General Hospital blog - September, 2007

September 1st, 2007

Next week: more of the same, it looks like. And Monday we get to revisit the hostage crisis.

September 4th, 2007

Sonny and Kate bleh. Carly and Jax bleh. Lucky and Elizabeth bleh. Robin and Patrick bleh. Emily and Nikolas bleh. Georgie and Spinelli bleh.

Holy frijole, that was SO BORING. I want an hour of my life back.

September 5th, 2007

Jason and Sonny freak out upon learning that Logan shirked kid-shadowing duty and left Michael, Morgan, and Leticia without a guard. Carly guesses that things are different than usual and Jason warns her that Zacchara likes to go after his enemies’ families. He also thinks Trevor is in Port Charles to stake things out for Zacchara. Trevor tells Kate she has to choose between him and Sonny. She refuses, so he determines that she’s chosen Sonny. Ric orders Logan to step up his efforts to find out when Sonny and Jason are going to go after Zacchara. He’s not happy to come home to find Trevor playing with Molly. Nikolas tries to lease office space at the Metro Court but Alfred calls to have the deal cancelled. Logan warns Maxie never to tell Lulu that they slept together. She does tell Georgie, who thinks Spinelli’s newfound Logan respect is unwarranted.


The possibility of Sonny killing Logan combined with this news about Annie Wersching make today awesome!

Nikolas is on drugs, right? I mean, I can’t think of another explanation for his bizarre behavior.

Hi, Molly! Sorry your grandpa is so creepy.

September 6th, 2007

Trevor threatens to use Molly against Ric again. Ric decides to give Molly back to Alexis to keep her safe from Trevor. Elizabeth and Lucky are finally being civil to each other when Sam shows up. Jax is furious that Sonny has put his family in danger and wants to take them out of the country. Georgie totally likes Spinelli like that. She also stands up to Logan and threatens to tell Jason if he treats Maxie badly. Sam tries to appeal to Trevor’s nice side. Nikolas has some secret plan for…something.

So Ric really does have a heart! Color me surprised.

Lucky is the worst bodyguard ever. He barely spends any time with his employer!

I guess it’s too much for me to hope that Carly really does take the boys and leaves the country. Maybe for a couple of months…or a year…you know, whatever’s necessary.

I actually kind of liked Georgie today. But she should be nicer to the wardrobe people so they don’t make her wear shirts that are all wrong for her body type.

September 7th, 2007

Carly and Jax take the kids to the hotel, but then Jax decides to go meet with Zacchara. He knocks Jerry out and has him tied up in a room, but Jerry somehow escapes. Carly agrees to let Michael and Morgan stay with Sonny, who also wants to protect Kate. Just as Jason and Carly find Leticia dead at Carly’s house, Jax escapes death by car bomb. Emily and Elizabeth agree that Nikolas is acting strangely. On his way home, he sits in his car and listens as police cars drive by. Georgie doesn’t think Spinelli is safe living with Jason. Sam tells Lucky he’s fired because he needs to spend time with his family. Elizabeth thinks she’s playing with his head again.

‘Bye, Leticia! Now the casting people don’t have to grab random Latina women off the street for a couple of scenes a month.

Everyone in Port Charles should have those remote ignition starters. They would save so many lives there.

This Nikolas plot is SO WEIRD. I don’t get it at all.

Georgie has been on every day this week. Should I consider that significant?

Murdered: Leticia Juarez
Nearly murdered: Jax Jacks
Weirdo: Nikolas Cassadine

September 9th, 2007

This week: Jerry tries to make a deal with Sam (who is, of course, still out for revenge), Sonny has big plans for Zacchara (mostly like not nice ones), and probably more mayhem.

September 10th, 2007

Sonny sends Carly and the kids to the island. Michael wants Sonny to avenge Leticia’s death. Jerry tries to convince Sam to sleep with Trevor to a) get revenge on Jason and b) get information on Zacchara, which will both help Jerry and drive Jason crazy. Jax goes to Jerry for answers about the car bomb. Ric, who’s apparently gotten in a fight, butts heads with Trevor again, then has Jerry called in for questioning in Leticia’s death. Emily demands to know why Nikolas is acting so strangely. Someone lurks outside Elizabeth and Lucky’s house. Sam has plans for Lucky that involve a hot tub.

You must learn the ways of the mob, tiny Corinthos, for one day, you will be a mobster, too. Or a cop. Wouldn’t that be funny?

I hope Sonny has some way of protecting Kristina, too. Or has he forgotten he has a third child?

Hey, it’s Skye! I was just wondering if we would ever, you know, see her again.

Are we supposed to think Ric killed Leticia, and his shirt is ripped because she fought back? Because...yeah, no. I don’t buy it. I don’t buy Jerry killing her either. Doesn’t sound like his style. Also, if Leticia was strangled by a phone cord (and...why? And...wouldn’t that take forever?), why was her head bleeding? Hmmm....

I love how Sam is so opposed to sleeping with Trevor because he’s her sister’s grandfather. She has no problem sleeping with her sister’s father (she slept with both of them, actually), even at the time when he was married to her mother, but her sister’s grandfather she takes exception to.

September 11th, 2007

Jax wants to take Carly and the boys to Australia to prove that he can keep them safe. Jerry tries to convince him to go to the island as well so Zacchara will leave him alone. Trevor tells Kate that Zacchara didn’t kill Leticia, so Kate goes to Sonny to try to convince him. He catches on and asks her if she’s willing to pass on information from Trevor. Jerry threatens to kill Trevor if Jax, Carly, or the boys are harmed. Nikolas and Emily invite Alexis to move into Wyndemere until they’re sure Kristina is safe. They also invite Sam (wanting to keep an eye on her and try to keep her from plotting to steal Lucky), but she declines. Maxie starts to realize that her actions have cost her Coop.

I’m leaning towards thinking that Jerry killed Leticia. The timing is right, and we know he has some sort of agreement with Zacchara. Or maybe he did it to make Carly and Jax realize that they’re not safe and they should leave the country? In which case, mission accomplished!

No wonder Lulu and Lesley’s cruise was boring - it only lasted a day.

Why must they continue to put Sam in bikinis and cleavage-bearing shirts? Straight men are not the target audience of soaps, geniuses.

Yeah, if I were Viola, I’d be freaking out, too.

September 12th, 2007

Patrick wants Robin to skip work and hang out with him, but she wants to be professional. Patrick eventually goes to work and winds up offering to help Leyla study. She takes him up on the offer, showing up at his apartment unexpectedly. When Robin gets home, she’s less than pleased and kicks Leyla out. Jerry scares Sam into trying to seduce Trevor in exchange for promising that Molly and Kristina will be safe. She then calls Jason over to tell him she’s going to have sex with Lucky, but Jason couldn’t care less. Edward has Tracy released from Ferncliff to help revitalize a tanking ELQ - not realizing that she’s the reason it’s tanking in the first place. Tracy and Scott’s first order of business is to tell Lulu to stay away from Logan. Of course, she doesn’t listen. Nikolas holds a knife to Jerry’s throat after he follows Alexis to Wyndemere, then blows up at Alexis for her bad choice in men. Trevor files a court order to have Sonny and Jason stop having their men survey him. Elizabeth is worried that Lucky wants to start having sex again (which is exactly what he wants). Fed up with her pushing him away, Lucky tells Nikolas he’s thinking about cheating on her with Sam.

Ha! I love that Jason totally blew Sam’s plan out of the water (so to speak). Nice try, sweetie. Now put some clothes on.

Someone needs to tell Laila that showing up at Patrick’s apartment announced or otherwise is incredibly inappropriate. Of course, it’s Port Charles, where if you’re not inappropriate, you’re not breathing.

Dear Lucky, when you’re contemplating having a(nother) affair, don’t ask for relationship advice from the man whose child is the result of an affair. Actually, come to think of it, there’s probably no one in Port Charles who should be giving relationship advice.

September 13th, 2007

Trevor threatens to ruin Kate’s career if she doesn’t cut ties with Sonny. Sonny tells Jason to kill Trevor but Jerry tells him not to. Logan and Scott finally take a paternity test. The Quartermaines tell Logan he’s not welcome back at the mansion, so Lulu announces that she won’t be coming back either - she’s moving in with him. Jerry makes it clear to Sam that he’s not going to let her stand up to him. Robin has issues, in case we didn’t already know. Lucky can’t seem to find a reason not to sleep with Sam.

Seriously, can someone PLEASE let Steve Burton cut his hair? It’s really distracting.

It would make more sense if Trevor found out that Kate used to be Connie and used that against her instead. Of course, in this situation, if she chooses Sonny over her job, we’ll know she’s crazy, so that’s helpful.

Remember when Nikolas was starting to fool around with Courtney and Lucky warned him not to? Yeah...what happened?

Dear Robin, try therapy. It wouldn’t be the end of the world.

September 14th, 2007

Trevor tells Kate he’ll only keep his promise to leave Couture alone if she moves back to Manhattan. Jerry shows up at Kate’s house and notices something strange about her glass of tea. He rushes to Sonny’s house to warn him that she may have been drugged, but Sonny would rather hold him at gunpoint. Of course, Kate is in the process of nodding off in her car. Sonny still wants Trevor dead, and though Jason tries to convince him that they’re better off leaving him alive so they can get information from him on Zacchara, Sonny won’t back down. Nikolas tries to convince Lucky that Sam is bad news, and when it doesn’t work, he goes to Sam to ask her to leave Lucky alone. That doesn’t work either, and as soon as Nikolas leaves, Sam and Lucky go at it hot tub style. Nikolas tells Elizabeth they’re together but she’s not sure what to do. Logan seems okay with Lulu moving in. Robin still has issues, but now she’s telling Jason about them. She and Patrick also apparently broke up, but I think I fast-forwarded it.

I thought Kate looked sick when she was fighting with Sonny. Nice acting, Megan Ward!

If I were Jason, I’d tell Sonny to do his own killing, since the last time Jason killed someone, he almost went to prison for life. Sonny should get his own hands dirty every now and then, don’t you think?

Nikolas, now that absolutely no one is listening to your advice, you might as well just call it quits and go home.

I’m really surprised Patrick didn’t walk in on Jason and Robin talking. I’m guessing that’ll happen on Monday.

Broke up, I guess: Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake
Gonna get it on: Lucky Spencer and Sam McCall
Left town: Michael and Morgan Corinthos, Carly and Jax Jacks

September 16th, 2007

This week: lather, rinse, repeat.

September 17th, 2007

Kate’s blood alcohol level is high but she tells Sonny she didn’t drink. He believes her and suspects that Jerry is responsible. Jerry, however, is on to Trevor, who tells Kate that he’s the only one who can help her. Lucky and Sam fulfill her plans, even with Elizabeth in the know about what they’re up to. Emily has figured out that Jake is Jason’s son and tells Jason that Elizabeth loves him, and now that Lucky’s obviously moved on, they can be together. Unsurprisingly, Patrick thinks Robin is trying to make him jealous by spending time with Jason. Georgie thinks Logan is being unfair to Lulu. She accidentally lets slip to Spinelli that Maxie has something on Logan, and Spinelli begs her to tell him what it is. Sonny really wants Jason to kill Trevor.

Pssst, Elizabeth! Now is the perfect time to tell Lucky that little secret you’ve been keeping from him...

I thought Jax went to the island. He’s at least been MIA for the past three days. Good thing he was in the right place at the right time and got to rub Sonny’s face in the fact that he’s always the hero.

So Jerry is smart enough to spot “residue” in a glass of iced tea but not smart enough to think that it might know...sugar? Good to know.

Of course Georgie’s awkward around boys! Smart girls always are! (I’m rolling my eyes, by the way.)

September 18th, 2007

Lucky tells Elizabeth he spent the evening with Sam but doesn’t go into details about what they did. They once again agree to try to fix their marriage. Johnny Zacchara is coming to town and Trevor isn’t happy about it. Kate tells Sonny exactly why she attempted to cut him out of her life. He promises to help her figure out how to clear her name and hold on to her status. Jason tells Emily he can’t be with Elizabeth. Nikolas is wacky again. After finding out that Lulu has moved in with Logan, Maxie tells her about the bet and claiming her prize. Logan goes to Jason’s looking for Lulu, and Spinelli, fresh off a conversation with Jason about being there for Lulu, attacks him. Meanwhile, Lulu is hitching a ride out of town…with Johnny. I hate both Elizabeth and Lucky. Good job, writers!

All right, enough with the Nikolas-is-inexplicably-crazy storyline. Get to the point already.

Oh, Maxie. You’re just as troubled as your portrayer.

Funny that while Nikolas was trying to convince Sam to leave Lucky alone so he and Elizabeth can fix their relationship, Emily was encouraging Jason to...basically end Elizabeth and Lucky’s relationship.

September 19th, 2007

Everyone wants to know where Lulu is. As Spinelli and Jason see security-camera footage of her hitching a ride, Lulu tries to hide from Johnny. Milo beats Logan up for hurting Lulu. Logan tells Maxie that one day, karma will come around and smack her upside the head. Emily tells Elizabeth that it might be time for her and Lucky to finally call it quits. Edward wants Scott to have Lulu arrested and released to the Quartermaines. Of course, he can’t, since she’s an adult. Jax wonders why Alexis has stayed in Port Charles so long.

Oh, Alan. Please stick around and make funny comments forever.

Dude, Jax, are you trying to get rid of the best character on the show/your best hope for a love interest you actually have chemistry with? What’s wrong with you??

I kind of loved Emily today. “Don’t feel guilty about the breakup of your marriage, Elizabeth. You and Lucky are both responsible.” Ha!

I finally agree with Logan on something - someday Maxie will get what’s coming to her, and it will be AWESOME.

September 20th, 2007

Jason and Spinelli track down Lulu and Johnny after learning that Johnny is, well, psycho. Epiphany, Emily, and Elizabeth help distract the press so Kate can avoid them on her way to the police station. Sonny tries to convince Ric that Trevor drugged Kate. Sam wants to do a show about drunk driving, mostly because it’ll get her on Trevor’s good side (and because she can ask Lucky to be on it). Amelia thinks she’s up to something. Coop stops Logan before he can hurt Maxie. Nikolas attacks Logan, and Emily and Elizabeth hear about it later from Georgie.

Sheesh, how long have Lulu and Johnny been running around out there?

I guess when Kelly Monaco was doing her scenes about the dangers of drunk driving, Kirsten Storms was...napping? Reading a magazine? Um, drunk?

Awww, Epiphany is so helpful. Kate should send some free clothes her way.

Ric? Um...are you a complete idiot?

September 21st, 2007

Lulu claims that Johnny didn’t hurt her (the screaming and running was because they were joking around), but he’s still insane. Also insane: Nikolas, who goes off at Alexis again, then throws a glass. Instead of siding with either Trevor or Kate and Sonny, Ric creates his own side. After getting a belated message from Lulu, Elizabeth heads to the barn to rescue her and meets up with Jason. She tells him that Sam is sleeping with Lucky and he tells her that Sam knows he’s Jake’s father. Sonny gets a text message (most likely from Johnny) warning that Leticia won’t be the last person to die. Someone with a gun (probably Jerry) stalks Jax and Carly on the island.

I’m thinking people should be more afraid of Johnny than Anthony...

Kate? Stop flirting. It won’t keep you out of prison.

What the heck are the writers up to with the Lulu/Johnny thing? That was so stupid. Unless he brainwashed her or something. That might actually be interesting.

Dear writers: if you’re going to give Nikolas multiple personalities (which it looks like might happen - that or a brain tumor), do your research. He would have to have been sexually abused at some point. Just saying.

Why, after Mike told them to stop fighting and leave, did Maxie, Coop, and Logan just move the fight into Kelly’s?

Arrested: Kate Howard
Left town: Jax Jacks
New in town: Johnny Zacchara

September 24th, 2007

Lulu and her mysterious new necklace move in to Jason’s penthouse, where she gets a text message from Johnny: “Last night was just the start.” Speaking of text messages, Spinelli can’t trace Sonny’s. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam hired the men who threatened her in the park. After they make out, she heads home in time for Lucky to tell her they need to end things. Jerry tries to convince Jax and Carly that they aren’t safe on the island. In a backhanded way, it works and they decide to head home. Nikolas denies that he’s acting strangely but loses his temper again when Emily gets home. Robin has a hard time being professional while still having to work with Patrick. Trevor threatens Ric and orders him to leave Johnny alone.

Awesome casting news: Jay Pickett (Frank on Port Charles and temporary Alcazar a few months ago) will be playing a police officer named David Harper, starting next month. Yay, I love him!

Not so much the object of my affection: Elizabeth. SHUT UP, YOU HUSSY. You slept with another man, didn’t tell your husband about it, and kept the truth from both potential fathers when you got pregnant, and now you’re upset that Jason didn’t tell you anything? Like I said, SHUT IT.

Nikolas is wearing jeans! He’s definitely not normal.

Why is Jason getting such weird looks on his face when he thinks about Lulu moving in with him and Spinelli? Does he not want to live with a girl?

September 25th, 2007

Lucky and Elizabeth are officially kaput. Diane spills the news to Carly, who immediately goes to Jason to tell him not to let Elizabeth re-seduce him. Logan wants to make things up to Lulu, but she’s not game. Jason warns Spinelli that Lulu might not change her mind about their relationship just because she’s staying with them. Jax gives Trevor a message to deliver to Zacchara - come after Carly and the boys and Jax will ruin him financially. Johnny wants to know where Lulu is. Skye offers Ric some of Alcazar’s money if he can help her get access to it. Nikolas still won’t tell Emily why he’s acting weird.

Way to breach attorney-client privilege there, Diane. Eh, I could never hate you. You still rock.

What’s the point of the guards outside the house if TREVOR CAN JUST WALK RIGHT IN? Also, why did Jax go upstairs and just leave Trevor in the living room? Strange man in the house with the kids, genius!

Are Ric and Skye going to get together? Because...I could kind of get behind that.

Elizabeth? TELL YOUR SOON-TO-BE-EX-HUSBAND HE’S NOT YOUR CHILD’S FATHER. And you better not expect him to pay child support.

September 26th, 2007

Spinelli finds out that Johnny has been texting Lulu, who swears him to secrecy. Spinelli manages to find out that whoever sent Sonny the message about Leticia used Mike’s phone as a go-between. Lulu spills to Jason that she’s been getting messages from Johnny, and he’s not pleased about it. Jerry shows up at Wyndemere looking for Alexis and gets beaten up by Nikolas instead. Later, Alfred has to tell Nikolas what happened because he doesn’t seem to remember. Lucky and Elizabeth tell Cameron they’re getting a divorce, but Lucky seems to have second thoughts. Sonny is ticked because Carly brought the boys back, and because Kate is probably going to jail.

Funny how Nikolas used to worry about turning into his father, and now he basically is. Irony!

Good news, Lucky - you don’t have to pay child support because those kids aren’t yours!

I’m thinking Jerry isn’t going to want to go back to Wyndemere, so no one will have to worry about Nikolas beating him up again.

Poor Kate. Stupid Trevor is going to get her thrown in jail. Boo! Booooooo!

September 27th, 2007

Thanks to some string-pulling from Sonny (which Jerry has figured out), Kate is sentenced to six months of community service at GH. Epiphany is thrilled. Jason tells Carly that despite the fact that she thinks Jax can protect her and the boys, he’ll be making sure she’s really protected. She thinks this is good because it’ll keep him from spending time with Elizabeth. Jason finally puts the smackdown on her, telling her to shut up about Elizabeth. Nikolas asks Robin to do some bloodwork, thinking that his condition is due to the poison Jerry gave him. Elizabeth moves out and Lucky heads to Sam for a quickie.

Jason, Jason, Jason. How I love thee. Let me count the ways. Well, really, there only has to be one: you yelled at Carly and it was awesome. Don’t ever change, stay sweet, LYLAS.

I can’t wait for The Epiphany and Kate Show!

Jerry? Do you WANT to get beaten up again?

Dang, Jake is one bald, round-headed baby. (Still pretty cute, though.)

September 28th, 2007

Kate starts her community services, has a rough day with Epiphany, and comes home to the hotel to find that Trevor has gotten her fired from Couture. Carly steals Johnny’s phone number and texts him pretending to be Lulu so he’ll text her phone instead. Nikolas attacks Logan (again) and doesn’t remember it (again). Elizabeth finds a house. Lucky asks Alexis to look over the divorce papers Diane drew up, and she encourages him to let her draw up knew ones so he’ll have some rights with Jake.

This is pretty much exactly what Carly is like - she tries to “help” but does it in the dumbest way possible. Watch her get herself killed.

I enjoyed the Sam-free week. I’m guessing next week won’t be like this.

Dear baby Jesus, thank you for blessing us with both Kate/Epiphany scenes and Alexis/Diane scenes (especially in a Sam-free week). Is it my birthday already? Oh, but speaking of Alexis - YOU IDIOT, DON’T TELL THE DANGEROUS MOBSTER’S LAWYER WHERE YOU’RE LIVING.

I’m waiting for Nikolas to come home one day and say, “Hey, why are my knuckles all bloody?”

Unless Elizabeth’s new house is haunted, I don’t freaking care about it. Also, either nurses in upstate New York make a ton of money, or housing in Port Charles is really cheap.

Back in town: Michael and Morgan Corinthos, Carly and Jax Jacks
Finally freaking broke up: Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer
Fired: Kate Howard

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