General Hospital blog - September, 2011

September 1st, 2011

A parachute and a missing boat lead Carly and Shawn to believe that Jax is alive. She wants to tell Morgan, but Shawn gets her to agree to keep quiet in case Sonny finds out and goes after Jax again. Patrick catches Anthony before he can enter Jason's room, which isn't actually Jason's room - Steven worked with the police to set up a decoy in hopes that Anthony would try to pull something and they could arrest him. Robin's mad that she wasn't told until after the plan was already in motion, and Patrick's just mad in general. Robin and Patrick have it out, and she tells him that if he wants to be chief so badly, he can have the job. She calms down when he finally gives her some encouragement. Sonny warns Johnny to keep a tighter leash on Anthony or he'll have to end the truce and take both of them out. Anthony tells Johnny that the truce means nothing, and he should be proud that Anthony almost got to Jason. Later, Anthony tries to take the flash drive to Tracy, who kicks him out once again. Kristina does her typical flirt-with-Ethan thing, but gets kicked out when Skye stops by to ask Ethan to help protect Edward from Anthony.

Yeah, Carly, Jax would never leave without saying goodbye to Morgan. Because he's shown so much concern for Morgan recently.

What's with Johnny and older women?

According to the Internet, Kristina could have West Nile. So that's fun.

"It's an orchid" is the new "it's my house"/"I gave it to her."

September 2nd, 2011

Maxie tests her theory about Spinelli coming back if he's asked to be Jason's best man. It doesn't work. She then sends him to see Jason and tell him he'll be his best man. Spinelli is overwhelmed when he realizes he and his best friend are both lost, becoming himself again and begging Jason not to die. It must have worked, because not long after that, Jason wakes up. Carly goes on another rant about how Sonny is horrible and Jax was awesome, which Sonny questions when he finds their divorce papers. She tells him she sent Morgan to military school under her maiden name and Sonny can only see him when she allows it. After he leaves, Carly puts the divorce papers away unsigned. Kristina compares herself and Ethan to Sam and Jason, leading Sam to have to break it to her that she's fooling herself. Kristina takes it badly and winds up passing out, only to be found by Anthony. Johnny tries to hire Ethan to find out what Skye has on his father. Edward fears he'll lose Michael like he lost Jason.

Dear Emmy voters, two words: Bradford Anderson.

Everyone on the show seems to have forgotten a few years ago when Jason woke up with amnesia, left the mob, and went all Jason Bourne, but still wound up with Sam. Whatever, he's fine.

You can tell Kristina's a Corinthos because she always makes things about her.

Yay for Johnny/Ethan scenes! Heck, yay for Johnny/anyone scenes!

Back to semi-normal: Damian Spinelli
Clearly ailing: Kristina Corinthos
Left town: Morgan “Benson” Corinthos
Possibly broke up: Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Johnny tied to the bed, trying to untie himself with his teeth
Funniest moment (unintentional): Kristina thinks Sam gives a crap what's going on with her love life right now
Saddest moment: Spinelli asking Jason not to die
Sweetest moments: Fantasy Sam taking Fantasy Jason's picture while telling him she's pregnant, Patrick's pep talk to Robin
Least believable moment: Carly sent Morgan away without telling Michael or letting them say goodbye to each other
Most annoying character: Michael
Unanswered question of the week: What's wrong with Kristina?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Lulu never gave Dante an answer

September 3rd, 2011

Next week: On to the next medical emergency!

September 6th, 2011

Jason wakes up confused but normal. Of course, he immediately wants to do damage control for everyone he knows, but Sam and Patrick make him stay put. Michael finds Kristina before Anthony can do anything to her and gets her to the hospital. Alexis finally learns about the drugs Lisa gave Kristina and isn't happy to have been kept in the dark. Siobhan's will names Megan as her executor, so Lucky can't stop her from taking Siobhan's body back to Ireland. Megan also blames Lucky for her sister's death. Elizabeth remembers Siobhan telling her that she had information for Lucky, and he thinks that means she knew something about the drug ring and was murdered so she couldn't share it. Matt tells Elizabeth to stop acting guilty. Steven asks Olivia to spend a weekend away with him.

"Jason who?" Sam would have been forgiven for smacking him for that.

I didn't realize Alexis never knew about Lisa's manipulations of Kristina. A nice tying up of a loose end I didn't even know existed.

Cupcakes, chocolate milk...this show is giving me too many cravings.

Could those Olivia/Steven scenes have been any more tacked on? I'm not complaining, of course, just noticing.

September 7th, 2011

Kristina has a bone fragment pressing on her spinal cord, but surgery to remove it could leave her paralyzed. She asks Ethan for advice and decides to go for it. Patrick is apparently too dumb to figure out what caused the problem in the first place, but Alexis and Sam guess that it's Kiefer's fault. Skye tries to slip out of town but is stopped first by Anthony and then by Ethan. Michael inadvertently helps her get away from Anthony at the hospital, but he's a step ahead and has had her hotel room searched. Maxie tries but fails to talk some sense into Lulu about her relationship with Dante. Lulu tells Dante she's given him too many chances and can't trust him anymore. Jason gets Michael to agree to take over the legitimate business while he and Sonny are out of commission. Alexis wants to let Sonny know what's going on with Kristina, but she's pretty much the only one. Maxie loses the ring again.

Whatever, Kristina. Everyone on this show has had brain surgery at one time or another, and everyone's fine.

Dude, Michael, even JASON thinks Sonny's wrong. Doesn't that tell you something?

Alexis asking Skye what she did this time made me laugh out loud.

If Maxie and Matt break up (oh, who am I kidding? When, not if), they'll actually have a realistic reason. No affairs, no secrets, no lying. They just grew apart.

September 8th, 2011

Matt plans a picnic on the hospital roof, wanting to tell Maxie that he's about to have a very important study published. She bails, so he spends time with Elizabeth instead. Michael and Abby celebrate his new job by engaging in a major health-code violation. Carly gets Shawn a job teaching chemistry at PCU, but he doesn't want it. Speaking of Carly and jobs, she freaks out when Jason tells her about Michael's new responsibilities, then praises him for finding a way for Michael to "help" Sonny without doing anything dangerous. Maxie has fallen way behind on planning the wedding, which freaks Sam out, but Kristina and Molly have already taken care of everything. Ethan takes Skye to the Haunted Star, somehow thinking Anthony won't find her there. He's wrong.

Aww, Matt and Elizabeth are cute together. Sorry, Lucky.

I highly doubt Shawn is qualified to teach college chemistry. I can't even believe his teaching degree is still valid.

I guess Maxie isn't taking Spinelli's investigations seriously, since she got cake from Luzetta's.

Really, Ethan? Really?

September 9th, 2011

Carly declines to tell Jason that she thinks Jax is alive. She does tell him that she sent Morgan away, which he thinks was a bad move. Sonny tries to get Jason on his side (which Jason kind of already is), but Jason wants him to get himself together and stop making bad decisions. Matt puts doubts in Robin's head about Patrick's ability to successfully treat Kristina, since he's been operating all day. At first Robin keeps him on the case, but later she changes her mind. Elizabeth spots Anthony's guy in the drug closet and realizes that he's the person stealing from the hospital. She calls Lucky to let him know, but Lucky doesn't get her call because he's busy detoxing himself. Elizabeth decides to follow the guy, tailing him to Luzetta's and getting herself kidnapped. Ethan gets Edward to help him arrange for Skye to leave town, but Skye makes a deal with Anthony that she thinks will keep her, Edward, and Lila safe. Molly thinks Sonny's the reason for Kristina's condition.

I can't believe Sonny's still clean shaven. Usually when he's in meltdown mode, they make Maurice Benard stop shaving.

Oh, good, Patrick and Matt are going to fight again. I can't wait for that.

Elizabeth, you are a nurse, not a cop or a spy. You seem to have forgotten that.

That Ethan/Skye stuff was weird. I feel like we missed a scene.

Hospitalized: Kristina Corinthos
Kidnapped: Elizabeth Webber

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Sam tells Jason he's brilliant and he replies that she's biased
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sonny comes into Kristina's room and Molly's the only person happy to see him
Saddest moment: Lucky calling himself Cowboy and trying to convince himself he's not heading down the same road as Luke
Sweetest moment: Edward telling Ethan to look after Skye
Least believable moment: Shawn is qualified to teach college chemistry, Carly's friends with someone high up at PCU
Most annoying character: Sonny
Dumbest character: Elizabeth
Unanswered question of the week: Where's Spinelli?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Kristina has a bone fragment pressing on her spinal cord

September 10th, 2011

Next week: Everyone hates Sonny. Wait, that's every week.

September 12th, 2011

As Sonny eavesdrops, Molly shares her theory with Sam about Sonny being responsible for Kristina's condition. Sam tells her that Kristina doesn't understand that people want to use her to get to Sonny. She asks Molly to keep her speculation quiet, but Molly winds up sharing it with Johnny. Johnny also expresses concern about Kristina and asks Molly to keep him updated. Sonny follows Johnny home and orders him to stay away from his children. Johnny taunts that he could get any of Sonny's kids to do anything he wants, earning himself a gun to the head. Skye tells Edward what she dug up on Tracy, assuring him that she's safeguarded the majority of the company. As she prepares to leave town, someone watches her (probably Luke). Tracy asks once again what Anthony's up to, and this time he reveals that he was friends with Gino. Kate (2.0) finds Spinelli at Crimson and calls Maxie to retrieve him. Maxie's busy and sends Lulu, who Kate puts to work under threat of Maxie's firing. Spinelli's trying to remember what he figured out about Luzetta's and wanders off again. He returns to the alley behind the bakery just as Anthony's goons are taking Elizabeth through it. She sees him, but he doesn't see her. Shawn breaks up Carly and Sonny's fight and tries to distract Carly, telling her he has a job possibility but not giving her any details. Olivia tells Lulu not to give up on her relationship with Dante, then tells Johnny to worry about himself for once. Kate goes all Connie on someone.

Molly, Sam asked you FIVE MINUTES AGO to keep your mouth shut. "I can keep a secret," indeed.

Johnny, you might not want to say upsetting things to a volatile man when you're just a few feet away from a balcony.

It would be pretty funny if Lulu went back to work at Crimson because Kate basically mades her.

Why did those morons take off Elizabeth's blindfold?

September 13th, 2011

Olivia stops Sonny from killing Johnny, grabbing Johnny's gun and threatening to shoot Sonny if he does anything. After he leaves, putting out a hit on Johnny, Olivia begs Johnny to keep his distance from Sonny. Johnny, however, hints that he's going to take Sonny out first. Maxie goes back to the bakery alley and finds the ring, but also sees Elizabeth with her captors and becomes an abductee herself. Dante finds Lucky detoxing, and Lucky tells him he's been taking pills but wants to stop. He finally gets Elizabeth's messages, puts them together with Siobhan's pillow clue, and realizes that the bakery is the center of the drug ring. Meanwhile, Spinelli finds a napkin from the bakery and starts to remember what he'd figured out before. He, Dante, and Lucky all arrive in the bakery alley at the same time and realize Elizabeth and Maxie were both there. Tracy tells Lulu that if she leaves Dante, she'll wind up like Tracy, and one day she'll lose everything. Lulu goes to see Lucky and instead finds his bottle of pills. Let's just say Robin and Patrick have patched things up.

I think that might be the first time Olivia's ever picked up a gun.

Again I ask, why did the kidnappers take off Elizabeth's blindfolds and not disguise themselves?

Spinelli, Dante, and Lucky working together? I'm for it.

That locker room has seen a LOT of action recently.

September 14th, 2011

Everyone's on edge waiting for news about Kristina's surgery, which hits a snag. Dante tries to get information out of Anthony and Johnny, but Anthony's his usual wacky self and Johnny just wants to talk about Sonny's attack on him. Dante ignores the part of the story about Olivia and all but accuses Anthony of killing Siobhan. Later, Johnny hears Anthony talking to someone on the phone about Elizabeth and Maxie. Lulu confronts Lucky about his pills, and they do a lot of arguing. Dante shows up and Lulu tells him she can't be with him if his job creates distance between them. Jason hires Shawn to "handle" Sonny so he can be completely off-duty. Luke approaches Skye, who wonders why he came back to town since he's obviously trying to avoid his family. She won't tell him anything about their recent goings-on, telling him to get the information from them. Shawn comforts Molly while Michael tries to argue on Sonny's behalf.

I'm sure Kristina's paralyzed, and I'm sure it's temporary, just like all the other instances of paralysis on this show.

Lucky and Dante, both detectives, couldn't keep track of Spinelli for five minutes? THIS IS SO STUPID.

So now Lulu can't be with Dante because he's a cop? Whatever, they'll wind up back together. Who else would they hook up with?

Brilliant disguise, Luke. That hat is just as good at masking your identity as Clark Kent's glasses.

September 15th, 2011

Sonny finds Johnny in Kristina's room and tries to kick him out, but when Kristina wakes up, it's Sonny she wants gone. Oh, and the surgery left her partially paralyzed. Olivia begs Kate to get through to Sonny, and though Kate protests over and over, eventually she goes to see him. Carly tries to get Shawn another job, but he's already busy working for Jason, much to Sonny's annoyance. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that Maxie and Elizabeth are missing and something's up with the bakery. They think he's confused, but they're at least happy that he's back to himself. Except he's not, since it looks like he still can't work his computer wiles. Carly literally tells Sonny to get over his childhood. Jason asks Spinelli to be his best man. Patrick and Matt need to shut up already. Anthony wants to wreak havoc with Lisa.

Kristina needs to take lessons on how to make being a bitca entertaining. She just has the annoying part down.

So now Kate is Sonny's "one who got away"? Boys and girls, welcome to the latest GH retcon.

Wait, Spinelli moved the $20 million? I'm so confused about that whole non-story.

Ack! Lisa! What's up with that?

September 16th, 2011

Maxie thinks Spinelli will rescue her and Elizabeth because she left him a trail of icing. The two fight about Matt and whether or not Elizabeth's sudden friendship with him is payback, then pull the sick-prisoner scam on one of their captors. It works, and Maxie escapes just as Spinelli arrives, having followed, yes, the trail of icing. Lucky cracks the case. Luke eavesdrops on Lulu and Ethan at the Haunted Star, learning all sorts of things he missed while he was gone. Then he finds Skye's goodbye letter to Ethan, which is important, apparently? Lulu decides to sell the casino and possibly go back to Crimson, so Ethan offers to manage things for him, mostly so he can keep running poker games there. Olivia wants to bring the Bensonhurst back out of Kate. She'll be pleased to learn that Kate has finally gone to see Sonny. Sonny asks Dante to help him with a warehouse fire legally, but Dante doesn't want any part of it. Kate thinks Maxie set up a fitting for a photo shoot, but it's actually for Sam.

As nice as it would have been for Spinelli to get to be a hero, I like that Maxie and Elizabeth saved themselves. I have a feeling Kate would approve as well.

Hey, Dante, while you're off lecturing your mom and making eyes at Lulu, your partner's stopping a drug ring. Have a great day!

What was up with the letter? Isn't Skye gone? Aren't we done with that non-story?

Every time they show us that scene of Sonny in front of the building with all the graffiti, I look for CO77X. That might be a sickness.

Back in town: Luke Spencer
Kidnapped: Maxie Jones
Left town (I think): Skye Quartermaine

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Maxie and Elizabeth in captivity
Funniest moments (unintentional): Olivia calling Dante by his full name (which always cracks me up, for some reason), Johnny biting Anthony
Saddest moment: Tracy thinking she's lost everything
Sweetest moment: Shawn giving Molly his calming stone
Least believable moments: Dante and Lucky couldn't keep track of Spinelli for five minutes, Kate is suddenly the true love of Sonny's life
Most annoying characters: Patrick, Matt
Dumbest character: The baker
Unanswered questions of the week: 1. Who did Kate go all Connie on?
2. What's up with Spinelli and the $20 million?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Spinelli went to Crimson

September 17th, 2011

Next week: What's-his-face is back. You know who I'm talking about.

September 19th, 2011

Spinelli channels Jackal, P.I. to save Maxie, who then saves him, and on and on until someone shoots the baker trying to kill them. They're completely unaware that it was Johnny, who lets Anthony know that he's back in control. Maxie's pleasantly surprised to realize that Spinelli is back to himself, and doesn't object when he makes out with her. And then they lose the ring again. The custodian tries to kill Elizabeth with the same drug Anthony used to kill Siobhan. She attempts to escape, and fortunately, Lucky's there to save her. The two of them and Dante think the custodian killed Siobhan, so it looks like Anthony's off the hook, at least for now. Kate slaps Sonny for what he did to Jax, then lectures him about not being able to change and being no better than Deke with the danger he puts his children in. Sonny's finally able to admit that he's responsible for Kristina's condition. Luke spies on Tracy as she has a weird date with Anthony, then possibly tries to hitch a ride out of town with Skye. Carly worries that Jason's going to relapse, and Patrick asks her what she would do if he suddenly had different priorities. Lulu just wants a pretty, pretty white dress.

I'm surprised they revealed the baker's shooter so quickly. In the five seconds between the shooting and the reveal, I thought it was Franco.

I always liked Megan Ward as Kate, but I like Kelly Sullivan, too. She's doing a great job jumping right into a character who can't be easy to play.

Wait, why is Skye still here?

I would never, ever support a Patrick/Carly pairing, but I do like their weird semi-friendship.

September 20th, 2011

Kate visit a still-paralyzed Kristina and tries to campaign for Sonny. Sonny threatens Matt, but Patrick steps in and tells him he's already made things bad enough for Kristina. Johnny gets J.T. to tell him everything he needs to know about the drug ring, then gets him and Rudy Trujillo to kill each other. He tells Zacchara he thought about framing him, but it sounds like he's going to frame Sonny instead. The wedding is going to be crashed by a serial killer who talks to monkeys. Carly and Shawn are this close to making out. Lucky starts to tell Mac about his relapse, but Dante stops him. Maxie's mad when Matt shows more concern for Elizabeth than for her.

Weirdest scene of the day - Sonny: (talking about the island). Kate: (totally turned on).

Little does Johnny know that Sonny has an alibi. Nice try, though, Lil' Z.

Now that James Franco has done Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the toy monkey is even funnier. And I wonder if "there's no place like home" was a reference to the fact that he's doing that Oz movie.

Max is on Twitter? I would totally follow him.

September 21st, 2011

The last-minute wedding arrangements go poorly, though at least the rings are taken care of, as Edward gives Lila's to Jason and Monica gives Alan's to Sam. Jason sees Sam in her dress, but she's happy since she's the only person who will get to see his reaction. Too bad she seems to have cold feet. Olivia helps Dante arrange a private dinner for Lulu so he can propose. Sonny tries to make amends with various people. Franco has...spider cameras? Kristina has a miraculous recovery. Carly assures Sam that she's happy for her and Jason. Lulu asks Ethan to help her get out of town for a while. Shawn doesn't seem to want to get too close to Carly. Elizabeth apologizes to Jason for the accident.

The rings! So sweet!

Oh, Dante. You are so about to get your heart smashed into teeny pieces.

Gee, Shawn, what could be making you shy away from getting too involved with Carly? Could it be her five million tons of baggage?

I'm surprised Elizabeth didn't tell Jason about the part of her daydream where she realized they're definitely over and were never right for each other anyway and HA HA, LIAISON FANS, YOUR RIDE IS OVER.

September 22nd, 2011

Sam is overwhelmed by all the wedding plans and accompanying rules, so Jason tries to calm her down with a motorcycle ride and dinner at a Chinese restaurant. They end up meeting a couple who's been married for 50 years and their grandson, an ordained minister who offers to marry them right then. They take him up on it and decide to keep the news to themselves until the next night. Lulu tells Dante she can't answer his proposal yet. A talk with Maxie helps her realize that she does want to marry him, so she asks for help to give him her answer in a memorable way. Dante and Lucky are pretty sure Anthony is behind the drug ring, and plan to make sure he doesn't make a move on Jason or Sonny at the party. Johnny plans to plant drugs in a Corinthos warehouse during the wedding. Anthony wants to revive Lisa, and apparently has her power of attorney (or at least claims he does). Someone hangs out at Wyndemere, where a portrait of Laura is still hanging. Patrick really doesn't want to go to the wedding because of...Sonny?

Yeah, I'm not going to apologize for this: I loved the wedding. So sweet, and so unique, and so unexpected.

If only that whole "tomorrow night" sequence happened tomorrow. Then they'd all be saying "tonight," and they could break into song.

Uh...are we going to see zombie Lisa?

If that's not Luke at Wyndemere, sweet baby Jesus, let it be Stefan.

September 23rd, 2011

Dante and Lucky plan to keep an eye on all the Corinthos warehouses during the wedding, but Dante winds up making the rounds on his own since Lucky's distracted. He arrives at the warehouse where Michael was shot just as Johnny's about to leave, and the two play cat and mouse for a few minutes until Anthony arrives and shoots Dante. Everything that could go wrong with the wedding does, but Jason and Sam end up calling it off anyway, since they're already married. The reception also falls apart, so they get the couple from the Chinese restaurant to cater it. Franco steals Sam's dress and dances with it while he uses his spider cameras to watch the reception. Ethan helps Lulu recreate the proposal scene from Dante's favorite opera. Lucky finds a couple of pills he didn't realize he had. Sonny asks Kate to come to the wedding with him, but she waits until the last minute to show up.

I'm surprised they went this route for the Dante/Lulu stuff. I would have expected her to wait until he was injured to tell him she'll marry him. Eh, either way, they're getting engaged. Plus, the show's putting "hospital" back in the title, what with all the recent medical emergencies.

Wait, Kate and Sonny were supposed to get married exactly three years ago today? That means Anthony's now shot two people on the same day. (Note: It was actually September 26th, but whatever.) Also, please tell me she doesn't have her wedding dress in her closet. Not least because it's probably covered in blood, and I imagine they would have had to cut it off of her.

Ahhh, zombie Lisa!

Michael hasn't talked to Morgan in a month? I bet.

Back in town: Franco
Married: Sam McCall and Jason Morgan
No longer comatose: Lisa Niles

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Maxie hiding behind Spinelli while telling Sam and Jason that she lost the ring, Kate repeatedly hanging up on Maxie, Franco coupling up all his monkeys for the wedding reception
Funniest moment (unintentional): I find most of what Franco says unintentionally funny
Saddest moment: Lulu sort of turning Dante down (even though everyone knew it was going to happen)
Sweetest moments: Edward giving Jason Lila's ring and Monica giving Sam Alan's, Jason almost crying when he saw Sam in her dress, the whole wedding
Least believable moment: Jason could barely walk on Tuesday but could run up and down the stairs on Wednesday and ride his motorcycle on Thursday, Kristina just had neck surgery and only has a bandage to show for it, Lisa's been in a coma for three months and her hair looks better than mine
Most annoying character: Carly, but that's no surprise
Dumbest character: Dante, because really? He thought Lulu would say yes?
Unanswered questions of the week: 1. Who's hanging out at Wyndemere?
2. What's in Kate's closet?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Nothing I can think of

September 24th, 2011

Next week: Let's see how many Corinthoses we can get in the hospital at once.

September 26th, 2011

Johnny runs out of the warehouse before the shooting, so he doesn't know Anthony shot Dante. Dante tries but fails to get himself help, as he's unable even to answer the phone when Lulu calls him. After the wedding, Michael drops by to get the present Carly left at the warehouse and finds his brother. Everyone gets magically appropriate fortune cookies, though Abby's doesn't have a fortune. Franco has a special wedding gift in mind for Sam and Jason. Okay, we get it, Sonny and Kate are going to get back together. Olivia and Steven have dinner on the hospital roof. Michael and Abby christen the wedding limo. Alexis actually gives Sam and Jason her blessing. Kristina wants to work for Kate.

So Franco's going to give Sam and Jason a baby? Elizabeth, hide Aiden - he's the only baby on the show Franco could kidnap (and we know they've already bonded).

Why don't I ever get fortune cookies that interesting?

Why was there even a limo at the wedding, if Sam and Jason were just going to leave on his bike? Why tempt fate like that?

Kate saying she had a different face three years ago made me giggle.

September 27th, 2011

Michael doesn't want to call an ambulance for Dante, since the cops will also be called, but Carly and Abby override him. Later they try to pretend that he was never there, but it doesn't last long. Michael tells Shawn that something's different about the warehouse and inventory seems to have been moved around. Poor Lulu thinks she's been stood up until Olivia gives her the news about the shooting. Maxie worries that all of the wedding disasters will make Kate think she's incompetent. Spinelli confesses that some of them are his fault. Lucky literally stares down his demons, choosing to spend the evening glaring at the pills he found. He's staring so intently that he doesn't notice an envelope in the apartment from Siobhan. Sonny and Kate, blah blah blah. Alexis asks Sonny for a favor regarding Kristina, and also has hot flashes. Olivia thinks Steven doesn't want to talk about his life in Memphis. The Wyndemere lurker slashes a painting of Laura.

Michael, you are truly your father's son. Please don't take that as a compliment.

I guess Ethan has officially taken over Nikolas' role as Lucky's confidant.

Are we seriously doing a menopause story?

If Steven didn't, like, kill someone in Memphis, I don't care what happened.

September 28th, 2011

Everyone panics over Dante, with Kate needing the most attention. Carly keeps trying to cover for Michael, and Shawn joins in. He also spots drugs in the warehouse. Ronnie tries to enlist Spinelli to access surveillance footage at the warehouse, but he's still un-Jackaled. Alexis and Kate talk about motherhood and Sonny and...I don't know, what was the point of that? Johnny threatens to turn Anthony in. Ethan finds the slashed painting at Wyndemere, then gets knocked out. Jason and Sam aren't in any hurry to go to Hawaii. Someone should tell the new detective, Padilla, not to listen to Ronnie, ever.

Oh, of course you should stay away in order to help Sonny, Kate. Not that YOUR COUSIN doesn't need your support right now or anything.

Johnny, there's something I'd like to introduce you to. It's called timing.

Um, why is Ethan at Wyndemere?

I wonder if Sam and Jason's conversation about Danny is important, or if it's just the writers paying attention to a character's backstory?

September 29th, 2011

Lulu doesn't get a chance to answer Dante's proposal before he has to be rushed to surgery. Surprisingly, she blames Sonny for the shooting. Olivia asks Johnny straight out if he was involved in the shooting. Shawn gets Padilla to trust him, then builds a makeshift bomb that he then pretends to find. Ethan encounters Helena and they talk about Laura. Helena basically says Wyndemere is haunted and even she's afraid of what's there. Lucky tells Elizabeth and Mac about his relapse, then turns in his badge. On the plus side, he's able to answer everyone's question about why Dante was at the warehouse. Jason built Sam a teeny little house where the boxcar used to be.

We get it, writers. Lulu hates Sonny. Let's move on.

Hee, Shawn's the anti-McGuyver.

Hey, it's Helena! I had no idea she was going to be on.

Please let that be the ghost of Katherine. Because the alternative is the ghost of Emily, and I...guys, I just can't.

Jason, if you're going to build a house (which, heh, is Elizabeth's literal [day]dream come true), at least build one with more than one room.

September 30th, 2011

Johnny tells Olivia he didn't shoot Dante, but she's still skeptical. Sonny tells Johnny he's going to uphold the truce Dante brokered between them, then tells Michael he's planning to catch Johnny off-guard. Abby listens in as Michael offers to help however he can. Shawn uses the bomb to get the cops out of the warehouse so he can get rid of seven coffee bags that actually contain hydrocodone. Carly arrives and tells him there's a panic room in the warehouse, which, of course, they get trapped in together. Lulu blasts Lucky for not following Dante on his sweep of the Corinthos properties. Ethan wanders around the secret passageway at Wyndemere, then sees what looks like tears on Laura's portrait. Luke did leave with Skye, but he's back. Lucky finally finds the envelope Siobhan left him. Jason has a weird moment while looking in a mirror. Franco's heading to the beach.

The question now is, will Abby keep quiet or warn Johnny? Just keep in mind, Abby, you had no fortune. (By the way, if I were Andrea Bogart, I'd be reaaaaaaaaally worried about my job. Not only did she have no fortune, and not only did Michael's say "love lies bleeding," but she was never put on contract....)

Since we're all into character's history now, I really hope Carly tells Shawn about her previous experience in a panic room.

And it would've been funny if Shawn hadn't been able to defuse the bomb.

Wait, we're seriously doing a ghost story?

Back in town (again): Luke Spencer
Hospitalized: Dante Falconeri
Quit: Lucky Spencer

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Shawn knows how to build a bomb
Funniest moments (unintentional): Ethan cowering in Wyndemere instead of just leaving, Kate had a "different face" three years ago, Franco's sandals
Saddest moment: Everything involving Lulu and Dante
Sweetest moment: This wasn't exactly a sweet week
Least believable moments: No one stopped Carly from walking into the warehouse while Shawn was supposedly defusing a bomb, no one suspects Anthony shot Dante, Lulu blames Lucky for the shooting, Siobhan left an envelope on the floor of Lucky's loft a month ago and he's just now noticing it
Most annoying character: Michael
Dumbest character: Johnny, if he believes Sonny
Unanswered question of the week: What was up with Jason's mirror moment?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Nothing this week either

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