General Hospital blog - September, 2010

September 1st, 2010

Johnny wakes up and tells Claire that Sonny shot him unprovoked. Claire demands that Jason tell her where Sonny is, but he has no idea until Diane tells him. Jason realizes that Sonny's going to Rome to see Brenda. Lulu's thrilled that Brook seems to be out of her life. Brook's actually trying to stay in town, but if she wants to stay with the Quartermaines, she'll have to go back to school. She agrees to the deal but gets caught trying to steal money from Edward and gets kicked out. Ultimately Brook finds a savior in...Nikolas? Michael tells Jax he doesn't want to go back to high school. Kristina's relying on him, though, and is even more fragile thanks to Sonny's departure.

Johnny and Ronnie inevitably working together is going to be a festival of destruction.

Carly's going to FLIP OUT when she finds out Sonny's plans. So...can I be the one to tell her?

The idea of Edward texting cracks me up. Also, on a completely superficial, unrelated note, Granny Tracy looked really pretty today.

Maya's sick of the Quartermaines, so she goes to work? What's up with that?

September 2nd, 2010

Sonny arrives in Italy and tracks down Brenda. They wind up in the same place at the same time, but through a comedy of errors, they don't see each other. Jason tells Carly what Sonny's up to and she reacts exactly the way we all knew she would. Carly then informs Jax and asks if he'll feel the need to head off to Italy as well. Suzanne thinks Brenda should go back to Port Charles since she's not safe in Rome, but Brenda refuses. Nikolas hires Brook to go to a party with him. Olivia and Michael ask Johnny to tell the truth about his shooting.

What's the over/under on how long it'll take Sonny and Brenda to actually meet up? I say no sooner than two weeks.

Silly Carly - Jax isn't allowed to have anything to do with Brenda this go-round. Haven't you seen all the flashbacks that only involve Sonny and Brenda?

Nikolas and Brook? Really? I mean...really?

Claire, you are not a cop. You are a lawyer. Stop playing detective.

September 3rd, 2010

Sonny tells some random woman all about his history with Brenda. Murphy chastises Brenda for not taking the threats against her seriously. She flips out, thinking he's trying to take care of her. He storms out and ends up getting grabbed by the Balkans' men. Brenda heads off after him but encounters Sonny instead. Johnny won't tell Michael what he wants to hear (of course), and Lucky has to intervene before Michael takes things too far. Johnny suggests that Lucky would do well in the mob, and Lucky admits to Lulu that he's feeling restless and wouldn't be 100 percent against joining up. Patrick tries to keep his distance from Lisa, who isn't having any of it. She also boils one of Emma's stuffed animals in a beaker. Dante encourages Jason to look for the gun Johnny supposedly had on him. Kristina wants to transfer to Port Charles High to start over. Michael tells her he's thinking of dropping out altogether. One of Kristina's friends thinks Michael's hot, but he's not comfortable around her. Jax assures Carly that he's completely over Brenda.

I honestly can't decide which part of today's episode was the most ridiculous:

  1. Sonny spent an hour telling a complete stranger his romantic history with Brenda
  2. Brenda's completely melodramatic, over-the-top hissy fit when Murphy expressed concern that, you know, someone's trying to kill her
  3. The writers only waited one episode to have Brenda and Sonny see each other
  4. The Lisa plot is no longer a take-off of Fatal Attraction but is now actually stealing from it
  5. Johnny told a cop he should join the mob
  6. Said cop - who is usually the moral center of the show - is actually considering taking the offer

September 7th, 2010

Before Sonny and Brenda can say anything to each other, two guys try to grab her at gunpoint. They don't expect Sonny to pull his own gun on them, and eventually he and Brenda run off to hide out together. The two have an awkward reunion, admit that they've been thinking about each other, and start to make out. Spinelli finds a bunch of possible witnesses to Johnny's shooting, but someone else has footage of the incident. Dante and Jason will reluctantly be working together again to figure out what really happened. Robin punches Lisa for her stunt with the stuffed animal and gets herself suspended. Mac also convinces her to move into his place with Emma until the Lisa situation dies down. Michael should probably see a therapist. Carly taunts Dante by saying she knows where Sonny is but won't tell him. Spinelli and Maxie run into each other and have a tense conversation. He then sees her flirting with Matt, who isn't sure she's really that interested in him.

For some reason, I can't wait until Brenda finds out Sonny has four kids.

Eck, I don't even care who has the footage of the shooting. Show me faces or I'll put my energy toward something else.

Is the boiling of a stuffed animal really something the cops should be investigating? I'd say they have better things to do, like bust mobsters, but then again, of the three mobsters in town, one has fled the country, one's in the hospital, and the third already has a cop babysitter.

Matt, please get some self-esteem. And a spine.

September 8th, 2010

Brenda tells Sonny she's engaged and he tells her he's on the run. He also fills her in on a few other things that have happened in his life. She tells him he's crazy for thinking his kids are better off without him and convinces him to go back to Port Charles. Instead of having Spinelli look into Johnny's shooting, Jason would rather have him research Brenda. Spinelli wonders how Jason could ever hate someone like her, and Jason tells him exactly why Sam is so much better. Sam is happy to overhear. Patrick suggests that he and Robin pretend they've broken up to give Lisa a false sense of security and possibly make her incriminate herself. Robin agrees, but mostly because she doesn't think she'll have to do much pretending. Lulu prepares a sexy night with Dante, completely forgetting that Michael has the freedom to come and go as he pleases. Dante arrives after she's left and tries to repay her sexy deeds, but she's too mad to be interested. Carly pretends she wants to spend time with both Josslyn and Jax, but she really just wants to take her possibly-ex-husband to bed. Which she does. Lulu finds out that Brook's working for Nikolas, somehow, and she's unsurprisingly ticked about it.

Of course Brenda doesn't think Sonny's a monster for shooting Dante. Brenda always thinks the best of Sonny. Sigh.

They haven't done a we're-going-to-pretend-we're-broken-up plotline in a while. I don't think it'll be as fun as those usually are, what with Robin kind of hating Patrick right now.

Hey, Michael, you don't need to convince Dante that you didn't look at Lulu in her semi-undressed state. He knows you didn't, because you're her cousin. Which makes the whole thing pretty gross.

The next time Carly claims she doesn't ever use her children (which she says a lot), I'm throwing today in her face.

September 9th, 2010

Jason tells Carly that Sonny's coming back to town to turn himself in. She wonders if he'll be traveling alone. Jason then tells Dante the same thing, pointing out that they have very little time left to find evidence that will help Sonny. A look through police records gives Jason the answer he thinks they're looking for, as he sees that Ronnie was the first person to arrive on the scene after Johnny was shot. Tracy hires Lucky to track Luke down, so he gets in touch with one of Luke's favorite fences and connects him to the theft of statues (some of which were later found amongst actual red herring). The same Interpol agent investigating the Balkan brings Lucky in for questioning, but it's not about Luke - it's about a photo of Lucky looking not so alive. Patrick and Robin set Lisa up to overhear them fake fighting in the park. Olivia asks Johnny once again to tell the truth about his shooting, but he still won't, so now they're...broken up again? I've lost track. Lulu worries that Dante will do something stupid for Sonny again. Alexis thinks Nikolas and Brook are both crazy for their business arrangement, or whatever you want to call it.

They should just change the name of the show to It's Sonny's World, We Just Live in It.

Nice touch with the same Interpol agent! Maybe Luke is the Balkan?

Seriously, I need some sort of on-screen graphic telling me when Olivia and Johnny are together and when they're not. Kind of a "the doctor is in/out"-type sign.

Who's starting the pool on how long before Nikolas and Brook to sleep together?

September 10th, 2010

Sonny puts in an appearance at the PCPD and Claire tries to take him back into custody. Carly pays him a visit, revealing that she knows Sonny went to see Brenda, and says she thinks he came back because Brenda talked him into it. Claire admits to Sonny that she believes him about the shooting, and since she can't be objective, she's going to recuse herself. Brenda tells Suzanne that the man she ran off with after her near-kidnapping was a neighbor's bodyguard. Suzanne again tries to convince her to go back to the States, telling her that if the Balkan rears his head again, she's either going to the States or to London with Murphy. Brenda brushes her off again, and is rewarded with a kidnapping. The Interpol agent tells Lucky that the corpse in the photo is that of an Irish assassin named Ronan who works for the Balkan. Interpol wants Lucky to pose as him and infiltrate the Balkan's organization. Lucky agrees and tells Ethan and Lulu that he's going to find Luke. The Interpol agent warns that if Lucky decides to back out, they'll come down on Luke. Dante accuses Ronnie of framing Sonny, but Ronnie won't come clean. Dante and Jason track down the witness to the shooting and learn that he has video footage of the incident. Robin and Patrick's plan is working. Nikolas goes all Henry Higgins on Brook. Michael wants a new nickname from Spinelli, since he doesn't like being called Young Mr. Sir. Spinelli encourages him not to give up on having whatever kind of life he wants.

So Suzanne's worried enough about Brenda to want to send her out of the country, but not

I'm interested in this Lucky plot, not least because it's very similar to a book I love, The Likeness, but isn't it going to be him and a bunch of new characters? In Ireland? So...basically, he's Brenda, just in Dante's plot. Got it.

Did the police just not bother questioning that witness? Once again, the PCPD is SO DUMB.

Wait, Michael didn't get a new nickname! Spinelli, you have work to do!

September 11th, 2010

Next week: "Brenda invites Jason to a gala." I officially don't care about anything else that happens.

September 13th, 2010

Dante confiscates the footage of Johnny's shooting as Johnny admits to Ethan that he didn't pull the trigger specifically because he knew there was a witness. Even though the footage doesn't show that Johnny has a gun, Dante makes Johnny think it does, using it to threaten to send him to jail if he doesn't tell the truth. Johnny has no choice but to come clean. Dante puts Sonny and Johnny in a room together and tells them to call a truce. Brenda gets away from her incredibly stupid would-be kidnappers but still refuses to leave Rome or even let Suzanne tell Murphy what happened. He finds out anyway and comes to take her to London, but Brenda informs him that she still has feelings for someone else. Meanwhile, Suzanne calls Jason, who Brenda has listed as an emergency contact. Jax wants Kate to give Brenda a Crimson cover and spread, so of course Carly finds out about it. Michael decides there are worse places to return to than school. Kristina and Ethan need friends their own ages. Sam and Jason plan a vacation they'll totally never get to take.

Ha, Johnny loses this round! Nice work, Dante.

I just realized that with Lucky on the inside of the Balkan's organization, he can warn Brenda when someone's going after her. Oh, Balkan, you're so going down.

And why would Brenda have Jason listed as an emergency contact? Hmmm, maybe because HE'S HER HUSBAND??

Jax, you're a freaking idiot. Next time either grab the folder from Maxie or shove her out of the room.

September 14th, 2010

Jason tells Suzanne he'll come to Italy to help with Brenda's security. For some reason, Spinelli thinks they'll have a romantic reunion. Johnny changes his story to the truth, which means Sonny gets to go free. Sonny celebrates by making Claire dinner and making out with her. Kate's all for Jax's idea to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson because it'll make Carly mad, and possibly break her and Jax up so Jax can get back together with Brenda. Carly declares that Sonny, Jax, and Jason are hers, and she won't be sharing. Brenda and Murphy are over. Robin gets Steven involved in her and Patrick's scheme, trying to make Lisa think she's interested in him.

Why does Spinelli think Jason WANTS to be with Brenda? Has he forgotten about Sam, who practically lives with Jason?

Dear Claire, you have willpower about all the wrong things.

Kate! Thank you for being awesome and continuing your quest to make Carly's life miserable. We all appreciate it.

Robin's idea to incorporate Steven in the plan might actually have another effect - Patrick will inevitably get jealous, and she'll realize that he really does want to be with her.

September 15th, 2010

Lucky tells Dante about his undercover job, but Dante won't tell Lulu. Lucky then meets the girlfriend and brother of a guy they think he killed, and the brother attacks him. Michael gets into a fight on his first day back at school and almost gets expelled. Dante investigates and, with help from Taylor's eyewitness testimony, proves that the other kid made the first move. In return, he wants Michael to tell him what really happened in Pentonville. Robin's suspension hearing doesn't go well (on purpose). Jax tries to take back his idea about putting Brenda in Crimson since it's made Carly so mad, but she sees through him. She admits that she doesn't care if Brenda's in the magazine, she cares that Jax might still have feelings for her.

Dude. Angry, fighting-for-his-life Lucky is hot. And also the only person on this show who can pull off a fake Irish accent.

I knew Taylor was awesome.

It's actually pretty funny knowing Lisa was just in a big blow-up with three people who know something she doesn't.

Poor Josslyn. Kid, as soon as you can walk, run away from your parents. Michael will take good care of you.

September 16th, 2010

A wedding-themed photo shoot makes Brenda reminisce about her various weddings, both failed and successful. Meanwhile Suzanne digs for information on Brenda and Jason's relationship, as it was. Brenda isn't happy to find Jason in Rome and thinks Sonny sent him. Sonny buys Claire earrings and they decide to try out a relationship, but he tells Dante that she's just a diversion to help him get over Brenda. Siobhan pretends she wants to sleep with Lucky, but she really wants to kill him. She also seems to have already figured out that he's not Ronan. Jax and Carly are back together, I think. Michael refuses to talk to Dante about prison.

Jason/Brenda scenes! Finally! Thank you, writers!

Okay, first of all, I'm a better detective than Lucky, because I figured out Siobhan only wanted him alone so she could try to kill him. And second of all, what was he going to do, sleep with her? And third of all, if she's already figured out he's not Ronan, Interpol sucks. Read The Likeness. They give Cassie weeks to get ready for her undercover assignment. Lucky had ten hours. I repeat, Interpol sucks.

See, presents. This is exactly Sonny. Claire, just so you know, next comes a dress, then a trip to his island, then a baby. I know you want to skip to the end, but I don't think he'll let you.

Ha, Carly finally came right out and said it - she thinks Jason's first priority is her and her kids. I'm not at all surprised.

September 17th, 2010

Brenda tries to send Jason away, but he won't go. She's relieved to hear that Sonny's not wanted for murder anymore, and asks for more information on his personal life. Jason calls Spinelli, who happens to be in the same room as Carly, who grabs the phone to talk to Jason as Brenda grabs the phone to talk to Spinelli, so Carly ends up yelling at Brenda. Later, Dante shows up as Spinelli's investigating the Balkan, and Spinelli realizes he knows something about the new Big Bad. Claire and Sonny head for the bedroom. Lucky tells Siobhan who he really is, but she doesn't believe him. She does, however, believe that he's changed because he found God. Also found: the Balkan, who wants to meet with him. Lisa overhears Patrick and Maxie talking and now knows what Patrick and Robin are trying to pull on her. Later, she tries to get her hands on some sort of experimental drug. Dante tells Sonny that he once got involved with a woman to get over someone else. Carly and Jax are definitely back together. Claire tells Jax that part of the reason she wanted to get off of Sonny's case was to find out if he would still be interested in her.

Loved the five-way phone call. I think poor Michael was the only sane person in that situation.

Man, I hope Sonny uses a condom.

I think Siobhan was impressed that Lucky's accent was better than hers.

Let Maxie be a lesson as to why you always use your inside voice.

September 18th, 2010

Next week: Death! Attempted murder! Johnny and Olivia back on the relationship merry-go-round! People kissing people with girlfriends and angry best friends! Jax and Carly need to get a room!

September 20th, 2010

Brenda and Suzanne bully Jason into attending the gala, and even wearing a tux to it. He's almost as annoyed about that as Brenda is at the realization that Suzanne has a crush on him. While Sonny and Claire hang out in the bedroom, Max and Diane eat their dinner and start their own bedroom activities on the veranda. When they're caught, Diane informs Claire that Sonny just played her. Dante tells Spinelli he needs to stay far away from anything involving the Balkan, but he won't elaborate. Then he finds out Lucky's investigation also involves the Balkan and tells him the same thing. Lucky won't listen, so Dante spills everything to Lulu, warning her that Lucky's in a lot of danger. Jax moves back in, but now Morgan's rethinking his adoption.

So many funny scenes today!

So is Dante going to jet over to Ireland to help Lucky, or is he just going to keep telling people this is a bad idea?

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Michael? He totally knows what's going on with everyone.

September 21st, 2010

Jason suffers through the Cartullo gala, then fights more with Brenda back at her place. After she has a nightmare, she reminisces about them going to prom together and asks Jason about his travels, which leads to an actual sweet moment between them. Diane warns Sonny that when his relationship with Claire inevitably ends badly, Claire will bury him. Lisa sneaks into Mac's house (while Robin and Patrick are there, which is pretty gutsy) and puts some drug in Robin's pill case. Dante and Lulu decide to go to Ireland to get Lucky. Michael talks Morgan back into the adoption, then is rewarded by the sight of Carly and Jax almost taking their clothes off in the living room.

Hey, Brenda? As a matter of fact, no, Jason doesn't remember going to the prom with you. HE HAS AMNESIA.

Oh, Lisa. It's on.

Uh, who freaking cares what Morgan's last name is? Everyone knows who his biological father is.

Today's MOTE goes to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo for her delivery of the line, "Do you know what this is? Good manners." Completely awesome.

September 22nd, 2010

There's a photo circulating of Jason and Brenda at the gala, and Murphy sees it and comes back to Rome to confront Jason. In Port Charles, Spinelli tries to keep the photo from Sam, who claims not to be fazed, and Carly tries to convince herself that Jax doesn't care about it. Robin takes Lisa's mystery drug, which seems to be some kind of tranquilizer. Johnny and Olivia are back together (again). Matt confronts Patrick in front of Lisa, then pays Robin a visit and learns about the scheme. He points out that if Lisa really is crazy, she's not going to react well when she finds out what Patrick and Robin are up to. Nikolas hires Maxie to style Brook for their trip to France. Lisa tells Patrick they should slow things down.

Spinelli, why would you show that picture to Carly? That's just inviting a big meltdown.

Is Lisa pure evil yet? It seems like she's getting close.

How many days until Olivia and Johnny break up again? Let's start a pool.

So when is Nikolas and Brook's trip? This preparation is taking way too long.

September 23rd, 2010

Sonny is amused by the photo of Brenda and Jason, while Carly continues to worry that she'll lose Jax to Brenda. She tries to get Sonny to go take care of Brenda, which she thinks is what Brenda wants anyway, but Sonny tells her to chill out. Suzanne finds out more about Jason and decides he's not the best person for Brenda to be associated with, even though Brenda now wants him to stay. Right after Jason leaves, someone tries to get into Brenda's villa. Lucky escapes from one of the Balkan's men, who's trying to kill him, and heads to the pub, where Lulu and Dante are asking around for him - and have just met Siobhan. Robin passes out in the car with Emma. Sam tries to get Michael to open up about his time in Pentonville, with no luck.

Thank you, Sonny, for reacting appropriately to Jason and Brenda's photo. And for telling Carly to stop freaking out.

Excuse me, Lulu, but you were never on the run with your parents, so stop pretending you were.

I don't want to give Lisa any credit for anything, but this was a pretty smart plan. It's highly unlikely anyone will be able to link her to this.

Wait, so Sonny goes over to the penthouse, where Michael's looking for Jason...and Sam leaves? Sam, you practically live there! Make them leave!

September 24th, 2010

Suzanne thinks Brenda's in danger, so she calls Jason, who heads back to the villa. He finds her with two of the Balkan's men, who've drugged her, and kills them. He thinks the Balkan wants Brenda alive for some reason, since otherwise he would have already had her killed. Dante and Lulu pretend to be cops questioning Lucky about a crime (well, Dante doesn't have to pretend) and question him in front of Siobhan. Later, when they get him alone, Lucky refuses to leave the case, no matter how dangerous it might get. A cop finds Emma (unhurt) in Robin's wrecked car, and Robin wakes up in a cabin, where Lisa claims she was when Lisa arrived. Oh, and the nurse who got Lisa the tranquilizer died in an "accident." Carly thinks Claire's getting what she deserves by getting together with Sonny. Sonny talks to Michael about his topsy-turvy relationship with Brenda and how there's no place for him in her life anymore.

They're not trying to put Jason and Brenda together, right? I mean...right?

Maybe Lulu can join McCall & Jackal? She would probably make a good PI.

Apparently Suzanne and Patrick both have Spidey Sense. Who knew?

Carly's mellowed. Not long ago, she would have thrown a drink in Claire's face just for talking to Sonny.

September 25th, 2010

Next week: Brenda finally makes her triumphant return to Port Charles, Spinelli has a new crush, and Robin is Baby Jessica. With hallucinations.

September 27th, 2010

Dante and Lucky ambush two of the Balkan's men and wind up killing them. Lisa taunts that Patrick only stayed with Robin out of pity over her HIV status. Robin makes a run for it and falls down a well. Lisa heads back to GH, where a formerly frantic Patrick pretends he doesn't care what happened to Robin. Jason and Brenda talk about stuff, and he tells her she needs to come back to Port Charles with him. Carly thinks Sonny keeps going after brunettes to make up for the one brunette he can't have. Siobhan tells Lulu that it didn't take much to make her realize "Ronan" had changed. Lulu thinks Siobhan has herself a little crush.

How many times can Lucky seemingly get injured without actually getting injured before he...well, actually gets injured? Also, could he please stop using the Irish accent when he's not pretending to be Irish?

A well? Seriously?

Yeah, like a mob boss would eat pizza.

Siobhan's not staying, is she?

September 28th, 2010

Sonny wants to take Claire to the island, but first he has to talk to Molly about dating a woman he doesn't actually love. Brenda refuses to go to Port Charles because she's afraid of either being hurt by someone she loves or hurting someone else. Jason overrides her and declares that they're going no matter what. Robin hallucinates Stone. Lucky wants to take the fall for killing the Balkan's men so he'll look like the killer he's supposed to be. He meets up with Dante and Lulu again and prepares to use one of the men's phones to call the Balkan. He doesn't realize that Siobhan is hiding in the closet and now knows everything that's going on. Patrick tries to get information out of Lisa, but Mac gets antsy and brings her in for questioning. Patrick decides to turn to Spinelli for help finding Robin. Meanwhile, Maxie goes to Johnny for the same thing. Brook freaks out over the trip to France.

Who would've thought we'd be facing a Brenda/Sonny/Claire love triangle? Also, Claire must be the only person in the world who hasn't figured out where Sonny's taking her. (And to answer her question, yes, this is a normal second date for him.)

Dang, Michael Sutton hasn't aged a day in 15 years.

I love how Lucky and Dante are all proud of themselves as cops when they don't realize a woman is totally hiding in the closet, listening to everything they say.

Mac mentioned Ryan AND Faith AND Jerry! I love you, Mac!

September 29th, 2010

Robin's halluStoneation (sorry) tells her to let go of him already. Lucky realizes that Siobhan is on to him and tries to convince her that some of the things he told her were true. Carly encourages Sam to go to Italy and get Jason back, saying she should feel threatened by Brenda. Sam points out that Carly's the one who feels threatened. Carly then moves on to her never-ending, never-progressing plan to take Dante down, but she doesn't want to make a move until Michael's parole is over, so nothing will ever happen. Mac can't find anything to connect Lisa to Robin's disappearance, so he figures the next logical step is to arrest Patrick. Dante and Lulu get lost in the Irish countryside. And then their car breaks down, of course. Johnny and Olivia's quiet night alone is interrupted by Ethan and Maya.

Two thoughts on this: 1) I really hope he's the Balkan (it would fit into what Jason said about the Balkan wanting Brenda alive). 2) I don't want to have to wait until December.

I'm so sick of Siobhan. Can Lucky leave Ireland, please?

Sam calling Carly high-maintenence to her face was awesome.

Lulu and Dante probably shouldn't audition for The Amazing Race any time soon.

Johnny and Olivia were going to watch Thelma and Louise? That's...weird.

September 30th, 2010

Brenda finally returns to Port Charles and immediately hits it off with Spinelli but accidentally touches a nerve for Michael. Sam isn't thrilled over how impressed Molly is with Brenda. Maxie helps her get dolled up to outshine Brenda, but when they actually meet, Sam realizes that Brenda has no idea who she is. While Mac annoys Patrick, convinced he knows more about Robin's disappearance than he's letting on, Steven learns that one of Lisa's patients has a cabin she's allowed to use. Claire tell Sonny about a cousin who died heroically in a convenience-store robbery in Florida (details included in case that ever turns out to be important), then has to head back to Port Charles for work. Dante thinks Lulu wants an adventure only because she's a Spencer.

Spinelli + Brenda = magic.

Should we read anything into the fact that Claire is apparently from Florida, as is Carly? Or that the cabin owner's wife is now there, according to Steven? Just wondering.

Aww, Mac, you're supposed to be good at this stuff!

Molly's had more screentime this week than Johnny and Olivia.

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