General Hospital blog - October, 2007

October 1st, 2007

Johnny and ďLuluĒ make plans to meet as Spinelli discovers that Carly has been texting Johnny. Sonny wants Diane to take down Trevor. She refusesÖuntil she finds out heís gotten Kate fired. Emily investigates Nikolasí behavior, eventually asking Jax to ask Jerry about the side effects of the poison. Nikolas isnít pleased to find them talking about him. Carly gives Lulu some harsh truths about love, leading Lulu to thank Maxie for exposing Loganís scumminess. Elizabeth and Lucky disagree about which attorney to have represent them, ultimately deciding to let Diane represent Elizabeth and Alexis represent Lucky.

Writers, stop teasing me! I know Johnny isnít going to kill Carly, much as I may wish it.

Diane is currently the only person who can make me fall out of my chair with laughter. ďI have to get my shoe.Ē Hee!

Jax, run before Nikolas beats you up for talking to his woman! And is it too much to hope that Helena is somehow behind the weirdness?

Maybe Jax can buy Couture and let Kate take it over. Or maybe she can just start her own magazine. Heck, Iíd read it.

October 2nd, 2007

Spinelli and Georgie figure out that Carly, not Lulu, has made plans to meet with Johnny. Spinelli tries to get in touch with Jason (whoís out of town) and Sonny (whoís busy having sex with Kate), then decides heíll have to take matters into his own hands. Just as heís about to go find Carly, Jax shows up, having figured out that she lied to him about her whereabouts. Emily realizes that Nikolas is losing time. Tracy asks Carly to talk Lulu into moving back into the mansion. All she succeeds in doing is showing Carly and Jax that she still sees Alan. Scott gets the paternity-test results back. Robin still has issues.

Carly = idiot. Like never before.

Kate? No one goes to Sonnyís bedroom and talks about science. Why do you think he has three children?

Half the time I forget Scott even exists, so why should I care if heís Loganís father?

Awww, too bad Jax didnít say goodbye to Alan, too. That wouldíve been funny.

October 3rd, 2007

Jax saves Carly from Johnny, but sheís not grateful and refuses to stay away from him as long as he hangs around Lulu. Scott is Loganís father. Nikolas admits to Emily that he canít remember everything that happened the night Leticia was murdered. She schedules Nikolas for tests and the two spend the evening reminiscing. They run into Scott, who tells Nikolas heís suing him for assault on Loganís behalf, but before Nikolas can attack Scott, Emily takes care of it for him. Sonny gets another text message threatening someone else he cares about. However, he doesnít want to get involved because he thinks Johnny killed Leticia and Zacchara is working to cover it up. Trevor tries to get Johnny to go home, but Johnny, of course, has other ideas (including flirting with Lulu and pulling a gun on Logan).

Carly is too dumb to be allowed to live. Writers, please do something about that.

Hey, where IS Serena? College, maybe? They should bring her back.

I love how everyone talks about the Bacchanalia like it was a fairy-tale evening. Katherine almost died! Not like anyone ever talks about Katherine, so whatever. I kind of miss her. Not Stefan. He was kind of delightfully evil, though. Okay, Iím done.

Spinelli needs to learn to just yell, ďCarlyís in trouble!Ē Itíll save him a lot of time in his conversations with Sonny.

October 4th, 2007

Everyoneís boring. Not worth it.

October 5th, 2007

Carly tries to convince Spinelli to get information on Trevor so she can find out more about Johnny. Spinelli spills this news to Sonny, who tells Carly (whoís meeting with Trevor) to cut it out. Nikolas beats up a would-be escaped convict and then canít remember it. Alexis and Diane face off in Elizabeth and Luckyís divorce battle. Night Shift roundup: Jolene killed people, but Spinelli wants to see her anyway. Kelly and Andy are attempting an abstinence contest, but Kelly breaks it with Leo. Lainey isnít mad at Cody for killing her father and thinks they should pin the crime on Jolene.

Whoever had the idea to bring over all the remaining General Hospital: Night Shift actors, characters, and storylines the day after the show ended should be put in time-out. Waaaaaay too much going on at once, and itís really confusing to be plunked down in the middle of those storylines with a) no idea what happened over there and b) little to no memory of many of the characters. Also, I donít care about any of them. And Iím ticked that Lainey had a big storyline over there that we knew nothing about. How am I supposed to keep caring about her if I didnít get to see half of her character development? Why do they recap the Johnny/Anthony/Trevor stuff five times a week and donít give us any background on this new stuff?

I knew one day Nikolas would look down at his hand and think, How did my knuckles get all bloody? Also, poor rubber band.

Still loving the Alexis/Diane interactions...but itís a little weird.

Again: unless Elizabethís house turns out to be haunted, I DONíT CARE ABOUT IT.

October 7th, 2007

This week: more Nikolas craziness, Jason interrogates Johnny, and Luke is back (or so Iíve read).

October 8th, 2007

Epiphany inspires Kate to start a new magazine targeted towards normal women. Kate asks Jax to back her, an idea Carly unsurprisingly hates. Oh, and someoneís spying on her and Jax. Nikolas denies that thereís anything wrong with him and blows up at Emily for not supporting him. Later, Jerry is brought into the ER, having been stabbed, as Nikolas snaps to attention with a knife in his hand. Robin overhears Leyla talking about a date with Patrick and heads over to bust it up. Alexis encourages Lucky to go after full custody of Jake since Elizabeth has put him in danger by letting him be around Jason. Elizabeth retaliates by threatening to bring his drug history into the picture. Nadine is obviously going to stay in town and work at GH. Kate catches Kelly with LeoÖokay, seriously, who freaking cares?

Nikolasí clothes are remarkably clean for someone who supposedly just stabbed someone.

Did Sonny and Carly have a one-minute conversation about Nancy Drew, or am I drunk?

Awww, Epiphany is a muse! (Pssst, Kate: try including some clothes bigger than a size 4!)

Robin, jealously is NOT your color.

Hey, whereís Sam? Pretend I care.

October 9th, 2007

Jax refuses to go see Jerry at the hospital, but Carly convinces him that if Jerry dies and heís not there, heíll regret it. Nikolas is interrogated by a cop named David Harper (yay, Jay Pickett!), fights with Alexis again, and burns his shirt after finding blood on it. Emily finds part of the burned shirt and pretends she didnít; Nikolas plays along and pretends she didnít, too. Patrick and Leyla hit it off, but she doesnít want to be his rebound girl. Robin, however, may not have any trouble being Andyís rebound girl. Scott offers Lulu a deal - if sheíll give Logan another chance, heíll drop the charges against Luke and give him guardianship of Laura.

Awww, Jax cares. And Carly does, too, for some reason.

Emily. Hide all the knives. ALL the knives.

Jerryís life was only saved by a doctor (suffering from a gunshot wound), an intern, and a nurse who wasnít even authorized to work at the hospital? GH kind of sucks. Good thing itís fictional.

Hi, Patrick! Did you have a nice vacation? Did you happen to kill Sam while you were gone?

October 10th, 2007

Jerry tells Mac and Harper that his attacker wasÖwell, not Nikolas, then tells Emily and Jax that it was Nikolas. Emily shares the news with Nikolas, who accuses Jerry of lying. Tracy tries to pay Logan to get closer to Scott and pass on information to her, but itís a moot point because Lulu takes Scottís deal. Tracy then goes for a massage (with a guy sheís apparently very close to) and is surprised to find that Luke is her substitute masseuse. Whoever took photos of Carly and Jax sends them to Everyday Heroes, and after getting them back, Jax and Carly figure out that they were taken with Carlyís cell phone. She then gets a text message letting her know sheís being watched. Robin debates having a baby on her own. Leyla still thinks Patrick is rebounding with her.

Hi, Luke! Sorry Tracy is apparently having an affair with some dude named Ramon.

Iím totally using ďplaying chessĒ as a euphemism for ďmaking outĒ from now on. Thanks, Jerry!

Okay, can we just find Nikolasí brain tumor or whatever already? Iím sick of this so-called mystery.

Ewww, who wants to watch Jax and Carly make out? Well, apparently Johnny, because who else would it be?

October 11th, 2007

Carly tells Jason about the photos and text message. He tells her to get Spinelli to trace the message, but she wants to go after Johnny herself. Jason drags Johnny to the penthouse and Carly asks him point-blank if he killed Leticia. Tracy fills Luke in on what heís missed re: Scott, Lulu, and Logan. Lulu decides to keep up her end of her deal with Scott. Luke confronts Scott with his fists. Nikolas confronts Jerry about claiming Nikolas stabbed him. He then tells Emily heíll get tested to see whatís wrong with him, though he fears itís Cassadine-related. Robin makes a list of potential baby daddies, which Leyla (fresh off a chess-playing session with Patrick) finds.

Dear hair people: PLEASE LET STEVE BURTON CUT HIS HAIR. Or at least give him some barrettes or something.

Yeah, Carly, Iím sure Johnnyís just going to confess everything to you right now.

Awww, why canít we see Alanís reaction to Lukeís return?

Psst, Robin - go for Jax! The baby will be hot and Carly will be furious.

Umm...since Nikolas was Jerryís last visitor, can someone go check and make sure heís still alive?

October 12th, 2007

Zacchara is quite displeased to learn that Jason has basically kidnapped Johnny. Trevor and Johnny warn Sonny and Jason respectively that someone they love will die if Johnny isnít returned safely to his father. Luke confronts Nikolas about letting Lulu get together with Logan. Nikolas manages to keep himself from stabbing Luke. He then tries to distract Emily with the promise of Bacchanalia 2: Stay Off the Parapet. Jax thinks Nikolas killed Leticia. Robin attempts to snag Leo as a baby daddy but Patrick ruins her plans. Lainey and CodyÖwait, no one cares about Lainey and Cody.

Hi, Jax? Why would Nikolas have gone over to your house, gotten really mad at Leticia, and strangled her? Heís Mr. Stabby, not Mr. Strangley. And he had no reason to go over there anyway. So...your logic is flawed, is basically what Iím trying to say.

Once again, I have to wonder why people remember the Bacchanalia so fondly. I guess they REALLY hated Katherined.

So Robin wants a baby, but she doesnít want the father to be involved in the babyís life? Why doesnít she just sleep with Patrick again, then? He doesnít want a baby, and the kid will be hot. Enough said.

Yeah, seriously, no one cares about Lainey and Cody. Make them go away. (Well, Lainey can stay, she just has to do other stuff.)

Back in town: Luke Spencer
Hospitalized: Jerry Jacks
Kidnapped, sort of: Johnny Zacchara

October 14th, 2007

This week: Carly is the newest target of Nikolasí rage, Lulu makes more bad decisions, and Sonny finally meets Zacchara.

October 15th, 2007

Nikolas still lives in Denial Land, refusing to postpone Bacchanalia 2: SOTP and telling both Jax and Carly that he didnít stab Jerry or kill Leticia. Carly eventually makes him so mad that he pulls a letter opener on her. Emily pretends to side with Nikolas on the Alexis/Jerry issue in an attempt to get Alexis, Kristina, and Molly to move out of Wyndemere. Alexis doesnít want to leave because then Emily would be alone with Nikolas. Zacchara goes ballistic when Johnny finally returns from Jasonís. Sonny tells Jason to use Johnny to get to Zacchara again if need be. Luke still hates the idea of Lulu and Logan together. Lainey, Cody, Robin, blah.

Hey, Emily and Alexis? Do you think itís really a good idea to leave Nikolas alone at Wyndemere, where he keeps, you know, attacking people? I mean, think about it.

Whatís up with Jaxís hair? Itís, like, completely vertical.

Is it just me or is Logan almost...likeable now? I say ďalmostĒ because Iím too indifferent to actually like him.

I really would like to know who cares about Cody. Lainey doesnít count; sheís fictional.

October 16th, 2007

Carly calms Nikolas down, but Max pulls a gun on him anyway. Nikolas later tells Emily he had another blackout and vows to make Patrick run tests again to figure out whatís wrong. Johnny heads back to Port Charles and runs into Lulu. Jax gets mad at Carly for going to see Nikolas by herself. Sonny really wants Johnny abducted again, but Diane wants no part of it. She and Max get drunk together, lamenting his lack of relationship with Carly and her lack of couture clothes, and almost sleep together. Spinelli researches Zacchara and learns that the last two people who went after him are missing or dead.

I canít be the only one whoís sorry we didnít get to see Max and know. I could just imagine them waking up the next morning and wondering what the heck they did.

Lulu could solve her Luke/Logan problem by pointing out to Luke that instead of Logan, she could always date Johnny.

But if Alexis, Kristina, and Molly move out, weíll never see them! Stupid writers.

Wait, Jax and Carly are still married? Are you sure about that? I think I owe someone money.

October 17th, 2007

Sonny chastises Carly for being an idiot and gives her a choice - Max can either follow her or Kate. For some reason, Carly doesnít want Max to follow Kate. She also doesnít want Robin to have a baby with Jax, her next potential baby daddy. Same with Patrick, who tells Carly the real reason behind Robin and Jaxís lunch date. Luke questions Sonny about Johnny, thinking that a missing Lulu is with him. Heís right, and the two are hanging out in a cabin whose owner doesnít like trespassers (and uses a shotgun to make his point). Alexis and Diane battle it out again, and Alexis pushes Lucky to file for emergency custody of Jake so Elizabeth will be inclined to negotiate.

Why doesnít Carly want Max to follow Kate? Wouldnít she want him to bug her instead?

So basically Alexis is going to have Lucky try to hold Jake hostage? Thatís so sweet. The only result I can see from this is Elizabeth admitting that Lucky isnít Jakeís father, because otherwise weíre going to have to watch stupid court scenes and custody battles.

Why doesnít Lulu get that Johnny is crazy bananas? Is she crazy bananas herself? Iíd hate to see how she justifies Nikolasí behavior.

Dear Robin, Patrick still totally wants you. Please put him and us out of our collective misery. Signed, a concerned viewer.

October 18th, 2007

Kate reluctantly tells Sonny where she thinks Zacchara lives. She adds that she thinks his wife was murdered (shocker!). Lulu saves the cabinís owner from Johnny, then heads off to get food, where two of Zaccharaís goons find her and kidnap her to try to lure Johnny out in the open. Spinelli finds out where Johnny is and Jason surprises him at the cabin. Carly is, of course, furious with Jax for supposedly considering having a baby with Robin (even though he rejected the offer), and he tries to assure her he only wants kids with her. Robin blasts Patrick for interfering and he suggests that she adopt. Lucky and Elizabeth continue to battle it out. Skye and Ric have their requisite bimonthly scene together.

If I came home to find Jason sitting in my living room with a shotgun, I would pass out.

Jax, why would you encourage Carly to reproduce (again)?

Kateís turning out to be a pretty good person to have on your side, huh?

Yeah, Patrick. Iím sure there are tons of adoption agencies that would be thrilled to let a single woman with HIV adopt a child. No problem.

October 19th, 2007

Trevor tells Ric to warn Sonny not to meet with Zacchara or his family will be in danger. He also tries to get Ric to arrest Johnny to keep him away from Sonny. Jason keeps an eye on Trevor while Sonny finally gets his meeting with Zacchara (who apparently isnít all there). Robin moves on to her next potential baby daddy, Lucky. Elizabeth vows to do anything necessary to keep Lucky from getting custody of Jake (except, of course, tell him heís not actually Jakeís father). Lulu wonders if Zacchara has an impenetrable castle to keep Johnny inside it. Logan really wants to know where Lulu is and is willing to manhandle Carly to find out. Carly and Jax want a baby, but they also want to waitÖI donít know, I ran most of it up.

Why the heck did Sonny even bring Max and Milo to Zaccharaís if he was going to leave Milo outside, then not even take Max in with him to see Zacchara? Also, why would Zaccharaís goons let some strange, dangerous man into a room alone with their boss? Or maybe they just want to see some bloodshed (in which case they shouldíve just let Sonny in the house without a fight in the first place).

Trevor? Do you serve a purpose anymore? Just wondering.

Logan? Same question.

Okay, Lucky. Time to use your brain. (And I know thatís kind of rare for you.) If you decide to have a baby with Robin, your judge isnít going to give you custody of Jake because now youíll have cheated on your wife with two different women, then gotten a third pregnant (no matter what the circumstances were). So...just say no, mmmkay?

October 20th, 2007

Next week: More Sonny/Zacchara stuff, Robin keeps up the search for a baby daddy, and, shocker of shockers, Carly is an idiot.

October 22nd, 2007

Zacchara is nutso, leading Sonny and Jason to figure out that Trevor is really the one running the organization. However, Zaccharaís threats against Michael and Morgan lead Sonny to take measures to protect them more, as well make sure Trevor knows heís on to him. Robin is 0 for 3 in the baby-daddy department. Kate encourages Jax to wait Carly out until sheís ready to have a baby (not mentioning that by that point, theyíll probably be getting a divorce anyway). Lulu and Logan talked about stuff I ran up. I also ran up every scene with Elizabeth and Patrick.

I love how every time thereís a new villain, heís touted as the worst ever...and then he turns out to be pretty much the same as all the others. Though itís kind of nice that this time, the big villain is really just crazy.

Looks like our nice five-week Sam vacation ends tomorrow. Bummer. I didnít miss her at all, which means if she left the show altogether, I REALLY wouldnít miss her. Letís test that theory, shall we?

Seriously, Robin, there has to be a single man in Port Charles whoís willing to procreate with you. Stop bugging the married ones.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for Johnny now? Because...yeah, not so much.

October 23rd, 2007

Sonny worries that heíll end up as crazy as Zacchara. Someone sets off an explosion in one of Sonny and Jasonís warehouses. They, of course, think it was Zacchara, but it was actually Jerry, wanting to get Lucky out of Samís apartment. He then threatens Lucky to get Sam to agree to help him in the future. Logan breaks up with Lulu so he wonít hurt her, then gives her a couple of concert tickets. Carly tells Lulu that heís trying to play her by being so nice that she thinks they shouldnít break up. Lulu tells Carly sheís not naÔve enough to fall for it, but then does exactly what Carly predicted she would do by inviting Logan to go to the concert with her. Zacchara tells a goon to get him information on Lulu.

Thanks for the bipolar PSA! Always appreciated. Because what I really want with my soap is a daily dose of reality.

Aaaaaand Jerryís evil again. That was quick.

Ha, Lulu is dumb. ďIím not that naÔve, Carly.Ē No, apparently youíre even more naÔve than that.

Yep, figured theyíd say Sam was away for work instead of just MIA for five weeks. Sigh. I wish it were five weeks ago.

October 24th, 2007

Robinís next potential baby daddy is Spinelli. He accepts. Elizabeth and Lucky get sick of Alexis and Diane fighting and come up with their own deal. Ric tells Skye that Alcazar owned some dock property that can be used to sneak stuff past Sonny, and Trevor might be contacting her to use it. Alan warns Tracy that Luke is walking into a mob war, and if he gets her killed, the two of them will be haunting the Quartermaines forever. Thereís an orderly named Cassius who sings. Apparently itís important.

Steve Burton deserves an Emmy just for his reactions to the whole Robin/Spinelli thing. HILARIOUS.

What was the point of all that Carly/Sam stuff? Did she honestly think Sam wanted Jax back? Whatever, Carly.

Hee, Alan and Tracy haunting the Quartermaines together would be awesome.

Considering the way the past three potential Epiphany plots have gone, this Cassius guy will be gone in two weeks.

October 25th, 2007

Trevor wants Sonny killed, and sees the perfect opportunity when he learns that Sonny is headed for Puerto Rico. Spinelli canít, uh, perform his paternal duties for Robin, so he summons Jason to take his place. After spotting Sam in a rage-inducing position, Nikolas holds her over the parapet at Wyndemere. Lulu tries to return the necklace Johnny gave her, which apparently belonged to his mother, and Zacchara sees her. Luke offers to broker a deal to sell Trevor Alcazarís dock property, promising to keep Skye out of the mob war in the meantime. Sonny encourages Ric to bust Trevor, but Ric just taunts that heís crazy like Zacchara.

Nikolas! LET GO! PLEASE! Also, I wish I knew what the heck was going on - there was a news break in the middle of the show, and that last Nikolas/Sam scene was the only time I saw them in the episode (which was very confusing).

Why does Trevor want to kill Sonny out of town? I mean, yeah, then he canít be arrested in New York, but since when has that ever stopped anyone?

Oh, Spinelli. This isnít like a video game where Jason can play your turn for you while you go get something to eat. For a smart guy, youíre actually pretty dumb.

Hey! That dock conversation Skye had with Ric yesterday actually meant something! That never happens with the two of them!

October 26th, 2007

Weíre supposed to think Sonny is dead, thanks to Trevor making his car go boom in Puerto Rico, but obviously heís not. Carly buys a gun and plans to confront her text-messager/Leticiaís killer with it at the ball. Jax doesnít want her to go, since Nikolas is so unpredictable, but she, of course, wonít take no for an answer. Carly wants to have Jason by her side when she confronts the killer, but Diane encourages her to just let him handle the whole thing. Nikolas snaps out of his rage in time to pull Sam back onto the parapet, then tells her that the tests Patrick ran came back inconclusive. Spinelli chickens out and Jason wonít donate for Robin, so sheís back to square one. On the plus side, Patrick claims that heís going to move on and stay out of her personal business from now on. Johnny tries to convince Zacchara that Lulu is no one special, but Zacchara takes off in pursuit of her.

Yeah. I bet Sonnyís dead. I also bought the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday.

Hey, Carly, if you do somehow manage to convince Jason to go to the ball with you, will you also convince him that he has to get a haircut first? Thanks.

Darn it, Nikolas! I ask you to do one thing...

Love ya, Diane! Seriously, donít ever change.

I give that whole Patrick-will-stay-out-of-Robinís-personal-business thing a week at the most.

Back in town: Sam McCall
Possibly gone for good: Amelia Joffe
Presumed dead (but totally not): Sonny Corinthos

October 27th, 2007

Next week: Bacchanalia 2: SOTP! I think itís safe to say that between Nikolasí rages, Zaccharaís creepiness, and Carlyís stupid plan, somebodyís going to emergency, somebodyís going to jail.

October 29th, 2007

Jason scrambles to find out where Sonny has disappeared to while keeping Kate out of the loop. Heís also sure that Carly is up to something when she asks him to go to the ball with her. Looking for information that will get Scott and Logan out of town, Luke breaks into Ricís office and takes photos of his file on Loganís military history. Zacchara stalks Lulu while Johnny rages at home, unable to leave. Georgie wants to go to the ball with Spinelli, who invites Nadine instead. Everyone else is boring.

If Johnny has a gun...why doesnít he shoot the guards keeping him in the house and escape on his own? Idiot.

I love Jason. But seriously, the hair has got to go. (Also, I noticed Jax got a haircut. His hair was fine! Jasonís wasnít! Seriously, do something about it!)

Awwww, poor Georgie! And I actually canít believe Iím saying that, since usually I couldnít care less about her.

Way to be a cop, Lucky.

October 30th, 2007

Ric makes a deal with Skye to use Alcazarís docks to lure Trevor and Sonny and bust both of them. He then invites her to the ball. Zacchara kills two of his goons, then heads to Wyndemere for some reason. Ric questions Jason about the goonsí deaths, thinking he killed them in retaliation for Sonnyís supposed death. Johnny tries to convince Trevor to let him find Zacchara and check on Lulu, then knocks Trevor out and takes off. Luke tries to make a deal with Ric to get rid of Scott. Jason still canít be convinced to go to the ball, but Jax relents and agrees to go to the ball with Carly. Spinelli gets his date with Nadine, though he really wants to woo Lulu, whoís going to the ball with Logan. Patrick invites Leyla to the ball, but she thinks he should go with Robin.

Yeah, I bet Spinelli watches Dancing With the Stars. Also, stop trying to be meta, show.

Is it just me or is Johnny getting smarter and smarter?

...And is Carly getting dumber and dumber? (Wait. Donít answer that. I already know.)

Funny how Elizabeth called Sam a lying tramp, because if I remember correctly...yep, Elizabeth slept with Jason while she was married to Lucky, and then she lied about both the affair and who the father of her child was. So if you add that together...carry the 1...hmmm, funny, I get lying tramp! Funny how that works out.

Why are all these random people invited to the ball anyway? I mean, Ric? Since when do Emily and Nikolas ever talk to him?

October 31st, 2007

A bloody Nikolas wakes up at 5 a.m. next to a seemingly dead woman. 11 hours earlier, as a storm approaches, Bacchanalia 2: SOTP begins with Emily and Nikolasí engagement. Johnny knocks out Scott and steals his invitation to Bacchanalia 2: SOTP. Scott suspects Luke is the culprit and has to crash the party. Elizabeth and Lucky share one last dance. A jealous Sam spots them, and later Elizabeth confronts her about her actions and knowledge of Elizabethís secrets. Lucky has to break up their hair-pulling battle. Thinking sheís Nadine, Spinelli expresses his love for Lulu. Jason and Trevor would both like to know where Johnny is. Luke assures Logan that he wonít be with Lulu for long. Zacchara destroys the only exit from Spoon Island.

So...I guess Jason, Sonny, Diane, Tracy, Monica, and Edward arenít going to make it to Bacchanalia 2: SOTP after all. Which sucks because three of them are Quartermaines, and four of them are related to the chick who just got engaged. And also because THE WRITERS SUCK. The Quartermaines donít even get to attend an event in Alanís honor? Get your act together, writers, and stop disrespecting the long-running characters. Youíve already killed one off - is it too much to ask to have the others on more than once a month?

If they drag this out for ten more episodes, Iím going to be really ticked.

Why would Jerry want to go to a party at Nikolasís house? Heís just asking for it.

Wow, could Sam and Elizabethís fight have been any more stereotypically girly? Iím surprised one of them didnít start screaming over a broken nail.

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