General Hospital blog - October, 2010

October 1st, 2010

Lisa tries to keep Patrick at the hospital, but he manages to get away, reach the cabin, and find Robin. Thanks to Epiphany not being in on Patrick and Steven's plan to keep Lisa at GH, Lisa follows them and manically confronts them with a gun. Sam and Brenda make awkward conversation, made no less awkward by Sam's revelation that Jason isn't the only man they have in common. She worries that she'll have to compete with Brenda for Jason, and her logic tells her they need to break up. Brenda demands to see Sonny, but only to tell him that she won't be seeing him while she's in town. She's just lucky Sonny didn't walk into the house making out with Claire. Dante advises Lulu not to compare her life to her parents'. While Dante's out doing something or another, the Interpol agent (who really needs a name) shows up to ask Lulu why she and Dante have been asking around about Ronan. Lulu responds by knocking him out. Maxie's jealous of Spinelli's obsession with Brenda, which Matt points out to her.

Where did Lisa get a gun? She's one of the last people on earth who should be allowed to have one.

I would totally watch The Brenda and Jason Show. And you know her name would have to come first.

Seriously, Claire? Asking Sonny to join the Mile-High Club through stupid computer fonts? Molly's more mature than you.

That Interpol guy totally had it coming. If I were Lulu and some strange guy let himself into my "home" while I was there alone, asking about an assassin and not telling me who he was, I'd try to knock him out, too.

October 2nd, 2010

Next week: Suzanne stirs things up in Port Charles while Luke stirs things up in Ireland (I'm 99 percent sure), Brenda takes her sweet time making the rounds, and Sam's idea of being helpful isn't really helpful at all.

And now, to get you through the weekend, some unanswered questions to ponder (the starred ones are longer-term and will possibly never be answered):

I expect 300-500 words from each of you by Monday morning. Happy weekend!


See? See???

October 4th, 2010

Sonny doesn't want Brenda to sever all their ties. Lisa threatens to kill herself, earning herself a one-way trip to Shadybrook once Mac has rescued Robin and Patrick. Robin tells Patrick that her halluStoneation made her want to live, and she still loves Patrick, but she's not sure they can stay married. Ali gets Kristina to set her up with Michael, then asks him to a party. Michael worries that she'll want to keep dating, then eventually have sex, and he asks Jason to find a girl to have sex with him as basically a test run. The Interpol agent (who finally has a name - Derek Bates) sends Dante and Lulu back to the States. Jason assures Sam she has nothing to worry about, then asks her to move in. She feels better about their relationship but wants to keep her apartment. Alexis learns of Claire's extracurricular activities and advises her to use a condom. Diane meets Brenda at Sonny's house and tells Alexis that her presence is going to make things very interesting for Sonny and Claire. Dante has a weird reaction to a picture of Brenda.

How has Claire not shown up at Sonny's to catch him with Brenda yet??

Oh, Michael. Jason's not going to get you a prostitute. Try Jax.

Sam, if you keep acting weird and doing stupid things, you're going to have to become Lisa's roommate.

Sheesh, how many secrets is Dante keeping?

October 5th, 2010

Brenda rebuffs Sonny, who tells Claire they can't be together because Brenda's back in the picture. She decides to get revenge by getting back into his investigation. Sam is totally on board with the get-Michael-a-prostitute plan, providing him with a stripper/hooker and a hotel room. It doesn't go well. Suzanne shows up in Port Charles to tell Jason that Brenda's villa was ransacked and she thinks the Balkan will follow her to Port Charles, exactly what he hopes will happen. Robin wants a divorce. Dante continues to dance around the details of his experience with the Balkan, and doesn't mention his possible connection to Brenda at all. He has a nightmare involving a knife and a woman screaming but doesn't tell Lulu anything about it.

Yes, Claire, go cry over the end of your two-day relationship. You're such a preteen.

Did Sam get Michael a room at the Metro Court? Where his mother works??

So...Suzanne's never heard of a phone?

Dear baby Jesus, please tell me Brenda was the woman Dante used someone else to get over. She may not be in the Slept With Siblings Club, but she could join Sonny, Ric, and Tony in the Slept With Parent and Child Club.

October 6th, 2010

Michael is shaken by his bad experience with the stripper/hooker. Suzanne and Diane clash over political stuff, but Diane gets the last word, warning Suzanne, who doesn't want Sonny near Brenda, that he's already all over her. Kate and Olivia get into it at Jake's and have to be separated by Steven and Dante. Now Robin isn't sure she and Patrick should get a divorce. Despite her jealousy, Maxie wants to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson. We get it, Nikolas and Brook are falling in love. Sam needs to shut up.

Hey, Michael, if you're not ready to have sex with Ali, YOU'RE ALSO NOT READY TO HAVE SEX WITH A STRANGER. I guess teenage boys really do only think about sex.

Hmm, Suzanne is kind of a bitca. Who knew?

How do I love Olivia/Kate fights? Let me count the ways....

Seriously, Sam? Grow up.

October 7th, 2010

Luke poses as a priest to get Lucky out of jail, but then the police go after him. Robin and Brenda talk relationships, and Robin tries to play matchmaker for Sonny and Brenda. Jax finds out Brenda's in town and tells Sonny to stay away from her. Sonny tells him to take care of his wife and he'll take care of Brenda. After hearing that her home was broken into, Brenda goes to visit Jax. Dante takes over the did-Sonny-put-a-bomb-in-Johnny's-car case, which Sonny wants him to drop. Ethan and Maya continue to bore me.

Luke and Lucky discussing religion while using fake accents was both surreal and hilarious. Also, I'm not sure Luke's accent was exactly Irish. It sounded a little more Swedish. I felt like I was watching Whose Line is It Anyway?

How ironic that Robin told Brenda that Lisa's in an institution because she's crazy...and then mentioned the conversation she recently had with her dead boyfriend.

Speaking of Robin, did she seriously go see Sonny before going home to Emma? Are you freaking kidding me??


Are we seriously back to the car-bomb story? I thought we dropped that three crimes ago.

October 8th, 2010

Sonny admits to Robin that he's stuck between wanting to give Brenda what she wants (e.g., leave her alone) and wanting to try things again. Brenda decides she's still in love with him and wants to tell him right away, but when she arrives at his house, Dante's there. They definitely know each other, but they have no idea that they're connected through Sonny until he introduces them. Lucky lets Luke go to jail, then tells Tracy where he is. Lucky then tries to convince Siobhan that he was partly honest with her, then makes out with her. Maxie's really jealous of Spinelli's crush on Brenda. Also jealous: Carly, who hates how Brenda is so involved in her life again.

If they had a jumping-up-and-down-with-glee font, I'd use it right now. Brenda is totally in the club, you guys! (If you're confused, see October 5th.)

Oh, Maxie. Don't cheat on and break up with a guy and then get mad when he moves on.

That regrettably pink room is quite nice. And much bigger than I thought.

I just love it when Carly's miserable. Which is why I'm so happy Brenda's sticking around for a long time.

October 9th, 2010

Next week: Lucky gets an assignment, Claire has an ultimatum for Jason, Robin and Maya bond some more, and Carly is...Carly.

October 11th, 2010

Brenda and Dante pretend they've never met, but they obviously have some sort of connection, and now they won't stop talking about each other (her to Sonny, him to Lulu). Flashbacks reveal that they met while he was protecting her from a stalker. Siobhan is still furious with Lucky, and Luke showing up doesn't help things. Lucky then gets an assignment from the Balkan: kidnap Brenda. Carly demands that Jax stop seeing Brenda, but he only agrees to do it if she stops seeing Sonny. The fight turns into sex, and Jax wins the round, saying he's friends with Brenda and nothing more. Carly later confides to Jason that she's not sure how to battle Brenda for Jax since Brenda will just play the victim and Jax will get mad. Jason informs her that Brenda's only talked about Sonny anyway, but that doesn't exactly make her feel any better. Jason tells Suzanne that Brenda will have to stay in town until the Balkan makes an appearance. Maxie wants Jason to get her some security and send her back to Europe, but she'll have to deal with her Spinelli issues on her own.

Nice hair, Flashback Dante.

Yay, Lucky's storyline is finally connecting to Brenda's! Took long enough.

Jason is a saint, because if I were friends with Carly, I wouldn't be able to put up with a tenth of the crap he does.

If Brenda's staying until the Balkan shows up, Maxie and Sam better get used to the arrangements, because she'll probably be there through Christmas.

October 12th, 2010

Seeing Dante throws Brenda for a loop and she changes her mind about professing her love for Sonny. She then announces that she's leaving town, telling Jason she can't be around "that man" any longer, though now it's unclear which Corinthos she's talking about. Brenda's so shaken that she comes close to telling Jason why the Balkan's after her, but she holds herself back. Lucky tries to back out of his assignment with no luck. Siobhan is caught eavesdropping, and Lucky saves her by telling the Balkan's men that she's working with him. He then insists that she go to Rome with him to find Brenda. Patrick debates giving Robin a necklace he ordered for her birthday, and though Steven advises him to give her space, he gives it to her anyway. She's pleased but admits that she won't be able to wear it for a while. For once Robin and Carly are on the same side: neither wants Brenda to be with Jax. Suzanne demands that Sonny stay away from Brenda.

Are we going to get Dante and Brenda's back story through really drawn-out flashbacks? MOVE FASTER, YOU TWO.

I keep forgetting that Brenda supposedly knows why the Balkan's targeting her. And if she's met him, and he's Jerry, I guess that would explain why she's keeping it quiet.

Noooo, Lucky, don't take Siobhan out of Ireland! That reduces the chances of her ever staying put and never showing up in Port Charles!

How shocking that Brenda's too caught up in her own drama to remember Robin's birthday.

October 13th, 2010

Claire catches Michael waiting for Jason in Sonny's office and points out that he's violating the terms of his parole. Diane warns Jason that Claire's mad about the way things ended with Sonny and could use the situation to get revenge. Ronnie encourages Claire to threaten to send Michael back to prison so Jason will have to give her information that will put Sonny in prison instead. Luke returns to Port Charles and tries to work on Tracy, who says she'll consider getting back together with him if he repays the $10 million he stole from her (plus interest). Elizabeth also returns to town and is surprised to hear that Nikolas and Brook have been spending time together. She's further surprised when she hears about what went on with her coworkers while she was gone. Maxie won't shut up about Brenda and Spinelli. A couple of guys beat up Ethan, asking him why Luke visited "Ronan." Robin and Maya commiserate over falling for bad boys.

Something tells me Diane would just tell Judge Carroll that Claire being involved in Michael's case in a conflict of interest and the whole thing would be a moot point.

Thank God they didn't go for that stupid, cliché sitcom plot where the handcuffs won't come off.

So the Balkan also has American thugs working for him? Or was it just that those actors beating up Ethan couldn't do Irish or Russian accents?

Was there a point to Max and Milo wrestling in the penthouse? Other than a poor attempt at "humor"?

October 14th, 2010

Brenda yells at Suzanne for telling Jason that she's still in love with Sonny, then reveals that they're not going to get back together because "too many things have happened." Meanwhile, Jason relays a message to Sonny from Brenda that she doesn't want to be with him, though he thinks the exact opposite is true. Sonny tells Claire to stop taking her anger at him out on other people, and she admits that she was never going to send Michael back to prison. Carly also gets involved, telling Claire that she'll burn her life to the ground if she ever goes after one of her kids again. Maxie thinks Spinelli's too far gone on Brenda to realize that she's never going to go for someone like him. Jason kicks her out but seems to be on the same page, telling Brenda to tread lightly so Spinelli doesn't get fantasy confused with reality. Robin makes a general announcement to the hospital telling everyone the details of the collapse of her marriage. She then comes back to work, despite her inability to be mature and work with Patrick. Then Lisa shows up, for some reason. Turns out the men who beat up Ethan work for Johnny, but they were freelancing for - guess who! - the Balkan. Brook wants to move out of Wyndemere so Nikolas can't use her as an excuse not to deal with the Elizabeth situation. I guess he talked her out of it, but I'm not sure since I didn't watch any of their other scenes. Carly tries to fix Johnny up with Brenda to keep her away from Jax.

I am so much more interested in the Brenda/Dante stuff than anything else going on.

Matt, you are so much better than this. You should not have to put up with all of Maxie's crazy.

Okay, Carly trying to get Johnny and Brenda together was pretty funny.

It looks like someone remembered that Sonya Eddy's on the show, because I think she's been on every day this week.

October 15th, 2010

Brenda and Sonny do more blah-blahing about each other to Suzanne and Jax (her) and Jason (him). Suzanne wants to know exactly what happened to make Brenda change her mind about Sonny, but Brenda won't tell. Dante goes to visit her and they head up to her room, which of course ensures that Jason will come home. As Sonny comes over to see Brenda, she and Dante agree that they can't tell anyone what happened between them. Carly urges Sonny to go after Claire again, seemingly so she'll leave Michael alone, but Sonny guesses that she really wants him to stay away from Brenda. Lucky and Siobhan don't make any progress finding Brenda (of course, since they're not even in the right country to find her), but they do make progress in the bedroom. Robin can't prove that Lisa did anything to her, and Lisa got the all-clear from Shadybrook, so she's allowed to go back to work (not that anyone wants her there).

Why the secret? Why the conversation in the regrettably pink room? Congratulations, writers: you've hooked me on the Brenda/Dante mystery.

Color me shocked that Carly didn't catch Jax and Brenda together. Actually, Carly and Brenda have barely interacted since Brenda came to town. I'm a little disappointed.

I'm confused: are Lucky and Siobhan still in Ireland, or did they go to Rome? Because that room they were in looked kind of Irish, but they were supposed to go to Rome. Also, how many men does the Balkan have, exactly?

So...where is this Lisa thing going? There's only so long she'll be able to put up with everyone hating and/or ignoring her.

October 16th, 2010

Next week: Jason and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week.

October 18th, 2010

Dante tries to throw suspicion off of himself and Brenda by pretending she called him over to the penthouse because she had information about the car bomb, then tried to talk Sonny up. Jason's suspicious because Brenda said she didn't want to have anything to do with Sonny. Spinelli's unable to find any information on the Balkan because he's going to such great lengths to hide his identity. This makes Jason think that his identity is exactly the reason he wants Brenda kept quiet, but she still won't tell him anything. Lucky learns from a maid that Brenda's headed to Port Charles, but before he and Siobhan can follow, the Balkan's men grab her. They inform Lucky that their boss wants proof of his loyalty, so he's going to have to kill Siobhan. Ethan tells Luke about his attack at the hands of the Balkan's freelancers, and Luke tells him who "Ronan" really is. He then tells Jason what's going on. In case you were wondering, yes, Lisa is still crazy (and unfortunately, she has Epiphany snowed). Robin hits her, which is really satisfying. Dante takes out his frustrations over the Brenda situation on Michael. Floyd pressures Ronnie to get Dante thrown off the force for corruption so Floyd can take Sonny down. Luke gets Carly to give him a room at the hotel in exchange for a favor to be named later.

We're hearing about the Balkan so much that I'm worried by the time he actually makes an appearance, I won't care who he is anymore.

Ha, I love that Lucky traveled halfway across the world only to be sent back home. Also, despite her horrible accent, points to Erin Chambers for her facial expression when the maid told Lucky they could have sex and his girlfriend would never have to know.

Yay for Carly/Luke scenes! Now can we have a Luke/Alexis scene?

I just realized we've seen Floyd three times in the past couple of weeks. Very interesting...

October 19th, 2010

Jason and Luke share information about the Balkan, Brenda, and Lucky while Brenda and Dante have more flashbacks about each other. Brenda then asks Robin to tell Sonny to stay away from her. Lucky stalls by telling the Balkan's men that he won't kill Siobhan in public, allowing her to get away. When they meet up again, he tells her she has to disappear so the Balkan will think she's dead, and the best place for her to do that is in Port Charles. Robin thinks Lisa has told Steven she slapped her, but Lisa keeps quiet. Instead, she checks into the Metro Court and makes sure she gets a room on Patrick's floor. Ronnie warns Dante that Floyd wants him framed for corruption, adding that he pretended to be on the mayor's side. Spinelli offers to destroy Claire on Michael's behalf, but Michael declines.

I wish Flashback Brenda had told Flashback Dante that her best friend is an Italian with a large family. I wonder if she ever found out that he knows the Cerullos.

I laughed when Luke seemed to not recognize Brenda's name, but honestly - who did he think Jason was talking about?

How long do we have to put up with Siobhan? It's already a month longer than I would have liked.

Yeah, Lisa, Patrick won't think it's weird at all when he sees you living in a hotel when you already have an apartment.

October 20th, 2010

Carly tells Claire that Brenda doesn't want to be with Sonny, so now Claire can get back together with him. Claire asks Dante to run a background check on Brenda, which forces him to tell her part of their history: He guarded her for a week back in 2007 and claims he doesn't know if Brenda remembers him. While running the check, Dante comes across news of a body found six months ago. Carly is jealous of Brenda again, and just when Jax convinces her that he only loves her, Olivia reveals that he's been trying to find a place for Brenda to live. Ethan comes up with a plan to get him closer to Maya while reuniting Luke and Tracy: Maya will help him and Luke pretend Luke is sick, and Tracy will marry him on his "deathbed." Robin finds it hard to be professional around Lisa, especially when she thinks Lisa is sabotaging one of her patients. Kate learns that Brenda's in town and demands that Lulu and Maxie get her for the magazine. Spinelli tells her that Maxie tried but Brenda declined the offer, and he can't tell her any more about Brenda because her security situation is so tight. Elizabeth accuses Brook of being a golddigger, so Brook fires back that she knows Elizabeth is trying to win Nikolas back. The investment story pops up again with the news that the drug everyone invested in wasn't approved by the FDA. Everyone's out money, but Elizabeth loses the most.

So Brenda and Dante only knew each other for a week? And all this angst is coming from that? Seriously?

Thanks for making things worse for Jax and Carly, Olivia. I kind of like it.

I kind of like the idea of Luke, Ethan, and Maya working together. This certainly won't be boring.

Brook, please continue to be awesome.

October 21st, 2010

Jason and Suzanne both pressure Brenda to spill what she knows about the Balkan, but she doesn't want the information to get back to Sonny. Also, she and Dante would rather have flashbacks about each other. Carly gets mad about Jax wanting to put Brenda up at the hotel, overreacts, and kisses Jason. Luke, Ethan, and Maya proceed with their plan, even when Ethan tells Maya that he's partly involved so he can spend time with her. Lisa manages to make Robin look foolish without even doing anything, since Robin jumped to conclusions about things she's done. Robin turns to Maxie for support, and Patrick tries to convince her that he won't cheat again. Someone sends Sonny and Claire dinner invitations, seemingly from each other.

The show is taking more time to reveal what happened between Brenda and Dante than they actually spent together.

I wonder if having Carly talk about Jerry and the Balkan in the same sentence is the writers' way of messing with us. Also, can't Brenda tell what she knows without bringing Dante into it? And if the Balkan is Jerry, would she really be scared of him? Does this mean the most likely theory about the Balkan's identity is false? Things to ponder...

Okay, what's Carly on now?

It would be funny if, while participating in a plan to fake a heart attack, Luke actually had one. Okay, not funny ha-ha, but still funny.

October 22nd, 2010

Sonny and Claire figure out that Carly set them up, and though Sonny actually thanks her for it, Claire thinks Carly just wants to keep Sonny away from Brenda. Luke's plan works perfectly. Lucky goes to Jason for information on Brenda and tells him about his kidnapping assignment. Carly wants to sleep with Jason to make Jax jealous, but since Jason has half a brain, of course nothing happens. Lucky stashes Siobhan at Wyndemere, where she has more chemistry with Nikolas than with him.

So my theory on Jerry being the Balkan might not pan out. Guess where Jerry was in 2007, when Brenda and Dante were in New York together? That's right - Port Charles. So unless he ducked out for a week, this might not work out. However, Nikolas mentioned that Helena's had business dealings with the Balkan, so maybe he's the briefly-mentioned-and-actually-cast-but-never-seen Valentin?

Um...isn't Matt a neurosurgeon? Where's Monica?

So let's get this straight: Lucky's planning to pretend to be someone else in a town where everyone knows him? Who does he think he is, Jerry?

Seriously, I want Nikolas to steal Siobhan from Lucky. I don't feel good about it, but it's the truth.

October 23rd, 2010

Next week: Jason and Lucky are working together, Robin should probably find someone other than Sonny to talk to about forgiveness, and Ronnie needs a hobby or something.

Also, on Wednesday, we get a "classic couple" episode (or something like that) from 2005, featuring Jason and Sam's trip to Hawaii. That's the good news. The bad news is that Courtney's in the episode. Possibly also featuring: Manny, Helena, Alcazar, Skye, Ric, Justus, Reese, Diego, Durant, Lucas, mini-Michael, second Emily, third Lucky, and Jesse (who? Oh, yeah).

October 25th, 2010

Jason and Lucky come up with a plan to use Brenda as bait, telling the Balkan that Lucky will hand her over only if he makes an appearance himself. For some reason, Sam thinks she should be the bait instead. Jax and Claire both want Brenda under police protection, so Claire takes Dante off of the car-bomb case and assigns him to be Brenda's bodyguard. Lulu asks Brenda to appear on the cover of Crimson, but Brenda says she'll only consider if it Jax asks her himself. Lulu appeals to Carly to tell Jax it's okay with her because she knows he would never bring it up otherwise. Monica figures out what Maya and Ethan are up to and agrees to go along with it. Elizabeth tells Nikolas about her money situation, then tells Lucky she made the investment to distance herself from Nikolas and possibly win Lucky back. The Balkan warns his henchman (via text message) not to trust Dante.

Yes, using Sam as bait instead of Brenda is a brilliant idea. What are you smoking, Sam?

I love Claire today.

Lulu, you realize you're basically asking Carly to shut up about something she'll never, ever shut up about, right?

The show read my mind - I totally thought they should let Monica in on the plan, and that she would go along with it because she hates Tracy, too. So yay!

October 26th, 2010

Jason accepts Sam's suggestion that she pose as Brenda, but Brenda won't go along with it. Dante and Brenda also both fight against his new assignment and are surprised when Jason's open to it. Jax tries full disclosure with Carly, telling her he hung out with Brenda, but makes her feel better by refusing to budge on putting Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Siobhan's worried that Lucky and Jason will be walking into an ambush, which she's definitely right about, as the Balkan's henchman informs him that Lucky is an undercover cop. Michael opens up a little to Abby the stripper. Lulu tells Lucky he needs to visit Luke so Tracy will continue to be snowed.

Okay, Sam, you and Brenda might both be small brunettes, but that's where the resemblance ends. Also, if the Balkan is Jerry, he's definitely going to be able to tell the difference.

Hey, Lucky, if you want to stop risking blowing your cover, STOP MEETING PEOPLE IN PUBLIC.

Tracy and Luke's Vegas "wedding" has been mentioned, like, 18 times. Does this mean we get a flashback?

Yeah, yeah, stripper with a heart of gold. We get it.

So I was way off about the episode they're showing tomorrow - it actually aired two months after I thought it did. (I thought it was Jason and Sam's first trip to Hawaii, but it's their second, which took place just before he had surgery.) I looked it up, and we do have to suffer through Courtney, second Emily, and Diego. BUT we also Georgie and Coleman. If they'd only waited a few days - we would have gotten Patrick's first episodes, Ric, awesome mini-Kristina (miss her!), Alcazar, and Manny. But we also would have gotten the beginning of Emily and Sonny's relationship. So I guess I'm good with what we have.

October 27th, 2010

Random thoughts on today's flashback episode (my original thoughts are here):

Also, looking over my notes from that whole month, that was an awesome time on the show. You know why? Manny. Can we have him back? Somehow?

October 28th, 2010

Jason and Sam finalize their plans for the Brenda switcheroo, which Brenda finally agrees to, and tell Dante what they're up to. Claire goes full steam ahead on the car-bomb investigation, then warns Sonny that all signs are pointing to him as the guilty party. Patrick and Lisa are forced to operate together. Robin goes to Sonny for a discussion on forgiveness. Michael and Dante bond a little over their nightmares. Olivia wants to have Johnny, Dante, and Lulu over for dinner. Mike compares Sonny and Brenda's relationship to his struggle to stop gambling.

They couldn't have done the Brenda-centric scenes on a day when Vanessa Marcil Whatever was actually on the set? All the action was happening off-stage, like this was a play.

Could we mention Emma's birthday party a few more times? I'm not sure I'll remember it's coming up unless someone staples a reminder to my forehead.

I want to see Olivia, Johnny, Dante, and Lulu's dinner party more than almost anything.

Brenda hasn't been to Kelly's? Really?

October 29th, 2010

Dante points out that Jason would never let Brenda get kidnapped, so Max and Milo are assigned to be guarding "Brenda" when "Ronan" grabs her. Lucky takes Sam to a warehouse, where they meet with Jason and wait for the Balkan to arrive. A nightmare and a conversation between Brenda and Dante pulls things into focus: Dante fought with one of the Balkan's men, Alexander, and Brenda killed him. Dante dumped the body in a swamp in New Jersey to cover up the crime, but the body turned up six months ago (as was briefly mentioned on October 20th). He thinks Jason and Lucky will take the Balkan out and he and Brenda won't have to worry about anyone discovering their secret. Except she'll probably screw it up, since she knocks Dante out and takes off for the warehouse, having learned from Spinelli that that's where the plan is going down. Someone grabs Emma while Robin's back is turned. Siobhan ignores Lucky's orders to stay put at Wyndemere and heads off to...the side of a road? Wherever it is, someone surprises her there. Ronnie gets his hands on a recording from a Department of Homeland Security wiretap on Sonny's cell phone that captures him and Max discussing the car bomb. Brenda admits to Dante that he's the reason she can't be with Sonny. Alexis is worried that Sonny's relationship with Claire will somehow hurt their daughter. I want to be there when Michael tells Carly he's basically dating a stripper.

I kind of love that Max and Milo didn't object to the fact that Dante, Jason, and Sam all agreed they're not as good at guarding people as Jason is.

Interesting how Dante's been all high and mighty for months about the cover-up of Claudia's death, but the whole time he's been covering up a death. And why? Why not just say he killed this Alexander guy?

Gee, I wonder who kidnapped Emma? If I think really, really hard, I might be able to figure it out...

Crap, Max is on that recording! He could go to prison, too! Not cool, DHS!

October 30th, 2010

Next week: fire! Kidnapping! The possible distruction of evidence! It's definitely Sweeps....

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