General Hospital blog - September, 2006

September 1st, 2006

Elizabeth finds Jason’s Enduro condoms. Alexis asks Sam once again to stay away from Jason. Lulu asks Carly for advice. Alexis gives Sonny’s swiped medical files to Rodriguez. Lulu threatens to go public with the Enduro scandal if Edward pursues legal action. Lucky promises to leave Elizabeth if Maxie can get him more pills. Sonny encourages Jason to let go of his anger and help Sam.

Considering that Alexis let Robin deliver Molly, I’m sure she has no problem with Patrick performing her surgery.

Hee, Sonny is like a zen master now.

I think now Carly is glad she never had a girl because she’ll never have to deal with a teenaged daughter.

Huh. I would have expected Elizabeth to be on the pill.

Pregnant(?): Elizabeth Spencer
Returned to town: Carly Corinthos, Michael Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, Jax Jacks

September 4th, 2006

No show today because of golf. But later this week: a reunion, a return, and a realization!

September 5th, 2006

Sam promises Alexis that she’ll stay away from Jason and be there for Kristina and Molly. Lulu reluctantly tells Dillon she’ll have the baby. Ric tells Alexis he’ll stick around. Jason seems suspicious of Elizabeth’s presence in his penthouse. Sonny promises to honor Alexis’ plans, believing it won’t matter anyway.

Today is Tell People What They Want to Hear Day. Lucky told Maxie he’ll leave Elizabeth for her, Sonny told Alexis her plans were okay, Sam told Alexis she’d stay away from Jason, and Lulu told Dillon she’d have the baby. I’m sure all four of them will do exactly what they promised.

I hate to say it, but I kind of want Sam and Jason to get back together. At the very least, she’ll stop crying and complaining all the time.

Once again, Lulu, stop basing your actions on what Carly has or hasn’t done. That way madness lies.

Oh, dear. Robin and Patrick have become the filler. Which is quite a change, since Elizabeth and Lucky used to be the filler.

September 6th, 2006

Luke returns to the news of Lulu’s pregnancy, then stops her before she can sign over custody to Dillon. Elizabeth is pregnant. Alexis learns that her cancer is spread. Sam and Jason get back together but Sam decides not to tell Alexis.

I find Alexis’ reaction to her cancer to be a little out of character. Normally she would be all gung-ho about fighting it and doing whatever she needed to in order to get well. When did Alexis and Sam switch places?

Awww, Luke. Those are not the actions of a man who didn’t want his daughter.

Yeah, Elizabeth, all of us could have told you you were pregnant. You didn’t have to buy that test.

Why did Carly and Jax have that random scene at the end? Maybe it was originally from tomorrow’s show and they had extra time to fill today.

September 7th, 2006

Alexis asks Ric and Sam to attend a party together. Carly asks Jax to abstain from sex to prove he really wants to be with her. Alcazar tells Anna that he’ll give her names to bust some mobsters, thereby getting himself out of the business, if she helps him find Skye. Maxie still thinks Lucky will leave Elizabeth for her. Kelly confirms Elizabeth’s pregnancy.

Alexis has lost her fricking mind. Make her stop, Lainey!

Hey, Kelly, I don’t think you talked about the pregnancy test loud enough. I’m pretty sure Maxie didn’t hear you. Seriously, announce people’s personal lives in public much?

So the new Carly/Jax plot is Jax/Courtney redux? All right, then.

Ew, Ric, stop being so smug. Sam isn’t the one who committed adultery.

September 8th, 2006

Elizabeth tells Sonny that she’s pregnant but doesn’t mention her uncertainty about the baby’s paternity. Lainey thinks Alexis is making a huge mistake pushing Ric and Sam together. Lulu leans towards abortion again. Ric wants to make sure Molly is never second to Kristina. Luke threatens to go public with the Enduro scandal if Edward doesn’t back off.

Not that I’m complaining, since she deserves it, but why did Elizabeth get the final shot? All she was doing was standing there.

Poor Rick Hearst. You know you’re out of luck when half of your scenes are with a baby.

Our first Helena scene in weeks and that’s it? How pathetic.

Whatever, Edward. Laura would tell Lulu to do what she thinks is best. Also, don’t invoke her name. She’ll kick your butt when she’s better.

Left town: Jason Morgan
Pregnant: Elizabeth Spencer
Returned to town: Luke Spencer
Reunited: Jason Morgan and Sam McCall

September 11th, 2006

Lulu makes up her mind. Ric orders Sam to play nice at the mayor’s party, but she pulls a knife on him to get him to back off. Carly thinks Sonny should tell Alexis about Ric and Sam, and that the mayor should get rid of Ric. Maxie decides that it’s time for Elizabeth to find out that Lucky is still using.

Nice backbone, Sam! Not-so-nice lipstick, though.

I’m so tired of Maxie’s little drama. Half of it is going on in her head anyway.

Gee, I wonder what Lulu has decided? Because, you see, I’ve been living under a rock for the past month.

Are Sonny and Carly going to stop being Ross and Rachel any time soon?

Compare and contrast, children. Alexis is not happy when she’s around Ric. She’s very happy when she’s around Jax. Does this make sense to anyone else?

September 12th, 2006

Tempers flare when Lulu announces that she’s getting an abortion. Carly gets Sonny to help her make Ric look bad in front of the mayor. Colleen fails to kill Alfred but succeeds in keeping Nikolas and Emily from going to the mayor’s party together. Maxie tells Lucky she’ll give him more pills after he sleeps with her. Carly warns Ric to leave Sam alone.

I think I might be able to like Carly and Sam as friends (not that either of them has any other friends anyway). They’d be an interesting pair.

Where the heck did Maxie learn this kind of behavior? It’s almost disturbing.

Can Lulu have the abortion, like, now, so we can stop hearing about it?

Oh, Emily. Any excuse to talk about yourself.

September 13th, 2006

Ric wants to team up with Alcazar and kill Jason rather than Sonny. Alexis has pneumonia. Carly sends Michael and Morgan to Sonny’s to get some time alone with Jax, so Sonny sends them right back. Dillon thinks Lulu’s abortion might be the best option after all.

Hands to yourself, Ric.

I hate to admit it, of course, but Alexis is really annoying right now. Also, it’s probably not a good idea for her to call Sam disappointing when Sam has been taking care of her and helping to raise her children.

On the other hand, Sonny is a lot more interesting. Carly totally deserved that. She could have at least called to ask him if he could take the kids.

Can Jason come back and beat Ric up, please?

September 14th, 2006

Alexis says goodbye to her loved ones before submitting to a medically induced coma. After promising to let Kristina and Molly stay together, Sonny announces that he’s taking Kristina to his house. Elizabeth learns that Sam and Jason are back together. Luke thinks Lulu should have her abortion somewhere out of town to relieve some of the pressure on her. Elizabeth finds a stray pill in the apartment.

No, Luke. Lulu must have the abortion NOW so everyone can shut up about it.

Way to kick Sam when she’s down, Ric. Shut up.

Dear Elizabeth: KICK HIM OUT.

A medically induced coma for pneumonia? I doubt it. But next week’s going to suck of Nancy Lee Grahn doesn’t get to say anything.

September 15th, 2006

Lucky turns violent when Elizabeth tells him she’s leaving. Lulu heads off for her abortion, sending Luke to be with Laura. Sonny still doesn’t want to leave Kristina with Ric. Nikolas blasts Lucky for using and sleeping with Maxie again. Carly tells Jax she wants to start fresh with him.

Today was like 24. Except only, like, one thing happened.

If Elizabeth has a miscarriage, I’ll...well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I won’t be happy. (And it’ll be her freaking third, by the way.) Though I guess I should just be happy that she didn’t fall down a flight of stairs.

There’s still time for the writers to chicken out on the abortion. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Wait, Nikolas was shown in his car and he’s not going to crash? But that breaks all sorts of rules!

Broke up: Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer

September 18th, 2006

Elizabeth retreats to Audrey’s and refuses to talk to Lucky, who finds himself tempted by Maxie again. Lulu is surprised when the Quartermaines are nice to her after her abortion. Robin tells Luke that there might be a treatment for Laura. Sonny threatens to kill Ric if he doesn’t leave the house. Ric and Alcazar being plotting to kill Jason.

Dear Julie Berman and Rebecca Herbst: please stop making me cry.

Awww, poor Ric. Nobody likes him, everybody hates him, guess he’ll go kill his one-night-stand’s boyfriend. (Doesn’t quite have that ring to it, does it?)

Robin gets to be a hero! Shut up and stop being negative, Patrick.

The writers didn’t chicken out on the abortion! Color me impressed.

September 19th, 2006

Lulu is all bitter and jaded now. Luke heads to France to speak with a doctor about Laura. Carly worries that by being with Jax, she’s jeopardizing Michael and Morgan. Colleen turns off Emily’s pager and gets her in trouble with Monica.

Dang. If Lulu ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

I guess Colleen doesn’t care that someone could have died because of her little stunt. Also, is it bad that I like when Emily comes to Wyndemere solely because it makes Colleen so mad?

Wow, Carly is actually worrying about someone other than herself! And she’s worrying about her children! That almost never happens!

Oh, thank God Jason is back tomorrow. He needs to smack some sense into a few people.

September 20th, 2006

Jason returns to town and warns Sonny that Alcazar is going to make a move. Lucky tells Maxie they’re through, so she takes some of his pills in an attempt to get him back. Elizabeth prepares to tell Jason that she’s pregnant. Carly and Jax are really boring.

Jason brought Sam peanuts. You guys. I don’t even like Sam, but that’s the sweetest thing ever.

Wow, when Maxie commits to a plan, she really commits.

Shut up, Carly and Jax. I’m falling asleep over here.

Grrrr. Who let Diego back on the set?

September 21st, 2006

Maxie’s grand master plan, whatever it is, goes wrong. Alcazar and Jason trade threats. Sonny gets Max to mess with Jax’s car and strand him so he can go be with Carly. Elizabeth isn’t sure what to do.

Elizabeth will tell Epiphany that Jason might be the father of her baby but she won’t even tell Emily that she’s pregnant? Some best friend she is.

Poor Max. Poor unwitting Max the pawn.

Can Jason and Sam, like...hug? Because right now they’re acting like exes who don’t even like each other.

Diego, why is any of this your business?

September 22nd, 2006

While Alexis undergoes emergency surgery, Sam worries that she’ll have to give up Jason to raise Kristina and Molly. Lucky tells Maxie they’ll never be together. She calls Mac and sets another plan in motion. Carly catches on that Max and Sonny stranded Jax. Her house begins to flood and Sonny sends Max over to alert her, but she doesn’t believe him. Lainey notes that Sonny has Michael and Morgan believing that Carly and Jax won’t stay together.

Call me crazy, but I think Alexis will be okay.

I think there’s a reason Maxie isn’t a debate star. “You almost died.” “But I didn’t.” Well-played. Also, remember how she hates Diego? Yeah, why can’t the writers remember that, too?

Poor Max. Why does he have to be a pawn?

Also, poor Jason, because he has a lot more to worry about than Max’s love life.

Left town: Luke Spencer
Returned to town: Jason Morgan
Total idiot: Maxie Jones

September 25th, 2006

Mac fires Lucky after hearing about his affair with Maxie and his addiction. Elizabeth warns Jason to watch out for Lucky, thinking Lucky will want to go after him for revenge. She’s right. Alexis makes it through surgery. Michael thinks Sonny and Carly are getting back together. Jason tells Nikolas that he’ll do whatever Sam asks him to do.

Is it wrong that I thought Mac was a little hot today?

Lucky, honey your career isn’t on the line - it’s over.

When did Sam and Jason get so boring? And Sonny and Carly so surprisingly interesting?

Elizabeth still hasn’t told Emily she’s pregnant? That almost trumps every time Emily has been a bad best friend.

September 26th, 2006

Lucky lures Jason into an ambush as Maxie warns Elizabeth that Lucky’s going after him. Too bad she shows up there just in time to get shot at. Dillon ditches film for business, which thrills Edward but worries Georgie. Lulu is totally going to hook up with her hot professor.

I thought Jason was supposed to be smart. What part of meeting Lucky alone at night after Elizabeth warned him seemed like a good idea to him?

Dude. Peter? Hot. Nice job, casting guys. (Also, Eddie Matos played Ricky on Port Charles, so if he ever runs into Sam, just play along that they’ve never met.)

Dillon’s a little scary as a business geek.

Poor Kristina. Someone give her her mommy back already!

September 27, 2006

Elizabeth tells both Lucky and Jason that she’s pregnant; both believe that Lucky is the father. Lucky decides to check himself into rehab. Sam sides with Nikolas instead of Ric in the decision to bring Alexis out of sedation. Peter annoys Lulu into taking his class. Sonny arranges a meeting at the Metro Court in order to interrupt Carly and Jax’s evening.

Way to protect doctor/patient confidentiality, Kelly and Epiphany.

Oh, Dillon, it’s not so much that Lulu has something to prove. It’s just that Peter is TOTALLY HOT.

Carly was exactly right the other day - Sonny is being incredibly juvenile.

Yes, Ric. Sam would risk Alexis’ life just to spite you. Shut up.

September 28th, 2006

Alexis refuses to undergo chemo. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she won’t be waiting for him when he gets out of rehab. Jason comforts Sam after Alexis blasts her and Ric for neglecting Kristina and Molly. Patrick worries that he has HIV. Sonny thinks Carly and Jax should break up.

You know it’s a bad day when I take Sam’s side over Alexis’.

I don’t think I listened to a word Sonny, Carly, or Jax said today.

Patrick? Shut it.

The longitude and latitude of Hawaii? You’re losing your touch, Jason.

September 29th, 2006

Ric wants to step up his plan to kill Jason, but Alcazar suspects he’s being set up. Patrick is still HIV negative. Kelly and Lainey enjoy having him sleep on their couch. Carly uses Jax to make Sonny jealous, but Jax is the one who winds up jealous.

If they’re not going to bother to give us an interesting show, I’m not going to bother to find something to say about it.

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