General Hospital blog - October, 2014

October 1st, 2014

Elizabeth feels a special connection to her John Doe patient and asks Patrick to look at his films to give her an idea of his prognosis. Patrick sees that the patient previously had brain surgery, but doesn't seem to have brain damage this time. Elizabeth isn't the only one with a connection: Danny wants to hang out with Jason, too. Sonny ambushes Julian (and Alexis) to ask him if he was behind the hit on Michael. Alexis notes that Sonny can't really believe that or Julian would already be dead. Sonny blasts Julian for hiding behind his grandson, threatening to eliminate him as soon as a new match is found (cut to a certain John Doe). As a parting shot, Sonny fires Alexis, then tells Shawn he's going to talk to Jordan next. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Anna and Nathan the truth about the Ava/Jason accident and how she protected Ava from being kidnapped. Much like Jason, Shawn gets thrown under a vehicle when Jordan reveals that he was behind her botched abduction. Anna's happy to have dirt on the Corinthos organization, but Jordan balks at testifying, admitting that she and Shawn are involved. Anna warns that their relationship will never work out if they continue playing on opposite sides. Kiki's upset that Michael was almost killed, but possibly even more upset that Rosalie was there at the time. Maxie goes to Morgan for relationship advice, which both does and doesn't make sense. He tells her to give Nathan a shot. Nathan asks Anna why Obrecht's still in custody, and for some reason she doesn't just tell him that Obrecht shot Victor. Silas is totally jealous of Sam and Patrick's so-far-non-existent relationship.

So I guess they're going with "Jason looks different because of plastic surgery." But I'm not buying the no-one-recognizes-him stuff the second someone sees his eyes.

I was wondering how Sam was so familiar with Star Wars, since it doesn't seem like her thing (unless she watched it with Spinelli), but I can buy original Danny being a fan. That was cute.

Who else was waiting for Patrick to say, "Hey, wait, I recognize this brain"?

Sonny: "I'm going to get Jordan alone and see what I can get out of her." Shawn's face: "Been there, done that."

October 2nd, 2014

Sam and Elizabeth find it strange that Danny refuses to leave someone he's never met. Both of them remain clueless about Jason's identity, even after Sam holds his hand, but he seems to be waking up, and Elizabeth thinks he'll be able to provide some information. Sonny and Carly convince Michael to hide out on the island until Sonny can neutralize any threats against him. Kiki really, really wants to stop lying to Michael about various things, but Morgan begs her to keep her mouth shut. Maxie tells Nathan she can't go out with him because she doesn't know him well enough, and also because he's just now discovered his real family, which makes no sense. He tells her he's keeping their reservation anyway and it's up to her whether she wants to meet him for dinner. Dante thinks he and Lulu should go to Amsterdam with Tracy, Sam, and Patrick, but Lulu disagrees. She doesn't want to leave Rocco with his grandmother like Luke always did with her, and she especially doesn't want to leave him after just being separated from him. Dante decides he should stay in town, too. Patrick tells Sabrina that he and Sam are following the Luke lead, which confuses her, because she was super-sure Ava was guilty, despite having no proof and only Carlos' hunch.

That's Danny's third lollipop. Let's try a different kind of bribe next time.

I like the way they've made Morgan grow. He really cares about other people, especially Michael, even when he's protecting his brother from the actions made by someone Morgan's currently angry with.

Maxie wins the prize for flimsiest reason not to date someone. "We can't go out because your parents lied to you." Oh, sure.

On the flip side, Lulu made a smart decision based on very sound reasoning. Also, there's no point in sending a ton of people over to Amsterdam anyway, since I don't think we're going to see Fluke yet.

October 3rd, 2014

Elizabeth wah wahs to Monica about her bad romantic history, admitting that she still feels bad about not telling Jason about Danny because she didn't want him and Sam to get back together. Jason finally wakes up, and I swear, he was waiting for Elizabeth to leave the room before he did. Carly again spends half the episode yelling at Sonny and telling him how dangerous and awful he is, then sleeps with him again. Nina tries to distract Franco from his Carly/Sonny angst, convincing him to step away from his phone for a little while. He decides to delete the camera app, but just as he's about to, he hears Sonny and Carly talking about their hookup. Sam and Patrick head to Amsterdam, discussing Danny and the John Doe, their first impressions of each other, and his impending divorce. Lulu and Dante play matchmaker for Maxie and Nathan, who do eventually meet for their date.

From everything I've read, it looks like Jason's going to have amnesia (yes, AGAIN), but it would be funny if he didn't and thought Elizabeth was crazy for asking his name. And then he could follow up with, "What's this about you and A.J.?"

Who wants to tell Michael that his parents had sex in his apartment?

Why is Nina so adamant that Franco let go of the Sonny/Carly thing? She's the one who told him about them!

Franco: "Taking a man's smartphone, it's like kidnapping a child." Me: "YOU WOULD KNOW."

Fired: Alexis Davis

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Maxie: "Anyway..." Morgan: "Oh, good, there's more"; Lulu: "Julian Jerome is a lying liar who lies"
Funniest moments (unintentional): They gave Jason a black cast; Sam talks to Jason and his vitals improve. Elizabeth says Patrick wants to be with Sam and Jason's machines beep, "Booooo"
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Silas and Sam eating lollipops with Danny
Least believable moment: I'm not married, but wouldn't a wife find some kind of familiarity in holding her husband's hand?
Best instances of continuity: This isn't the first camera Franco's hidden to spy on someone; Carly and Sonny had limo sex while Michael was comatose
Worst instance of continuity: I'm pretty sure Sam's pictures moved around between episodes again
Hero of the week: Jordan
Most annoying character: N/A
Smartest character: N/A
Dumbest character: N/A
Inside jokes: Jason's going to look different; Luke's in Amsterdam, which is where Tony Geary actually is

The week in a nutshell:

October 4th, 2014

Next week: Carly should consider hiding out on the island, too.

October 6th, 2014

Jason has amnesia, because of course he does. He does have a fuzzy memory of Elizabeth, who thinks he just remembers her talking to him while he was unconscious. She's much more disturbed when he also remembers her telling him he was going to be a father, and mentions Jake's name. Carly protesteth too much and winds up naked with Sonny again. Franco wants revenge, telling Nina he's going to remind them how crazy he used to be (or, more likely, still is). Nina's more interested in the fact that Sonny killed A.J. While chasing after Franco, Nina forgets about her web of lies, and Silas catches her out of her wheelchair. In Amsterdam, Sam and Patrick meet up with Tracy, who promises to cooperate if it turns out Luke's working with the Jeromes. Then there's hotel wackiness, and Sam and Patrick will have to share a room. Monica tries her hand at Internet dating, getting matched with David Walters, Maxie's custody judge. Maxie and Nathan are adorable together, but Walters disagrees with me.

This show hates me. I CANNOT TAKE LIAISON. And dang it, they're using the one thing that makes me sympathetic toward Elizabeth (Jake) against me. Come back soon, Sam!

Nina, repeat after me: "It's a miracle! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!"

I don't know what's funnier, Sam whining at Tracy to give her a place to sleep, or Sam thinking Tracy would actually give her a place to sleep.

How sad is it that Monica has to talk about her love life with Silas?

October 7th, 2014

Elizabeth tells Jason all about Jake, thinking that might be his name. He's still not sure, but he's willing to take it on in place of John Doe. Franco lays a huge guilt trip on Carly and Sonny, then asks Sonny to apologize for kissing Carly. Sonny won't, so Franco pretends to threaten to tell Michael everything, then says he won't, since that would hurt Carly. Walters tells Maxie that her custody of Georgie could depend on the company she keeps, so she needs to stop hanging out with Nathan. Maxie thinks that's ridiculous, but Nathan is willing to give in. Nina tells Silas that she was afraid to tell him she was better because she didn't want him to kick her out (true), and that she was chasing after Franco because he wanted her to come clean (not so true). Silas forgives her, or at least pretends to, but he also remembers Sam's suspicions about Nina's condition. There's bed-related shenanigans in Amsterdam. Alexis is ready to break off her fake relationship with Ned until she learns from Sam that Tracy saw Julian and Fluke together the night of the engagement party. Sorry, Olivia, but you'll have to find another movie buddy.

Did Elizabeth mention Jake when she and Monica were talking earlier? She might have. I figured Elizabeth would think that's where Jason heard the name.

I keep wanting to say, "How does Elizabeth not realize that's Jason??" but really, how could she know? Even if he reminded her of Jason, her brain would tell her that's as far as it can go. Logically, she wouldn't suspect he's Jason because she thinks he's dead. The thought wouldn't even occur to her.

I'm pretty sure Maxie can request a new judge, now that this one has completely overstepped his boundaries. Also, he should stop worrying about her social life and focus on the fact that she hasn't had a job in, like, two years.

How much is the show getting paid to plug The Equalizer and The Golden Girls?

October 8th, 2014

Ava has more baby-related pain, so Morgan meets with Jordan to retrieve her pills. Meanwhile, Sabrina asks Carlos if he's 100 percent sure Ava was behind the accident, since Fluke also allegedly confessed. Carlos points out that Fluke could have taken advantage of the crash to threaten Spencer. Sabrina points out that Ava could have done the same thing. Carlos is like, "Well, then I guess you better stop the baby-killing scheme, huh?" Sabrina attempts to by calling Jordan, but Jordan just hangs up on her. Silas fires Rosalie, who tells Nina she's not going to break up Michael and Kiki. Nina tries to threaten her into keeping up with the mission, but she doesn't really have anything to use against Rosalie. Also, as Rosalie reminds her, she knows all of Nina's secrets, so it's best not to cross her. Rosalie then goes to see Morgan, accidentally keeping him from getting Ava her medication. He's unable to chase her off, and she winds up finding out that Ava's hiding out with him. Silas questions how long Nina has been keeping secrets from him; she tells him she's only been able to walk for a few weeks. Later, he calls Sam to tell her she may have been right about Nina's condition. Sam has a very...intimate dream about Patrick, and Tracy kind of makes it worse by suspecting that they slept together. Shawn is curious as to why Jordan stopped the hit on Michael. Jordan claims that she wanted to make up for keeping Shawn from fulfilling Sonny's orders to kidnap Ava. Also, because Michael's innocent and stuff. Shawn thinks she's hiding something. Nikolas wants to get back together with Britt, and even invites her to move back into Wyndemere. Britt actually feels guilty about not being completely honest with him. Spencer is a horrible conscience and Britt should stop listening to him. Tracy agrees to let Sam and Patrick eavesdrop while she meets with Luke.

Maybe if Rosalie helps Ava, she'll get hired as a private nurse.

When Carlos the mob enforcer thinks you're making immoral decisions, you really need to reevaluate things.


Jasper Jacks flapjacks. Holy cow. That is brilliant.

Did Julian mock Jordan on the front page of his own paper? Jerk. She's the reason he's not in jail for killing Mickey!

October 9th, 2014

Sonny wants to take Franco out, and not on a date. He knows if he or Shawn does the deed, Carly will be able to connect the dots, so he considers finding someone else to carry out the hit. Franco has big plans for his wedding day but won't tell Nina so she can't be pinned as an accomplice. She doesn't think he has it in him to do anything bad to anyone else. Franco refers her to the Internet so she can read about all his crimes, and she's totally turned on. Ava swears Rosalie to secrecy about her whereabouts, and Rosalie promises to keep her mouth shut, which is all she's been doing lately. Also, Ava takes the pills, so get ready for your trip to Hell, Sabrina. Maybe you should have thought of something to do other than just call Jordan six times? Bobbie feels uncomfortable lying to Scott about the whole Sonny/Carly/Franco thing. The others feel equally uncomfortable about a lunch double date. Silas apologizes to Sam for believing Nina over her. Patrick thinks he also wants to get back together, so he'd kind of like to know if he's going to be second in line behind someone else. (Pssst, Patrick: You probably are, but it won't be behind Silas.) Duke is too much of a gentleman to keep Lucy from interrupting his time with Anna. Lucy and Bobbie are too immature to keep from getting catty with each other. Nina tries to get Rosalie to come running back by threatening to spill her secrets to Morgan. Alexis lets Julian know that he needs to work on his boundaries. Anna suggests following Morgan to find Ava, but Jordan doesn't think they can trust everyone at the PCPD to keep from leading Sonny to her.

Ew, Nina's like those women who write to men in prison.

Sorry, Silas. By the time Sam gets back to town, you'll be the last thing on her mind.

Bobbie, you need to talk to Scott about his facial hair. Immediately.

"Ned is unique in my life. You are a type." I like that!

October 10th, 2014

Despite Jason's unease with involving the police (based on a gut feeling), Elizabeth asks Dante to fingerprint him in an attempt to uncover his identity. After being released from jail due to lack of evidence, Obrecht tells Nathan that she was arrested for killing Victor. Nathan's appalled that both of his mothers are insane. Obrecht goes to Maxie's to try to talk to him again, but instead finds Madeline there. Lulu urges Maxie to talk to Diane about the situation with Judge Walters so she doesn't have to give up being with Nathan. Nina tries to guilt Silas into having sex with her at the hospital, but his mind is still on unraveling her lies. After some wackiness with a pot brownie, Sam, Patrick, and Tracy wait for Luke to meet them. Patrick is probably happy to know that Sam's too mad at Silas to want him back, at least right now. Milo thinks of a boxing lesson as a date, leading Epiphany to accuse him of trying to change her. He assures her that he likes her the way she is; he's just set in his ways and can only think of things to do that he already likes.

So no one finds it weird that Elizabeth is calling someone Jake? Or maybe they find it too awkward to comment on.

I knew Elizabeth was going to enlist Dante, but I never thought about him fingerprinting Jason. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he runs the prints.

Silas to Nina: "Why would I hate you?" Me: "I've started a list, if you need some help."

As much as I obviously don't want a Sam/Silas reunion (does anyone, actually?), I wish Patrick would bring up the what-would-you-do-in-Silas'-situation topic. I'll admit, I think Sam is a little too hard on Silas for wanting to be kind to Nina. She would absolutely do the same in his place.

I'd pay good money to see Tracy high.

Back together: Nikolas Cassadine and Britt Westbourne
Back in town: Madeline Reeves, Maxie's fashion sense
Fired: Rosalie Martinez

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): The Metro Court restaurant serves Jasper Jacks Flapjacks; Tracy calling Sam "serendipitously hilarious"; Carly to Bobbie: "I'm not going to have this conversation with you if you keep saying 'did it'"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sam whining at Tracy to let her crash with her
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Maxie and Nathan's date
Least believable moment: Nathan works at the police department but doesn't know why his mother was arrested
Best instances of continuity: Shawn wore the PCU sweatshirt T.J. gave him; the lighthouse!
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Judge Walters
Smartest character: Jordan (she usually is, but I'm specifically thinking of her warning that they shouldn't use Morgan to find Ava because Sonny might have an inside man at the PCPD)
Dumbest character: Nina

The week in a nutshell:

October 11th, 2014

Next week: The unveiling of Jason. Also, possibly the return of someone else whose name starts with J.

October 13th, 2014

Elizabeth tells Jason a little about her personal life, including about the real Jake's supposedly dead biological father. Then Jason's bandages come off, but it's unclear whether Elizabeth recognizes him. In Amsterdam, Tracy, Sam, and Patrick are surprised when, instead of Luke, they're met by Jerry. He tells them he cured himself of polonium poisoning by kidnapping Luke and giving himself a blood transfusion, and has been communicating with Tracy using Luke's phone. Tracy thinks it all fits: Luke's innocent, and Jerry framed him as a Jerome partner. Jerry's willing to give Luke back, but he wants something in return. Just like her sister, Madeline was released due to lack of evidence – there was a chain-of-custody problem regarding the pharmacist's murder, and Nina isn't dead, so she's off the hook for murder. Madeline also implies that things didn't go down with Nina the way we've been led to believe. Obrecht taunts that Nina is all kinds of screwed up and Madeline should be worried about her. Silas questions Travis the physical therapist about Nina's quick recovery, laying it on thick by praising his work. While Nina desperately texts Travis instructions and warnings to keep his mouth shut, Travis comes clean, telling Silas that she never needed therapy. (Well, not physical therapy. She definitely needs the psychiatric kind.) Maxie tries to convince Nathan that he's not going to turn out like his truly insane family members. Lulu reluctantly tells them to stop talking to each other in public because a gossipy courthouse security guard is nearby. Instead of running Jason's fingerprints, Dante talks to Anna about the ridiculous idea that she couldn't hold Obrecht because of a lack of evidence, despite the fact that Obrecht shot Victor right in front of her. (Apparently Anna wouldn't be considered a reliable witness.) Then Lulu shows up to talk about Luke so Dante can continue to not run Jason's fingerprints.

I was excited to get to watch live today, so I didn't have to wait to see Jason's unveiling. But I wound up being more excited about...a terrorist. I'm sure it says something that I applaud whenever Jerry shows up. But I make no apologies.

It doesn't look like it's going to happen, but I was hoping for a scene where Maxie comes home to find Obrecht and Madeline in her apartment.

I like ruthless, mind-game-playing Silas. Especially if he turns into kicking-Nina-out Silas. Silas and Nina's child dead or not? I'm starting to lean towards not.

Oh, dear. Nina discovered emojis.

October 14th, 2014

Elizabeth finds Jason slightly familiar, but he looks so different that she doesn't recognize him. Dante runs his prints and gets a hit, but there's no information in his file. This is thanks to Helena, who has an inside man at the hospital and knows that Jason has amnesia and an unrecognizable face. P.S. She's working with Jerry. Jerry offers up Luke in exchange for control of ELQ. Tracy can only offer him her 9 percent, but she promises to get more. Jerry sends her back to the States to get stock certificates while Sam and Patrick caution her against believing anything he says. All of Nina's secrets are out, and Silas is TICKED. Madeline doesn't get to tell Obrecht whatever's going on with Nina before Nathan arrives. Madeline begs for a place to stay, admitting that she's lost all her money, and revealing that the family's assets were never stolen – Nina controls them. Oh, and she can walk. Nathan doesn't believe her. Britt tells Brad she's moving back in to Wyndemere while Nikolas talks to Spencer about trust and lies and blah blah blah, he's really going to kick himself when he finds out about Britt's latest schemes.

I'd say Jason looks more like Ewan McGregor than Brad Pitt, but I guess Elizabeth doesn't want to think about the name Ewan/Ewen. Actually, I really think he looks like Jonathan Jackson's brother, so Elizabeth clearly has a type.

Helena's a hacker now? Sure, okay.

I was wondering if Jerry knew about Jason, so at least we got one answer.

I really wish Tracy hadn't told Jerry that Michael's running ELQ. Good thing he's in hiding right now.

I feel sorry for Spencer for not having a mother, but not sorry enough to miss Courtney.

October 15th, 2014

Sabrina finally corners Jordan and tells her that not only is Ava's medication not helpful for her condition, it could lead to premature labor. Jordan passes the information along to Ava, who's in pain again, but it's too late for it to be useful. Nina connects with Rosalie and suggests that she take responsibility for dreaming up Nina's schemes. Rosalie refuses, so Nina threatens to reveal whatever her big secret is. Rosalie attempts to bail herself out by offering to give her Ava's whereabouts. Silas asks Franco about Nina's medical condition but instead gets information on Nina's hit list. Jordan visits Jason to "admit" her role in the accident, which he finds confusing, since he remembers someone else's voice speaking to him that night. Later, he remembers two people talking. Franco's revenge plan seems to involve showing his recording of her and Sonny having sex. Brad tells Elizabeth that Britt and Nikolas are back together. She's all, "I totally don't care! I have a new love interest!" Britt has a nightmare about Nikolas finding her out and turning on her again. Sonny calls Michael and Kiki back from the island, insisting that Shawn has neutralized any threats. He also accuses Carly of marrying Franco to keep him quiet. Michael wants to open a free clinic in A.J.'s name.

Does Nina think Silas cares whose idea her scheme was? He's still going to be mad that she went through with it. Also, I would caution her against messing with Rosalie.

Day two of not completely hating Silas. I feel weird.

Funny that Jordan busted Fluke because she recognized his voice, and now she might get busted because Jason doesn't recognize her voice.

First hint that Britt was dreaming: Nikolas would never call someone a b&%$#.

October 16th, 2014

Ava continues to refuse to go to the hospital or even let Britt come to her; she thinks Sonny will follow her. Kiki suggests that she bring Silas over and leaves to get him. Silas continues learning Nina's secrets, like that she, not Madeline, broke into his apartment, and Britt told her she's in menopause. He starts to realize that she's not completely stable and seemingly convinces her to go with him to see Kevin. She reacts badly to him touching her and knocks him out. Sonny and Shawn brainstorm people to frame when they murder Franco, coming to rest on Heather. Franco has a weird conversation with Michael, talking about how great Sonny is for not retaliating against Sonny, then asks Michael to be his best man. Michael reluctantly agrees, guilted into making Carly happy. Franco's next piece of wedding-related business takes him to see his mother. Madeline tells Nathan that Nina was very volatile growing up, and before she married Silas, Madeline tried to have her committed. Nathan doesn't believe her and heads off to talk to Nina directly. Of course, that's when Nina shows up and encounters her mother. Sabrina confesses her sins to Felix. Maxie, Lucas, and Bobbie work on Carly's wedding, which Josslyn isn't happy to have to participate in.

I get that Ava's scared and all, but she has to know that Sonny won't do anything while Morgan's around.

What's up with Michael Easaton playing characters who get knocked out before they can help babies?

Did Carly really date Johnny? I thought I hallucinated that.

Does anyone else think it's weird that Maxie's planning a wedding for a guy she once slept with and a woman I don't remember her even speaking to more than two or three times?

I've been waiting so long for a Maxie/Lucas scene that I was a little surprised there was no fanfare or anything.

October 17th, 2014

While Sonny and Shawn plan out how to make it look like Heather escaped from Ferncliff (she's back there?) and killed Franco, Franco tells his mother that she was right about how horrible Carly is. He adds that he's planning his revenge for their wedding, and he wants Heather to help. Nina's a little upset to see Madeline, where "a little upset" means "furious and wants to murder her." Madeline says she wishes she could bring Nina's baby back, which gives Nina an idea. Morgan tries to calm Ava down while Kiki revives Silas, briefly gets sidetracked by the Nina drama, then finally gets him to the brownstone. Michael asks Sabrina to work at his clinic, despite the fact that it'll be named after the person her ex is accused of murdering. Sabrina takes offense to his remarks about Carlos and spills that he's innocent. Bobbie bugs Carly about why she's getting married, but Carly will only tell her that it has to do with Michael. Sabrina wants to confess to the police, but Felix urges her to wait because the baby could be fine. Nathan runs around town looking for Nina, instead finding out that she knocked out Silas and can walk.

I feel like most of Heather's day consists of thinking up new insults for Carly.

Michael, I don't think you want Sabrina working at your clinic. But Patrick and Rosalie both need jobs.

I'm going to need Michelle Stafford to dial it down about 30 notches.

It's okay, Carly, my mom doesn't remember what happened to Stefan either.

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Sam: "You're a sociopath." Jerry: "See, she loves me"; Obrecht: "I've been made chief of staff." Madeline: "Is it a doll hospital?"
Funniest moments (unintentional): Patrick, re: Jerry: "He's dangerous." Yes, Patrick, I think Sam knows that; Sonny, re: Heather: "On the plus side, she's a homicidal maniac"
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Morgan trying to comfort Ava
Least believable moment: "Michael's in no danger anymore. I did nothing to ensure that, but we haven't seen Julian for a while, so I think it's okay"
Best instances of continuity: Jerry always calls Sam "sweet Sam"; Joey Limbo was the first person Franco killed in Port Charles; Maxie slept with Franco (and I've actually been waiting for someone to remember that)
Worst instance of continuity: Obrecht was arrested the same night Jason was injured, but he's been in the hospital for weeks while she was only in lockup for 48 hours
Hero of the week: Morgan, for being good in a crisis
Most annoying character: Nina
Smartest character: Jerry
Dumbest character: Tracy. NEVER TRUST JERRY
Inside joke: Tracy asking Jerry if he's a vampire – Sebastian plays a vampire on The Originals

The week in a nutshell:

October 18th, 2014

Next week: The second anniversary of Jason's "death," so expect a lot of nudge-nudge wink-wink dialogue.

October 20th, 2014

Olivia bugs Carly about marrying Franco when she's clearly still hot for Sonny. After some fighting, Olivia has a vision of Heather with a knife and worries that she'll break out of Ferncliff. While Shawn makes plans for Heather's breakout, Sonny innocently listens to Olivia rant about Heather, all, "Hey, that vision could come true! She could kill someone!" Meanwhile, Franco gets Heather on his side and promises to get her to the wedding. Sabrina tells Michael that Carlos made a false confession because Ava threatened to hurt her. Michael hasn't quite pieced everything together, but he's figured out that Ava could have easily lied about where she was when A.J. was murdered. Silas stops Ava's labor and promises to keep her whereabouts secret. Nina wants Madeline to kidnap Ava's baby for her, which most people probably figured out weeks ago was eventually going to happen. Madeline refuses, but Nina plays on her weakness: lack of money. Madeline doesn't have much choice but to give in, and even keeps Nathan in the dark about where Nina is. Bobbie hits it off with Brad and tries to get him to help her bug Lucas about getting a job. Oh, by the way, he went to medical school. He doesn't want to be a doctor, though, because Tony was so awesome and he knows he couldn't live up to his father.

Yay, I was just sulking over the fact that Olivia hasn't had a vision in a really long time.


Madeline is okay with murder but draws the line at kidnapping. Sure.

Lucas spent four years in med school and we're just now hearing about it? Talk about a retcon. He should be a pediatrician; GH doesn't have one right now. Or he can work at Michael's clinic. Also, Lucas, sweetie, Tony may have been a great doctor, but he also had a breakdown and kidnapped Robin and Michael, so living up to him won't be as hard as you think.

Bobbie: "Treating people, saving lives..." Me: "The family business. No, wait."

Man, it's going to be Halloween for, like, two weeks. I hope we at least get to see some good costumes.

October 21st, 2014

Michael tells Kiki that he thinks Ava killed his father. Kiki: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that's insane but I also have no idea who the real killer might be." She's unable to stop him from trying to call Anna. Sonny thinks he and Shawn can use Franco's visit to Heather to show that she has motive to kill her son. This just in: Sonny doesn't know what "motive" means. Nina thinks she and Madeline can use whatever it is Rosalie's hiding to get her on their side. Coincidentally, Nathan has just run into Rosalie while searching for Nina, so they have to put their plan on hold until she's alone again. Silas tells Ava that Nina's out for revenge, like Ava doesn't already have enough to deal with. Franco and Carly...whatever. T.J. and Jordan fight about the same things they always fight about.

So...nothing happened in this episode. They could have skipped it without losing anything. I hate placeholders.

Michael's kind of being a jerk. "I know you love your mom, but I'm pretty sure she's a murderer, so I'm going to call the police and let them know, m'kay? Love ya!" You know if Kiki told Michael that Sonny killed A.J., Michael would stop her from calling the police.

Yeah, don't keep jerking us around about letting us know Rosalie's secret and then keep expecting us to care what her secret is.

For someone who's so good at her job, Jordan is...also not so good at her job.

October 22nd, 2014

Despite a bunch of hype about Jason remembering something in this episode, he just tells Elizabeth that he heard two voices after the accident. Obrecht hassles Jason about insurance, as if a John Doe with no ID would have his CareFirst card on him. Sadly, there's also no "his family basically owns the hospital, nyah" card. Obrecht's visit leads to Elizabeth telling Jason that the chief's ex killed her ex. Michael asks Anna to reopen A.J.'s murder case despite the fact that there's no evidence that Ava did anything. Meanwhile, Kiki tells Morgan about Michael's suspicions, and they continue playing innocent about everything, even when Michael tells him he wants to track down Ava. Sam, Patrick, and Tracy return to town with news about Jerry and how he allegedly kidnapped Luke. While Tracy tries to get allies in ELQ, Alexis wonders if Julian was telling her the truth all along. Sam reminders her that Spencer heard Fluke, not Jerry, in the stable. Danny calls Patrick "Daddy," which makes Sam sad that she's been a widow for two years. Julian publishes gossip that Ned and Monica are having another fling, then threatens to print more lies if Ned doesn't leave town. Ned would rather punch him in the face. Anna and Obrecht snipe at each other a little and it goes nowhere. Olivia asks Dante to make sure Heather's where she's supposed to be. Not shown: Sonny offering to do it instead.

Awww, Jason's funny now. I like it.

Since Jerry knows about Jason, I'm going to guess that Obrecht does, too.

There's only one person Tracy needs to get on her side: Skye. She'll absolutely help Luke, and if you add in Lila Rae's shares, Skye has 18%. 18 + Tracy's 9 = 27%, which is more than Michael's share. Boom, done.

Why are the adorable children on my TV not in costume??

October 23rd, 2014

Jason gets a crash course in his own life, learning about his previous brain injury and memory loss. Later, he meets Carly. Heather questions Franco's real feelings for Carly, but he assures her he's going through with his plan, which involves bribing a Ferncliff employee to sneak her out. Shawn and Sonny are also going through with their plan, which involves Shawn knocking out the Ferncliff employee and grabbing Heather himself. Ned refuses to help Luke, and Monica refuses to give Jerry anything, but Tracy's able to get Alice to hand over her 6.5%. Julian tells Alexis that he doesn't know anything about Jerry kidnapping Luke, but admits that he's worked with Jerry in the past. She's still done with him. Olivia confides to Dante that she wants to be more than friends with Ned. Dante encourages her to go talk to him, but when Olivia arrives, she sees him hugging Alexis. Lulu tells Carly that Franco changed the wedding venue from the Metro Court to the Haunted Star. Monica mourns Jason, telling Alice she wishes she had a piece of him, like, hi, Monica, he does have a kid.

No one is ever going to believe me, but yesterday I thought that it would be awesome if Jason went to art therapy and met Franco. So half of that came true. Sort of.

People, STOP PLANNING WEDDINGS ON THE HAUNTED STAR. THEY NEVER END WELL. Of course, in this instance, Franco doesn't want it to end well, but the point stands.

Man, Alice looks fantastic.

I've never really paid attention before, but have you noticed that the majority of visitors to the Quartermaines' mansion are greeted with, "Who let you in?"

Wait, so it's NOT Halloween? Who screwed up the days? I'm so confused.

October 24th, 2014

Lulu and Ned both threaten Jerry, who makes threats of his own, telling Ned he could easily use Brook to get what he wants. He accepts Tracy's offer of 14.5% and sends a messenger to get the stocks while Ned and Lulu beg Tracy not to trust him. Once the stocks are his, Jerry sends them outside the mansion to get Luke. Sonny envisions Connie, who accuses him of wanting to kill Franco so he can have Carly. Sonny doesn't exactly see a problem with that. Carly makes "Jake" her new Jason, telling him all about her love life, mourning her "late" best friend, and asking for advice. He tells her to marry Franco if she wants to and call off the wedding if she doesn't. Michael fills Rosalie in on his suspicions about Ava, and she starts to tell him where he can find her. Madeline interrupts to try to get Rosalie on her and Nina's team. As she's telling Nina that she knows where Ava is, Rosalie pays the brownstone a visit. Ava knows her days are numbers, but Kiki wants to stay optimistic that Rosalie will keep her mouth shut and Sonny will stay in the dark about her whereabouts. Franco and Nina have a tiny pre-ruining-people's-lives celebration.

Did I eat Tracy's space cake or did Jerry request a threesome with Ned and Monica?

Why did Sonny imagine Connie with brown hair?

How ticked is Carly going to be when she finds out Jason had a memory of Elizabeth and not her?

Nina realizes she can't actually get the baby right now, right? Like, it hasn't been born yet?

When it comes to intimidation, Ned > Lulu > Madeline.

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Julian hates mob stereotypes but Sonny embraces them
Funniest moment (unintentional): Bobbie chastising Lucas for living off of her and Carly – uh, I think you mean just Carly, because I don't see you working either
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: N/A
Least believable moment: Lucas went to medical school and this is the first we're hearing about it
Best instance of continuity: Jason wanting the window of his hospital room open
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: Silas
Most annoying character: Obrecht
Smartest character: Does Connie count?
Dumbest character: Nina, who's hiding from Silas at his place of work
Things we learned this week: Lucas went to med school.

The week in a nutshell:

October 25th, 2014

Next week: Danny's Halloween costume is a pawn, since that's all he is to the writers.

October 27th, 2014

Michael tells Sonny that he thinks Ava killed A.J., but he can't find her, so maybe Sonny can have some people look for her? Sonny's like, "What a great idea!" Shawn keeps Heather calm and clueless with a BLT and the charade that he's the person Franco hired to break her out of Ferncliff. Franco meets and instantly dislikes Jason; the feeling's mutual. Jason entertains himself (and Elizabeth) by talking back to Obrecht, climbing a bunch of stairs, and quoting Titanic. (I swear every word of that sentence is true.) Instead of Luke or Fluke, Jerry has sent Ned's father Larry Ashton to the Quartermaine mansion. He doesn't know anything about Luke or what Jerry's up to, either because he was drugged or just because he's drunk. Rosalie warns Kiki and Ava that Nina's looking for them, but claims she didn't reveal their location. Madeline reports to Nina that Rosalie said Ava's with Kiki (didya get all that?). Obrecht mentions that a patient took medication that caused premature labor, which gives Nina an idea. Franco teases Carly that since he played revealing videos when they first reunited, he may play some more revealing videos at their wedding. Alexis and Olivia get filler scenes talking about Ned and the wackiness of Quartermaines.

Sonny missed a great opportunity to go along with Michael's suspicions. "I bet Ava did kill A.J.! I'll track her down and take care of it." Easy peasy.

I love you, snarky Jason. Not so much Titanic-quoting Jason, though. And I'm assuming he saw it because Robin made him years ago? I know she made him see The English Patient because I still remember (17 or so years later – I'm pathetic) that he said it was "three hours of people talking with Jax's accent." Also, I wish Jerry had been in this episode because of Sebastian Roche's role in the Titanic episode of Supernatural.

Hugo Napier does look a bit like Tony Geary. So I guess Tracy has a type.

You have to admit, Nina wanting to redo what Silas just undid is pretty funny.

October 28th, 2014

Carly kicks Franco out for the night, so he crashes with Scott, ruining Scott's planned evening with Bobbie. Carly spends the evening insisting to Bobbie that everything is cool and she really, really wants to get married. Franco spends the evening trying to get in touch with Heather's would-be "kidnapper" and preparing for the next day's festivities. Shawn and Sonny wonder why Franco wanted to get Heather out of Ferncliff, but figure it's a moot point since they ruined his plans. Sonny then calls Carly to tell her he loves her, and almost succeeds in winning her over. Jason meets Michael, and there's another round of Let Me Tell You About My Problems, Stranger. Jason thinks Michael's too close to the Ava situation and should leave it to the police. It's Beggars' Night, and while the other kids beg for candy, Josslyn begs Spencer to get her out of attending the wedding. Spencer doesn't have any ideas, but he kicks off his plan to pretend they're a couple in order to make Emma and Cameron jealous. Patrick, Sam, Maxie, Lucas, Nikolas, and Britt spend 30 seconds together, and it might be the most interesting part of the episode. Nathan asks Diane for help getting around Walters' orders, but the only options could backfire and get Maxie in more trouble, so he decides not to risk it.

Fun Things They Should Do With Jason, Part 1: Have everyone in town tell him their secrets, and then when he eventually gets his memory back, he'll have dirt on everyone. And then they keep trying to go back to him to talk more, because he gave them such good advice, but he doesn't want to talk to anyone anymore, because he's Jason. "Come on! I have a real problem!" "I already have to deal with all of Carly's problems. My dance card is full."

Fun Things They Should Do With Jason, Part 2: Have him meet someone he used to like but now finds annoying. Like, wouldn't it be funny if he hated Sonny? Or the opposite – what if he became friends with Patrick? What if they hung out and drank beer and watched hockey, and then when Jason's identity was revealed, Patrick felt really dirty?

If Beggars' Night is a regional thing, shouldn't more people in the region know about it? Shouldn't we have heard about Port Charles doing it before this year? I think they only did it so we could see the kids in costumes now, since Halloween is going to be full of wedding stuff.

Who was Spencer talking about, with the fake couple trying to make people jealous, the guy leaving town, and the girl dying? I'm stuck.

Emma was...a poodle in a poodle skirt? That could have used some discussion.

Do we really need to talk about Logan? Like, ever?

October 29th, 2014

Michael tells Carly that he thinks Ava killed A.J., and he's determined to find out for sure. Carly basically tells him to get over it. Morgan spots someone staking out the brownstone and goes into panic mode. Kiki suspects Nina, but Morgan thinks Sonny's responsible and goes to confront him. Madeline (the real staker-outer) tells Nina that Silas spent the night at the brownstone, and Nina has a spectacular meltdown. First she considers killing both Ava and Silas, but then she decides to get Silas away from Ava, make Ava go into premature labor, and take the baby. Anna finally follows up on Jordan's warning that Sonny's after Ava, telling him she's keeping an eye on him. Sonny points out that he doesn't know where she is, and anyway, it's not like he would hurt a woman who might be having his baby. Anna mentions that Ava's also under suspicion for killing A.J., and Sonny says that she might have fled because she heard she was busted. Franco learns that Heather's MIA, then possibly starts to feel a teeny bit guilty about being a horrible person thanks to Kiki. His day gets even worse when Shawn shows up to kill him. Jordan and Shawn fight about what they always fight about, and then she throws T.J.'s father's death in his face. He calls her bluff, threatening to tell T.J. the truth, which would turn him against Jordan even more.

Does Nina really think that Ava, at nine months pregnant, is having sex with anyone right now?

If Nina delivers Ava's baby, then tries to kidnap it, she's Claudia. And no one wants to be Claudia.

I'm getting scared because I've pretty much stopped disliking Silas. I mean, if Nina killed him, I wouldn't cry, but I don't actively want him dead.

Way to wait two weeks to follow up on Jordan's tip, Anna.

I do enjoy Sonny/Anna scenes, though. Sonny doesn't know what to do with a woman who talks to him the way she does.

October 30th, 2014

A pre-wedding conversation with Spencer lets Carly know that Franco knew he was hiding out in the house over the summer. Spencer further elaborates that Franco kept quiet so Spencer wouldn't spill that he was plotting against Sonny. Carly figures out that he was trying to get his hands on the recording. Morgan confronts Sonny for killing A.J., threatening to tell Michael if Sonny doesn't leave Ava alone. Sonny gives him the whole story, explaining that he's targeting Ava because she killed Connie. Franco calmly tries to convince Shawn that killing him would make Carly turn on Sonny (not that Shawn cares about that). Meanwhile, Jordan goes looking for Shawn and comes across Heather. Once Heather learns that Shawn works for Sonny, not Franco, she takes Jordan hostage and uses her to lure Shawn away from Franco. As Sonny gets a text telling him that Franco's been taken care of, Heather locks Jordan and Shawn in the warehouse together, then heads to the wedding. Nina tells Madeline to get Obrecht to call Silas in to work so he'll have to leave Ava. Madeline comes up with a different, much meaner idea: She alters Danny's blood work to make Sam think his leukemia has returned, which leads Sam to beg Silas to come be with her. Silas tells Ava about his relationship woes, and how he hopes to patch things up with Sam.

There was a time when Thursday episodes were nothing but recaps and filler. Thank God those days are over.

I was so looking forward to the Sonny/Morgan scenes, and I'm very satisfied. Plus, more tomorrow!

Good news, Supernatural fans: They're letting Adam out of the cage in Hell...SO MADELINE CAN TAKE HIS PLACE. Though at least this means Danny's fine.

I don't believe for a second that Jordan couldn't free herself. She's practically a WSB-level spy.

October 31st, 2014

Nina paralyzes Ava, taunting that she's going to take her baby and destroy Kiki's life. Morgan doesn't believe Sonny's accusations about Ava, so Sonny plays him the recording (which is the only copy left, as Carly deleted hers). Now convinced, Morgan tells his father where he can find Ava. Franco tells the truth for once, admitting to Carly that he considered giving the recording to Ava but then realized he couldn't trust her. She forgives him and the wedding goes forward. Then it stops abruptly when Franco announces that he's not going to marry her. Anna tries to question Julian about the possibility of Ava having killed A.J., but it turns out that neither thinks it's true. Anna then shares her theory with Dante: Sonny killed A.J., and turned on Ava because she was holding it over his head. Her next step is looking into Sonny's alibi, which was provided by Duke. Silas plans to rerun Danny's tests, so unless Madeline's going to alter them again, that plot's over. Obrecht must be losing her edge, because her idea of messing with Jason is discharging him and giving him his hospital bill. She's also suspicious of Madeline, but there's nothing actually interesting there.

I like how everything's coming together. Morgan learns the truth about Ava and tells Sonny where she is just as Ava needs rescuing. Anna and Dante suspect that Sonny killed A.J. just as Franco's about to reveal that to Michael. Sonny's alibi for the night of A.J.'s murder is Anna's boyfriend. Talk about complicated.

I thought the storyline was going to be that Danny relapses, Julian's MIA, and somehow Jason gets tested as a bone marrow donor. But if they're going to run more tests, I assume they'll have the correct results this time, and the plotline will be a wash.

I don't know if can handle goofy Jason. It's unsettling.

Dear writers, Jason's hospital bill is not a plot. Cut the filler and have Felix read another sonnet or something.

Speaking of, I totally forgot that Carly and Felix are friends. I can't remember the last time they talked.

Back in town: Larry Ashton

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Obrecht: "It is an absolute boon to the hospital to have an artist of his caliber working here." Elizabeth: "Caliber as in handgun?"; Josslyn: "It's not my fault I'm under his dreamy spell"; Kiki: "How do I look?" (no response) "Okay. Too bad – I'm wearing it anyway"
Funniest moment (unintentional): The pictures Heather sent Shawn to let him know she was holding Jordan hostage
Saddest moment: Sam thinking Danny's sick again
Sweetest/cutest moment: Sam's last-minute tree costume
Least believable moment: Morgan: "Someone was parked outside the brownstone, but I didn't bother looking to see who it was"
Best instance of continuity: Franco almost blew up Lulu
Worst instance of continuity: Jason telling Michael to let the police take care of the Ava situation, when just a few weeks ago, he was anti-cop
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Nina
Smartest characters: Heather, for thinking fast to get Shawn and Jordan out of her way; Spencer, for realizing that, after you've done something that could anger a serial killer, the last place you want to be is in the same room as that serial killer
Dumbest character: Nina. How does she know Morgan won't come home?
Things we learned this week: 1. Sonny has the only remaining copy of the recording

The week in a nutshell:

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