General Hospital blog - October, 2006

October 2nd, 2006

Alexis continues to refuse chemo, even after Epiphany, Nikolas, and Sonny try to convince her to go through with it. Ric puts his plan in motion to make Jason jealous. Sonny threatens to take Kristina from Alexis if she dies due to not having chemo. A drunken Edward rails against Alcazar.

Of all the people to call, why did Emily call Jason to help her with Edward? Oh, wait, thatís right - so he could see Sam and Ric. I forgot that Emily is the Contrivance Fairy.

I counted about six references to Skye, so she should be calling someone soon to announce that she had the baby.

So as it stands, Ric is Iago and Cassius, Sam is Desdemona, and Jason is Othello. Iím not sure who that makes Alcazar, and who Emilia will wind up being.

I donít get Alexisí logic. But admittedly, I donít get a lot of the charactersí logic.

October 3rd, 2006

Carly tries to change Alexisí mind about chemo by making her think that sheíll be raising Kristina with Sonny. It doesnít quite work, but Alexis opts for the chemo anyway. Peter is already over Luluís drama. Jason is fed up with the fact that Sam has to spend time with Ric. Elizabeth is torn between her good memories of Lucky and her also-good memories of her night with Jason.

See, Carly? Sometimes you can be helpful.

I was really hoping for more of a Lulu/Maxie verbal smackdown. And, of course, more of a Lulu/Peter verbal smackdown. Also, whatís your damage, Peter? Do share your inevitably dramatic and heartwrenching backstory.

Yeah, Ric, you made Jason so mad that he...left the room. Good show.

Thanks for making Jax so boring, Carly. I donít think Iíve watched one of his scenes for two weeks.

October 4th, 2006

After being rejected by Lucky again, Maxie buys a pregnancy test. Jason figures out that he could be the father of Elizabethís baby. Patrick and Robin disagree over the possible success of LS-49, the drug that could help Laura. Alcazar sends a threat to Robert through Robin.

Iím so not surprised by Maxie. Whether the test is positive or not, sheíll probably tell everyone sheís pregnant.

Hee, Robin and Patrick are hilarious. They remind me of Sydney and Vaughn from Alias, for some reason. Fitting, since LS-49 (LS = Laura Spencer?) sounds like something from Alias, though over there it would be called LS-47.

Why is Luke still in France? Did he have to learn French before he could talk to the doctor?

I figured Emily would tell Jason more about the lawsuit and thatís how he would have figured out that he could be the babyís father. She surprised me for once.

The Steven mystery is solved - heís in New York!

October 5th, 2006

Colleen furthers Nikolas, Emily, and Alfredís suspicions that Helena poisoned Alfred. After Emily and Nikolas plan a trip to Greece, Colleen prepares to do something nasty to Nikolas. Alcazar takes out his anger on Ric. Carly confronts Jason about possibly being a father. Maxie takes her test.

Yawn. Even the possibility of Colleen being a psychotic killer is boring me.

Dillon and Georgie watch the leaves change? Canít they, like, go to a movie or something? Or is that too stimulating?

Sam is going to be ticked when she finds out that Carly knew about Jasonís possibly baby before she did.

Why is Maxie the most interesting and entertaining character right now?

October 6th, 2006

If heís the babyís father, Jason wants to marry Elizabeth. Maxie tells Lucky that sheís pregnant and is disappointed when he leaves rehab to find Elizabeth, not her. Colleen injures Nikolas and makes him think that Helena tried to kill him. Alcazar threatens Robin again, then attacks Robert. Carly plots when she learns that Sonny is deliberately delaying the repairs on her house. Patrick wants to take Robin to Paris.

Too many pregnant women! Though in Maxieís case, Iím going to go with...not. Also, Skye is back next week (yay!), probably still pregnant, it looks like, but not for long.

Dang, Alcazar, hands off Robin! Thatís not even funny.

Hey, Nikolas? If I were you, I wouldnít eat or drink anything Colleen gave me.

Whatís with Jason marrying women he doesnít love? Thatís, like, all of his marriages.

Injured: Nikolas Cassadine, Robert Scorpio
Pregnant(?): Maxie Jones

October 9th, 2006

Michael, Morgan, Max, and Milo try to ruin Carly and Jaxís date. Robert heads off to take Alcazar on a wild goose chase. Elizabeth tells Jason that they canít get married if she still loves Lucky and he still loves Sam. Maxie is sure that Lucky wonít go back to Elizabeth.

Is it just me or did Elizabeth freak out a little when Ric found out she was pregnant? Perhaps bad memories of the last time she was pregnant around him?

Okay, Michael is ten, so thatís his excuse for acting like a child. What are Milo and Maxís?

Ahhh, Robert. So smart yet so dumb.

Ditto Maxie.

October 10th, 2006

Ric buys Alexis a wig and promises to take her to Paris. Carly tries to enlist Jason to help her get some alone time with Jax, but he wonít cooperate. Maxie makes sure that Elizabeth overhears her talking to Kelly about her pregnancy. Elizabeth confronts Lucky with the news and asks him to sign their divorce papers. Colleen drugs Nikolas.

Can we get more of this Ric and none of the other? And maybe with the wig?

Poor Jason never gets anything done. All of his friends are insane.

Lucky? Shut up.

Colleen? Just one word for you: ewwwwwwwww. Kill her, Helena!

October 11th, 2006

Alexis begins chemo after explaining it to Kristina. Alcazar tracks down Skye after she makes a call to Alan. Dillon handles the press backlash after the Enduro scandal is leaked. Maxie announces that sheís suing ELQ. Sam tells Jason that she doesnít want them to be apart anymore. She then realizes that he might be the father of Elizabethís baby.

Nice surprise with the ELQ lawsuit. I thought it would be Luke suing (since he probably leaked the scandal in the first place).

Go away, Diego. This is your last warning.

Hi, Skye! Next time, donít use a landline.

See what happens when you try to be happy, Sam? Also, way to help Alexis out by totally ditching her.

October 12th, 2006

Luke enlists Sonnyís help to find out from Diego where Alcazar has Skye. Lulu blasts Elizabeth for not telling her about her pregnancy. Sam confides in Nikolas that Jason may be Elizabethís babyís father. Robert and Patrick buy Robin the same birthday present.

Elizabeth, youíre asking Carly to be an adult? Are you sure thatís a good idea?

Geez, Sam, you had sex with a married man. Shut up. And you really shouldnít have said anything to Nikolas, idiot.

Yay, a Robert/Luke adventure!

Skye, you should have run. I guess itís hard with a pillow under your dress...I mean, when youíre pregnant.

October 13th, 2006

Jax proposes to Carly. Luke heads off to find Skye despite Luckyís request that he stick around and spend time with Lulu. Elizabeth takes a paternity test. A drugged/painkiller-subdued Nikolas kisses Emily and declares his love for her.

Heh. Good job, Colleen. All you did was get Nikolas warmed up for Emily. (Incidentally, Iíve never been so happy to see Emily in my life. Well, not this Emily. The other Emily would have been a much different story.)

I donít get Jax and Carly. I mean, I just...donít understand. Will someone explain it? Can someone explain it?

Dear Lulu, youíre a lot more palatable when youíre not being judgmental about situations you a) donít have all of the information on and b) arenít involved in at all.

Sigh. Sam is getting really exhausting.

Back in town: Sonny Corinthos, Emily Quartermaine, Luke Spencer (temporarily)
Kidnapped: Skye Quartermaine
Left town: Patrick Drake

October 16th, 2006

Carly accepts Jaxís proposal, which doesnít make Michael happy. Sonny threatens Ric after spotting a surveillance van outside Carlyís house. Sam gets mad at Jason some more, then asks Sonny if he would have let another man raise their baby. Thanks to surveillance in the penthouse, Ric and Cruz learn of Maxieís pregnancy and the fact that Jason might be the father of Elizabethís baby. Alexis goes back to work part-time.

Boooooooooring. The best part of the episode was the ď10 days till Laura returns!Ē banner.

October 17th, 2006

Just as Cruz tells Elizabeth that Ric knows Jason might be the father of her baby, Ric goes to see Lucky. Jason tells Sam that he wants them to be together. Carly and Sonny fight over her engagement. Mac makes Maxie drop her lawsuit. Peter tells Lulu that when he was in high school, he drove drunk and killed a girl.

Richard Lansing! Go home! I just got done yelling at Samantha for that! (Just like a parent, I use full names when Iím mad.)

Sorry, Lulu, but itíll be a little hard for Maxie to abort NOTHING.

Okay, Sam? Say yes, and then shut up, mmmkay?

Iím leaning towards believing Peterís story, because why would he lie about that? Also, didnít I say heíd have some dramatic backstory?

October 18th, 2006

Elizabeth warns Jason about the bug in the penthouse (which Stan has already found) and tells him that Ric knows he might be the father of the baby. Lulu catches Maxie crying on Luckyís shoulder. Lucky makes amends with Jason. Ric offers Lucky his job back as long as he doesnít hurt Elizabeth again. He also tells Elizabeth that he wants to help her and her kids. Jax and Carly pick a horrible time to tell Alexis about their engagement. Carly encourages Sam to hold on to Jason so Elizabeth wonít use the baby to take him away from her.

Itís Elizabeth Day! Or something.

Oh, Carly. Not every woman uses her children to manipulate men. Also, shut up. Jax doesnít want Jason in your wedding either, so try some compromise.

Yeah, I really donít think Maxie is pregnant. The way she talks about how she already loves the baby makes me think sheís lying. Still, huge props to Kirsten Storms.

Jax, you should probably not bang on the front door of a sick woman with a baby.

October 19th, 2006

After falling for a trap Ric set up for him and beating him up, Jason leaves town to avoid being arrested. Nikolas doesnít think Ric should be trusted. Noah doesnít want Patrick doing more surgeries that will expose him to HIV. Lucky thinks the baby will change his life.

I know I shouldnít have enjoyed seeing Jason totally smack the crap out of Ric...but I definitely did.

Nikolas? Youíre becoming annoying.

Oh, Lucky. If Jasonís the father, youíre going to go from having two kids to having none.

SHUT UP, NOAH. Sheesh. Enough with the Noah/Patrick Argument Hour.

October 20th, 2006

Alexis thinks that Jason attacked Ric because he found out what happened the night of the blackout. Lainey encourages her to come clean about her awareness. Sonny threatens to reveal the truth if Ric doesnít drop the attempted-murder charges against Jason. In the middle of being rescued by Robert and Luke, Skye goes into labor. Elizabeth gets the paternity test results but gets distracted before she can read them. Colleen may be a psycho serial killer, as Emily discovers after getting Stan to look into her past. Lulu asks Sonny to help her keep Maxie away from Lucky.

I donít get how Ric dropping the charges against Jason would keep Alexisí family together. Wouldnít Alexis want Jason in jail so Sam will have to stay away from him?

I donít think Iíve ever seen a wackier rescue attempt. Thanks, Luke and Robert, for bringing the funny. Have fun delivering the baby.

It might have been funnier if Lulu had actually been asking Sonny to whack Maxie.

Sam took Kristina and Molly to Disney World? What?

Engaged: Carly Corinthos and Jax Jacks
Left town: Luke Spencer, Robert Scorpio, Jason Morgan

October 22nd, 2006

Maybe I should start doing previews again. This weekís are fun: Laura is well, Skye has herself a baby, and the paternity test results are revealed. And the funniest thing Iíve read is that Laura is confused about Luluís age. Maybe thatís because sheís supposed to be 12 and sheís now 18.

Also, for the record, things/people Laura wonít know:
- Cameron
- Spencer
- Sam
- Ric
- Patrick
- Lucky and Elizabeth were back together
- Brenda is alive
- Alexis has children
- Sonny has more children
- Tonyís dead
- Justus is dead
- Lila is dead
- Robert is alive (actually, she might not know Anna is alive either)
- Maxie is a lying tramp
- Dillon isnít a kid
- Thereís another Alcazar
- Luke married Tracy (of course)

Let the fireworks begin.... (Well, in four days.)

October 23rd, 2006

Alexis convinces Ric to drop the charges against Jason. He accuses her of not being able to stand the sight of him, and she confirms that she canít because she keeps remembering seeing him having sex with Sam. Sonny finds Elizabethís misplaced test results. Luke and Alcazar deliver Skyeís baby. Colleen tells Nikolas and Emily that Helena tried to kill Nikolas, but Emily thinks Colleen is still dangerous.

Finally! Not only did Alexis come clean, but Ric is actually speechless for once!

I was starting to think Sonny was going to tell Elizabeth to just pick a guy and go with it. Youíre not helping, Sonny.

Poor Robin Christopher and Ted King. They had to be sucked into the wackiness in a bad way. And where the heck did Robert go?

Lulu is so smart. She probably still wonít believe Maxie even after Kelly said sheís actually pregnant.

Yeah, I figured that patient was a goner when he rejected Patrick. Just another notch in Patrickís ego.

October 24th, 2006

Alexis kicks Ric out, but heís determined to get custody of Molly. Skye agrees to go back to Port Charles with Alcazar and Lila. Elizabeth tells Sonny and starts to tell Jason that Lucky is the babyís father. Maxie tells Lucky he doesnít have to be a part of the babyís life if he doesnít want to. Just before sheís committed again, Helena tells Emily that she arranged for Nikolas to hire Colleen.

I couldnít despise Ric more right now if I wanted to. And I donít think he could be more of a jerk right now if he tried. Also, ewwwww to the idea that he might want to get back together with Elizabeth.

Speaking of Elizabeth, I think sheís lying - I think the baby is Jasonís.

Lila Rae? Iíll take it. Though I wished Jason could have named his first daughter Lila. And I just hope Skye will call her Lila, not Lila Rae, which is getting annoying and sounds a little weird.

I love how Helena told Emily, ďDonít worry about me.Ē Uh, yeah, I donít think she was going to.

October 25th, 2006

Luke okays Robin and Patrick giving Laura LS-49. Lucky tells Nikolas and Lulu about the experimental cure. Alexis and Sam fight about Sam sleeping with Ric. Skye and Alcazar come to an agreement over him visiting her and Lila at the mansion. Carly tells Jason that Lucky is the babyís father.

Dude, Alexis told Sam to stop crying and act like an adult. No wonder sheís my favorite character!

What did poor Rebecca Herbst do to tick off the wardrobe people?

Patrick? Prepare to eat crow.

Laura tomorrow! Does anything else really matter?

October 26th, 2006

Nikolas and Lulu blast Luke for letting Laura receive LS-49, but Lucky sides with Luke. After a long wait, Laura regains consciousness. Ric takes advantage of Alexisí hospitalization to take Molly from the house. The mayor agrees to make Ric the permanent DA if he can put Sonny in jail and get Jason the death penalty. Alexis tells Sam that they should keep their distance from each other. Jason is disappointed that heís not the babyís father.

Wow, Genie Francis can sit in a chair and stare at the wall like nobodyís business.

Yeah, Iím thinking you wouldnít burn paternity test results if youíd told the truth about them.

I canít believe Sonny is the only person whoís on Alexisí side of this whole thing. Also, shut up and mind your own business, Carly.

Ric is eeeeeeeeeevil with a capital E.

October 27th, 2006

Lainey cautions Luke that stress might make Laura relapse. Sonny wants Carly, Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly to move in with him until Alexis is better. Alcazar thinks that the best way to protect Lila is to become powerful. Sam moves out of the lake house determined to get her life back.

Yeah, the last time Laura saw Lulu, she was played by an eight-year-old. Itís kind of reasonable that she would freak out. Also, if theyíre going to try to keep Laura from everything that remind her of what happened four years ago, sheís going to have to not meet Ric because a) he has the same name as Rick Webber and b) heís freaking crazy.

Carly? Once again, shut up and mind your own business. Maybe you could worry about, I donít know, your own kids?

Iím not sure how going after Sam will help Ric get Molly. If anything, itíll make JASON KILL RIC.

I give it two weeks before Sam moves back in with Jason.

Awake: Laura Spencer
Back in town: Lorenzo Alcazar, Jason Morgan, Skye Quartermaine, Robert Scorpio, Luke Spencer
Born: Lila Rae...Alcazar? Quartermaine?
Broke up: Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing

October 29th, 2006

This week: Ric goes after Sam, Elizabeth tries to keep her night with Jason a secret from Lucky, Alexis is going to need a wig, and Luke and Laura head back to Beecherís Corners. (Awww.)

October 30th, 2006

Lucky, Nikolas, and Lulu fill Laura in on the last four years, leaving out the bad stuff. Ric puts his plan in motion to frame Sam and eventually kill Jason. Alexis agrees to let Sonny and Carly take Kristina and Molly to Sonnyís house. Sam returns to her job at the PCPD.

I think Cruz is going to end up helping Sam and Jason. He was so nice to Sam today and heís such an ethical guy that I think heíll eventually turn on Ric.

Why would Laura think itís so funny that Luckyís a cop? Whatever. I think sheíll think itís funnier that Luke is married to Tracy. And then sheíll kill Tracy. Which will be funny for the rest of us.

Oh, Alexis. You shouldnít give in so easily.

Did anyone else laugh hysterically at Kali Rodriguez shooting Laura Wright with the fake gun?

October 31st, 2006

Emily helps Jason arrange a romantic night for Sam, but itís interrupted when Ric sends Cruz to arrest her for allegedly stealing a flash drive with incriminating evidence against Jason on it. Carly makes Jax take the kids trick-or-treating with her. Lulu and Maxie both get themselves in trouble at a Halloween party. Alexis tries to get Emily and Nikolas back together so they can take care of Kristina and Molly if need be, but Emily convinces her to fight to get better.

Oh, Jason. Just break Sam out of jail. Itíll work, I promise.

Hee, I loved the kid playing Morgan noting that Jaxís camera was real.

Since when is Emily everyoneís Dr. Phil? Also, whatever, since she had cancer for, like, two days.

I kind of wish Diego had gotten Maxie pregnant because...awkward!

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