General Hospital blog - October, 2011

October 1st, 2011

Next week: Aloha, psycho!

October 3rd, 2011

Dante loses part of a lung but gets a good prognosis. Lulu ends the day with a drink. Shawn tries to keep tight-lipped with Carly, not telling her how he learned to build a bomb. He does agree to answer a few questions and reveals that he's from Detroit, he has family, and he misses someone. Before he can elaborate, Carly accidentally trips the panic-room door and they're able to get out. Ronnie's suspicious of their disappearance, but Carly implies that they were busy getting it on. Poor Michael has to overhear this. Sonny and Kate reminisce, and she tells him he has to choose between chaos and absolution. She also comforts him over the shooting. Jason and Sam are all honeymoon-y. Franco wants to lei Sam. Michael is determined to get revenge for Dante's shooting.

I liked that scene with Olivia and Sonny in Dante's hospital room. That was really nice.

Oh, goody, more Spencer addictions. Those are so much fun.

If you ever doubted Chad Duell's acting ability, please go back and watch the scene where he overhears Carly talking to Ronnie. The look on his face is both perfect and priceless.

I was led to believe by TV that in Hawaii, you get a lei as soon as you get off the plane. Are you telling me TV lied to me?

Shawn gets the quote of the day: "We're not here to talk, Carly. We're here to conceal evidence and obstruct justice."

October 4th, 2011

Spinelli respectfully declines to help Sonny get footage of the shooting. Sonny tries to send Michael to Argentina so he can handle the Johnny situation on his own. Michael's angry that Sonny will confer with Shawn about the drugs when he's not sure they can even trust Shawn. Of course, he's also mad about what he thinks Shawn and Carly did in the panic room. Olivia realizes that keeping Dante away from Sonny didn't exactly keep him safe. Matt shares the news of being published with Elizabeth, then tries to make himself look equal to Patrick by telling him about it. Unfortunately, he also brings up Lisa, which leads to a brawl with his brother. Maxie is proud of Matt but still doesn't have time for him. Maxie wants to redeem herself by throwing Robin a great birthday party. Tracy just wants a massage, but instead, she has to deal with Alice, Anthony (who wants sex in exchange for keeping quiet about Gino), and Luke. Padilla questions Dante about the shooting, but he's not helpful.

I don't like mopey Lulu.

I also don't like whiny Matt. Shut up, Matt.

Temporary Maxie is doing a good job picking up on Kirsten Storms' little quirks and body language. A couple of times today, she sounded just like her.

Alice! She's like the Coach Bieste of this show.

October 5th, 2011

Lulu accepts Dante's proposal but doesn't want anyone to know they're engaged (except Olivia) until he's better. Then she drinks some more. Tracy doesn't believe Luke hasn't had a drink in a month. She also won't tell his kids that he's back in case he splits town again. Luke eavesdrops as Tracy tells Anthony that she can't sleep with him because it might push Luke off the wagon, and as Anthony tells her he won't accept that as an excuse. Carly lets Michael and Sonny keep thinking that she and Shawn had sex in the panic room. Sonny appreciates Shawn's help with the drugs but fires him anyway. Carly wonders if Shawn would actually do with her what everyone thinks they already did. Abby warns Johnny that the Corinthoses aren't too happy with him, and Johnny promises to stabilize things and protect her and Michael. Ronnie bugs Abby about what she might know about the shooting.

"We're engaged! Don't tell anyone!" Yeah, that's not weird at all.

A Luke/Tracy/Anthony triangle? Now, THAT'S something new.

No, Shawn, you're definitely not attractive. At all. By the way, I've been drinking from Luke's flask.

Ethan needs to go back to working for Johnny so Johnny doesn't have to keep having conversations with day players.

October 6th, 2011

Ethan takes Laura's portrait to Lucky and tells him about his run-in with Helena and the weirdness at Wyndemere. Later, he finds Luke at the casino. It's B.J.'s birthday, and both Spinelli and Matt find ways to honor her for Maxie, Spinelli by getting her a heart-shaped balloon and Matt by getting her a brick. Matt tells Elizabeth about his mother, who died after having a stillborn baby because she was given a diluted dosage of the wrong medication. Elizabeth realizes that this is why he's so interested in the drug ring. Dante urges Lulu to get back on good terms with Lucky. Mac chastises Dante for his and Lucky's actions, then takes him off his own case. Ronnie keeps bugging Michael and Abby.

I liked Ethan and Lucky's scenes today. They have good family chemistry.

They couldn't get Jacklyn Zeman for ONE SCENE? Freaking A.

Ronnie, get a hobby.

Padilla's married? So much for a potential love interest for anyone.

October 7th, 2011

Luke assures Ethan that he's sober and tries to get him to help out with a con. Ethan declines and warns that his siblings won't give him a warm welcome. Luke decides to test that out by going to see Lucky. Franco puts a spidey camera in Sam and Jason's Hawaiian home and sends Josslyn a lei. Carly tells Michael that she and Shawn didn't do anything, then makes him leave so they can discuss the drugs away from him. He eavesdrops as they mention that the drugs are still in the warehouse. Shawn tells Carly that he's leaving town as soon as Jason comes back, and she's unable to get him to...let's say attend to any unfinished business he might have. Apparently if Lucky goes to Ireland, he can talk to Siobhan's ghost. Lulu probably needs therapy. Ronnie tells Dante the investigation has turned up something in the warehouse.

They're recasting Kristina. Jerks.

I've never thought Nathan Parsons was a bad actor, exactly, but I've never been as impressed with him as I have been recently. Two days in a row, he's turned in some great performances.

Yay, drunk Sam! I love drunk Sam.

I love Carly asking Michael if he really thinks she would have sex at an inappropriate time. Carly, the ONLY times you have sex are inappropriate ones.

We're doing this Ireland thing? Really?

Engaged: Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Michael overhearing Carly imply to Ronnie that she and Shawn had sex
Funniest moment (unintentional): Jason in shorts
Saddest moment: Maxie mourning B.J.
Sweetest moments: Olivia and Sonny in Danteís hospital room, Matt getting a brick in B.J.ís memory
Least believable moment: Jason and Sam didnít notice the spidey camera
Most annoying characters: Matt, Ronnie, Lulu, Michael
Dumbest character: Johnny, for not investing in some bodyguards

October 8th, 2011

Next week: At least three instances of, "You're not supposed to be here."

October 10th, 2011

Lucky takes Luke's declaration of sobriety with a grain of salt, telling him the only thing he can handle right now is his own recovery. He also asks Luke to leave Lulu alone. Luke gives him an AA schedule and goes to a meeting, but Lucky doesn't attend. Lulu's still mad at Sonny for making Dante feel conflicted. Dante tells her that he always wanted a relationship with his father like she has with Luke. Lulu admits that she wishes she and Luke had the relationship he has with Lucky. Carly takes Franco's note (and Josslyn) to Shawn, panicking because she can't reach Jason and warn him that Franco could be in Hawaii. Shawn plans to take care of the situation himself. As Franco does artwork with a little hula girl, Sam plays dress-up with her Honeymoon Jason doll (new from Mattel!). Olivia + Steven + stripper pole = wackiness. Sonny and Kate blah blah, and he asks her to help him deal with Michael.

Luke, tell Lucky not to get a haircut. Then he'll do the opposite and put us all out of our misery.

I love that Dante disproved the standing-six-feet-away-means-you-can't-hear-me theory everyone on TV thinks is true.

I'm putting Honeymoon Jason on my Christmas list. I'm sure the motorcycle is sold separately.

So...Lisa LoCicero is even more awesome than I thought.

October 11th, 2011

Sonny finds Michael moving the drugs around in the panic room and tries again to get him to go to Argentina. Kate shows up and warns that the police have arrived. Sonny's covered in suspicious white powder, so Michael handles Ronnie while Sonny hides in the panic room. Kate thinks quickly and gets a photo shoot moved to the warehouse, chasing Ronnie off. Carly tries really, really hard to talk Shawn into letting her and Josslyn tag along to Shawn. He thinks he's changed her mind, but of course, he hasn't. Patrick starts getting paranoid about Lisa and pays her visit, telling her he's never going to see her again. Anthony drops by as well and tells Lisa he's responsible for her recovery. She doesn't seem that happy with the news. Sam and Jason decide to hold off on having a baby. Patrick offers Matt the patient he wanted, but Matt thinks he has an ulterior motive.

Awww, Kate. You're totally going back to Sonny, but you were pretty awesome today.

I get Carly wanting to go to Hawaii (I mean, I guess I do), but why does she want to bring Josslyn along? Because hiding from a serial killer is EASIER with a two-year-old in tow?

Really, Shawn? Did you really think that basically saying, "And I mean it" was going to change Carly's mind? I know you haven't known her for that long, but...REALLY?

Jason and Sam have no idea how lucky they are that they didn't have sex on the couch.

October 12th, 2011

Maxie sucks again at party planning, but thanks to Patrick, Robin has a great birthday anyway. Tracy goes to the hotel to tell Anthony she won't sleep with him. Luke shows up to toast the "couple" and deliver divorce papers. Elizabeth has Cameron invite Lucky on a family outing, but when she invites him to stay for dinner, he tells her he can't play house anymore. Sam, Jason, happy, etc. Lucky gives Ethan his last two pills, assuring him that he's not going to go out looking for more. Franco is a painting machine.

Robin and Patrick, please stop jinxing yourselves.

I think I need to see more Luke/Anthony scenes. In order to decide for sure...well, I'm going to need to see more Luke/Anthony scenes.

Elizabeth, please tell me you did not use your child to get Lucky to come over, thereby doing exactly what you've always accused Carly of doing.

Look, I'm happy Jason and Sam are happy, but all of these scenes from their honeymoon are overkill. As are the ten minutes of Franco painting. You get James Franco for, what, two days and you make him spend all his time painting?

October 13th, 2011

Anthony tries to resolidify his and Lisa's deal to destroy each other's enemies. Lisa isn't interested. As Robin and Patrick discuss their dream house and possibly having another kid, Lisa knocks out a nurse to leave the hospital. Sonny sends Kate flowers to thank her for saving him the night before, and they're totally going to get back together. Lucky tells Elizabeth that their relationship is like an addiction and he's walking away from it. She basically begs him not to, but she can't change his mind. Kate agrees to see someone she never wanted to see again. Kristina really did get into Yale, and she and Sonny are totally fine now. Spinelli tells Maxie he's focusing on her in hopes that it'll help him recover his computer skills.

Two psychos on the loose at once? Save something for sweeps, guys.

If I didn't know better, I'd guess that Kate has a secret child. What am I saying - I don't know any better. Neither does this show.

Lucky, it's probably not a good idea to use metaphors that involve getting caught under tires.

So Kristina got into Yale over the summer, didn't show up to start, and they waited six weeks to get in touch with her? Yeah, I TOTALLY BUY THAT.

October 14th, 2011

Patrick has chartered a boat for a celebration for Matt, though it's really a leftover idea from Robin's birthday. Matt first turns down the idea, then accepts. Maxie's too busy to come, so Matt invites Elizabeth. Also attending: Patrick, Robin, Olivia, Steven, and a surprise guest in the form of Lisa. Anthony tries to exert power over Lisa, so she smacks him in the stomach with a board with a nail in it. Jason finds two of Franco's cameras and has another mirror moment. Shawn and Carly are delayed in getting to Hawaii, thanks to a grounded flight, and when they arrive, Sam and Jason immediately catch them outside their cabin. An alarm clock Franco was using in an art piece goes off, which can't mean anything good. Lulu confides in Maxie that she's worried Dante's life will always be in danger because of his job. Then there's more drinking. Before heading off to Ireland, Lucky warns Ethan not to get too mixed-up in anything related to the Cassadines. Steven hires someone but really doesn't seem happy about it.

Yeah, Patrick, three-hour tours are usually uneventful.

I can't wait until Lisa tries to face off with Olivia. That won't end well.

If the show really wanted to pay attention to history, they would have had Maxie mention that she's dated not one but two cops, one of whom died in the line of duty. But no one cares about Jesse or...that other guy. Coop? I think his name was Coop.

Well, it was nice while it lasted, but Elizabeth has officially become annoying again.

Injured: Olivia Falconeri, Anthony Zacchara
Leaving town: Lucky Spencer
Left town: Shawn Butler, Josslyn Jacks, Carly Whatever-She's-Going-By-Now

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Honeymoon Jason!
Funniest moment (unintentional): Patrick chartered a boat from pier 47 (Alias fans know what I'm talking about)
Saddest moment: Lucky having to tell Elizabeth that they're not going to have a happy ending
Sweetest moment: Patrick and Robin had a lot of sweet moments
Least believable moments: No one told Kristina she got into Yale, Lisa's wandering around the hospital without bothering to try even a lame disguise
Most annoying character: Elizabeth
Dumbest characters: Anthony (for trusting a certified crazy person), Shawn (for thinking Carly would listen to him)
Unanswered questions of the week: 1. What does that string of numbers and letters Franco keeps painting mean?
2. Who did Steven hire and why is he so grumpy?

October 15th, 2011

Next week: They're going to drag this Lisa thing out as long as humanly possible.

October 17th, 2011

Lisa takes Anthony's keys and pushes him the harbor, then surprises Johnny at home in her underwear. He's surprised that she's willing to take orders from Anthony. Lisa asks if he wants to stop her or save her. Johnny chooses the latter, but Lisa doesn't want to be saved, so she stabs him in the neck with a hypodermic needle. Sam accuses Carly of trying to interrupt her and Jason's honeymoon, telling her to get herself a new man and noting that Shawn is right nearby. There's no sign of Franco around them, but Shawn thinks they should stay in Hawaii. Ethan reiterates what Lucky told Elizabeth about their relationship being toxic, telling her to move on. He also tells her she and Lucky will never be Luke and Laura. Maxie wants to come on the boat ride after all, but mostly because she wants to feature Matt and herself in the magazine. Matt chastises her for making it about her and tells her not to come. Olivia encourages Spinelli to make a move for Maxie, so when Maxie wants to know where the boat is, he gives her the wrong pier number. He also inadvertently makes her cross paths with Anthony. Jason thinks Carly's not acting like she should after Jax's death, and he suspects there might be something he doesn't know. Steven tells Robin he hired a doctor he worked with in Memphis. She's not thrilled but goes along with it.

Oh, Johnny. So pretty and so trusting.

Why are we suddenly talking about Carly and Jax again? That made no sense.

"You're no Laura." Marry me, Ethan. I'm older than 18 and my dad's not a mobster. It'll be fine.

How in the world is Ethan bringing Lucky a portrait of Laura him living in the past? Ethan never even met Laura, and what's wrong with Lucky having a painting of his mother? Did Elizabeth have a personality transplant when we weren't looking? She was really weird today.

Olivia giving Spinelli advice was pretty great. I think she feels like she's on a roll after she helped Dante and Lulu work things out.

Why do they need a new pediatrician? What happened to Terrell? There was absolutely no follow-up to the point that he knew Lisa before he came to town and was even going to help her out.

October 18th, 2011

Patrick surprises Matt with some of Noah's research, as well as a phone call from their father. Lisa sneaks on board with a bunch of hypodermics and the memories of how everyone on the boat was mean to her at one time or another. Lisa gave Johnny a paralytic, and he can't reach his phone, so he might have a long night. Maxie pulls Anthony out of the harbor without realizing it's him. He tells her to go after Matt, promising to repay her, then heads off for revenge, toting the board with the nail in it. Luke finds Ethan with the portrait and tells him to take it back to Wyndemere and then stay away from it. Ethan tells him about Lucky's departure, leading Luke to continue the theme of toxic relationships. Lulu stares down a bottle.

Enjoy your time on the show, under-fives on the boat. You're totally going to die.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who heard Patrick yell out, "Jessie's Girl" when everyone was wondering what song Steven was obsessed with as a kid.

So if Maxie ever wants to off Elizabeth, now she knows who to ask.

If Luke and Ethan are going to keep talking about Laura, I'm going to need to see some Genie Francis on the show. I'm also going to need Ethan to stop being creepy about the painting.

October 19th, 2011

Lisa has to wait the whole hour before she can inject anyone, finally getting to the first mate. Then she runs into another barrier in the form of Anthony. Patrick thinks that Matt's self-pity will make him end up like their father. Matt and Elizabeth get to know each other better. Not like that. Well, not yet. Maxie accuses Spinelli of working with Elizabeth to keep her away from Matt. Spinelli tells her he'll row them to the boat, but they get stuck on a sandbar on Spoon Island, where Spinelli sees a light on in Wyndemere. Jason thinks something is off about Franco's actions and asks Bernie to get him a recent catalog so he can look for clues. Carly leaves Josslyn with Sam while she goes to look for Josslyn's blanket, returning to find them asleep together. Robin wants Patrick to take over as chief of staff so she can work on her work/life balance. He says no.

I knew Patrick's non-jerkiness was only temporary.

Sing it with me, everyone: There's a liiiiiiiiiight... over at the Cassadine plaaaaaaaaaaaaace...

Wow, Elizabeth really has no sympathy for Maxie, huh? That makes her even more insufferable. You'd think a woman who lost someone would have some sympathy for another woman who lost someone.

The look on Jason's face when he saw Sam and Josslyn together was so adorable. Go have gorgeous babies, you two!

October 20th, 2011

All the boaters pair off for private time, some skinny-dipping (Steven and Olivia), some christening the boat (Patrick and Robin), and some psychoanalyzing each other (Matt and Elizabeth). The latter pair kisses, but Matt decides they can't go any further since Elizabeth is still hung up on Lucky. She tells him to step out of Patrick's shadow, and he tells her to stop turning to men when she needs to be saved. That's the last straw for her. Anthony tells Lisa he's arranged a getaway boat for her when she's done doing whatever she plans to do, though she's not sure she can trust that it will actually take her to safety. As Anthony eyes a wrench, Lisa takes out the captain, then approaches Elizabeth. Sonny tells Lulu to either ask Dante to take a desk job or break up with him so she doesn't hurt him. He sees it like the Brenda situation, where Lulu could say she's okay with her guy's job and then change her mind once they're married. Lulu turns the tables on him, asking why he doesn't leave the mob so he doesn't hurt his kids. Kate goes to see Coleman, who guesses that she's back on the Sonny train. After some flirting, they kiss, and of course, Sonny sees them. Padilla questions Dante's code of ethics. So Olivia's totally pregnant, right?

Can't handle the truth, can we, Elizabeth?

When is Lulu going to stop being annoying? Can I just have an estimate, at least?

New Kate has better chemistry with Coleman than old Kate did. Just saying.

Dear Padilla, keep up the good work.

October 21st, 2011

Lisa pushes Elizabeth overboard, then drugs and ties up Patrick and Robin. Elizabeth winds up on an island with an unseen man. Sonny and Kate will NOT stop talking about the past. Then he kisses her. Olivia finds something wrong with the boat's engine. Spinelli wants to explore at Wyndemere, but Maxie and her one-track mind only want to get to the boat. Olivia tries to get Steven to open up to her. Apparently Sonny got Kristina into Yale.

Lisa just did what I've been wanting to do to Elizabeth for 14 years!

For someone who wants Sonny to stop living in the past, Kate spends an awful lot of time talking about...that very thing.

If Maxie says "party boat" one more time...

Where are Matt and Anthony?

Incapacitated in some way: Patrick Drake, Elizabeth Webber, Johnny Zacchara
Possibly pregnant: Olivia Falconeri

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Elizabeth teasing Steven in front of his girlfriend and coworkers, Patrick suggesting that Steven's favorite song as a kid was "Jessie's Girl"
Funniest moment (unintentional): The look on Kate's face after Sonny kissed her
Saddest moment: I can't think of any
Sweetest moment: Patrick gives Matt Noah's research and gets Noah to call him
Least believable moments: Maxie was able to pull Anthony out of the harbor, Anthony got to the boat
Most annoying character: Elizabeth
Dumbest character: Johnny, for trusting Lisa
Unanswered question of the week: Who is the wind-up baby for?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Steven hired Maggie

October 22nd, 2011

Next week: Lots of planning and discussing. Sounds like fun, right?

October 24th, 2011

Robin and Patrick fake a fight over Patrick's claim that he wants to be with Lisa, trying to distract her so Robin can untie herself. Unfortunately, Lisa doesn't fall for it. She pulls a needle on Robin, but instead of injecting her with something, she draws some of her blood, planning to inject it into Patrick to give him HIV. Before she can, Robin gets untied and attacks her. The mystery man saves Elizabeth, then ditches her. Olivia passes out in the engine room but doesn't let it stop her from fixing the engine. Sam and Carly discuss parenthood and Jason without fighting. Later, Jason and Sam also discuss parenthood. Carly and Shawn are so about to make out. Matt is really, really drunk.

I find Lisa's plan today more sadistic than what most villains on the show try to pull off. As if there was any question about her being evil.

Who gives someone CPR and then bolts? How weird.

Olivia's so pregnant. If it's a girl, she'll totally name her Theresa.

Sam and Carly didn't even come close to fighting. They must both be deathly ill.

October 25th, 2011

Lisa overpowers Robin, but Robin eventually gets the upper hand again and grabs the needle. Lisa takes off, and Robin unties Patrick and goes after her. She finds Steven and tells him Lisa's onboard, but Steven can't find Olivia (and no one can find Elizabeth, obviously). Robin decides she's perfectly capable of injecting Lisa with her blood, but when they meet up again, Lisa looks to have the power again. Maxie and Spinelli reach the boat, and before she gets on, he tries to convince her that Matt really doesn't want her there. Maxie wonders if he's lying about losing his cyber-skills. She admits that she found his plan romantic, but she still wants to be with Matt because he's the person she's supposed to want. Jason declares the honeymoon over and plans to send Sam back to Port Charles with Carly and Josslyn. He changes his mind when Franco is reported having been spotted in Toronto, but Carly thinks he's giving in to Sam when he should be more cautious. Then, for some reason, she announces that Jax is alive. Anthony, who is somehow back on the mainland, plans to kill Lisa after she gets on his rescue boat. A recovered Johnny steals the boat and goes out to meet her. Alexis confesses to Luke that she got Sonny to get Kristina into Yale. Spinelli finds Elizabeth. Carly and Shawn are so about to make out again.

Wow, this is boat/island week.

I have to say, I'm with Carly on this one. Franco's plan is probably to separate Jason and Sam so he can go after Sam.

What the--? How did Anthony get back to Port Charles? Writers, boats go on the water. You can't just walk from a boat back to the dock.

I always forget that Luke and Alexis first teamed up to kill Helena (and "killed" Katherine instead). That was an awesome plot.

Kristina's going to Yale next week? In the middle of the semester? When she can barely walk? Yeah, no.

October 26th, 2011

Robin comes to with no memory of what happened before she passed out, as well as no idea how she got there from the stairs, where Lisa had shoved her. Patrick insists that Lisa's gone and doesn't want to talk about her anymore. Steven has scratches on his face, Maxie has blood (er, nail polish) on her hands, Olivia is scared (inexplicably, since there's no reason to think she knew Lisa was on the boat before Steven told her), and Johnny and Anthony are all wet. Mac, Ronnie, and Padilla arrive to investigate, and Padilla finds Maxie standing over the dead captain. Maxie explains that she got on the boat via a ladder, which Robin figures Lisa used to escape, and which everyone notes could have been used by anyone to come on board. Kate pays Sonny a visit to return his kiss, and somehow they end up talking about Jax. Sonny asks what's so bad about them spending time together, trying to find out who she keeps leaving town to see. By the way, Kate totally still has her wedding dress. Carly actually has a good reason to think Jax is alive: She never told Jane about the crash, but she hasn't called looking for him, which means he's probably gotten in touch with her. She admits that she never signed her divorce papers, saying she didn't want to admit defeat. Jason doesn't feel right about keeping Jax's probable non-death from Sonny and especially from Sam. Luke encourages Alexis to do something daring, telling her she was much more fun before she had kids. Spinelli sees someone with a flashlight on Spoon Island, but Elizabeth wakes up before he can find out who it is.

I'm 99 percent sure Johnny took Lisa somewhere, but if he didn't, they have a great set-up for a murder mystery.

Why is everyone talking about Jax? Who freaking cares about Jax? Also, who freaking cares if Jason tells Sam that Jax might be alive? Chill out, Carly.

More Luke/Alexis scenes! But he has to call her Natasha! There's no point if he doesn't call her Natasha!

Quote of the day goes to Luke: "The only book I read to my kids was In Cold Blood."

October 27th, 2011

Robin finds her watch on the steps, which makes her wonder again how she got moved around while she was unconscious. Padilla is also suspicious about the whole situation. Spinelli takes Elizabeth to the hospital, where Monica treats her for hypothermia. Padilla sees Maxie find Elizabeth's napkin sketch of Matt and slip it into her purse. Johnny and Anthony discuss Lisa in vague terms. Carly gets drunk and tries to get information out of Shawn. Mostly what she gets is his lips on hers. Michael's uncomfortable with Abby's past, as well as spending time with her friends who still strip. Alexis and Luke discuss parenting and the eventuality of having to let one's kids take care of themselves. Elizabeth's mystery rescuer has a nice chest.

Padilla's only been in, like, eight episodes and she's already a better cop than any other cop on this show.

Awww, Spinelli got to be a hero.

Lisa Lo Cicero claims that she doesn't know why Olivia's sick. So either she's lying or they're dragging this out way too long. (Which wouldn't be a surprise, considering Franco has been back for a month and has yet to interact with any other characters.

There's no way it's only a little after 10, as Epiphany said it was. Unless it gets dark at 4 p.m. in Port Charles.

October 28th, 2011

Carly and Shawn leave Hawaii, accidentally taking a spidey camera with them. Jason wants to go after Franco once the honeymoon's over, not realizing that he'd only have to go a few feet, since Franco's UNDER THE FREAKING BED. Dante thinks Michael knows more about his shooting than he's leading on, but Michael won't tell him anything. Dante also figures out that Shawn must have made the bomb, though he's not sure why. Tracy questions Luke's claims of sobriety and thinks he's going to skip town again. Luke tells her he doesn't want to disappoint his family anymore. Lulu tells Ethan about her engagement and confides that she's not sure she can stay with Dante. He asks her what Laura would say. In Ireland, Lucky is advised to stay away from St. Margaret's since it's "bad luck" and may be the setting for some supernatural goings-on. Either that's true or Lucky's hallucinating. Alexis warns Sonny not to screw up whatever may transpire between him and Kate.

How could such an interesting week end with such a boring episode?

The thought of Franco under the bed gave me a full-body shiver.

Why do people keep talking about Laura like she's dead? Also, what's with the insistence that Lulu looks like her? I don't see it.

Really, Sonny? Kate's "family"? How, exactly?

Hospitalized: Elizabeth Webber
Injured: Robin Scorpio
MIA: Lisa Niles

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Drunk Matt, "the only book I read to my kids was In Cold Blood"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Johnny poking Anthony's wound (though maybe that was supposed to be funny)
Saddest moment: Tracy refusing to believe that Luke is making an effort
Sweetest moment: Robin worrying about Patrick and telling him just to let her love him
Least believable moments: All of the boat stuff happened before 10 p.m., despite it being dark out the whole time, including in Hawaii; Lulu hasn't run into Luke or heard from anyone that he's back in town
Most annoying character: Maxie
Dumbest character: Olivia, for thinking that passing out is no big deal
Unanswered question of the week: Obviously the question is, where's Lisa?

October 29th, 2011

Next week: Jason should have listened to me.

October 31st, 2011

Robin has a nightmare about someone in a pumpkin mask, later seeing someone with the same mask in real life. Lulu tries multiple times to share her fears with Dante, but they keep getting interrupted. After she gets a final chance and chickens out, he suggests announcing their engagement at Kristina's goodbye party. Someone in a clown mask hangs out at the hospital, and we're totally supposed to think it's Lisa. Maxie thinks Matt has something special planned for her birthday. He does, kind of, but he'll probably miss it because something's up with Elizabeth. Sonny invites Kate over for a drink, and she decides to commemorate the anniversary of their first kiss by dressing up as Madonna. Sonny also invites Dante to Kristina's party, playing the family card to guilt him into accepting. Alexis worries that Kristina will figure out that Sonny got her into Yale, not realizing that she's already put the pieces together. However, Dante convinces her that she's just paranoid. Ethan really needs a plot.

I can't pick my favorite moment from today:

I wish Sonny did do costumes, because that would be awesome.

Of course Maxie's one of those "today's my birthday, everyone celebrate" people. OF COURSE.

How mad is Nathan Parsons about his scenes right now?

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