General Hospital blog - September, 2020

September 1st, 2020

Neil is really dead, and Alexis is sad, and I hate everyone. Brook is angry with the way Ned treated her and refuses to forgive him or agree to come home after she's out of the hospital. Olivia blasts her for not having more compassion for Ned, because Ned's feelings are definitely what's important here. But then when Ned complains to Olivia that Brook won't let him help her get through her trauma, she tells him to give her some space, so I don't know what's up with her. Also, Olivia's still planning on going to see Dante, so now Ned has something else to deal with. Michael confides in Jason that he and Willow kissed. Jason's like, "Of course you did." He advises Michael to tell Willow what he wants so they can figure things out together. Michael then overhears Willow talking to Wiley about how easy it was to kiss him. They visit Brook together and tell her how grateful they are for her help. Carly has a nightmare about Nelle coming to the house and warning that what she did will come back on her. Jax wonders if Carly secretly hopes Nelle's alive. She tells him she doesn't want to tell Sonny what really happened to Nelle while he's dealing with Mike's situation. She knows he'll be upset that she kept it from him, but it's the best decision right now. Jax's jewelry expert finds out who made the chain of Nina's necklace, so if the other half of the heart is on a matching necklace, they could track it down that way. Nina appreciates the ray of hope this presents, but it also makes her realize how many steps could be involved in following this to the end. However, she's fully willing to put in the work. Mike wants to go to the racetrack, so Sonny and Felix arrange a field trip.

I have no words for the writers' decision to kill off Neil. Unbelievable.

Also, put Alexis with Robert or keep her single forever. If you even consider putting her back with Julian, I will set fire to whatever it was I forgot to set fire to after we found out Maxie was pregnant.

Ned, you can't have a huge fight with Brook and then expect her to suddenly stop being mad just because you stopped. Michael is your way in, here. Get him to talk to her.

I usually like Olivia's clothes, but who decided she should wear a cleavage-baring dress to visit someone in the hospital?

Jason must have been confused that Michael wanted Sonny's advice instead of his. Jason's supposed to be the Corinthos family's designated advice-giver.

September 2nd, 2020

Michael asks Willow to adopt Wiley, though the process might take a while, since Nelle's location is unknown. Willow happily accepts, making sure Michael's not just trying to make up for their kiss. Chase tells Sasha that he wants to be completely honest with Willow about their scheme. Sasha tells him it's pointless since they can't go back and undo what they did. He obviously wants Willow to choose him over Michael, but Sasha knows she loves Wiley more than Chase, so she'll stay where she is. Chase plans to have the conversation with Willow anyway, but before he can, he overhears Michael and Willow talking about their kiss and how neither regrets it. He resigns himself to having to live with his actions. Ned tries to talk Olivia out of going to Switzerland, since he thinks Dante will just reject her again. Plus, he insists that she's the only person who can get through to Brook and make her want to soften toward Ned. Olivia accuses him of asking her to choose his child over hers. She reminds him that he kicked Brook out, while Olivia will never abandon her kids. Brook gets visits from a bunch of people who don't even like her but appreciate her heroics. First Lulu checks in on her, offering to be there if Brook ever wants to discuss her attack, since Lulu's been there. Then Sasha visits and for some reason tries to change Brook's opinion about Chase. (Brook, basically: "If he's so great, why don't you date him?") Finally, Chase comes by to praise Brook for her part in Wiley's rescue. Anna and Robert have the same freaking fight about Peter that they've been having forever, and I can't imagine that anyone in the audience is still listening to them. He tells her it's time to stop lying to herself and face the truth about Peter. Then something possibly interesting happens: Alex calls Anna. Mike has a great day at the racetrack, and Sonny's happy to see him enjoying his last days of life. Maxie and Peter fill some time for us.

Ned doesn't seem to get that he and Brook are in the exact same situation as Olivia and Dante. Olivia trying to see Dante when he doesn't want to talk to her is just like Ned trying to see Brook when she doesn't want to talk to him.

"Why are you saying this all to me as if I wasn't there?" It's called recapping, Olivia. We do it to inform the audience of things they might have missed/remind the audience of stuff that's happened/fill time.

Everyone being all, "Ha ha, you can't talk so you have to listen to me" to Brook is really mean.

Why does Sasha care how Brook feels about Chase? And if Sasha isn't going to get with him, who are the two of them going to be with next? The only point of today's conversations is if they're setting up Brook and Chase to get together.

Interesting that Lulu called Wiley her nephew. He's her cousin through Carly, but he's only her nephew through her ex-husband.

September 3rd, 2020

Spinelli distracts Brando so Jason can place a surveillance camera in the garage in hopes of catching Brando talking to Cyrus. Too bad they don't have access to flashbacks, which would inform them that Brando turned down Cyrus' invitation to work for him, which was partly a distraction so some guy could mess with Jason's motorcycle. Cyrus' main henchman guy repeats Cyrus' offer to Brando, but Brando tells him again that he's happy working at the garage, and also, did the henchman know that Sonny is his cousin? Cyrus sends a couple of other guys over to beat him up, so it's a good thing Jason, Sam, and Spinelli are watching on the surveillance feed. Robert and Olivia bond over having loved ones tell them to be realistic about things. He tells her a little about his history with Holly, and Olivia thinks he's scared to go to her memorial service. She's really just projecting, since she's afraid that she'll go all the way to Switzerland only to have Dante tell her he doesn't want to see her. Robert promises to stick by her side, so she tells him she'll go to Holly's memorial with him. Alex wants Anna to meet her in Berlin and help her find a way to go to the U.S. Finn urges her to ignore Alex, but Anna's worried that she'll meddle in Peter's life and wreck all the work he's done. Cyrus puts in some volunteer time at Turning Woods, because he's such a great guy and all. Sonny makes sure they're sticking to their truce. Also, Brick shows up, for some reason. Cyrus mentions making some changes at the hospital, starting from the top, so Sonny goes over to talk to Monica, only to learn that she and Bobbie have both been fired. Sam confesses to Alexis what she did to get a new parole officer. She feels guilty about it, but Alexis tells her life is too short not to be with the people she loves, so she should just enjoy the end result. Maxie and Peter's baby is great, whatever, who cares?

Does Cyrus' second banana have a name? I'd like to refer to him as something other than a henchman.

Have Brick and Spinelli ever met? What would that be like?

They're not...putting Robert and Olivia together, are they?

The sonogram didn't show horns or a tail – are we sure Peter's the baby's father?

September 4th, 2020

Sam and Jason take Brando to the hospital while Spinelli stays behind to take down the surveillance camera in the garage. Before he can, Peter and Maxie show up needing a mechanic. After Maxie leaves for a meeting, Spinelli lays a bunch of cards out on the table, asking Peter about Drew's death and his ties to Shiloh from years ago. He adds that Nelle told him Shiloh let her in on a bunch of secrets Peter's been keeping. Peter, of course, doesn't give anything up, but when he's alone, he calls Valentin to complain that Nelle is about to blow up his life. Thanks to the camera still being in the garage, Spinelli hears everything. T.J.'s mad that Cyrus fired Monica and Bobbie and confronts him for it. Cyrus reveals that he knows who T.J. is (more accurately, who T.J.'s mother is) and appreciates that he shares Jordan's passion for helping people. Curtis catches the tail end of the conversation and warns Cyrus that approaching T.J. is a good way to make Jordan mad. Cyrus points out that T.J. technically works for him, adding that sooner or later, everyone does. Molly's thrilled with T.J.'s courage and desire for justice, which T.J. is willing to keep pursuing even if it means Cyrus gets him kicked out of his student program. Curtis tries to convince T.J. not to make waves without letting him know just how dangerous it is for him to go up against Cyrus. Anna asks Valentin to go to Berlin with him to bring Alex in from the cold. She figures he owes it to Peter to keep Alex from messing with him, since Valentin is the reason Peter's life was always so bad in the first place. Valentin tells her she's crazy, and in her current head space, Alex will just manipulate her. Amazingly, Anna listens and tells Finn she's not going to Berlin after all. Alexis confides in Finn all of her regrets over not getting together with Neil sooner. He thinks she's being too hard on herself and is trying to make sense out of something that makes no sense. Then things make even less sense for her, as Jordan informs her that Neil died of respiratory failure caused by a drug overdose. Sam still isn't sure that Brando can be trusted, since he and Cyrus could have set up his beating to make it look like they're not working together. Jason has figured out exactly what happened, with Cyrus distracting Brando so someone else could tamper with the motorcycle. Brando tells them the truth about the attack, confirming Jason's suspicions that he had nothing to do with the crash. Curtis feels bad that Trina's still mad at him, so Jordan encourages him to ask Portia to help him smooth things over.

If Nelle ever does turn up alive, Peter will probably kill her, so that'll solve that problem.

Cyrus is a really interesting villain. Since he's been out of prison, he hasn't done much that's overtly villainous. It's like he wants to mess with people psychologically before he destroys their lives.

Anna wanted to work with Valentin? You have GOT to be kidding me.

"He died in my bed, and I take that very personally." I mean, how can you not?

Sam, it's time to let go of Brando as a bad guy. You're embarrassing yourself.

Chef/waiter Curtis was fun. They need to give Donnell Turner more funny stuff.

September 8th, 2020

Dante won't see Olivia, who, amazingly, doesn't find an axe and break down the door to his room. Instead, she tells him through the door that she loves him no matter what, and she knows that her love is stronger than what he's going through. Even after she basically breaks down, she still wants to fulfill her promise to Robert and go to Holly's memorial with him. Kirk praises Dante for wanting to do the work to get better instead of just accepting the WSB's mission for him, which would be an easy path home. Alexis refuses to believe that Neil took opioids and either intentionally or unintentionally killed himself. As Julian (ugh, yes, he's involved in this now) finds a syringe in her bedroom, Jordan accuses Cyrus of killing Neil. Cyrus bugs Lulu and Kevin about Laura, who's still in D.C., for some reason. Cyrus knows a lot about the Spencers and thinks Laura and Lulu are alike because they both left their lives of adventure and settled down. He admires their ability to change their lives so much (since, of course, that's what he wants everyone to think he's doing). Peter asks Valentin to help him keep his past from coming back to haunt him. Valentin advises him to convince Jason that keeping him alive is crucial to Maxie and Anna's happiness. Sam and Jason assure Brando that they believe he had nothing to do with Jason's crash, and Sam even apologizes for not trusting him earlier. She tells him a little about her past as a grifter, which he's surprised to hear about. Spinelli tells Jason about Peter's phone call, but Jason wants more evidence before they go up against him. Sam learns that Cyrus fired Monica and Bobbie and realizes it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't given up Scout and Danny's voting proxies. Julian wants to get his marriage annulled ASAP, though Valentin notes that if he stays married to Nelle, he wouldn't have to testify against her if she ever turns up. Julian thinks that the authorities believe he's helping her stay on the lam, so he needs to cut ties.

Dante's really going to regret not at least saying hi to his mother after she flew halfway around the world to see him.

Are we supposed to believe that Cyrus had someone break into Alexis' house in the middle of the night and kill Neil? That's a big risk for a relatively minor character who has barely any connection to Sonny.

I SAID NO ALEXIS AND JULIAN. I want to speak to a manager.

I don't think Lulu left behind an "old life" so much as she traded stealing husbands and dating mobsters for a family with a cop. That said, people have compared Lulu to Laura for years, and Cyrus' comparisons were the first that have ever actually made sense to me.

If Spinelli can get a hold of Peter's phone records and find out that he was talking to Valentin about Nelle, he might be able to bring him down, too.

September 9th, 2020

Valentin is curious about Julian's interest in connecting with Martin, in case Nelle gave Martin incriminating information against Valentin that Julian could get his hands on. Julian is, indeed, looking for incriminating information, but it's the kind that could get him in trouble, not Valentin. Ava serves as lookout while Julian breaks into Martin's office to get a letter Nelle wrote spelling out how he helped her with her crimes. Technical difficulties prevent Julian from getting Ava's texts warning that Martin and Valentin are approaching, and she ends up having to pull the fire alarm to give him time to escape. Not that it matters, since a) Martin and Valentin immediately guess that someone was searching the office and b) Martin keeps all his super-important documents on him at all time, so Julian never would have found the letter. Cyrus claims to not be familiar with Neil or his opioid use, and it looks like he's telling the truth, since he wants to know where Neil got his drugs. Then again, he also claims to have never kidnapped anyone, so who knows? Jordan blasts him for controlling her, so Cyrus says she's free to do whatever she wants. She calls his bluff by saying that, in that case, they don't need to be in touch anymore. Yeah, that doesn't work. Later, Jordan runs into Portia, who apologizes for bringing up her past to Curtis and makes it clear that she's not going to try to make a move on him. Both of them agree that it would be nice if they could get Curtis and Portia to smooth things over. Sam practically begs Jason to blame her for the ELQ debacle and Monica and Bobbie's firings. Jason tells her he hates that things worked out the way they did, but Valentin is the one who chose not to save the hospital, so the fallout is his fault. Plus, he's confident that the Quartermaines will get ELQ back from Valentin, so basically, Sam needs to chill. Alexis has skipped ahead to the anger step of grieving, and she'd like to be alone. Fortunately, she doesn't drink. Trina wants to put in more hours at the gallery, and though Portia still isn't thrilled with Ava, she recognizes that the work has been helpful to Trina after Taggert's "death." She warns Ava that she'll be keeping an eye on her, which Ava understands, since she knows how important it is to keep one's daughter safe. Josslyn tells Cameron that she knows about his kiss with Trina and is totally fine with it, everything's great, nothing to feel awkward about. Then she suggests that the three of them and Dev go to Homecoming together so there's no romantic pairing off. Bobbie yells at Valentin about his ELQ/GH non-move and threatens to hit him. Brick: "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Then Brick and Carly hang out and talk about nothing.

Valentin/Martin scenes are fun.

I'm disturbed that, like Ava, my instinct also would have been to pull the fire alarm.

This truce is stupid. Just kill Cyrus! Why are Sonny and Jason waiting for Cyrus to make a move? He could kill someone!

Cyrus called someone Walker. Is that his main henchman? Does he finally have a name??

Okay, Sam, instead of the pity party, how about you work with the Quartermaines to get ELQ back.

$5 says the new chief of staff is Britt.

September 10th, 2020

Stella's back in town to visit Mike and help his family through what are definitely, absolutely, no-doubt-about-it his final days alive. Robert's denial about Holly being dead grows when he gets a garbled phone call from someone who sounds like her asking for help. Olivia thinks he's hearing what he wants to hear, but when Robert gets someone to trace the call to Monte Carlo, Olivia announces that she's going with him to check things out. Jax and Nina track down the jeweler who made the two necklaces, and though he doesn't recall Madeline as the person who paid for them, Nina recognizes the customer's name, Phyllis Caufield. Franco and Elizabeth divide and conquer again with Ava and Nikolas (at least I think that's what they were doing), talking about how rocky their marriage is and how their partners don't like their friendships with the Cassadines. Ava questions Elizabeth's support of Franco's art because she's upset about not fulfilling her own dreams of becoming an artist. Nikolas straight out tells Elizabeth that she and her boys would be better off without Franco. She tells him she's forgiven him for his past horribleness, and he promises to never let her down. Each pair appears to kiss, and each gets photographed doing it. Ned tells Sonny that Olivia went to Switzerland in hopes of seeing Dante. Sonny's sorry he couldn't go with her, but he's glad she went. Dev seems kind of amused about the love triangle within his friend group.

They're going to drag out Mike's death for, like, a week, I bet.

I was promised Ethan! Why wasn't he at the memorial?

What's with this show and Monaco?

For the record, everything Olivia said to Robert is exactly what Sabrina said to Patrick when Robin called him, and Robin turned out to be alive, so...

Please, that jeweler would have made thousands of split-heart necklaces. Every girl had one in the '80s and '90s.

The necklace was sold in September 1991, so I guess we should keep an eye out for whoever has a birthday in the next few weeks.

Phyllis has to be a reference to Michelle Stafford's Young and the Restless character, right?

Ned, if Olivia didn't tell Sonny she was going to see Dante, she had to have a good reason (probably Mike), so stay out of it.

Kiki reference – drink!

September 11th, 2020

Josslyn kicks off the goodbyes to Mike by imagining how many of her life milestones he'll miss. Meanwhile, Carly reminds Sonny of how blessed they were to have Mike with them the past couple of years. Elizabeth wonders if Nikolas can continue to stay in his loveless marriage, since she certainly isn't leaving Franco to be with him. Franco suggests that Ava find a side guy so she can let out some of her sexual frustration, but she tells him her post-nup won't let her. He suspects that she has feelings for Nikolas and warns her not to develop any. Later, Franco runs into Nikolas, who tells him he was just with Elizabeth. Franco casually mentions that he was just with Ava. Britt is the new chief of staff, so someone owes me $5. She's eager to do Cyrus' bidding and make the hospital the best it's ever been. This will include replacing Epiphany with a new head nurse, bumping her to an administrative position, and sidelining Elizabeth with reduced shifts. Finn is horrified, and even without knowing much about Britt, Portia isn't too happy either. While Trina questions whether she's really okay with just being friends with Cameron, he debates just letting things stay the way they are and not pursuing either her or Josslyn. Dev thinks he should just pick one and let the other one accept that he doesn't like her like that. Cameron doesn't care what Dev thinks, since he doesn't seem to like anyone.

Since when are Mike and Josslyn super-close? And are we going to do this sort of episode for everyone? Look, I hate to be like this but can he just die already?

"Maybe you should give this to Donna or Avery." Or maybe Sonny's other daughter? What's her name? Seriously, if Kristina makes an appearance before Mike dies, I'll be very surprised.

I'm about 95% sure Franco and Elizabeth are messing with Ava and Nikolas, and that they set them up to be photographed kissing other people. Franco's reaction just wasn't believable when Ava told him about the post-nup.

Michael Easton's face when he heard Britt's voice was perfect. And Portia just walking away instead of talking to her made me like her even more.

That said...frigging Britt. Why, show, why?

Is there anything stopping Elizabeth and Epiphany from quitting? And what if the other nurses went on strike to support them? This whole thing just seems like unnecessary mischief on Cyrus' part.

September 14th, 2020

Robert determines that the call that may have been placed by Holly came from a casino once owned by Cassandra. Olivia invites herself to join him on a potential rescue mission, and really, who among us wouldn't sign up for a spy mission with Robert Scorpio if given the chance? Britt catches up with Julian, who quickly realizes that Nelle's disappearance means nothing when Britt has the same dirt on him that she did. Britt plans to use that dirt to get Julian to do her bidding (and yes, that includes sex stuff). Felix and Kevin are suspicious about Britt's new position, and when Felix overhears her talking about having something on Julian, he's pleased to be a step ahead of her for once. Jason promises Mike that he'll take care of the Corinthoses after Mike is gone. Michael says his goodbyes and even and arranges for Brook to leave GH to visit Mike. Ned yells at Lucy for betraying the Quartermaines, but Sasha defends her, noting that the people who gave up their shares and proxies did more damage. Ned offers to keep Deception afloat in exchange for Lucy's 1%, but she doesn't trust him, since he didn't help her when she was looking for Deception investors in the first place. She's confident that the Quartermaines will get ELQ back like they always do. Sasha offers to help Ned make up with Brook, but Brook sees through this and tells Ned to worry about his bigger problems (like, presumably, the fact that his wife is still out of the country with another man). P.S. It's still unclear if Brook will be able to sing again, but she can talk, so that's one less thing for her to worry about Nina gives Jax a personal history lesson at Ryan's Bar, AKA Delia's place, AKA the bar where Silas and Ava first met. It looks like Phyllis may have been one of the medical caregivers Madeline hired to tend to Nina while she was comatose. Franco thinks he and Britt are on good terms, so he's not too worried when he learns she's the new chief of staff. However, when he tells her she could be nicer to her new employees, she threatens to cut the art-therapy budget. Ava finds her heart for a few minutes and tells Sonny she'll look after Avery while he's dealing with Mike. He offers her use of a cabin he and Carly rented, the same place where Nelle took Wiley. Nikolas, just take out an ad in the Invader declaring your love for Elizabeth already.

Cassandra Pierce: the gift that keeps on giving.

Britt, a serial killer thinks you're being too mean. Fix that.

"Britch just went too far." Felix. Come on. "A Britch too far." It was right there, man!

So we've seen Jason and Brook visit Mike, and still no Kristina. Why is she always left out of Corinthos family stuff?

Also, imagining Jason and Brook's drive back to GH makes me giggle. It must have been silent and awkward. Or Brook asked if Jason's mad because she sold her shares, and he was like, "I can't have this conversation again."

Yeah, like Ava would worry about Nelle showing up at the cabin. Ava could take her one with hand tied behind her back.

September 15th, 2020

Carly dreams about Mike telling her he thinks of her as a daughter and will always be in her heart. She thinks this means the family will be okay once he's gone. Dante learns that Mike is dying and regrets not getting himself together earlier so he could be there for his family. He asks Kirk to find out more information about the mission the WSB wants him to go on. Olivia is excited to play spy for the evening, so Robert has to tell her to keep a low profile. That lasts about five seconds before she strikes up a conversation with the casino's owner, our old buddy Rudge. Robert ends his recon and search for Holly to step in and make sure Olivia's safe. Rudge recognizes him, so Olivia and Robert pretend they're just innocent honeymooners. It turns out that Robert knows exactly who Rudge is but doesn't know if he's connected to Cassandra or Holly. Brook is so over Ned that she won't let him be involved in her medical care anymore. She doesn't even let him know that her singing career is effectively over. Portia tries to play peacemaker, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Ned pressures Chase to find Nelle so she can be punished, as if that isn't Chase's top priority right now. Well, other than extending some friendship to Brook. Nikolas surprises Ava at the cabin, thinking she's brought Franco there to violate the post-nup. She tells him Franco isn't worth 90% of the Cassadine fortune, and she's sure Nikolas will crack and sleep with Elizabeth first. They taunt each other about who can stay celibate longer, and apparently this is sexy for them, so they hit the sack together. Brook deletes a message Olivia left Ned letting her know about her spy mission, so he has no idea why she hasn't been in touch with him.

Show, you could at least MENTION Kristina. Say she's already stopped by to say goodbye to Mike. Throw us a bone. And has anyone called Spencer?

At first I didn't recognize Rudge, and I thought he said his name was Roche, as in Sebastian Roché. In the absence of Jerry, I will accept Rudge.

Brook not being able to sing would have more of an impact if we'd heard her sing at all since...well, when was Adrianna Leon last on the show?

Are they putting Chase and Brook together? No. He deserves better.

September 16th, 2020

Sonny thinks Mike is still holding on because he doesn't think he's been absolved of all the bad things he did in the past. Sonny brings in a priest to give him last rites so he can feel like he's at peace. Jason seems to think it's more likely that Mike is worried about how Sonny will handle his death, so he assures Mike he's there for the family. Sonny remembers the night Mike left him and Adela without saying goodbye and guesses that Mike doesn't want to repeat that mistake. Josslyn has questions about the afterlife and other things that I think she would know more about as the stepdaughter of a Catholic man, but whatever. Michael feels bad that Willow joined the family right before a crisis, but she makes it clear that her duties as a wife extend to all parts of their marriage. Brando says something about butterflies and the afterlife, and I don't know, it could be significant later.

"I wish this was over." Join the club, Michael.

I'm now legitimately mad that Kristina's being completely excluded from this storyline.

When Willow's father's presence or whatever came to her when she was giving birth and told her she'd be okay, I guess he forgot to mention that the baby was going to die. If he had, he would have saved us all a year and a half of trouble.

People aren't actually doing the puzzle at Turning Woods, are they? Talk about germy.

September 17th, 2020

Sonny decides that Mike wants to be alone when he dies so Sonny doesn't have to watch him go. This will also demonstrate that Sonny is really ready to let him go. But Mike isn't alone, as Courtney's ghost or spirit or something arrives to escort him to the afterlife. Also, Brando thinks of butterflies as people's spirits or whatever, but I'm going to pretend the CGI butterfly in the room never existed. Olivia distracts Rudge by playing Blackjack really well (and really loudly) so Robert can try to sneak into the casino's security room. Robert gets stopped by a guard and has to pretend to be drunk and lost. But Olivia has the more interesting encounter when she runs into Ethan. He thinks Holly was murdered and is in Monaco to investigate. When he learns that Robert may have gotten a call from Holly and that she might have been abducted, Ethan punches Robert and gets them both sent to time-out. Olivia tries to distract Rudge again, but she barely slows him down before he can stop Robert and Ethan from freeing themselves. Ned and Diane are worried about Alexis not just because of Neil, but because (checks notes) her wrist hurts. Chase doesn't get why Brook won't accept help from her family, since Ned's trying to make amends. She thinks he only feels bad for her because she was attacked and would otherwise still want her banished. Chase offers to let Brook stay with him until she figures out what her next steps are. Jason praises Carly for being the person to keep the family together while everyone was dealing with Mike's situation. Nikolas, Ava, and Avery spend some family time together, which is kind of weird.

Look, I know I keep harping on this, but...they brought back freaking Courtney, but still haven't shown or even mentioned Kristina or Spencer. COURTNEY. WHO HASN'T BEEN ON THE SHOW IN YEARS.

Whatever happens in the Holly storyline, I'm enjoying the lightness of it (and the extra screentime for Lisa LoCicero).

It's been nice anticipating Nathan Parsons' return, but it also would have been a fun surprise if we hadn't known he would be on.

They've been talking about Alexis' wrist for six weeks, so this better go somewhere interesting.

I really like that Jason acknowledged how great Carly's been throughout Mike's illness. I'm absolutely sure that Sonny wouldn't have gotten through it without her.

September 18th, 2020

Olivia saves Robert and Ethan, which leads to the WSB being able to shut down the casino and arrest Rudge for a bunch of illegal stuff. Rudge tells them that Holly came there weeks ago to investigate the same illegal stuff, and wound up being killed. Robert and Ethan are skeptical until a WSB agent finds a woman's burned body in a shallow grave, along with a ring Robert once gave Holly. In reality, Holly is alive and being held hostage by an unidentified man. Avery sneaks out of the cabin and makes it to the bottom of the cliff Nelle fell from, where she finds Nelle's necklace. Sonny wanted a bike when he was a kid, and Mike never bought him one, so Sonny was upset about it, but it turns out Mike bought him one weeks ago and no one at Turning Woods gave it to Sonny, so now he can be happy, I guess. Brando and T.J. are getting closer as friends, which makes Molly uncomfortable, but she doesn't want to try to drive them apart. T.J. is eager to set Brando up with one of Molly's friends so they can hang out. He also invites Brando to join them in the protest they're arranging against Cyrus. Portia thinks Alexis might have osteoporosis. Nikolas regrets not encouraging a greater relationship between Spencer and Mike, especially since Mike could have told Spencer more about Courtney. Also, Nikolas and Ava are almost like a real couple now, strangely. Michael's worried about how Brook will take care of herself, but Chase reassures him that she has a place to stay – specifically, his place. Willow has trouble hiding her disappointment. Jax and Nina are the filler.

Is Emma Samms aging backwards?

Once Robert is less shocked, I think he'll remember that Robin's body was once allegedly burned beyond recognition as well, and she's alive, so...

You can tell Avery's a Corinthos because she's a flight risk.

I can't remember – does Ava know about the necklaces? If not, I'm not sure who could make a connection between Nina's necklace and Avery's new jewelry.

Heh, T.J. is one of those guys who wants his single friends to find partners so they can double-date, isn't he?

If Brando went from Turning Woods to a nine-inning softball game, it has to be the middle of the night now. It really does seem like no one on this show ever sleeps.

September 21st, 2020

Cyrus is very eager to talk to Laura, who at this rate might never make it back from D.C. Sam and Lulu are uneasy about his interest in their personal lives, and both suspect that he may be connected to Neil's death. Lulu gets Peter to approve her idea of getting a national reporter involved so they can do a big story about Cyrus and see if anyone wants to come forward to speak out against him. Whatever Cyrus knew or didn't know about Neil, a source at the PCPD tells one of his men that Neil overdosed on Cyrus' product. Sonny has to tell Avery that Mike died, so that's fun. Jax confirms that Carly hasn't told Sonny about Nelle's probable death and repeats his hope that they'll keep it between them. He thinks that since the police haven't contacted them since they gave their statements, they haven't turned up anything that might be incriminating. Just a few feet away from them, Avery drops the necklace in front of Sonny. Alexis, Molly, and Portia give us a big PSA about osteoporosis. Dev goes to Brando for fatherly advice about his feelings for Josslyn. Brando encourages him to be himself and show Josslyn how great he is until she decides she wants to date him. Jordan and Curtis are worried about where T.J.'s fight against Cyrus could lead, and Curtis takes it out on Stella. Jason has some sort of plan involving Brando and Cyrus, but it'll involve getting Brando more involved in mob stuff than he wanted to be. Maxie questions whether she and Sam are still friends, since Sam doesn't seem happy about her pregnancy.

It's official: Lulu learned nothing from the Faison/Nathan disaster about writing about dangerous men.

I didn't think of the necklace as being something that could point to Nelle and the cliff, but how many people could ID it as hers?

Carly decided to go out and get a haircut in the middle of a family crisis, huh?

When does Jax think Carly had time to tell Sonny about Nelle? In between the funeral home taking away Mike's body and getting her hair cut?

What a horrible "cliffhanger." Ooh, Jason walked in while Jax and Carly were talking! Now they're in trouble! Whatever, Carly's going to tell him about Nelle sooner or later.

What's up with Sam's high-collared black shirt? Is she going through a goth phase?

September 22nd, 2020

Valentin wants to be friends with Alexis, and despite saying that she has plenty and doesn't want more, she opens up to him about all the bad stuff that's happened to her recently. Sam finds them together and tries to separate them, but Alexis actually likes Valentin's advice to stop moping and live her life. Kirk tells Dante that the mission is being withdrawn from him because he hasn't shown that he's ready for it. Dante gets furious, wondering what he has to do to get back to his family and life. Kirk reveals that this was just a test, and somehow, Dante passed, so he gets to go home and start the mission. Also, Kirk is answering to someone we don't get to see, so along with the person holding Holly, we have two unseen bad guys stirring up trouble right now. Lulu asks Nikolas if he's ready to cut Ava loose. He tells her he's seen a different side of her, and Lulu guesses that he's falling for his wife. Meanwhile, Ava tells Nina about her romp with Nikolas and her kiss with Franco. Nina, like Lulu, thinks there's something developing between the Cassadines. Then both Cassadines get photos of themselves kissing Franco and Elizabeth, with the caption, "I know what you did." Cameron confides to Franco that he likes Trina but doesn't want to pursue her if it might upset Josslyn. Franco thinks he should go for it, so Cameron starts to ask Trina to the homecoming dance, but Josslyn interrupts. Maxie meets Brando and immediately starts digging into his personal life. Molly and T.J. are the filler.

The editing this week is weird. Molly and T.J. had one scene today, about nothing, but are in the scenes for tomorrow. Other scenes for tomorrow pick up scenes from yesterday as if there was no break. It looks like they filmed a bunch of stuff and then jigsawed it together.

Someone please explain to me why Dante thinks he's okay to go back to work when he doesn't think he can be around his family.

Fun with out-of-context quotes: "You actually had sex with your husband?"

I can only assume that Maxie and Brando's scenes were only done to see if they actors have chemistry with each other. (That's a big yes. We can call them Braxie. Or Brandie. Or Maxo.)

Not sure why Molly cares that much if Sonny and Carly come to the ceremony. Unless it's because she knows they'll bring a pricey gift.

I'm going to need to see a lot more of Tajh Bellow's Sonny impression.

Hey, someone finally mentioned Kristina! It was Molly, and it had nothing to do with Mike, but it's something.

September 23rd, 2020

Carly tells Jason that she and Jax are keeping a secret, and no, it's not that they slept together. Jason doesn't push her to spill the details, but he encourages her to tell Sonny everything. Just as she's about to, Jason gets a call from a PCPD contact announcing that Nelle's body was found. Nikolas meets his (unseen) blackmailer, who wants more hush money than Nikolas can provide immediately, so he asks for 24 hours to get it together. Ava tells Nina about the photo, which the photographer wants to use to extort money out of her. Ava isn't sure she has the money to pay up, but she can't risk it getting out and losing her 90% of the Cassadine fortune. Sonny feels bad that he was so hard on Mike for so long, while everyone else adored him. Lulu thinks he was justified, since Mike left him, and says he made up for it by moving Mike into his house and taking care of him so well. Stella gets T.J. to open up about his abduction and how much he's still struggling with the trauma, even though he never lets on. She also nearly gets Molly to admit that she slept with someone else while T.J. was away. Chase is already over having a house guest, but Brook doesn't have any other options for residences, and she refuses to let her family help her. Ned tracks her down and tries yet again to get her to come around, but she's going to continue to be difficult, thank you very much. Sonny isn't suspicious about Avery's necklace, so that was kind of a waste. Scott and honest, do you care?

I have to know what Jason's first guess was about what Jax and Carly were hiding, if it wasn't that they'd hooked up.

So Scott is Nikolas' blackmailer, yes? It makes perfect sense. It makes even more sense if he took the picture because Franco and Elizabeth asked him to. I can't figure out who took the picture of Ava and Franco, though. In the previews, Ava's talking to someone tall in a gray suit. Maybe Valentin?

Ned's mention of Brook's trauma made me realize that she never talks about it. She seems totally fine, despite having been almost murdered just a month ago. Then again, T.J.'s seemed fine since his kidnapping and admitting today that he's not.

"This was supposed to be a temporary arrangement." It's been one night, Chase.

If Jax had stuck around the Corinthos Compound just a few more minutes, he might have seen Avery's necklace and could have sped some things along.

September 24th, 2020

After clarifying with Martin that it wouldn't take much for the infidelity part of the post-nup to be triggered, Nikolas seems to realize that his only option is to pay his blackmailer. Said blackmailer is Scott, and he's also the person trying to get money out of Ava. She's mad that he would risk their friendship and release a photo that would harm his own son, but Scott seems mad enough about Ava's lack of reciprocity in their friendship to blow up multiple people's lives. It's all part of a scheme cooked up by Franco and reluctantly agreed to by Elizabeth. Carly is able to tell Jason and Sonny what happened with Nelle before Chase comes by to tell them her body was found and it looks like she drowned. He asks Carly to give another statement about their last encounter, but the guys chase (...heh) him off. Carly realizes that her two stories have a small discrepancy, but the guys don't think it's important. Sonny seems more annoyed than necessary when he learns that Jax is in on the cover-up. Sasha instinctively wants to comfort Michael when she learns of Mike's death, which makes everyone uncomfortable. Willow guesses that she's still in love with him. Sasha seems genuinely happy that Willow is going to adopt Wiley, and that everything has turned out exactly as she and Chase hoped. Also, she would like some more drugs, please. Brook tells Ned that she deleted a message from Olivia, who's romping around Europe with another man. But she's sure it's completely innocent and Ned has nothing to worry about. Julian asks Martin to help him annul his marriage, but that's obviously a moot point now. Now Julian just has to worry about Nelle's letter implicating him in her crimes. Things at GH have gotten so chaotic that Elizabeth thinks Michael and Willow should take Wiley somewhere else for his next heart surgery.

Franco and Elizabeth are only looking for $250,000? Aim higher, guys.

"So you're punishing me for marrying Nikolas." Seems like marrying Nikolas was a punishment in and of itself.

Who at the PCPD was like, "Someone should tell the Corinthoses and Martin that Nelle is dead, but not her common-law husband or the father of her child"?

Also, I want to know who ID'd Nelle's body and whether that person is trustworthy.

Gee, Sasha, I can't imagine why you can't sleep. It certainly can't be because of the addictive stimulant you keep taking.

Why hasn't Olivia used Robert's phone to call Ned? This is dumb.

September 25th, 2020

Franco's original plan was to get Ava and Nikolas to cough up $25,000 each, but Scott went rogue, and Franco wants to just go with it. Elizabeth is like, "I wanted to get revenge on them for trying to split us up, not commit a crime." Franco tells her they'll delete the photos even if they don't get the money. They confirm that their own marriage is still going strong, so no matter what happens with the Cassadines, they'll end up happy. Valentin takes Alexis to Neil's memorial service, where she meets his brother, who blames her for Neil's death. After all, if she hadn't used her feminine wiles to beguile him into risking his career to be with her, he wouldn't have ended up jobless and alone, and wouldn't have turned to drugs. Valentin tries to stand up for Alexis, but she clearly feels as guilty as Neil's brother wants her to. They head to the Floating Rib, where Ned, a little drunk and a lot frustrated by the combination of Olivia's trip with Robert, Brook's stubbornness, and the loss of ELQ, accuses Valentin of preying on Alexis like he did on Brook. While they boys take it outside for a fistfight, Alexis orders a drink. Robert and Ethan talk about Holly, blah blah blah, he's leaving again as soon as they land in Port Charles. Chase thinks that now that Nelle's dead, Willow and Michael can get divorced and the couples can go back to their original pairings. Sasha tells him he's delusional. Brook doesn't want to admit to Sasha that she can't be the voice of Deception anymore, so she tries to get involved with the actual business part of the business. Cameron has heard Franco and Elizabeth talking about money issues, and he wants to get a job to help out. He and Josslyn talk about Nelle, and how Josslyn feels a little bad about being glad she's dead, but not that bad. They share a close moment before splitting up to get ready for Homecoming, and something tells me they may be more than friends by the end of the dance.

Franco and Elizabeth were only going to ask for $50,000? Yeah, Scott was right to up the price.

Roger Howarth was really funny today, between whining to Elizabeth about wanting more money and turning on the charm to try to get her to agree with him.

I look forward to Sam tracking down Neil's brother and yelling at him for making Alexis cry.

If Chase arrests Ned for assaulting Valentin, will this be the first time he's arrested a father and daughter in the same year?

Why do they keep emphasizing that Nelle's body was on the Pennsylvania side of the river?

Ethan's not even going to stop in and see Lulu? That's sad.

September 28th, 2020

Dante's big mission is – drumroll, please – investigating whether Peter is as innocent as he claims. Also, the person who put him up to it is a totally-not-in-prison Obrecht, who's eager to use Dante to clear her name. Ned gets in one good hit to Valentin's face before Chase tells him to knock it off. Ned then joins Alexis for some drinking and reminiscing, followed by a little flirting and way too much physical closeness (and I don't just mean because of the coronavirus). Julian mugs Martin for Nelle's letter but doesn't get a chance to open it before Cyrus visits, wanting to buy Charlie's. Chase comes by to question Julian about the mugging, so Cyrus lies that they were both at the pub at the time. Now Julian owes a favor to a drug dealer, but even worse, the letter is just a "ha ha, fooled you" note. The real one appears to be on its way to Ryan. Valentin worries that Nelle has an incriminating letter about him, too, and tries to get Martin to pledge loyalty to him. Sonny surprises Jax by thanking him for helping Carly cover up Nelle's death, then announces that he's taking over making all the decisions. Jax doesn't want to get Nina involved, and I'm sure keeping that secret from her won't come back to haunt him. Lulu bugs Robert about bugging Peter, and Robert comments that he can't believe Luke's daughter would befriend a bad guy. He thinks she could be a great reporter, like some he's known, if she would take off her blinders. This gives Lulu an idea about how to get Cyrus' story out to a national audience. Olivia delays going home to Ned but does tell Lulu about her trip to see Dante. Lulu is sympathetic to how hard that must have been for her and offers to be there whenever Olivia needs her. Curtis tries to ask Portia for dirt on Britt, but Portia tells him to stay out of all things Cyrus-related so he doesn't suffer the same fate as Taggert.

I wasn't expecting any details about Dante's assignment this early on. I thought we would have to figure out ourselves who the mission was about. I like where this is going. Fingers crossed that Dante and Spinelli eventually team up to bring down Peter.

Is Dante just going to show up in town like, "Hey, I'm fixed! So what'd I miss?"

If Ned and Alexis sleep together, Nolivia fans are going to go nuclear.

Either Sonny has a bad memory or he didn't look at Nina's necklace, because he probably would have noticed that it looks just like Avery's.

How is Nelle's death not all over the news/social media?

Show, this isn't a great time to have a Black woman tell a Black man to let the police handle something.

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