General Hospital blog - October, 2022

October 3rd, 2022

Spencer's book-bashing attacker (appropriately named Book, since he once beat a guy with an encyclopedia) is upset that Spencer took his job in the prison library. Spencer doesn't try to fight back, but before the violence can continue, he's rescued by someone he didn't expect to see: his great-uncle Cyrus. Spencer guesses that Cyrus wants something in return, but Cyrus offers him protection. Dante and Kristina both have questions for Sonny about Dex, but they want to find him for very different reasons – Dante because he has questions and Kristina because she wants him as a bodyguard instead of the guy Sonny stuck her with. Sonny just plays innocent. Josslyn can't find a way to contact Dex, and Trina wonders why she wants to. She starts getting suspicious after talking to Kristina, and when she goes to Pozzulo's to see what's going on, she meets Carver. Drew flirts with Carly, then gets her set up to talk to local media about Mrs. H.'s (Peyton) plans for the cemetery. He warns that her past will probably be scrutinized, but she's prepared for battle. Diane is doing okay and should fully recover, which means she might be able to tell the police something helpful about Captain Hook. Alexis is grateful to Gregory for keeping her company while they waited for news. Though Dante's still suspicious of Dex, Robert seems to be keeping an open mind, beyond the assumption that the three victims' connection to Sonny is significant. Gregory can't tell Elizabeth much about Reiko, since he wasn't around Finn a lot while they were married. He mentions her curiosity to Finn, both of them wondering why Elizabeth is asking about her all of a sudden. Maxie helps Sasha get ready for Brando's upcoming funeral, giving her tips from someone who's been in her position.

I didn't think about Cyrus as someone for Spencer to interact with in prison. This could get interesting.

Kristina was funny today. I always like her interactions with her siblings.

You know, I don't know who would win if Alexis and Olivia had a face-off of opinionation. Let's fine out!

I don't want Carly and Drew together but I also don't want to sit through they're-going-to-keep-resisting-until-they-explode dance they're doing. I have no faith that it'll end quickly.

Still waiting for someone to mention Max...

Maxie was looking for a way to be helpful, but I think everything she did to today is more than enough.

October 4th, 2022

Diane can't remember everything that happened at the garage but she does have one piece of very helpful information: Her attacker was a woman. She also heard the same noise Josslyn and Brando reported, and she can tie it to bracelets the attacker was wearing. As Sonny casually heads off to release his non-female hostage, Dante and Robert wonder if the Sonny connection is still relevant or if the attacks were random. P.S. Esme is alive, in town, and dressed like Captain Hook has been, so someone might owe me $5. Ava visits Ryan, possibly a little suspicious that he's behind the attacks somehow, since she's not fully convinced that his condition is real. She tells him that Esme disappeared and hints that something bad happened to her. It doesn't seem like Ryan's heard from her since August, and he doesn't believe that Esme would willingly abandon him. Carver won't let Josslyn look around Pozzulo's, so she assumes Dex is being held there and turns to Michael for help. Michael keeps Carver occupied while Josslyn finds Dex in the freezer and frees him just before Carver's about to start living up to his name. Michael gives Carver the choice between letting them leave with Dex and waiting around while they call the police, which will inevitably lead to Sonny washing his hands of Carver and letting him take the fall for everything. Before Carver makes the decision, Sonny arrives. Victor tells Nikolas to divorce Ava, an idea Nikolas just laughs off. Valentin reveals that he stole Nikolas' fake murder confession from her, and he and Victor threaten to kill Nikolas if he doesn't agree to the divorce. Carly tells Drew about how Reese caught her in bed with her father and turned on her right before her supposed death. Drew is able to convince Carly for the first time in decades that what happened wasn't her fault, and Peyton has no right to blame her for the horrible choices her husband made. Valentin needs more time for "side projects" (rescuing Charlotte, taking down Victor, flirting with Anna, etc.), so he asks Michael to come back to ELQ and help out. Michael doesn't get why the guy who stole his family's company now wants him to have power there again.

Diane: "The attacker was a woman." Sonny: (x)

Nice continuity with T.J. mentioning that he went through a trauma and had trouble remembering everything that happened.

I didn't know Ryan used a hook on someone. That just fuels my theory that Esme is the killer – maybe she's doing a tribute thing.

Jon Lindstrom deserves an Emmy for NOT acting, i.e., staying completely still for long periods of time.

October 5th, 2022

Sonny basically acts like nothing happened at Pozzulo's, and he manages to avoid any police involvement when Dex declines to report what happened and Michael backs up his decision. It turns out Sonny never authorized anything involving knives, and he's not happy that Carver was going to go rogue. Michael offers Dex severance and hazard pay, guessing that Dex won't want to work for him anymore. Instead, Dex is more determined than ever to bring Sonny down. Michael's happy to continue their scheme, but Dex will have to stay away from Josslyn. Michael doesn't want her getting painted as a bad guy along with him, especially since Donna and Avery will need her if he accomplishes his goal and Sonny goes to prison. Ryan imagines Ava busting him for faking his condition but returning his affection. He believes she killed Esme, so he's pleasantly surprised when Esme comes to see him. T.J. thinks Willow's making a huge mistake by continuing to delay her treatment, but she's sticking to her decision. Nina spots them hugging and proceeds to be obnoxious in multiple ways, including questioning Willow's desire to work when she doesn't need to and all but accusing her of cheating on Michael with T.J. Ava learns about Dex's captivity and Diane's announcement that the attacker was a woman, and she goes straight to Sonny to tell him how awesome Dex is. She gives Sonny a pass for his "interrogation" of Dex since he couldn't be sure that Dex wasn't a threat to his family, but she wonders if he backed down because of Diane's statement or because he actually thinks he can trust Dex. Carly, Drew, cemetery, blah, blah, the wolves are coming for her, blah. Also, she doesn't want to use Sonny's last name anymore. Esme eavesdrops as Josslyn tells Trina that Sonny is worse than she thought, but Trina thinks it's better for her to know the truth and keep her distance from Dex. Curtis talks to both Nina and T.J. about how he screwed up his relationship with Trina. T.J. thinks she'll get over it sooner rather than later.

[Insert joke here about how Sonny should have known Carver would turn to knives, considering his name]

Kiki mention – drink!

Is there anyone out there who actually LIKES Nina? I can't imagine there is.

I applaud Willow for not laughing in Nina's face when she basically accused her of fooling around with T.J., because that's how I would have reacted.

Ugh, Carly's going to change her last name to Morgan, isn't she?

Trina, you HAVE to stop going places alone.

How convenient that Curtis glossed over the part where he convinced Ava to fire Trina.

October 6th, 2022

Esme claims that she's not Captain Hook, but considering the next victim is Oz, I'm going to call bull. She has a new revenge plan and Ryan loves it. Chase asks Curtis if he ever misses being in law enforcement. Curtis says it's hard to transition away from police work, but he feels like running the Savoy is perfect for him now. Chase admits that he doesn't want to be famous, and if he had the chance to return to the police force, he would do it in a second, though that would ruin Brook's revenge plans. Meanwhile, Dante tells Brook that Jordan is working on getting Chase reinstated so he can help with the Captain Hook case. The review board making the decision takes character references, and Dante thinks Brook should write one. Finn and Elizabeth double-date with Terry and Yuri, but Elizabeth kind of ruins it by talking about how Finn's life is different from how he intended it to be, so maybe they're not meant to be together. She confides to Terry that she thinks he might only want to be with her because he wants to save her, since he couldn't save Reiko. Terry calms her down and urges her to talk to Finn about Reiko. Elizabeth learns that Finn changed his specialty from hematology to infectious diseases not because of Reiko but because his friend Garrett died from a snake bite. Seeing Oz again reminds Jordan of the lengths she went through to help get Trina exonerated, and she feels a little guilty for being unethical. Robert basically says they're human, so they're not perfect, but if they end up bringing the bad guys in, it's all good. Trina complains to Portia about how Curtis overstepped by getting Ava to fire her. Portia agrees that he went too far, but she tells Trina how much he's done to help both of them and how he loves her despite not being her father (cough). Trina comes around on him and they make up. Cody still wants to get money from Selina, but he doesn't want to cheat at her poker game anymore. Selina serves as the devil on his shoulder while Maxie slips in as the angel, encouraging him to live a better life. Finn and Yuri don't seem to have anything in common and don't know what to talk about, but when they discover that they both have pet reptiles, they're suddenly best friends.

My two picks for the next victims (assuming the killer is Esme) were Oz and Arden, since they're expendable. But now I think killing Oz was a mistake. The Sonny connection is off the table now, which means the police will be looking in other directions.

It would be a great twist if Esme isn't Captain Hook but killed Oz with a hook to make it look like he was another of the killer's victims.

Aw, man, it's totally going to come down to Brook having to choose between revenge against Linc and helping Chase get his job back, and I don't trust her to make the right choice.

Amanda Setton is my favorite Brook but Briana Lane is great. If they found another role for her, I'd be happy to see more of her.

"Great pants – I was wondering what happened to my shower curtain." Finn and Chase's dynamic is one of my favorite things about this show.

Good to know that Roxie's alive and kicking.

Terry: "We have a lot more than that in common." Yuri: "We are both very good at kissing." Hee hee hee.

October 10th, 2022

At Brando's funeral reception, Sonny talks Gladys out of moving back to her hometown and reminds her that they'll always be family. She urges him to make up with Michael since something unexpected could happen and keep them from ever reconciling. Josslyn skips the reception to bug Dex to quit his job. He makes excuses not to and tells Josslyn that when she talks about Sonny needing to be brought down, she sounds like Michael. The police find Oz's body and Amy tells Portia and Ava about his murder. Portia becomes the first person to realize that three of Captain Hook's victims are tied to Trina. Curtis and Jordan note that if Josslyn was the intended second victim, all four of the victims have Trina in common. Nikolas has given in to Victor's demands to divorce Ava, but he doesn't reveal that she recorded him reading the fake confession. Victor's sure that with Esme definitely, completely, no-doubt-about-it dead, everything will work out great. Ava shows up with the news that Oz is dead, which Nikolas notes she could have told him over the phone, so yeah, there's no way she's totally done with him. Esme spends the whole episode trying to get into Wyndemere so she can get something from the safe, but when she finally does, Nikolas catches her. Michael tells Dante what Sonny did to Dex, which just means Dante is going to question Dex, so I don't get what Michael's goal is here. Willow tells T.J. that Nina thinks there's something going on between them. She's amused by that but he's annoyed, and he confronts Nina about sticking her nose into their business. Nina responds by warning him not to make an enemy out of Michael. Later, Willow pointedly asks T.J. for a ride home in front of Nina. Jordan has signed and submitted a new set of divorce papers, so now we can all stop talking about them forever and ever, right? She hints again to Curtis that there's something Portia's keeping from him, but he doesn't get it.

Okay, Sonny doesn't need someone telling him that life's too short and he needs to make up with Michael and blah blah blah. I would think that losing Morgan would make him fully aware of that.

Why weren't Lucy, Brook, and Chase at the reception to support Sasha?

I need Michael to shut up about Sonny for five minutes and Curtis to shut up about the divorce papers for five minutes. I feel like that's not too much to ask.

Also, Michael, WHAT are you DOING?

If I were Willow and T.J., I would be soooo tempted to play up the fake affair to mess with Nina (but I'd tell Michael and Molly about it first).

October 11th, 2022

Esme plays the victim with Nikolas (you know, as usual), trying to convince him that she's never done anything wrong in her entire life. He thinks it's pretty suspicious that three of Captain Hook's victims were connected to her, and that the attacks started around the time she returned to town. He threatens to call the police, but she has two reasons to think he won't: He and Ava would get busted for her little parapet tumble, and also, she's (allegedly) pregnant with his child. Sonny does his usual thing with Michael, saying he only wants what's best for his family, Michael should understand his position now that he's a father, they've lost too many people already and need to reconcile, etc. Michael seems close to breaking and even calls him Dad, but just the sight of Nina reminds him of the choices Sonny's made that hurt their family. With help from Nina and Lucy, Valentin gets Johan away from Victor and gets Victor moved to a new hotel suite where he hopes to listen in while Victor talks about his plans. Lucy has stopped resisting Victor's advances and is now pretending she's done with Martin and is totally into him. She has him just about to open up about his secrets when Eileen calls to tell him there's a problem. Now that Emma Samms' return is only a week away, Anna goes back to investigating Luke's death. She asks Robert to find a way to keep Johan occupied so she can get access to Victor, which will also help with the Valentin/Charlotte situation, though she can't tell Robert about that. Eileen interrupts and accuses Robert of misusing his office for personal reasons. He calls Anna and tells her to abort their plan, but she doesn't get his call. Dex keeps his mouth shut about what Sonny did to him, which makes Dante think he was threatened to keep quiet. Dex says that whoever told him Sonny kidnapped him must have lied. Now Dante thinks Michael's taken his vendetta against Sonny too far, and Nina thinks Sonny's totally innocent. Michael's pleased with Dex for keeping the truth from Dante, which will make him look even better to Sonny. Trina can't decide whether she's ready to go on an overnight trip with Rory, partly because her last out-of-town trip led to months of horrible experiences and partly because she's afraid it'll change their relationship. Ava tells her she shouldn't do anything she's not ready for, but she should also remember that relationships involve a leap of faith. Trina decides to take a leap.

I can't believe it! Esme's plot is going exactly how I wanted it to!

On top of the fact that she didn't attack Nikolas, I don't think Esme is Captain Hook because she got caught 30 seconds after sneaking into Wyndemere, so I can't see her flying under the radar in town for months.

Awww, Nina thinks Michael really did lie. That naïve little bunny.

Morgan mention – drink!

Yelling Dante scares me a little.

It's weird that when Dante said there had been another murder, no one asked who the victim was.

Laura, it's time to come home. Like, now.

October 12th, 2022

Nikolas is ready to hand Esme over to the police, baby or no baby, but she thinks she'll be able to blackmail her way to a great lawyer and free housing. Nikolas agrees to put her up at Wyndemere, but he doesn't want anyone knowing she's there, including the staff, so he locks her up in a wing used for storage. Anna and Valentin listen in via a bug while Victor talks to Eileen, but they're unable to hear her end of the conversation or figure out who she is. Some good, old-fashioned eavesdropping gives Lucy the answer, and they wonder if Eileen has been teaming up with Victor this whole time. Johan is wary of the room move and Lucy's presence, but it's Victor who has the most suspicions when he realizes Lucy listened in on his call. Cameron might be a little sexually frustrated, since he and Josslyn haven't done anything since that infamous night at the cabin, but he tells Josslyn he's not going to pressure her into anything. His bigger problem right now is that Josslyn has been spending time with Dex and hasn't told him anything about the Dex/Sonny situation. He hears about it from Michael while Josslyn is back at Dex's, chastising him for not ratting Sonny out to the police. Dex, who has told Michael that he's all in on bringing Sonny down, spins the decision as a smart career move. Carly appeals to some council in Jacksonville in hopes of convincing them to leave the cemetery as is. Peyton mocks her but Carly leans into the fact that she tried to become someone new. Ava thinks Sonny should back off of trying to connect with Michael, since he's not going to change Michael's mind. She also thinks he should become Dex's mentor and put his energy toward a relationship with someone who appreciates it. She implies that she's eventually going to go back to Nikolas, which Sonny finds ridiculous.

A fondness for Elizabeth...a rivalry with his half affair...a complicated relationship with Sonny...locking up a pregnant woman in his own home...Nikolas is just Ric 2.0. Nik and Ric even rhyme!

"I hope the deputy mayor can help us find out." Welp, she's probably dead next.

Aww, Luke was the only person Carly let call her Caroline.

Ava needs to stop giving people advice (regardless of the fact that the advice she gave Trina yesterday was good) and people need to stop listening to her.

"He stabbed me in the back." Sonny, don't say that to a woman who was recently stabbed.

October 14th, 2022

Victor gives Lucy more diamonds, this time in the form of a necklace. She's still committed to cozying up to him but Anna has come up with the perfect way to drive them apart: She called Martin and told him to come back to town. Lucy has to convince Martin that she's not actually involved with Victor and he has nothing to worry about. She does, though, because Victor has placed a bug in the necklace and can now listen in on her conversations with Anna. Anna tells Robert that Eileen is working with Victor and that Lucy is working with her and Valentin. Robert thinks her involvement is ridiculous and Anna is equally ridiculous for trusting Valentin. The two of them wonder why Victor is playing such a long game, considering Cassadines aren't known for them. Bobbie pops down to Jacksonville, which gives Carly someone new to talk to about...well, herself. Bobbie thinks her efforts there have helped her get her groove back (and it doesn't hurt that she's hanging out with Drew). Unfortunately, the council vote didn't turn out in Carly's favor, so Virginia's grave will have to be moved. Britt's a little peeved that Cody's been out of touch, but she gets why when Maxie tells her that he might be Mac's son. Maxie wonders why Cody won't take a DNA test, since turning out to be Mac's child would be a good thing. Sam confronts Cody for blackmailing Spinelli, which he tries to spin as not a big deal. There's not much she can do, though, since getting Cody in trouble would also get Spinelli in trouble. She also can't tell Dante anything, since he'd be compelled to report Spinelli to the NSA. She and Cody call a sort of truce, with his promise to leave Spinelli alone. Maxie wants Spinelli to find love and be happy, and why not use his Society Setups algorithm to achieve that? In case it's important later, Britt still has the box of stuff Peter left her.

Why aren't people more freaked out about there being a serial killer in town? They're not even talking about it!

Too bad Anna and Valentin deactivated the bug in Victor's room – they can't listen in on him listening in on Lucy.

Can we please not go back to anything Peter-related?

"What's your problem?" Uh, you stole his kid. Is that not enough, Britt?

October 17th, 2022

Anna warns Lucy that she's gotten in too far with Victor and is putting her life at risk. Lucy won't listen, and she refuses to let Anna pull her out of the field, so to speak. Anna's furious with her for being so stubborn but can't do anything about it. Victor now knows that Anna and Lucy are conspiring against him, but he doesn't hear them mention Valentin's involvement, since Valentin interrupts when he comes by to complain that his loyalty hasn't been rewarded. Victor agrees to let him visit Charlotte, but he has to leave ASAP, take a private plane, and be accompanied by guards who will inevitably keep him from contacting Anna or anyone else to arrange a rescue mission. Secretly, Victor is planning to do to Valentin what he did to Luke. Carly is surprised when, instead of rubbing it in that the council voted against her, Peyton apologizes. She feels horrible for the way she treated Carly, both recently and as a child, and no longer blames her for what happened in the past. She didn't know that Virginia was buried in the cemetery that would be disrupted, and she was so moved by Carly's words to the council that she changed her vote. It's not clear if Carly forgives her, but she's ready to move on, and she acknowledges that Peyton didn't do anything to deserve her husband's infidelity. It's not all good, though, since Carly feels like she's let Virginia down in multiple ways. Mac and Felicia tell Scott that Cody might be Mac's son and ask if Dominique ever said anything about her time in Shadybrook (where they think she might have given birth) or having a child. Scott still thinks Cody's a grifter and that Mac should stay far away from him. On the flip side, Britt, like Maxie, thinks Cody should submit to a DNA test so he can get to know Mac if they're really related. Cody confides that he's nervous about the possibility of Mac being his father because people keep saying how great Mac is, but Cody has a checkered past and can't live up to the legacy. Britt uses her experience of taking a test to find out something that changed her life to convince him that it's better to know than to always wonder. Plus, even if a DNA test proves that Mac is Cody's father, Cody doesn't have to act on it if he doesn't want to. Cody agrees to do the test, then offers to repay Britt by helping her finally get rid of the rest of Peter's stuff. Bobbie stops just short of asking Drew what his intentions are with Carly, but she definitely knows that there's something between them.

I think Anna just got a taste of what it would have been like to parent Robin as a teenager.

I assume Victor only gets live surveillance through the bug and isn't recording, which means he can't go back and hear all of Anna and Lucy's conversation.

Did Peyton get visited by three ghosts overnight or something?

"She was my constant." Yeah, a constant headache! Hi-yo!

October 18th, 2022

Victor makes arrangements to go on another cruise with Lucy, who has no clue that she's walking right into a trap. When Anna tries to track her down to pull her out, Victor sends her on a wild goose chase and has Johan do something at her house. Alone on the docks, Lucy gets ambushed by someone she seems to know, then gets shot. Unlike Lucy, Valentin is pretty sure he's walking into Victor's trap, but he's willing to take the risk if there's even a small chance he'll get to see Charlotte. Anna wants to go with him, and when he refuses, she calls someone to keep an eye on him. Nikolas basically plans to keep Esme locked up until the baby's born, then get rid of her in one way or another. As a bonus, her captivity could help her prove that she's not Captain Hook, if someone else is attacked while she's there. Nikolas thinks no one will miss Esme or go looking for her, but she spills that her father will. Britt still isn't quite ready to open up to Cody too much, but she allows him to tag along as she looks through Peter's things. She's not sure why he kept an ATM receipt or a ticket from a parking garage, but Cody points out one thing that could be significant: a key to a safe-deposit box. Scott urges Ava to file for divorce and put Nikolas' infidelity on the record so she can get her fair share from him. She orders him to keep quiet about the affair and all but admits that she's going to get back together with Nikolas. Between Lucy's apparent friendship with Victor and Ava's inability to drop Nikolas, Scott's like, "Is everyone caught in the thrall of Cassadine men?"

What consequences does Anna think she can impose on Lucy? She can't ground her!

I was wrong before – Nikolas is more like Sonny than Ric.

I guess if Esme is talking to her stomach while she's alone, she really is pregnant.

Maybe Ava, Nikolas, and Victor should have looked through all of Esme's stuff before they burned it. They would have found at least one enlightening letter.

October 19th, 2022

Anna hears the gunshots fired at Lucy, but by the time she gets to Lucy's pier, only her shoe is there. Victor shows up moments later and plays innocent. Dante comes to investigate, and in order to point the finger at Victor as the probable responsible party, Anna has to tell Dante a little about her plans to bring him down. He’s sure that Lucy's tough enough to survive Victor, and he may be right, because someone has washed up on a shore. Ava confronts Nikolas about his supposed intentions to file for divorce, which she heard about from Victor. Nikolas promises that he still wants to be with her and Victor has no say in their relationship. Esme manages to pick the lock on her door, but Nikolas catches her before she can run and takes away some of the stuff she's been locked in with as punishment. Cyrus makes inroads with Spencer by protecting him from Book again, then planting a shiv on Book to get him sent to solitary confinement. Robert and Diane seem to be interested in each other, which means we could be facing a very unexpected Diane/Robert/Holly love triangle. Sonny assures Kristina that he's proud of all of his children, including Michael, but she's not sure Alexis feels the same. Fortunately, Alexis finds a way to make it clear that she admires how much responsibility Kristina has demonstrated at her job, and how great it is that she's found something she likes to do. Sonny edges closer to fully trusting Dex and letting him in on things he really shouldn't. Diane claims she's not mad at Alexis for possibly riling up Captain Hook, but I'm not so sure. Victor thinks Ava deserves better than Nikolas, and he might mean himself.

Lucy's shooter missed a great opportunity to use a hook and make it look like she was one of Captain Hook's victims.

Wow, Esme didn't even last 24 hours in captivity without a meltdown. So much for her tough demeanor.

LAURA! GET BACK HERE! YOUR BROTHER'S BEING SHADY! Also, your son is committing crimes.

"The magazines are full of holes." "Just like your redemption story." Ha! Nice one, Spencer.

Way to move on literally one day before your ex comes back on the canvas, Robert.

How sad that the Corinthoses' family dinner only had three attendees.

"Mistakes were made. You were treated unfairly." Gotta love that passive voice – it allows you to avoid accountability so effortlessly.

October 20th, 2022

With no sign of Lucy anywhere in town, the Coast Guard decides they're on a recovery mission, not a rescue mission. Martin's upset with Anna for pulling her into something dangerous, and Anna feels horrible for not doing more to get her out. Victor is brought in for questioning, but he's smugly confident that the police won't find anything to connect him to whatever happened to Lucy. He tells his lawyer that Robert and Anna are about to become busy dealing with something else. As Anna, Jordan, and Martin watch drone footage that captured Lucy's shooting and subsequent fall into the harbor, Robert and Dante head to the Quartermaines', where the woman who washed up on shore the night before has dragged herself and been spotted by Willow. Willow thinks she's come across Captain Hook, but Olivia IDs her and gives Robert a heads up: She's not Lucy – she's Holly. T.J. politely but coolly tells Nina to stay out of his and Willow's business and, of course, refuses to tell her anything Willow wouldn't want her to know. Nina still thinks there's something going on between them, so I'm still amused. Curtis talks to Sonny about whether it's better to find out what medical conditions you might face in the future or continue your life with uncertainty. Sonny has decided not to find out if he has a predisposition for Alzheimer's, since knowing won't change anything, but he thinks if Curtis wants to have kids, he should find out if he might develop schizophrenia. Curtis agrees, and I think Portia can recommend a genetic counselor for him. Epiphany gets cold feet the morning of the MCAT and blasts Marshall for making her believe she could actually become a doctor. He gives her a pep talk, reminding her that giving something a real try means you haven't failed, even if it doesn't work out. She rewards him with a kiss. Trina's proceeding with her overnight trip with Rory, but she still seems uncertain about it, or maybe just distracted because she's thinking about someone else? Like the rest of us, Olivia is sick of Michael and Ned's bickering about ELQ.

So Peter had Holly "killed" to distract Robert, and Victor had her released to distract him and Anna? Did Holly shoot Lucy?? Did he move on from Drew and start controlling her instead??? Is Victor making the show exciting????

While it was great to hype up Holly's return (despite no one mentioning her recently, which made it come out of nowhere), it would have been fun if they'd kept it quiet.

Why do I feel like Willow only thought Brook was in the boathouse because she expected her to be in there going at it with Chase?

Oh, I LOVE the pettiness of T.J. telling Nina to call him Dr. Ashford.

"Who goes up to near strangers and just encourages them?" Heh. A monster, obviously.

I still don't care about Marshall but I cracked up at him saying that because he's a jazz musician, women kiss him all the time.

October 21st, 2022

Holly's memories of the past couple of years seem to be gone, but there doesn't appear to be a physical cause, and she's not too concerned about it. Robert's like, "I guess we'll go out and get breakfast and act like everything's fine, then." The drone footage shows Anna (or at least someone who looks just like Anna) shooting Lucy, so Martin tries to get Arden to press charges against her. Jordan notes that the footage could be fake, so they shouldn't jump to any conclusions. Victor plays it all perfectly, pretending to be distressed at the thought of Lucy being dead, and Anna gets so mad at him that she almost attacks him. She suspects she's being set up, which is a pretty good bet, since she finds the clothes the shooter wore and the gun she used hidden in her car. Carly has had Virginia cremated, and she and Drew take her ashes to the beach to scatter them in the ocean. Carly finally gets closure and celebrates by kissing Drew. Chase confides in Ned that he's really only doing the music thing for Brook and he'd much rather go back to being a cop. Brook is pretty clueless about that, and it doesn't help that Linc has taken the bait and is playing right into their hands. Mason pops up again and keeps pressing Austin to fulfill his familial duty or whatever. He asks Maxie to help him convince Austin to go home for Thanksgiving, and the way he mentions the names of Maxie's kids should definitely creep her out. Martin tells Sasha that the judge has made a decision about her guardianship.

Why does everyone (except Jordan, it appears) assume that Lucy's dead? People have been shot and fallen into the harbor and survived before.

You know you're watching a soap when you say, "I don't think the footage was doctored; it makes more sense that Anna's presumed-dead identical twin is actually alive."

Hey, Arden, come here. I just want to see if you're wearing a bunch of bracelets.

We get it, you guys got a drone. Stop wasting everyone's time with pretty shots and move some storylines along.

October 24th, 2022

Anna puts everything back in her car instead of getting rid of it, for some reason (but it doesn't really matter, since Johan stashed something else at her house). She's about to tell Dante about it when he lets her know that Holly's alive. Jordan and Mac go over all the Lucy/Anna/Victor stuff and quickly guess that Victor did something to Lucy and framed Anna so he could get rid of both of them at once. Arden ignores their accusations of a setup and makes Jordan arrest Anna. Holly catches up with Scott and Felicia, who tell her that Luke is dead (allegedly) and Victor is most likely responsible. She appears not to know who Victor is, and she slaps him for what happened to Luke, but she's acting kind of squirrelly. When the group hears that Anna's being framed for whatever happened to Lucy, they all assume that Victor's behind that, too. Sasha's judge has decided that since she doesn't have any family, her guardianship will transfer to someone appointed by the court. Sonny and Nina both volunteer for the role but would never qualify, since they both have records, so Gladys steps up. Carly's worried that getting together will change her and Drew's relationship, or that she'll do something to screw up, or blah blah blah, whatever, you guys are dating now.

Jordan: "Lucy went a little rogue." Mac: "Sounds about right." Heh.

This Anna stuff is basically a repeat of Trina's storyline – no one actually believes she's guilty and there's no solid evidence against her.

I think Valentin's visit to Charlotte might actually go through. My guess is that Victor sent him away so he couldn't be around to interfere in what's happening to Anna.

So no one finds it suspicious that Lucy disappeared at the same time Holly reappeared?

Dear writers, Drew's not supposed to remember anything about his life pre-2014.

Every day I care less and less about Sasha and Gladys.

October 25th, 2022

Victor and Nikolas engage in a bit of a power struggle, since Nikolas won't agree to divorce Ava, and Victor won't give Nikolas any hint about what he's up to or what he's supposedly been doing to protect the family. He offers to help Nikolas and Spencer repair their relationship if Nikolas gets a divorce. If he won't, Victor will use his knowledge of what happened to Esme against him. Nina asks Ava how long she plans to stay with her and not do anything about her marriage. Ava's still torn between getting revenge on Nikolas and going back to him. She tells Ava that Nikolas handed her a way to destroy his life if she chooses to use it, but actually deploying it would be complicated. Then she discovers that Valentin stole the fake confession. Josslyn tells Dex a cautionary tale about working for Sonny because he could end up like Jason – betrayed, neglected, and dead. She finally tells Cameron that she's spent more time with Dex than she's admitted, and Cameron says he already knew. He's a little annoyed that their relationship has hit a barrier since everything that happened with Esme, so they agree to make time to be together. Britt and Cody open Peter's safe-deposit box, which contains a super-expensive diamond necklace that Cody can barely keep his eyes and hands off of. Britt decides to keep it locked up in case it turns out to be stolen. Elizabeth and Terry are supposedly going to a medical conference in Monterrey, but they're really going to break into Elizabeth's parents' house so she can look for answers to her questions about what happened with Reiko. Speaking of Reiko, Violet sees a picture of her and asks Finn about her and her death. That puts Finn in a mood that makes Elizabeth decide not to tell him about the truth behind her trip.

Biggest laughs today: 1) Britt putting the key to the safe-deposit box in her bra, and 2) Nikolas' confession being replaced with a note that said, "Missing something???"

Nikolas obviously shouldn't tell Ava and Victor that he has Esme locked up at Wyndemere but what's stopping him from telling them that she's alive and has been neutralized? At the very least, it would make Ava feel a little better.

So Dex, which part of Sonny and Michael's orders to stay away from Josslyn was unclear?

Only Josslyn would spin the Sonny/Nina situation to make it seem like Sonny betrayed Jason.

Diamonds make me think of Hayden, and now I'm grumpy because she's not around.

October 26th, 2022

Anna fills Mac in on her work with Lucy and her suspicions that Victor is framing her for whatever happened to Lucy. Unfortunately, the coat the shooter wore was Anna's, all the evidence points to her, and her arraignment has been pushed back a day. Robert can't do anything to help her now, but once they've gotten Anna out of jail, they're definitely going after Victor together, along with Holly. Ava first thinks Nikolas took back his fake confession, but she realizes that wouldn't do any good, since she still has the recorded one. She decides Victor must have taken it, and Nina practically begs her not to confront him. Victor invites himself to move into Wyndemere so he can babysit Nikolas and make sure he ends things with Ava. Nikolas protests but ultimately gives in to make Victor think he's winning. After he learns from Ava that Victor probably stole his fake confession, he tells her they need to pretend that they're proceeding with the divorce. Cody still isn't sold on how awesome everyone keeps telling him Mac is, since he doesn't want a father who will judge him for his failings. Dante's like, "Trust me on this, you could end up with a lot worse." Britt hires Sam to find out where the diamond necklace came from. Maxie tells Austin that Spinelli is behind Society Setups. Georgie still hates Austin, but she likes Cody from the first second she meets him. Holly catches up with Felicia, still acting like she's totally fine about losing a couple years' worth of memories.

If Ava thought that note was from Nikolas, does that mean she doesn't know what his handwriting looks like?

I think that warning Nikolas gave Victor about not trying to control him, since doing that didn't end well for Helena, is the closest we'll ever get to Nikolas confessing that he killed her.

"Where ya going? Hell, maybe?" Heh. Snarky Ava is fun.

I can't believe I didn't put together yesterday that the diamond necklace could be made from the Ice Princess. I've brought shame to my family.

The girl who plays Georgie is really good at the bratty-kid thing.

"Do not boo your Aunt Britt." Don't worry, Georgie, I'll do it enough for both of us.

October 27th, 2022

Brook hasn't written her letter for Chase yet, and she's spending way too much time thinking about his music career, even when they're on a date. They listen to an interview he did, and when he calls her his muse, she's finally able to focus on something: sex. Josslyn and Cameron visit Spencer and end up telling him that Ava filled Trina in on the secrets he was keeping. He's disappointed that she hasn't been in touch, but Cameron cheers him up a little by assuring him that he and Josslyn will always be there for him. Josslyn appreciates this, too, and it seems to be all she needs to feel ready to have sex with Cameron again. Trina and Rory's overnight trip almost gets sexy, but she slams on the brakes when she finds herself thinking about Spencer instead. Cody's still uneasy about possibly being a Scorpio and being pulled into a family that seems to always be happy. He's sure that Leopold was his father and he kind of deserves it. Selina tries to recruit Cody for another poker game, but Mac chases her off and warns Cody to keep his distance from her. Felicia senses that Sam has reservations about Cody and asks if there's anything she should know. Sam remains diplomatic but gets more suspicious about Cody when he can't hide his disapproval that Britt asked her to look into the necklace. Nina and Victor squabble over his treatment of Valentin, and Victor throws some barbs about how Nina wasn't there for her own child when she was growing up. Sonny intervenes, telling Victor never to speak to Nina again and warning that if he had anything to do with Anna's current situation, it'll be the last stunt he pulls in town. Not that Sonny will kill him, since he's totally a pacifist now! Nina's convinced of that, at least. Britt and Dante call a truce for Cody's sake.

Brook, you'd better write that letter. Don't make me come over there.

I think Josslyn spending the night with Cameron after Elizabeth told him no sleepovers is at least sixth on Elizabeth's list of current concerns, so they should be fine.

Show, you don't have to do the oh-no-there's-only-one-bed trop with people who are already a couple.

This has really been a Victor-heavy week, and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

October 28th, 2022

Terry agrees to meet with Elizabeth's parents to get them out of the house so Elizabeth can break in. A call from Britt distracts Terry just long enough to lose track of Jeff and Carolyn, and Elizabeth gets caught. Brook and Chase's first morning together abruptly goes downhill when Olivia accidentally sees him naked. Brook thinks she's in for criticism from Ned, but he manages to act like an adult and not comment on his daughter's personal life. Olivia's day continues going badly, though, when she runs into a familiar and unwelcome face: Heather. Carly still isn't sure what her future holds or what she'll do now that she's not running the hotel, but she tells Bobbie that her identity crisis has passed and she's more sure of herself than ever. She's also decided to change her last name from Corinthos to Spencer. It's Oscar's birthday, and Drew and Josslyn both visit his meadow to talk to him. Drew says that when he was Victor's captive, he used Oscar as his inspiration when things got really hard, reminding himself that Oscar never gave up. He wants to use his and Ned's shared connection to Oscar as a starting point for a family truce, but Michael, of course, ruins that. Ned does a 180, accusing Michael of only being a Quartermaine when it's convenient and telling Drew he's sick of him always being the nice guy. Drew offers to change that, so Ned warns that he and Michael could face insider-trading charges for the whole mess with Aurora. Willow's cancer may have progressed, because that's what happens when you don't get it treated, and she really shouldn't be surprised about that. Cameron mentions to Finn that Elizabeth is in the town where her parents live, then realizes that he didn't know that. He advises Finn not to treat Elizabeth like she's powerless, since it reminds her of a time when she was powerless, and that's not good for anyone.

I wouldn't believe that 25 years had passed since that Elizabeth flashback (which I think is from her very first episode) if I hadn't been watching back then. Becky Herbst has aged ten years, at most.

I can't wait until Dante inevitably finds out that his mom saw his best friend naked.

It has to be significant that Heather popped back up just as we're getting to see Jeff again, right? (Also, I'm sad that Robin Mattson isn't playing her; she's so good in that role.)

Hey, Oscar mentions! I don't anticipate any more for the next 364 days.

Imagine getting mad at Drew because he's too nice. Shut up, Ned.

LOL at Willow being like, "Olivia, where are you going? Olivia, why are you leaving? Olivia, don't leave me here alone with Michael and Ned!"

Yeah, I did wonder if that Aurora stuff counted as insider trading. I'm not sure a prosecutor could prove it, though.

October 31st, 2022

Elizabeth takes out 25 years' worth of resentment and anger on her parents, blasting them for abandoning her and then acting like they were just giving her space. She almost leaves without getting what she came for, but she refuses to keep leaving the past in the past without knowing what really happened. Felicia finally reaches Valentin, who's been so focused on spending time with Charlotte that he didn't know about Anna's arrest. He wants to go back to Port Charles but Felicia tells him that Anna wants him to stay put. Valentin tries to arrange an outing with Charlotte away from their Victor-appointed chaperone, but the guy doesn't accept a cash bribe and barely flinches when Valentin tries to knock him out. Fortunately, a nun in the chapel where they've been hanging out is armed with a candlestick and knows how to use it. Even more fortunately, the nun is Laura. Scott agrees to represent Anna at her arraignment (not like she had much choice here, since Diane's still in the hospital and Martin thinks she killed Lucy), where everyone thinks the judge will see that the evidence against her was planted and things will suddenly be sunshine and flowers. Of course they're wrong and Anna doesn't make bail, but hey, Holly's willing to break her out of jail if it comes down to it. Finn patiently listens to Heather trash-talk Elizabeth, then tries to get her to admit to leaving Darkham, since she has some sort of flesh-eating bacteria that isn't exactly native to Port Charles. She won't tell him anything or shut up, so he sedates her. Alexis and Gregory...I don't know, it's all just a prelude to them eventually getting together, so who really cares?

The actors playing Elizabeth, Jeff, and Carolyn did an excellent job making their scenes tense.

"We wanted to give you the home we couldn't." Excuse me, couldn't? Like you didn't choose to jet off to other places and neglect your children?

I assume we haven't seen Terry pop back up because she went to the Webbers' house, heard the yelling through the front door, and ran away as fast as she could.

Valentin in the previews: "Some kind of divine intervention?" Me: "Please say 'Devane intervention.' Please say 'Devane intervention."

LOL at Martin saying he wishes Laura were there. Buddy, if she were, she'd tell you you're an idiot.

I KNOW Finn didn't sit there saying nothing when Heather slut-shamed Elizabeth over and over and only spoke up when she insulted Anna.

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