General Hospital blog - September, 2004

September 22nd, 2004

You know how sometimes you come up with an idea in the middle of the night, and because it’s late and you’re tired, you think it’s the greatest idea in the history of the world, but when you wake up and you can think more clearly, it’s not exactly as great anymore? Guess when I got this idea? In most cases, when you realize that that so-called “great” idea wasn’t so great after all, you drop it. Not me. Despite being a two a.m. idea, the General Hospital blog will be my new pet.

This blog will house my thoughts, opinions, rants, raves, and anything else that pops into my head while watching GH. I’ve heard numerous other opinions on the show, storylines, and characters, and I think it’s my turn to put in my two cents. Of course, as with everything on my site, paying attention to what I say is completely optional, and I won’t feel offended or take it personally if you decide to sit this out. But if you want information or updates or just a good laugh, this is the place for you.

I tend to split stuff into the good and the bad, so here are highs and lows of today’s episode.

HIGHS: The bet’s almost over.
• The Quartermaines have finally wised up.
• Mike and Sonny had a scene together and didn’t fight.
• When did I stop hating Felicia?
• Aww, Lucas and Brook are so cute together.

LOWS: Shut it, Sam.
• Why is Heather still on this show?
• Ditto Simon.
• Oh, Lois, you used to be so smart.
• Why am I not surprised that Sonny and Jason are being nosy?

September 23rd, 2004

Finally, Georgie said exactly what I’ve been thinking - that Dillon is Brook’s uncle, not her boyfriend, and therefore his overprotective boyfriend attitude is both annoying and creepy. Leave the girl alone, Dillon. Let her make her own decisions.

Amazingly, Sam was useful today. She said something else that I’ve been thinking. Jason calls himself Sonny’s right-hand man, but it’s more like he lets Sonny boss him around and do everything Sonny himself doesn’t want to do. He takes care of Sonny’s mistress, looks after Michael and Morgan more than Sonny does, follows Carly around and makes sure she’s staying out of trouble, etc. And what does he get for his troubles? Okay, a large paycheck, but also a lot of disrespect. Best friend, my foot. I’m also amazed that Sam wore normal clothing today.

Carly, the next time you want to talk to Durant on your own, kick Sonny out of the room. If he smirks one more time about being chosen over Durant, I’m going to throw something at the TV.

HIGHS: I can’t believe I like Alexis and Ric together, but I do.
• Finally, Brook and Lucas kissed.
• I can’t wait for the continuation of the Bobbie/Durant reunion.

LOWS: Shut up, Sonny.
• Oh, Nedly. I agree that Lois is making a mistake, but at least let her make it on her own. Alcazar already hurt her once, so if she’s going to take the chance of hooking up with him again, she kind of deserves whatever happens to her.

September 24th, 2004

Hey, Helena? The last people you cursed were Luke and Laura, and it took about 15 years before anything really bad happened to them. So maybe you should rethink your curses.

I never realized until this week how annoying Sonny is. You don’t want Steven to save your son’s life because you don’t trust him? Maybe if you were actually spending regular time with Morgan, this wouldn’t have happened anyway. As it is, Leticia should be making decisions about Morgan’s medical care, since she’s basically raising him.

I’ve never wanted Jax to have sex with someone other than Brenda so badly.

HIGHS: Courtney and Jax can finally stop talking about the bet!
• Alexis + Ric = hours of entertainment.

LOWS: Shut up, Sonny, again, some more.
• I really don’t want a “bad things happen to Emily and Nikolas” plot.
• What in the world is up with Elizabeth’s hair?

September 26th, 2004

From Zap2It and TV Guide Online - this week on General Hospital...

Monday: Jason gives Durant and Steven a warning. (How specific.)
• Nurse Harris dies before she can exonerate Emily. (Of course she does.)
• Tracy is unsettled when Helena shows her the book of Cassadine curses. (And it takes a lot to unsettle Tracy.)
• Steven saves Morgan’s life, and Carly is grateful. (Well, of course.)

Tuesday: Emily and Nikolas fear that Helena’s curse may come true. (If only.)
• Carly wants to believe that Durant has no ulterior motives. (Again, of course.)
• Jason warns Michael to stay away from Durant. (Oh, Jason, it’s so not your business.)
• Courtney is heartbroken at the thought of Jax with another woman. (Heh. I know who it is....)
• Jax is surprised to find Skye in his apartment. (Like I said.)
• Lois gives Emily her wedding dress. (Not like Lois is going to need it again. Right?)

Wednesday: Sonny and Jason are unable to convince Carly that Durant is a threat. (That’s because it’s Carly.)
• Michael says he will live with Courtney unless Carly stays away from Durant. (Shut up, you little moppet.)
• Jax sends Courtney gifts. (Awwww, how nice.)
• Durant blackmails Alcazar. (Are you surprised?)
• Lois and Alcazar flirt. (Sheesh, again?)
• Skye is eager to find Luke. (That’s a helpful spoiler.)

Thursday: Durant and Alcazar form an unlikely alliance; Alcazar agrees to help Durant send Sonny to prison. (Yikes! That’s a bizarre alliance.)
• Carly prepares to sever ties with Durant. (Good luck, since he seems to be sticking around.)
• Michael leads Jax to believe that Courtney and Jason are back together. (Again, shut up, moppet.)
• Sam is relieved when Jason assures her he and Courtney aren’t getting back together. (Yay! Because I care so much about Sam!)

Friday: Carly refuses to see the truth about Durant. (Surprised?)
• Alcazar tells Sonny about Durant’s plan to ruin him. (Why would he do that?)
• Carly grows closer to Durant as he tells her about her mother. (Good job severing ties, there.)
• Nikolas and Emily expose Helena as the force behind the happenings supposedly caused by the curse. (Blah blah blah, boring.)
• Jax and Courtney make up. (Of course.)

September 27th, 2004

Where in the world did Sonny pick up that sense of entitlement? “If my son dies, so do you.” I just...I have no words. And it’s not like I didn’t see that coming. It’s such a Sonny thing to say. He thinks that because he’s rich and powerful and practically owns the city, everyone should do his bidding. For a guy who claims to be a good Catholic and trust God to take care of everything, he sure puts a lot of pressure on humans to make things work out for him.

I’m disappointed. I wanted some Jax and Courtney sex! Mostly so that they’d stop talking about it and just do something already.

When did Dillon and Georgie become so boring?

HIGHS: Another Corinthos child’s death averted.
• So that’s where Skye went!

LOWS: There’s a book of curses? Whatever.
• If Jason was able to figure out that Durant and Steven are working together that quickly, they’re not very good at what they’re doing.
• The bet’s over! Courtney and Jax are supposed to be all happy and stuff! Or something.

September 28th, 2004

Why is everyone so awake and alert in the middle of the night? Why is Lois running errands, like taking her/Lila’s wedding dress over to Wyndemere? Why is Michael, who’s supposed to be 7, not yawning? Don’t these people sleep?

I used to really hate Skye, but now she’s someone I more than tolerate. She’s become one of the most interesting characters. Plus, Robin Christopher is a great actress and handles both comedy and drama really well. I’m glad she’s back and is getting to do some interesting stuff.

I can see why Jason and Carly are best friends. They get along so well.

Am I the only one who saw Nikolas spilling wine on the wedding dress coming from a mile away? I didn’t think so.

HIGHS: I’m liking Skye hanging out at Jax’s place (mostly because I’m pretty sure they’re not going to get back together).
• Emily’s dream about Helena and Tracy being two of the witches from Macbeth was hilarious.

LOWS: If you’re going to have a character spill wine on a dress, at least be a little more subtle about it.
• You’re getting a little too nosy there, Jason.
• Leticia is officially the World’s Worst Nanny.
• Michael’s transformation into Sonny, Jr. must be stopped.

September 29th, 2004

Thank you, Jason, for receiving my telepathic messages and halting Michael’s attempts to become Mr. In Charge of Everything. The kid is 7. He has no say in his parents’ lives. He must be destroyed. (Okay, maybe not that last part. Well...maybe.)

Edward’s going to work with Helena and Tracy? That’s a destructive trio. They could cause a whole mess of problems. I’m intrigued.

Now Alcazar and Durant are going to work together? There’s another volatile match.

HIGHS: I guess Alcazar basically admitted to killing Mary. I thought he got back from Venezuela awfully quickly.
• Lucky for Skye, Ric is incompetent.

LOWS: Helena burned down a church! Wait, why am I surprised? Goodbye, little chapel in the woods that we saw so much of during the amnesia storyline. Helena’s officially going to Hell.
• Enough with the whole Courtney-and-Jason-are-tense-every-time-they-run-into-each-other-unexpectedly thing. They said they’ve gotten over their divorce, so they should be over it. They split up. We get it. Move on.
• Am I the only person who remembers that it’s THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?
• I really wish that, when Steven met Lucky, he’d said, “That’s right, you slept with both of my sisters!” (Hey, at least it would’ve given Lucky more to do.)

September 30th, 2004

I think this is the third date I’ve heard, but I’ve now seen in two different sources that Tony Geary (Luke) returns October 8th. Freaking finally!

Once again, everyone is running around in the middle of the night. Aren’t these people tired? Steven is the only person who has a plausible reason for being up in the middle of the night (he’s working). Everyone else should have fallen asleep hours ago.

Ooh, Carly’s family history. Intriguing! No, wait. Boring.

HIGHS: Until it turned out that Heather was behind it, that “Lucky 7,” “Lucky 19” thing was really nice.
• Sonny’s actually doing something reasonable for once.

LOWS: Heather is EVIL.
• Michael, you’re seven. You should be worrying about your loose teeth and learning to ride your bike without training wheels. In other words, shut up.
• You shut up, too, Sam.

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