General Hospital blog - October, 2016

October 3rd, 2016

Dillon's understandably upset to get confirmation that Paul is the hospital killer, and he points out that if Paul continues killing, Susan won’t want to have anything to do with him. Knowing that Paul won’t hurt him, Dillon gets Tracy away from him, then tries to talk him into surrendering to Anna. Paul tries to inject himself with Derisifol, but Anna stops him and arrests him. Dillon vows to take care of Susan, and we can only hope that he, Lucas, and Sam will form an I Hate My Father Club. Morgan confides his current problems to Andre, who advises him to tell his parents and Kiki about his inevitable expulsion as soon as he can. He also needs to work on taking responsibility for his mistakes, but he should remember that he's not the only person to ever screw up. And fortunately, he wants Morgan get some bloodwork done, so maybe Andre will figure out what's going on soon (and hopefully before Morgan loses too much money in the poker game he wants to join). Scott tells Ava that he overheard cops at the PCPD talking about Paul being arrested. At first she pretends this is news to her, but then she realizes that if Paul's busted, he could take her down with him. She retains Scott and spills everything about knowing Paul was the killer, blackmailing him to throw Julian's case, and even swapping out Morgan's pills. Her hope is that Kiki will want to comfort Dillon, which will push Morgan over the edge, which will lead to Kiki dumping him. Scott points out that she can't predict the behavior of someone that unstable, but really, he should be more appalled over the fact that she kept quiet about Paul, which means she's kind of responsible for Sabrina's death. Kiki admits to Franco that she's tired of her and Morgan's relationship being all about him, but she doesn't want to leave him because what kind of person leaves someone who's struggling with a mental illness? Hayden and Finn sneak into the hospital to get something from his lab and overhear Lucy talking to a board member about the hospital being sold and turned into condos. The board member says his associate would relocate the hospital to another building, but Finn and Hayden don't think that'll really happen.

Whatever happens to Paul, I hope he gets treatment for his self-tanner addiction.

Is it weird that I don't like Scott or Ava, but I like their scenes together?

I hope they paid Kin Shriner a LOT for that horrible rapping (and then sent an apology note to Lin-Manuel Miranda).

I'll only tolerate a storyline about the hospital being sold if they do it like Grey's Anatomy did.

More Hayden/Finn sneaking-around hijinks, please!

October 4th, 2016

Sonny and Carly are stunned to learn that Morgan was expelled for plagiarism. Morgan has a blowup about how he'll never be normal, making Carly worry that he's right and his behavior will never stabilize. Morgan then goes to see Kiki, accidentally furthering Ava's plan along by getting mad that she's trying to get in touch with Dillon. Ava talks Scott into defending Paul, but Paul thinks he'll be fine acting as his own attorney. Ava worries that, now that Paul doesn't owe her anything, he'll drag her down with him. She might be right, since Paul has something important to tell Jordan. Nathan assures Maxie that he's going to get another paternity test, but he's determined to get to know Charlotte right away. Maxie and Nina think it's too much for him to jump right into parenting, but Nina's toooooootally willing to let Charlotte live with her. Jordan's happy with the work Curtis did on the hospital-killer case, but not happy enough to hire him on as a cop. Despite his claims that he's clean and won't screw up like he did when they were partners, she can't trust him. He might be better off, though, since he's clearly still upset with her for turning him in for his drug use, which led to him losing his job. Nelle spends the episode getting too involved in Michael's life, but I can't fault her for calling Sonny when she gets worried that Michael's going to do something stupid regarding Paul. Claudette tells Griffin about her relationship with Valentin, who as of right now is still in prison. She admits that she wishes Griffin were Charlotte's father.

Kristina was suspended, Morgan was expelled... The bar is set REALLY low for Avery.

Excuse me? Do Maxie and Nina think Nathan wouldn't be able to handle taking care of a kid? Screw that. No one would ever say that to a woman. Go be a dad, Nathan. You're awesome.

What does it say that I'm actually disappointed that Valentin's still in prison?

Another Valentin-related disappointment: Nathan didn't mention his name to Nina.

October 5th, 2016

Andre catches Morgan drinking at the Floating Rib and chastises him for mixing his meds with alcohol. Morgan pretends he's sober and says he had his bloodwork done, which Andre later finds out is a lie. Morgan goes looking for Kiki, and Ava "reluctantly" tells him that she's with Dillon. Kiki's just being a good friend, but when Morgan goes to see her at the Quartermaines' boathouse, he sees the shadows of two people making out. Sonny stops Michael before he can steal a cop's gun and shoot Paul. After a lecture about the price of revenge, Michael visits Paul (unarmed) and announces that he won't be committing murder. He asks for the circumstances of Sabrina's death, though I'm not sure how that's supposed to help. Tracy makes him leave, then warns Paul that she'll kill him if he ever tries to get in touch with Dillon. Instead of throwing Ava under the bus, Paul just tells Jordan he's going to plead guilty. Ava thinks she can get the recording now, since Paul doesn't have any use for it, but of course it's not that easy. Later, Jordan asks Paul if he threw Julian's case, and Paul replies, "Ask Ava." Dante bugs Carly about keeping Sonny from killing Julian, and she's so annoyed with him that she doesn't even bother to let him know they're on the same side. When Sonny comes home, Dante tells him that if it ever comes down to taking him down so Rocco's safe, Sonny will go to prison. Dillon wants to get rid of everything Paul ever gave him, though Ned points out that he won't be able to get rid of his memories. Ned also thinks Tracy should call on the Soleitos to kill Paul, though he's willing to ask Sonny for a favor, too. Tracy somehow doesn't have him undergo a CAT scan to see what's causing his sudden change in personality. Jordan tells Andre she wants to resign as police commissioner since she wasn't able to catch a killer right under her nose. He thinks she should keep her position as the town's first black female commissioner and show everyone what she's capable of. Ned and Olivia are really awkward when they run into each other, but I'm pretty sure that's going to be short-lived.

That frigging boathouse has seen more action than the Playboy mansion.

Really, all Sonny needed to do was remind Michael that killing Paul would land him in prison, the last place he wants to be.

"I was wondering when you would show up." Michael: "Well, now you don't have to wonder." This is the real reason Michael could never be a villain – he doesn't know how to talk like one.

Ava, you just called a serial killer your kindred spirit. Reevaluate your life, please.

Dante, no one wants to hurt Rocco. Chill.

Heh, Carly dislikes Dante so much that even when she agrees with him, she disagrees with him. (Same here, by the way.)

Ned's plotting murder, Michael's plotting murder... The Quartermaines need a babysitter.

Jordan: "I need a vacation." From not doing your job? Take Dante with you; he probably thinks he needs one, too.

October 6th, 2016

Sonny runs into Griffin in a church and reveals that they have very different plans for dealing with Julian's freedom. Griffin blasts Sonny for thinking he has the right to take lives, questioning whether he even believes in God, since he obviously doesn't worry too much about obeying Him. Morgan sticks a hook in the side of the boathouse and goes back to the Floating Rib, where he runs into Nelle. He complains about not being able to drink, which she can relate to, since her post-donation medications prevent her from doing it, too. Upset over his health and what he thinks is Kiki's betrayal, Morgan kisses Nelle, but she rebuffs him, which just makes things worse for him. He ditches his medication (not that it matters), then gets back to drinking. Julian violates Alexis' restraining order by going to the house (when he thought she wasn't home) to get some of his things. Anna arrives while he's there, seeing him for the first time since his acquittal. She and Alexis fight about how the trial got screwed up, and how they lost their best chance to see Julian put behind bars. Alexis wonders if Sonny will take care of the problem for them. Anna says that she used to want to keep Sonny in check so Julian would have to face the justice system, but that's no longer a priority for her. The boathouse couple Morgan thought was Kiki and Dillon is really Ned and Olivia, who have secretly been back together for a while but were keeping it secret because Julian...something something. Olivia finds the hook and thinks Julian saw them together and wanted to send a message. She and Ned confront him, but he's just confused, and also doesn't really care if Ned is the new man in Leo's life. Meanwhile, Kiki and Dillon are fully clothed at his office, and she's still comforting him over having a horrible father. They reminisce about their Nurses' Ball performance and how great their almost-relationship was, which leads to some kissing.

Something big and tragic is supposed to happen, and I thought it was that somehow Morgan would get hurt (or killed) in Sonny's hit on Julian, but now that they've shown T.J. in the previews for tomorrow's episode, I think it could have something to do with him. I've wondered for a while how much longer Tequan Richmond would stick around, since his career outside the show is going really well, and having Molly stay with T.J. when he's never on is kind of hampering.

Sonny, you idiot, you pretty much just told Griffin that you're going to go after Julian. Go get an alibi.

I hope someone tells Alexis that Paul threw the case, so it's not all her fault that Julian went free.

I don't get Ned and Olivia sneaking around because of Julian. I think the writers just wanted them back together without pretending it just happened.

Sorry to be indelicate, but...Morgan doesn't recognize the noises Kiki makes during sex?

October 7th, 2016

Griffin basically asks Sonny what Jesus would do, eventually wearing him down to the point where Sonny calls off the hit on Julian. Ava expresses actual concern for Morgan, who's much more interested in drinking than listening to her. The bartender at the Floating Rib takes his keys, so Morgan decides to take Julian's car, which has been briefly left unattended by his driver. T.J. notices his inebriation and tries to stop him, but Morgan punches him and takes off, deciding to just leave Port Charles behind. Jason arrives moments later and follows Morgan, calling him to try to talk him down. It works and the two of them pull over, but I guess the hitman wasn't able to remove the bomb he put in Julian's car (what with the car not being there), so Morgan's right next to it when it goes off. Kiki and Dillon admit that they still have feelings for each other, and she decides he's the guy she wants to be with. She puts the brakes on any more kissing or moving forward until she tells Morgan they're through. Carly evicts Julian from the Metro Court, telling Jason she plans to use legal methods to make his life miserable so he'll eventually want to leave town. When Sonny catches up with her, both of them are feeling better about how stuff is going, which means everything that comes next is going to be an extra-hard gut-punch. Sam and Molly want to celebrate Alexis' new (nonexistent) consulting work. She's honest about not being able to get any jobs, but not about how she's still drinking. Sam gives her some hope by asking her to consult on some PI cases, but Alexis still ends the night with wine.

Someone noted that Sonny mentioned Lily's death to Griffin yesterday, which we can now call foreshadowing.

Previous writers would have had Morgan crash into Sam and Molly, so thank goodness for small favors.

Sign Griffin up for sainthood, because he basically pulled off a miracle today. I didn't think there was any way Sonny was going to listen to him.

Kiki: "You must think that I'm the worst person in the world." Hon, Dillon's father is a serial killer. You kissing someone who's not your boyfriend is no comparison. You're fine.

Arrested: Paul Hornsby
Back together: Ned Ashton and Olivia Falconeri

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Alexis to Julian: "I'd say 'good night' but that would imply that I want you to have one"
Funniest moment (unintentional): The whole thing where Olivia and Ned accidentally outed their relationship to Julian because they thought he already knew
Saddest moment: Nothing this week, which is fine, because next week is going to have plenty
Sweetest/cutest moment: N/A
Least believable moment: Morgan mistook Olivia for Kiki
Best instances of continuity: Sonny was responsible for Morgan and Kiki's first breakup; Morgan's gambling addiction
Worst instance of continuity: There were pictures of Claudette and Valentin on the Internet, but I guess no one in Port Charles saw them, because no one knew Valentin was alive
Heroes of the week: Dillon, Griffin (honorable mentions to T.J. and Jason)
Most annoying character: Ava
Smartest character: Dillon
Dumbest characters: Sonny, for practically announcing to Griffin his plans to murder Julian; Ava, for...not listening to Scott. Wow

The week in a nutshell:

October 10th, 2016

The explosion knocks Morgan and the car off a cliff into the river, which probably means they'll leave his fate ambiguous. Jason puts forth his best effort but can't find Morgan. Meanwhile, Julian can't get the police interested in the theft of his car, as Dante laughs off his theory that Sonny had something to do with it. Molly and T.J. privately tell Dante that Morgan took the car. Jason calls Dante to the scene of the explosion, where no one's optimistic that Morgan survived. Julian shows up, having tracked his car's GPS there, and it looks like he and Dante have the same idea about what caused the car to explode. Sonny and Carly jinx the heck out of everything by being so happy. Carly has to head back to work, so Sonny's the only one home when Jason arrives to give the bad news about Morgan. Kiki goes around town looking for Morgan, eventually hearing from Nelle that he thought they were breaking up. Nelle decides not to mention that he kissed her, or that he thought Kiki was cheating on him. Dillon tells Tracy that he and Kiki are about to get together. Tracy figures that her judgment about people has been off lately, so she may have been wrong about Dillon and Kiki's incompatibility. Finn may have made a breakthrough with his medication, so Hayden thinks he should start looking to the future. She catches the interest of the president of a financial company and tells Finn she may get in touch with him – not for a job, for a date. Hayden and Finn tell Tracy what they heard about the possible sale of the hospital. She's not sure what's going on but knows she'll need to fight for GH.

Oh, goody, a maybe-he's-not-really-dead scenario. Those are so much fun.

I can't believe they didn't end the episode with Jason coming to the house to give both Carly and Sonny the news. She even mentioned that happening on their wedding day! What kind of red-herring foreshadowing...

Dante's showing emotion toward one of his siblings! It's a Canadian Thanksgiving Day miracle!

Hey, firefighters, next time don't take so long to do your job. There was still something on fire at, like, 2:45.

See? Nelle is SHADY.

If they only closed the hospital for a couple of days, why do they have to wait a month to reopen it?

October 11th, 2016

Jason tells Sonny what happened to Morgan, then takes him to the scene, where Sonny joins the search. He has to be handcuffed to keep him from interfering, but Dante lets him go when remains are found. Sonny then goes home and does the unenviable job of telling Carly that their son is dead. Dante's smart enough to know Sonny was probably responsible for Morgan's death, and Jordan gets to that conclusion even faster. Though she'll leave Sonny alone for the night, she'll be coming to him for answers tomorrow. Julian tells Ava that there was an attempt on his life, so he's finally going to take security seriously. She displays actual human emotions when he tells her Morgan's dead, and actually feels bad about her part in his death. Sam and Elizabeth agree to peacefully coexist, but the truce is challenged just moments later when Elizabeth asks Sam and Jason not to interfere in her relationship with Franco. Franco arrives in the middle of the discussion, and though Sam says she's fine as long as he stays away from her, the tension there is probably never going to go away. Jake overhears them fighting and asks why Sam doesn't like Franco. Franco explains that he did something to hurt her and Jason, and they'll probably never forgive him, but he regrets it. Nelle almost literally says she wants Carly's life, and if that isn't a red flag, I don't know what one is.

Really nice work from Dom Zamprogna today and yesterday.

Raise your hand if you care about Ava's feelings for Morgan. Yeah, that's what I thought.

How dare Franco eat at Noodle Buddha.

Nelle won a point with me for the looks she gave Franco today, but she probably won't hold on to that for too long.

October 12th, 2016

Carly wakes up thinking she dreamed the events of the previous night, so Bobbie has to give her the news again. Carly doesn't believe it until she sees Sonny's muddy jacket. She asks Dante what happened and comes close to saying that Sonny was responsible for the car bomb. Dante gives her Morgan's phone and she listens to the voicemail she left him, knowing he'll never hear it. When Sonny comes home, she blames him for their son's death. Dante tells Michael about Morgan, and Michael's immediately furious with Sonny. He reminds his father that he stopped Michael from doing anything to Paul, saying it wasn't worth it – so is Morgan worth the revenge Sonny would have gotten on Julian? Ava tells Kiki about Morgan's death, mentioning that he thought he saw Kiki and Dillon together. Kiki thinks that's what pushed him over the edge, so she blames herself for his death. Dante confides in Lulu that he may have to arrest Sonny for killing Morgan. Tracy's barred from a board meeting about the sale of the hospital. She also seems to think this is a good time to a) not have any sympathy for Sonny and b) get mad at Jason for leaving the family. Chats with Lulu and Olivia make Laura decide to give Kevin another chance. Ned and Olivia decide to go public.

Emmys for Dom Zamprogna, Laura Wright, and Chad Duell, yes?

Once again, Kristina is nowhere to be found during a big Corinthos plot. She'll probably be the last to find out.

I have just about the same amount of sympathy for Ava as Tracy does for Sonny.

Enough with the hook, Ned. No one cares about the hook.

October 13th, 2016

Dante and Michael both blame themselves for Morgan's death because they weren't better brothers to him. Meanwhile, Kiki blames herself because her lack of self-control with Dillon led Morgan to drink. When Michael hears that she was going to leave Morgan for Dillon, he places the blame on her, too (but only briefly). Franco and Dillon both think Kiki should turn to Dillon for support, but just seeing him makes her remember what she did, so she doesn't want to be around him. T.J. jumps on the blame train, wishing he'd done more to stop Morgan from taking Julian's car. Jordan tells him he did plenty to try to help, and besides, it's probably Sonny's fault anyway. She hopes T.J. learns from the situation that romanticizing the mob is a bad idea. Nathan finally meets Charlotte, but Maxie immediately says that she thinks Claudette's lying about her paternity. Maxie also tells Lulu that Valentin is the guy Claudette's been protecting Charlotte from. We get it, Nina still wants a kid.

Maybe Jason should shadow Michael for a while and help him make good decisions.

Aw, T.J. He's such a good character.

So when can we expect Valentin's inevitable return? Soon, please?

Enough with Franco and kids, Nina. You need to drop that as badly as Ned needs to drop the hook.

October 14th, 2016

Carly makes plans to move out with Josslyn, but doesn't want to tell Sonny ahead of time. She wishes she'd left earlier because she should have known that he wouldn't have stopped using violence. Kristina and Josslyn have very different reactions to the situation – Kristina thinks Carly's abandoning Sonny when he needs her, and Josslyn has realized for the first time just what dangers the mafia brings to innocent people. Julian takes the condolence fruit basket Nina got for the Corinthoses to Sonny, because he's an idiot. Claudette and Maxie practically tear each other's hair out in front of Charlotte, but Maxie quickly backtracks and acts like the perfect future stepmother. It's really a ruse to get Charlotte's DNA on a straw so she can get a paternity test run. Scott suggests that Julian protect himself by getting proof that Sonny tried to kill him so he'll go to prison. Julian turns to Curtis to help him with that, and Curtis in turn looks to T.J. Sam and Alexis admit to each other that they don't wish Julian dead, though Alexis notes that it would solve a lot of her problems. Curtis tells Nina he's not going to help her get a black-market baby after all.

Fun fact: Today is Sonny and Carly's anniversary. They barely made it a year!

Kristina's pro-Sonny now? That's weird.

Also weird: There's at least a ten-year age difference between Kristina and Josslyn, but they're the same height.

Maxie, if you want to talk about children not having a parent's coloring, look at Rocco and Dante.

I really can't see Curtis agreeing to work for Julian. Is he really that desperate for money?

Presumed dead: Morgan Corinthos

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): N/A
Funniest moment (unintentional): Michael to Tracy: "It's okay. You were just being a Quartermaine"
Saddest moment: Good luck picking just one
Sweetest/cutest moment: Nathan and Charlotte meeting
Least believable moment: Maxie calling out Claudette in front of Charlotte
Best instance of continuity: Morgan was the first Corinthos Dante met
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Claudette
Smartest character: ...Scott?
Dumbest character: Julian

The week in a nutshell:

October 17th, 2016

Jason bugs Carly about leaving Sonny, but she has no interest in showing support for the person she considers responsible for Morgan's death. Jason reminds her that Sonny called off the hit (not that Carly cares), and promises to look into why the cancellation wasn't successful. Carly's mad at herself for staying with Sonny when she knew he would never step away from violence. Jason admits to blaming himself because he was right there when Morgan died and should have been able to save him. Julian wants to "honor" Morgan by not retaliating against Sonny, and by getting Sonny to agree to a ceasefire. Sonny basically tells him to get out or be murdered. When Julian checks in with Curtis, he confirms that he doesn't plan on getting revenge – he's going to rebuild his life and focus on putting Sonny behind bars. Lucy brushes off Tracy's anger over the hospital sale and suggests that Tracy buy it herself. Apparently the hospital can't reopen because Paul had an alibi for the attacks on Bobbie and Lucas, which means there's another attacker who still hasn't been caught. Elizabeth can't afford not to work, and she's considering relocating if she has to. Franco, of course, doesn't like that idea. T.J. thinks Curtis is investigating Morgan's death for Sonny, which means he wasn't the one who put the bomb in Julian's car. Curtis can't comment on his work and just lets T.J. believe that. If Nelle really does want Carly's family, now's the time for her to move in on Sonny.

Okay, Jason, it's time to back off. Let Carly deal with this how she needs to.

I guess they couldn't come up with a reason Paul would go after Bobbie, so they just retconned it and decided there's another attacker?

Is there something in Roger Howarth's contract that requires him to eat in a certain number of episodes?

Oh, T.J. So nice. So naïve.

Can Curtis and Jason team up? Pretty please?

Someone should pay Nelle to take all the alcohol out of the Corinthos compound.

October 18th, 2016

Hayden goes on a date with Evan, the guy from the financial company, who doesn't bother to mask the fact that he's a sleaze. She's willing to put up with him because his foundation offers medical grants, but she walks away when he implies that he'll give her one for Finn if she sleeps with him. Then she changes her mind when she realizes Finn's health is worsening. Claudette uses Charlotte to crash Maxie and Nathan's night alone, then tells Griffin she wants to run away with him, and not her daughter. Meanwhile, Nathan finds out about the paternity test, and though he doesn't want to know the results, Maxie opens it and discovers that Charlotte isn't really his. Franco gets Heather to admit that she went after Bobbie and Lucas when she knew Franco had an alibi, in order to take any suspicion off of him. He urges her to confess so the hospital can reopen, but Heather's not willing to sacrifice her privileges so Franco's girlfriend doesn't have to move out of town. It turns out not to matter, as Franco recorded their conversation. Anna contemplates accepting an offer from Robert to train WSB agents in Geneva. Andre can tell that she isn't really excited about the idea, but she's also not that invested in sticking around, so he suggests that she come up with her own plan for the future. Elizabeth may now be in love with Franco, if anyone cares. Laura decides to sell Wyndemere.

I can only hope this Hayden/Evan thing ends with her beating him unconscious with her shoes. Second choice: Tracy and Finn find them, and Tracy and Hayden beat Evan with their shoes while Finn cheers them on. However, if Hayden does sleep with Evan, Finn can never be mean to her again.

Just when I think I can't despise Claudette more, she pulls an even more maddening stunt.

I guess Franco's alternate option is to blackmail Heather and use the payout to buy the hospital.

Does anyone in town not blame him- or herself for Morgan's death? This is getting out of hand.

Laura knows she can just kick Hayden out, right?

October 19th, 2016

Maxie and Nathan aren't sure about Claudette's motives, but they figure that she manipulated the first paternity test by using Obrecht's DNA rather than Charlotte's. Nathan goes to confront Claudette, who's having a tough time convincing Griffin to give up his life again for her. She admits to lying and tells Griffin he's Charlotte's father, though if he's smart, he'll get, like, five paternity tests to confirm that. Maxie heads to Claudette's hotel room to have it out with her, but instead she finds a henchman tearing the place apart. Ava has a talk with Obrecht about how Morgan must have been off of his meds, and how Carly can look into his medical history and have the pills tested. Ava goes to Sonny's house and lectures him about getting it together to take care of Avery. She nabs Morgan's fake pills, but Nelle catches her. Finn gets concerned when he sees Hayden go upstairs with Evan, though Tracy thinks she's a big girl and knows what she's doing. What she's doing is getting her money up front, then getting Evan super-drunk so he'll pass out and she doesn't actually have to sleep with him. Finn busts into the room after Hayden has carried out her plan, and she teases him about liking her.

Aw, Charlotte and Nathan aren't related at all? There goes my theory that Valentin fathered both of them.

At some point, Charlotte's going to ask Claudette, "How many people's daughter am I?"

I can't wait till this henchman contacts Claudette to negotiate for Maxie's release and Claudette's like, "Do what you gotta do."

Things we don't care about: 1) Nelle's dead best friend. 2) Ava's feelings. 3) Obrecht's opinion on anything.

I know I encourage a lot of characters to reevaluate their life choices, but if you're calling your lawyer to tell him where your will is because you're not sure you'll leave your daughter's father's house alive...well, I don't have to say it.

October 20th, 2016

Ava's able to cover for her actions, once again getting away with her manipulations. She throws away the fake meds, but someone takes them out of the trash. The henchman kidnaps Maxie, confusing her for Claudette, and tries to get Charlotte's location out of her. Maxie's willing to let him kill Claudette, but first she wants assurance that she won't be killed as well. Charlotte's understandably confused about suddenly having a new dad, and Nathan and Griffin are pretty ticked about the whole mess. Claudette's all "sorry not sorry" about it, claiming she just wants to focus on keeping Charlotte safe. Funny how she's not more eager about following through with Nathan and Griffin's idea to get Anna to help them. Carly and Michael turn to Andre for answers about Morgan's behavior before his death, but since Andre doesn't have any bloodwork to examine, he can't help them. Carly chastises him for letting Morgan go home from the clinic when he wasn't ready. Andre says he was, and he has no idea what happened to cause Morgan's behavioral changes. Carly says she blames him, but really she blames herself for not doing more when she saw that something was wrong. Sonny has drunk dreams about Carly coming back, then getting chummy with Ava and taking Avery from him. Nelle learns about the whole Sonny/Ava/Morgan disaster, but she's more concerned about Sonny's state than anything else.


Oh, come on. Maxie wouldn't send someone in Claudette's direction to kill her. She may be petty but she's not evil.

I also have to shake my head at her claim that she's "really tight" with people in the Corinthos organization. When's the last time she even talked to one of them?

I enjoy Nathan and Griffin being on the same side about Claudette's horribleness. I hope they become friends.

October 21st, 2016

Maxie does a great job delaying her death, trying to gain sympathy from her kidnapper, and making an escape attempt. Ultimately, though, he decides to leave her to die via gas leak. Felicia lets Nathan know that Maxie missed breakfast with her, and he figures she went to see Claudette the night before. Claudette tells him her hotel room was trashed and she thinks Valentin has found her. When Nathan checks out the room, it's clean again, but he does find the bracelet Maxie dropped when she was kidnapped. Griffin asks Anna for help protecting Charlotte and Claudette. It's his lucky day, as Anna has just accepted a job back at the WSB. She checks out Valentin's dossier and seems to find him familiar. Lulu and Jordan are worried about Dante working Morgan's case, since the end result could be him having to arrest Sonny. Dante doesn't care and won't step down. He's called to the crime scene because something was found, and I'm guessing it's that jade necklace Carly gave Morgan, since it hasn't come up again. Sonny's upset to learn that Carly, Michael, and Nelle planned Morgan's funeral without him. Even though Carly says she can't stand to look at him, he begs her to come home and tries to kiss her. Jason wants to move his family out of Port Charles, and Sam's on board, so start taking bets on what will prevent that. Lulu and Laura discuss Valentin and wonder if the Claudette situation could be connected to Helena somehow.

If Kevin wants to write another book, he should talk to Laura about the Griffin/Nathan/Claudette/Valentin stuff. THERE'S your bestseller.

I didn't realize until today that if Charlotte is Griffin's daughter, she's also Duke's granddaughter, which gives Anna another connection to him (and more motivation to protect her). By the way, Griffin? Notice how I said "if." Get a paternity test before you start calling her your daughter.

Morgan's funeral isn't for three weeks? Weird. But that explains why Jax is coming back.

Now I'm intrigued. Why would Anna find Valentin familiar?

Kidnapped: Maxie Jones

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Ava: "I see you insist on believing the worst of me." Sonny: "And I'm rarely disappointed"
Funniest moment (unintentional): N/A
Saddest moment: Again, take your pick
Sweetest/cutest moment: Jason talking to the baby
Least believable moment: Maxie's willing to let Claudette be killed
Best instance of continuity: Maxie and Nathan's New Year's Eve wedding is most likely because they have a history of big moments on New Year's Eve
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: Hayden
Most annoying character: Claudette
Smartest character: Maxie
Dumbest character: Claudette
Unanswered question of the week: Who took Morgan's medication out of the trash?

The week in a nutshell:

October 24th, 2016

Claudette plans to skip town alone while Griffin and Anna discuss Valentin. Griffin goes up to check on Claudette, who doesn't mention Maxie's disappearance. He figures out that she's trying to leave town and seemingly convinces her to stay. Claudette plays along, then knocks Griffin out. For the second time in five months, a blonde boards a plane and discovers that a Cassadine is her seatmate, because guess who's not locked up in a Greek prison anymore? Nathan figures out that someone grabbed Maxie, mistaking her for Claudette, and gets the police mobilized to find her. Maxie's able to free herself and find a phone, though she's not much help letting Nathan know where she is. As she starts to lose consciousness, she mentions a hot-dog jingle, which leads Nathan to figure out she's near a food stand they frequently pass. Junk food saves the day, and Nathan saves Maxie. Dante brings Carly and Sonny Morgan's necklace (of course), and Carly wonders if the police will find anything else they can bury before the funeral. Kiki shows up to pay her condolences, and Carly tears into her for leading Morgan on and then planning to dump him. Sonny tries to comfort Kiki, but she already blames herself for everything going wrong, so Carly's words aren't really anything she hasn't already thought herself. Unsurprisingly, Finn doesn't want to accept the money Hayden got for him. She wants him to do something fun if he's not going to be able to save himself, though she's sure he's going to turn her down for a relationship again. Finn admits that he has feelings for her, but he doesn't want to get involved when he doesn't know how much time he has left. Talk about taking risks makes him change his mind. Laura and Kevin seem to be back on track.

I refuse to apologize for applauding Valentin's return. If we can't have Jerry back, I have to enjoy my villains when I can.

If it was foreshadowing to have Laura walk by a sign that said "something wicked this way comes" while Anna and Griffin were talking about Valentin, bravo.

What makes Claudette think that Valentin won't go after Charlotte to lure her back? SHE'S THE WORST! PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY, VALENTIN!

Nathan, there's a gas leak. Get a little farther away from the building, yeah?

Michael, please come back and babysit your mother a little longer. She's making some bad decisions right now.

Ah, yes, Chekhov's necklace. I knew that would resurface.

October 25th, 2016

Max can tell that Sonny's headed toward one of his famous breakdowns, and he begs Jason to help. Sonny runs into Ava and Scott at the Haunted Star and hears Ava saying that he would kill her if he knew something about what happened to Morgan. She admits that she saw him drinking the night he died and didn't do anything to help him. Sonny's too upset with Scott to care – if Scott hadn't gotten Julian acquitted, Sonny wouldn't have had to try to kill him. Scott throws Karen back in Sonny's face (of course), and the two men get in a fight that Ava calls on Jason to end. Franco and Elizabeth give Jordan all their evidence about Heather, and it's enough to get the ball rolling on reopening the hospital. Franco admits to Elizabeth that he used his reputation to intimidate someone into giving him information, but Elizabeth still thinks he's a good person. Tracy interrupts Finn and Hayden before they can take things past first base, then sparks another fight when she mentions that Finn wanted her to offer Hayden a job. Hayden thinks Finn's trying to get rid of her, but he says he just wanted her to have something to do so she won't turn him into her project. She accuses him of hiding behind Reiko so he doesn't have to face the risks involved in a new relationship. Alexis is now lying to Diane about her activities while bar-hopping. Also, she partly blames herself for Morgan's death because she didn't put Julian behind bars, so I think officially everyone in town feels guilty now. Sam and Jason finally get around to telling their kid that another baby's on the way. Julian's still convinced that he can win Alexis back, and maybe even Sam and Lucas. Nina still doesn't get how that's ever going to happen.

Freaking A, Scott. If Sonny had "destroyed" Karen's life, she wouldn't have gone on to be a happy, successful doctor.

Hayden, if Finn wanted to get rid of you, he'd tell you to go away. He certainly wouldn't make out with you.


Sam and Jason sure waited long enough to tell Danny about the baby. I bet they won't tell him they're moving until everything's already in boxes. (Ha, right, like they'll actually move.)

October 26th, 2016

Jason's able to separate Sonny and Scott before anyone gets hurt, and Ava manages to convince Scott not to call the police, noting that Sonny could start examining Morgan's behavior and figure out about the medication swap. Scott decides that they might as well let Sonny destroy himself. He's certainly going down that path, trying to push Jason away by blaming him for Morgan's death (since Sonny wouldn't have had to go after Julian if Jason had just killed him like Sonny asked), then complaining that their friendship hasn't been the same since Jason got his memory back. Once he gets Jason to leave, Sonny heads to the bridge where everyone in town goes, most likely intending to shoot himself. Alexis makes a scene at the Metro Court, yelling at Julian in front of people and telling him he's responsible for Morgan's death. Julian starts trashing Morgan just as Carly arrives, earning himself a slap across the face. Alexis offers her condolences to Carly, knowing that she could easily be in Carly's position. Nelle lets Michael know that Sonny's in bad shape and might not survive his grief if he's left to deal with it alone. Michael isn't ready to forgive Sonny for causing Morgan's death, but he passes the news on to Carly. Jordan first thinks that Sonny has hired Curtis to look into the bombing, but then she figures out that Curtis is actually working for Julian. Not only is she mad that he would take money from a killer, but also because he could interfere with a police investigation. Curtis taunts that she's worried that he'll do a better job on the case than her cops will. He heads over to snoop in Sonny's office, where Jason catches him. Maxie and Nathan meet back up with Griffin and Anna, learning that Claudette left. Griffin thinks she actually made the right decision in trying to lead Valentin away from Charlotte. He's worried he won't be a good father to her, let alone be able to protect her. Later, Nathan finds out that Claudette booked a flight to Calgary, but she's not on the plane when it lands. Ava gets a phone call from someone she thinks is Nikolas, because why wouldn't she be the first person he'd contact after months away?

Jason has a lot more patience than I do, because if my friend blamed me for his son's death because I refused to murder someone, I'd walk out.

Yeah, Julian, it's Carly who made you look bad in front of Alexis.

In other Julian-related news, watching Carly slap him was incredibly satisfying.

Now I want Curtis to be successful just to stick it to Jordan.

Will someone please tell Ava to GO GET HER KID so the Corinthoses don't have to take care of her right now?

Ew, Griffin. Don't say nice things about Claudette.

October 27th, 2016

Robin has chosen the perfect time to make one of her semi-annual visits, and she runs into Sonny before he can kill himself (though he pretends he doesn't intend to). She uses Stone's memory to try to convince him that he needs to be grateful to be alive and do something to honor Morgan, instead of getting revenge or ending his own life. Carly wants Michael to open up about his feelings, since he's been so busy putting out fires and worrying about other people. He tells her he feels like everyone's responsible for Morgan's death because they were dumb enough to believe Sonny when he said he'd change. Anna tells Griffin about her own experiences sending her child to live with someone else, an idea that isn't that appealing to Griffin, even though he's also not sure about parenting. He's a better father than he thinks, and Charlotte seems comfortable with him, so for now, it looks like he'll keep her around. Jason figures out that Curtis is working for Julian and looking for information on who planted the bomb. Curtis guesses that the bomb was triggered when Morgan got in the car and detonated when he got out, which means it was planted after Julian got to the Floating Rib. Forensic reports point to one of Sonny's known associates from years ago, and Jordan warns Jason that this is a really bad time to be friends with Sonny. Jason asks Spinelli to look into Sonny's phone records so he can track down the bomber. Jordan tells Valerie what Curtis is up to, warning that he might try to press her for information on the investigation. Valerie confronts Curtis, but he tells her he's not on the case anymore. However, when he gets the chance to look at the case file, he snaps some pictures.

Who can we send Robin to talk sense into next? Julian?

Kristina's on Sonny's side right now – send her over to take care of him. Come on, Michael.


Curtis, nooooooo! There's no way this can end well!

October 28th, 2016

Laura throws a get-together at Wyndemere in anticipation of selling it and saying goodbye to Nikolas. Kevin briefly shows up in a lion costume, leaves for a little while, and returns as Dante, Lulu, Sam, and Alexis are joining the festivities. But he was preceded by someone else in the same costume, and people would probably be suspicious if they weren't distracted by a call from Lucy announcing that Laura can't sell Wyndemere: It belongs to the second lion, Valentin. Kristina takes her turn trying to comfort Sonny, sympathizing because she also had a fight with Morgan the last time she spoke to him. Sonny imagines going after Morgan instead of letting him leave the house, and letting Morgan know that one mistake doesn't have to ruin anything. Then zombie Morgan shows up, which is really weird. Bobbie looks after Carly, encouraging her to stop distracting herself so she can feel her grief. She notices that Nelle is super-helpful and makes it clear that she finds it suspicious. Nathan multitasks by both having sex with Maxie and getting a glimpse of a security photo showing a woman who may be Claudette leaving her flight with a guy. He's a little disappointed not to be a father, but knows there could be kids in his future, as well as a stepdaughter. Alexis is sad that Sam and Jason want to move away, but I bet all the booze she just bought will help her get through it.

How does the WSB think Valentin's still locked up? Get it together, Frisco!

Thank you, Bobbie, for joining me in the Nelle Is Shady Club. If we get a few more members, I think we can spring for T-shirts.

Alexis decorated for Halloween but didn't get any candy? Her house is so going to get egged.

Please tell me Avery's dressed as a little ear of corn.

Back in town: Valentin Cassadine, Robin Scorpio (and Emma Drake, though we didn't get to see her)

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Finn making "go away" gestures at the door while making out with Hayden
Funniest moment (unintentional): Valentin's overdramatic reveal
Saddest moment: Everything Morgan-related, again, some more
Sweetest/cutest moment: Charlotte taking Griffin's hand
Least believable moment: N/A
Best instance of continuity: Robin and Sonny scattered Stone's ashes off the bridge everyone goes to
Worst instance of continuity: No one mentioned that it's Maxie's birthday
Hero of the week: Robin
Most annoying character: Jordan
Smartest character: Robin
Dumbest character: I may just keep Julian here for a while

The week in a nutshell:

October 31st, 2016

Thanks to some technicalities and deals, Valentin is a free man and does, indeed, own Wyndemere. He thinks everyone can get past their past encounters and live peacefully in the same town. Alexis is really not interested in getting to know her long-lost brother. Ava is...also there. As soon as Valentin leaves, Dante and the Spencers scramble to check on Spencer and warn Griffin so he can keep Charlotte safe. Sonny chats with zombie Morgan for a few minutes before realizing that he's just some kid who came to the house on a dare. Sonny attacks the kid, but Jason arrives in time to stop anything really bad from happening. The Morgan hallucination returns, urging Sonny to get rid of Jason so he can kill himself. Sonny asks Diane to help him get his affairs in order, which can't be good. Franco's jealous when he sees Elizabeth and Jason together with Jake, then jealous again when Elizabeth helps Griffin out with a tantruming Charlotte. Kiki warns that he's acting like Morgan did about her about Dillon, and Franco replies that he had good reason to be jealous. Elizabeth thinks Franco's just sexually frustrated and assures him that they'll make it to bed sooner or later. Nina meets Charlotte, who reignites her desire to have a baby. Later, she gets a very different (but possibly related) visitor: Valentin. Dillon tries again to reach out to Kiki, but seeing him just reminds her of the mistakes she made, so she doesn't want to be around him right now. He tells her he'll wait till she's ready.

Laura, stop inviting Ava to things.

Here's hoping Max and Diane talk about Sonny's recent behavior and start getting really worried.

Next on Robin's Tour of Sense-Talking: Elizabeth, I hope. Because Franco was so awful today that I found myself...gulp...sympathizing with Elizabeth. Gaaaaah.

If Nina saw Charlotte throwing a tantrum, I wonder if it would change her mind about wanting a kid. (Scarlett Fernandez did a really good job with that, by the way.)

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