General Hospital blog - October, 2017

October 2nd, 2017

Patient 6 makes it to an alley, where he runs into a priest who offers to get him shoes from his church. Griffin happens to show up there as well, and Jason asks to use his phone. He calls Sam, but she's out of the room, so Jason answers. Franco tells Jason the same story he told Elizabeth about the boy in the photo being a neighbor kid who moved away. He claims he realized he was mistaken about the boy's identity, and remembered that Jason wouldn't be able to tell him anything anyway, since he has no memories of his childhood. Jason's suspicious and asks to see the picture, but Franco says he lost it. Klein finds Ava's earring in Patient 6's room and easily figures out that she helped him escape. Ava plays dumb for a while, then admits that she helped him with the paper clip. Klein threatens to punish her by not finishing her surgeries, then possibly by...holding her hostage? I'm not sure. Michael thinks Nelle made a mistake lying to Sharon about the ring, and sympathize with her over wanting back something belonging to her dead brother. Nelle refuses to give it back, and Michael wonders if Bobbie wasn't right about her after all. Alexis tells Sam to stay out of her personal life, claiming she's fine being on her own. Sam calls her bluff, thinking she's just waiting around for Julian. Eventually, Alexis agrees to spend more time with David, and since he isn't scared off by her blurting out that her father tried to freeze the world and she's currently on the wagon, he might be a good catch.

Exactly how many phone numbers has Patient 6 memorized?

Of course two people connected to Port Charles wound up in the same St. Petersburg church at the same time.


Ugh, Michael, just dump her and save us all a lot of trouble.

What's that, Alexis? You don't like it when people interfere in your social life? I bet Kristina would love to hear that about you.

October 3rd, 2017

Patient 6 and Jason spend a few seconds on the phone before some clinic goons show up at the church and Patient 6 has to hang up. Sam calls the number back and gets Griffin's voice mail, which makes her think the hospital was trying to contact her. The clinic goons ask Griffin about Patient 6, and he tells them he was there and has since left. Patient 6 decides not to use the phone again, since his captors could have bugged it. He gives Griffin directions to the clinic, then asks the Russian priest for help getting home. Klein wants to take Ava prisoner and drug her to keep her compliant. Of course, Griffin shows up in time to save her. Finn tells Cassandra that he thinks she really does have some sort of physical ailment, but if she wants him to treat her, she'll have to come to Port Charles, since he can't legally practice medicine in Monaco. When he meets back up with Anna, he lets her know that he doesn’t think Cassandra will follow up. Anna doesn't mind, since their most recent meeting was just a way for her to give Cassandra a bugged teacup. Too bad Finn left the teacup in a taxi and Cassandra never got it. This means she isn't listening in when Cassandra calls Valentin to ask for information on Finn. Sam asks Jason to confirm that he really wants to leave his old life behind and focus on their family. He promises that he doesn't want to go back to his life of danger, and he's not just making the change because she wants him to. I couldn't care less about Valentin and Nina if she sold the (possibly stolen) necklace he's just given her and sent me the money.

Patient 6 seems confused about the niceness of priests.

"I'm a doctor, not a murderer." Klein, on this show, you can be both.

This Anna/Finn plot is dumb, but it's such a good use of Michael Easton.

While you're handing out presents, Valentin, how about giving me the gift of not having to watch any more of your scenes with Nina?

October 4th, 2017

Ava and Griffin manage to get out of the clinic and on a plane without being spotted or stopped. Now she'd like to know why he came to get her. The Russian priest happens to know someone with a boat, and that boat happens to be going to New York, and the captain happens to be willing to hide Patient 6 on board! How convenient! Though Patient 6 is stashed in a place the crew isn't supposed to enter, someone finds him and goes after him with a pipe. Anna and Finn pass the time in Monaco by regretting past parenting mistakes (her) and projecting their own recent life upheavals onto those mistakes (him). Then they decide to try to have some fun instead of just sitting around, waiting for Cassandra to get back to them. Laura's back in town, and the first thing she does is hold an unloaded gun on Valentin so he can feel the same fear Nikolas did in the moments before his death. If she's expecting him to apologize for killing her son, she's going to have to wait a while. Laura brings up Helena's curse, then basically puts her own on Valentin, warning that one day his past will come back to bite him. Valentin doesn't seem to think Finn and Cassandra's encounters are significant, and he doesn't provide her with any information. Also, apparently they haven't had any contact in years, so maybe he didn't go see her when he was in Morocco. Cassandra's interested in Finn's "traveling companion," possibly because she wants to hook up with him. Ultimately, she decides to go to Port Charles so Finn can treat her. Valentin doesn't seem pleased.

Knowing this show, Ava and Griffin will be back to Port Charles by morning, and Patient 6 will get there an hour later.

Anna should have taken Griffin to Monaco with her instead of Finn. He's pretty good at spy stuff.

The odds of that boat going to the same place Patient 6 wants to go are roughly the same as the odds of all these people in the same town having twins.

Cool, Laura lost her mind while she was out of the country.

October 5th, 2017

Griffin tells Ava that he came to Russia because of their friendship, which we all know is a lie. He's proud of her for helping Patient 6 and thinks divine intervention put them in each other's paths. Sonny and Brick convince themselves that the call from Russia had to do with Ava. Carly tries to ask Brick to do a deeper background check and run surveillance on Nelle, but Sonny calls it off, insisting that they leave Michael's relationship alone. Josslyn and Oscar start talking families, and he confides that he's never met his father and doesn't even know his name. He'd kind of like to know more about him and possibly meet him, despite reservations, but he doesn't think that's an option. Josslyn tells him it might be, probably thinking of Brick. Nathan's worried that Jordan will fire him for not disclosing that he was Man Landers, but as long as it doesn't interfere with his job, she's okay with it. Also, she'd like some advice about Stella. Nathan gets her to see Stella in a different light – she once let go of the love of her life, and since she hasn't found love again since, she's probably sad. Speaking of Stella, she's just gotten a job at GH as a social worker, so she's officially staying in town. Curtis also brings up her former love, hoping she can find someone to spend her life with, but Stella's resigned to staying single. Maxie thinks that Amy's upset that Nathan's getting all the praise for her work, but Amy's actually pleased with the way things are working out. She pinpoints who's really upset – Maxie, who was always the center of attention in high school and now is on the sidelines.

Even Griffin, who thinks Ava can be redeemed, is like, "You...helped someone? Selflessly? For real?"

Divine intervention or not, it's pretty bold of Ava and Griffin to believe that Patient 6 is a good person. They could have just unleashed a serial killer on the world.

I've been wondering who Oscar's father is, because all the mentions of him have seemed significant, but maybe before we jump into that, the show can tell us who Nathan's father is.

Joss, Devin's cute. You should be happy to have him around.

YES to Amy and Maxie bonding. I think they have a lot more in common than they think they do.

October 6th, 2017

Patient 6's would-be assailant is Hux, who attacked him because he thought someone sent Patient 6 after him. There's a lot of blathering that serves no purpose, but put together Patient 6's unfamiliarity with Griffin's phone earlier in the week, his confusion over the word "Brexit," and his surprise at learning it's 2017, and it looks like someone's been out of commission for a while. Ava feels bad about giving up her chance to get justice for Nikolas, especially after he risked his life for her last year. Her face is a lot better, thanks to Klein, and she realizes that with just one more treatment, she could have been completely healed. Ava threatens to renege on her part of her deal with Valentin, then vows not to make the same mistakes she's made involving friends. P.S. Griffin totally wants to be more than friends. Now out of the hospital and recovered enough for sex, Jason's thinking about his future. He has an idea in mind for a job but doesn't want to share it with Sam just yet. Somehow, it involves making a call to Julian. Nelle and Michael make up, but she still won't go with him to a family brunch celebrating Bobbie's work at GH. She has to make an appearance at the Metro Court restaurant anyway, when Nina sends her for coffee, and Bobbie has to go and make things uncomfortable. Carly's annoyed with her but pleased that Nina isn't keeping Michael from his family like she did with Zack. Nina's also annoyed and complains to Michael that her boyfriends' families never like her. Lulu and Nina are both surprised to hear that Laura held a gun on Valentin. Valentin notes to Nina that if the Spencers ever try to pull anything, he'll have the incident in his back pocket to use against them. Charlotte's two sets of parents are struggling to make the joint-custody agreement work, and barely able to stay civil with each other when she's around, but she hasn't noticed.

I spent two weeks puzzling over a teaser about an "old foe of Nikolas'" turning up, and it's freaking Hux? Who cares about Hux??

I don't like him either, Ava, but Valentin isn't the reason you didn't finish your treatment.

My guess is that Jason finally listened to me after all these months and is going to take over Julian's garage.

"I could have handled it better." Carly, that's going to be the title of your memoir.

I can't believe no one reacted to Charlotte calling Lulu "Mommy," which we've never heard her do before.

I'd get excited about Brad and Lucas wanting to adopt if I thought we'd actually see any of that storyline.

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Finn's face when Anna said she bugged the teacup he was supposed to give Cassandra
Funniest moment (unintentional): Nina's "Laura showed up with a what now?" face
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Charlotte asking Nina to check on her stuffed animals while she was away
Least believable moment: The whole Valentin/Laura/gun thing
Best instance of continuity: I'm honestly a little bit shocked every time the show remembers that Valerie's a Spencer
Worst instance of continuity: Jason couldn't stand up 24 hours ago, but he's healthy enough to have sex now
Hero of the week: Griffin
Most annoying character: Hux
Smartest character: Unfortunately, Valentin, for realizing that he can use Laura's confrontation against the Spencers in court, if need be
Dumbest character: Ava, for helping Patient 6 escape without knowing if he's a good guy or a bad guy
Unanswered question of the week: Who's Oscar's father?

The week in a nutshell:

October 9th, 2017

Patient 6 is missing five years, and I AM STILL IN DENIAL. Elizabeth finds a bunch of sketches of the two-boys painting, and Franco tells her he was going to give them to Andre so he could see the behind-the-scenes process he underwent before he did the painting. He then tells her about Drew but balks when she insists that they tell Jason he once had a twin. He claims he wants to protect Betsy, and he's a little offended that Elizabeth seems to want to protect Jason. Elizabeth corrects that she's trying to keep Franco from keeping more Jason-related secrets, since that hasn't worked out well for him in the past. Whatever Jason wants from Julian, it involves a trip to New York, which Sam invites herself on. Michael tells Sam about the Nelle situation, so she points him toward Curtis so he can look into Zack's death. Curtis is surprised that Michael wants to prove that Nelle's innocent, not guilty. Sam and Jason bring up the mystery phone call to Griffin, who says he didn't call Sam while he was in Russia. The Morgans decide nothing weird is going on, but Griffin realizes that Patient 6 must have placed the call. It's the day before the first anniversary of Morgan's death, so we're going to have to hear about that all week. Carly and Sonny make themselves sad thinking about the future he'll never have, then cheer themselves up by remembering that their foundation to help people with mental-health issues will give others the future Morgan won't have. Nina advises Nelle to show Carly and Bobbie she's not a black widow or after Michael's money, since her words haven't convinced them.

Hux is like a British Spinelli, only I don't like him.

Franco: "I don't want there to be any secrets between us." Then...don't keep secrets from her.

Do Sam and Jason ever spend time with their kids?

LOL at Curtis calling Jason Sam's "lesser half." I love him.

October 10th, 2017

Alexis is stunned to learn that Kristina dropped out of school and guesses it's because she was uncomfortable being around Parker. She grills Molly, who tells her about the day Kristina stopped by after her class to see Parker. Meanwhile, Kristina and Parker have a date at Kelly's, and Parker admits that she almost called it off because she knows tomorrow's the anniversary of Morgan's death, and she thought Kristina might want to be with her family. They discuss Morgan and how similar he and Kristina were, and Kristina says the best way to honor him is to live her life to the fullest. David and Alexis are supposed to have their first date ("It's not a date." – Alexis) at the Metro Court, but they decide to go to Kelly's instead. Alexis narrowly misses seeing Kristina and Parker leave together for what I imagine will be some alone time. David advises Alexis to stop worrying about Kristina because things might not be as bad as she thinks. Patient 6 suffers through Hux's chattering, then wins his lucky watch in a poker game. Elizabeth decides not to tell Jason about Drew, but then she tells Franco to do it when he's back from New York, or she will. Franco doesn't get the point, since Drew's been dead for decades. Sam and Jason pick up on their weirdness and wonder what secret they're keeping, but they figure that if it's big, Elizabeth would say something. Man Landers fans are getting in the way of Maxie and Nathan's alone time, and she's not happy about it.

Poor Molly's like, "Don't interrogate me – I'm the good one!"

Itinerary note: The S.S. Denial is making a brief stop at He Wasn't Really a Coffee Importer; His False Memories Just Make Him Think He Was Island.

Why would you want to play poker against a guy with the world's best poker face?

So Jason isn't going to be around to support the Corinthoses on the anniversary of Morgan's death? Super.

Maxie, please teach Nathan what a peephole is for, and then ask Lucy to find you a building with a doorman.

Okay, writers, you've now had two characters mention fidget spinners. That's enough.

October 11th, 2017

Michael, Dante, Josslyn, Avery, Molly, and Kiki hold a memorial for Morgan at Perks. Laura confronts Ava over her agreement with Valentin, basically repeating what she said to him about how Ava's decisions will come back around on her. Ava accidentally interrupts the memorial, just wanting to see Avery, but Michael and Dante lay into her for her part in Morgan's death. Kiki joins in, still feeling horrible that she was the reason Ava messed with him. Kristina misses the memorial she planned herself because she's fighting with Alexis. The dean has learned that Parker and Kristina got together while Kristina was still a student, so Parker's out of a job. Kristina accuses Alexis of spying on them and ratting Parker out to get her fired. Alexis denies this and chastises her daughter for dropping out of school without saying anything. Kristina thinks she's lying and invites herself along when Parker announces she's moving to Oregon. Griffin's bishop sends a priest to collect him for the end of his leave of absence. Griffin won't go, admitting that he has feelings for another woman. The priest tells him to figure out what he wants already, so Griffin goes to see Ava, who's about to go to Paris to run away from her problems and/or go tell Spencer how she betrayed him. Laura laments to Kevin that she doesn't like how she's been acting, and she knows that Nikolas would want her to move on and stop obsessing over getting justice for him. Kevin decides to distract her by proposing.

I like that, instead of seeing more Carly/Sonny stuff, we got to see Morgan's siblings (plus Molly and Kiki) having a memorial. But having Kristina miss it was ridiculous.

Laura should punish Ava by making her tell Spencer about her deal with Valentin. Though if she's going to France, she might be doing that on her own.

Parker is so awful that I expected her to tell Kristina she wasn't invited to Oregon.

First Claudette, now Ava. Griffin has horrible taste in women.

October 12th, 2017

Griffin tells Ava about his leave/stay dilemma with the church, making her think that he's tying it to her because he still wants to save her. She accuses him of going to Russia to rescue her because he has a savior complex. Griffin tries to prove her wrong by kissing her, and they end up in the bedroom. Carly traces an anonymous $50,000 to Morgan's foundation back to Nelle. Before Nelle can tell Michael about it, Carly thanks her in front of him. Michael correctly guesses that she got the money by selling the Grant family's ring and wonders why she didn't tell him ahead of time. In Palm Beach, Curtis gets an in with Sharon by pretending he wants to buy her boat. She tells him that Nelle met the family through her and Zack's mother – she was Mrs. Grant's personal assistant. After looking up Nelle in connection to her high school, Curtis calls Michael to tell him he has news. Kiki confides to David that she still feels guilty over Morgan's death, and still can't forgive Ava for what she did. David thinks she's going into medicine because of Morgan and tries to convince her that she wasn't responsible for Ava's actions. Dillon sees them together and gets annoyed that Kiki's talking about things with her mentor instead of her boyfriend. Kiki tells him that David reminds her of Silas, so she talks to him about things she would discuss with her father if he were around. The two make up and Dillon assures her that he's there for her even when the topic of discussion is awkward. Alexis tries to get Sonny as upset as she is over Kristina's decision to run off with Parker, but Sonny's still in that let-my-kids-screw-up-on-their-own frame of mind and stays out of it. At least Alexis has David to talk to. Laura turns down Kevin's proposal, partly because she thinks he's trying to distract her, and partly because she wants something big and romantic. Kevin teases that he'll ask again, but she'll have no idea when it's coming.

Oh, Griffin. You're on your own from now on.

Nelle, making the donation anonymously totally missed Nina's point.

Curtis in that suit: 10/10.

Maybe if Dillon saw Alexis and David together, he'd calm down.

October 13th, 2017

Even after sleeping with Ava, Griffin doesn't know what he wants, but he does know he doesn't regret the sex. Patient 6 gives Hux's watch to a New York bartender who helps him hide from boat goons. Sam and Jason show up moments after he's left and see Huxley's name on the watch. The bartender tells them someone else gave it to her, and the Morgans laugh off the ridiculous odds that would have them end up in the same bar as someone they know. Meanwhile, Patient 6 gets on a bus to Port Charles. Valentin wants to buy Derek Wells Media from Julian and run it with Nina. Jason has the same idea for himself and his wife, and thanks to Diane, the Morgans snag the company. Nelle...whatever, she's annoying. Curtis' big news for Michael is that she was a star on her high school swim team, so when she said she wasn't a strong enough swimmer to save Zack, she was lying. Anna thinks Cassandra's dealing drugs, and if so, Anna's determined to bring her down. Cassandra surprises them by showing up in town early, and surprises them again by guessing that Finn and Anna are dating. They decide to roll with it. Valentin lets Nelle know that the warnings he gave her months ago, when she was Charlotte's nanny, still apply, so she'd better not try anything against Nina. It almost sounds like he knows her secrets. Later, Cassandra catches up with Valentin and plants a kiss on him. Nelle's spying on them and takes a picture.

If a guy sleeps with you and then says he might go back to the priesthood, what does that do to your self-esteem?

Remember how Nina hated Sam when she first came to town? Sam's her boss now. Hee hee hee.

Michael Easton is going to slay me in this storyline.

Anna, your spy skills could use some polishing.

New in town: Cassandra Pierce

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Curtis calling Jason Sam's "lesser half"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Michael wearing his Perks hat backwards
Saddest moment: Carly and Sonny talking about the things Morgan will never get to do
Sweetest/cutest moment: Avery wearing an oversized Perks hat and jumping around with her siblings
Least believable moment: Patient 6 keeps showing up at places other Port Charles residents are/have been
Best instances of continuity: Morgan's reaction when Kristina came out; the first time Dante met Morgan; Sam used to host a TV show
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: The bartender in New York
Most annoying character: Nelle
Smartest character: Curtis
Dumbest character: Kristina, because there's no way this is going to work out well

The week in a nutshell:

October 16th, 2017

Brick tells Sonny that his phones have been tapped with super-technological technology. Sonny isn't that worried, since he's had to be careful with business conversations on the phone before. The clinic goons find Patient 6, but he knocks them out and gets away. He briefly goes to Sonny's, leaving before anyone can see him, since they're getting more careful about security. He then goes to the penthouse, where Sam's leather jacket triggers a memory that's supposed to make us think he's Jason, but the S.S. Denial is not docking at that port right now. Overwhelmed, Patient 6 goes out to the balcony to get himself together, which, of course, is when Sam comes home unexpectedly. Franco has a dream about a three-year-old Drew accusing him of murder. Elizabeth still wants him to tell Jason about Drew, assuring him that Jason won't shoot the messenger. Inspired by a conversation with Stella, Franco decides to look up Drew's death certificate, but he can't find it. Michael tells Nelle what Curtis found out, and she argues that she was more focused on protecting herself from a murder investigation than telling the police about her swimming abilities. Michael decides to give her a clean slate and have Curtis end his investigation. Sam and Jason tell Sonny and Carly about their new purchase and commitment to a legit business. The Corinthoses are slightly confused and very surprised, but supportive. Curtis thinks Stella and Jordan will be able to find common ground through their jobs.

I guarantee that it'll be at least two weeks before anyone familiar with Patient 6's face sees him. They'll have to do some Halloween wackiness with masks and disguises first, a la A.J.'s return.

Jason would never leave his fingerprints at a crime scene. Patient 6 is definitely an impostor. (Letting himself into a mobster's house wasn't too bright either.)

Really? No Andrew Franks anywhere? Really?

Nelle, you're awfully defensive for someone who swears she's innocent.

October 17th, 2017

Patient 6 can't leave the penthouse before Jason gets home, so he has to hear Sam and Jason talk about their second wedding and their commitment to each other. He also hears them mention Morgan's death, so he visits Morgan's grave, where he runs into Ava. She invites him to stay with her, and he accepts, instead of, like, going back to Sonny's or looking up literally any other person in town who might be able to help him out. Patient 6 definitely thinks he's Jason (, BUT I'M NOT GOING THERE), so he's pretty surprised when Ava mentions that Jason bought her brother's media company. Griffin officially leaves the priesthood, then confides to Elizabeth that he doesn't want to tell Ava it was for her because he's never been in a real relationship before. Scott realizes that Ava had an overnight guest, but accidentally implies that the only guys who would be interested in her now are golddiggers. Ava plays along, pretending she hired an escort. Jason's worried that the press will put a negative spin on his purchase of a former mobster's company. No one points out that, since he now has a media company, he can put any kind of spin he wants on the story. Alexis doesn't get any sympathy from Sam over the Kristina mess, since at least Kristina's giving the relationship her all. Franco and Elizabeth have the same conversation they had yesterday.

Listen, a DNA test told us Jake Doe was Jason, and I'm not going to believe different until there's another DNA test. In totally unrelated news, it's Luau Night on the S.S. Denial.

Ohhhhhhh, no. Patient 6 is going to find out he's staying with the person who caused Morgan's death, and he's going to flip out. Why didn't he go back to Sonny's?

I cannot in any way, shape, or form imagine what Ava and Griffin's possible life together would look like.

Griffin, dude, don't take relationship advice from Elizabeth.

"We want to make sure the press doesn't slant the story." Jason, YOU'RE the press now. P.S. What are you wearing?

Does Franco ever eat anything other than junk food?

October 18th, 2017

Ava tells Patient 6 how Jason went from presumed dead to where he is today. When he learns that she has a child with Sonny, he decides that Ava's his best bet to deliver a message. Ava disagrees, knowing Sonny won't take anything she says seriously, but Patient 6 insists that the subject matter will interest him. Franco goes back to Betsy, asking if Drew is really dead. She sticks to her story for a while, but when he asks to go to Drew's grave, she admits that he's not dead. She gave him up because he wasn't safe with her, which she realized after Franco pushed him down the stairs. Cassandra wants to rekindle both her professional and personal relationships with Valentin, and she doesn't see his marriage to Nina as a dealbreaker. Valentin declines, since he's a family man now, and he knows there's no way Nina would approve of him selling drugs. Felicia overhears Finn and Anna talking about their "relationship" and buys that they're really together, even though they demonstrate absolutely no affection for each other. Finn's annoyed that they have to play boyfriend and girlfriend for the whole town now. Nina thinks Jason wants to fire her, but he really wants her to stay on at Crimson, since she's done such a good job with it. He asks how she managed to become successful in a job she had no experience doing. Nina credits Maxie and advises him to find someone knowledgeable about the business to help him out. Jason picks her. Josslyn starts the search for Oscar's father, but it doesn't look like they have enough information to get very far. Carly's still stuck on wanting to meet Oscar's mother, Kim, who he reveals is a doctor at Mercy. Sonny cautions her to keep her distance so Josslyn doesn't rebel.

IF Patient 6 is Jason (...shut up), maybe I'll finally get the reaction I wanted when he finds out Maxie and Spinelli have a child together.

Interesting that Ava skipped over the detail that the car that hit Jason was driven by her.

Also interesting that Betsy chose to give up Drew, not Franco.

I don't believe most of what Betsy says, but I 100% believe that Franco's first word was "mine."

Does Valentin have experience running a media company? What's that – no? Then he should shut up about Sam and Jason not having experience either.

October 19th, 2017

Ava gives Patient 6's note to Sonny, but since he won't let her see Avery, she won't give him any information about the note-writer, other than their encounter in Russia. The note tells him to go to the bridge where Sonny and Robin scattered Stone's ashes, and mentions a time Sonny gave Jason money for a cab outside Luke's club, a reference only the two of them know. Sonny calls Jason (who, for the record, also gets the reference) and announces that he's going to the bridge to meet the note-writer. Jason cautions that Ava's probably setting a trap for the Petrovs. Eavesdropping allows Patient 6 to learn that both Jake and Franco are alive. Jake hears Patient 6 say his name and spots a glimpse of him, making his parents worry that he's being watched. They don't see anyone, and Jake tells him he didn't think the person watching him meant him any harm. Even though Drew never said it outright, Betsy thinks his tumble down the stairs wasn't an accident. She thought Franco needed her more, so she dropped Drew off at a foundling hospital and has no idea what happened to him afterward. Franco's distressed that he exhibited violent tendencies years before he thought they started. He tells Elizabeth that Betsy said the boy in the photo wasn't Jason's twin after all, so they never need to revisit the topic. Laura thinks Kevin's going to propose at dinner, and for some reason she wants to play games. Dante and Lulu tell her to just say yes and get on with her life already. They hang around in hopes of snapping a picture at the time of proposal, but Kevin guesses what they're up to and teases Laura by getting down on one knee only to tie his shoe. He tells her he's much more creative than just proposing at dinner, and when he does propose again, it'll be awesome. Griffin tells Ava he left the priesthood, and she asks what that means for them.

Why doesn't Patient 6 just go back to Sonny's?

Ava, it doesn't count as a good deed if you use it as a bargaining chip.

Is it wrong that I laughed at the fact that Patient 6's Jake/Elizabeth-related memory was of fighting with her?

Is it also wrong that I like that Kevin wants to mess with Laura a little?

October 20th, 2017

Patient 6 is about to announce his presence to Sonny at the bridge when he realizes that Jason has tagged along. One of Sonny's guys, Troy, spots Patient 6, who fights him off but leaves him alone when he realizes he works for Sonny. Klein is now in Port Charles, trying to track down Patient 6 before he can make contact with Sonny. He and his goons have put spyware on the phones of people Patient 6 might contact, including Michael and Monica. Phone glitches make Michael take his and Monica's to an IT guy, who finds the spyware and makes Michael think it was placed by one of Sonny's enemies. Since Monica's involved, Jason thinks he's the real target. Now that he's seen how difficult it will be to recapture Patient 6, Klein has a new plan: kidnap Sam and use her as bait. Ava and Griffin agree to a casual, no-commitment relationship, which basically means that they have sex and then she kicks him out. Maxie wants to help Sam prepare for a party celebrating the Derek Wells Media purchase, and possibly also get her to stop wearing her leather jacket. Sam isn't ready to let go of it, since it's symbolic of her old life with Jason. Still, she's grateful for the fashion help, and she agrees to try to get Maxie her job back at Crimson. Just as Nathan convinces Amy that it's time to shut down Ask Man Landers, Maxie decides she's going to lean into her new role as Mrs. Man Landers and embrace everything it brings her. Olivia butts heads with Monica, who doesn't appreciate how much Olivia's trying to assert herself at the house. Olivia responds exactly the wrong way by reminding Monica that the house is only hers because Alan gave it to her. Ned is in a similar power struggle with Michael, who wants final say on all ELQ decisions, even though Ned's supposed to be in charge of new business. Olivia thinks she and her husband should both take what they want instead of backing down.

Patient 6, considering your recognizable face and the fact that people are after you, you should look into a disguise.

AGAIN, they ruined their cliffhanger. A preview scene shows Sam at the Metro Court with Carly, so obviously she's not going to get kidnapped. (She could probably fight that guy off anyway.)

Klein is answering to a "he," so if anyone had money on an undead Helena, sorry. (Fingers crossed for Jerry.)

I love the dress Maxie picked out for Sam. Good job, Maximista.

"I'll take his advice and his abs." Hee hee hee.

Olivia, no! Don't turn into Lady Macbeth!

October 23rd, 2017

Franco's Jason obsession is back, and he's now sketching him the way he used to look and hiding the picture from Elizabeth. He tells Andre everything, including his hesitance about telling Elizabeth and Jason about Drew. Andre thinks that's a good idea, pointing out that Betsy might have been lying again anyway. Jake tells Elizabeth more about the man from the park, revealing that he looked like Jason used to. Elizabeth thinks he should go talk to Andre, but Andre's a little busy CALLING KLEIN TO WARN HIM THAT SOMEONE'S ABOUT TO FIGURE EVERYTHING OUT. AHHHHH, ANDRE, NO. Sam, Carly, and Olivia plan the Morgans' launch party, which Sam sees as symbolic of their new life. Carly tries to hide her envy that they can have a safe life outside of the mob. Sonny doesn't think the guy Troy tangled with was really trying to ambush him, since he had a clear shot and didn't take it. They decide not to tell Sam about the encounter, but they do tell her and Carly about the phone taps, which they think are courtesy of the Feds. Diane warned that the Feds would be interested in their supposedly legit business, but the Morgans don't have anything to hide, so they aren't too worried. Sonny and Carly think they should skip the launch party so the Morgans can avoid mob associations, but Sam and Jason want their best friends there for their big night. Klein and his goons have changed their plans, choosing to keep an eye on Sam instead of kidnapping her, since that would earn Sonny's wrath. While they try to figure out where Patient 6 might go next, the goons get hired as waiters for the launch party. Kiki heard from Scott that Ava slept with a male escort, so she goes to check on her mother. Ava tells her that she lied about the escort because she didn't want to tell Scott who she was with. Kiki finds Patient 6's note and thinks he was her fling, then figures out that it had to be the only guy Ava's had contact with over the past three months. Anna catches up with Griffin, loudly disapproving of his relationship (or whatever it is) with Ava. He keeps insisting that she's changed and can be redeemed and all that stuff. Anna tells him she's seeing Finn, which Griffin isn't sure is a good idea, since he's an addict, just got dumped, and just lost a child. But yeah, his decision to date a murderer is solid.


I didn't realize that Patient 6 let Jake see his face. Is he being unstealthy on purpose? Did he not think Jake would recognize him? I'm so lost.

Also, where did he spend the night?

The Klein/goons scenes took place in a steam room because...?

Anna, if you want to convince people you're dating Finn, drop the "Dr." part of his name.

October 24th, 2017

Andre's supposed to meet with Klein, but he postpones so he can have a mini-session with Jake. Jake tells him about seeing Patient 6, making Andre worry that he'll make contact before they can nab him. Sonny tells Carly about the note from Patient 6 and Troy's encounter with him by the bridge. He then asks Diane to get an injunction to make the Feds take their taps off everyone's phones. Patient 6 spends the episode cleaning his guns in an old Corinthos safehouse, but he's definitely lost his sharpness because Max finds out that someone accessed the house and lets Sonny know. Sonny heads over on his own and comes face to face with Patient 6. Ava peeks at Franco's sketches and finds a bunch of Jason 1.0. She pretends his face is familiar because she saw an old picture of him. Nelle has tickets to a Broadway show, which means Michael will have to leave the launch party early. She can barely hide her glee when she gives Carly the news, along with the revelation that she and Michael might soon be living together. Curtis has new information about Nelle for Michael, who doesn't want it. Curtis ignores him and announces that Nelle spent a year in a psychiatric facility. Jordan and Stella team up to keep a woman from being deported because some jerk at GH called ICE on her. Jordan pretends that the woman is working undercover for her in a drug investigation, and even gets an alleged higher-up to vouch for her so the ICE agent has to leave. Stella's duly impressed.

The Patient 6 plot has done more in five weeks than the Jake Doe plot did in a year and a half.

The set designers need to try some new architectural designs, because I definitely thought Patient 6 was breaking into Alexis' house.

I've never been so happy that Ava invaded someone's privacy.

Nelle should be an elm tree for Halloween, because she is SUPER-SHADY.

Jordan won back, like, 1,000 points with me today.

October 25th, 2017

Patient 6 tells Sonny he's Jason but doesn't have a lot of other answers. It takes a while, but he manages to convince Sonny that he's real and the other Jason is the impostor. Michael confronts Nelle with the information Curtis gave him, and she, of course, gets defensive. She gets him to admit that he hasn't told her every detail about his life, so he can't be mad that she hasn't done the same. Michael's ready to move on when Nina tells him that, despite what Nelle said, she didn't get them the Broadway tickets. Then Carly texts to ask if he and Nelle are really moving on together, since that's what Nelle implied. Maxie corners Nina in a steam room and presents her new idea for the exclusive that will get her job back: An inside look at what it's like to be married to Man Landers. Nina agrees and rehires her. Amy's sad to let go of Ask Man Landers, but she's still going to do it. Nathan gives Maxie the news, but she tells him he has to keep up the charade. Monica gives Jason a pair of Alan's cufflinks and tells him and Sam how happy she is that they're building a new life. Sam's nervous about the possibility of failure, but Jason's up for the adventure. Ava tells Griffin about the two Jasons, and he wonders if Patient 6 might pose a threat to Sonny.

I don't care what he calls himself – he's Patient 6 until it's confirmed.

Sonny, do me a favor: Don't tell Patient 6 that Danny is his. Robin took that opportunity from Sam the first time around, and I want her to have it this time.

"I'm not hiding anything else, but stop digging into my past." Okay, Nelle.

Seriously, what's up with the steam room?

Wait, so Sam and Jason asked Monica to babysit the kids during the party instead of inviting her to it? Monica, take back the cufflinks.

No matter who her father turns out to be, Scout is adorable.

October 26th, 2017

Sonny confirms to Patient 6 that Jake is alive, then tells him that Robin is, too. Even though Patient 6 doesn't think Sam is safe from the clinic goons, Sonny thinks he should just go find her and reveal who he is right away. Ava doesn't think she and Griffin have enough information to go to the police, but she thinks Patient 6 will show up at the launch party, and at the very least, she can talk to Sonny about what happened after he read her note. At the party, Sam and Jason announce that they're renaming the company Aurora Media after the name of the town they considered moving to earlier in the year. Griffin recognizes the clinic goons and alerts Dante, who in turn alerts Jason. The two of them are about to escort the goons out when the goons pull guns on everyone. Andre's frantic about the possibility that Franco will piece things together and he'll get busted for his role in...whatever's going on. Klein stays calm, giving him something to throw Franco off track (a fake death certificate for Drew, I assume), then hires a guy to drug someone. Nelle tries as long as she can to drag out her lies, but ultimately she admits that she did buy the tickets so they could skip the party. She also lies again that she told Carly they were moving in together because Carly was bugging her about Michael buying her building. Michael finally realizes that he can't be with someone he can't trust, so they're done.

Thank you, Sonny, for finally giving Spinelli credit for the Jake Doe/Jason revelation, since Ava didn't.

If Ava went to the party just to have a front-row seat for craziness, I've never related to her more.

For the record, Klein is still calling Jason and Patient 6 by those names. I don't know if that's significant, but at this point, I'm going to cling to anything I can.

Me for the first 3/4ths of the episode: "Dump her, Michael. Dump her. DUMP HER. DUMP HER. DUMP HER." Me at the end: "Thanks, buddy!"

October 27th, 2017

Ava and Carly manage to call the police and text Sonny, respectively, before the gunmen make Sam collect everyone's cell phones. Sonny and Patient 6 rush to the hotel without knowing what's going on, and Patient 6 goes to the roof while Sonny goes to the party. Sam throws a cell phone at one of the gunmen, distracting him long enough for Jason to tackle and overpower him. The other one pulls his gun on Dante, but Sonny arrives and convinces the gunmen to give up. Elizabeth has caught a stray bullet, so Jason takes her to the hospital, accidentally clearing the bad guys' path to part 2 of their plan. The guy Klein gave the drug to injects and sedates Sam, but with everyone dealing with the aftermath of the hostage situation, no one notices except Patient 6, who can see them through a skylight. He smashes the glass and jumps down, following Sam and her abductor as everyone else in the room wonders if they're imagining things. The kidnapper delivers Sam to Klein, but Patient 6 follows moments after to save her. Klein tells him he can either save Sam or shoot him, but not both. Then he tosses a barely conscious Sam in the harbor and runs off. Back at the hotel, Dante and Monica interrogate Sonny, who plays dumb about the identity of the guy who came through the skylight. Andre does, indeed, have a fake death certificate for Drew, using the last name Moore instead of Frank to make Franco think that's why he couldn't find it. Andre tells him not to contact Betsy for the time being, since she just keeps lying to him. Cassandra bugs Valentin about teaming up with her again, rejecting all the people he suggests she work with instead. Finally, she shows him a photo and blackmails him into doing what she wants. Smart money would have been on the photo being the one Nelle took of Valentin and Cassandra kissing, but instead, it looks like it's one of Claudette, very much alive. Anna and Finn double-date with Mac and Felicia, and at first Felicia's the only person who supports the relationship. Even Anna confides that she doesn't think it'll last. Mac comes down hard on Finn (pulling from years of experience with Stone, Dillon, and everyone Maxie's ever dated) but later tells Anna that he thinks they're good together, even though they don't seem to have anything in common. In case anyone cares, the hostage crisis made Griffin worry about Ava's safety.

I can't believe they're actually moving this storyline forward! I figured it would be at least a couple more weeks before anyone saw Patient 6. This better not mean November sweeps is dull.

I hate how overused the word "epic" is, but dang, Patient 6, that was an epic entrance.

So we all agree, no more special events at the Metro Court without metal detectors and competent security?

Why weren't Curtis and Maxie, who are such good friends of the Morgans, at their big-deal party?

You can tell Nina hasn't been in town long because she didn't just brush off the gunmen like, "Eh, just another hostage situation; no big deal."

Anna: "We share a desire to end suffering." Finn, internally: "Can we start with this date?"

October 30th, 2017

Jason saves Sam from drowning, and she's so out of it that she doesn't find anything strange about his appearance. Sonny tells Carly about his conversation with Patient 6 at the safehouse, sure that he's the real deal. Carly disagrees, knowing that the real Jason wouldn't point a gun at his best friend. She also finds it very convenient that he doesn't remember the past five years of his life. For some reason, Jordan and Dante think finding the skylight crasher will help them figure out where Sam was taken. The gunmen used a scrambler, so the footage isn't clear, and Dante can't determine the crasher's identity. He shows it to Jason, who doesn't see anything familiar. Jason goes to Sonny's to question him about Sam's kidnapping, getting frustrated when Sonny won't tell him who the crasher was. Moments later, Patient 6 arrives with Sam. Jordan questions Monica about the crasher, and Franco and Andre both eavesdrop as she starts to say who he looked like. She stops herself, saying it's not possible, so it's not worth mentioning. Andre calls Klein and blasts him for the stunt at the Metro Court, which he wasn't in on. Franco eavesdrops again as Monica tells Elizabeth that if she didn't know better, she would think the crasher was Jason, and that there were two of them. Franco puts things together and tries to talk to Andre, who insists that Drew is dead. Josslyn and Oscar take advantage of his empty apartment to snoop for clues about his father. They find a letter from him in Amy's book and decide they need to find the gift he mentions in it. Ava and Griffin are like, "Hey, we didn't die! Let's go on a date!"

Dude, she almost drowned! Take her to the hospital!

Sonny: "The important thing right now is to find Sam." (goes home and spends half an hour fighting with Carly over who the real Jason is)

Looks like Carly's on the S.S. Denial with me.

Nathan's too young to have a 15-year-old son, right? Please?

Griffin: "So it's safe to say that Patient 6 is connected to Sam." Yeah, honey. He used your phone to call her. Did you forget that already?

October 31st, 2017

Jordan returns to the Corinthoses' house for more questioning, walking in on a tense, awkward situation, though at least the missing woman she was looking for has turned up. She takes Patient 6 to the police station for questioning, and he pulls a classic Jason, saying he won't talk without a lawyer. Carly follows to support this decision, having suddenly changed her mind about which Jason is which. Things the other Jason is mad about: a) Patient 6 is holding his wife, b) no one will call an ambulance for her, c) Sonny won't explain anything to him, and d) Sonny calls Patient 6 "Jason." He barely mentions the fact that Patient 6 looks like him, but when he's alone with a still-unconscious Sam, he tells her he's the real Jason. At the same time, Sonny tells Dante that Patient 6 is the real one. Valentin and Nina come across Sam's abductor, who suddenly only speaks French, even though he spoke English last week. Dante comes to question him, with Valentin translating, but when the abductor mentions Patient 6 and Klein, Valentin makes up his interpretation. Meanwhile, Andre yells at Klein for letting what started out as a research experiment get out of control. Klein regrets getting involved in the first place, since he never could have kept Patient 6 under control. Andre refuses to let Klein hide out with him, so Klein turns to someone else for help: Valentin. Lulu helps Kevin set up a fake party for Laura, which leads to their engagement. Between getting the third degree from Anna's family and friends (even Emma!) and Cassandra's completely negative test results, Finn's done with the fake relationship. Anna agrees to "break up," but they'll probably get together for real eventually.

So what changed Carly's mind about Patient 6? It came out of the blue.

"The individual"? Try harder, Dante.

Well, shoot. I was sure Valentin wasn't involved in the Patient 6 stuff. But it's a very Cassadine situation, so it makes sense.

"People he believes are his family"? Does that mean they're not? Keep talking, Andre.

Aw, man, Anna and Finn are fake over already? I was having fun.

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