General Hospital blog - September, 2018

September 4th, 2018

Oscar's stable and in the hospital, but Kim wants to hold off on letting him have any brain scans until after Terry consults. Knowing that Terry is a pediatric oncologist, Elizabeth senses that Kim knows more than she's saying and gets her to admit that Oscar had episodes like this as a child, and is apparently dying. She encourages Kim to call Drew, but Kim says there's no point since there's nothing he can do. Fantastic logic there, Kim. Elizabeth tells her she knows from experience that keeping secrets from Drew won't end well. Fortunately, Jason runs into Drew and gives him the news in person. The birth mother gives up her rights to "Wiley," and the judge is willing to finalize the adoption right away, so Brad and Lucas are officially parents (for now). Since he no longer has to make a good impression, Lucas is ready to welcome Julian back into his life. Alexis, no dummy, has definitely figured out that Julian got the birth mother to give up her rights. Ryan successfully switches places with Kevin and heads out to inevitably cause trouble in Port Charles. Cameron helps Josslyn set up a celebration for her and Oscar's first anniversary, while simultaneously taking digs at him. When Oscar fails to text her back or show up, she starts to worry that he's finally had enough of her and isn't going to come. Cameron takes advantage of the situation to kiss her. Julian asks Drew to convince Oscar to give him a chance. He's also curious as to whether Drew wants to be with Kim, which Julian knows Oscar wants. Drew won't pressure Oscar into anything, and he, unlike Lucas, isn't ready to let go of the things Julian did in the past.

Ugh. If I wanted to watch a teen cancer story, I'd watch The Fault in Our Stars. (P.S. I don't want to watch The Fault in Our Stars.)

Jason to Kim: "Do you need me to call Drew?" Jason internally: "Please don't make me call Drew."

I sure hope Terry's out at work, because if not, Elizabeth just outed her to Kim. (Though Kim didn't even blink, and she was fine with Oscar's friendship with Dakota, so I doubt there's anything to worry about.)

Joss, stop hanging out with the guy who keeps knocking your relationship.

I appreciate Julian's self-awareness in saying he hasn't screwed things up with Kim yet.

September 5th, 2018

Kim tells Drew that Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor, and despite two years of looking for a way to help him, she's turned up nothing. Drew reluctantly agrees not to tell Oscar anything so he can live his life like a normal teenager. Chase warns Peter to behave himself where Anna's concerned, because the WSB is watching him. Peter won't have any problem with that, since he has no desire to have anything to do with his mother. Josslyn is not here for Cameron's romantic advances, and feels bad for doubting Oscar when she finds out what happened. Cam sees the two kissing and gets in trouble for hanging out with Joss while grounded, so he's having a really bad day. Kristina tells her parents that she broke up with Parker and is moving back to Port Charles to try to build a life for herself. Sam mediates when Sonny and Alexis try too hard to help Kristina get a job and find a place to live. But in the end, they're hopeful that Kristina will finally figure out who she is and what she wants with her life. Finn uses Roxie as an excuse to extend an olive branch to Chase, and they take a few steps toward developing a relationship.

Kim: "He has an inoperable brain tumor." Me: "Of course he does." Those darn defective Quartermaine genes!

If I were 15 and my parents knew I was dying but didn't tell me, I'd be as furious with them as Peter is with Anna.

Someone needs to tell Kim that co-parenting includes telling your kid's father stuff about him.

Peter, we all already hate you. Being a jerk to your mother isn't helping.

Finn, on what planet is joking about being shot funny?

September 6th, 2018

Nina and Maxie are the only people to attend Madeline's funeral...until Obrecht shows up in disguise. She finds it strange that Madeline died of a heart attack (allegedly) since there's no family history and she wasn't at risk for one. Nina cautions her not to go after Peter, but Obrecht indicates that she's just going to sneak out of town again, assuming she doesn't run into any more "wayward girls." Sonny gets Brick to put some measures in place to help Mike and improve security, but Carly still wants them to look to the near future and Mike's inevitable decline. Mike overhears Sonny telling Carly that if anyone finds the body at Charlie's, he'll be going down for good. Griffin comes clean to Anna about running Peter's paternity test and finding out he was Faison's son. Anna's not thrilled that Griffin kept this from her, but she's more upset about what she sees as bad decisions she made in the past. Kiki's annoyed that Ava got her revenge on Griffin but doesn't have to pay for anything she did. Griffin and Kiki decide they can be friends, even with their awkward history, and may become neighbors if he takes an apartment in her building. Ava kind of, sort of suggests killing Griffin so she doesn't have to behave herself all the time and run the risk of being ratted out for the blanket. Julian tells her to keep her crazy plans to herself. Kiki runs into her mother and instantly regrets it, since Ava calls her a whore and tries to keep her from Avery. Stella tells Mike that she thinks things have gone too far, and it's too late to break up Jordan and Curtis. Mike says she must have been pretty desperate to call Curtis' ex, and she'll have to decide if it was worth it. Jordan surprises Curtis in New York, where he's waiting to meet with the lawyer who took care of Nina's daughter's adoption. Jordan's there to look up Stella's ex in hopes of reuniting them. She assists with Curtis' case, learning that the lawyer was given compassionate release from prison because he's dying. Anna tells Valentin to stay away from Peter, then lets him know that Cassandra is awake and off somewhere unknown. The two make a deal to tell each other if they find out anything about her location. Kristina considers getting a job at Charlie's, not realizing that Julian owns the place.

Maxie, stop feeling bad for the murderer.

Freaking A, Obrecht. Why are you not in some distant country, far away from my TV screen? The only purpose you could serve right now is revealing that Jonah wasn't stillborn.

Kiki thought it would be a good idea to take Kristina to Charlie's because...?

Also, Kiki and Kristina are buddies? Maybe they should be roommates.

People who sleep with their daughter's boyfriend on multiple occasions shouldn't throw "whore"s, Ava.

September 7th, 2018

Mike wants to fix any trouble he may have caused by moving the body to Charlie's. Sonny promises that he can handle it on his own, not wanting Mike to get implicated if the truth comes out. Julian gets approved to start his expansion, so Sonny and Julian scheme to force his hand in picking a contractor, then put an inside man on the crew to keep an eye on things. Mike has another idea, and his involves a valve and a wrench. Nina gets a bunch of her things from Madeline's estate, including half a pendant she always loved as a child. Inspired by her childhood love of Annie, she starts to suspect that the pendant is a message that her baby didn't die after all. Madeline's former lawyer tells Curtis and Jordan that Madeline did hide the rest of Nina's pregnancy from Silas and had him arrange an adoption. Though he doesn't have any names to give them, Curtis knows he can follow the money Madeline paid to the private nurse and doctor she hired to take care of Nina. Kristina bullies her way into a job at Julian's, because who doesn't want to work for the ex-stepfather she loathes? Also, she chats with Valerie, rekindling my desire for the two of them to get together. Oscar and Josslyn want to get to know each other better (no, not like that), deciding to do bucket-list-type stuff even without knowing the significance of that right now. Drew confides Oscar's health situation to Sam, who encourages him to spend as much time as he can with Oscar. Jason to Sam: "I'm here for whatever you need." Me: "I'll tell you what she needs. It involves a trip to the bedroom."

It would be funny if Nina tried to hire Curtis to find her daughter.

Kristina wanting to work at Charlie's is reeeeeeally stretching for a reason to put her in danger there.

Yo, Valerie shows up for the first time in months right after Kristina moves back to town. HOOK THEM UP! HOOK THEM UP!

Hey, it's Scout! I can't remember the last time we saw her.

September 10th, 2018

Mike breaks a gas pipe in Charlie's basement, then realizes that Kristina's there and tells her she needs to leave. Kristina doesn't get it and just calls Sonny to tell him Mike's there. Julian realizes there's a gas leak and clears the bar, telling Kristina it looks like someone broke the pipe on purpose. She sees that Mike has a wrench and puts things together. Once everyone is out of the pub, Kristina goes back in to get the wrench, but she trips over a chair and knocks herself out. Sonny and Jason arrives, and Jason goes looking for Kristina while Mike tells Sonny that this is his fault. Maxie doesn't want to outright say that Nina's crazy for thinking her child could be alive, but she also doesn't want Nina to keep believing something that probably isn't true. For some reason, Maxie thinks Valentin is the reason Nina's misinterpreting Madeline's pendant. Michael gets a letter from Nelle, who wants him to know that she forgives him and doesn't want him to blame himself for Jonah's death. She thinks he'll get some peace from spending time with "Wiley." Brad hears about this and tries hard not to freak out. Carly urges Michael to ignore Nelle's letter and tell Pentonville not to let her contact him again. Valentin gets an update from Curtis, who already has Spinelli working on tracing the money that might be tied to the adoption. Sonny beats himself up for not taking more precautions when he committed his first murder for Scully.

The nurse who was supposed to be with Mike is SO fired. He or she didn't even call Sonny to say Mike had wandered off.

Remember when Kristina was the smart one? When she wasn't the kind of person to run into a gas-filled building to cover up a crime?

I'm surprised Julian didn't go in looking for Kristina just to be able to tell Alexis he did.

Maxie, nothing should sound crazy to you anymore. Look where you live. On a scale from 1 to 10, Nina's child being alive is, like, a 4.

We don't have to see Nelle's eventual trial, right? Because they can't really do it without someone playing Nelle.

September 11th, 2018

Jason gets Kristina out of the pub before the gas leak ignites, and manages to pocket the wrench and later stash it in his car. Julian definitely knows that Mike caused the explosion, but he plays innocent with Chase and doesn't mention it to Sonny or Jason. Thinking the explosion was the result of foul play, Chase goes to investigate the basement, and comes across a skull. Kristina tells Alexis that she went back in to get her phone, but Sonny easily figures out what really happened. He thinks he's to blame for Mike's actions, and worries about how to handle things now that they've gotten this bad. Margaux commemorates her father's birthday by drinking wine with Drew and revealing that he was associated with a known mobster. He figures that's why she became a district attorney, and though he admires her commitment to bringing down Sonny, he doesn't think she'll succeed. Franco tells Elizabeth about the Cameron/Aiden dust-up, explaining that he didn't say anything before because he thought he'd handled it fine on his own. Elizabeth says she wants to discuss co-parenting, but her plan is for her and Franco to figure it out as they go, basically. Someone's older sister is very grateful that Jason saved her.

Does Julian actually have compassion for Mike, or is he just waiting to hold this over Sonny's head? Discuss.

"How's my favorite granddaughter?" Sucks to be Avery.

Interesting that Alexis doesn't suspect that Sonny had something to do with the explosion.

Margaux's father was associated with a mobster? Wow, what a shocking development!

Franco and Elizabeth have been engaged for months but are just now discussing co-parenting? Sounds like a solid relationship.

September 12th, 2018

Chase tells Julian and Ava that he found a skeleton in the basement, so of course Julian quickly figures out why Sonny's being trying to get his hands on Charlie's. He keeps quiet with both Ava and Chase, then goes straight to Sonny. On her way home from a medical conference, Robin stops by Anna's to discuss Peter. She announces that she doesn't forgive her mother...because there's nothing to forgive. Anna did what she thought was right, and she didn't have to tell Robin anything. Robin thinks that Anna and Maxie will both eventually work things out with Peter. Mike thinks he's getting worse and is ready to consider moving into a care facility. He blames himself for Kristina's near-death experience, which Sonny says was just a demonstration of how much she loves Mike. While Kim goes to Elizabeth for support, Franco asks Drew for advice on parenting a teenager. Drew's not in the mood to discuss Oscar right now and almost takes it out on Franco. He doesn't give much advice, but he says he took his cues from Elizabeth, since she's so awesome. Franco then sees Elizabeth and Drew hugging after discussing Oscar, and I roll my eyes so hard it's actually audible. Cameron tells Oscar about his kiss with Josslyn, thinking Oscar already knows. The two get in a physical fight, but call a truce before anyone gets too injured, and seem to be okay with each other now. Robert doesn't care much for Chase or Finn, but he does appreciate that Finn's medical treatment of Cassandra allows Robert a possible way to track her down. Chase and Finn have basically done a 180 since they first reunited, and I love it.

Thanks for sticking around for the whole episode and serving absolutely no purpose, Ava! Always a pleasure!

Mike: "That field in...where was it?" Every single viewer: "CROTON."

Cameron and Oscar being on good terms now makes it less likely that my prediction will come true: Cam will eavesdrop on Elizabeth and then tell Oscar he's dying.

Chase is adorable, being so proud of himself for finding the skeleton. I love him.

I'm more invested in Finn and Chase's sibling relationship than I am in half the romantic pairings on this show.

September 13th, 2018

Robin makes Anna and Maxie discuss the Peter situation, since they're awkward with each other. As mothers, they can understand each other's perspectives, and they agree to put Peter aside where they're concerned. Maxie's supportive if Anna wants a relationship with her son, but she herself may not be able to get close to him again. Robin goes to Peter for assurance that her kids won't be in danger because he's planning to pick up where Faison left off. He assures her he's a good guy now and is interested in getting to know her. Robin isn't sure, and she's also not going to get involved in whatever Anna wants from Peter. While Margaux and Jordan try to ID the skeleton, Julian tells Sonny and Jason about its discovery, just in case it's of any interest to them. They pretend it's not. Knowing that Sonny can't fight back because Julian has dirt on Mike, Julian announces that he's no longer going to be selling Corinthos coffee – and also, he hired Kristina. This means Sonny can't make a move, in case Kristina becomes collateral damage. He takes steps to make sure his business will be secure no matter what, then tells Jason that if Margaux ties him to the body, he won't run. Sam wonders if Kristina's working at Charlie's because she knows her parents will hate it and she'll have something to talk about other than Parker. Kristina confides that she's been feeling lost for a while, but tending bar is something she enjoys and is comfortable doing, so it's what she wants right now. Sam tells her and Julian that she won't try to keep Kristina from working there, but Julian better keep things family friendly, because she'll be keeping an eye on the place. Julian's like, "Cool, that means I'll be seeing you around!" Lulu reluctantly accepts the assignment to cover the Ryan anniversary story, wanting to make sure it doesn't get sensationalized, and that all the victims are forewarned. Peter doesn't get the point of that, because Peter never learned what integrity means. Lulu first approaches Ryan, who's been working on perfecting his Kevin impression and is barely able to disguise his joy that someone will be writing about him.

Boring scenes are now required by law to include James in the background, smiling and making entertaining noises.

Yeah, Jason. Julian manipulated Kristina into working for him. Dude, have you met Kristina? She would never let Julian manipulate her into doing anything.

They didn't even bother announcing that there's a new Jordan. Did they think we wouldn't notice?

It makes me giggle that, in order to play Ryan, Jon Lindstrom has to impersonate himself.

September 14th, 2018

Sonny flips back to not wanting Mike to go to a care facility, even as Carly tries to convince him that Mike wants to go. Mike overhears and says he's going to move things forward. Sonny gets really emotional, but the three know this is for the best. Since the skeleton's identity is still unknown, Margaux decides to focus on Charlie. She ties him to Frank Smith, then Frank Smith to Sonny, but Jordan doesn't think Sonny has anything to do with the murder, since the victim died before Sonny came to town. Margaux thinks Mike will have some answers for them about Charlie. Maxie and Peter get stuck in a Metro Court elevator, and Peter has a panic attack that Maxie calmly helps him through. He thinks it's hot in the elevator and takes off his shirt, which earns the two of them some weird looks when Nina sees them exit. Monica throws Drew a birthday party at the Quartermaines', but it's kind of awkward, with Kim and Drew keeping Oscar's condition secret, Oscar trying to keep the details of his fight with Cameron secret, and Kim annoyed that Drew told Sam about Oscar's condition. (Apparently it's okay for her to confide in Elizabeth, but not for Drew to tell anyone.) Valentin bugs Curtis about finding Nina's daughter, as if Curtis can do anything about the time it takes to trace money that changed hands 20+ years ago. He does eventually get some info, though, and he tells Valentin that it looks like Nina's daughter was adopted by a single mother. Hmm, a single mother with a daughter whose father was Silas – I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE. Nina has a jewelry appraiser examine her pendant, and he confirms that it's half of a bigger piece. She thinks she's being followed, so Curtis tackles her stalker, but he's just a bodyguard Valentin hired to protect her from Cassandra. He thinks Nina should move into Wyndemere until Cassandra's found, but Nina's not on board.

"And then Peter takes his shirt off." Okay, writers.

Show, please don't put Peter and Maxie together. Don't do it.

If nothing else, this Oscar storyline is going to make me despise Kim.

I liked the little detail of Drew saying he doesn't like being the center of attention, and Oscar saying the same thing about himself later.

I don't buy that Valentin is just now telling Nina about Cassandra.

September 17th, 2018

Sonny and Carly try to keep Margaux and Jordan from asking Mike anything about the skeleton, but Mike says he has nothing to hide. He lies that he knows nothing about the body and went to Charlie's the night of the explosion because he wanted to look into getting Courtney a job there. Margaux informs him that Courtney's dead, which makes Mike break down. After Sonny and Carly kick the women out, Mike reveals that he was faking an episode. Oscar accidentally lets it slip to Kim and Drew that Cameron was the person he got in a fight with. Cameron has just told Elizabeth he tripped, but Kim busts him. While Elizabeth berates Cam for kissing Josslyn without her consent, Drew tells Kim that part of letting Oscar have a normal life is not getting involved when he gets into fights. Drew wants him to have control over his life, which means telling him that he's sick. Kim protests again, but agrees to tell Oscar after his birthday. Robin confides in Jason that she feels like she has to be strong and stoic about all the Peter stuff. In reality, she's angry that he's not being punished for his crimes, and she can understand if Jason wants revenge. He doesn't want to go after Peter out of respect for Anna and Robin, and he knows getting revenge wouldn't bring back the time he lost. Then talk turns to Sam and Patrick's near-marriage, and how weird they both find their relationship. Franco shows up for an impromptu session with "Kevin," never catching on that he's someone else. He's worried that he'll never be able to have a normal relationship because of his past trauma, and he doesn't like feeling jealous over Elizabeth and Drew's hug. Ryan gives him some actual good advice: Be honest with Elizabeth. Franco is, and Elizabeth tells him that she was comforting Drew because Oscar's sick. Oscar tells Josslyn about his fight with Cameron and admits that he was jealous. She assures him that he doesn't need to be, since she wants to be with him, not Cam. Ryan invites Lucy to dinner.

Maybe Diane should move onto Sonny's property so she's always available when a Corinthos needs a lawyer.

I just remembered that Mike is Spencer's grandfather. Imagine the two of them trying to have a conversation.

"Monica's keeping an eye on Oscar." He's 15!

Kim, if you're going to let Drew be an equal parent to Oscar, you have to give him equal rights and consideration.

Funny that Robin was talking about imagining how things would be if she and Jason had never been together – I think it's more interesting to imagine if they were still together.

Robin and Jason being equally weirded out by Sam and Patrick's relationship is hilarious.

September 18th, 2018

Elizabeth forces Cameron to apologize to Josslyn again for the unwanted kiss, and he voluntarily tacks on a second apology to Oscar. When he returns home, he overhears Franco leaving Drew a message saying he's sorry about Oscar's prognosis. Cam sees that Franco was looking up something about brain tumors on the Internet, and he quickly puts things together. Julian wants to buy Oscar's affections with Hamilton tickets, and Kim doesn't tell him that Oscar might not live long enough to use them...because Kim hasn't told Julian anything about Oscar's condition. Nina asks Anna if she's in danger from Cassandra, and Anna can't give her any assurances. Somehow, they two end up bonding a little over having been separated from their children. Also, somehow, Anna isn't thrilled that Nina and Valentin are splitting up. Curtis meets with a woman named Sasha who denies that she could be Nina's daughter but also seems slightly willing to take a DNA test to find out for sure. Lucy doesn't catch on that anything's off with Ryan, even though he keeps talking about Felicia. Lulu tells Maxie she'll be writing the story about Ryan, and Maxie's surprised to hear that "Kevin" gave his blessing. She suggests that he talk to Felicia in a sort of counseling capacity, and Ryan quickly bans Mac from any conversations. Sam offers Drew her support if he ever wants to talk about Oscar, but Drew thinks that's a bad idea, since spending too much time with her makes him miss their relationship.

Once again, Franco screwed something up.

Very interesting that Kim hasn't told Julian about Oscar's condition. Veeeeeery interesting.

Is Anna trying to get Nina and Valentin back together? Are we sure she's not Alex?

Why is Maxie dressed like a Supreme Court justice?

Drink every time Ryan says Felicia's name. No, wait, I'm already drunk.

"Peter is only allowed to ask about you every three hours. I set a timer on my phone." Why is that so funny to me? Lulu's such a mom.

September 19th, 2018

Ava called Griffin's archdiocese and rats him out for his recent activities, which leads to him being stripped of permission to receive communion and go to confession. Kiki confronts her mother, words are exchanged, and Ava ends up getting slapped. Instead of gloating, Nina warns Ava that if she's not careful, she'll end up like Madeline – dead (or "dead") without making up with her daughter. There are multiple mentions of how Kiki is Ava's daughter, and how Nina has no children, and it's looking more and more like Kiki is Nina's daughter. Carly disapproves of Michael's attempts to get through his grief by ignoring it, and encourages him to lean on his family. The two end up looking after "Wiley" for a little while, and Michael realizes he feels more paternal towards the baby than he expected. Then the baby's pediatrician announces that something odd came up on a test, so I think it's safe to say eventually the truth will come out in a medical fashion. Alexis is worried about Kristina's safety while working for Julian, but he thinks she's more concerned with who Kristina's boss is. He tells Alexis he hired her because he couldn't stand to turn her down when she looked so hopeful. Alexis confides that she's afraid Kristina will do something foolish because she feels so lost. Nina wants to know what happened between Maxie and Peter in the elevator. Maxie downplays the whole thing and says that though she can handle not blaming Peter for what happened to Nathan, she's not sure she can form a friendship with him. Meanwhile, Lulu orders Peter to stay away from Maxie, since her feelings for him are complicated. Peter's like, "That means she has feelings for me, right? Tell me exactly what she said." When Maxie tries to be nice and hang out with them casually, Peter obeys Lulu and flees. Sasha took the DNA test after all, so the wheels are in motion to find out if she's Nina's daughter. Curtis feels uncomfortable keeping this from Nina, but Valentin doesn't want to tell her anything until they have proof, in case she approaches Sasha and scares her off. Lucy sympathizes with Griffin over the aftermath of his affair (Janet from The Good Place voice: "Not an affair") as she shows him some apartments around the city. He ends up in a studio in Kiki's building, where the malfunctioning air conditioning leads to them hanging out in tank tops. So...I guess they're not done with each other.

Me to Nina re: Ava: "Go ahead and gloat. Do it! Do it! Do it!"

I forgot that Nina took Avery right after she was born. If it turns out Ava took Kiki from her, Nina will have gotten revenge without even knowing it.

Does Kiki know that Madeline's dead (allegedly)? We need a scene where Nina tells her. Kiki should know, since Madeline killed her father.

"Something troubling turned up in one of Wiley's tests." Well, of course. Eventually, all paternity mysteries on this show go down that road.

"Maybe I'll call it Jerome's Java. I'm 90 percent kidding." Heh. William DeVry's delivery was great there.

September 20th, 2018

Julian convinces Ava that Kiki's one night with Griffin, which is nowhere near as bad as all the things Ava did to her, isn't worth destroying her relationship with her daughter. Ava goes to Kiki's to make up, but she finds both Kiki and Griffin there and immediately gets angry again. After another big fight between mother and daughter, this time with interjections from Griffin, Ava declares Kiki an enemy and vows to treat her the way she treats anyone who steals from her. Carly tries to keep Lucas and Brad calm as they learn from Monica that "Wiley" could have a heart problem. It turns out he has the same condition Michael and A.J. did when they were born, but Monica thinks it will resolve on its own and won't require surgery. Carly and Lucas think the birth mother submitted incomplete medical records and should be contacted. Brad, of course, protests. Jordan tells Sonny that they've matched the bullet from the skeleton to a gun used in a gangland shooting in Brooklyn. She warns that they're closing in on the killer...but she suspects Mike, not Sonny. Jason tries to find out (without coming right out and asking) if Julian is still a threat to Sonny. Julian promises he's not, since he wants to stay good to win back his kids. He hopes that, just as he left the mob to protect the people he loves, Jason will refrain from dragging Sam back into the mob life. Jason says that Sam can do whatever she wants. Michael gets to spend some time with another baby, this time James, while he talks to Maxie about missing the lives they thought they would have. Mike asks Stella to help him pick a care facility and convince Sonny to let him go.

Julian's calling Ava on her hypocrisy, Carly's being a calming influence...what up, Bizarro Port Charles?

I'm now actively hoping that Kiki is Nina's daughter, because she deserves a better mother than the snake she has now.

I would buy a ticket to Kiki's one-woman Ava and Griffin impersonation show.

So does Jordan really think Mike killed the person who's totally Margaux's father? Or is she pretending she suspects him so Sonny will confess?

September 21st, 2018

Jordan tells Margaux the ID of the skeleton (in case you've been living under a rock, it's Vincent Marino) and shares her theory that Mike killed him. Margaux thinks that makes sense, so they summon Sonny for questioning. Margaux surprises both him and Jordan by announcing that Vincent was her father. Josslyn tries to keep the peace while she, Cameron, and Oscar work together on a community service project. It turns out that Cameron thinks Oscar knows he's sick and hasn't told Josslyn, so he's mad that Oscar's seemingly lying to his girlfriend. This, of course, leads to Cameron blurting out to Oscar that he has cancer. Kim's annoyed that Elizabeth told Franco about Oscar, since more people finding out means the odds are greater that Oscar will find out. Elizabeth encourages her to tell him sooner rather than later, but Kim won't listen. Franco’s more successful in convincing Drew to try to change Kim's mind. Margaux approaches Sam to discuss Kristina, Jason, Sonny, Julian, and Charlie's. She strategically places the Charlie's file where Sam can see it, in case Sam doesn't catch on what this is really about. Sam blows her off, then goes straight to Jason and Sonny to warn them that Margaux is gunning for them. Finn, Chase, and Anna are supposed to meet for dinner, and Gregory makes a surprise appearance, wanting Finn to help him with some mystery illness he's suffering from. Finn tries to decline, citing ethics, but Chase insists, so Finn gives in. Sam is obviously shaken by Oscar's prognosis, and she asks Jason to spend more time with Danny and make peace with Drew. He easily guesses that something's up.

Margaux: "Vincent Marino was my father." The entire audience: "WE KNOW."

Why did Cam assume that Oscar hasn't told Josslyn he's sick? There was no indication that he's hiding it from her.

This shouldn't be about Oscar's quality of life – it's about the fact that he's 15 and deserves to know the truth about his health.

"I'm talking about your ex Jason, not your ex Drew." But her ex Drew is also an ex-Jason, so...

I enjoyed Anna threatening to drag out dinner if Finn didn't stop freaking out.

Chase, playing the "your dead mother would want you to help our father" card! Marry me!

September 24th, 2018

Drew tells Kim that they've passed the point where it's acceptable for them to keep Oscar in the dark about his health. Terry tells them about a medical trial that could either cure him or kill him, and they decide to get the ball rolling on getting him admitted. Oscar denies to Cameron that he's sick, but all the evidence Cameron presents makes him start thinking he is. When he confronts his parents, they come clean, though not about how long they've known and haven't said anything. Sonny plays dumb about Marino, then goes to Mike for details on the day he moved the body to Charlie's. Mike has just had a conversation with Jason about protecting their kids from the mob, so when he says he doesn't remember anything about the gun, I get suspicious. Meanwhile, Margaux finally uses her brain the right way and realizes Sonny, not Mike, probably killed her father. Carly and Franco bicker about Elizabeth and Cameron, whom Carly thinks is acting out because Elizabeth is always bringing guys home and then dumping them. Franco tries to reach out to Cameron later, but it turns out Carly's right, and Cam doesn't think he's around for the long run. He overhears another phone conversation that gives him more proof that Oscar's sick. Jason agrees to Sam's request that he spend more time at the Quartermaines'. Sam then continues her Oscar's Condition Is Making Me See What's Really Important Tour with Curtis, urging him to marry Jordan already. He asks her what's going on with her and Jason, and Sam tells him she won't be discussing that part of her life with him. Josslyn appears to be having doubts about her feelings for Oscar.

This treatment could kill Oscar or prolong his life. Medicine is so weird.

My favorite part of this episode was Oscar asking a bunch of questions, and Terry peacing out before she had to get involved.

$5 says Mike was faking again and just doesn't want to tell Sonny what he did with the gun.

"What did Elizabeth ever do to you?" Franco, no! Don't open that can of worms!

Why do they keep doing Carly/Franco scenes?

Josslyn, don't ask your mother for romantic advice.

September 25th, 2018

Oscar is understandably furious with his parents for their secrecy, though his teenage drama makes it a little over the top. Brad begs Julian to get the birth mother to lie that she just forgot to mention a heart condition in her family. Julian instead advises Brad to do nothing, since any rational parent would want to get to the bottom of the discrepancy. Curtis again tells Valentin that he doesn't feel right not telling Nina about her daughter. He also doesn't like that Valentin is keeping quiet because he wants to arrange a reunion and be a hero. Valentin talks him into waiting until Sasha's DNA tests come back and then revisiting the subject. Jordan tries to make peace with Stella, but all that happens is more yelling, then Stella saying she's not coming to the wedding. Curtis expresses hope that she'll change her mind, but he's not going to ditch Jordan even if she doesn't. Carly and Jason do some recapping, then talk with Michael about the small odds of "Wiley" having the same heart condition Michael did. Charlotte worries that Valentin and Nina's divorce means she'll lose her relationship with Nina.

Thanks for your contribution of just saying, "Calm down" over and over, Drew.

I actually agree with Valentin on this – make sure Nina's daughter is still alive before giving her any details. But I also agree with Curtis about Valentin's intentions, because...come on.

I'd pay good money to never have to watch another Jordan/Stella scene.

Waiting for the plot development where Michael figures out that "Wiley" is Jonah but everyone thinks his grief is making him delusional.

Carly: "I don't go around getting in fights in public." Jason's face: "Excuse me?" Carly: "Much." Ha!

September 26th, 2018

Oscar's MIA overnight, so Kim and Drew enlist Chase to help find him. Oscar runs into Jason and talks to him about death and his distress over his medical news. Jason encourages him to call his parents, knowing they were just scared for him when they made their horrible decisions. Drew does so, and they're all happy to see each other, and somehow Jason is inspired to go see Sam. Sam tries to keep the peace between Kristina and Alexis, who disagree about Kristina's current life choices. Kristina admits that she's sad to be single, so Sam tells her to go out and do something fun. Soon after, Kristina meets Daisy and makes plans for a concert in the park. Julian's worried about Kim, so he tracks her down and tries to get her to talk to him. She resists, and when Julian keeps pressing her, Drew tells him to back off. Brad decides to go with Julian's plan to act like a normal person and try to get more information on the birth parents. Alexis tells him that the birth father was only briefly with the mother (read: probably a one-night stand), so it's possible that "Wiley"'s heart condition came from him. Brad then worries that the birth father could have claim to the baby, but Alexis doubts that'll be an issue. Cameron starts to tell Josslyn about Oscar's condition, then backtracks and just hints at the possibility that he's keeping something from her. Anna and Finn both have strained relationships with family members, but different feelings about them.

Once again, the police fail to check the docks for a missing person.

Fingers crossed that Oscar's plight made Jason decide life is short and he needs to declare his love for Sam (again).

Dealing with Kristina on a daily basis must be exhausting. Daisy, I assume you're her new love interest – could you get on that?

Josslyn: "You're a bad liar." Cameron: "There are worse flaws." Heh. Good line.

September 28th, 2018

The WSB has a lead on Obrecht, and even though she doesn't have any specifics, Anna wants to join the search. Finn tries to invite himself along, but Anna asks him to stay in town and keep an eye on Peter. When Peter hears about Anna's new mission, he expresses worry, even leaving her a message asking her to be safe. Finn asks him how many more times Anna will have to put herself in danger before she proves herself to her son. Lucy thinks "Kevin" is acting weird, yet she doesn't seem to catch on to his increased interest in Felicia. (To be fair, Mac and Felicia don't notice it either.) Maxie wants Kiki to do a spread in Crimson, but Kiki's worried that she'll be seen as someone who shouldn't be taken seriously, after she worked so hard for that. Griffin's like, "You're allowed to be both smart and pretty, you know." Maxie realizes that Lulu told Peter to stay away from her and tells Lulu not to interfere. So...she wants to be friends with him now? I don't know. Griffin confides in Anna that he feels directionless and lost because of the recent developments in his professional and spiritual lives. She tells him that she spent a lot of her life running from things but turned it around when she started running towards things. He just needs to find something to run towards. Lulu tries to talk to Felicia about Ryan, but Felicia doesn't want him portrayed as anything other than a killer. Peter's interested in therapy with "Kevin," which I'll admit has the potential to be really entertaining. Sam and Jason talk about Oscar and not taking their loved ones for granted, and there's no kissing or declarations of love, but I'll take it. Ava will NOT shut UP about her vendetta against Kiki, and how Kiki's rubbing things in her face by hanging out with Griffin in public, and blah blah blah, no one's forcing you to spend time with her, Franco. Chase tells Finn that with their father's illness, he now understands how Finn felt when his mom got sick, and he's glad Finn is there to help.

Ryan, you SUCK at this. If you don't recognize someone's name, FAKE IT.

It's not a question of if Mac will eventually punch Ryan in the face, but when.

Maybe Griffin and Kristina should be friends, since they're both having quarter-life crises or whatever.

I can see it now: Peter and Ryan, murder buddies.

Has any character on this show had more of a victim complex than Ava?

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