General Hospital blog - September, 2021

September 1st, 2021

As expected, Josslyn recognizes the sauce and tells Jax it tastes just like Sonny's. Though Jax notes that it must be a coincidence, he finally remembers seeing Sonny in Nixon Falls, and he starts putting things together. Nina and Sonny take it to the bedroom, but before they can get naked, his watch gets caught in her hair. Seeing the inscription makes her realize that sleeping with him would be a really bad move. She tells him nothing is going to proceed with them until he looks into his past and his family. Finn and Elizabeth are juuuuuust about to kiss when an unconscious Scott parachutes into their campsite. (Not one word of that is made up.) Also, Wyatt is there for some reason. They get Scott to the hospital, where he reports that he was on his way to St. Lucia with Obrecht, whose current location is unknown. Finn and Jordan determine that he was probably drugged and pushed out of the plane. Cyrus suggests that Buscema use the wedding as an alibi while making a move against the Corinthos organization. Buscema wonders what's in it for Cyrus, but all Cyrus wants is good, old-fashioned revenge. Carly asks Brando if he might have any ideas which of the Five Families could be susceptible to working with Cyrus. Brando isn't sure, but he offers to ask some questions and see what he can find out. Sasha, whom he's just invited to move in with him, is understandably concerned. Gladys has a few drinks with Novak and tells him how she really feels about Sonny's "widow" and her fiancé. She lets him know that while Carly and Jason were supposedly developing feelings for each other, he was having a fling with someone else. As a thank-you, Novak invites her to the wedding. Britt runs into Carly and Jason and is so mature about it that Carly seems confused, because she's not familiar with the concept of voluntarily being the bigger person. Britt tells Jason she's moving on, and she even goes on a date with another guy, though it's boring and she comes up with an excuse to ditch him. Jason tells Novak that he's heard rumors about Cyrus working with one of the Five Families against the Corinthos organization. Novak promises that he would never team with Cyrus, and Jason can be assured that they're on the same side.

Freaking JAX is going to be the one to put this all together? Sigh. Also, I wouldn't put it past him to pretend he doesn't know anything so he can get back at Carly.

I don't get Nina's logic here.

I assume the writers put the brakes on Sonny and Nina hooking up because of what fans have said in the past about this kind of situation (namely, that it's technically rape).

That awkward moment when your kiss with your new love interest gets interrupted by your late husband's father. Who can't relate to that?

Why does Wyatt keep coming back?

Still waiting for Gladys to just...die. (Unless we keep getting funny, drunk Gladys. She can stay.)

September 2nd, 2021

Obrecht wakes up in some nice accommodations that she's not allowed to leave. She guesses that Peter is behind her abduction, but it's really another supposed-to-be-dead man: Victor. As far as he's letting on, his only motive is wanting to win back her affections. Anna and Jordan look into what happened to Obrecht and Scott's plane, but they just run into more mysteries. For starters, the plane has vanished. Plus, the conference Obrecht was supposed to attend in St. Lucia wasn't real. Britt knows her mom has enemies but she's not sure who would go to this much trouble to kidnap her. Jax tells Alexis about the two biggest mistakes he's made this year (blackmailing Michael and recording Carly), then asks her advice on what might be his next big mistake (getting involved in the Nina/Sonny stuff, though he doesn't give her any details). She tells him to stay out of it, but she doesn't expect that he's really going to do that. Esme plays mediator for Spencer and Nikolas, and surprisingly manages to make some headway. She reminds Spencer that he got what he wanted, since Ava and Nikolas are splitting up, so he should patch things up with his father. Also, if he doesn't, Spencer's stuck living with Laura and Kevin, and she knows he doesn't want that. Nikolas and Spencer make peace, giving the credit to Esme. Trina's upset to learn that Ava's leaving town (apparently with plans not to return, since she's selling Charlie's). Ava uses her mentor role to give Trina one last bit of advice: Try to steal Spencer away from Esme. When Trina mentions to Spencer and Esme that Ava's leaving, Esme comments that she obviously doesn't want Avery to suffer the same fate as her older daughter, only she calls her Lauren instead of Kiki.


Anna and Jordan, let me help you out: The fact that Scott chartered a private plane isn't what's important here.

For once, I disagree with Alexis. This is the sort of situation Jax should definitely get involved in.

Why are we acting like Ava's leaving forever?

Kiki mention – drink!

September 3rd, 2021

Jax asks Ava for information on Nina's new beau, though Ava is hesitant to give any help to the guy who kept the truth about Nelle from her mother. Jax does learn that Nina's new guy is named Mike, and that at some point, Nina had a combative phone call with Carly. Basically, this is all just to stretch out the inevitable, which is that Jax is going back to Nixon Falls. Phyllis practically orders Sonny and Nina to live in the moment, but Nina won't budge on wanting Sonny to find out who he is before he decides he wants to be with her. Even after he confesses that he's falling in love with her, she presses him to get all the facts. Spinelli and Michael arrange a very small bachelor party for Jason, which gets crashed by Joey and some Novak goons. Joey baits Jason by making gross (though accurate) remarks about how he's hooking up with his best friend's wife. Jason ignores him and starts to leave, but Joey crosses the line and winds up getting beaten Spinelli. Fast-forward to all of the Novak contingent on the ground and the police showing up to sort things out. (And by police, I mean Dante.) Olivia surprises Carly with a bachelorette party, complete with a stripper. Carly still feels weird about marrying Jason after all these years of friendship, like, WE GET IT. Let's move on already. Brando has some new side gigs, and Sasha's worried that one of them is mob-related. Carly overhears her sharing her worries with Willow and promises that Brando isn't working for the Corinthos organization. It turns out one of the side gigs is stripping, and in the least surprising turn of events ever, Brando is the stripper at Carly's party. Sasha tells him she's okay with it since it's safer than doing mob stuff. Sam gives Curtis an update on what she and Dante learned from Anna (while Curtis tries to rush her out of the Savoy before Jason's party). He recognizes the name Crichton-Clark and remembers that Phyllis worked there, so he gives her a call. She didn't work there long and probably doesn't know much, but she's recently been in contact with a former co-worker who worked in the records department, so he might provide some help. Dante and Sam hang out some more and are still cute.

"Tomorrow" is September 17th? So we'll only cover two days over the next two weeks? Fantastic. Can't wait.

Jason only has two male friends, and one of them is his nephew. Sad.

Does Nina know that Phyllis is on social media? She's probably posted pictures of Sonny.

Heh, Dante wasn't paying attention to Sam because he was thinking about Brando taking his clothes off. I also can't stop laughing at the fact that Dante had to stop flirting with Sam and go arrest her ex.

That little scene with Olivia, Josslyn, and Willow talking about strip clubs was cute. If you're going to have a low-stakes filler scene, that's how it should be.

September 7th, 2021

Nina has decided that she doesn't want Sonny to look into his past after all, and they should be together. They're using the L word liberally now, even though Nina knows this could all come crashing down at any moment. And that moment is probably right around the corner, because Jax is back in Nixon Falls. Monica surprises Carly by giving her blessing for her marriage to Jason. Monica notes how funny it is that Carly wanted Jason's love so badly 25 years ago, and now she finally has it. Let's just say that Carly isn't as happy as most brides are on their wedding day. Curtis has gotten in touch with Phyllis' former co-worker, and he's agreed to discuss Drew's files from Crichton-Clark. Since they're medical files, Sam and Curtis enlist Portia to tag along so no one has to forge any HIPAA forms. Then Curtis cuts Sam out of the road trip so they don't overwhelm the guy. At the same time, Shawn and Jordan get a tip that Naomi traveled to Port Charles with someone else. Jordan goes looking for that person and ends up at the same house as Portia and Curtis. Esme visits the gallery, supposedly to get some art, but probably because she wants to keep an eye on Ava. (Something to keep in mind because it will undoubtedly come back later: Esme's adopted.) Trina vents about Esme to Josslyn, who agrees that Esme's fake and they shouldn't trust her. When Trina runs into Esme later and hears her talking about Ava, she asks why Esme called Kiki by her first name the other day. She's rightfully suspicious of Esme's connection to Kiki's hospital ID. While waiting to be released from police custody, Jason reminisces about Sonny with Dante, like they're friends or something. Spencer might actually feel bad about breaking up Nikolas and Ava – so bad that he almost tells Nikolas he's the stalker. Esme cautions him not to, since, again, he's getting what he wants, and coming clean to Nikolas will just destroy their relationship again. Ava files a restraining order to keep Nikolas 100 feet away from her. T.J. makes it clear to Jordan how much he loves her and appreciates her as a mother.

Oh, now we're doing the SAME day for two weeks? Sigh.

I just thought about Monica getting Drew back and now I'm really happy for her.

Everyone needs to stop urging Shawn to move on. Let the man solve a mystery!

Now that we know Esme's adopted, I'm, like, 90% sure Ryan is her birth father. (I was already about 85% sure.)

Sam, sign Trina on as your partner in your PI business. She put Esme and the ID together in record time.

Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen to Jordan? The scenes with her and T.J. felt random.

September 8th, 2021

Jax lets Nina twist for a while, saying he'll leave her alone forever if she'll just let him meet "Mike." Nina tries as hard as she can to get rid of him, but it doesn't work, and Jax finally comes face to face with Sonny. He's not amused with everything Nina's been up to and announces that it's time for Sonny to know the truth. Curtis, Jordan, and Portia determine that they're all there to see the same person, Roger. Unfortunately, Roger's dead, and his killer is still in his house. He knocks Jordan out and leaves her in a basement that's filling with gas. While Curtis chases him outside somewhere, Portia gets locked in the basement with a barely conscious Jordan and no way out. She tries to reassure Jordan that Curtis will save them and they'll get home to their kids. Also, Portia has a secret she's been keeping from Trina about her father. Esme takes fake offense at being accused of being Ava's stalker, and to change the subject, she suggests that Trina has a crush on Spencer. Instead of siding with her, Spencer tells her to lay off of Trina, then later wants to check to make sure Trina's okay. Esme notes that they can tell her what's really going on (Esme set fire to Ava's car and left a duplicate ID behind), or they can tell her everything and see if she's still so into Spencer once she learns that he's been spending months breaking up his father and stepmother. She'll do whatever will make Spencer happy. In addition to the restraining order, Ava has gotten rid of the bodyguard Nikolas hired for her and replaced him with two ex-UFOUFC guys. When Nikolas keeps nagging her, she tells them to get rid of him. They misinterpret this instruction and beat him up. Ava feels bad enough to almost let herself fall for his charms, but she gets a hold of herself and tells him she's committing to the divorce. Carly leaves right before wedding prep is supposed to begin, so Jason has Spinelli track her down, like, she's a grown woman and she left on her own. Leave her alone.

Heh, amnesia can't erase 25 years of Jax hating Sonny.

See? I knew something bad was going to happen to Jordan.

Hmm, I wonder what "the truth about [Trina's] father" could mean. Could it mean...that I'm right?

Just to be clear: Ava's okay with murder but not fake attempted murder.

Kiki mention – drink!

I can't believe Jason and Josslyn didn't immediately assume that Carly had gone to Sonny's grave. That was my first guess.

September 9th, 2021

Sonny doesn't seem to care that Jax clearly knows who he is and claims Nina does, too. While Sonny thinks about various conversations with Nina and gets rid of his watch, Nina makes a bunch of excuses to Jax for not being honest with Sonny or Carly or anyone else. Jax makes a bunch of excellent points: Sonny deserves to make an informed decision about who he is, his family deserves to know that he's alive, there's nothing in the world that can justify what Nina's done, and Port Charles is actually safer with Sonny there. He insists that Nina tell Sonny everything, since his wife is about to get married to someone else. Jason finds Carly at the spot where the Floating Rib used to be, reminiscing about how she fell in love with him 25 years ago while hanging out with him at Jake's. She's worried that her returning feelings will continue to grow, he won't feel the same way, and she won't be able to handle being married to him. Jason gives her an out, but he also has returning feelings for her, so why not get married? Then they make out, and it's gross. Brook wants Maxie to get together with Austin, though I honestly don't get her logic, since she should want them to stay far apart from each other. Maxie gives in, for some reason, and agrees to invite him to the wedding. Austin tells Ned that he's observed some behaviors in Leo that he thinks should be discussed with a specialist. He dances around specifics, just saying that those behaviors have to do with communication, but it's a good guess that he's talking about autism. Ned reveals that he's noticed communication issues as well, but Olivia doesn't want to talk about them. Austin convinces him to bring up the subject with her again. Curtis saves Portia and Jordan, but Jordan's in bad shape. So I guess this isn't a good time for me to request more information on Portia's big secret.

Of all the things Nina's done, I'm maddest about her making me side with Jax about something. Oh, plus the emotional manipulation ("don't you want me to be happy?") and how she's playing the victim ("Mike's the only man who's ever been honest with me"). Shut up, Nina.

Find me one person who wants Carly and Jason together.

So we're completely erasing Robin from Jason's history? And after all his brooding over Britt, he's just over her? UGH!

I'm enjoying the dynamic Maxie and Brook are getting to develop. Both of the actresses who play them are so good at comedy.

Brook: "Austin!" Austin: "No, thank you." I don't know why but that cracked me up.

I figured we were going the route of Leo having autism, and I was worried about how they would approach that, but it looks like they're going to do it in a respectful way. None of that "with treatment, we can fix him" crap. Austin made it clear that there's nothing wrong with Leo, and that he just needs to learn different ways to communicate. I also like that Ned listened to him and didn't shoot the messenger. He could have easily blown Austin off and told him to mind his own business.

Why did Curtis take Jordan back to Port Charles? Aren't there hospitals in the Finger Lakes?

I can't believe that guy's house didn't blow up.

September 10th, 2021

While Sonny lets Phyllis know that he told Nina how he feels about her, Jax continues saying things Nina needs to hear. He finally wears her down and she says she'll tell Sonny who he really is, but on her own time, and not while Jax is hanging around. Then Peter returns. Jason and Carly once again commit to getting married (as if we would have gone through all of this only for them to call it off now), hoping to actually celebrate their relationship while putting on a show for the Five Families. Speaking of the Five Families, they're plotting to do something to a Corinthos warehouse during the wedding, pull a coup, and divide up Port Charles amongst themselves. Everyone's worried about Jordan, including people who never even interact with her, like Maxie and Brook. Curtis is especially worried, and if I were Portia, I'd wonder if he was really over her. Since Jordan only has one remaining kidney, her carbon monoxide poisoning is going to be tough to overcome. Today in Dumb Contrivances That Don't Make Any Sense, Jason learns of Jordan's hospitalization and thinks Cyrus might have hurt her. Portia tells him and Carly about the investigation into Roger and Crichton-Clark. Carly tosses out an obligatory reference to Drew before Jason says they have more important things to worry about. Brook and Maxie disagree over Brook's parenting techniques, and Maxie reminds her that she's not really Louise's mother. Brook asks if that means Maxie wants to claim her. Gladys continues to be annoying to Sasha and Brando (and the audience). She's also still palling around with Novak and is too clueless to realize he isn't really interested in her. Maxie invites Austin to the wedding, but he points out that she said she doesn't want to be around him because it makes her think of Louise.


Jax needs to extricate himself from this situation ASAP. He should call someone who won't let Nina back out of this, like Dante.

Morgan mention – drink!

Shouldn't Maxie be doing last-minute wedding stuff?

What was the point of Jason and Carly getting involved in Jordan's situation?

Gladys, never trust a man who calls you "doll."

September 13th, 2021

Thanks to a heads up (probably from Victor), Peter knew Obrecht was also going to St. Lucia and figured out Nina sent him into an ambush. He makes her call Valentin to ask for any leads he might have about Louise, but Valentin can't help. Nina's able to indicate that something's off without Peter getting suspicious. Phyllis arrives while Nina and Peter are talking, and she does get suspicious, enough so that she pulls a gun on him. Peter grabs Nina and threatens to shoot her if Phyllis tries anything. Despite having a two-against-one situation here, Peter ties up the two women and prepares to kill them. Meanwhile, Valentin and Anna decide they should go to Nixon Falls to check on Nina. Jordan's in renal failure, so her doctor sends her to Albany for treatment, and everyone acts like they'll never see her again. She remembers Portia saying something about a secret she's keeping from Trina about her father, but Jordan thinks it has to do with Taggert's undercover work, not anything about paternity. Trina catches Josslyn up on the latest Spencer/Esme news, then tells her that Victor is Spencer. Trina admits to liking Spencer and regretting that she let a boy talk her into keeping a secret from her best friend. Spencer and Nikolas are still far from having a great relationship, but when Valentin tries to make small talk with them, they team up to mean-girl him together. Now Spencer's willing to consider moving home, though he doesn't ask if Esme can come with him. Ava tells Carly that as soon as her divorce is final, she's leaving town for a while, and she doesn't think it's safe to bring Avery with her. Carly is sympathetic (!), and Ava congratulates her on her wedding (!), so when Sonny eventually comes home and gets his memory back, this might be what surprises him the most about what he's missed. Austin doesn't seem that interested in going to the wedding with Maxie, so she tells Brook that, while she's grateful for all Brook's doing to help her, there's a limit to what she'll do in return, and also, maybe Brook should find something to occupy her time other than stress over ELQ. But then Austin accepts the invitation, so who knows where that's going?

Phyllis! Even more awesome than we already knew!

I'm starting to enjoy it when Peter commits new crimes. It just adds time to his prison sentence.

I'm not seeing anything about Briana Nicole Henry leaving the show, so why is everyone acting like they're never going to do another scene with her? Edit: Yep, she's gone. I guess Jordan will never come back from Albany.

Aw, it just took mutual hatred of Valentin to bring Nikolas and Spencer closer together.

Kiki mention – drink!

September 14th, 2021

Nina begs Peter to leave the country and avoid any kind of punishment for all his crimes. Peter isn't about to leave any witnesses, so he decides to set the Tan-O on fire and let Nina and Phyllis burn to death. As a parting gift, he tells Phyllis that Nina has known who Sonny is the whole time she's been in town. Minutes after he starts the fire and leaves, Sonny shows up, so of course he's going to save Nina and Phyllis, who will just go to the police, which means Peter is once again an idiot. Jax tries to convince Sonny that he's been lied to and Nina knows who he is. Sonny doesn't believe him, and he's so focused on his present and future with Nina that he doesn't care that Jax knows who he is. Jax warns that no matter how much he wants to run and hide from his past, he can't escape it forever. While Drew's been working on an escape plan, Chloe is three steps ahead and has already worked one out. They're on their way out of wherever it is they're being kept when an alarm goes off. Chloe is able to make it outside, but Drew gets left behind for another beating. Dante and Sam flirt at a batting cage, like, I'm not complaining but maybe save this stuff until after you've found Drew? Dante mentions that Sam's parole is up, which leads to her wondering if Shiloh might have known anything about Drew's disappearance. Obviously they can't ask him, since he's dead, but his former partner in crime is still alive, so the two pay a visit to Harmony. Josslyn tears Spencer apart for the way he's treated Trina and tells him she doesn't feel sorry for him. Boo hoo, he has a bad relationship with his father, but that doesn't give him an excuse to treat people badly. Esme pretends she hasn't been involved in any of Spencer's schemes, but I'm not sure Josslyn believes her. P.S. Spencer is curious about how Trina feels about him and admits he likes her, but not in front of Esme. Harmony wants to be friends with Alexis (you know, the woman whose daughters she almost got raped) since they're both lonely. Alexis admits that they do have one thing in common: a history of being with horrible men.

I really can't wrap my head around how unbelievably stupid Peter is. If he ends up on trial, I want the judge to tack an extra ten years onto his sentence just for his stupidity.

Chloe is AWESOME. Let's just hope that, if she can't get back in to help Drew, she knows enough about him and where he's from to contact someone he knows for help.

I was dreading a cliché guy-teaches-woman-how-to-swing-a-baseball-bat scene, so I love how they subverted it by having Sam teach Dante instead (and then subverted it again by having him bust her for just making stuff up).

This episode had too much Shiloh talk for my comfort.

Trina might never know just how good a friend Josslyn is.

September 15th, 2021

Sonny and Jax take forever to get Nina and Phyllis out of the Tan-O, but the fire doesn't seem to be moving very quickly, so there isn't a lot of urgency there. Sonny ends up unconscious when a ceiling beam falls, and Jax won't let Nina go back to help him. Carly's happy and hopeful and everything, so there's probably no way things can go wrong with this wedding! Drew has heard some of the guards speaking Greek, so he thinks the Cassadines are somehow involved in his captivity. He tries to bribe a guard, Russell, promising him more money than he's being paid if he'll help Drew escape. Russell won't cooperate, so Drew points out that Chloe's already escaped and will easily be able to get help, so Russell should act now if he doesn't want to go down with the people he's working for. Sam suspects that Harmony might know something about Drew's plane crash, even though she was in prison at the time. Harmony takes offense but doesn't deny that she was involved. Alexis is able to convince Harmony that helping with the investigation will help with her quest for redemption, and Harmony provides the name of one of Shiloh's frequent co-conspirators, Dallas Kirby. Ned discusses Austin's concerns about Leo with Olivia, who insists that there's nothing to worry about, especially not anything Austin thinks might be wrong. Maxie wants to distract Britt from worrying about Obrecht and thinking about Jason and Carly's wedding, so she asks Terry and Elizabeth to invite her to do something. They come up with some work crisis that she can help them with, but I'm not sure what the point of it is. Spinelli and Michael are pro-Jason/Carly, and it's getting old.

If Sonny wakes up with his memories back, I will laugh SO HARD.

Ironically, the writers seem to have forgotten Drew's amnesia.

50% of this Drew stuff is just Cameron Mathison groaning in pain.

"There is an Eisenhower-era cupcake in that vending machine over there and I'll rock paper scissors you for it right now." Hee.

Excuse me, no, I suffered through multiple episodes of Michael and Morgan trying to Parent Trap Sonny and Carly back together, so don't try to sell me this crap that Michael wanted Carly to be with Jason.

September 16th, 2021

A semi-conscious Sonny sees Carly, then ends up in the same place he started this plotline: in the snow with Mike. Mike tells him that while he's found love and a home in Nixon Falls, it's time for him to go back to his real life. He gives Sonny a few memories, but they're bad ones (a manic episode, shooting Dante and Julian, Morgan's headstone), so of course Sonny doesn't want that life. Mike promises that there are good parts, too, and gives him a choice: He can die as "Mike" or live as Sonny. Carly joins him, and Sonny finally sees her face. He chooses life, and when he wakes up in the Tan-O, which is still on fire, he at least remembers his wife. That wife is in the process of marrying someone else, as the wedding is moving forward just as planned, with pretty much everyone in attendance supporting it. So unless someone shows up with a bomb or something, it might actually go all the way through. Jax and Phyllis chastise Nina for her various bad decisions, both the ones about Sonny and for not letting anyone know that Peter was hanging around. Jax tries to call Maxie, but of course she can't answer, since she's at the wedding. The Five Families are on track to carry out their plan, but it looks like Jason and Spinelli also have something in the works. Novak offers to help Brando find a new job to replace his income from Cyrus, but Brando turns him down, which of course disappoints Gladys. Olivia continues to refuse to consider the possibility that Leo isn't as fine as she thinks.

Nina yelled "Mike" so many times, she summoned the real one.

Nixon Falls' firefighters don't seem very competent.

Morgan mention – drink! (His headstone counts.)

I can't decide if Jax is calling Maxie to tell her to stop the wedding or to warn her about Peter. Maybe both.

I also can't decide if Jake and Danny aren't at the wedding because kids weren't invited or because Jason forgot to tell them about it.

I really love Monica's dress.

I assume Sasha being on bed rest means we won't see her again until Sofia Matsson is back from maternity leave.

September 17th, 2021

Since the firefighters can't get into the Tan-O and Sonny's been inside for a really long time with all the flames and smoke, Phyllis decides there's no way he could survive. Of course, she's wrong, and he manages to get himself out. Jax has spent the waiting time trying to contact Maxie (who ignores his call) and convince Nina that now that the truth is out about "Mike"'s identity, her plan to keep him hidden has to end. This becomes especially clear when Sonny reveals to her that he remembers everything. Nina seems to be delusional, though, since she thinks the two of them can still have something. The wedding proceeds as planned, and everyone is happy except Novak and Buscema. In the receiving line, Mrs. Wu whispers something to Jason, who later tells Carly she was just confirming something he already knew. Novak and Buscema have planted a car bomb, and as the bride and groom leave for the reception, it goes off. In case it's important later, Gladys took Novak's pocket square, and he's not happy about it.

Yay, the amnesia part of this storyline is officially over!

I think it's time for Nina to go. She's not going to be able to handle seeing Sonny go back to who he was before, especially if he goes back to Carly.

Ah, I see. They didn't blow up that guy's house last week because they were planning to blow something up this week.

Here's my theory: Mrs. Wu has been feeding information to the Corinthos contingent, and she warned Jason that Novak and Buscema were planning something. Thanks to her intel, Jason had the bomb moved from his car to theirs. If I'm right, Mrs. Wu might be awesome.

Novak and Buscema are idiots. They should have been at the reception with everyone else, clearly visible, when the bomb went off. How else do you establish an alibi?

Is this the first wedding Maxie's planned that's gone all the way through as expected?

If Diane did the probate for Edward's will, why didn't any of them ask her about the Jimmy Lee Holt stuff? Why didn't it come out before now?

They seem to be moving toward a possible Austin/Maxie pairing, but I don't see it. I'd like to see Kirsten Storms' chemistry with Cameron Mathison.

September 20th, 2021

Sonny makes it clear that he doesn't want to be with Nina, and he has no time to listen to her pleas for another chance. As soon as Jax confirms that Sonny's himself again, he sends him back to Port Charles, wisely not wanting to get in the middle of this mess. As I predicted, Novak and Buscema are dead, and Mrs. Wu provided the tip Jason needed to protect his loved ones. The wedding reception goes off without a hitch, even with the possibility that the police might show up to question Jason. The newlyweds head home, awkward because the wedding night usually means sex, and they haven't talked about that. As they're about to start getting romantic, Sonny comes home. Anna and Valentin finally make it to Nixon Falls, and Nina tells them all about Peter's latest crimes. Jax keeps her secret about why Peter was blackmailing her. As Nina calls Maxie to warn her that Peter might be headed her way, Anna finds him waiting for a ride out of town. Chase is annulling his marriage to Willow, but he tells Brook he doesn't regret marrying her, since she helped get him through his near-death experience. Brook admits that she's not that mad about him helping Austin because his instinct to get revenge on Willow and Michael showed that he's human. Speaking of Willow, she catches the bouquet, to probably no one's surprise, and tells Michael that if they ever get married again, it'll be for real. Okay, Olivia, we get it, you don't want to hear anything about Leo that isn't glowing praise and certified confirmation that he's perfect. Let's move on.

Sonny, hurry up and interrupt Carly and Jason, because I don't want to watch this.

In theory, it makes total sense that Sonny would want to go straight home. But when you think about it, it seems weird. This is the kind of situation where you want someone to call your loved ones and let them know ahead of time that you're alive so you don't give them all heart attacks when you walk in.

Also, Jax reaaaaaaaally should have told Sonny what was going on back in Port Charles. Like, "Hey, Carly might not be home, because she's supposed to be getting married right now."

As much as I'd love for Anna to just take Peter out right now and end all this, I don't see it happening in Nixon Falls.

Welp, that's two annulments for Willow. Anyone want to try to break that record?

I'm not at all surprised that Olivia thinks it's okay to lecture Ned about Brook but she won't listen when he has something to say about Leo. Ned should talk to Dante about this and see if Dante can talk Olivia into following up.

September 21st, 2021

Jason and Carly are so shocked to see Sonny that she faints. They quickly catch up, everyone holding back certain details from what's been going on (Sonny doesn't mention Nina; Carly doesn't mention that her "marriage" was about more than just mob stuff). Sonny approves of the marriage plot and the actions Carly and Jason have taken to keep the organization together and protect everyone. Anna demands Drew's location from Peter, who offers information for the right price. He has a hidden gun (good job checking him for weapons, Agent Devane), but she's able to keep the upper hand and put a bullet through his shoulder. Valentin, who's already tied up Peter's getaway driver, makes it two against one, and faced with the options of prison and death, Peter jumps in the river. No one's dumb enough to assume he's dead. Anna and Valentin also get the impression that Peter has an accomplice who's calling the shots. Maxie tells Austin she needs to go to the Quartermaines' and check on Louise, since Peter might take her to get leverage against Valentin. Chase buys this explanation, too, and hurries to help make sure the mansion is secure and Maxie has protection. Brook suggests that Maxie just move into the mansion, but Maxie knows she wouldn't be able to handle living with the baby she's pretending isn't her daughter. Maxie sends Austin to warn Britt that Peter's resurfaced, and he shares the news with a stunned Elizabeth and Finn. To distract themselves from the probability that their actions will come back to haunt them, they talk about their camping trip, which both would like to reschedule, and I don't think just because they want to hang out with their kids together again. Michael and Willow decide to live in the gatehouse together. Britt and Elizabeth are something resembling friendly now.

We've moved to my favorite part of a back-from-the-dead plot: happy reunions.

Ugh, of course Sonny cares more about the business than seeing his kids.

Not looking forward to the inevitable Sonny/Carly/Jason love triangle.

Good thinking on Maxie's part to say she was worried about Louise because Peter might take her to get at Valentin (since I thought months ago that might happen).

Please don't make us sit through ANOTHER plot where the villain might be dead but also might have gotten away.

I would like to know how Brook would pitch to Monica that Maxie should move in.

I liked the little detail of Chase confirming that the cops were from the PCPD and assuring Brook and Maxie that they were legit.

September 22nd, 2021

Carly and Jason try to avoid eye contact with each other while Sonny reunites with Dante, Michael, Kristina, and Josslyn. Nina seems to get that she and "Mike" really aren't going to have a future together, and there's no justifying what she did to keep him from his family. Jax is sympathetic, but I wouldn't be surprised if Phyllis never forgives her. Nina accepts that she can't change what happened, so now she needs to face up to her actions and move forward. Spencer smooths things over with Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron, but there's no smoothing over how Josslyn and Trina feel about Esme. Josslyn all but threatens to put a hit out on Esme if Esme does anything to cross her. Esme tries to make nice with Trina, who's pretty sure she's Spencer's co-conspirator. Ava continues making plans to leave town, handing management of Charlie's over to Kristina until it's sold. She finally gets her divorce papers, but Kristina thinks she's having second thoughts about signing them. She also thinks Nikolas and Ava make each other better. Ultimately, Ava decides not to sign the papers just yet. Chase is leaving the Quartermaines' when Michael and Willow get home, and it's super-awkward. Willow tells Chase that she's sorry that things happened the way they did, but she doesn't regret loving him. He tells her that he wants everyone to move on and not dwell on what's happened. He also feels bad for helping Austin because he didn't have the right motives. Then he invites Brook out for a drink, but it's not clear if it's just as friends or if he's showing he really is ready to move on.

Four things I really liked about this episode:

  1. Dante and Sonny's scenes, which made me say, "Awwww" a lot.
  2. Carly and Kristina both questioning Sonny's outfit.
  3. Dante, Kristina, Josslyn, and Michael teasing each other like typical siblings.
  4. Dante coming over to question Jason, Jason saying he had big news, Dante ignoring him, and Jason letting him talk, then asking, "Are you finished?"

Also, yay, they didn't exclude Kristina! Even though she was the last of the adult Corinthos kids to arrive and even Josslyn got to see Sonny before her! I'll try to overlook that!

Of course Dante has no problem interrupting Carly and Jason on their wedding night.

Shout-out to the person on Twitter who asked if anyone was going to tell the moss that Sonny's home.

Speaking of homes, when Jason said he was going home, where did he plan to go? Doesn't he live there?

I can't decide which conversation which conversation was more awkward, Esme and Josslyn's or Chase and Willow's.

Please let Sonny buy Charlie's and have Phyllis run it.

Chase and Brook, let's gooooooooo!

September 23rd, 2021

Nina blames herself for any danger Louise and James might be in because she kept Peter's presence in Nixon Falls quiet. She tells Maxie about his blackmail and confides that she still loves "Mike." She also really wants to make things up to him. Maxie tells her that "Mike" isn't real, she needs to leave him alone, and she probably can't ever make up for what she did. After Nina leaves, Maxie calls Britt and tells her she knows what happened to Obrecht. Carly and Sonny keep saying they're happy he's home, but their months apart have clearly left some debris that can't be easily cleaned up. Trina wants to expose Ava's stalker(s) before she leaves town, so she tells Cameron she's pretty sure Spencer and Esme are the culprits. Cameron agrees that the stalker's motives sound exactly like what Spencer wants. Nikolas extends an olive branch to Spencer by letting him and Esme move into Wyndemere. Spencer feels guilty for his actions again, so Esme reminds him that he's getting everything he wanted and can't ruin it. Kevin flexes his psychiatrist muscles a little, getting an exact read on Esme (she's a high-maintenance, spoiled attention-seeker) and telling Nikolas to keep father/son boundaries with Spencer instead of trying to be his friend. Anna thinks Valentin will want to go back to Port Charles and be there for Nina while she deals with the aftermath of her horrible decisions. Valentin says he's learned his lesson there and won't try to win her back again (translation: He'd rather hang out with Anna). Anna suspects that Peter was involved in Obrecht's disappearance, and because of the way he responded when she asked where Drew was, she thinks Peter also knows where he is. The pieces start falling into place when she gets a call alerting her that Chloe is in a U.S. embassy hospital in Crete. Jason tells Britt that his marriage isn't valid because Sonny's alive, so basically, the reason they couldn't be together is off the table. Britt makes no indication that she wants to get back together, and is slightly pleased that the person he dumped her for has now dumped him. Ava and Carly fill Sonny in on Ava's stalker(s), and he's furious that Avery's been dragged into the situation. Ava really believes she needs to leave town, possibly for a long time, and she's glad Sonny's back to take care of Avery.

What is this, recap week? Anyone who hasn't watched in the past nine months is all caught up now.

This awkwardness between Sonny and Carly is...not promising.

You know Kevin's a good psychiatrist because he's had, like, two conversations with Esme and has already figured out her entire personality. I'm surprised he didn't ask why she's looked into his background, though.

There's no way they're going to have Anna and Valentin be the ones to find Drew, right? That's dumb.

I find it very hard to feel sorry for Jason. Yeah, he lost both the women he was interested in. Boo hoo. He gave up his family for all this. Maybe he should have to regret stuff for a while.

I was ready for Ava to leave so I could get a break from her, but now I think it's a bad idea. Avery just got her father back, and now her mother's going to leave for who knows how long. Give the kid a break.

September 24th, 2021

Sonny has it out with Nina over how she kept him from his life and needs to stop acting like "Mike" was a real person. Nina is still on her "Carly was mean to me first" kick, which is obviously not going to fly with anyone, least of all Sonny. She swears that she didn't act maliciously, not that that makes any of this okay. Jason is fine not being with Carly, since they can't change how things have unfolded and at least Sonny's back. The two of them agree that if Sonny hadn't returned, they probably would have had a good life together. Carly still doesn't seem as happy as she should be to have her husband back, and she's wondering what they should tell him. Josslyn agrees with Trina and Cameron that Spencer and Esme could easily be Ava's stalkers, and they should find a way to expose them. Having heard the news from Josslyn, Esme tells Spencer and Nikolas that Sonny's alive. While Spencer's thrilled that his uncle isn't dead, Nikolas sees this from a different perspective: Sonny can protect Avery, which means Ava doesn't have to leave town. As he goes to Trina to ask her to help him make that happen, Esme basically tells Spencer that his happiness is a waste of time right now because they still haven't successfully broken up Nikolas and Ava. Maxie tells Britt and Scott that she suspects Peter was behind Obrecht's disappearance. Scott wonders why Peter would toss him out of the plane instead of crashing the plane to kill both him and Obrecht. Britt points out that there's no evidence that the plane crashed, so Obrecht is probably still alive, and will most likely be able to handle herself around Peter. Now the three just need to figure out where Obrecht might be. Victor confirms that he's working with Peter and warned him that Obrecht was luring him to St. Lucia to kill him. He knows about Britt's diagnosis and promises to let Obrecht spend what could be Britt's last healthy months with her if Obrecht will help him with a "research project" (and also consider rekindling whatever it was they used to have). Nikolas is surprised that Spencer is so into Esme since he thought Spencer and Trina were heading toward something before Esme showed up.

Sonny knows he doesn't have to have this conversation with Nina, right? He can just walk away. He doesn't ever have to talk to her again if he doesn't want to.

Nina has no idea how grateful she should be to Sonny right now. So far, he hasn't told anyone that she's the reason he was away for so long. The second Carly finds out, Nina will never know peace again.

I believe Scott is the third person this week to threaten to kill Peter, which just makes me hope for a murder mystery. (Also, it's a little sad that Scott's motive is that he thinks Peter hurt Obrecht, and not the fact that Peter killed Franco.)

Why isn't Obrecht suspicious that Victor knows Britt has the marker for Huntington's?

September 27th, 2021

Nina thinks Sonny should want to be Mike instead of himself, even if he's happy as Sonny. She at least acknowledges that her decisions affected a lot of people, and she's going to face a lot of backlash. Josslyn tells Brook that Sonny's alive, then gets curious when Maxie reveals that she already knew. She convinces Maxie to tell Carly how she found out and why that's so important. Obrecht threatens to kill Victor, but she's soon outnumbered because freaking Peter is suddenly there. Obrecht offers to let Victor kill her if he'll let her kill Peter first. Victor hilariously considers this, then has Obrecht locked up instead. Peter wonders why Victor wants to let her stay alive. Carly's worried that Sonny's mental health isn't stable and he could spiral if he finds out that she and Jason weren't faking their feelings for each other. Jason thinks they'll be okay keeping that to themselves for now, but if Sonny asks any questions, Jason won't lie. He really seems to believe that their feelings for each other will eventually go away and everything will go back to normal. In Greece, Anna and Valentin learn that Chloe was in a car accident and was only able to tell someone her name and nationality. Since Cassadine Island is close by, Valentin thinks there's probably a connection there. As they head to a nearby village to try to dig up information, Chloe's doctor calls Victor to tell him that two WSB agents are in town, asking questions about Chloe. Elizabeth and Finn confide their interest in each other to Terry and Chase, respectively, but they each wonder if the other feels the same way. Plus, they have a ton of reasons why trying a relationship might be a horrible idea. Terry and Chase tell them to give it a shot, and the two agree to go to a hospital trivia night together.

I feel so bad for Phyllis. Her bar burned down, she almost died, and her two closest friends completely ditched her. I hope Jax did something nice for her before leaving Nixon Falls.

Imagine wondering how your husband's mental health is and not just asking him.

A big thumbs down for Anna for not automatically associating Greece with the Cassadines.

So...we can probably expect someone to kill Chloe while Anna and Valentin are away from the hospital, yeah?

Out of all those reasons not to try out being together, Elizabeth and Finn didn't mention Hayden. I guess he's okay dating his ex's sister.

September 28th, 2021

Maxie tells Carly and Josslyn everything, admitting that she still loves Nina even after she's done something so horrible. She figures Carly, of all people, can't pass too much judgment. Nina visits Wiley, most likely suspecting that this will be the last time she's allowed to see him. She praises Michael and Willow's parenting and tells them she's not sure if she’s back in town for good. When Carly shows up for their inevitable confrontation, Nina isn't too surprised. Jason and Sonny talk business, then Sonny's mental health. When Sonny reveals that Nina knew he was alive almost the whole time he was gone, Jason wonders why he isn't angrier. Sonny has a little sympathy for her, but he also thinks he might be holding back on getting too mad. The two agree that he should talk to his psychiatrist. I guess with Chloe gone, Obrecht is Drew's new medical care provider, because she's sent into his cell. She tells him that Peter and Victor are behind his captivity and fills him in on their recent actions. Drew wonders why Victor's working with Peter, who must have something Victor wants. He and Obrecht become unexpected but eager allies as Drew plans another escape attempt. Anna and Valentin get drunk, talk about their feelings for each other, and make out. Also, a guy who works at the bar where they're drinking has the same tattoo as Valentin.

Oh, good, more recapping.

I love Maxie but she shouldn't have told Carly anything. If Sonny hasn't told her yet, he must have a reason. It's their business, not Maxie's. Plus, I can't see her ratting out Nina like that.

Does Victor WANT Drew and Obrecht to escape? Why let her into his cell and risk them giving it a shot, especially after Drew already contributed to Chloe's escape?

Valentin has mentioned not really being a Cassadine two episodes in a row, which is feeding into my (so-far-kinda-flimsy) theory that Victor is his father.

I'm pretty sure that's the first time we've seen Valentin's tattoo since he first came on the show.

September 29th, 2021

Carly and Nina have a huge fight, saying pretty much everything you would expect them to say. Nina tries to make Carly doubt whether Sonny will be satisfied returning to his real life, or if he'll miss what he had as "Mike." The fight ends when Nina mentions Morgan, and Jason has to physically hold Carly back from attacking her. Carly vows to ruin Nina's life the way Nina almost ruined hers. Cameron is reluctant to try to trap Spencer and Esme and prove they're Ava's stalkers, but Trina and Josslyn talk him into moving forward with their plan. Cameron goes to Wyndemere and tells Spencer and Esme that Ava and Nikolas are planning a trip to Bora Bora to celebrate not having to get divorced. Esme comes up with some no-doubt-horrible plan and gets Spencer to agree to let her "take care of" things. As Josslyn follows Esme to the hospital, where she approaches Sonny, Spencer calls Cameron for having ulterior motives for his visit. Cameron says he wants Spencer to repair things with Nikolas; if Cameron and Franco could have something like a father/son relationship, so can this actual father and son. Spencer isn't sure why he keeps fighting for someone who never puts him first, and admits that he might not deserve having Nikolas in his life. Nikolas is disappointed that Ava already knows Sonny's alive and doesn't think his ability to protect Avery changes their situation at all. Scott tries to help them brainstorm ways Ava can stay in town, but Nikolas comes around to Ava's thinking and agrees that she should leave town. He just hopes it's not for a long time and that she doesn't move on with someone else. Sonny catches up with Epiphany, who tells him about the Jason/Britt stuff. Sonny wonders if Jason want to go back to Britt now that he doesn't have any obligation to Carly. Epiphany can see that Britt is uneasy with the whole situation and offers to listen if Britt ever wants to talk.

It's hard to choose a side in Carly vs. Nina because they both came off awful today.

Spinelli should just put one of those friend-locating apps on Carly's phone so Jason doesn't have to call him every time he wants to find Carly. Also, it would have been better (and funnier) if, instead of tracking her to the Quartermaines' through her phone, Ned or Olivia had texted Jason, "Carly's at the house. Please come get her."

Morgan mention – drink!

"Let me decide how far is too far." Esme's going to try to get Sonny to kill Ava, isn't she?

I appreciate Josslyn comparing Esme to Nelle, because the rest of us have already done that.

So to sum up, Scott's suggestions were: 1) pretend to date other people, 2) run away, and 3) kill the stalker. Thanks for your input, Scotty.

September 30th, 2021

Jason manages to convince Carly not to go after Nina, since it would be more satisfying for her to have to suffer the consequences of her actions without Carly looking like a bad guy. Instead, Carly goes to Jax and yells at him for not telling her earlier that Sonny was alive. She accuses him of siding with Nina and conspiring to keep Sonny hidden, the exact opposite of what Nina accused Jax of when he urged her to tell the truth. Jax is understandably fed up by the whole thing, since he's not the villain here. He realizes that Carly doesn't know the full story of Nina and "Mike," and Sonny didn't tell her he fell in love with someone else. Esme repeats Cameron's lie to Sonny, adding a lie of her own so he'll think Ava and Nikolas are running off with Avery. Kevin accidentally alerts Esme to the fact that Josslyn is watching her, and Esme warns Josslyn not to mess with her. Spencer is about to confess to Cameron when Trina arrives. She backs up Cameron's lie about Nikolas and Ava leaving the country, but Spencer gets distracted from that, first when Esme calls to tell him she took care of it, then when Sonny shows up to confront a very confused Nikolas. Ava asks Kevin to keep an eye on Nikolas in case he goes evil again after she leaves town. Ned wonders what comes next for Jason now that Sonny's back, and whether his life can really go back to "normal." He makes it clear that the family still cares about him and he should think more about what his decisions mean for them, especially Monica. Jason appreciates hearing that the Quartermaines still consider him one of them. Shawn fills Alexis in on his Hayden investigation, not that he's really made any progress. When she hears that Crichton-Clark is somehow in the mix, she tells him about Victor and guesses that this whole thing most likely goes back to the Cassadines (as so many things do). Ava says goodbye to Ryan, warning that she's going to figure out whether he's connected to her stalking and make him regret anything he's done.

Yeah, JAX is the problem here. Shut up, Carly.

This Sonny/Nikolas stuff is stupid. Why didn't he call whoever Avery's supposed to be with right now and ask where she is?

"Spence adores that little girl." Has he ever even met Avery?

Ava thinks her absence will make Nikolas go dark again, like she's such a good influence on him?

Looks like Jason's scenes with Ned were originally supposed to be with Monica, which makes a lot more sense, because I doubt Ned cares anything about Jason's life.

Ava's weeks-long departure reminds me of when Kim and Julian were going to move to New York and we heard about it for, like, months.

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