General Hospital blog - October, 2008

October 1st, 2008

Claudia tries to tell Sonny that the Zaccharas weren't responsible for Kate's shooting, still believing that it's true. She also wants to know why Ric thinks Karpov is responsible. Jason keeps refusing to go after Karpov, which leaves Karpov free to take advantage of everyone's distraction and move a shipment through the Zaccharas' shipping lanes. Carly worries that Jason won't be able to keep refusing Sonny. Olivia puts herself in charge of Kate's medical treatment but doesn't like Patrick and Robin. Kate wakes up briefly and tries to tell Patrick that Sonny has...something. Jax's spine is not MIA after all, as he tells Carly that no matter how much he still loves her, they're not getting back together. Nadine successfully seduces Nikolas. Johnny gets drunk and complains about how badly things are going for Lulu. Elizabeth still wants to be with Jason despite the shooting, but he tries to convince her to change her mind.

I love how Carly tells Jax she won't get involved in Jason and Sonny's world again, and then two minutes later she's in a deep conversation with Jason about Karpov. Way to go, Carly.

Yeah, Olivia, I think Kate would be happier alive and paralyzed than...dead.

Bravo, Nadine. Bravo. Many women are jealous of you right now, so savor it.

Stupid spoilers - Patrick and Robin were supposed to be on yesterday, and doing something really important!

October 2nd, 2008

Olivia asks Carly if Sonny really left the mob. Carly tells her about his broken alliance with Karpov, and Olivia figures that that's the reason Kate was shot. Sonny may have been out of the mob before, but he decides that since leaving didn't actually protect anyone, he needs to go back. Patrick tells Sonny that Kate woke up and tried to tell him something but he doesn't know what it was. Her surgery is successful and Patrick predicts that she'll make a full recovery. A talk with Sonny about love and time and blah, blah, blah leads Robin to propose to Patrick. Scott arrests Johnny for drunkenly ramming his boat into Karpov's freighter. Unfortunately for Scott, there's no evidence of any crime. Also unfortunately for Scott, Johnny confesses to killing Logan and goads Scott into assaulting him. Nikolas doesn't seem to understand boundaries, leading Nadine to hightail it out of Wyndemere before breakfast. Later she catches Carly getting a little too close to Nikolas as he tries again to negotiate buying the hotel.

Sonny's logic cracks me up. Michael gets shot, so he leaves the mob. Kate gets shot, so he goes back in. Who has to get shot for him to go into the Witness Protection Program? Also, I think it would be hilarious if Jason and Sonny teamed up again and then Kate made a complete recovery. Zacchara's big plan would be over before he could even begin it.

I think I like semi-psychotic Johnny more than normal Johnny. What's wrong with me?

Yeah, Nikolas, letting your butler into your bedroom while your new girlfriend is half-naked in bed is probably not the best idea. Also, tell Carly to keep her hands to herself.

I'm guessing Patrick isn't going to say no to Robin.

October 3rd, 2008

Olivia blasts Sonny for putting Kate in danger, but it doesn't deter him from telling Jason that he's regaining control of the organization. As Olivia yells at her son, Dante, on the phone, Kate tells Patrick that Olivia had Sonny's child. Jason is torn between killing Karpov, which will start a war and put his loved ones in danger, or letting him live and going against Sonny's wishes. Patrick turns down Robin's proposal, which she finds ironic. Nadine spies on Carly and Nikolas, and even though Carly promises that there's nothing going on between them, Nadine decides to show Nikolas that he's "not the only game in town" by kissing Spinelli in front of him. Carly tells Jax that she wants him to sell his portion of the hotel to Nikolas.

Why, why, why are they doing two secret-child storylines at once? Not that they're really doing the Noah/Patrick/Matt one, since they haven't even talked about it for a week, but still.

Why do they want to have Carly and Nikolas work together? Have they ever even talked to each other?

It's official - Patrick is crazy.

Oh, Nadine. Now Nikolas is going to think you're a big tease.

Hospitalized: Kate Howard
Not engaged, still: Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio
Secretly has another kid: Sonny Corinthos

October 4th, 2008

Next week: Sonny has a really bad week. Also, Karpov finds a new target, Claudia annoys Olivia (wow, I'll alert the media), Max lies to his father, and now Patrick has a freaking secret, too? Sigh.

October 6th, 2008

Jason refuses to give the organization back to Sonny, who accuses him of betrayal and says that Jason's enemies will see him as weak for not defending himself. Jason says he'll just wait until someone he loves is attacked, which I'm sure Elizabeth would love to hear. Cody urges Jason to take Sonny out, adding that when the time comes, he'll be fighting with Sonny (even though I don't think they've ever even met). Patrick thinks Kate is delirious and doesn't mention her revelation to Olivia. When Kate wakes up again, Olivia tells her that Sonny never left the mob. Johnny pieces everything together and reveals that he knows Zacchara a) can walk and b) shot Kate. Zacchara is just proud. He then approaches Sonny and offers to team up with him and help him find out who shot Kate. Nikolas thinks Nadine is crazy, which she kind of is. Nadine confides in Spinelli, who tells Nikolas that Nadine really does have feelings for him. When Nikolas and Nadine meet up again, she randomly falls down a flight of stairs. Ric finally gets his reward from Claudia. Johnny sees them together and is probably scarred for life. Jax and Carly are really annoying.

Aaaaaand now I hate both Olivia and Kate. They lied to Sonny for 20 years? Yeah, I hope Sonny dumps Kate when he finds out about Dante. Though Olivia calling Patrick cute was kind of funny.

Johnny, you're so smart! He and Spinelli could take over the world if they teamed up.

Okay, so Cody's insane. Anyone else?

What's up with Nadine falling down the stairs? Is she pregnant?

I can't believe I was relieved that Ric and Claudia finally had sex. I've never wanted two people to just shut up and take their clothes off already.

October 7th, 2008

Sonny turns down Zacchara's proposal to take over his organization, but Zacchara thinks that if Jason keeps shutting Sonny out, he'll change his mind. Jason does exactly as Zacchara expects, telling Sonny that he's not letting him back into the organization. Diane confirms Kate's fears that Sonny is still doing mob stuff. Olivia orders Dante not to come to Port Charles. Johnny and Ric resort to fisticuffs, and Johnny tells Claudia that if Ric ever hurts her, Johnny will kill him. Max frets over the fact that his and Milo's father is coming to visit – and he believes that Max runs the Port Charles mob. Nadine and Nikolas are both 12 years old and unable to admit their feelings for each other.

I find it really hard to believe that Jason never suspected that Sonny would want to come back. He's not THAT stupid.

Ditto Kate. Though...why would she go by what Carly said?

I can't wait for Max to try to get Diane to play along with his I-run-the-mob ploy. I expect hilarity.

Hi, Matt! Thanks for stopping by for two minutes and letting us know that a) you're still alive and b) still a jerk. As you were.

October 8th, 2008

Max tries to ask Jason to pretend that he's in charge of the organization while his father Maximus is town (and apparently no one has ever put together that Max is Maximus' son, despite the fact that they have almost the same name). Jason either doesn't get it or pretends not to. Maximus arrives and Milo and Diane play along with Max's plan. Elizabeth wants Jason to give Sonny what he wants, but Jason says it's not a good idea. Elizabeth gets all selfish and pouts that she probably won't ever get her way again. Matt tells Nadine that he remembers seeing the shoes of the person who knocked him out at the clinic. Nadine remembers seeing them on Jerry and breaks into his room to find them and/or any illegal drugs he may have lying around. Of course, Jerry catches her. Carly announces that instead of Jax selling his shares of the hotel to Nikolas, she'll sell half of her shares to Nikolas. Anna tells Mac that Patrick rejected Robin's proposal. Mac gives Robin a pep talk, then arrests Patrick for "failure to yield" to Robin. Sam and Lucky are all happy and cute.

Thank you, writers, for the comic relief of the Giambettis in the midst of mob wars/shootings/Nadine about to be murdered.

Speaking of Nadine, YOU. IDIOT.

Oh, Mac. Listen, you're a great guy, and definitely a better father to Robin than Robert has been. But you're also completely nuts.

I still don't get why Nikolas wants part of the hotel, but I'm willing to wait and see where this goes.

October 9th, 2008

Kate tells Sonny that she doesn't blame him for the shooting. She's not too happy when he tells her that he's going to get revenge. Unhappy to be forced to play bodyguard, get smacked upside the head, and insulted repeatedly by Maximus, Jason tells Max that he has three days to get rid of his father or Jason will tell him the truth. Carly may tell him first, as she shows up unexpectedly. Carly also agrees to sell to Nikolas, even though Jax thinks he just wants revenge. Jerry drugs Nadine and stashes her back at the clinic, where she wakes up without any memory of their confrontation. Mac locks Robin and Patrick in an interrogation room until they finally patch things up and get engaged. Maxie and Spinelli take over running the magazine, and Olivia tells them that they can blame anything that goes wrong on her. Maybe they'll be able to blame her for the large men with guns who infiltrate the office.

I've never been so happy to see Carly enter a room than I was when she went into Jason's office. This is going to be awesome. Max should tell his father that she's his girlfriend, and then they should all go to dinner together.

Speaking of Carly, she should have told Jax that he can either sell his part of the hotel to Nikolas or she'll sell half of hers to Nikolas. Might as well make him even more miserable, since he's being such a jerk. Man, I never thought I'd be on Carly's side in anything.

Mac would be smart to bring a justice of the peace in there and have him marry Robin and Patrick before they can change their minds. Also, can you imagine the day when their daughter asks them to tell her about the day they got engaged?

Yeah, I bet Maxie's running the magazine all by herself. Also, they never had a launch party, after all Kate's squawking about it.

Jerry found Nadine's clothes and redressed her? That's creepier than anything else he did today.

October 10th, 2008

Olivia tells Alexis that Sonny tried to beat up Karpov for shooting Kate. Alexis believes that Karpov is the shooter and brings him in for questioning, accusing him of smuggling drugs into town as well. Karpov tells Jerry to get rid of her as Sonny tells Alexis that she won't be able to stop him from getting his revenge on Karpov. Max tells Maximus that Carly is his girlfriend, and she plays along. Later, Maxie and Spinelli arrive with a note from who they think were Karpov's men warning that the next time, Kate will die. Maximus is able to tell that this isn't Karpov's style and he wasn't involved. Robin and Patrick decide to get married on October 29th. Patrick debates telling Sonny (or maybe Robin) about Dante. Ric and Claudia fool around at Jake's, where Claudia meets Olivia. Why do we have to keep watching Sam and Lucky be cute?

Yay, Max, for giving me what I wanted! And yay for Carly playing along. I also loved that Maxie caught on to the scheme right away and had fun with it.

Actually, Sonny, I do think Alexis will be able to stop you from killing Karpov. It's called jail.

Patrick should totally tell Robin about Dante. With her history of announcing people's paternities, she'd take care of the problem for him.

Why don't Claudia and Ric just have their fun at his place? How weird.

Engaged: Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio
New in town: Maximus Giambetti

October 12th, 2008

This week: Luke! And some other stuff.

October 13th, 2008

Kate asks Carly to convince Sonny not to get revenge. It doesn't work. Olivia and Claudia bicker about Sonny, Kate, and how Claudia is a slut. Patrick still can't decide whether or not to tell Sonny and Robin about Dante. He chooses Coleman as his best man, and Robin approves, though Maxie, the maid of honor, isn't as thrilled. Jerry convinces Karpov to distract Alexis rather than kill her. He then takes photos of Karpov talking to Sam and gives them to Alexis. Maximus thinks Max should start shooting people, beginning with Karpov.

I love how Carly calls Kate a phony when she also came to town using another person's name. Shut up, Carly.

Maxie may have just surpassed Diane as my second-favorite character. Maxie would at least have smacked Maximus if he'd ever grabbed her butt.

I can't believe Robin and Patrick think that they can pull off this wedding before the baby's born. It's Port Charles. Robin will go into labor during the ceremony, or someone will blow up the church, or both. Or worse.

We seem to be closing in on every single woman in town having slept with Sonny. That's really scary.

October 14th, 2008

Karpov is saved by Sasha and a henchman, and Sonny is in turned saved from them by Max, Maximus, and Milo. Max manages to convince him to leave without killing Karpov, though Sonny still wants revenge. Jason confronts him about going into battle alone and not protecting himself at home. Olivia and Kate bicker more about Dante, Olivia pointing out that Sonny will be mad if he ever finds out that Kate knew he was Dante's father and didn't tell him. Carly overhears that they have a secret, though she doesn't know what it is. Alexis frets about what Sam has been up to, and Diane convinces her that she needs to put their personal connections aside. Claudia tells Lucky that Johnny is hanging out with a hooker, hoping that he'll take the news to Lulu and end the relationship.

Max is lucky that Sonny's too distracted to pay attention to him, beacuse otherwise there's no way he would go along with this thing. Also, there's no way Maximus wouldn't have heard of Sonny.

Also, there's no way Alexis would be allowed to pursue a case in which her daughter might be a key player. Whatever, writers.

It would be kind of funny if Carly found out about Dante and told Sonny, since she's the one who told him about Kristina.

I'm guessing they're setting Sam and Lucky up for some disaster, since otherwise they probably wouldn't keep showing them being all happy and stuff.

October 15th, 2008

Sonny accuses Jason of betrayal again. Later he tells Kate that he's going to do what he thinks is best for her, even if it means they're not together. Claudia pretends to be Max's girlfriend, and later tells Jason that she agrees with him that Karpov didn't shoot Kate. Before leaving town, Maximus advises Sonny to wait before taking Karpov out. He also reveals that he knew almost the whole time that Max was lying to him. Olivia has a drink with Carly and seems more convinced than ever that she's right to keep Dante and Sonny from each other. As Sam sets up a date with Jerry, Alexis tries to get a warrant to search her apartment. On her way to Mexico to follow a lead regarding Luke, Tracy blackmails Edward into using his connections to get the charges against Luke dropped.

If only Jerry had moved the dinner date up a little - he could plant drugs in Sam's apartment (since the search is most likely not going to turn up anything).

Ha, I figured Maximus knew what was up. I hope he comes back sometime.

Okay, I barely heard a word in the Tracy/Edward/Monica scenes because I was so distracted by Edward's newsboy hat. What the heck?

We get it, Jason and Sonny have the exact same relationship issues. Can we move on?

October 16th, 2008

Tracy finds Luke in Mexico and recaps the past five months for him. Before they can head back to the States, Luke is, of course, stopped by a cop. Maxie and Spinelli both visit Lulu, who is dazed and suddenly punctual. It's the latter that makes them worry enough to consider breaking her out of Shadybrook. Lulu thinks she's better but gets another "I know what you did" note. Nikolas tells Carly that he wants the hotel because Nadine has never seen him work. Carly seems to reconsider her decision to sell to him. Nadine and Nikolas finally get it together and start to go at it again, but Carly accidentally interrupts them. Elizabeth wants Jason to help her paint her studio, because that's certainly more important than him trying to prevent a mob war.

Ech, I'm too bored to bother.

October 17th, 2008

Sonny gives Jason one more chance to give the organization back to him. Jason continues to refuse, so Sonny says he'll go run Zacchara's organization. Just as Jason meets with Karpov, who promises that he wants to keep the peace, Sonny accepts Zacchara's offer. Maxie and Spinelli sneak into Shadybrook to break Lulu out. Lulu shows them the latest threatening note and admits that she thinks she wrote it herself. Spinelli tries to distract a doctor but winds up getting himself committed. Sam invites Jerry over for some half-dressed making out in the hot tub. Alexis chooses this moment to let herself in. Luke gets Tracy to bribe the Mexican police, but she does it one too many times and gets arrested. Luke is unhelpful. Nadine has a brief memory of Jerry drugging her, though it's unclear whether she knows it was Jerry. Carly's intrusion angers Nadine, who splits in time for Jax to arrive and assume that Carly and Nikolas have a personal relationship. Carly tries to make him jealous by perpetuating the belief. Jax threatens to sue Nikolas if Carly sells to him, but Nikolas doesn't care. Robin and Patrick haven't actually decided on a name for the baby, and they're also really boring.

Yeah, Sonny, saying, "Give me my organization back" isn't asking. It's ordering. Also, shut up.

Why didn't Nikolas tell Jax that Carly was lying? Sigh. At this rate he and Nadine will be 55 before they get together.

Huh, I figured the worst thing that would happen at Sam's apartment would be Jerry planting drugs there. Turns out there are much, much worse things. Poor Alexis. Her relationships keep ending the same way.

Why can't Luke ever head back to town without some stupid drama? It's getting really old.

October 18th, 2008

Next week: Zacchara has a bizarre plan, Claudia has an even more bizarre one, Jax turns the tables on Nikolas, and Laura actually gets to do something!

October 20th, 2008

Zacchara tells Sonny that he can take over the business if he marries Claudia, since he'll then be family and therefore supposedly safe from Zacchara. Sonny refuses. Ric has picked a bad time to admit that he has feelings for Claudia. Jason tells Zacchara that if he teams up with Sonny, Jason will take him down, but Ric doesn't think he would go up against Sonny. Sam tells Alexis exactly what she's been up to, but the PDA she thinks Karpov gave Jerry doesn't contain anything incriminating. Mac searches her apartment and finds a ton of prescription drugs as Jerry walks away scot-free. Kate blames Jason for Sonny's desire to go back to the mob, so she won't listen when he asks her to talk him out of it. Maxie and Lulu free Spinelli but aren't sure how to get out of Shadybrook because no one bothered to think ahead. Luke gets the cop after Tracy drunk, then gets into a brawl with him, which ends when Tracy knocks him out. Of course, another cop arrests both of them. Robin and Patrick are totally jinxing themselves.

Okay, so...why does Zacchara think that Sonny will agree to marry Claudia? He's not gullible enough to think that he'll be safe because they'll be "family" - Zacchara's the one who tried to kill his own son, remember. And Sonny should be wondering what Zacchara will get out of this whole thing, too.

Seriously, Maxie and Spinelli should just call Jason.

If Sam were smart (and sometimes she is, so it's possible), she would get Lucky and Nikolas to confess their parts in this whole thing. First of all, Mac would trust another cop's word, and second of all, Alexis would believe Nikolas.

Plot hole! Plot hole! How did Jerry get the drugs into Sam's apartment?

Can we please be done with this Luke/Tracy plot?

October 21st, 2008

Sonny and Claudia both recoil at the thought of getting married, but Sonny later reconsiders the idea. Olivia overhears him telling Mike about it and surprisingly doesn't immediately tell Kate. Claudia tells Johnny that she has a lot of power in this situation and could end everything by marrying someone else. Kate urges Olivia to tell Sonny about Dante. Patrick tries to get more information about Dante out of Olivia, but she remains mum. Scott interrupts Maxie, Lulu, and Spinelli's escape attempt. Later, he overhears Lulu talking to Laura about killing Logan. Sam gets arrested and vows to keep working on bringing Jerry down. Lucky, who she declines to implicate, is just squicked out at the thought of her making out with Jerry. Epiphany thinks that planning a wedding and getting ready for the baby at the same time will make Robin and Patrick fight more. Robin invites Jason to the wedding, but he declines, which is probably good considering the recent track record of mobsters at weddings.

Granted, we haven't learned that much about Olivia, but seeing what we've already seen of her, I'm really surprised she didn't tell Kate what Sonny told Mike. I mean, wouldn't that make her want to stay away from him?

I've read spoilers about what Claudia has in mind, and not only is it wacky, it's probably going to be hilarious. Yay, humor!

I, too, would like to see Nikolas and Lucky beat Scott up. How can I make that happen?

Aww, Lucky, it wasn't too pretty from our side either.

Who did Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson tick off? They've been the filler three episodes in a row.

October 22nd, 2008

The Tequila Girls and Epiphany throw Robin a surprise bridal/baby shower. Maxie and Spinelli convince Lulu that she's not crazy through handwriting analysis and general psychology, then spot Trevor at Shadybrook. Luke is bailed out of jail and in turn bails out Tracy. Claudia tells Ric about Zacchara's plan, then tells Jason that she holds the power in Sonny and Zacchara's deal. Jax makes plans to buy Spoon Island. Nadine tries to use Patrick to make Nikolas jealous.

Poor Jason has to keep yelling at people. Well, actually, poor people who keep getting yelled at by Jason.

Yeah, that shower was still filler. Sorry.

Enough with Luke and Tracy in Mexico, already!

Here's a tip, Nadine: don't use an engaged man to try to make another guy jealous.

October 23rd, 2008

Claudia suggests that she marry Jason so she can't marry Sonny. Jason quickly agrees, but Claudia reconsiders, thinking about running away instead. She ultimately decides to stay put so Johnny doesn't have to deal with Zacchara by himself. She also warns Jason that Zacchara wants Sonny on his side so he'll take Jason out. Maxie and Spinelli trail Trevor and try to eavesdrop on his conversation with Johnny. They manage to get a sample of his handwriting, but analysis shows that he hasn't been writing the threatening notes to Lulu. The real culprit is Scott, who comes clean and vows to make Lulu pay for killing Lulu. Laura, now awake, will be having none of that. Olivia confronts Sonny about possibly marrying Claudia, telling him he can't have both Kate and the mob. Sonny intercepts a phone call from Dante and learns that Olivia has a son. Luke and Tracy drink and bore me, then realize that Edward isn't going to help them because now he has them out of his hair. Carly tries to find out what Jax is up to.

Claudia, why would you want to live with Jason anyway? Though I hear there's a nice pink room in his penthouse.

Nice Molly Weasley moment, Laura!

That'll teach you to answer other people's phones, Sonny.

I love how Maxie and Spinelli keep insisting that glasses or a change of clothes constitutes a disguise. They're from the Clark Kent school of subterfuge.

October 24th, 2008

Laura gets Lulu to tell Scott what really happened the night Logan died. Scott accuses her of murder so Laura throws Rick's murder in his face. Scott agrees to leave Lulu alone if Laura runs off with him, because he wants to make her fall in love with him again, because he's suddenly the crazy one. Luke and Tracy are still really boring, but when he hears that Lulu may be in trouble, he disappears. Jason and Claudia's justice of the peace refuses to marry them since they obviously aren't in love. Claudia thinks Jason was just calling her bluff anyway and pretty much resigns herself to marrying Sonny. Sonny bugs Olivia about Dante, but she won't tell him anything. Jerry invites Sam to team up with him so eventually they can overthrow Karpov. Lucky is so jealous of them that he's actually going to leave town to avoid them. Nadine and Nikolas are uncommunicative again, then finally connect.

I must have missed the episode where Scott turned into a huge psycho.

Way to trust your girlfriend, there, Lucky. Sam's actually better off without him.

Geez, Sonny, mind your own business!

I love how Claudia and Jason decide that since one person won't marry them, they can't get married. Go to Atlantic City if you're so desperate!

October 25th, 2008

Next week: wedding angst, a Luke/Laura reunion, and the safe bet is that Robin goes into labor.

October 27th, 2008

On their way to L.A., Scott is annoying and Laura tries to convince him to leave Lulu alone. Luke and Tracy steal a plane from drug smugglers, leading to the predictable flying shenanigans. Lulu breaks out of Shadybrook to get help from Lucky and Nikolas in tracking down Laura and Scott. Patrick lets Olivia know that he knows about Dante (but not his paternity) and drops hints that he would want to know if he had a child he was unaware of. Yes, that's it. Nikolas and Nadine are on their way to more fun but are interrupted by Lulu and Lucky. Robin, Maxie, and Spinelli bundle birdseed.

I can't decide which plot I'm more bored by - Luke and Tracy or Scott and Laura. I really is a toss-up.

Nikolas and Nadine need to leave the country or something. Otherwise nothing else is ever going to happen between them.

Those Robin/Maxie/Spinelli scenes were basically the dictionary definition of filler. Poor actors.

If one more person says that Patrick looks pale, I'm going to officially predict that he's dying of something.

October 28th, 2008

Wacky Wedding Extravaganza, day 1: Anna is maternal, Mac is overprotective, Patrick wants to work, Maxie convinces Jason to come, and Matt shaved. Claudia tells Ric about Zacchara and Sonny's deal, and Ric asks Sonny not to marry her. Claudia also tells Kate about the deal, leading Olivia to predict that Sonny will indeed marry Claudia. Claudia informs Zacchara that they're playing by her rules now, since he needs her to carry off his plan. They fight and he has some sort of medical issue.

Ug, I'm already sick of all this wedding junk. I hate storylines that try too hard. My prediction is that Patrick will have to operate on Zacchara, and everyone will think he won't make it to the altar on time, but he will, and then Robin's water will break and it won't matter anyway. And then everyone will get held hostage or something.

It's no surprise that Maxie has issues. Both of her parents abandoned her, she got a heart transplant from her cousin, and her sister and two boyfriends have been murdered. I'd be worried if she DIDN'T have issues.

Poor jealous Ric. Though I'm sure he'll turn back into psychotic Ric sooner rather than later and I won't feel sorry for him anymore.

Why does Patrick keep talking to Olivia? Though I guess she's lucky there's actually one person who doesn't want to rip his hair out when she's around.

October 29th, 2008

Wacky Wedding Extravaganza, day 2: Robin is calm, Patrick is MIA, and everyone is really sweet. Claudia seems prepared to just let Zacchara die from an aneurysm, but Johnny calls an ambulance. Patrick and Matt perform surgery even though Patrick's the only person who thinks he should be there. Olivia is still annoying, and Kate finally calls her on it, accusing her of still being in love with Sonny.

I'm still keeping all of my predictions. Prove me wrong, writers!

Dear baby Jesus, please make Olivia shut up forever.

Heh, Claudia had the same reaction I did - just leave him there.

I think Leila might be the only character on the show who wasn't invited to the wedding. Oh, and probably Carly.

October 30th, 2008

Wacky Wedding Extravaganza, day 3: everyone thinks Patrick will be a runaway groom, but Matt gets him to the church on time. Oh, and then Robin's water breaks. Lesley schools the Spencerettes a little, then tells them that Scott probably took Laura to L.A. Luke has figured out the same thing, having somehow accessed Scott's credit card records (even without Spinelli's help), and gets Tracy to aid him in some disguise shenanigans. Patrick and Matt not only save Zacchara, they realize that he's not so much paralyzed anymore. Johnny accuses Claudia of sending Lulu the threatening notes.

Called it! That was 14 years of soap-watching experience talking, baby.

I really wanted Patrick and Matt to start exclaiming that they'd healed a paralytic. That would've been awesome. Except now Claudia's going to be twice as mad.

Dear writers, people did not tune in 26 years ago to watch Laura and Scott get married. They wanted to see The Luke and Laura Show. That's what we want now, too!

Hi, Lesley! See you again at Christmas!

October 31st, 2008

Karpov gets his revenge on Sonny for almost killing him by chaining him to weights, stabbing him, and tossing him in the river. Robin has a less-than-smooth labor. The Spencerettes fight over the Luke/Laura/Scott triangle. Tracy finally wises up and threatens to leave Luke to fend for himself in California. Scott tells Laura that Luke and Tracy are married, and she's not happy. She's also seemingly not too happy when she finally comes face-to-face with Luke. Sam does some snooping around and learns that Jerry may have been responsible for the clinic fire. Jerry summons her to an alley, where she runs into Jason just before an explosion goes off. Zacchara blasts Claudia for leaving him to die, but Johnny tells him she was trying to help. Sonny tells Zacchara that he'll marry Claudia; she still refuses.

The one day they don't end with Sonny, he actually has a cliffhanger-worthy scene!

Even with a gun, Sam is dumber than I thought to go to a dark alley by herself to meet a psycho.

All of those Lucky/Nikolas/Lulu scenes were really confusing. Did I take too much cold medicine?

If Maxie still doesn't get that Spinelli is totally in love with her, then I just can't help her, because it's completely obvious.

Hospitalized: Anthony Zacchara
In danger: Sonny Corinthos, Sam McCall, Jason Morgan
Left town: Scott Baldwin, Nikolas Cassadine, Tracy Quartermaine, Laura Spencer, Luke Spencer, Lucky Spencer, Lulu Spencer
Still not married: Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake

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