General Hospital blog - October, 2005

October 3rd, 2005

Carly stabs Emily. Ruiz tells Jason and Sam that if Jason doesnít start working for him, heíll kill both of them. Courtney is pregnant. Sonny calls the police on Carly.

Just a second, let me run back and watch Emily get stabbed again. Ahhhhhh.

Sam is an idiot. Yeah, throwing a trash bag at a guy with a gun will help you escape...across the hall to the penthouse thatís probably locked.

Iím already sick of this pregnancy storyline.

Hee, Monica told Nikolas off. That was awesome.

October 4th, 2005

Jason and Sam make plans to leave town. Sonny finally takes Carly to Rose Lawn. Elizabeth tells Jax that she wonít have another baby with him. Courtney keeps quiet about her pregnancy. Emily asks Jason to stay in town. Alexis thinks that Ric will stop working for Sonny when the baby is born.

How should we celebrate our upcoming Carlyless month? I say, smash some barware and sleep wi th your stepfather!

Iím guessing Jason and Sam will be in Hawaii for three days before they come back. Especially since Robin is coming next Wednesday.

Is it baby day or something? Everyone was talking about babies today.

Iím guessing that Alexis wonít be getting an interesting plot until the babyís born. And even then, who knows?

October 5th, 2005

Carly is committed. Courtney tells Mike that sheís pregnant. Ruiz and his men storm Jason and Samís penthouse, but theyíve already left for Hawaii. Alcazar thinks that Skye wants Luke back in town so theyíll have a buffer between them.

ĎBye, Carly! See you in a month when you look completely different!

Shut up, Emily. Let Jason leave and actually be safe.

Oh, Skye. Just give in to Alcazar. Heís so much more interesting than Luke.

Gee, I wonder who that white-haired man was who the bellhop called Mr. Spencer?

Hee, Mike is awesome. Heís right - paternity secrets never turn out well.

October 6th, 2005

Jason buys a bar in Hawaii for Sam and is recognized by someone who isnít happy to see him. Skye uses force to learn where Luke is and finds earrings in his trashed hotel room. Jesse comes clean to a professor who offers her help. Dillon hangs out with another girl while Georgie goes to Homecoming with another guy. Seth collapses at a dorm party.

This show sucks at cliffhangers. Gee, I wonder whoís watching Skye? Well, judging from the previews, itís either Alcazar or Luke. So much for suspense.

Iíve completely lost all interest in Seth. Oh, wait, I never had any.

And just whose money did Jason use to buy that bar?

I loved the way Maxie said ďcool!Ē about the body mics. Almost as good as Loganís ďreeeeally wellĒ on last nightís Veronica Mars.

October 7th, 2005

Jason brings Danny to see Sam. A mobster kidnaps Tracy to get back at Luke for stealing money from him; Luke tells him to keep her. Reese feels excluded by Sonny, Emily, and Michael. Justus thinks that Lainey is hiding something. Courtney tells Nikolas that theyíre over.

Hi, Luke. I wish you had a more interesting plot. I bet you do, too.

Whatever, Courtney. Just tell Jax and Nikolas already.

Awww, is somebody not feeling very welcome? Face it, Reese - you and Sonny have no chemistry and heís basically still with Carly. You might as well just leave. (Please.)

October 10th, 2005

Sonny figures out that Courtney is pregnant. Jason avoids a fight with Moise, who tells Ruiz where he and Sam are. Lucky and Elizabeth set a date for their wedding, then have a Kellyís closed dinner with Nikolas and Emily. Tracyís captor gets fed up and lets her go; she tells him theyíre partners now. Skye tries to get Luke to battle Alcazar for her affections.

Aww, the Four Musketeers. At least Nikolas and Emily can still be civil with each other,

More funny Alcazar, please!

Maybe that guyís so angry all the time because he hates the fact that his name is Moise.

Hee, Sonnyís so mad that Courtney got knocked up. Mostly because the kid is either half Nikolasí or half Jaxís. Poor Uncle Sonny.

October 11th, 2005

Luke tries to make a deal with Alcazar to get Skye back. Lucas admits to Georgie that heís gay. Sonny tells Ric to stop dealing with the Ruizes and focus on Alexis, Kristina, and the baby. Emily overhears Courtney talking about her pregnancy and contemplates telling Nikolas. Manny Ruiz awakens from his coma. Brooke finds a roofie in Diegoís possessions.

The Lucas being gay thing would be more interesting if I hadnít known for about a month.

Dang, Manny Ruiz has so many tattoos on his arms, I thought he was wearing a shirt under that hospital gown.

If you were wondering why I love Alexis (and Nancy Lee Grahn), rewatch that rambling monologue scene with her and Courtney. It will answer all of your questions.

Oh, Emily. Thatís so none of your business. Or yours, Sonny! Go deal with your own life!

Iím guessing that Jesseís back story is that his father abused his mother. Because thatís EVERYONEíS BACK STORY.

October 12th, 2005

Diego is the stalker. Manny and some thugs ambush Jason, wanting him to shoot Manny so they can kill him. Robin is back. Emily tells Courtney that she knows about her pregnancy and wants to tell Nikolas. Jesse tells Maxie about his abused sister. Nikolas and Emily decide to arrange a surprise wedding for Elizabeth and Lucky. Jax asks Alexis to ďmisplaceĒ his divorce papers.

Diego drugged girls and took naked photos of them because of his dead cousin, who he never met and whoís been dead for a year? Yeah, that makes perfect sense! It also makes perfect sense that he drugged Maxie, not Georgie, who, as he said himself, was the one who locked Sage in the freezer. Also, it makes sense that he would go after all these girls who arenít Mary, the person who actually killed Sage. Look, Iíll put up with this contrivance as long as it means heís leaving and will never come back. He is, isnít he?

Why did they wait the whole hour to show Robinís face? How stupid. Not like everyone didnít recognize her voice right away.

Poor Jason. Always the hittee, never the hitter.

October 13th, 2005

Sam tries to save Jason from Manny but they end up in a standoff. Sonny asks Emily to take care of Michael and Morgan if he doesnít survive his confrontation with the Ruizes. Courtney tells Nikolas that sheís pregnant.

Iím trying to like Sam more, I really am. I do have a lot more respect for her now that sheís shown that sheís tough.

Iím so tired of Reese. I canít wait till she leaves. Maybe theyíll kill her off.

Wow, Nikolas, way to pretend youíre happy that your girlfriend might be having your baby. You could at least fake it.

I think Sonny does this ďI might not surviveĒ thing every six months or so. Pretend you care, everyone.

October 14th, 2005

Reese refuses to leave Sonny alone in the hotel, where heís holed himself up while he waits for Javier to attack. A shootout begins as Ric meets with Hector Ruiz. Manny is arrested and Jason realizes that he kills people in order to protect the people he loves. He decides to head back to Port Charles but Sam stays in Hawaii. Courtney tries to avoid telling Jax about her pregnancy. Alan wants Emily to stay away from Sonny.

First things first - the song. That was Good Charlotteís ďI Just Wanna Live.Ē Itís about wanting to be left alone when youíre famous. It is NOT about being a mob boss and not wanting to be killed. Second of all - itís hard to take a mob guy seriously when heís playing by Poppy from Seinfeld Third of all - KILL REESE ALREADY.

I just love how this show glorifies violence. Come on, people! How many guns can you have in an hour?

Why is Sam staying in Hawaii? I mean other than so that the Ruizes can come after her while sheís alone.

Um...what about Brook?

October 17th, 2005

Jason saves Sonny from Javier. Manny watches Sam in Hawaii. Hector tells Ric that itís too late to make a deal. Courtney is willing to let Nikolas go back to Emily. Jax figures out that Carly was responsible for the car accident that resulted in Elizabethís miscarriage.

Watching Reese get shot was even better than watching Emily get impaled because thereís still the chance that Reese will die.

Yeah, big surprise that Jason saved Sonny. It doesnít even matter whether or not he shoots Javier - the point is that he got him to put his gun down.

Sam, on the other hand, is an idiot. As are the Maui police, apparently, since they took their sweet time getting an officer over there to protect her. And heíll probably wind up getting killed anyway and Sam will get kidnapped. Because this is GH, after all.

I donít even know why I donít fast forward every scene Courtneyís in.

October 18th, 2005

Jason kills Javier but Durant doesnít press charges. Nikolas tries to stop Courtney from leaving town. Sam and Manny are both back in Port Charles, and one of them is ticked. Monica wonders if something is going on between Emily and Sonny. Lucky tells Luke that if he canít be happy for him and Elizabeth, he shouldnít come to the wedding. Skye breaks things off with Luke.

Darn. Reese is alive. Oh, and Max is okay, right?

Awww, poor Ric. I guess it doesnít feel too good to be replaced, does it? Well, then, how about you just go on home to your wife?

Ewwww, Monica, donít even think about an Emily/Sonny pairing. Thatís gross.

What? Manny didnít kidnap Sam? She actually made it back to Port Charles in one piece? Huh?

October 19th, 2005

Ric tells Hector that if he doesnít get Manny to leave town, Jason will kill him. Manny kills Hector instead. Sonny is unhappy with Ricís actions. Monica wants Emily to stay away from Sonny. Skye decides that, because of his association with the Ruizes, she canít be with Alcazar. Diego frames another student as the stalker, but Dillon and Lainey are skeptical. Dillon thinks that something is going on between Lucas and Georgie.

Kelly Monaco got Punkíd. So did Kristen Bell, which is the real reason Iíll be watching.

Returning for Lucky and Elizabethís wedding - Lesley (yay!) and Helena (more yay!).

I hope that wasnít Jasonís gun that Manny used to kill Hector. Also - PSYCHO!

Edward! Alice! Nedly! What a great day!

October 20th, 2005

Jason goes after Manny, who goes after Sam. One of Robinís colleagues tries to convince her to have more fun. Alexis doesnít think that Ric is invested in the baby. Maxie finds Sageís journal in Diegoís dresser. Dillon wants Georgie to enjoy her senior year. Lucas looks to Luke for advice.

Ahh, the old ďdistract one and go after the otherĒ technique. Well played, Manny. Well played.

Wow, when Robin rejects men, she really rejects them.

Yes, Lucas, your alcoholic, womanizing uncle is exactly the person you should be going to for advice.

Shut up, Reese. Why canít she just say that Ric is an idiot for not focusing more on his soon-to-be-born child?

Um, Maxie? I wouldnít hang out alone in Diegoís room if I were you.

October 21st, 2005

Sam and Jason face Manny and Jasonís worsening health. Tony tells Sam that Robin might be able to help Jason. Alan tries to manipulate Emily into leaving Sonnyís house. Robin thinks about Jason and Sonny.

TV Guide's soaps section thinks that Reese will be killed off in a train wreck. Also on one of the two trains involved: Sonny, Carly, Lucky, Jason, Sam, Alexis, and Manny. Awesome.

Um...I donít think Lesli Kay is coming back. Apparently sheís going to be on The Bold and the Beautiful. So...adios, Lois!

The new Morgan is huge. How old is he supposed to be? He should be two, and Kristina should be three, and if they age her, too, and get a new actress, Iíll cry.

Why is Alan such a jerk now?

TONY! Yes, it is ironic that Robin can help Jason. So ironic that I want to throw something.

October 24th, 2005

Manny kidnaps Elizabeth. Sam asks Mac about Robin, then tells Jason (who remembers her) that she might be able to help him. Robinís colleague gets her funding cut. Courtney, baby, blah blah blah. Emily refuses to leave Sonnyís house.

Poor Elizabeth. And right before her wedding!

Letís much do I care about Courtney? Hmm...Iíll say...not at all.

I love Max, but heís the worst guard ever. How do people keep getting into Sonnyís house?

Awww, Emilyís a big girl now! The whole thing is stupid - she even said she has documentation that she was in the hospital, so she canít get kicked out of school. Whatever, Alan.

October 25th, 2005

Elizabeth gets away from Manny. Sonny and Nikolas argue. Sam tells Jason about Robin, but heís not in favor of letting her help him. Courtneyís baby is fine. Robin calls Jason but doesnít say anything.

Noooo, Elizabeth! Avoid the train! Avoid the train at all costs!

I wish Alexis were there for Sonny and Nikolasí fight to make a snide comment like she does about Sonny and Ric competing with each other.

If Sonny and Emily get together, I think Iíll be sick.

October 26th, 2005

Alcazar tells Jason and Sam where to find Manny, but just as they arrive to confront him, Jason collapses. Helena corners Courtney at Wyndemere. Emily, Nikolas, and Audrey plan a surprise wedding for Elizabeth and Lucky. Nikolas invokes Lauraís name to try to get Luke to come to the wedding. The Quartermaines think Alan is crazy.

Helena! Woo! (Need I say more?)

Iím sorry, Sam, Jason is too busy to make sure heís not dying. Youíll have to try again later.

Um, Nikolas? Itís nice that you liked the Bacchanalia and all but...that was the night Katherine almost died. Just saying. It might not be the sort of event you want to recreate. Kudos for bringing up Laura, though.

October 27th, 2005

Sonny learns of Ric and Reeseís one night stand. Manny is arrested but escapes from police custody. Jasonís condition continues to worsen. Alexis and Ric try to connect. Courtney gets her paternity test results. Elizabeth and Lucky spend their last night together as an unmarried couple as Emily and Nikolas get ready for the wedding.

I love Helena. Donít ever leave again!

Yeah, Reese, Sonny should totally be okay with all of this. I mean, you love him. Forget the fact that youíve been lying to him for months. How dare he be mad that you slept with his brother and then lied about it?

Why are the police on this show always so dumb?

I love Lucky and Elizabeth together. I just wish they were more interesting.

October 28th, 2005

Lucky and Elizabeth are touched by their dream wedding. Robin calls Jason. Courtney tells Jax that sheís pregnant. Sonny isnít happy with Ric. Manny is presumed dead.

Stupid Bush. Why couldnít he wait till 4? At least we didnít miss the wedding.

Dear Ric, please tell Alexis about what happened with Reese before Sonny gets the chance. Itís definitely smarter to tell her yourself.

Hee, I love that Helena thought Jax was the father of Alexisí baby. Hee hee hee. I canít wait for Ric to face off with Helena.

Boo hoo, Courtney, Iím sorry no one will pay attention to you. Itís only, oh, SOMEONE ELSEíS WEDDING.

October 31st, 2005

Jason refuses to let Robin help him. Sam confides in Sonny, who tells Jason to do whatever he needs to in order to stay alive. Lucky and Elizabeth get married. Sonny fires Ric, who gets drunk at the wedding and announces that he slept with Reese. Courtney tells Jax and Nikolas that Jax is the babyís father. Lulu is upset with Luke. Manny goes to Rose Lawn. Jesse surprises Maxie for her birthday.

Yay! Elizabeth and Lucky are happy! Well, for four days, at least.

Dear Sam and Sonny, please hit Jason.

Why did Ric go to his ex-wifeís wedding? Awkward....

Iím glad they made Lulu 17 instead of 15, as Iíd previously read. Itís a tad more realistic, as Julie Berman is 22, and it makes her the same age as Georgie.

Stupid writers! Helena was supposed to catch the bouquet, not Alice!

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