General Hospital blog - September, 2008

September 2nd, 2008

Diane wants Max to tell Kate that Carly and Sonny slept together, but he doesn't think it's his place to tell. As Sonny and Carly assure their respective partners of their devotion, Clarice overhears Diane and Max's conversation about the limo tryst. Laura proves to be a better therapist than Lainey when she gets Lulu to confront Logan and make him go away. Johnny tells Ric and Claudia that if they put Lulu on the stand, he'll confess to premeditated murder. Claudia figures out the real reason he doesn't want Lulu to take the stand and vows to get Johnny cleared even if it makes Lulu break down. Jason announces once again that he and Elizabeth can't be together, no matter how much she's willing to sacrifice to make it happen. Jerry listens in as Matt convinces Maxie that he's investigating the counterfeit drugs to make up for accidentally killing a patient because of them. Jerry tells a now illegal Karpov about Matt and is told to get rid of him. Karpov may also want him to get rid of Jax for getting his visa revoked.

Oh, Clarice, if you tell Kate about the limo tryst, you will earn yourself a place on my list of favorite characters. Yes, you'll still be below Alexis, Diane, Nadine, and Maxie, but you'll still be there.

Uh, does Karpov not know that Jax and Jerry are brothers? How many people does he think have the last name Jacks in Port Charles?

I guess it's a moot point now that she's miraculously cured, but if Lulu was having hallucinations, shouldn't she have been on some kind of medication? Yet another reason Shadybrook is the worst place ever.

Jax's spine: negative 2. Let's hope he regrows it when the truth finally comes out.

September 3rd, 2008

Edward and Epiphany are assigned to Johnny's jury. Ric finds out too late that the case is considered capital murder, as Scott claims that Logan was a cop. Tracy (now back in town after being unsuccessful in tracking Luke down) is thrilled that Edward is on the jury, both because she knows he'll hate it and because he'll never acquit Johnny. Trevor and Zacchara have a plant on the jury (most likely the guy who's flirting with Epiphany). Maxie freaks out about having to testify. As Carly and Jax decide to celebrate their reunion by building a house, Clarice tries but fails to get in touch with Kate. Patrick gets Coleman to make a video telling Robin to change her mind, then tells Robin that others have agreed to do the same. Nadine is now the epitome of every woman who's ever had a crush on a cute guy. Spinelli worries that he's made things worse for Elizabeth and Jason.

Look, I know we're supposed to suspend disbelief for pretty much every plot on a soap, but this trial stuff is just ridiculous. Edward states IN THE COURTROOM that he hates Johnny, and Ric doesn't ask to have him stricken? Johnny should fire him right now. And Ric didn't know that Logan was supposedly a cop? WHATEVER. I can't whatever loud enough over the whole thing.

Reason 5,641 why I love Nadine: when she gets a crush, she acts just like the rest of us.

Jax's spine: negative 16. You might want to retract that bid, buddy.

Hey, Laura finally got to change out of that bathrobe!

September 4th, 2008

Diane and Max fail to tell Kate about Sonny and Carly's limo tryst, but Clarice is ultimately successful. Lulu wants to testify once she finds out that Johnny could get the death penalty. Maxie invites herself to stay with Jason and Spinelli so she can play nurse. Claudia takes the stand, either to throw Lulu under the bus or perjure herself.

Carly and Sonny had sex in MAY? I didn't realize it was that long ago. Sheesh, that was a long four months.

Someone should tell Ric that Zacchara threatened Molly and Kristina, because I'm not entirely sure what's motivating him to get Johnny acquitted right now.

Clarice should have just told Maxie about Sonny and Carly. That would have taken care of everything.

Is that old woman (who is probably the actual plant) Ida from Desperate Housewives?

"Iced tea with limo." Heh. Love ya, Diane.

September 5th, 2008

Kate believes Clarice's revelation and passes it along to Jax. He doesn't believe her and confronts Carly about it as Kate confronts Sonny. Claudia proves completely useless on the stand. Scott tries to get Nadine to admit on the stand that she's in love with Nikolas. Instead, Nadine goes off on him, mentioning the fact that he's just pursuing a vendetta. She gets herself thrown in jail for her troubles. Mac isn't happy with Maxie's new living arrangements, but she won't listen to him or Robin about it. She also tells Sasha that if she doesn't leave Spinelli alone, Jason will retaliate. Robin has baby issues that will most likely be solved by some time on bed rest, which will help her see that Patrick really is her one twu wuv.

Oh, I forgot that now that Kate and Jax know about the tryst, we'll have to listen to a lot of yelling. Terrific.

You might be happy to know that my love for Nadine is at an all-time high. I hope Nikolas is able to appreciate her as much as I do.

Hi, Mac? Robin lived with Jason for, like, a year, and you're worried about Maxie living with him for a couple of weeks, at the most? Chill.

Seriously, Robin will be on bed rest for a month, she and Patrick will grow closer, and everything will turn out fine. Mark my words.

September 6th, 2008

Next week: Maxie has even more problems, Jerry goes after Matt and Nadine, Jason and Nikolas team up to get Lulu out of the country, Claudia may prove to be less useless when she's recalled to the stand, and I think I was totally right about Robin.

September 8th, 2008

Carly begs Jax to forgive her but his spine is firmly back in place and he's not budging. Sonny also asks for forgiveness, but Kate isn't much more in favor of it than Jax is. Sonny then proceeds to get into a car accident with Claudia. Sasha tries to convince Jason, Maxie, and Spinelli that she and Karpov had nothing to do with the hit-and-run. Later, two assaulted Russians are found, and Maxie tries to do some snooping to find out if Jason is responsible. (He catches her, of course.) Robin has Braxton-Hicks contractions, but they make Patrick realize that he needs to ease up about the marriage thing. Jerry tells Sasha that Matt is suspicious (and he's even more suspicious now that patients appear to actually be poisoned), but he has a plan to blow up the clinic. Unfortunately for him, Sam catches him there. Nikolas bails Nadine out of lockup, punches Scott, and gets thrown back in lockup with Nadine.

Oooh, I get to use my favorite quote from Clueless on Sonny: "Hey, James Bond, in America we drive on the right side of the road."

Millicent? Patrick's joking, right?

Jerry, can't you just set the clinic on fire? That would look much more like an "accident" than a bomb, genius. Also, if you want people to stop thinking about the fact that you held them hostage, stop calling them by the nicknames they gave themselves while you were holding them hostage.

Uh, why is Nadine back in lockup? Whatever, she should just make out with Nikolas.

September 9th, 2008

Sonny saves Claudia (with some help from a pocketknife Michael gave him) before her car can explode, and she tells him someday she'll repay him. Jax tells Carly that there's no way he's going to stick around, then leaves. He returns later and learns from Mercedes that Carly and Morgan have headed off somewhere. Johnny begs Lucky to let him see Nikolas, then tells Nikolas he needs to get Lulu out of town before Scott can make her testify. Even though Lulu already told him, Nikolas seems to realize for the first time that she killed Logan. Jerry assures Karpov (who's still in the country under an assumed name) that the bomb will go off when all the right players are in the clinic. Jason tells Maxie that not only does Spinelli not want her to be in danger, he doesn't want her to save him all the time. Spinelli overhears Maxie saying lots of nice things about him. Laura uses Nikolas' birth as an example to show Lulu that good things can come from bad situations.

Ew, are Sonny and Claudia going to get together? EW, are Jason and Maxie going to get together? I don't think Jason would go after her knowing that Spinelli is in love with her. Also, he still thinks she's really annoying. Also, isn't she supposed to get together with Matt? I say put Claudia with Ric, Kate with Jax, Maxie with Spinelli, and make Sonny and Carly put up with each other.

Why do Sonny and Jason keep saving Claudia's life? Don't they realize how much easier things would be without her around?

Why all the Sam/Lucky sex today? They didn't even have any interesting conversations.

Wow, Laura, could you maybe talk about Nikolas more in terms of why he's cool than why it's nice that he stuck around in order to save Lulu? Because the way you put it, it sounds like that's all he's good for. And he's good for a whole lot more than that. Except remembering what his sister's already told him, apparently.

September 10th, 2008

Jason agrees to help Nikolas get Lulu out of the country, but when he goes to get her from Shadybrook, he learns that a cop and an ADA have already left with her. She then turns up at the courthouse as a surprise witness against Johnny. Scott badgers Maxie about her past sexcapades with Logan. Unfortunately, Spinelli has to hear all about them. Sam and Lucky find a box that used to hold medical supplies and suspect that it was from one of Karpov's shipments. Jerry catches them kissing and Sam covers by complaining that Lucky has been stalking her. She then decides that she'll pretend to be interested in Jerry to connect him to Karpov. Claudia tries to check herself out of the hospital to get to the trial. Robin wonders why she's not happy about Patrick actually honoring her wishes and shutting up about marriage. Then she catches Claudia flirting with him and, of course, gets the wrong idea.

Why were Nikolas and Jason being so hush-hush about getting Lulu out of the country and giving her a false identity? It's not like it's illegal for her to leave the country. A little dramatic, there.

Ew, Claudia, how many men are you after? Keep it in your camisole.

I love how Elizabeth told Robin that marriage isn't always the best thing. Uh, how many times have you been married, by the way, Liz?

Serena lives in France? I guess she's in school. Can't they recast her and have her hang out with Maxie?

September 11th, 2008

Lulu announces on that stand that she killed Logan, but no one believes her. Claudia demands that Ric put her back on the stand, and he obeys. Kate announces that the wedding is off as Mike basically says to Sonny, "I told you so." Kate suspects that Sonny is responsible for a labor dispute that will delay Crimson's launch, and though he claims he's not, he's responsible for fixing it. Sam is willing to hurt Alexis in order to prove that Jerry is both scum and a drug smuggler. Maxie decides to move out to put some distance between her and Spinelli, but he doesn't want her to go. Elizabeth basically starts stalking Jason, telling him she really wants to have a relationship with him. She also overhears that he beat up Karpov's men.

I beg to differ, Kate - I think you will be getting married.

Excuse me, Sam - do you think Jerry is an idiot? Because you just spent months telling him how much you hate him, and now you're flirting. He's not going to buy it.

Elizabeth's transition into Carly is about 25 percent complete.

Nikolas is Laura's guardian, he's Lulu's guardian, he's Spencer's many other people are his charges?

September 12th, 2008

Claudia tells the jury that Johnny was trying to save her from Logan (who she had been sleeping with) and Logan impaled himself on the knife. Kate almost gives in to Sonny and agrees to forgive him, but Spinelli and Maxie accidentally interrupt them. Jerry knocks Matt out so he'll be in the same room as his igniting thingamajigger, and though Nadine shows up in time to save him, they get trapped together. Elizabeth continues to stalk Jason, still wanting to be with him even if it won't be forever, and wears him down enough for a makeout session. Spinelli assures Maxie that he still likes her.

I have to admit, if I were on that jury, I'd believe Claudia. And props to Ric for going along with it as if he knew the whole story already.

See, in Kate's case, it's really okay not to have a spine, because I'd much rather have Sonny and Kate together than have them complaining all the time.

Hey, Stalker Channing - leave Jason alone. Also, Maxie and Spinelli, can you interrupt Elizabeth and Jason next? Thanks.

Who's writing Laura's dialogue? That person should be fired immediately.

Scorecard (yes, it's back)
In big trouble: Nadine Crowell, Matt Hunter
Left town: Morgan Corinthos, Carly Jacks
Splitsville: Sonny Corinthos and Kate Howard, Carly and Jax Jacks
Hospitalized (and released): Robin Scorpio, Claudia Zacchara

September 13th, 2008

Next week: it looks like Johnny is a free man, Carly tries online dating (man, I wanted a Carly vacation!), Laura (or at least Lulu's delusion of Laura) decides it's time to let Nikolas and Lucky know she's okay, Jax's spine is firmly in place but Kate's might not be, we get at least one Alexis/Diane scene (yay!), and I don't care about Matt, but Nadine is fine (yay again!).

September 14th, 2008

Mrs. Albright, Zacchara and Trevor's plant, gets herself busted.- Elizabeth manages to whine her way into Jason's bed. (Don't ask for details; I ran up almost all of their scenes.) Carly has the worst day ever - Jax brushes her off, the only person around for her to confide in is Jerry, and she walks in on Jason and Elizabeth getting it on. Sonny tries to get Kate to break a mirror to prove that they're really through (don't ask), but Kate can't do it, so I guess all is forgiven and they're going to get married after all? Sam tries to convince Jerry that she really does want something with him. It takes him the entire hour, but Nikolas finally discovers Nadine and Matt unconscious in the burning clinic. Lulu wants Laura to tell Nikolas and Lucky that she's better, but Laura wants to hold off.

And yet...I still don't feel sorry for Carly.

I still don't get the whole mirror thing, but whatever, the wedding's probably back on.

Oh, man, I wish Zacchara and Trevor had walked in on Ric and Claudia almost fooling around.

How did Lucky get from Sam's balcony to Shadybrook? And in about three minutes, no less? Another mystery of traveling in Port Charles.

September 16th, 2008

Mrs. Albright gets replaced, and the rest of the jury manages to convince Edward to find Johnny not guilty. Diane puts Sonny "on trial" to try to convince Kate that she shouldn't marry him. Even that combined with Jax's bitterness doesn't change her mind. Sam somehow manages to not throw up while pretending to want to be with Jerry (though she won't sleep with him until she can be sure he won't tell Alexis). Jason tries to comfort Carly, who's finally realized that everything bad that happens to her is her fault. Nikolas saves Matt and Nadine, telling the latter that he likes having her in his life.

I'm not even going to begin to go into everything wrong with that trial, because I'm just so happy it's over.

Heh, was Maxie actually taking notes? If I were there, I would have drawn a picture of me hanging myself to put myself out of my misery.

Sam: JERRY IS NOT AN IDIOT. You are, though. And why do we have to keep watching you and Lucky doing romantic stuff together? Is one of you going to get killed off or something?

Hi, Monica! Thanks for dropping by and...uh...doing nothing. It was fun!

September 17, 2008

Lulu is happy to see Johnny, but Lainey thinks he should stay away from her. Lulu starts to worry that Laura's recovery is actually her hallucination. Spinelli and Maxie want to get Carly started on online dating. Maxie also wants to find out if anyone would be interested in dating Jason. Jerry tries to frame Matt for the fire. Speaking of Matt, he seems to have no family, so Robin asks Anna to see if she can uncover anything. Noah, freshly back from Myanmar (whatever), recognizes his name. Disagreement about Carly's affair and some miscommunication lead Max and Diane to break up. Nikolas wants Nadine to stay with him while she's recovering from her hospitalization.

Oh, please, please, please let Max try online dating, too, and get matched with Carly.

Five bucks say Noah is Matt's father. (Sorry, currency has no redeemable cash value.)

What is it they say about insanity - if you think you might be insane, you're sane enough not to be? I'm hoping that's what's going on with Lulu.

Yeah, Nikolas, it's really smart to suggest to Nadine that instead of staying alone in her apartment, where she would be in a lot of trouble in case of an emergency, she should come stay with you...on your island it would take paramedics a good half hour to reach in case of an emergency. Good thinking there.

September 18th, 2008

Patrick and Robin agree on the name Alissa (Elissa? Alyssa? Pick your favorite) Rose for the baby, but they can't agree on whose last name to give her. And then suddenly Patrick has different things to think about, as he overhears Noah and Matt talking and learns that Matt is Noah's son. Diane literally cries on Jason's shoulder about her breakup with Max while Max mopes to Kate, then misinterprets news about Diane to mean that she left him for Jason. Carly strikes out at online dating, except for the fact that she and Jason are almost a perfect match. Jax takes Leyla out, but she tells him she doesn't want to be part of another rebound relationship. Laura decides that it's time she and Lulu let Nikolas and Lucky in on the fact that she's awake. Nikolas and Nadine, sitting in a tree.

Bet you wish you'd been nicer to Matt now, huh, Patrick?

Sorry, Carly, he's just not that into you. Now, Scott, on the other hand....

Awww, I like Nikolas and Nadine together. I'm just a big ol' marshmallow.

Why the heck were Sam and Lucky on today? They didn't even do anything.

September 19th, 2008

Patrick tells Robin (who in turn tells Anna) that Matt is Noah's son. Everyone wonders why Matt came to Port Charles, but he claims he has no ulterior motives. Sonny goes to Bensonhurst and catches up with an old friend who's glad he got out of the mob. He also runs into Olivia, who seems to know that he's there to see her. Lulu brings Lucky and Nikolas to see Laura, but of course she doesn't wake up this time. Alexis tells Sam that Jerry said she was hitting on him and asks her to back off. Lucky thinks that she should defend herself and tell Alexis that he started the flirting, but Sam wants to keep things going. She tells Jerry that she won't be with him unless he dumps Alexis, leaving him with an interesting choice to make. Carly tells Jason that they only incompatibility they have is that they're both stubborn. She then has a date with Max and points out to him that he obviously still loves Diane, leading him to pull a Say Anything. Mike encourages Kate to convince Jason to be Sonny's best man.

I kind of love that Matt asked Patrick if he knew about him. Uh, don't you think Patrick would have said something if he knew he had a brother?

Awww, I don't want Lulu to still be crazy!

Dillon would be very proud of you, Max. (Oh, now I miss Dillon.)

Yes, everyone, that is Olivia. I wonder if Sonny has thought through the possibility that bringing her to Port Charles for the wedding will most likely blow the cover on Kate's past. Eh, probably not. He doesn't think that far ahead. Also, why is Ric invited to the wedding? Also also, if Kristina isn't the flower girl, I'll hurt someone.

Getting together: Nikolas Cassadine and Nadine Crowell (hey, they have the same initials!)
Hospitalized: Matt Hunter
Splitsville (possibly temporarily): Max Giambetti and Diane Miller

September 20th, 2008

Next week: the wedding is at least scheduled to happen (who knows if it actually will), Jason isn't so against a secret relationship with Elizabeth anymore, and Nadine just can't stay out of trouble.

September 22nd, 2008

Olivia (who briefly dated Sonny before Kate did) is still really bitter about Kate abandoning her family but agrees to go to the wedding anyway. Jason tells Kate that if Sonny wants him to come to the wedding, he needs to ask Jason himself. Maxie wants to find a way to convince him to go, because if he doesn't, somehow Kate will be sad and Maxie's fashion career will end. Kate tells Carly to stay away from Sonny, but Carly makes it clear that she won't be listening to her. Sorry, Lulu, you're still crazy. Patrick tells Matt that he's not going to ignore him just because Matt is a bitter jerk. Sam and Jerry did something, but I've already forgotten what it was.

I can't wait for the inevitable moment where Carly finds out that Kate is Connie, goes to Sonny with the information, and realizes that he already knows and she can't break them up. It'll be awesome.

Ug. Patrick and Matt are like Sonny and Ric all over again. Except Sonny never tried to be nice to Ric.

Awww, man, Laura, why you gotta be like that?

Is Olivia going to stay? Because I find nothing useful or likable about her.

September 23rd, 2008

Kate is upset that she and Sonny can't have a Catholic wedding because he's divorced. Olivia wants her brother Vito to come to the wedding with her. He thinks she's still in love with Sonny, even though they broke up over 20 years ago after dating for about five minutes. Maxie convinces Carly to go to the wedding, mostly so Jason will go with her. She doesn't realize until Spinelli points it out that that's probably not such a good idea. Okay, maybe Lulu isn't so crazy after all. Someone (probably Scott or Trevor) hears Lulu talking to Laura about killing Logan. Zacchara demotes Trevor, replacing him with Ric, but promises to make it up to Trevor if he can break up Johnny and Lulu. Oh, and Zacchara can walk. Jax actually feels bad about getting a divorce and even reconsiders not hiring Alexis as his attorney.

Hey, Sonny and Carly were married in a Catholic church even though she was divorced at the time! Take that, continuity! Sigh. I wish we could see Father Coates.

Everyone else was boring. Except Maxie. But shut up everyone else.

September 24th, 2008

Kate freaks out about a bunch of bad things that she thinks are omens. Claudia learns that Johnny is on his way to visit Lulu and asks Ric to tell Lucky so he'll keep them apart. It works, and Ric prepares to collect his reward. Jason wants to take Elizabeth to Italy and even forgoes a meeting that could garner him property. Jax thinks that he still has the right to tell Carly what she can and can't do. Alexis and Diane fight over the fact that they both bought the same dress for the wedding. Carly encounters Olivia.

Why did Olivia fly from Bensonhurst to Port Charles? Isn't it, like, a two-hour plane ride?

Yet another reason I love - Maxie her reluctant reaction to being recruited as Kate's maid of honor after the first two were discovered to be out of comission.

Yeah, I bet Sam is really looking forward to some time alone with her boyfriend...and his two kids. Huh?

I love it when Alexis and Diane bicker, but that was obviously filler.

September 25th, 2008

Olivia tells a gleeful Carly all about the real Kate. Carly tells Jason that she doesn't even have to do anything to ruin the wedding, just watch as Kate is brought down. Zacchara apologizes to Sonny for threatening Kristina, then tells Claudia that he wants to make an alliance with him to "keep the power in the family." Lucky demands that Johnny stay away from Lulu. Johnny is starting to think this is a good idea, but he promises to come visit Lulu anyway. Nikolas wants to buy the Metro Court, apparently because he can see it from his house. Nadine sneaks onto one of Karpov's boats but immediately gets caught. Claudia convinces Ric to take her to the wedding. Elizabeth agrees to go to Italy with Jason, because she's not an idiot.

How is Zacchara making an alliance with Sonny keeping the power in the family? Eh, never mind, I don't really care.

Nikolas, if everyone bought something they saw from their house, Sarah Palin would own Russia.

Yeah, Nadine, the black knit cap was a brilliant disguise, especially with your blond hair sticking out of it. Good job, genius.

I love how Olivia and Claudia can both get nice dresses made in 24 hours for the wedding. That's not ridiculous at all.

Thanks for setting up Vincent Pastore's arrival next week, Sonny and Milo!

September 26th, 2008

On All Wedding Stuff Except for Nadine and Nikolas Day, Alexis and Diane worry about both Carly and Claudia attending the wedding. Johnny makes Lulu happy by not just visiting her but by taking her to the wedding. Nadine manages to call Nikolas, who figures out where she is and rescues her from Sasha and her goons. Maxie finds out the truth about Kate, and though she's upset at first to be working for a liar, she soon realizes that she needs to keep Olivia quiet at the wedding. This doesn't quite work out, as when Olivia tries to get Kate to wear a family necklace, Kate refuses and the two air all their grievances loudly enough for all the guests to hear. Kate finally makes it down the aisle, just as a shot rings out.

That Kate/Olivia fight was played perfectly. Loved the contrast between people in the sanctuary being amused or terrified and Kate and Olivia really getting to the meat of the problems they've had with each other over the past 20 years. A few days ago I kind of liked Kate (sometimes) and hated Olivia, but now I hate Kate and kind of want Olivia to stick around. Terrific acting by both actresses.

Robin fulfills my years-long theory that any time an important friend of either the bride or groom can't attend a wedding, said wedding will not go through. (She's the real reason Jax and Brenda never got married, by the way. Miranda schmiranda.)

Oh, Nadine. You're clearly not as smart as I thought you were. Thanks for giving Nikolas a reason to speak Russian, though. That was hot.

Yet another reason to love Diane - she'll interrupt a rant to comment on fashion.

New in town: Olivia Falconeri
Possibly injured: tune in Monday...

September 27th, 2008

Next week: either Kate or Olivia has a secret (I'm not quite clear on that) which Olivia eventually reveals, Robin turns the tables on Patrick, and Sonny wants the business back.

September 29th, 2008

Kate is the only victim of the shooting, and though she survives she still faces the possibility of paralysis. Cody discovers a bullet casing which Spinelli thinks is Russian, leading everyone to suspect that Karpov is the shooter. Karpov tells Claudia that he had nothing to do with the shooting as Ric catches a standing Zacchara putting a gun away. Olivia promises Kate that she won't tell whatever big secret it is they're keeping from Sonny. Jax attempts to shield Carly in the moments after the shooting, thawing the ice between them. Lulu is shaken by the shooting, and Tracy blames Johnny for the way her life has been going, taking it so far as to make him see Laura and warn him that she doesn't want Lulu to have the same fate. Lulu receives a note accusing her of killing Logan and promising that she'll pay. Elizabeth tells Sam and Lucky that she's going to Italy with Jason. Lucky thinks it's a horrible idea but Sam sticks up for her. Of course, Jason is busy helping Sonny, so Elizabeth will either be going to Italy alone or ditched at the airport.

See, Kate, that's why you shouldn't wear white. It shows stains.

The secret Olivia and Kate are keeping is, I hear, pretty much what you'd expect. Also, THEY'RE ALREADY DOING THIS STORYLINE. No, that's okay, writers, don't bother trying to come up with something new. I know how hard it is for you guys to use your brains.

Tracy, could you send up the Luke Signal or something?

Elizabeth, have you thought of...I don't know, picking up the phone and calling Jason to see where he is?

September 30th, 2008

Zacchara tells Ric that he shot Kate purposely and is framing Karpov so that Sonny will come to Zacchara for protection, Zacchara will turn him against Jason, and one day Zacchara can kill Sonny. Ric keeps quiet, trying to convince Claudia that Karpov was the shooter, even though she believes he wasn't. Zacchara enlists Claudia to tell Sonny that the Zaccharas aren't to blame. Olivia has already decided to blame Sonny anyway. Sonny orders Jason to retaliate against Karpov even without proof that he was the shooter. Lulu's note disappears, and when she tells Johnny about it, he admits that he doesn't believe it's real. Jax convinces Carly to move into the hotel for safety, then lets her kiss him. Jason finally calls Elizabeth and tells her that the trip is off.

Olivia, I think I love you after all. If you can actually get Sonny to admit responsibility for something, it will be official, and you will take the #5 spot on my list of favorite characters, after Alexis, Diane, Nadine, and Maxie. (I know I said I would give it to Clarice, but that wasn't a binding contract.)

Ric, now would be the right time to ask Zacchara for something in exchange for keeping his secret.

Jax! Do you need me to be your spine patrol?

Dear Julie Berman, please stop chewing the scenery. Love, America.

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