General Hospital blog - November, 2022

November 1st, 2022

Jeff admits to having an affair with Reiko, which Carolyn knew about and has gotten past. When Elizabeth brings up her memory from the stairwell, Jeff says he pushed Reiko. Carolyn reveals that he's lying to cover for Elizabeth, the real pusher. Laura puts on a good act as a nun with one of Victor's men, but it's Kevin who saves the day with a priest's vestments and some well-timed church bells. Now the race is on to get Charlotte out of there without encountering any more of Victor's guys. Robert wants to go over Anna's judge's head and get her a new hearing, but Holly points out that he could put his career at risk and make things worse for her. Holly's reporting to someone and doesn't seem happy about it. Carly isn't happy to see Nina hanging out with Sonny, Avery, and Donna, and is even less happy when she mistakenly thinks that Nina has spent the night with Sonny while Donna was there. Sonny clarifies things and starts to push back on Carly's boundaries now that he and Nina are officially dating. Drew asks Alexis for hypothetical legal advice about a situation in which a hypothetical CEO and his hypothetical friend made some hypothetical investment decisions that could hypothetically be considered insider trading. Alexis: "You're hypothetically screwed, and if you get together romantically, you could be accused of conspiracy." Finn visits Anna, who isn't very hopeful that the justice system will work in her favor. They discuss Elizabeth and how Finn thinks she's keeping things from him but isn't going to confront her. Carly and Sam talk about everything that happened in Jacksonville EXCEPT the parts where Drew and Carly kissed. Sam all but says that if they're getting together, she's okay with it.

In all this time Elizabeth has been dealing with her recovered memory, she never once thought she might have been the one who pushed Reiko?

Does Carolyn know about Jeff's affair with Naomi? Does she know about Hayden?

You guys. "Devane intervention" was RIGHT THERE.

"I still owe you a bullet to the shoulder." Right??

Sonny doesn't approve of someone's boundaries – what a shock!

Holly and Sonny are friends? Are we sure about that?

So Drew and Carly can't get together because they could get accused of conspiracy to commit insider trading? That's a new one.

November 2nd, 2022

Elizabeth finally recovers her full memory of what happened with Reiko: She threatened to tell Carolyn about the affair, Reiko grabbed her to stop her, they tussled a little, and Reiko fell down the stairs. Elizabeth feels horrible about it, then even worse when she learns that Reiko's injuries required a blood transfusion, which was how she contracted the disease that eventually killed her. Jeff and Carolyn try to justify keeping their distance from Elizabeth as an attempt to protect her from criminal charges (even though she was a minor and they were in a foreign country that they left soon after, and also there were no witnesses to testify that it wasn't an accident, and also also Reiko's been dead for years). But they also gave her sedatives and made her repress the memory, which she really doesn't appreciate. Alexis gets a letter from Captain Hook warning her to stay out of things or risk becoming the next victim. The letter also states that the victims weren't chosen randomly. It was written two weeks ago but accidentally sent to the wrong address before getting to Alexis, which means she didn't see a Wizard of Oz reference in time to figure out who the next victim would be. Alexis wants to publish the letter but Jordan and Dante refuse, noting that she could put people in danger if they try to figure out the killer's identity. After being told not to talk to anyone about the letter, Alexis immediately calls Gregory and shares a copy with him. She's willing to hold off on publishing it, since Jordan promised her an exclusive down the road, but Gregory isn't sure she can trust that Jordan will come through with her end of the deal. Jordan tells Trina, Josslyn, and Carly that there's evidence that Josslyn was the intended victim of the attack that killed Brando. Trina quickly realizes that that means she's connected to all of Captain Hook's victims. Drew stops Carly just before she tells Sam about their relationship (which Sam would in no way be surprised by) and lets her know that they need to lie low until he's sure they won't face legal consequences. Obrecht and Scott reluctantly spend time with Cody since he's kind of become a package deal with Britt. Cody wants to make up with Scott, who still doesn't trust him and thinks he's running some long con. Obrecht wants to know if Britt plans to tell Cody about her diagnosis. She doesn't yet, but it looks like her symptoms are progressing, so that might change. Trina and Josslyn update each other on the current obstacles in their love lives. Trina makes lots of good points about why Rory is better for her than Spencer, and Josslyn says she's not sure Spencer deserves her anyway. Sam ropes Spinelli into helping her find out what Cody's up to by taking advantage of all that data Spinelli isn't supposed to have.

I was going to complain that they were making too big a deal out of an accidental fall that happened 25 years ago and didn't kill anyone, but now that we know that it led to a blood transfusion that did ultimately kill Reiko...yeah, that's pretty bad.

If Captain Hook sent the letter two weeks ago, Esme's still on the list of suspects.

Two mother/daughter parallels today: 1) Trina figured out the same thing Portia did about her connection to Captain Hook's victims. 2) Sam and Alexis both considered using information they're supposed to keep quiet about.

"If we were judged by our mistakes, where would that leave you and me?" In prison, where you belong.

No reaction to Scott responding to a story about a bull with "holy cow"?

I hope Sam keeps making pointed comments about Drew and Carly until they admit they're together.

"Silver lining: Most of the matches have been successful." I'm sure the feds will be glad to hear that, Spinelli.

November 3rd, 2022

Holly is answering to Victor, she doesn't have any memory issues, and she's feeding him information about Robert and his attempts to help Anna. Victor's controlling Holly by threatening some unnamed male captive, but he claims he's going to back off once Anna's convicted of Lucy's murder. Robert is completely snowed, and Holly pretty much gets back together with him so she doesn't raise any red flags. Trina and Josslyn both think Esme is Captain Hook, because who else would hate Trina enough to attack people connected to her? Jordan doesn't want to put all the police's focus on one person just yet, in case they're wrong; plus, there's no proof that Esme's back in the country. She also can't justify giving Trina and Josslyn police protection, so instead they agree to move back in with their mothers rather than live on campus. Josslyn laments having another year go off the rails. Deception's investors are freaking out about Lucy's possible death, Valentin's disappearance, and Sasha's guardianship. Maxie and Sasha meet with Diane, who advises them to offer the investors some money to calm them down. Gladys has to approve the decision on Sasha's behalf, and she almost doesn't, because of course she's going to inevitably cause problems in this situation. Portia and Curtis originally planned to get married in 2024 but a chance to have the ceremony at the Metro Court on Valentine's Day 2023 makes them decide to move things up. Chase is eager to sign with Linc, then retire from music to screw him over. Brook wants him to scrap the retirement part of the plan. They meet with Blaze, a singer Chase might do a song with, who's clearly unhappy to have Linc as a manager. Also, she and Chase have some chemistry, so I expect that to throw a wrench into his and Brook's relationship. Mason sends another patient Austin's way (it sounds like he has to secretly treat patients who otherwise would have to talk to the police), and of course Austin refuses and says he's done with their boss, and of course Mason won't listen because Austin apparently still has a debt to pay back. Mac is anxious about possibly having a grown son who's a stranger, but he admits to Felicia that he wants Cody to be his child. Felicia continues to be completely supportive, and Robert is just annoyed that Mac hasn't said anything before now. The necklace in Peter's safe-deposit box plays some role in Victor's master plan. Diane seems upset that Holly's back in the picture and Robert is basically off the market.

We all agree that Holly and Victor are idiots for meeting in public, yeah?

"Remember who you left behind." I'm going to take that as confirmation that Luke is alive.

"The Hook"? That's what everyone's going with? How boring.

As if they were going to make us wait until 2024 for Curtis and Portia to get married.

Okay, no more Austin/Mason scenes until they talk about something different.

November 4th, 2022

Josslyn freaks out at the thought of Cameron being one of Captain Hook's targets, then freaks out more when he doesn't answer his phone. Carly thinks something is off there, and since Josslyn has a flashback to a conversation with Dex, I assume she's overcompensating because she's realized she has a crush on someone other than her boyfriend. She goes to Kelly's to check on Cameron, but she gets there before him and ends up chatting with Dex. When he hears the police's theory about Trina, he advises Josslyn to suck it up and ask Sonny for protection. Michael and Willow talk a little about the future, even though she might not have one (and still hasn't told him). A call from Terry about needing to talk to Willow the next day makes her realize that this is probably the end of the road for her silence. Jordan learns that Portia and Curtis set a wedding date and chastises Portia for moving the marriage forward without telling her fiancé that he's Trina's father (though now apparently we're saying it's not 100 percent confirmed). Portia wants to wait to do anything until Curtis finds out if he's predisposed to schizophrenia, because if he is, she'll have to figure out how to approach that with Trina. If he's not, I expect that she'll come up with an excuse to keep hiding the truth. Austin tries to keep Maxie and Mason apart, but it's totally going to backfire because Austin thinks he can prevent Maxie from finding out about his not-so-savory past, and Mason is obviously going to try to disprove that. And then, for some reason, Austin asks Spinelli to run the Society Setups algorithm on him and Maxie. Drew and Cameron run into each other on the bridge where everyone hangs out and talk about Oscar a little. Carly calls Drew to ask him to find Cameron on Josslyn's behalf, and even though he could keep everything to the phone, he goes to her place to find out why she's so anxious. Carly doesn't want him there in case someone sees them together, which is exactly what happens: Josslyn spots them kissing. Spinelli rushes to get Society Setups shut down, not caring about the financial ramifications. Maxie thinks he developed the app because he wanted other people to find their true loves after he lost Ellie. Sonny and Nina are boring and annoying.

Can't believe this episode didn't end with Cameron getting a hook in the gut, after everyone worrying that he's in danger.

Michael going to Charlie's feels like he's just asking for a fight, since he knows Sonny and Nina are there a lot.

Between the ice cream and the PDAs, Sonny and Michael are more alike than they realize. Also, I didn't realize until today that a father and son are dating a mother and daughter.

Why do people keep saying that Valentine's Day is less than six months away? It's less than FOUR months away. Is six months some universally known time frame for planning a wedding?

Austin. Sweetie. You know Mason's going to tell Maxie your secrets, right? And honestly, I'm for it, because I'll take anything that makes this plot more interesting.

Who ever said Austin and Maxie were "meant to be"? I way.

How does Maxie have zero intuition when it comes to Austin? He's not even good at hiding that he's keeping something from her! She's so much smarter than this!

I laughed so hard at Josslyn's face after she saw Carly and Drew kissing.

Won't people be more suspicious if Carly and Drew suddenly start avoiding each other?

November 7th, 2022

Valentin and Laura return from Switzerland (with Charlotte) and visit Anna, whose circumstances haven't changed at all. Valentin and Finn have worked out a plan to help her, though, and I assume it involves breaking her out of lockup before she can be taken to Wyndemere. Eileen is unhappy to learn that Robert's been trying to call in favors to get Anna out of jail. She threatens to make the news public and turn people against him just in time for elections. She's totally power-hungry, so it's a good thing Laura's back to take over her role. However, there's still the little problem of Eileen being in cahoots with Victor, and she's displeased with Holly's faltering attempts to hide what she's up to. Fortunately, Laura quickly catches on that Holly's sudden return seems fishy and suspects that she's gotten mixed up in something bad. Willow swears she's going to tell Michael about her diagnosis after an appointment with Terry. A delay with Wiley's nanny leaves Michael behind, and Willow goes to the appointment with T.J. and learns that her leukemia is now stage 4. Esme plots an escape from Wyndemere while Victor cluelessly wonders if Nikolas has forgotten about his desire to move in because he's so distracted by his love for Ava. He mentions the family's upcoming challenges for the umpteenth time, and Nikolas finally tells him to spill what he's planning or shut up already. Victor decides to spill, but just as he's about to, he gets a call telling him that Charlotte is missing from her school, followed by a visit from Laura. Sonny thinks he can keep holding the line with Carly and continue his relationship with Nina without any interference. They run into Willow and Wiley, and Willow tries to keep them away, knowing that Michael won't want them to interact. She's surprised when Nina respects her boundaries. Nina and Sonny have just seen Willow and T.J. hugging, and Nina shares her theory that they're having an affair. Sonny refuses to believe that T.J. would cheat on Molly, and he insists that they not say anything to Michael. Of course, that's when Michael approaches them. Elizabeth is both furious with her parents for the way they handled things all those years ago and worried about how to deal with the Finn part of things. Terry thinks it's better that she knows, rather than staying in the dark, but Elizabeth isn't sure. Heather plays her typical game where she offers someone information (Finn, this time around) while hoping to get something in exchange. In this instance, her information isn't very informative – Jeff likes to have affairs! What a shocker! – and Finn isn't interested in it. Cameron adorably confesses to Elizabeth that Josslyn spent the night, which is definitely the least of her problems right now, so it's not a big deal, especially when you consider that he could be a Captain Hook target and Sonny put guards on the house. He also (less adorably) thinks his relationship is going awesome.

If I were Valentin, I would pretend I believed that Anna killed Lucy and declare my allegiance to Victor in hopes that he'd tell me...something. Anything.

God bless Laura, for taking just five minutes to realize that something's not right with the whole Holly thing.

A "true believer"? Is Victor starting a cult?

Why would you sneak up on your girlfriend and scare her WHEN THERE'S A SERIAL KILLER IN TOWN??

Morgan mention – drink!

November 8th, 2022

Valentin's plan has Anna brought to the hospital for a phlebotomy appointment, then intercepted by one of Sonny's men and taken to a getaway car so she can go collect evidence against Victor. The first step goes well, and Valentin poses as Finn so they can see each other. The second step falls apart when the van that was supposed to take Heather back to Darkham breaks down and she's sent off in Anna's transport van. Dex is driving, but Heather's guard gets suspicious when he tries to drop her off first, and he pulls a gun on Dex, who crashes the van. Terry tells Willow that stage 4 cancer means she needs more chemo than she would have before, and possibly – drumroll, please! – a bone marrow transplant. Willow's finally getting that she put her and the baby's health at risk by delaying her treatment, and she might not survive to raise her kids with Michael. T.J. encourages her and advises her to lean on her support system. Nina yells at Michael for a while and Sonny says nothing. They accidentally spill that they think Willow's cheating with T.J., which Michael thinks is ridiculous. Of course, he sees them together five minutes later. Elizabeth tells Finn everything, keeping the part about Reiko quiet until the end. He assures her that she has nothing to feel guilty over and makes it clear that what her parents did to her was horrible. Then she finally tells him that the woman at the center of everything was Reiko. Laura all but tells Victor that she and Valentin teamed up to get Charlotte away from him, and she also suspects him of being behind the fire at Lesley's house. She warns Nikolas not to trust him, which Nikolas has already figured out for himself. He tells her that he and Ava are probably over because he cheated, but Laura thinks she could come around and forgive him. Esme manages to escape via a rope made of sheets, but instead of running, she decides to make Nikolas pay. While waiting for the paternity-test results, Mac and Cody finally find some common ground in being outdoorsy. Cody opens the results but hasn't shared what they say yet. Sam has uncovered three very interesting things about the necklace: 1) it's worth around $35,000, 2) it used to belong to Leopold, and 3) some of the gems came from the Ice Princess. Britt passes this along to Cody, noting that if he's Leopold's son, the necklace could be his inheritance.

The conspirators on this escape plan are Valentin, Finn, Sonny, and Felicia? What an odd combination.

Valentin would be wise to plant himself somewhere very public right now. The cop who took Anna to the hospital could ID him, but if he has a concrete alibi, he might not be tied to her escape attempt.

When Heather mentioned doing arts and crafts, I was really hoping for a callback to her sandwich paintings.

So Michael isn't allowed to trash-talk Nina but she's allowed to yell at him for five minutes? Shut up, Sonny.

Laura deserves some praise for not asking who Nikolas cheated on Ava with, because I'm not sure I would be able to demonstrate that self-control.

How convenient that Esme's free – and wearing her black cloak – the day before they've teased another hook attack! I still think she's a red herring, though.

No matter what the paternity-test results say, I want to see them. I don't trust Cody to be honest about them.

November 9th, 2022

Heather takes off before Dex and Anna regain consciousness in the crashed van. Dex hands Anna off to Valentin so they can go on the run together or whatever, the stumbles through the woods with a bullet wound courtesy of Heather's guard. Dante and Mac are called to investigate and think Anna had something to do with the crash (and I have to say, Dante seems a little proud). Willow FINALLY tells Michael everything, and he's understanding about why she didn't say anything before and her reasons for delaying treatment. He promises his support and is optimistic about her prognosis. According to Cody, the test results say that Mac isn't his father. Mac admits to Felicia that he's disappointed, but it might be for the best since there won't be any disruptions to their lives. Britt spins it that way for Cody, telling him family can be a curse, so not having one could be a positive. Cody wants to be friends with Mac, and I imagine that once they've developed a relationship on their own, he'll admit that he lied about the test results, because they say that Mac actually is his father. Nikolas almost gets hooked, possibly by Esme, possibly by someone else who stole a hook from Spoon Island's boathouse. He stays out of her reach and even manages to get her to drop the hook, but he trips and knocks himself out, allowing her to escape. Finn's reaction to the news about Reiko is part denial, part if-I-leave-I-won't-have-to-deal-with-this-right-now. Elizabeth can't reach Terry or Nikolas and apparently has no other friends, so she goes for a walk to the docks, where she almost runs into Esme. T.J. swears to Sonny that he and Willow aren't having an affair, and he'd really like it if Nina would stop saying they are because it's going to cause problems with Michael.

I don't think yelling for Heather is going to help, Anna. She's not going to answer you.

I assume Dex will somehow come across Josslyn and she'll help him.

If Michael noticed that something's been off with Willow for a long time, why didn't he say anything before?

Not that Michael SHOULD be mad at Willow, especially considering what she's facing, but I would have understood if he had been.

Maybe I'm in denial about Esme possibly being Captain Hook but even if she's the one who went after Nikolas, it could be because she wanted to make it look like Captain Hook did it.

Imagine fighting off a serial killer and then...accidentally knocking yourself out. Maybe leave out that part of the story, Nikolas.

I'd love to see Molly tear Nina apart for suggesting that T.J. would cheat on her.

November 10th, 2022

Jordan and Dante suspect that Sonny could have been involved in Anna's escape, but they get too busy to follow up. First Esme reveals herself to Elizabeth, who calls the police. She trips while trying to get away from Esme and knocks herself out. She comes to as Nikolas is arriving to recapture Esme, and she's conscious long enough for him to tell her to trust him. When Jordan questions Elizabeth at the hospital, she mentions that there was a third person with her and Esme but lies that she doesn't know who it was. Despite having the chance to run away, Heather can't resist the lure of BLTs, so she goes to Kelly's. Cameron's the only one there, and though he's scared of her, he keeps his cool and chats with her. He's able to call Dante, who arrives before Heather can hurt Cameron and opts to steer into the crazy so she won't even realize she's being taken back into custody. Dex goes to the gatehouse, ostensibly to get help from Michael, but Josslyn's there babysitting and tends to his gunshot wound. She stops asking questions when he makes it clear he won't answer them, and covers when Michael and Willow get home. Nikolas takes Esme back to Wyndemere, though she thinks her time there will be brief since Elizabeth will rat Nikolas out and the police will look for her there first. Nikolas is like, "Then I'll just move you," since there's no way he's going to let her be found and spill that he's been keeping her captive. Ava, of all people, convinces Nina to apologize to Willow, since Nina has suddenly done a 180 and doesn't think there's anything going on between her and T.J. Willow rejects Nina's apology and tells her to drop dead. Victor and Ava do that thing where he kind of flirts with her and she barely hides her disgust but also somehow seems like she's flirting back. Then he gives her the news that Esme has been spotted in town, alive and well. Willow doesn't want to tell anyone about her diagnosis yet, since they'll start treating her differently when they find out.

Is anyone else going to knock themselves out this week?

If Epiphany does become a doctor, it looks like Deanna's ready to take over as the hospital's resident tough-but-secretly-a-sweetheart-nurse.

I wish Cameron had called Dante sooner, but other than that, he gets an A for the way he handled Heather. Dante, too.

I appreciate that in the middle of everything, Josslyn mentioned how gross Dex's wound was.

Why didn't she suggest that he go to Sonny? That would have been my first reaction.

But if Captain Hook was the one who attacked Nikolas, why did she get a hook from Spoon Island? What happened to the one she used before?

If Nikolas plans to keep the baby, what is he going to tell people? I don't think he's thought this through.

November 11th, 2022

Anna let Valentin spend the night in her safehouse, but in the morning she tells him to go back to Port Charles so he doesn't run the risk of getting caught helping her. This leaves Anna on her own to either prove she didn't kill Lucy or prove that Victor did. Josslyn hid Dex in her and Trina's dorm room overnight and is really hesitant to let him contact Sonny. She tells Trina that the room is being sprayed for bedbugs so Trina won't come by, but Adam overhears and thinks there's an actual problem. Then Josslyn's RA stops by while she's out, making Dex worry he'll be found. Laura visits Spencer, who gives her vague information about being helped by an uncle and having another fight with Nikolas because of Esme. Cyrus requests time with Laura, who continues to question his religious awakening, especially when he implies that if she tells him who was targeting her and Martin, he'll get revenge. He informs her that he's been keeping an eye on Spencer, which Laura orders him to stop doing. Cyrus then brings up Anna, telling Laura that Liv has been anticipating her arrival at Pentonville, so it's better if Anna never gets there. A U.S. marshal named Whitten tells Jordan that he's taking over Anna's case because of her high-profile WSB status and the fact that no one trusts the PCPD to run a legitimate investigation. Sonny gets summoned to Jordan's office, and Whitten advises him to encourage Anna to turn herself in, because apparently he's going to offer her a deal in exchange for information. Sonny doesn't trust him, and as he tells Jordan, Anna's better off on the run and on her own than in custody. A conversation about Esme's sighting in town leads Cameron and Trina to one about Spencer. Trina hasn't been in touch with him, and Cameron urges her to change that. She wants to know more about the letter he wrote her, so she goes to see him. Austin notices Britt's Huntington's symptoms and tries to get her to submit to tests. She tells him she's already been diagnosed and knows that the countdown to her inevitable fate has started. He tries to encourage her to look into treatments and not be too pessimistic, because she's definitely tougher than the disease. Poor, clueless Cameron still thinks his and Josslyn's relationship is going great, but when she calls Trina and declines to speak to him, he finally catches on that something's off.

Who designed Josslyn and Trina's dorm room? Have they ever seen a real dorm room?

Me before watching The Rehearsal: "Why are they bringing on Maurice Benard's son? Ugh, nepotism." Me after watching The Rehearsal: "Joshua Benard can join the show full-time and play anyone he wants."

I feel like it's not going to take Laura long to puzzle out that Nikolas cheated on Ava with Esme. Like, ten minutes at the most.

Laura: "SIT DOWN." Me: "Yes, ma'am. Whatever you say, ma'am."

When did Liv get moved from Darkham to Pentonville? Also, Anna could totally take her.

How long before Nina sees Britt and Austin being secretive together and tells Maxie they're sneaking around behind her back?

November 14th, 2022

Trina asks Spencer what was in the letter he wouldn't let her read. He tells her it was his admission that he always knew she was innocent and just lied to fool Esme. Trina's upset that he never told her, since she wanted him to believe in her the way she always believed in him. She still wants to salvage any friendship they might have, but she's also annoyed that he never told her how he felt about her when she was very clear how she felt about him. They end up fighting and don't resolve anything. Nikolas punishes Esme for her escape by making her living conditions even worse. While she tries to appeal to a kind guard who remains loyal to his employer, Nikolas reassures Ava that Esme won't be telling anyone what Ava did to her. He thinks Elizabeth will also keep quiet, but she shows up at his door, so he might not be so lucky. Josslyn lies to Adam and her RA to keep them away from her room (if anyone asks, Dex is a stray cat), but ultimately she realizes that she can't give Dex the care he needs on her own. So maybe it's good that Carly just showed up. Curtis gets his genetic results, which show that he didn't inherit any susceptibility to schizophrenia from Marshall. Jordan pulls Portia away from Curtis to tell her that Esme is back, but Portia knows she also wants to blast her again for keeping secrets about Trina's paternity. To the surprise of absolutely no one, that goes nowhere. Finn's struggling in the wake of learning about Reiko's affair, but he hasn't turned to Elizabeth. He confides in Alexis instead and she encourages him to talk to his girlfriend. Carly goes by Elizabeth's to talk to her about Esme and ends up advising her not to burn all her family keepsakes because she's mad at her parents. Elizabeth says she's reevaluating all of her relationships that aren't with her kids. Jeff shows up at the hospital looking for Elizabeth but instead comes across Finn. Alexis doesn't think Jordan is going to follow through with the exclusive she promised, so she tells Gregory they should deploy their "insurance."

Not only did Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Chavez do great work today, but they worked really well together. When we get some more of that, they're going to be powerhouses.

It says a lot that Elizabeth took the entire episode to get in touch with Nikolas. I think she'll keep quiet. It wouldn't be the first time.

So does Marshall not actually have schizophrenia or is he not really Curtis' father? Discuss.

Jordan, you must have at least five things to do that are more important than something you're never going to get Portia to budge on.

You know what? I'm going to allow Finn one punch to Jeff's face. Make it count, buddy.

November 15th, 2022

Elizabeth confronts Nikolas for everything that happened on the docks, and he admits that he has Esme locked up at Wyndemere. He further reveals that she's pregnant, and she's able to guess that he's the baby's father. He takes her to see Esme, who begs Elizabeth to help her escape, trying to convince her that Nikolas wants to kill her and the baby. Elizabeth's horrified by the whole thing, but there's enough of a possibility that Esme is Captain Hook that she can buy Nikolas' justification for locking her up. Plus, she has bigger things to deal with right now, like her father being in town. Finn introduces himself to Jeff, hits him, and says they have nothing to talk about. (He also immediately reports himself for hitting someone.) Jeff uses the old your-wife-was-lonely-and-needed-someone-to-talk-to excuse for his affair with Reiko, as if that makes it okay that they slept together. He also tries to excuse his and Carolyn's decision to suppress Elizabeth's memories and avoid her for 25 years. When Finn blasts him for that, Jeff says Finn doesn't get to weigh in because Elizabeth went to California without him, which means they must not have a very strong relationship. Esme asks herself WWRD (what would Ryan do?) and decides to use the baby as leverage. Instead of digging herself deeper into her secrets, Josslyn brings Carly in to help her with Dex. Carly thinks this is something for Sonny to handle, but she turns to Brick instead. Josslyn figures that if Carly took a chance on befriending Jason and things paid off, she can take a chance on befriending Dex. While delirious, he tells her she's beautiful and he thought she was an angel when he first saw her. Meanwhile, Leo finds Dex's phone. Willow decides she's ready to find her biological family, so she and Michael start by digging into the commune where Harmony lived when Willow was a baby. Nina meets Brick, who ducks out of their lunch together to go help Carly. Later, Nina follows Carly when she goes to meet him in his hotel room. Leo thinks that since Drew and Michael are fighting with Ned, they're also mad at him. They try to reassure him, and Drew announces that it's time to fix things. Nina tells Sonny about her latest fight with Michael and Willow, and he advises her to avoid them.

In honor of Thanksgiving being next week, I'm thankful for the two Hayden references today.

Y'all know I'm no Elizabeth fan but when Nikolas grabbed her arm, I hissed, "Don't touch her."

Excellent stuff from Michael Easton today.

Hit him again, Finn! And tell him he never gets to meet Violet!

If you're asking yourself what your serial-killer father would do, stop, take a breath, and realize that your life has gone completely off the rails.

I hope Dex heard that Drew and Carly are secretly together and brings it up at a hilariously bad time.

Hmmm, if only Willow knew a PI who could help her find her birth family, and in fact already offered to do exactly that.

I still can't decide if Drew believes Carly's claim that Nina isn't Willow's biological mother or not.

November 16th, 2022

Nikolas is ready to send Esme somewhere more remote, so she claims she's having some very convenient baby-related pain to delay the trip. Nikolas is skeptical but calls Elizabeth so she can give a medical opinion. By the time Elizabeth arrives, Esme's unconscious. Josslyn learns a little more about Dex while they wait for Carly to bring him antibiotics. Carly thinks Josslyn's making a mistake getting close to someone who works for Sonny (and isn't her boyfriend), but she knows better than to think she can change her daughter's mind, considering how alike they are. Of course Nina blabs to Sonny that she saw Carly going into Brick's hotel room, and of course they both assume that they're sleeping together. Sonny questions Brick, who promises that nothing "inappropriate" is going on (as if two consenting adults having sex would be "inappropriate" just because they both have connections to Sonny) and Carly just needed his help, but he won't say why. Elizabeth fights with Jeff some more, then talks to Finn for the first time since she broke the news about Reiko. She thinks he wants to end things, but it doesn't look that way. She has to blow him off to help Esme, and he's not happy that she won't tell him what's going on and is once again keeping a secret from him. Drew wants to make Willow's search for her birth family into a big public story to increase her chances of finding them. She pretends it's just because she's curious about them and there's no real reason for her expedited time frame. Leo takes Dex's phone to Michael, who wonders why Dex was at the Quartermaines' and where he is now.

"You can't even call him for help." You won't LET him call Sonny for help! Sheesh, Josslyn.

Is there a reason Jeff never talks about Steven? He acts like Elizabeth and Sarah are his only children.

"What did Brick say?" He said you need to get a hobby and stay out of other people's business, Nina. No, wait – that's what I say.

Willow lived in Denver? Didn't the Webbers live there, too? Coincidence or...?

I can't remember – does anyone other than Carly know that Phyllis knew Harmony back before Willow was born? I feel like Alexis knows, too.

November 17th, 2022

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that they need to perform an emergency C-section on Esme – without anesthesia – or she and/or the baby will die. It's a bluff to get Esme to admit she's faking, and it works. Now, though, Elizabeth's an accessory to kidnapping and suspects that she'll be an accessory to murder later, because her guess is that Nikolas will kill Esme after she gives birth. He tells her he was going to take Esme to Greece and keep her there for the rest of her life after she had the baby. Elizabeth advises him to keep her in town instead and implies that she'll help him out. Holly is very sure that Anna didn't kill Lucy, and that plus other vague comments makes Robert and Laura wonder if she's working with Victor. They're at least pretty confident that she knows more than she's letting on, which is true, because she's the one who shot Lucy (wearing one of those hyper-realistic masks we saw a few years ago to make her look like Anna). Sonny checks in with Sasha on Liam's first birthday, having guessed that Gladys tried to interfere with recent Deception decisions. Sasha still thinks Gladys has good intentions and won't do anything to harm her. Gladys strikes up a conversation with Selina, who invites her to her next poker game, at which I assume Gladys will be using Sasha's money. Britt tells Brad that Selina blackmailed her into not giving him a job at the hospital. Brad's okay with that, since he enjoys working for his aunt. Britt seems to be embracing the "live like you're dying" mentality and still has no intention of telling Brad about her diagnosis. Dante has suspicions about Sonny's role in Anna's escape, but it doesn't look like he's going to do much digging, if any. Also, he and Sam want to do some renovations and take a trip to Iceland, and please, please, can someone give them a storyline?

Slow clap for Elizabeth's "this woman needs a C-section, stat!" bluff. That was masterful.

I can't figure out what Elizabeth's angle is for helping Nikolas. Maybe she figures that since she's already involved, she might as well keep going? Like, if you're going to do the time, why not do more crimes?

Lots of Hayden references this week...

Are they trying to make us feel sympathy for Esme? Good luck, guys.

Wow, Robert really is a super-spy if he's already jumped to Holly working with Victor.

They have to do something about Sasha and Gladys. Their stuff drags down every episode they're in.

November 18th, 2022

Robert gives Holly the chance to open up to him, but she chooses to make out with him and hint at a rekindled romance with him instead. He gets a call about Anna's safehouse and has the caller text him the address so he can meet up with her. Holly sneaks a look at the text and gives Victor the address so he can tip off Whitten. Victor shifts focus to something else and tells Holly to take care of that. She does, and Laura, Mac, and Dante have no choice but to cooperate when Whitten puts together a team to go ambush Anna. But Robert clearly set Holly up with a fake address because the house they raid is empty, and Robert has some questions for Holly. Valentin returns to the safehouse that Anna really should have left by now, and the couple engages in the time-honored tradition of fugitive sex. Then he sends her off with a fake identity so she can investigate Victor, so I guess Finola Hughes is taking a vacation? Laura starts her day forcing herself to be polite to Victor, who's all, "I can't believe you think I'm a villain." Laura: "I'm going to take you down and it's going to be magnificent." Then she encounters Whitten, who advises her to get Valentin to cooperate with the authorities instead of aiding and abetting Anna, or Charlotte could end up separated from both her parents. Laura: "If you speak my daughter or granddaughter's names again, I will let my murderous brother go to town on you." Sam has confirmed that the necklace belonged to Taub at the time of his death, but there could still be a record of a sale she hasn't found yet that could prove that Faison or Peter owned it. If that's the case, it goes to Britt. If not, it goes to Cody or any other Taub relative who might be out there. While they're alone, Sam accuses Cody of buddying up with Britt and getting matched with her because he's been after the necklace the whole time he's been in town. Cody denies that, of course, and lets it slip that while he doesn't have a squeaky-clean past, neither does Dante. Spinelli tells Sam that he found out that Cody has a sealed juvenile record, but he hasn't been able to find out more details. Sam's interested in digging into that, but after her conversation with Cody, she changes her mind. Cody notices that something is off with Britt, who's finding it harder to hide her symptoms. Austin has gotten her an appointment with a specialist and insists that she find out for sure if her symptoms are due to the progression of her disease. Maxie wonders if Austin's been making up all the recent work he's had to do for his mysterious boss because he wants an excuse not to spend time with her. He assures her that that's not true but admits that it's hard to be with her family because Georgie and Spinelli dislike him. Maxie asks Spinelli to help her change Georgie's mind about Austin so they'll get along better. Spinelli tells her that he doesn't like Austin and suspects that he's hiding something. Mac's more upset about the (alleged) paternity-test results than he's let on, and Felicia encourages him to grieve what's basically a loss. Victor overhears Britt and Cody and learns that Cody may have a claim to the necklace.

I wish they hadn't shown Robert and Laura's conversation yesterday about Holly possibly working with Victor. It would have been more fun not to know that Robert was totally setting Holly up today.

I want a whole episode of Laura having conversations with men using a tone that says, "You would be wise to rethink what you just said."

Valentin. Come on, man. You have to know people are keeping an eye on you.

I imagine that if Cody wants to claim the necklace, he'll have to show DNA proof that he's Taub's son. So...good luck, buddy.

Sam's 180 about Cody's record makes me think she suspects that it's connected to Dante, like I do.

Why did Sam and Spinelli meet up at the hospital, a place neither of them works?

November 21st, 2022

Holly lays everything out for Robert about what's been going on over the past two years: She was investigating Rudge and his casino when she landed on Victor's radar. Victor killed her sister, Paloma, then sent her to Greece (though she doesn't know that's where she was). Recently he kidnapped Ethan to use him as leverage to force Holly to help him kidnap Lucy. The first bullet she shot at Lucy was rubber, and the second was fired into the water so the shell casing could be left behind. Lucy's alive and Holly has to keep working for Victor to keep Ethan alive as well. Robert's not happy that she didn't tell him anything or go to the police, especially since Anna's now being framed for something that didn't happen. Victor later questions Holly about Anna's escape from her hideout and seems to buy that she followed his directions. Dex insists on leaving Josslyn's room, so she has to get him clothes and help him get dressed. He thanks her for everything by kissing her, and for the record, she does absolutely nothing to resist. She laments to Carly that he works for Sonny, which might mean that she has to go back to keeping her distance from him. Britt's Huntington's has progressed further than she thought, and she might only have as long as 18 months before she's unable to care for herself, and five to 15 years left to live. She's thankful for Austin's help and support, and has appreciated getting to talk to someone she's not close to instead of burdening someone she cares about, but now she wants to deal with things on her own. She trashes her office, and of course Cody shows up moments later. Sonny's annoyed that Dex hasn't been in touch, and apparently hasn't considered the possibility that he's in danger or needs medical attention. He brings up Nina's suspicions toward Brick and Carly again, so Brick texts Carly to tell her that he's asking questions. Carly shows up to set the record straight, but instead of telling Sonny that Brick was helping her get medication, she spills that she and Drew are together, and Brick helped them cover some digital tracks. Dex shows up next and tells Sonny that he was hurt while helping Anna escape and couldn't get in touch. Sonny and Brick don't seem to have any sympathy for him and aren't sure they believe him. Olivia runs into Drew and Carly while they're sneaking a moment together and lets them know they're not fooling anyone. Drew tells her that they decided to just be friends, but she knows better. She also knows that they can't go public because of their SEC violations, and she assures Drew that if Ned moves forward with that, she'll keep her mouth shut. Cody goes to Scott for legal advice about claiming what might be his necklace. Scott tells him to stay far away from the Ice Princess because everyone who's ever taken ownership of it has died. Cody doesn't seem to care.

Paloma's death ties up a loose end I totally forgot about – the body at the casino. Makes sense.

Ethan was my second choice as Victor's hostage. Luke could still be there, though.

Josslyn missed out on an opportunity to bring Dex a really embarrassing outfit.

I wonder if Britt might just leave town without telling Brad or Cody about her diagnosis.

LOL at increased irritability being one of Britt's symptoms. I haven't noticed any difference.

Leave it to Carly to cover up a secret by revealing another secret.

"I'm not threatened by him at all." Oh, good, because Carly's love life is all about you, Sonny.

November 22nd, 2022

Robert gets a warrant to take the necklace from Britt, and he puts it in a briefcase and handcuffs himself to it until the WSB comes to retrieve it. Victor learns about this and tells Holly to get it from him before the WSB can get there. Britt seems like she's ready to tell Cody about her diagnosis, but when she talks about Faison leaving her a legacy, he thinks she means the necklace, and he suggests that she give it to him. She jumps to the same conclusion Sam did, that this has all been about the necklace, and slams him for being self-centered. Chase encourages Blaze to not put up with Linc's creepiness and offers any support she needs. Brook, on the other hand, is sick of Linc and vows to expose him, take all his clients, and destroy him. He presents her with an alternate idea: getting her songs back. Nina asks Dante if Ava should be worried that Esme will come after her. Nina's convinced that Esme is Captain Hook, but Alexis still has questions, and she's getting more and more frustrated with Jordan for not fulfilling her promise to give her an exclusive. (She's also a little ticked that she can't take advantage of the fact that her daughter is dating a cop to get inside information.) Alexis decides to publish Captain Hook's letter, and she leaves Jordan a message to get in touch if she has a problem with that. Michael tells Carly that Willow's starting the search for her biological family. Carly manages to keep a poker face and not say anything to discourage them. Then she gets distracted by the news that Nina accused Willow and T.J. of sneaking around, so she'll have that to keep her busy for a while. Sam confides to Alexis that Cody's comment about Dante's past made her curious, but she doesn't want to ask Dante if something happened. Dante's still waiting for Brook to write her support letter for Chase, so he goes to find her so she can't keep avoiding him. He mentions the letter to Chase, who had no idea that any of this was going on. Willow's starting chemo but still doesn't want anyone to know, especially because she doesn't want Wiley to find out and worry about her.

Sounds like Holly doesn't want to be with Robert again, so I guess a Robert/Diane pairing is back on the table.

I really enjoy Holly's little jabs at Victor. He deserves them.

I think Kelly Thiebaud might get another Emmy for this storyline.

I love the idea of Danny and Rocco plotting mischief, Sam and Dante trying to get Scout to spy for them, and Scout refusing to be a snitch.

Any bets on how long into treatment Willow will get before people start catching on that something's really wrong?

November 23rd, 2022

With a tight time frame to keep the necklace out of the WSB's hands or risk Ethan's life, Holly requests some sort of drug from Victor, which she slips Robert while they're drinking tequila shots in the hotel restaurant. Diane is with them, and her intuition tells her something's wrong after Robert briefly passes out. Holly takes him to his room to rest, asking Diane to keep an eye out for the WSB agents coming to get the briefcase. Sometime later, Robert wanders back to the restaurant without the briefcase, which Holly has successfully nabbed. Linc offers Brook her songs back if she signs an NDA and says positive things about him to counter any past or future accusations of poor behavior. Brook thinks he's disgusting and doesn't want to let other women go through what he did to her, but she also has the chance to get pretty much everything she wants. Dante fills Chase in on the review board and the letter Brook hasn't written to advocate for him getting his job back. Chase really hopes that she's failed to write the letter for reasons other than not wanting him to go back to being a detective. Obrecht refuses to let Britt just accept her prognosis and not do anything to help her condition. Britt just wants to be alone and come to terms with how far it's progressed. Valentin runs into Martin, who's struggling without Lucy and annoyed that he can't get any answers. Discussing the shots fired makes Valentin remember that there were two, but the police only found one bullet casing. Plus, Anna wouldn't need two bullets to kill someone. He thinks that if he and Martin work together, they can find out who framed her. Carly confronts Nina for her gossiping, laughs at her because Willow told her to drop dead, and almost throws soup in her face. I fail to understand why any of the writers think we would want to see this stuff. Drew tells Sonny that he's helping Willow find her family, as if it's any of Sonny's business, and as if Michael would want him to know. Sonny repeats what he told Carly about not being threatened by Drew, like, again, this isn't about you, man.

"You ever hear of rock paper scissors?" "You ever hear of the Ice Princess?" How dumb does Robert think Diane is?

You're telling me Robin learned "lick it, slam it, suck it" from her father?

Boo, Diane finally mentioned Max, but all she said was that they used to date.

"The only homewrecker I know is standing right in front of me," says the woman who famously slept with her stepfather.

Really, Sonny? You don't know why Michael didn't come to you for help finding Willow's family? Really?

November 28th, 2022

T.J. thinks Robert was drugged, but no one seems particularly worried about him, and he doesn't believe anything's wrong other than drinking too much tequila. When Diane tells him that he came back to the restaurant without the briefcase and she doesn't know where Holly is, Robert turns to Jordan. Surveillance from the hotel shows Holly taking the briefcase, which leads to a be-on-the-lookout alert for her. She's on her way out of town with Laura, who didn't want her to take a ride-share to her alleged meeting with an alleged intelligence organization the night before Thanksgiving (totally believable, Holly!). When Jordan calls Laura to tell her that Holly's causing trouble, Holly hangs up the call and pulls a gun on Laura. Instead of hurting her, though, Holly calls Kevin and ditches her by the side of the road. Mac and Kevin think that Ryan might know where Esme is, so they ask Ava to try to get him to tell her. Ava quickly agrees, wanting to get Esme behind bars before she can do anything to Trina. She promises to stay by Ryan's side if he gives interviews about what he knows, and urges him to do something to give back to the community he's terrorized so much. Ryan would rather work with her to find Esme on their own. Esme again asks herself what Ryan would do, and this time she hallucinates him talking to her. He advises her to use the baby as leverage by not taking the prenatal vitamins Elizabeth has just given her. Esme seems to genuinely want the baby, though, so she decides to ditch most of the pills and tell Elizabeth she won't take them, while secretly taking enough to hold her over until she gets more. Victor declares today his move-in day at Wyndemere, showing up while Elizabeth's there to check in know, that whole mess. Her secrecy with Nikolas makes him think that they're sneaking around together. For the millionth time, he talks about preparing the family for whatever's coming next, and he tells Nikolas they're right on the brink of it, but then he finds out that whoever's watching Holly for him lost track of her. Dante tries to question Heather about Anna's prison break (well, prison-transport break), but she'd rather flirt with him than tell him anything. She then calls Scott and presents him with an idea: She wants to sue Port Charles and the police for the crash, but her lawsuit would never be taken seriously while she's locked up, so she'd like Scott to get her released. In exchange, she'll spill who helped Anna escape and share her big payout with Scott. Scott is smart enough to know better than to help her. Later, Heather runs into Ryan, and both seem familiar with each other.

Holly has to know that she would have gotten a lot further here by telling Laura that Ethan's in danger, right?

What do Nikolas and Elizabeth think will happen if Victor finds out that Esme's at Wyndemere? I highly doubt he'll turn them in and let her go.

Victor thinking Nikolas and Elizabeth are hooking up could end up being pretty amusing.

You know what other lawyer would take Heather's deal? Martin.

Oh, good, someone listened to me about Heather's sandwich paintings.

I can't think of any combination of characters who could cause more chaos together than Ryan and Heather. I can't decide if it would be the good kind of chaos or the bad kind.

November 29th, 2022

Olivia's plan to give the Quartermaines a perfect Thanksgiving involves a fresh turkey. A miscommunication with the farm leads to the delivery of a turkey that's still alive. While Olivia's scrambling to find someone to prepare it, and Ned and Michael agree to take on butchering it themselves, Leo liberates it and it takes over the kitchen. I'm not sure how things ended up for Mr. Wattle, but the Quartermaines once again have pizza. The police track Holly to a cabin where she's hiding out and I think waiting for one of Victor's minions, Gavin, to come get the necklace. Except Eileen has to tell him where she is after overhearing Robert, Mac, Jordan, and Laura talk about it, so I'm not sure what's going on. Anyway, police surround the cabin and Robert tries to convince Holly to surrender. Instead, she accidentally starts a fire and is probably going to end up in the hospital. Sonny and Nina are all, "Thanksgiving is about family and friends and togetherness! This is going to be great!" Then Alexis, who's already ticked off Jordan by publishing an article pegging Esme as Captain Hook, sparks a fight with Gladys, who's upset that she's interfering with the investigation. Later, Gladys calls Selina about the poker game, so if I were Sasha, I'd say goodbye to my money. Chase spends the whole episode making hints about the letter and inviting Brook to open up to him, then finally comes right out and asks about it. Sam brings up Cody's sealed juvenile record and gives Dante a chance to confess his own youthful crimes. He doesn't take the bait, and he seems pretty sure that Cody is reformed, no matter what he did in the past. Carly and Drew are barely hiding their desire to be together, and I'm shocked that no one has caught on or said anything.

After that chimp plot all those years ago, nothing this show does involving a live animal phases me.

I so wish that Tracy had been there for the turkey fiasco.

I also wish the other kids had helped Leo free the turkey. It would have been fun to see them plotting that. I also would haved loved a scene where the turkey leaves the kitchen, and a few moments later, we hear all the kids screaming.

Ned was funny when he was teasing Olivia about the turkey, though I definitely get why she wanted to shove him in the crate with it. And I cracked up when she complained about everything being in French and Michael said it was too bad Valentin wasn't there.

Do they not teach stop, drop, and roll in the U.K.?

Not to complain about two people who are happy but can Sam and Dante go five minutes without being all over each other?

After seeing the previews for tomorrow, I would like to amend what I said yesterday about not being able to think of any combination of characters who could cause more chaos together than Ryan and Heather. Second place goes to Victor and Selina.

November 30th, 2022

Holly is badly injured and GH isn't equipped to help her, so paramedics want to take her to an airstrip and fly her somewhere else for treatment. While Mac and Jordan look for witnesses and the necklace, Robert secretly meets up with Felicia, who helped execute what was actually an escape plan. Holly's fine, having set up the explosion and faked her injuries so she can sneak out of town and find Ethan without Victor knowing. Robert was in on everything, including his fake drugging, and now has the necklace back in his possession. He's sad to see Holly go, but the good news is that Victor believes that she's incapacitated and she should be safe. Chase thinks he and Brook should have kept things professional and friendly rather than try to date while they were working together. He's furious with her for making decisions about his life without consulting him, and he's done with both their revenge scheme and their relationship. Selina seems interested in working with Victor, which piques his interest. In reality, Selina is on Team Holly – Holly came to her to discuss the necklace and told her that Victor's holding Ethan hostage. Selina agreed to drug Victor so Holly could get a little bit of revenge. Obrecht offers Cody a very generous amount of money if he'll stay away from Britt. He turns her down and wonders why Obrecht is so eager to keep them apart. If Britt's going through the five stages of grief, she's reached depression, because she's drinking at the Savoy, bitter about never having a birthday party when she was younger and not having "relationship sex" for eight years. Her balance is suddenly becoming affected, and Victor and Selina think she's drunk and needs to go home. When Victor insists on steadying Britt, Obrecht hits him and threatens to kill him if he ever touches her daughter again. Portia wonders why Marshall never had genetic counseling after his diagnosis, but he doesn't see the point when he already knows he has schizophrenia. Curtis is going all out to make sure Trina's safe, but she's resentful of what's pretty much turned into house arrest. Fortunately, they're able to discuss it civilly, and she gets that he's doing what he thinks is best for her. Nikolas promises Ava again that he's not going to divorce her. Ava mentions her part in using Ryan to get to Esme, and Nikolas gets overprotective.

I don't mind being fooled if the show pulls it off and it aids the plot. In this case, with the Holly twists, I don't mind being fooled at all.

Yeah, there's no way Brook and Chase are over. They slow-burned that relationship for more than a year. They wouldn't end it that quickly.

It says a lot about Brook's capacity for empathy (or lack thereof) that she didn't get how hard it was for Chase to not be able to do the job he loves, considering the same thing happened to her.

Why are so many people at the Savoy? Who goes to a bar on Thanksgiving?

I totally forgot that Britt slept with Jax, but somehow I didn't forget that she slept with Julian.

Cody grabbing Victor and walking him out of the bar was kind of hot.

So did they nab the turkey or is it still wandering around the Quartermaines' property?

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