny and is now dating his son.

Aw, look at Sonny and Carly pretending to care about Drew. That's adorable.

Has Dante told Olivia he's dating Sam? I wonder how she'll feel about that.

November 2nd, 2021

Britt tends to Obrecht, who thinks this is a good time to talk about how Britt and Jason might get back together after their adventure is over. Meanwhile, Peter talks Jason out of killing him by claiming he has something Jason wants. The four all end up in the same place, along with Drew, who – surprise, surprise – has orders to kill Britt if Jason kills Peter. Long story short, no one dies, and Peter and Drew are now in control of the situation. Spencer goes to see Trina so he can tell her he's done with the whole mess Nikolas created and wants to make up with her. Trina can't trust him anymore, which is especially difficult because she has feelings for him. She tells him to show her (and everyone else) that he's changed instead of just saying he has. Nikolas knows Shawn doesn't have any proof that he had Hayden shot, and the police would never listen to his accusations, so he's not worried about this going anywhere. He tells Shawn that Hayden knew he was behind her shooting and obviously got over it, since she came back to town with him and never turned him in. He offers Shawn $500,000 to make up for the years he spent in prison because of Nikolas, though of course it's also hush money. Alexis tells Harmony that Nikolas has offered to get her a pardon, but she doesn't want to take a favor from him after what he did to Hayden. Harmony guesses that she's also scared to leave Spring Ridge because she'll be allowed to make her own choices again and she might not make good ones. Alexis admits that that's true, and though it looks like she's going to try to be brave and venture back into the world, she says she's not taking Nikolas' deal. Esme really wants Josslyn and Cameron to show Spencer their support and be the friends he needs. Also, the friends she needs, because she thinks they're friends. Also also, she's guessed that Cameron and Josslyn are virgins, and she definitely looks down on them for it. Josslyn reminds Esme that she told Joss to stay out of her business, and Esme needs to do the same to her. Cameron is so mad at Spencer for leaving during his shift that he fires him, but he relents when Spencer's apologetic.

I really don't care what happens on Cassadine Island. The only two people whose fates I care about even a little bit have contracts.

It says a lot that Spencer went to Trina instead of Esme, and I don't think Esme's going to be happy about it.

Portia and Trina should start a business where they just sit you down for half an hour and tell you all the ways you've screwed up your life and what you need to do to fix it.

Shawn just needs to shift from getting justice for Hayden to finding Hayden.

Alexis' scenes today should have been with someone other than Harmony.

No, no, no, Esme. No road trips with that gang. They never go well. Also, you have no money.

November 3rd, 2021

Sonny visits Cyrus, who tells him Joey is taking over the Novak organization. Yeah, he's incompetent, but he's the only viable candidate, since the only person more viable has conveniently died. Cyrus thinks he can offer more help in exchange for a favor to be named later, but Sonny's sure he can handle whatever happens. Carly and Olivia hang out at the Savoy, catching each other up on their lives (mostly it's Carly talking about Sonny and Nina). Joey tails Carly there and pops in to say hi, like he thinks she'll find him charming or something. She doesn't, so he threatens to do whatever he wants to any Corinthos he wants. Just as things are about to get violent, Curtis throws Novak out. Joey goes to the docks to whine and scheme; he wants to buy the Savoy and use it as a front. As he's leaving, he runs into Marshall. Victor won't provide any help in locating Peter without an immunity deal, but Valentin thinks Victor will tell him something useful, so he tells Anna to bring him for a visit. Portia tells Elizabeth her concerns about Marshall and her suspicion that he's also the patient T.J. encountered. Elizabeth puts her sketch-artist skills to good use again, providing a picture that lets Portia confirm that she and T.J. spoke to the same person. Nika sees it and says she talked to him, too. Curtis doesn't recognize Marshall, but something about the man is familiar. Chase is still stuck on desk duty, since he hasn't been cleared for anything else, and he thinks Finn may have influenced that decision. He's been taking a closer look at Louise's "kidnapping," and he's noticed some inconsistencies. He tries to question Maxie, but Brook says she's not emotionally able to talk about it and sends her away. While she blasts Chase know, doing his job, Maxie calls Nina and makes arrangements with her and Kip to pull something that will keep Gladys quiet. Olivia is surprised to hear that Ned approached Austin again about Leo, and Austin is still saying the same things about Leo without the potential motivation of getting ELQ money. Knowing that Gladys may have dirt on Brook, Austin decides to buddy up to her.

Sonny's sticking with the beard, huh?

Marshall, I'll give you $10 to kill Joey right now and head off whatever will inevitably bore me within the next week.

The WSB STILL hasn't searched Cassadine Island for Peter? And Anna and Robert BOTH came back to the States? You have to be kidding me.

Dear Brook and Maxie, no one is going to jump from "Valentin isn't 'Bailey''s father" to "'Bailey' is really Louise." Come on.

November 4th, 2021

Shawn knows the police won't listen to him if he accuses Nikolas of trying to have Hayden killed, but they'll listen to Finn, especially when public sympathy puts Violet front and center in the story. For $5 million and the name of the hitman Nikolas hired, he'll leave Nikolas out of it. He also suspects that Nikolas was behind Naomi's death, so that's something else for the police to dig into. Nikolas slowly realizes that he can't negotiate his way out of this and giving Shawn the hitman's name might be his only option. Also, he didn't have anything to do with Naomi's death, but he thinks Victor might have. Valentin kind of, sort of tells Victor that he and Anna will push for him to get immunity if he points them in Peter's direction (he never says that specifically, so I guess he can hold on to some deniability). Victor says that's the only leverage he has left, and he won't give it up even if Peter's a threat to his granddaughter(s). Olivia is super-drunk and super-happy to see Robert at the Metro Court. She tells him what's been going on with Ned and Austin, thinking Robert will back her up, but he thinks she should find out for sure if Leo needs help. Meanwhile, Ned goes to Ava's gallery to buy Olivia a painting, like, yeah, that'll make up for everything you've done. He offers to fund an exhibit Trina wants to host, then gets Olivia a dog painting. Unfortunately, he takes it to her just as she's kissing Robert, since her drunkenness has made her admit that she may have feelings for him. Ned punches Robert, which makes Olivia mad, though she's touched by the dog painting. Spencer tells Alexis that he's thinking about taking Nikolas and Ava's deal, partly because he doesn't want Esme to have to date someone who's poor. Alexis encourages him not to compromise his principles for a guy who's done some really unacceptable things. Later, Spencer runs into Trina, and after just a short chat, it's clear that she was never into him because of his family's money, unlike his current girlfriend. Sam catches Curtis and Portia up on what happened in Greece, wondering what she'll tell Scout about Drew. Dante comes by to let them know that Joey was beaten up by an unknown assailant. Even without an alibi, he's pretty sure Curtis is innocent, but he warns that because the Savoy is so close to the waterfront, Joey might not be the last mobster to come in. Portia wonders if Marshall might be a mobster who's already paid a visit. Esme starts her internship at Spring Ridge by letting Harmony know she's done research about her Dawn of Day activities. She also blah blahs about redemption and stuff. Whatever, she's only there because of Ryan.

Stop talking about animal photos you're not even showing us and go back to the Cassadine Island plot, AKA the only plot where anything's happening.

Shawn is the best! He absolutely deserves to get $5 million of Nikolas' money.

Yesssss, drunk Olivia. Thank you for existing.

I know a better way Ned can make a kind gesture to Olivia that involves animals. Two words: dog hotel.

November 5th, 2021

Spencer gets a slap in the face from reality when he sees that his first paycheck doesn't provide enough to live on. Once again, Esme tells him to work things out with Nikolas and Ava so he can go back to living like a prince. Spencer goes to the gallery to talk to Ava, but instead encounters Trina, who calls him out for planning to lie that he supports Nikolas and Ava's marriage so he can get his money. She tells him he's privileged and entitled, and if he really wants to be the kind of person she would be friends with, he should act more like he did when he pretended to be Victor. When Nikolas and Ava arrive, Spencer tells his father that he's happy Nikolas has Ava, but he will no longer have Spencer. He doesn't want to be a prince anymore, and he's renouncing his father and name. Carly thinks Sonny was behind Joey's attack, but Sonny said he didn't have time to arrange it before someone else got to him. He visits Joey, who also thinks the attack was a Corinthos doing, and announces that he's now in charge of the Novak organization and their holdings. Joey knows his family won't be happy about that, but there's nothing he can do to stop it (and really, he should just be glad Sonny isn't going to kill him). Shawn is using Nikolas' money to start a non-profit, and he offers Alexis a job helping him run it if she decides to accept Nikolas' deal. Even though Alexis misses being at home and seeing her family all the time, she still won't budge on taking anything from Nikolas. Shawn meets with Nikolas to get his money and the paperwork establishing the non-profit, which Nikolas must continue to fund if Shawn deems it necessary. Nikolas makes a phone call, and as Shawn returns to Spring Ridge, someone there tells Alexis that her pardon has been granted. I really don't know what Esme's doing, but she's both insisting that she wants to be friends with Spencer's friends and apparently trying to talk Josslyn and Cameron into having sex. They plan to spend some time alone together at the Webber house after Elizabeth's birthday party. Elizabeth thinks Carly's right to want justice after what Nina did. [Insert jpg of John Mulaney saying, "Now, we don't have time to unpack all of that" here.] Portia and Elizabeth are the filler.

Nicholas Chavez went from "I'm not sure about this guy's acting" to "actually, I'm pretty impressed" in record time.

I heart Trina. Heart heart heart heart heart.

I know I keep saying it but Laura really needs to come back ASAP.

What's Nikolas' motive with the pardon? Is it an attempt to show he's not as bad as Shawn and Alexis think he is? Is it a distraction?

At this point Esme is beyond inscrutable. Why does she care if Josslyn and Cameron have sex?

Excuse me? Elizabeth thinks Nina should be punished for what she did to Sonny? Does she think she herself should be punished for doing the exact same thing to Drew?

November 8th, 2021

Drew's conditioning has worn off, and Jason fills him in on everything that happened after Peter got him from his cell. Drew doesn't think they'll be able to take on Peter, even though there are two of them. Jason is much more confident that he can keep Drew from being activated again, and they can work together and kill Peter. Meanwhile, Peter tells Britt that she'll only be leaving the island alive if she teams with him. Sonny repays Mrs. Wu for warning Jason about the limo bomb by offering her half of the Novaks' holdings. For some reason, she thinks she can ask for a favor, and for an even less explicable reason, she thinks Sonny will pull strings with Pentonville's parole board to get Brad released. Sonny says he won't, but he also won't do anything to prevent Brad from getting paroled. Mrs. Wu notes that Michael might do something himself, so Sonny gives his word as the head of the Corinthos organization that no one in his family will do anything bad to Brad. Diane is surprised that Carly hasn't been arrested for attacking Nina. Carly admits that she came really close to doing that, but Sonny wants to leave everything from Nixon Falls in the past, which means no revenge. She confides that their marriage has taken a bit of a hit due to their time apart, and her friendship with Jason has also changed. Sam goes to Spring Ridge to celebrate Alexis' release, which Nikolas boasts was his doing. Alexis reveals that he's doing this to shut her up because she knows he had Hayden shot. Nikolas complains that his family keeps turning against him, and the two of them basically laugh at him because Spencer wants nothing to do with him anymore. Anyway, Alexis is free, and she's scared about screwing up her life again, but Harmony offers her friendship, which is...weird. Spencer tells Esme and Cameron that, thanks to a push from Trina, he renounced his family name and his trust. Cameron thinks he's crazy, since there's no way he'll be able to support himself. Esme's upset that Spencer went to Trina for advice, and though she obviously doesn't want him to give up his money, she tells him she's proud of him for being his own person. She still wants the group to take a weekend getaway, though there aren't a lot of interesting places for them to go nearby. Cameron mentions the trip they once took to Niagara, which leads Esme to ask if he and Trina were together then. Spencer's clearly relieved to learn that they never dated.

Not only did Peter make a mistake putting Jason and Drew in the wine cellar together, but he made a mistake LEAVING BOTTLES OF WINE IN THERE. One bonk on the head and he's out.

Drew should have pretended he was still under Peter's control. Then Peter wouldn't have activated him again, and Drew could surprise him.

Like Sonny, I also forgot that Brad was part of the Wu family. I assume this means he'll be getting out of prison?

Of course Carly thinks she has anything to do with Jason leaving town. And of course she blames Nina for the change in their friendship.

While Carly's shutting up about Nina, I also need her to shut up about how Sonny was gone for nine months. WE KNOW.

Nikolas, "Hayden is still alive" is not a defense. Stop it.

Cameron can't really think that Josslyn would voluntarily spend an entire weekend with Esme.

November 9th, 2021

Peter gives Jason and Britt a little demonstration of Drew's conditioning by having him hold a knife to Jason's throat, then cut himself. Afterward, Peter indicates to Britt that he plans to have Drew bring Maxie to Cassadine Island so they can be together. Drew tells Jason he'd rather have Jason kill him than let him hurt anyone. But Jason thinks they can beat Peter, since he made two big mistakes – letting Jason and Britt see his activation and deactivation tarot cards, and letting them hear the trigger phrases. Brook and Maxie's plan is to have Kip pretend to be a guy named Paulie, a wannabe gangster type who will intimidate Gladys into keeping her mouth shut about Valentin not being "Bailey"'s father. It looks like it won't work, but it does, and Gladys erases the incriminating recording (and admits she never made any copies). However, Austin sees Maxie paying Kip, so that'll probably lead to the truth coming out. The question is whether Gladys will tell Austin the truth when they meet up to finish a conversation in which she seemed eager to open up about Brook. Sonny tells Carly and Michael what he agreed to for Brad, which they're not happy about. Michael's already on an "I'm just protecting my attitude" high, so the possibility of Brad getting parole is just going to make that worse. Willow and Harmony take baby steps toward healing their relationship, and Willow even lets her mother spend some time with Wiley. Austin wants to get to know Maxie better, but she's hesitant to spend more time with him.

Apparently the chariot card means "overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction. One needs to keep going on and through sheer hard work and commitment he will be victorious." Good luck, Drew.

Britt needs to steer into the crazy. She should volunteer to convince Maxie to come to the island. Just tell her to bring a deck of tarot cards.

Guys, I think I might love Kip.

That said, this plan is dumb. There's no way to keep Gladys from finding out Kip is a waiter or bartender or whatever. And Valentin has dealt with him before, so if Gladys ever points him out to Valentin, it's all over.

They really have to stop trying to make Maxie and Austin happen.

November 10th, 2021

Curtis was supposed to have live music at the Savoy, but the band was double-booked and is in another state. Portia provides a backup, but they also cancel, since they heard about Carly's run-in with Joey and don't want to play a place with mob customers. Linc happens to be back in town, traveling with a singer he knows would be happy to perform on short notice, so he saves the day. It turns out he orchestrated everything to repay some kind of favor to Marshall. Sonny offers Phyllis a job managing Charlie's, promising he's not trying to recreate his experience at the Tan-O. Off of his and Nina's encouragement, Phyllis accepts the job, which thrills Sonny and Nina. Josslyn tells Trina that she and Cameron are going to have sex that night. Trina thinks Josslyn's just reacting impulsively because of Esme's comments, and she's rushing into something she's not ready for. Josslyn insists that she's given this a lot of thought and thinks she and Cameron have waited long enough. Elizabeth's family throws her a birthday party that keeps turning awkward, since multiple people mention Franco, and Nikolas is there for no apparent reason. Cameron's eager to usher everyone out of the house so Josslyn can come over. Scott catches on and gives him some encouragement, as well as a condom. Elizabeth overhears them talking and also catches on, but she doesn't mention anything to Cameron. Maxie learns that Dante and Sam went to Greece together and asks her if they're more than friends now. Sam admits that they have feelings for each other and can see a future together. She's worried that Maxie won't approve because of her friendship with Lulu, but Maxie's just surprised because she never expected this. When she chats with Dante later, she tells him that if he's happy, she's happy. Dante is surprised to run into Alexis, but not disappointed that she won't serve her full sentence. He's happy that she's working on keeping her life on track and is taken responsibility for her actions. In fact, he thinks she's too hard on herself and should let go of her guilt. Nikolas guesses that Trina talked Spencer into giving up his money, but instead of being upset, he appreciates that she's been able to get through to Spencer. Shawn and Nina are friends now, I guess. Also, he has no hard feelings against Sonny, which seems weird, but okay.

So much kindness today – Scott supporting Cameron, Maxie basically giving Sam and Dante her blessing, Josslyn and Nikolas telling Trina what a great friend she is, Shawn being cool with Sonny, Dante telling Alexis she's doing a great job. What kind of a soap is this?

Welp, I definitely didn't expect to ever see Linc again. Maybe Brook can sic Kip on him, too.

Nina can't drink at the Metro Court, so she goes to Charlie's, which she knows Sonny's buying and where Kristina works. Sure, okay.

I need everyone to stop mentioning Franco when Finn and Elizabeth are two seconds away from getting together.

Why didn't anyone tell Dante that Alexis was pardoned (including Sam)?

Why am I so disappointed that Shawn isn't mad at Sonny?

November 11th, 2021

The show at the Savoy goes well, and Curtis is really grateful to Linc. When he learns his and Brook's history, he starts to wonder if this was all a set-up. Nina is sure that she's going to end up in prison, and until then, she thinks she'll have to give up drinking at Charlie's (as if she's spent a lot of time there in the past). Sonny repeats that she needs to stay away from Carly and respect Michael's wishes re: Wiley, but he's fine with her coming to Charlie's to see Phyllis. What's unspoken is that he doesn't seem to have any problem with her talking to him, either. Sonny also encourages Nina to stop thinking about "what if"s because she can't change the past. When he meets up with Carly later, he doesn't mention why he's late. Josslyn and Cameron's romantic evening together is inevitably doomed from the start, when she brings up Esme and the two disagree about whether she's a bad person. They try to get in the mood, but Cameron guesses that Josslyn isn't actually ready to have sex. Of course he's fine with waiting, and he promises that he won't want to ditch her for someone else. Scott is desperate for information on Obrecht, and no one's providing it, so he gets drunk and goes to see Ava. She tells him the WSB captured Victor and he might have a lead on Peter. Scott reveals that he wasn't drunk at all – he was playing Ava to try to get her to tell him anything she might have learned from Nikolas. He figures Nikolas didn't tell him about the developments in Greece because he's protecting Victor, and Ava kept quiet in turn because she wanted to protect Nikolas. Portia thinks Elizabeth might be pushing herself to move on from Franco. She knows Finn would understand if Elizabeth told him she's not ready to start dating again. Elizabeth seems okay, though, and doesn't accept when Finn gives her an exit opportunity. Knowing that the ELQ vote is coming up, Austin tells Valentin that, according to Gladys, Brook has been playing him. Valentin doesn't connect any dots, and Austin doesn't have any other information, but since he hasn't been able to get in touch with Gladys, he figures Brook paid her off and/or scared her off. Valentin offers him a reward for this tip, but Austin just wants to be able to gloat when Brook gets taken down. Chase asks Brook to stop shielding Maxie so he can question her about Louise's "disappearance," since he's all out of leads. Scott thinks Nina should use Wiley to get Michael and Sonny to back off. I'm purposely skipping Michael and Willow because they serve no purpose in this episode.

How about, instead of musical performances and photo exhibits, we get some ACTUAL PLOT? Is that too much to ask for?

No one could possibly be in the mood for sex with the smell of burnt popcorn in the air.

Josslyn is losing it. If Cameron was that eager to have sex, he would have brought it up. Obviously he's not going to dump her for not being ready.

LOL, did Trina just jam a handful of condoms into Josslyn's purse? Awesome.

Austin's going to feel really bad when everything comes out and he discovers he busted Brook for doing something nice.

Brook saying Chase's black T-shirt was from the Jason Morgan fall line made me cackle.

November 12th, 2021

Curtis tells Portia that he's suspicious of Linc, and the two wonder if someone in the mob set up everything with the musical acts so Curtis would owe Linc a favor. He can't figure out how to keep the mob away from the Savoy without asking for Sonny or Jason's help, which would still tie him to the mob. Since they suspect that Marshall's involved, Curtis meets with Linc to supposedly discuss working together in the future. Curtis just needs to know more about the people Linc works with. Linc denies any connection to the mob and won't give him any information on Marshall. Just as Curtis is about to force dirt out of him, Marshall himself arrives. Chase tries again to question Maxie about the night Louise was born, and she again insists that there's nothing more to say. Austin is open to answering more questions, since he just wants to help. Maxie shuts him down, then tells him not to trust Gladys. Chase is still suspicious of Austin, so he asks Valentin his opinion, since he's spent some time with Austin. Valentin tells him he doesn't think Austin was involved in Louise's "disappearance." When the topic of conversation turns to Brook, Valentin mentions that the night "Bailey" was born, Brook had ditched Yuri and wound up giving birth alone. Chase tracks down Brook and accuses her of lying about the night "Bailey" was born. Robert addresses the obvious chemistry he has with Olivia but tells her they can't be together. He thinks she sees him as a heroic figure because she knows about his spy adventures. He also notes that she turns to him when she doesn't get what she needs from Ned. Olivia doesn't think it's so bad to want a partner who takes her side and backs up her ideas. Robert guesses that she's scared about what's going on with Leo, and he encourages her to help him, if necessary, and be the hero of her own story. Ned tells Brook that Olivia seems to be moving on to Robert, and he's frustrated that the improvement they were making with their relationship stalled because of Leo. Brook advises him to listen to Olivia instead of trying to present a solution. Ned catches Robert and Olivia hugging, but instead of taking another swing at Robert, he just invites Olivia to the photo exhibit. Valentin gets another chance to talk to Gladys, but now she's too spooked to tell him anything useful. All she does is warn him that he can't trust Brook and say that if she tells him anything more, someone will get hurt. Valentin thinks Peter is a threat to Brook, so he tells Yuri to keep a super-close eye on her and tell Valentin everything she does. Sonny gives Spencer some encouragement about owning up to his actions and putting in the work to be a better person instead of waiting or hoping for a shortcut or handout. Esme tells Trina she doesn't like how close Trina is with Spencer, and it makes her think Trina is trying to steal Spencer. Trina says she would never do that, and if Esme has a problem with how closer her boyfriend is with another woman, she should take it up with him. Gladys: "Sonny! It's been so long! We should chat!" Sonny: "I have a topic of conversation: you telling Cyrus that Dev wasn't in the country legally." Gladys: "I gotta go! Catch you later!"

I'd love for Chase to put everything together about Louise. He's had so little to do lately. I think he should be involved in that plot.

Maxie needs to watch how she acts around Chase. If this were a real kidnapping, she would be desperate for the police to help. Chase should be questioning her behavior right now.

Robert's point about Olivia idealizing him was really interesting. I like their chemistry together but I don't think I would like them in a relationship.

Am I crazy or did Brook give good relationship advice today?

November 15th, 2021

One of Victor and Peter's mercenaries is at GH, so Anna and Valentin work together to make him think they'll kill him if he doesn't tell them where Peter is. Meanwhile, Robert thinks giving Victor the immunity deal is the only way to get the information they want. Scott works on his own deal with Victor, offering him legal representation if Victor will help him find Obrecht. Victor seemingly accepts the deal, but after Scott comes through and gets him released, Victor leaves without him. To no one in the audience's surprise, Marshall announces that he's Curtis' father. Curtis' first impulse is to call him a liar, then blast him for disappearing for decades and letting his family mourn him. Marshall says he can explain everything, but Curtis doesn't want to talk to him right now, so all Marshall is able to say is that he couldn't be with his family because it wasn't safe. Brook gives Chase a believable enough cover story for why she snuck away the night "Bailey" was born, but it's not so believable that he actually...well, believes it. He knows there's some connection between Brook's actions that night and Louise's disappearance, but he hasn't figured it out yet. Gladys recognizes Kip as he's working as a server at the photo exhibit, so Brook and Maxie's plan there is a bust. Esme's hung up on Cameron and Trina's past flirtations and seems to want to encourage that relationship. Hilariously, Portia meets Esme and then immediately tells Trina to stay away from her. Ava's worried that the mess in Greece is going to affect her life with Nikolas. Sasha and Brando are also in this episode, if anyone cares.

GH really has to stop leaving syringes lying around where Cassadines can pick them up.

The Marshall stuff is dumb, but Donnell Turner was great in his scenes today.

If Chase is smart enough to connect what he's already connected, he HAS to be smart enough to put the rest of it together.

Gladys busting Kip happened a lot sooner than I expected.

If Spencer and Esme need money, she can sell some of her clothes, because the dress she was wearing today had to have cost more than I make in a week.

Cameron/Trina is never going to happen while Josslyn is around. Sorry, Esme.

Leave it to Ava to make all the Cassadine stuff about herself.

November 16th, 2021

Peter makes Britt and Jason make a video stating that Peter is holding them but not mistreating them. If anyone tries to rescue them, Peter will kill them. The next step of Peter's plan is to send Drew to Port Charles to kidnap Maxie and bring her to wherever the group's next location will be, since they're leaving the island. Then Obrecht will use Faison's mind-control methods to make her want to be with Peter. Obrecht guesses that he'll threaten Britt's life to make that happen, but Britt is sure that Jason will stop Peter before they get that far. Jason also has a possible advantage for helping Drew, as he's gotten hold of the chariot card. Valentin tries to convince Anna to let him tag along to Cassadine Island, but she's not about to let him come when he's still in the hospital after being shot. Instead, he'll help her get on the island undetected, and she and Robert will hopefully take down Peter once and for all. (Odds of that happened: 1 in 50.) Esme whines to Spencer that Trina said mean things to her, when all Trina said was that Esme doesn't know what it's like to work a real job, which is true. Esme also tries to convince Spencer that she saw Trina and Cameron getting a little too close. Spencer knows that's ridiculous since Trina isn't the sort of person who would do anything inappropriate with her best friend's boyfriend. Esme decides to continue being a child by locking Trina in a back room so she can't give a presentation at the photo exhibit. Except Trina isn't in the room when Esme jams the door – Sasha and Gladys are. Brook scrambles to keep Gladys quiet again, but Gladys announces that she's just going to tell Valentin what she knows and let him take it from there. Then Brook loses Leo at the gallery. Sasha accidentally found out the sex of the baby, and though Brando says he's fine waiting, he decides to find out, too. This is what passes for a plot for them, at least until Sasha and Gladys get locked up together. Olivia is softening toward Ned again, and honestly, at this point I'm tired of the whole thing and don't really care what happens.

The problem with Peter's plan is that Anna doesn't give a crap about Obrecht or Britt, and she only marginally cares about Jason, so she's not going to see their safety as enough incentive not to go after Peter.

It's funny that everyone's desperate to know if Steve Burton is leaving because of the vaccine mandate, and he's not saying anything either way, because it's actually better for the storyline if he keeps quiet. If he says he's staying on the show, the audience won't wonder if Jason survives this plotline. This way, there's the element of surprise.

"How about you go file a brief?" Ooh, good one, Valentin. Way to hit Robert where it hurts.

"Trina's not as perfect as you think." YOU TAKE THAT BACK.

I'm sure we're supposed to be feeling a sense of urgency with Gladys and Sasha being trapped together, and Sasha inevitably having the baby, but I don't think it's going to take anyone very long to find them. Too bad Portia left, though. There are no doctors or nurses currently at the gallery to deliver the baby.

Wait, wait, wait. A couple weeks ago, Olivia wanted a divorce because Ned thinks Leo should see a specialist, and now she's impressed because he bought books?

November 17th, 2021

Carly wants to get to know Phyllis better, but their conversation is less Phyllis talking about her life and more Carly complaining about Nina. Phyllis says what she can without bringing up Nina and Sonny's relationship, then encourages Carly to move on like Sonny and Nina are. Willow and Wiley run into Nina, and Willow lets them have some time together. She tells Nina that her actions hurt a lot of people, and she's not sure she can forgive her, but she's not going to let Wiley pay the price by being separated from his grandmother. Nina tries to convince her that she never meant to hurt anyone; she just didn't think about the kids who would suffer by having Sonny gone. Carly sees the three of them together, and if looks could kill, Nina's head would be exploding right now. To absolutely no one's surprise, Sasha's water breaks, and she and Gladys don't have a phone signal to get anyone's attention. Gladys calmly assures her that they have plenty of time to get out of there before the baby's born. Brando hears her calling for help and gets Sasha to the hospital before her labor progresses too much. Sasha admits that Gladys was really helpful, but now she's annoying again, so that didn't last long. P.S. The baby is a boy. Dante joins Ned, Olivia, and Brook's search for Leo, which takes them to the docks. Leo's fine, and he explains that he went there to find an octopus like the one in his favorite photo from the exhibit. Ned guessed he was there because he's been reading about kids on the autism spectrum and learned that they like water. Olivia finally seems to get that this is something she can't ignore anymore. She admits that she's scared about what this could mean for Leo, but she wants Ned around for whatever comes next. Sonny and Alexis chat about clean slates and returning to their previous lives. Alexis wouldn't mind forgetting some of the things in her past, but of course she wouldn't want to lose the good things. Sonny thinks she'll be able to build a new life for herself, because she's Alexis Davis and Alexis Davis doesn't back down from a challenge. Alexis likes the kinder, gentler, Nixon Falls-ified Sonny and hopes he doesn't miss being Mike too much. Maxie asks Austin to stop badmouthing Brook, since they're friends. Austin basically indicates that he's not going to stop, so she tells him that she's afraid she'll be collateral damage. Somehow, Austin jumps from there to thinking Brook and Maxie are in some kind of trouble. Gladys thinks Brook is the one who locked her and Sasha in the back room, so she lets Brook know she can't be silenced. Esme continues Esmeing.

"We should stop talking about Nina." You first, Carly.

I can't believe I'm going to say something nice about Gladys, but not only was she great with Sasha, she was also great with Brando when she was encouraging him about helping Sasha through labor.

You can tell the writers don't care about Brando and Sasha because they ended the "woman starts labor in a locked room" thing after 20 minutes.

Oh, you searched the whole building, Brook and Olivia? Did you really? Because you missed the room where two women were trapped and one of them was yelling.

Austin. Bro. If you want to befriend someone, don't trash HER friends.

November 18th, 2021

Britt is willing to sacrifice herself to take down Peter, and she urges Obrecht to kill him if she gets the chance, even if Britt gets killed as a result. Peter sends a guard to kill Jason while the rest of the Cassadine Island visitors get ready to head to their next destination (still unspecified). Jason's managed to detach his chains from the wall of the wine cellar, and he takes out the guard and steals his gun. He ambushes Peter, but Drew has been reactivated and Peter orders him to kill Jason. While the brothers fight, Obrecht gets her hands on a gun, but Peter pulls one on Britt and gets her to back off. The three of them leave, and Jason manages to deactivate Drew before either of them gets hurt. The two then team up to try to get the jump on Peter. Brook races to talk to Valentin before Gladys can, but she's too slow, and Gladys is able to tell Valentin again that he can't trust Brook. He guesses that Brook used "Bailey" to get her ELQ shares back and never intended for them to form their unconventional little family. Brook admits that that's true, then begs him not to let his suspicions get the better of him. Valentin has already started connecting the dots, though, and he asks if "Bailey" is really his daughter. Carly tears into Nina for approaching Willow and Wiley, but Willow tries to defend her. Carly threatens to call the police (not sure what crime she's going to accuse Nina of committing) and chastises Willow for not getting Wiley away from Nina. Willow points out that she would have confused and upset Wiley if she'd kept him from seeing his grandmother. She also reminds Carly that she doesn't get a say in Wiley's relationship with Nina. When Sonny enters the scene, Nina apologetically tells him that she didn't intend to cause any trouble. Without even trying, she comes out of the situation looking like a victim while Carly comes out looking crazy. Maxie asks Austin what, specifically, he thinks she and Brook might be up to. He isn't sure, but he knows the two of them have been acting weird, and that Gladys is holding something over Brook's head that has to do with Valentin. Maxie reminds him that he already lost points by using Chase against the Quartermaines, and now he looks like he's using Gladys against Brook. She tells him that she and Brook are friends, and right now, she and Austin aren't. Sasha and Brando are half cute, half boring. Also, there's probably something wrong with the baby.

I tried to come up with a Linda Belcher-esque song celebrating Drew and Jason's team-up, but I only got as far as, "Brothers! Working together!"

James Patrick Stuart and Amanda Setton are challenging Donnell Turner for performer of the week.

A big round of applause to Willow for standing up to Carly, because that couldn't have been easy. I especially like how she said to Wiley that since his grandparents were fighting, they were going to leave. Like, "You guys can't behave yourselves, so you don't get to see your grandson."

Another big round of applause to Maxie for finally telling Austin to stuff it.

No! One! Cares! About! Sasha! And! Brando!

November 19th, 2021

Drew's skill set includes tracking people, and he and Jason are able to catch up to Peter, Britt, and Obrecht, who are lost in the tunnels under Cassadine Island. There's a gunfight, and Peter gets away, then returns to try to take out Jason. The tunnels aren't stable, and the gun battle makes them collapse. Brook admits that Valentin isn't "Bailey"'s father, which crushes him. She genuinely feels terrible about that, but she wants to tell him the rest of the story. Chase continues investigating the day "Bailey" was born and learns that Brook went to Beechers Corners that day. Bobbie mentions that she was there around that time because Maxie wanted to give birth there and keep the baby away from Peter. Chase seems to have put all the pieces together, but instead of telling Brook that, he informs Valentin that he's "Bailey"'s real father. Sonny tells Carly that Phyllis, Lenny, and Nina gave him stability in Nixon Falls, so Carly's desire to go after Nina makes him uneasy. He also doesn't want to seek the kind of justice Carly wants because his experiences as Mike have changed him, and he's not the vindictive person he used to be. Michael and Willow disagree about whether Carly was right to want to call the police on Nina for simply being in the same place as Wiley. Michael thinks Nina wants Willow to sympathize with her so everyone else looks unreasonable. Willow's tired of being put in the middle, so Michael offers her a break in the form of a trip to New York over Thanksgiving so Nina can't try to see Wiley. Elizabeth determines that Sasha's having a complication, and she ends up having an emergency C-section. For some reason, Maxie and Nina are the ones who comfort Brando. Maxie tells Nina that Gladys knows too much and may have already told Valentin that "Bailey" isn't his. She thinks it's time to tell him the truth and hope he'll agree to keep up the charade so Peter doesn't find out. Nina says it's probably too late, since she and Brook let things go on so long that Valentin came to love the baby. She realizes that's exactly what she did with Sonny.

"This tunnel is dangerously unstable." That's fitting, because so is Peter.

I'm having this strange feeling for Valentin. I think it's...sympathy. No, that can't be right.

Oh, NOW Chase comes through. Brook should tell Valentin the truth instead of going along with this, though.

I'm concerned that GH doesn't seem to have any labor and delivery nurses.

November 22nd, 2021

Everyone in the tunnel is knocked out, and Peter's the first to wake up, because he is and always has been a cockroach. He's about to kill Drew when Drew regains consciousness and tries to fight him. Peter runs off like the coward he is, and Drew tries to dig through the debris to save Jason. Robert and Anna arrive and arrest Peter, then get Drew, Britt, and Obrecht out of the tunnel before the rest of it can come down. While the three of them brainstorm ways to kill Peter and worry about Jason, the WSB searches the island but can't find any sign of Jason. Britt is desperate for someone to go back in the tunnel and find him, which probably won't happen quickly. Peter is arrogant all over the place, as if he thinks he isn't two seconds from being sent to prison for the rest of his life. He even gets the WSB to let him make a phone call, which he places to Maxie to let her know he's on his way home to her. Chase pretends that he didn't know "Bailey" was his daughter, but now he has DNA proof and is furious at Brook for lying to him. Valentin is also furious, and Brook is rightfully worried that he'll retaliate. As soon as they're alone, Chase reveals that he put everything together and knows that "Bailey" is really Louise. He's going to keep quiet, since he he's guessed why Brook and Maxie did what they did, and Brook assures him that she trusts him. Maxie tries to comfort/distract Brando while he waits for news on Sasha, who's hemorrhaging, and the baby, who's having breathing problems. Ultimately, Sasha's okay but the baby's condition is unknown. Nina tells Sonny that Sasha went into labor and is having complications, so he decides to go see Brando, but when he realizes that Nina's sad, he stays with her. She admits that she still thinks of Sasha as her daughter sometimes, and she wonders what her life would be like now if that had been true. Of course, things come back around to Sonny, and he tells her that what they had in Nixon Falls was a lie, not love. Nina's excuse this time around is that she had a bad childhood, so now she has abandonment issues and didn't want Sonny to leave her. Jax is going to Sydney for business, and though he doesn't indicate that he's leaving town permanently, just know that he is. He uses his last screen time to complain about Carly's decisions and advise Nina to stay away from Sonny.

Why would Peter want to kill Drew? He's the only person on the island who's useful to Peter.

Thank you, Drew, for mentioning the mystery prisoner, since I guess Chloe never bothered to.

Why the Maxie/Brando scenes? Not that I want to see more of Gladys but this would have been a good time for her to step up, mom-wise.

Nina saying Sonny was nicer to her than anyone has ever been is Nathan erasure and I won't stand for it. Also, the next time she whines about Madeline, Sonny should play the "my stepfather locked me in a closet while he beat my mother" card.

Good riddance, Ingo Rademacher. Get your bigoted, anti-vax a&% off my TV.

November 23rd, 2021

Britt feels responsible for whatever's happened to Jason, since he only came to Greece because of her. The situation doesn't get any more hopeful, as a search of the tunnels doesn't turn up any signs of life. The baby might be in bad shape or could have ongoing problems, so Brando and Sasha find it hard to stay positive. Sasha feels like she's already failed as a mother since she wasn't able to sense that something was wrong. On the plus side, they have Brando's family and Nina around to support them. Brook and Chase fill Maxie in on everything that's happened, with the assurance that their plan can keep proceeding. When Maxie reports that Peter's been arrested, Chase thinks they can reveal that "Bailey" is really Louise. Maxie's smart enough to know that until Peter is actually behind bars for the rest of his life, he can't find out where Louise is. This means Brook and Chase will continue their new ruse, starting by telling the Quartermaines that he's "Bailey"'s father. Carly tells Sonny that she has a problem with him seeing Nina as a friend, but she also wants to move on, so she's going to try not to cause any trouble where Nina's concerned. (We'll see how long that lasts.) Valentin appreciates that Nina has forgiven him for the whole Sasha mess because he now knows exactly how much it hurt her to find out Sasha wasn't her daughter.

Steve Burton is out, and I just...can't bring myself to care. They ruined Jason last year. I'm ready to move on.

I wonder if they're going to give Sasha and Brando a child with developmental issues or if they're going to chicken out like they did with Donna.

LOL at Brook thinking it's okay to scheme in the hospital chapel because it's nondenominational.

It's a good thing Michael and Willow are spending Thanksgiving in New York, because Brook and Chase announcing that he got her pregnant while he was still with Willow would probably ruin the day.

People who want to leave the hospital against medical advice should have to fight Epiphany. Also, I think Valentin's life flashed before his eyes when she slammed that clipboard down next to him.

November 24th, 2021

Ned asks Brook why Valentin and Charlotte suddenly moved out the night before, and why Yuri has been mumbling something in Belarusian about the "wrong seed." Brook confesses that Valentin isn't "Bailey"'s father, and she knew the whole time but lied to get her ELQ shares back. Ned's mad that she kept the truth from Chase, that she used a child to get what she wanted, and that Valentin now has a perfectly good reason to get revenge. Then he suddenly starts blaming Chase for the mess because he didn't question the baby's paternity? I think? Anyway, he's mad. Chase tells Finn about his sudden role as "father," which both stuns and excites Finn. Then Chase goes to the Quartermaines' and gets a much icier response from Ned. Curtis tells Portia all about Marshall and his uncertainty that he's telling the truth about who he is. If he is, Curtis is mad because his disappearance turned the family's lives upside-down. He's fairly sure he doesn't want any kind of relationship with Marshall. They realize he might approach T.J. again, so they should give him a heads up, but Marshall's a step ahead of them. Sam and Dante are spending all of Thanksgiving together, and so far their kids are fine with it. He tells her about Leo, which makes her think of her brother, and Dante admires her strength in taking care of him. She in turn admires his loyalty to both his job and his father, and appreciates that when he goes to work, it's to stop trouble instead of start it. Sam's disappointed that Drew didn't make it back for Thanksgiving, but she's spoken too soon, because he's now at her door. Olivia apologizes to Austin for thinking he had ulterior motives and tells him she's going to make sure Leo gets any help he needs. Austin's happy to hear that, but he's not ready to forgive her, and he's definitely not ready to forgive Brook. In fact, he's looking forward to getting some payback.

I don't mind when they stretch out Thanksgiving over multiple episodes – I actually prefer it – but it's weird that they're doing it so far into next week.

Ned being mad at Chase is just manufactured drama for Thanksgiving. But Chase at Quartermaine Thanksgiving is going to be awesome anyway.

I totally forgot about Sam's brother. Maybe she can use her experiences with him to bond with Olivia.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I want Drew's scruff back. It was really working for him.

Olivia: "Can you just let this thing with Brook Lynn go?" Austin: "Yeah, I'll try." Narrator: "He would not."

All the kids between the ages of 8 and 15 now all look alike.

November 29th, 2021

Drew reunites with Sam, who's happy to see him, and Scout, who's uncertain about the father she doesn't remember but will probably warm up quickly if he keeps bringing her unicorns. Sam is shaken up about Jason's probable death, noting that Scout's getting her father back at the same time Danny's losing his. The Quartermaines learn "Bailey"'s "true" paternity, and Monica at least isn't that surprised, since it's always something with that family. Valentin stops by to announce that he's put his retaliation in motion by filing legal papers to nullify his deal with Brook and regain control of ELQ. He tells her she's the runt of the family, and without her singing talent, she's nothing. (That gets him a punch in the face from Chase.) Oh, and he ate some of their turkey and fed the rest to Annabelle II. Monica reminds him that revenge might be great right now, but it's not going to make him "Bailey"'s father. Also, the turkey thing was childish, but they were always going to eat pizza anyway. At least Monica gets a mood boost when the pizza is delivered by Drew. Anna tells Sonny what happened in Greece and breaks the news that Jason is most likely dead. He's upset, of course, but not as upset as Carly, who hears the news from Britt. Her first instinct is to go to Greece herself to try to find Jason. Her second instinct is to blame Britt, since she's the reason Jason was in Greece in the first place. Marshall approaches T.J. again, this time introducing himself and saying he wants to be a part of the Ashford family. Curtis tells him he's still not ready to deal with this, then warns T.J. not to trust Marshall. Curtis wants to skip Thanksgiving at Portia's with their friends, but she takes the festivities to the Savoy, which somehow makes him decide he wants to socialize after all. Violet is totally going to use her wishbone wish to try to get Finn and Elizabeth together.

"Sorry to just show up like this, but, uh, in all fairness, you never returned my call." Yeah, we got the better brother back.

Valentin. The toothpick. Please explain.

I'm kind of looking forward to Austin and Valentin inevitably teaming up to mess with Brook. It'll be fun.

I was very invested in Drew getting back in time for Quartermaine Thanksgiving, so I'm happy.

Great, now Carly will spend the next three months complaining about Britt AND Nina.

Violet, you may use your wishbone wish for Finn and Elizabeth, but please ask Santa to bring your mom back.

November 30th, 2021

Drew further ruins Thanksgiving for the Quartermaines by telling them that Jason's dead. He feels guilty because Jason was trying to save him, and because the two of them only started to connect just before Jason's death. Monica makes it clear that her sadness over Jason being gone won't make her resent Drew for making it home. Carly's in denial that Jason's dead, but she can't really convince herself that he's still alive. She and Sonny give the news to Josslyn, because where would we be without knowing how she feels about it? Then Carly goes to that freaking bridge that never meant anything to her and Jason, and Britt shows up, too, even though the bridge DEFINITELY never meant anything to her and Jason. Sam tells Dante that she knew things would probably end like this for Jason, and if she had still been with him, she might not have been able to recover. But since she wasn't with him, she's ready to have sex with Dante. Austin isn't very good at offering consolation, but he tries to be supportive when Britt talks to him about Jason. Learning that Valentin knew Drew was alive when he came by to mess with the Quartermaines inspires Ned to continue that war. Cyrus calls Sonny, supposedly to give his condolences, but he ends the conversation when Sonny starts yelling, which, honestly, is fair. Scott and Obrecht are basically the filler, and also the only happy people in the episode. Austin catches them fooling around in Obrecht's hospital bed and doesn't put a stop to it.

How nice of the Quartermaines to worry about how Carly, Sonny, and Michael will handle Jason's death, but not think at all about Danny or Jake.

"We're going to be grieving for a long time." Great! Can't wait!

I need another Carlycation. I also need the show to stop acting like her relationship with Jason was more important than anyone else's. Is she the only one who's going to get flashbacks with him?

I don't think Sam will have to worry about Danny resenting Scout for getting her father back while his is gone, but I can see him being mad at Drew for not saving Jason, a la Trina and Curtis.

Enough with Cyrus. Seriously.

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