General Hospital blog - September, 2005

September 1st, 2005

Jason tells Sam that he wants to leave town, since his enemies might be coming after him. She and Emily take him to the hospital, where Sam uses a gun to stop Alan from injecting him with something. Ric tries to mend fences between Carly and Reese, but the three are faced with a flooding town. Courtney thinks Nikolas is lying to her about Jax not wanting to be with her.

Okay, the flooding thing isn’t really nice timing, but I’d very much like to throw Diego in that mix, if I could.

Whatever, Sam. I hope she gets arrested for that.

Whoever that guy was playing Reese’s father, he deserves an Emmy. He was the perfect mix of creepy, convincing, and trustworthy. The actress playing Caroline, however, can just go away.

Courtney really is incapable of taking responsibility for...anything, really. I hope they keep the baby away from her, because she’s so self-involved that that child will be horribly messed up.

Dear Alan, please shut up. Signed, everyone.

September 2nd, 2005

Sam gets Jason away from Alan, then convinces him to return to the hospital for tests. Monica informs her that Jason will probably die. Ric winds up in a clinic and, after learning that Carly and Reese might be dead, summons Sonny to Florida. Carly slips deeper into her delusions and attacks Reese with a knife. Courtney overhears Jax talking to Justus and, realizing that Nikolas was telling her the truth, heads to Wyndemere so they can go at it like bunnies.

Yeah. I’m really sure Jason is going to die. Because my middle name is Gullible.

I really don’t care what Carly does to Reese. But what else is new?

I also don’t care with Nikolas and Courtney do. Considering they’ve practically had sex about five times in the past couple of months, them actually doing it wouldn’t be much of a leap.

Why does Sonny want Emily to take Michael and Morgan to the hotel? Does that make sense to anyone?

September 5th, 2005

Since there’s no show today, I thought I’d do a little Robin bio, since not everyone is familiar with her. Here goes:

Robin first appeared in 1985, as a 7-year-old. Her parents were Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Anna (Finola Hughes), former spies/special agents/something like that. Throughout her childhood, Robin went through her parents’ various relationships, the death of her beloved caretaker, the disappearance and reappearance of her stepfather Duke (the wonderful Ian Buchanan), kidnapping, catatonia, and a stupid plotline with an alien. (Don’t ask.) As a teenager, she developed a crush on Jason (still a Quartermaine at the time) and befriended Brenda.

In the mid-‘90s, Robin fell in love with Stone (Michael Sutton), a runaway taken in by Sonny. After a tumultuous relationship that her uncle/guardian Mac disapproved of, Stone discovered that he was HIV positive. The disease continued developing and just before he died of AIDS, Robin discovered that she was also HIV positive. Instead of going off to Yale, as she’d planned, Robin stuck around Port Charles for a little while and wound up dating Jason (another relationship Mac disapproved of). She went off to Yale, finally (and I think that was when she went to the Sorbonne for a little while), but decided to come back to her hometown after a year.

In 1999, Robin spilled to A.J. that he was Michael’s real father. This, of course, ticked Jason off, and he broke up with her. Robin headed to Europe for school and only popped up once or twice for various reasons. The last we heard, she was still in Europe, sometimes hanging out with her best friend Brenda. We can assume that she’s in or done with med school. It would make sense if she’s a doctor now; it would give her an excuse to hang around the hospital a lot.

When she comes back, Robin will most likely interact with Mac (of course), Felicia (if she ever reappears), Jason, Sonny, Carly (who hates her), and Sam. She’ll probably also have scenes with Alan, Edward, Emily, various other Quartermaines, Mike, Michael, Courtney (who I don’t think likes her either), and Nikolas (who may or may not once have had a crush on her). She’ll probably get along well with Reese, Ric, and maybe Elizabeth. And if any of the teenagers need advice, they’ll probably go to her.

September 6th, 2005

Courtney and Nikolas have sex. Afterwards, Emily tells Nikolas that she wants to try to make their marriage work, and Courtney tells Jax exactly what she was doing. Sam convinces Jason to try the medication Tony has prescribed. Sonny and Ric find Carly and Reese and the four head home.

Hee. Yeah, Jason, you definitely did something to Tony. But let’s not get into that.

Nice timing, Em.

Does anyone else kind of suspect that Carly might be faking? I mean, it’s Carly, after all. You just never know.

Elizabeth and Lucky should just cut themselves off from all of the craziness around them and always be happy with each other.

September 7th, 2005

Durant arrests Jason and says that he’ll release him when Sonny brings Carly to him. Alexis tries to talk Ric out of becoming Sonny’s Jason replacement. Jax tries to buy Elizabeth’s baby. Emily accuses Jax of setting a trap for Courtney.

Am I the only one who laughed when Jason grabbed Sam and ran off with her? Just wondering.

Ew. Please tell me that was just some really dark vinaigrette Nancy Lee Grahn had to eat and not real chocolate.

Sorry, Ric, but you’re no Jason.

Jax tried to buy a baby, people. I think he may be beyond rehabilitation.

September 8th, 2005

The Ruiz family carries out a hit at Sonny's house. Maxie runs into Diego during her sting operation at the Pizza Shack. Sam makes a tentative deal with Durant. Brook hangs out with Seth.

MAX! Noooooooo! Look, I’m sure Ric will be fine, but...MAX! Please don’t die! I love you!

I so hope the stalker is Diego. What a great way to get rid of him.

Yes, I get it, we’re supposed to think that Seth is the stalker. Stop shoving it down our throats, please.

Oh, Sam. You should know better than to try to make a deal with the devil.

September 9th, 2005

Sam attempts to make her trade with Durant, then changes her mind when she realizes that Carly is too sick. Jason refuses to take orders from Sonny. Ric undergoes surgery while Alexis and Reese fight about him. Nikolas physically defends Courtney to Lucky. The college kids eliminate Diego as a suspect.

Fun casting news: First...hee hee hee. They fired Jennifer Bransford. Hee hee. Sorry, but...hee. I never liked her. I’m not sorry at all. They’ll recast again, of course.

Second - yay! Cynthia Preston is coming back! Faith is going to “haunt” Carly, starting September 27th. I can’t wait!

Way to go, Jason! He doesn’t know Sonny from Adam. I love how Sonny doesn’t seem to grasp the whole amnesia thing; he keeps talking about Alcazar and the Ruizes like Jason knows who they are. The guy doesn’t even trust his own girlfriend right now, and Sonny really thinks he’ll just grab a gun and go kill someone? Right.

Don’t worry, Sam. Sonny will never have to know that you were totally going to screw him over.

Ooh, brothers fighting. Where’s the hot oil? And is it too much to hope that Courtney gets smacked in the face?

Yay, Max is okay! Oh, and Ric, too.

Who the heck walks into a college girl’s room without knocking? Whatever, Seth.

September 12th, 2005

After a run-in with the Ruizes, Sam tries to convince Jason to go to the island. Instead, he asks Tony about his treatment and learns from Alan that he could have surgery. Alexis asks Ric if he would rather stay married to her or work for Sonny. Carly thinks she’s going to remarry Sonny. Elizabeth and Lucky consider their options. Nikolas and Courtney are happy.

You guys...I don’t hate Sam right now. What the heck is wrong with me?

Oh, I get it. I’ve just replaced Sam with Courtney. Shut up, Courtney.

Ric, you’d better pick Alexis. That’s all I have to say. Oh, and don’t be all offended that she’s accusing you of wanting to be close to Reese. Because...well, you know.

I like that Elizabeth and Lucky are happy and everything, but can they at least do something interesting while they’re happy?

Still sticking with it - TONY!

September 13th, 2005

Jason remembers the night that Sam’s baby died. Elizabeth and Jax agree to work out a custody arrangement, but Lucky isn’t happy about it. Carly plans her “wedding” to Sonny. Ric asks Jason to help Sonny, but he refuses. Jax and Alexis realize that their most meaningful relationship was with each other.

Awww, a happy ending! And Jason’s actually showing emotion! How nice.

Oh, Lucky. Make up your mind, would you?

Do you hear that? It’s the remaining faithful Jax/Alexis fans, screaming for them to do something.

I’ve grown bored with crazy Carly. Though she’s still better than crazy Sonny.

September 14th, 2005

Jason remembers shooting Faith. Ric is determined to be Jason’s replacement. Lucky finds a nude photo of Brook in Diego’s bag and Jesse discovers that the fingerprint on it is Dillon’s.

EW. Dillon did NOT take nude photos of his niece. That’s just...ew.

Hey, it’s Faith! Hi, Faith! See ya soon!

Ric is an idiot. So is Reese.

Hey, Alexis - if Ric was shot in the chest, then why is he holding his side?

September 15th, 2005

Jason meets Michael but his memory isn’t jogged. Ric sets up a meeting with the Ruizes, planning to kill them, and has to be rescued by Reese, Jason, and Sam. He winds up shooting Manuel Ruiz, cementing his place in Sonny’s world. Carly is still crazy. Mac is determined to prove that Dillon is the stalker and tells Georgie she’s going to boarding school.

So are you all done ruining Ric yet? No? Okay, well, take your time. We’ll wait.

Remember when Laura went crazy? Remember how much it sucked? It was still better than this Carly crap.

This Dillon thing is the worst “twist” ever. Least likely suspect my foot. Georgie is the least likely suspect, for crying out loud. I hate this whole plot.

Oh, Georgie, just run away from home. That’s what Emily did when they did this exact same plot with her and Zander. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

September 16th, 2005

Jason covers up the shooting and tells Sonny again that he won’t work for him. Sam worries that Jason will leave town forever. Sonny blasts Ric for being an idiot. Lucky doesn’t like the idea of joint custody. Nikolas and Courtney are still happy.

Apparently Jennifer Bransford leaves October 5th (Carly gets committed) and Laura Wright arrives November 4th. A whole month without Carly, you guys!

How many times will Jason have to tell Sonny that he doesn’t want to work for him before it actually sinks in? I’m estimating 57.

When a nine-year-old tells you you’re a jerk, maybe you should listen.

Ric, you’re an idiot. Hit him, Alexis.

You know who could be doing something instead of dull Courtney and Nikolas? ANYONE BUT COURTNEY AND NIKOLAS.

September 19th, 2005

Sonny convinces Jason and Sam that Jason needs to leave town - alone - in order to stay safe. Durant gets Reese to come to the hotel so he’ll keep quiet about Ric’s participation in the Ruizes’ deaths. She retaliates by handcuffing him to the bed. Sonny finally learns of Carly’s “wedding” plans. Jax tries to blackmail Lucky, who turns things around on him by taping his threats. Nikolas and Courtney go on vacation.

Awww, Jason cried. How sweet!

The look on Sonny’s face when he came home and saw all the candles and flowers was priceless. Hee hee hee.

Okay, I hate Durant, way is he that stupid. He totally deserved that, though.

I love you, Lucky. You rock. If Jax is going to be such a jerk, someone cool has to take him down.

Yes, enjoy your vacation, Nikolas and Courtney, and don’t come back until you’re more interesting. Man, I want Helena to come back and go after Courtney. How awesome would that be?

September 20th, 2005

Sam and Jason run into each other at her baby’s grave and he winds up going home with her. Emily brings Dr. Winters to Sonny’s house, where the wedding has been interrupted by Carly accidentally cutting Sonny’s hand; Dr. Winters agrees to come back and talk to Carly another time. Jax tries to call Lucky’s bluff, but Lucky plays the tape for Elizabeth, who still wants joint custody.

Okay, Jason and Sam, you can be happy for three weeks. Then Robin shows up.

Time to commit her, Sonny.

Dang. What a waste of John O’Hurley.

Louise Elaine Winters? Ew.

Jax is an idiot. And a jerk. He needs a nice new girlfriend to knock some sense into him.

September 21st, 2005

Jason gets a job but doesn’t realize he’s working for Alcazar. Reese decides that Jason needs to come out of early retirement to take care of the Ruizes. Durant lets Ric off the hook, thinking that the Ruizes will solve all of his problems for him. Dillon looks more like a suspect.

I’d heard rumors, and now it’s being confirmed - Kari Wuhrer has been let go. I can’t say I’ll miss Reese all that much. Though now I guess there’s nothing to stop TPTB from putting Sonny and Carly back together. Next rumored exit - Alicia Leigh Willis.

They did this EXACT SAME PLOT with Nikolas that they’re doing with Jason - having amnesia and working for Alcazar. Let’s try some creativity here, people.

Raise your hand if you’re gullible enough to think that Dillon is the stalker. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Shut up, Reese, with your “one last job” crap. That’s how bad movies start.

September 22nd, 2005

Jax and Elizabeth get into a car accident, possibly hitting Carly. Jason almost kills Javier Ruiz but doesn’t. Durant and Sonny play tug of war with Carly. Dillon finds and burns nude photos in his room. Maxie accidentally thwarts Elizabeth and Lucky’s wedding.

Happy one year anniversary to this blog! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. How time has flown, and how many things have happened in the past 12 months. Looking back, the main happpenings a year ago were Jax and Courtney’s bet (heh, ironic), Heather (ug), the new Alexis/Ric pairing (yay!), Helena (also yay!), and Steven (oh, yeah). Oh, and Lucas and Brook were a couple. Hee.

Get ready for another dead baby. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Darn you, Maxie! Daaaaarn yooooou! Also, Lucky would NEVER give Elizabeth red flowers. Stupid writers.

Aww, Jason and Sam are so happy. Of course something bad has to happen.

September 23rd, 2005

Elizabeth has inevitable baby problems. Sonny swears Emily and Reese to secrecy about Carly’s involvement in the car accident but tells them that if she causes any more problems, he’ll have her committed. Dillon announces his innocence. Maxie meets Javier. Alcazar kisses Skye. Courtney is sick, which means she’s probably pregnant.

Commencing dead baby countdown in 3...2...

Oh, Maxie. Don’t talk to strangers.

Looks like the whole Courtney-can’t-have-kids thing might be bull, huh? And, of course, we get to have another paternity mystery.

Hi, Skye! Where have you been? Sorry you haven’t had anything to do, since Luke hasn’t been around. Maybe you should think about hooking up with Alcazar so you can have more screen time.

September 26th, 2005

Elizabeth loses the baby. Reese tries to convince Sonny that he’s in danger. Jesse tries to protect Maxie from Ruiz. Courtney and Nikolas discuss their childhoods.

How many dead babies is that now? I’ve lost count. Oh, and I love how Sonny gets involved, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with the storyline.

Shut up, Reese. Can you leave already?

Speaking of shut up, shut up about your childhoods, Nikolas and Courtney. No one cares anymore.

Faith tomorrow! Woo hoo!

September 27th, 2005

Reese saves Ric from a bomb the Ruizes placed in his hotel room. Carly thinks she sees Faith outside Sonny’s house. Nikolas returns home to be with Elizabeth. Courtney comforts Jax.

Way to ruin the bomb cliffhanger, preview editors.

Yeah, yeah, Four Musketeers, blah, blah. Those days are over. They ended when Nikolas turned into a jerk. Let’s stop trying to recapture the glory days, shall we?

And exactly what relationship pain are you in, Courtney?

Faith! Yay! I hope she actually gets to say something eventually.

September 28th, 2005

Jason saves Ruiz’s life. Carly sees Faith again and falls down the stairs. Mac arrests Dillon but Jesse convinces him to release him so they can set up a sting operation. Ric tries to convince Jason and Sam to leave town. Skye and Alcazar flirt. Elizabeth and Jax comfort each other.

Jason just saved Ruiz’s life! That’s awesome! Great twist.

Carly fell down the stairs? But she’s not pregnant!

Oh, Elizabeth. What exactly are you doing?

Hi, Skye. Don’t you wish you had a more interesting and important plotline? Because I do.

September 29th, 2005

Sonny vows to take Jason out if he gets in his way again. Everyone keeps discussing committing Carly. Courtney thinks she might be pregnant. Emily apologizes to Nikolas for not seeking help.

Eh. Too boring to mention. At least Faith got to say something.

September 30th, 2005

Thinking she’s Faith, Carly goes after Emily in the park. Courtney takes a pregnancy test. Elizabeth and Jax plant a tree for the baby. Lucky and Elizabeth are happy that she can still have children.

I would’ve gone for the hedge clippers, myself.

Oh, yay, another paternity storyline. We just can’t get enough of those.

You know it’s a bad day when even Alexis is boring.

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