General Hospital blog - October, 2020

October 1st, 2020

The teens go to homecoming together, and though everyone's happy in the beginning, Trina struggles to keep it up (probably because the last time she went to a dance, her father "died"). Dev tries to shoot his shot with Josslyn, but she sees where he's going and shuts him down by saying what great friends they are. She then chats with Cameron, who tells her how great she is and how happy he is to have her in his life. Remember what I said about them might becoming more than friends before the end of the night? Looks like that's about to happen. Cyrus tries to woo Brando away from the Corinthos contingent, believing that he isn't fully aligned with his family. Nikolas and Ava aren't sure where they stand now that they've had sex. Ava proposes that they keep things professional, but they almost kiss, so that's probably out the window. Just as Julian is telling Ava that someone else has Nelle's letter about him, Ryan calls her. Sam and Jason are suspicious about Cyrus hanging around Charlie's, and he doesn't allay their fears by bringing up Alexis and Neil. Portia tells Elizabeth that Britt could be at risk playing Cyrus' puppet. Nina, please talk about anything other than your child. Anything, really.

Trina's dress is, as the kids say, 100.

Sonny should send Brando to work for Cyrus and be a Corinthos mole.

$10,000 for bedding?? If I'm spending that much on sheets, they'd better wash and fold themselves.

Julian, you idiot, burn the letter that says there's another letter out there that could incriminate you.

I love that, while Jason stonewalled and played dumb with Cyrus, Sam just a) went straight to Julian to ask why Cyrus was there and b) told Cyrus to go away so they could talk in private. Opposites attract, after all.

I can't with Nina constantly talking about her child (who they've suddenly started saying is a daughter or a son). I just can't.

Another thing I can't with.

October 5th, 2020

Jason has the same idea I did about sending Brando into Cyrus' organization as a mole. Sonny worries that Brando will be more of a hostage than a spy, and he may veto the plan. Ryan entices Ava to visit by telling her he has something "life-changing" to share with her. Julian and Nikolas caution her to resist, but Ava doesn't think Nikolas has any room to talk, since he messed with her head as much as Ryan did. Nikolas acknowledges that he did some horrible things to Ava and isn't proud of them, but he's not a psychopath and doesn't wish her harm. He even offers her support, if she wants it. Instead, she goes to Pentonville. T.J. invites Brando to join his and Molly's protest against Cyrus, which is gaining ground. Brando warns them to keep their distance. Stella thinks T.J. is using the protest, his job, and the commitment ceremony to stay busy so he doesn't have to think about his kidnapping. Jordan asks him and Molly to call off the protest, but T.J. wants to use his fear and anger about his abduction as motivation to fight injustice. Molly reminds him that they also need to enjoy their lives. Dev catches Josslyn and Cameron kissing, so Josslyn runs off to hang out with Trina so she can avoid both guys. Dev wonders if Cameron would have kissed Trina if he'd seen her before he saw Josslyn. Cameron feels conflicted about his feelings for both girls, and though Dev urges him to tell them both he just wants to be friends, Cam decides he needs to figure out what he really wants before talking to them. Portia guesses that Trina likes Cameron, and that her angst isn't just about Taggert's death. She admits to Elizabeth that she's happy her daughter is stressed out over a boy, since it's so normal. Stella learns that Curtis and Portia have a past, and she warns Curtis not to let it creep into his present.

Jason and I must have a psychic link. Jason, if you're hearing my thoughts right now, try a different-colored shirt, just for fun. Maybe blue.

Brando "working" for Cyrus would certainly solve one of Molly's problems, since T.J. wouldn't want to be friends with him anymore.

I imagine that after Julian left Wyndemere, he went to Pentonville to tell Ryan to go to Hell.

Kiki mention – drink!

Dear Dev, if you have to ask if you're interrupting, the answer is probably yes.

October 6th, 2020

Lulu tries to get former Port Charles resident/current big-name journalist Jackie Templeton interested in her story about Cyrus' true colors. Jackie knows it'll take more than Lulu's instincts to convince readers that he's a bad guy, but she's ready to team up and make it happen. Plus, being back in town allows her to reconnect with her old pal Robert. Ryan tells Ava that he has Nelle's letter but will keep its contents from Sonny in exchange for weekly visits from her. Ava really doesn't want to have to withstand Ryan's comments about how she still loves him on a regular basis, but she's willing to do it if it means protecting Julian. Nikolas figures out she's there and comes to get her, making Ryan think that Ava's in love with both of them. After Ava sends Nikolas away, Ryan adds another condition to his terms: She also has to get a divorce. Obrecht and Kirk do some expositing about how she got released from prison (Kirk helped) and why he was willing to enlist Dante to help her take down Peter (Kirk is in love with her). Kirk objects to getting revenge on Anna, but see above re: him being in love with Obrecht, so he'll do it. Obrecht sends him to Port Charles to keep an eye on Dante. Finn surprises Anna by deciding to ask Peter to be a groomsman, then surprises Robert by telling him to stop trash-talking Peter. Robert says he knows Anna better than Finn, which means he knows her blind spots, and Peter is her biggest. Finn asks him if it's worth choosing this hill to die on. Meanwhile, Anna's plotting something with Valentin re: Alex. Ned has huge regrets about his evening with Alexis and asks her to keep it quiet until he can talk to Olivia. Of course, Olivia's confused when he accuses her of sleeping with Robert. Brook catches up with Amy, who's eager for Brook to start singing again. Brook comes up with a plan to keep her role as the voice of Deception despite not actually being able to sing. Michael and Willow tell Carly that they're discussing having Willow adopt Wiley. Carly thinks Willow's hesitant because it means making a commitment to Michael. She urges Willow not to worry about having a perfect family and just do what she thinks is best. Willow decides that what's best is staying a Corinthos and adopting Wiley. Alexis lies to Ned that she was sober when they hooked up, then buys more booze as soon as he's gone. Julian still has Nelle's nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah letter, the big idiot.

Lulu Spencer, serious journalist: "Instead of proof, I have a hunch. Isn't that good enough?"

Going on record now that I think Jackie is Chase's mother.

Kiki mention – drink!

I doubt Sonny would even listen to Ryan long enough for Ryan to stay anything about Nelle.

Oh, man, Kirk. That poor sap.

If Alexis were a younger character, she would soooo be pregnant now.

So Brook is going to pass Amy's voice off as her own, yeah? Isn't that basically the same as the Man Landers plot, with Amy being the behind-the-scenes person who's doing all the work?

October 7th, 2020

Jackie greets Robert by punching him in the stomach, since she's still mad at him for choosing Holly over her (checks notes) 40 years ago. Whatever, because that's not the important part of this. The important part is that Jackie is Chase's mother, which means Anna's ex's ex is her fiancé's stepmother. Finn can barely keep from sprinting out of the Metro Court restaurant while she's there, but he offers to support Chase when he tells her that he and Willow split up, because he hasn't brought himself to do that yet. Robert would love to know why Finn hates Jackie, but Anna claims not to care. Olivia promises Ned that she didn't break any wedding vows with Robert, and she's ready to get their marriage back on track. Ned feels exactly as awful as he should, but he doesn't tell her what he did with Alexis. Jason tries to snoop around GH for dirt on Britt, but she's running a very tight ship and tries to run him off. Needing an excuse for him to be there, Epiphany lies that he's having a follow-up exam after his motorcycle crash. Jason allows Britt to do the exam, taking advantage of the opportunity to ask her why she's gotten herself mixed up with Cyrus after supposedly trying to turn her life around. He then tells Epiphany that he thinks Britt is the key to bringing Cyrus down. Amy turns down Brook's plan to sing for her, not wanting to revisit what happened with Ask Man Landers. After overhearing Brook talking to Monica about wanting to prove to her family that she can support herself, Amy changes her mind. Willow isn't sure she and Michael should stay married if she's going to adopt Wiley, since that would complicate any future relationships they might want to have with other people. They agree to think about their options for a while before making a final decision about a divorce. Valentin tells Anna that he sent an associate to Berlin when Alex wanted to meet Anna, and he learned that Alex wants to kill her sister. Anna decides they need to bring her to Port Charles to defeat her. Sasha and Valentin are both lonely, like, maybe make better decisions in the future and that won't happen.

Yay, maybe we'll finally get an explanation for why Finn hates Jackie so much!

Olivia's a lot more understanding than I would be if my husband accused me of cheating on him.

I wish Jason had asked Britt what mansplaining is – not to be a jerk, but because I bet he really doesn't know what it is.

Brook doesn't appear to be familiar with the concept of a job.

October 8th, 2020

The whole episode is Mike's funeral, so it's an hour of people saying nice things about him, with some flashbacks sprinkled in. A few people mention how Sonny was there for his father when Mike needed him, which helps Sonny realize that, just as importantly, Mike was there when Sonny needed him. Still, Sonny has some trouble accepting how long it took him to move on from the past. Mike appears to him and tells him it's okay if he's still angry, but he ultimately forgave Mike, so now Sonny needs to forgive himself. The two of them exchange final goodbyes and "I love you"s, giving Sonny a moment of closure. Moments later, Dante arrives.

It's time for Dominic Zamprogna to shave. I demand it.

Where did Gladys disappear to? She should have been at the funeral. She should have been at the funeral. Nikolas and Felix should have, too.

Oh, hey, Kristina finally found her car keys or got time off work or overcame whatever obstacle was keeping her from being with her family.

Jason wore a blue shirt! We DO have a psychic link!

Why did Sam and Elizabeth keep looking at each other?

Maxie needs to help Brook accessorize with some fabulous scarves so she can cover up her bandage (and later, her inevitable scar).

October 9th, 2020

Dante laments not making it back to town for Mike's funeral, but Sonny's just happy to see him at all. Though Dante says he's fine, he decides to skip the funeral reception and keep his return from Olivia for the moment. Dustin's been staying with Lulu while he's between leases, and after they say "I love you" to each other for the first time, she invites him to move in permanently. They seal the agreement with sex, and minutes later, Dante shows up. Brando bugs Jason about getting a bigger role in the Corinthos organization, like, you're at a funeral reception. This is not the time. It must run in the family, since Gladys (who was definitely not invited to the funeral) crashes the reception and tells Sonny he should honor Mike's memory by giving Brando a job as high up in the organization as Jason's. Cyrus makes some moves, asking Jordan for a PCPD file and talking to Ava about how the Jeromes are boring now that they're not doing bad things (maybe I'm editorializing). Alexis missed Mike's funeral because she was either drunk or passed out, and Sam is suspicious but hasn't caught on to what's going on. Olivia maybe have caught her replacing club soda with booze. She offers friendship if Alexis ever wants it, but Alexis says she's great, partly thanks to Ned. Monica and Tracy have been talking about Ned and how much he's turned into Edward. Well, except for the adultery, right? Monica offers to help Ned and Brook work things out, but Ned wants to handle it on his own. She warns him to get to it or Tracy will come back and fix things for him. Curtis breaks up an argument between Trina and Cyrus, warning Cyrus again to stay away from Trina. Trina is, of course, still mad at him, so Ava urges her to turn her anger into something constructive. Trina decides to enlist her friends to help her clear her father's name. Brook apologizes to Olivia for deleting her message and screwing things up for her and Ned. Olivia forgives her and tells her that if the marriage can't survive a deleted message, it's certainly not Brook's fault. Josslyn tells Carly that she kissed Cameron and wants to talk to Trina about it. Carly thinks she should talk to Cameron first. Dev eavesdrops, then snoops in Josslyn's journal to find out her true feelings.

Haven't Dustin and Lulu been together for, like, a year? And they're just now saying "I love you"?

So Ava got invited to the funeral but Gladys didn't?

Imagine getting texts from Tracy and not texting her back. Ned is in for a lot of yelling.

I'm not emotionally prepared for when Trina eventually finds out that Taggert wasn't innocent.

October 12th, 2020

Jordan crashes the funeral reception to tell Brando he's suspected of tampering with Jason's motorcycle. Sonny refuses to hire him a lawyer or come to his defense, which angers both Gladys and Brando. Brando's just putting on a show, though – he set things up to make Cyrus think there's a rift between the family members, which will give Brando an opening to go work for him. Sonny plays along but isn't too happy about the trick, and he and Jason warn Brando not to say anything to Cyrus until Cyrus approaches him with another job offer. Meanwhile, Cyrus gives Gladys his card and offers his help if she or Brando ever needs it. Lulu is kind of happy to see Dante, since it means he's healthy (apparently), but she's also mad that he told her not to wait for him to come back, then was only gone for a year and a half. Dante's sorry for hurting her and is ready to be there for his family, but if Lulu's happy with Dustin, he can't oppose their relationship. Ava tells Julian that Ryan has Nelle's letter and knows about his crimes but will keep them from Sonny if Ava visits and divorces Nikolas. Julian thinks the decision is clear and his safety is more important than the Cassadine fortune. Ava, however, knows that Ryan may not keep his end of the bargain, so they need more security. Britt urges Nikolas to get away from Ava, keep his distance from Ryan, and give Spencer the life he deserves. Nikolas turns around and urges Ava to choose what they have over whatever it is Ryan could offer her. Alexis and Ned spin a story to convince Olivia that they just chatted and offered each other advice the night before. Olivia tells Ned that Alexis is drinking again, which helps him realize why she's been acting so out of character. Olivia continues to have no idea that her husband slept with someone else and is now keeping it a secret. Elizabeth is still feeling uneasy about blackmailing Nikolas and Ava, no matter how confident Franco is that Scott can pull things off without them getting in trouble. Jordan tells Carly that since (as we've heard so many times) Nelle's body was found in Pennsylvania, she'll need to answer some questions from a Pennsylvanian detective. Knowing that Scott and Ava are kind of friends, Britt asks Scott to talk Ava into ending things with Nikolas for Spencer's sake.

Sorry, Dante, but the purposely-calling-someone-by-the-wrong-name thing is only funny when Julian calls Ned "Ted."

It says a lot about Pentonville that people think Ryan poses an actual physical threat.

"So what's it gonna be, Ava? Your actual brother or your fake husband?" Heh.

Sam HAS to know that Alexis is drinking again, right? She was obviously drunk at the reception.

I assume the PA detective will be someone from Llanview?

Sam, chill. You're already in the inner circle. Jason will tell you stuff later.

Kiki mention – drink!

October 13th, 2020

Maxie and Peter learn from genetic testing that they haven't passed anything along to the baby, but Peter's not as happy as he should be. He admits to Maxie and Britt that he's not sure how to live his life without a threat from Faison hanging over his head. (Dude, he's been dead for three years.) Maxie tells him how wonderful he is, then asks him to marry her. Peter follows up with a more traditional proposal, and my head will be exploding any time now. Anna tells Finn about her plans to lure Alex to Port Charles, which he thinks will put Violet in danger. He suggests that she tell Peter that Alex might be his mother so Alex won't have that ammo anymore. Ava offers Ryan a cut of the Cassadine fortune in hopes that that's good enough for him to hand over the letter. It's not, since he has no use for money, and he thinks Ava and Nikolas have a spark, which he can't deal with. Ava tries to convince him that she's still interested in him, but that doesn't work, either. Meanwhile, Julian tells Nikolas that Ava will keep in touch with Ryan as long as she knows it gets a rise out of her husband. Sasha's nerves/drug problem almost make her tank a big Deception distribution deal, but after a get-it-together talk from Brook, she turns it around to tie it to using cosmetics to hide imperfections. The buyer they're trying to impress asks to hear Brook's music (which is secretly Amy's music), but the recording won't play, so Lucy decides Brook should give a live performance. Chase tells Jackie that he "cheated" on Willow and there's no chance he can get her back. He thinks Jackie will look down on him, but she doesn't. He asks her to help him patch things up between Finn and Gregory, since it's been decades since Gregory and Jackie got married, and Finn needs to get over it already. Jackie seems sympathetic to Finn's side of the battle and warns Chase not to get involved. Nina still feels so bad about Nelle losing Wiley, which led to her final spiral downward, that she makes Nelle's funeral arrangements. Jax hopes that once Nelle has been buried, Nina will stop thinking about her.

Britt: "Pretend I'm not here." Me: "If only."

A major buyer for a huge beauty chain lives in Ohio?

Interesting that Chase didn't tell Jackie the truth about the breakup, which leaves him looking like the bad guy.

Maybe one day I won't be bored to death by Jax and Nina's scenes. Until then, zzzzzz.

Kiki mention – drink!

October 14th, 2020

Mac is thrilled that Maxie and Peter are getting married, but Robert...not so much. Jackie tells him to fake it so he doesn't lose his family. He tries to talk her out of working with Peter on the Cyrus story, then asks her to pass along any dirt she might dig up on Peter. Though she doesn't agree to that, Robert finds an ally in Mac, who makes it clear that if Peter is proven to be the villain Robert thinks he is, the Scorpio brothers will handle it together. Anna doesn't want to ruin Peter's marriage news by telling him that Alex might be his mother. He mentions that his genetic testing showed he carries a marker for rheumatoid arthritis, which gives Anna an idea about how she might settle which twin is Peter's mother. Brook convinces Amy to sing outside the room while she lip syncs for the buyer. It goes fine until Chase comes across Amy and accidentally ruins the whole plan. The buyer doesn't like being lied to, and Lucy doesn't like how unprofessional Sasha and Brook have made Deception look. Brook is fired and realizes her life has gone downhill since she made her deal with Valentin. Cyrus gets the decades-old PCPD file he asked Jordan for, then tells her to stop investigating Brando for causing Jason's crash. After a random, uninformative visit to Finn, Cyrus lets Brando know that the police won't be bothering him about the crash anymore. Brando guesses he wants something in return. Portia slams Jordan for dropping the investigation into Jason's crash, accusing her of letting Taggert's "killer" off easy. Jordan gets mad, saying she's dealing with more than Portia can understand, and it's not like she can be a ghost and Cyrus out (you know, just like Taggert wanted to do). Cyrus is confused but still sides with his wife.

Why is Felicia never around when Maxie has big news?

That Brook/Amy thing fell apart a lot sooner than I expected.

That song was supposed to make people want to buy cosmetics? Didn't work on me.

I'm going to blame the drugs on Sasha's choice to wear sneakers with a dress.

"So the voice of Deception is a fraud?" Guys, use that! Your company is called Deception! You tried to deceive someone! COME ON!

Chase, it's time to drop the family stuff. Your mom and her stepson don't like each other. Move on.

October 15th, 2020

Maxie tells Spinelli that she and Peter engaged, and of course Spinelli isn't happy about it. Maxie tells him that if he can't support her, he needs to at least keep his mouth shut around Georgie. Plus, if he can't drop his vendetta against Peter, Maxie will drop him. Robert overhears and tells Spinelli to lie to make Maxie think he's on her side. Anna thinks genetic testing will give her answers about Peter's maternity, and somehow Faison will come into play. Finn urges her to just tell Peter that Alex might be his mother so there are no family secrets. Instead, Anna tells Valentin, who hopes Alex is Peter's mother because it means Anna never slept with Faison, and Valentin didn't betray her. Also, he thinks Anna should kill Alex. Dante finally goes to the Quartermaines' to let Olivia know he's back in town. She's unsurprisingly happy and won't let him credit her with helping him decide to get himself together, since he had to have done that himself. Cyrus offers Brando a job again, and Brando plays him perfectly, pretending it's a risky idea because of the family element. Cyrus seems completely snowed, and Sonny is now on board with the plan. Jackie asks Peter to pitch himself to her and convince her to work for him. He thinks she's already made up her mind about him from talking to Robert. Jackie notes that Peter's readers need to be able to trust him, and she needs to be able to do the same. She agrees to work with Lulu on Cyrus' story, telling Robert that he'll have to work against Peter on his own. Sonny worries that he's inherited Alzheimer's from Mike and will end up like his father. He wants to take a test to find out if he has the gene, but Carly doesn't see the point in getting information he can't do anything about. Valentin tells Brook that she's brought all of her problems on herself, and he also thinks they're a lot alike. Chase breaks them up before Brook does something that will get her arrested again. Then he tells Brook she needs to put in some effort to get her life together because he wants his couch back.

Imagine Dante, Spinelli, Sam, Jason, and Robert all teaming up against Peter.

What is this, Genetics Week?

Anna, if you don't want Valentin to get involved with stuff, DON'T TELL HIM THINGS.

Nice of Dante not to tell Olivia that he went to a bar before going to see her.

October 16th, 2020

After giving Scott his blackmail check, Nikolas asks Alexis if she has any dirt on Scott that he can use as counter-blackmail material. Alexis doesn't get why he wants to stay married, but Nikolas admits that his and Ava's feelings for each other seem to have changed. Ava also gives Scott her check, threatening to destroy him if the photo of her and Franco ever gets out. Scott happily hands the checks over to Franco and Elizabeth, who tear them up, having decided not to be bad people like Nikolas and Ava. Ava comes across one of the torn pieces and learns that Nikolas also gave Scott money. Monica calls Brook over to the house to try to force her and Ned to work things out. It almost works, but Brook gets mad again when Ned says he hopes she's learned her lesson that family always comes first. After Brook leaves, Monica notes that at least Ned still has a wife who loves him. Brook returns to get something she left behind and overhears Ned confessing that he slept with Alexis. Once Sonny, Jason, and Brando have confirmed that they want to send Brando over to Cyrus' side as a mole, Sonny focuses on making sure Cyrus doesn't also recruit Julian. Basically, he just tells Julian he'll regret it if he does any business with Cyrus. Cameron tells Franco that he and Josslyn kissed, but Trina's the one still occupying most of his thoughts. Meanwhile, Josslyn tells Carly that she doesn't want to screw things up for Cameron and Trina if they really like each other. Carly points out that if Cam kissed her, he probably has feelings for her. Dev tries to get some one-on-one time with Josslyn, who isn't interested. He shows Cameron an entry from Josslyn's journal saying she wishes he hadn't kissed her at homecoming. Cameron slams him for taking Josslyn's journal and snooping into her private thoughts. It turns out Dev actually wrote the entry, and somehow, he's still happy with the way things turned out. Carly wants to put off her interview with the PA detective, but Jason notes that she'll look like she has something to hide if she doesn't just do it.

It would be funny if Scott gave Nikolas and Ava each other's photos.

Alexis and I made the same face when Nikolas was saying nice things about Ava.

A for effort, Monica.

Dev is annoying and creepy now. Time for him to go.

"Hey, Diane, Carly can't meet with the detective tonight. She has to talk to Josslyn about a boy." I don't think Diane would have been okay with that.

October 19th, 2020

While Jax repeats his statement to Jordan about the night of Nelle's death, Carly submits to an interview with the detective from Pennsylvania, though Diane barely lets her get a word in. Carly tells the detective that she's glad Nelle is dead, but she didn't kill her. Diane believes that Carly didn't kill Nelle, but that won't be enough for the detective to agree that Carly is innocent. Olivia catches Brook eavesdropping on Ned and Monica, but Brook lies that she came back into the house to fight more with Ned. When he gets her alone, she tells him she heard his confession to Monica, and he's a hypocrite for telling Brook to be honest while he's keeping such a huge secret from his wife. Sam confronts Alexis over her fall off the wagon, but Alexis is perfectly content to keep drinking and would appreciate not being judged for it. Sam refuses to let her spiral, so Alexis gets rid of her by taunting that Sam's relationship with Jason is a kind of addiction and Sam has no place to lecture anyone about theirs. Michael and Chase face off at Volonino's as the show continues its obsession with boxing. They lament the end of their friendship, but Chase is happy that Wiley wound up with two good parents, regardless of what it meant for his relationship with Willow. Meanwhile, Willow invites Sasha to get a drink with her, and they also discuss the good old days of their friendship. Willow contemplates the possibility of going back to Chase while Sasha gets back together with Michael. Valentin offers to help Nina find Phyllis, but she thinks she would have already tracked down her child if Valentin hadn't messed with her, so she wants him to leave her alone. He tells her Jax isn't a dependable partner because Carly will always be his priority, as if Valentin knows anything about Jax and Carly. Nina spots Jax comforting Carly after her interview, and listen. Listen to me. I'm not doing this crap again. I'm not.

Diane's overprotectiveness is working against Carly here. It's making her look like she has something to hide.

If Carly hadn't said she didn't see Nelle again after she ran off, her statement would have been 100% honest.

Hey, Ned, maybe don't yell, "I cheated on my wife!" in a house where, like, eight other people live.

I expect we'll be seeing an Alexis-centric intervention sooner rather than later.

Alexis got a bottle delivered in a brown bag and Sam asks what it is. Well, Ms. PI, what do you think it is?

Nina and Alexis need to team up to help each other stay away from their toxic exes.

October 20th, 2020

Nina tells Carly that she's going to have Nelle buried in the same cemetery where Morgan and Mike are buried. Carly tells her to stop identifying with Nelle and do something to help the living instead. Jax tries not to agree with her too much. Brook and Valentin drink together and bond over being screw-ups, hating Lulu, and not being able to have what they want. Then there's kissing. Chase is looking into Jason's crash against Jordan's wishes, since he thinks Brando is hiding something. Jordan worries to Curtis that he'll uncover her secret deal with Cyrus or the significance of the 40-year-old heavily redacted murder case file she just gave him. Meanwhile, Chase spots Brando and Cyrus talking, having just made arrangements for Brando to work as Cyrus' bodyguard. Dante takes some time out from his angst to catch up with Michael and meet Willow. The couple has decided to get an annulment, since they don't want their marriage to keep either of them from eventually finding love elsewhere. Dante's like, "I don't know anything about this situation, but this seems like a mistake." Dustin is willing to walk away from Lulu without fighting for her if she wants to go back to Dante. Lulu wants to make her new life work, so she insists on proceeding with their plans to move in together. Diane tells Sonny that Carly didn't give the best impression in her interview, but there's no proof that she killed Nelle, so if she keeps her mouth shut, she should be fine. Sam doesn't want to go back to Aurora, and she doesn't want to sell it to Jax, so she decides to turn to Michael. Nina asks Curtis to help her find Phyllis, but he's nervous about sending her down another path that could lead nowhere. Sam asks Sonny for advice on helping Alexis, which, I'm going to be honest, makes no sense.

Okay, now we've had three Morgan mentions in the past few episodes, so we're going to start drinking for those, too. (For the record, we're now drinking for Morgan mentions, Kiki mentions, and whenever Franco eats something.)

I'm not going to comment on Brook and Valentin because talking about them means I can't pretend nothing's happening.

Why do I feel like this 40-year-old murder has something to do with Jackie, who's just returned after 40 years?

LOL at Dante calling Michael "little brother" when Chad Duell is several inches taller than Dominic Zamprogna.

Didn't Curtis offer to help Nina find her daughter just a few months ago? Why is he hesitant now?

Chase, man. There has to be another case you can look into.

Aww, Michael taking over half of Aurora would put it back in Quartermaine hands.

Sam asking Sonny for help was dumb. She should have called Finn like she told Alexis she would yesterday.

October 21st, 2020

Brook and Valentin have no regrets about their night together, but Brook says it won't happen again. They have a little fun at Chase and Nina's expense in the Metro Court restaurant, acting almost like a couple, and Valentin realizes that Nina's jealous. Monica and Olivia coach Ned on how to make up with Brook, telling him to a) be completely honest and b) take responsibility for his actions and apologize. It actually works, and Brook apologizes back for going to extremes to get out of her contract, but everything falls apart when she reveals who she spent the night with. Ned and Nina both think Valentin is manipulating her and took advantage of her vulnerability. Nikolas shocks Elizabeth by coming clean about trying to push Ava and Franco together. She forgives him, then urges him once again to ditch his wife and go back to the prince he used to be. When Nikolas admits to having feelings for Ava, Elizabeth suggests that he tell her. Julian pushes Ava to give in to Ryan's demands, but Ava has figured out from Scott's blackmail scheme that he must have dirt on Nikolas, which means she can get her Cassadine payday. She frustrates Julian by saying she needs to stay in her marriage until she can come up with proof that Nikolas cheated. Sam and Jax ask Michael to take over as CEO for Drew's half of Aurora. He's hesitant, since he doesn't have experience running a media company, but Jax is confident that he can be successful. After Michael accepts the offer, Sam apologizes for giving away the kids' voting shares, which lost Michael his last job. He tells her she made the right choice, since her relationship with Jason is more important than a company. Michael and Willow may not get their annulment quickly, but he invites her to stay at the mansion for the time being. Willow runs into Chase, who tells her about his sparring match with Michael, which Michael didn't mention to her. Chase wishes her well, and Willow decides to tell him that she and Michael are splitting up. Chase manages not to laugh in Nina's face when she invites him to Nelle's burial.

Let's hope Brook is on the pill.

I think Valentin's glee in this episode was half making Nina jealous and half James Patrick Stuart enjoying himself.

"Sometimes... it's like we're back to how we used to be." Nikolas, you were together for THREE DAYS.

Kiki mention – drink!

Julian, if you don't think Ava's going to save you, how about you try to save yourself? Or don't. Actually, don't.

Is there a ban on talking about Drew? No one mentioned that Michael would be taking over for his uncle, which would have made Drew really happy.

If Michael and Willow really aren't going to be together, she and Chase need to get back together as quickly as possible.

Nina, what part of "everyone hated Nelle" do you not get?

October 22nd, 2020

Carly has a nightmare about Nelle returning and stealing her kidney back from Josslyn. Jason thinks it's understandable that she's dreaming about a woman who made her life horrible for years, but Carly thinks her unconscious is trying to make her remember something. She decides to confront the situation head-on and goes to Nelle's grave. Nikolas confesses his feelings for Ava, who thinks he's trying to catch her off guard because he cheated with Elizabeth. He promises he didn't and suspects that she returns his feelings. She tells him he can prove his love by divorcing her. Jax and Valentin find themselves agreeing that Nina shouldn't give Nelle a proper burial. Valentin thinks Nina still loves him and Jax still loves Carly, so their relationship will never last. He warns Jax to make sure there's an actual child to find if he's going to help Nina search for her daughter. Jax assures Valentin that he's there to support Nina however she needs, and he and Carly are over and not keeping anything from Nina. Valentin suspects otherwise. Willow starts to tell Chase that she and Michael are getting an annulment, but Chase wants to keep his distance from her life. Michael thinks he wants her back, but Willow doubts she could get back together with him without always being reminded that he "cheated." Besides, living with Michael is more fun. Jason and Sonny suspect that Cyrus is making changes at the hospital so he can move drugs through it. Once he has control of GH, the PCPD, and the mayor's office, Sonny will be his only remaining obstacle. Like Nina, Willow thinks Nelle had a horrible life because she didn't have anyone to bring her to the good side. Apparently she doesn't get that Nelle was responsible for her own actions. Mike didn't have much to bequeath in his will, but there's a horse, so I think Avery's going to be very happy. Chase seriously needs more work or a hobby or something, because all he does today is tell Michael that Valentin and Brook slept together, and go to Nelle's grave for no apparent reason.

Nina's completely wrong about no one ever giving Nelle a chance. Carly gave her a chance when she barely knew Nelle. Michael gave her multiple chances, even after she hurt his family. I need Nathan to visit Nina in a dream and tell her to let go of all this.

I would pay a good amount of money to never have to hear Nelle's name again.

Morgan mention – drink!

Jason's theory about Cyrus' targets is probably right, but I can't see Laura giving him any power. P.S. Where is Laura?

I'm sure there's a Mike owns part of a horse/horse's head joke, but I'm tired.

October 23rd, 2020

Carly and Nina fight over whether Nelle deserves Nina's kindness and what's best for Wiley. Carly wants to erase Nelle from her memory and tells Nina to stop projecting her own feelings onto Nelle. Nina replies that, with Nelle dead, Carly doesn't have to give her any more thought. Carly imagines Nelle reaching out of her grave for revenge, and as she's trying to escape, she accidentally knocks over Nelle's headstone. Nina thinks she's acting out and calls Jax. Dev tries to convince Josslyn that since Cameron's avoiding her, he must not want to be with her. This is possibly true, as Cameron and Trina admit that they have feelings for each other, though Cameron also has feelings for Josslyn. Trina isn't sure that their kiss was good, so she gives it a second try. This helps her realize that she only likes Cameron as a friend, so he's free to be with Josslyn if he wants. Cameron wants to just have fun his senior year and decides to forego any relationships. Curtis suspects that Jax is pushing Nina to look for her daughter, as if everyone is just like Valentin. Fortunately, Jax assures him that isn't the case, and the two guys agree to do whatever they can to help Nina if things don't work out. Alexis takes her drinking even more public, hanging out at the Metro Court bar and chatting with an uncomfortable Britt and a disappointed Jax. Jordan also strikes up a conversation with Britt, hoping to get some insight into Cyrus' plans. Britt comes across as truly believing in whatever Cyrus has sold her, making Jordan and Curtis wonder if she's in on his scheme. Britt asks Jax for a big donation to the hospital, but he's not about to give Cyrus any help. Britt is surprised that Jax doesn't want to make up for his family ties to a villain, like she does. While at Charlie's to let Julian know that Alexis is drinking again, Sam witnesses Cyrus announcing that he wants to buy the pub. He reminds Julian that he did him a favor (giving him an alibi during Martin's mugging) and could easily take it back if necessary. Sam tells Julian to stay away from Alexis and refuse her service if she comes in to get a drink (though Julian, for all his flaws, would never enable her). Having received a postcard from Ryan asking for Sonny's address, Julian places a call about making someone disappear.

Morgan mention – drink!

How can you not love Trina? You have to admire someone who just goes for what she wants.

I know it's bad that Alexis is drinking again, but...she's just so entertaining! And Nancy Lee Grahn and Kelly Thiebaud's scenes together were great.

I think Cyrus has something on Britt or is threatening someone she cares about. (Though...who does she care about? James, maybe?) I can't see her working with him voluntarily.

Ooh, a Jerry mention! Nice!

October 26th, 2020

Dante catches up with Maxie, unable to hide his disappointment that she's building a life with Peter. She's sick of hearing everyone's criticisms of her fiancé and threatens to end their friendship if he doesn't drop the subject. Lulu shows up and the level of awkwardness in the room gets so high, it's scientifically unmeasurable. Anna and Finn break into the lab where Kevin has been studying Faison's brain for almost three years. He catches them and doesn't buy their cover story, so Anna decides to try the truth. Also, Anna thinks she's the only thing keeping Peter on the good side, which doesn't say much for his relationship with Maxie. Alexis takes her pub crawl to Charlie's, where Julian thinks she wants his help. She tells him he's responsible for everything that happened to Neil, up to and including his death, and is the reason she drinks, so she'll never want anything from him. Julian asks if she's just going to keep drinking and waste the rest of her life. Alexis notes that at least she's only hurting herself, while his actions always hurt others. He acknowledges that he can't stop her from drinking, but she's not welcome at Charlie's if she's not sober. Robert bugs Jackie again about Peter, so she tells him to go find his own proof that Peter's a bad guy if he's so sure about it. Robert asks why Finn and Gregory have been feuding for so long, but Jackie won't tell him anything. We might get some answers, though, since Finn stops by to see his stepmother. Lulu isn't sure if she wants to keep going with her and Dustin's plans or go back to her family with Dante. Kevin advises her to take her time making a decision. Sam, Jason, and Spinelli do some recapping, but it's mostly a demonstration of how Jason hasn't been telling Sam a lot of stuff.

Is Laura ever coming back, or does she live in D.C. now? Nothing against Kevin, of course, but those Lulu/Kevin scenes should have been Lulu/Laura scenes.

How many drinks has Alexis had? How is she still mobile?

I assume that when Gregory returns in the next couple of weeks, it'll be to split up with Jackie so she can a) stay in town and b) get together with Robert, because things are clearly heading in that direction.

Sam and Jason have been together 15+ years (on and off) and suddenly don't know how to communicate? Uh-huh, sure.

October 27th, 2020

Hey, look! Answers! Jackie met Finn when she was doing a story on medical residents. She met Gregory through him, and they fell in love shortly after Finn's mother died. The night before the wedding, Jackie and Finn slept together. Finn swore her to secrecy, then fled. Jackie never told Gregory and thinks too much time has passed for her to come clean now. Finn agrees to make an effort to give Chase the family he wants, but this means all their family gatherings are going to have an elephant in the room. Anna tells Kevin that her memories of Peter's conception, birth, and adoption are compartmentalized, while her memories of those same events in Robin's life are much fuller, which is why she thinks the Peter memories are false. She asks him to release Faison's body to her so she can do the genetic testing. Kevin reminds her that Peter would have to be informed, then pretends he was just about to run a bunch of genetic tests to see if there are any physical ailments tied to psychopathy. Jax chastises Carly for going to Nelle's grave but softens when she tells him she's been having nightmares about Nelle coming back from the dead. He wonders if she feels guilty about Nelle's death, but Carly sees them as more of a warning. He hugs her to comfort her, and of course Nina sees. Dustin wants to get to know Dante, but Maxie and Peter's engagement really isn't the best place for that, what with all the awkwardness. Dustin tells Maxie that he's moving in with Lulu, which is news to Maxie. Lulu promises that she still wants to be with Dustin, but they shouldn't rush moving in, since she hasn't even told the kids yet. Sasha goes to the Metro Court restaurant high, making Valentin and Chase wonder what's going on with her. It's Curtis who pegs her as a drug user, and he gives Nina the news. Nina takes Sasha to her new home (Ava's old penthouse) so she's not alone when she comes down. Dante casually finds a way to start his mission by getting a job providing security for the Invader. Valentin offers to finance Curtis' search for Phyllis, but Nina makes it clear (again) that she doesn't want anything from him.

I'm going to need some dates in the whole Finn/Jackie/Gregory situation, because...uh...are we sure Gregory is Chase's father?

Jackie calling Chase "Harry" is weird. He's so not a Harry.

They really don't need to keep explaining Anna's testing plan. We get it.

Dustin shouldn't move in right now. The kids have enough going on with Dante just coming back.

I like the development of Curtis realizing that Sasha's using. And I like that, instead of shaming Sasha, Nina just wanted to make sure she was okay.

There are six Phyllis Caufields in New York who are all nurses? Yeah, I bet.

October 28th, 2020

Ava arms herself with a knife, thinking Nikolas is going to kill her so he can keep his money without having to stay married. He tells her he's actually drawn up divorce papers and is ready to give her what she wants. The catch? They can't be together. Ava clearly has feelings for him and doesn't want to say goodbye, but the Ryan factor is in play, so it's not that simple. While the two are bickering, she accidentally stabs Nikolas, but it can't be that bad, since he's healthy enough to head to the bedroom with her. Afterward, he admits that the divorce papers are fake, since he knew she wouldn't be able to resist him. Franco almost makes a sworn enemy of Epiphany, first by beating her to the candy bar she wanted, then by inviting Cyrus (her actual sworn enemy) to karaoke night at the Floating Rib. Epiphany confides to Elizabeth that she and Milo seem to be splitting up. Elizabeth urges her to get her emotions out instead of holding them inside, but Epiphany just wants to forget about her personal problems. Later, she decides to sing anyway, which puts her in a better mood. Just as she and Franco are making up, he collapses. Ava's like, "Where do we keep the cyanide?" Carly can tell that something's really wrong with Sasha, who doesn't think Carly should waste her time caring about her. Sasha goes off about not wanting to disrupt Michael's new family, then leaves. Nina thinks she's done enough to try to help, but Carly says she can do better. Meanwhile, Sasha meets exactly the last person she should meet right now: Cyrus. Dante gets Michael to admit that he doesn't want to split with Willow and is just trying to be a nice guy about letting her go so she can find love elsewhere. At the same time, Willow (who's done with teaching and is now going to pursue nursing) talks things over with Elizabeth, who thinks she has feelings for Michael. Brook and Chase make up and he tells her she can keep staying with him. He's also not going to try to meddle in her family business, since he knows from experience that that doesn't always work out. Brook tries to get back to singing by taking the stage at karaoke night, but it doesn't go well. Jax assures Nina that he and Carly are just friends and co-parents, so there's nothing for her to worry about.

Oh, Ava. Nikolas wouldn't kill you. He would hire someone else to do it.

I certainly hope something isn't horribly wrong with Franco. (settles in for a drink with Alexis)

Also, he ate something – drink!

Willow will make an A+ nurse.

October 29th, 2020

Valentin tries to hire Spinelli for some unnamed task, but Spinelli says he'd like working for Valentin even less than he'd like Maxie marrying Peter. Valentin takes that tidbit to Anna, worrying that Jason and Spinelli are working together to bring down Peter. Anna spirals even further into denial, insisting that Jason isn't a threat. Then she forgets about all that because the test results are in, and it's time to find out where Peter got the marker for rheumatoid arthritis. Spinelli continues his scheme to pretend he's okay with Peter by suggesting that he, Maxie, and the kids have a family game night. Maxie's thrilled and Peter's snowed. Though it's Maxie's birthday, Peter's the one who gets a big surprise: a phone call from Helena. The teens try to keep their Halloween light and non-awkward, which is tough, since Josslyn is obviously hurt by Cameron's distance. A guy dressed as Darth Vader keeps a close eye on them at Charlie's, but Trina, who's dressed as Leia, just sees him as the perfect person to take a photo with. This secretly makes Vader happy, because he's Taggert, which Julian learns after a scuffle over Trina's phone leads to Vader's helmet coming off. Cyrus takes Sasha for a drink at the Metro Court restaurant, the perfect place for Sonny and Carly to see them together and wonder what's going on there. Apparently Sasha told Cyrus a bunch of stuff, so he might have leverage over her now. Nikolas has figured out that Nelle sent her letter to Ryan, which is why Ava's been visiting him. He offers Julian money to disappear so Ava can steer clear of Ryan. Ava thinks she can use the fake divorce papers to fool Ryan into thinking she and Nikolas have ended things. She apologizes to Franco for messing with his marriage, then turns around and slams him for blackmailing her. She says she thought that either Elizabeth would turn Nikolas down, proving her love for Franco, or she would cheat, letting Franco know he shouldn't be with her. He tells her to have some pride and divorce Nikolas, but Ava says it's not that simple. Nikolas wants advice from Elizabeth, who admits that he can't trust her anymore. Franco has a dream about a musical monkey, spray paint, and a knife. He thinks he passed out because he was dehydrated, but he was kept in the hospital overnight, he had a CT, and Portia wants Terry to consult on his case, so...

"Darth Cassadine!" I'm so glad Spinelli came back.

I need to see these people play D&D. NEED.

I had an idea that Jason, Spinelli, and Sam could get Peter to incriminate himself by making him think Drew was alive, but maybe they're doing that with Helena instead. After all, Spinelli called someone earlier in the episode, asking if something was ready.

Me: "It must be Halloween, since people are wearing costumes at Charlie's." Me, literally ten seconds later: "Since when is Josslyn a cheerleader? ...Oh. Right."

Why would Cameron dress up as a sailor?

There are rumors that William deVry has been let go (Emme Rylan, too, which is ridiculous), so this would be a good way to write him out – he goes into hiding either to protect himself from Sonny or because Taggert could have him arrested for trying to kill Nelle.

A round of applause to Nikolas for figuring out that Nelle and Ryan staged her stabbing.

Why would Portia ask Terry (a pediatric oncologist) for a consult for Franco (not a child)?

October 29th, 2020

Faison doesn't have the marker for rheumatoid arthritis, so I guess that automatically means Alex is Peter's mother. Anna doesn't want to tell him and possible ruin all the progress he's made, but she also thinks he needs to know the truth so he can be prepared. While Valentin focuses on finding Alex so they can take her out before she hurts Anna, Alex sneaks into Anna's house, knocks her out, and starts impersonating her again. Peter questions why Helena would call him instead of Nikolas or Valentin, so she tells him she needs his help to stay "dead" until she's ready to reveal herself. Of course, she'll use the knowledge she has about his involvement in Drew's kidnapping to make him do what she wants. She wants to meet, but Peter's hesitant. "Helena" is really Sam, using a computer program Spinelli created to mimic Helena's voice so they can try to get him to incriminate himself. Though Peter doesn't admit to any crimes on the phone, he eventually agrees to meet, and Sam and Spinelli hope they can get him busted for trying to kill "Helena." Ryan sees through Ava's fake divorce papers and turns on her, yelling that she's a liar like every woman he's ever loved, and he'll get revenge. Ava's pretty unconcerned about the possible consequences, which are playing out in the form of Ryan calling Sonny. Terry informs Franco that his tumor is back and it appears to be inoperable. He claims he hasn't had any symptoms, neglecting to mention his dream and realizing that he must have vandalized Ava's portrait. Franco is more worried about his family than himself and asks Terry to keep his diagnosis a secret for a while, since he can't bring himself to tell his loved ones that he could be dying just yet. Julian recognizes Taggert from the night he stopped Julian from shooting Nelle, so Taggert books it out of Charlie's as soon as he can, leaving behind his Vader helmet and Trina's phone. Julian sees that Trina's background photo is of her and Taggert, but appears to be too slow to figure out what that means. Taggert hides out at Volonino's, where he tells Sonny and Jason that they're not doing enough to prevent a mob war that Trina could get dragged into. He wants to stick around town, so Sonny decides to put him up at Connie's old house, making the two men neighbors. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she was behind his blackmailing, and he realizes she couldn't go through with it, since his check was never cashed. He also guesses that there's an incriminating photo of Franco and Ava. Elizabeth confirms this, pointing out that since both halves of the couple broke the infidelity clause, they can't hold anything against each other. Also, she's sick of Nikolas' apologies and wants him to show that he's changed. Nikolas offers his help Ava and Julian with Ryan, if they'll tell him what he has on them. Nice try, but that's a no. OD's are up in town, and Sonny and Jason think Cyrus must be moving drugs into Port Charles through the hospital.

They really telegraphed Alex's return when they showed us that Anna had two witch costumes. And of course Anna took the light one, leaving the dark one for the evil twin.

I don't know who's dumber: Peter, for believing Helena's been secretly alive for the past five years but suddenly needs help staying "dead," or Ava, who thought she could outsmart Ryan and/or that getting the letter from him would mean anything.

They couldn't think of a better plotline for Franco? They just did a brain tumor story LAST YEAR.

Terry's great but I can't trust a doctor who says "front lobe" instead of "frontal lobe" and declares a tumor malignant without a biopsy.

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