General Hospital blog - September, 2022

September 1st, 2022

Ava wakes up upset with Nikolas, which just makes Jordan suspicious again. Ava tells her that they fought before her stabbing, but claims it was just about Spencer. When she and Nikolas are alone, she's clearly agitated, and he thinks she suspects that he stabbed her. Jordan definitely hasn't let go of that possibility, and it doesn't help that Nikolas is generally very squirrelly and keeps trying to get her to go away. Victor isn't any better, and Jordan doesn't make it any secret that the Cassadines are a huge part of her investigation. She ends up getting a useful piece of information from Trina, who mentions that Ava hasn't been living at Wyndemere recently. Spencer wants to tell Jordan that Nikolas slept with Esme, but Victor shuts him down, believing Nikolas' story that he was with Elizabeth at the time of the attack. He tries again to impress upon Spencer how important it is for the family to have each other's backs. Valentin finally tells Anna that Victor is controlling his access to Charlotte and is working on some plan he hasn't spelled out yet. He also admits to being the French Naval officer. Anna promises to keep everything confidential so they can stay off Victor's radar and figure out how to take him down. Elizabeth admits to Finn that she doesn't remember everything that happened at the picnic and wasn't with Nikolas during the entire time frame when Ava was attacked. She finally accepts that something's wrong, but she can't figure out what her memory of fighting with someone as a teenager means or why it springs up when she's confronted about not facing her problems. Carly discusses the Drew situation with Bobbie, who isn't surprised that they have feelings for each other and thinks Carly should go for it. Carly doesn't want to risk their friendship, and while Bobbie understands that, she urges Carly to do something she wants instead of worrying about other people. She also talks her into going to a seminar Mia told her about (the same seminar Drew considered attending). Meanwhile, Drew talks things over with Curtis, who also encourages Drew to do something for himself instead of others, and move forward from the life he thought he could get back when he came back to town. He seems to think that Carly's decision not to pursue anything isn't set in stone, and Drew might be able to change her mind. Trina's so worried about Ava that she wants to postpone her yay-you-got-acquitted party, but Portia convinces her not to.

LOL at Victor complaining because Jordan's good at her job.

Hey, Valentin, please tell Anna that Victor's targeting Laura. It seems like something she should know.

Ooh, I have an idea: Anna, Valentin, and Laura should team up to fake Laura's death so they can fool Victor.

"Does Drew return your feelings?" "I think so." GIRL. He kissed you twice. How can you pretend not to know for sure?

If I were Drew and I got together with Carly, I wouldn't be able to stop asking myself if she was always comparing me to Jason. I don't believe for a second that she doesn't see Drew as a substitute for him. Maybe she won't accept it consciously, but at least subconsciously, that's part of the attraction.

September 2nd, 2022

Ava tells Nina that Nikolas slept with Esme, but not how that whole situation ended up. Nina promises to keep that quiet, which is going to tick off Sonny, since he catches them talking and wants to know what they discussed. Sonny has one of his guys, Frank, guard Ava's room, and she tells him to take Nikolas' name off her list of approved visitors. Spencer has a dream about Esme taunting him that he's lost everything. She thinks he's scared to tell Trina the truth about his supposed lack of support because he thinks she'll still want to be with Rory instead of him. When Spencer wakes up, he writes Trina a letter telling her everything. Chase tells Linc that now that he's with Brook, he doesn't need any more time to choose which of them he wants to represent them. Linc refuses to let him keep his gig at the Savoy, but Brook and Chase are fine with that. They plan to make Chase so popular that Linc can't help but offer him a huge amount of money to sign with him instead. Terry thinks Willow's doing too much and should take medical leave, even though she's just started working and will later have to take maternity leave. Willow continues refusing to start treatment or tell anyone about her diagnosis, but she does agree to cut back on her hours. Sonny assigns Dex to serve as Ava's bodyguard until Frank can take over, then chastises Dex for being too eager to do more. Michael accuses Sonny of being the reason Ava was attacked, and Dex puts on a good show by acting like he wants to fight him. This just gets him another talking-to from Sonny, though. Sam wants Dante and Rocco to move in ASAP, which is kind of weird considering she wasn't even sure about them moving in at all just a couple days ago. Josslyn looks for a bracelet Avery lost at the hospital, willing to Dumpster dive to find it. Dex tags along because these two are obviously going to end up together, or at least in a love triangle. Cameron wonders how Ava's stabbing has affected Spencer, who really doesn't care what happens to her. Cameron gives him some encouragement and promises to visit while he's at Pentonville.

Shouldn't there be a cop outside Ava's door? I can see Rory volunteering to guard her because he wants to make Trina happy.

Nina, tell Sonny to stuff it. It's none of his business what you talk about with your friends. Don't start a bad precedent by giving him what he wants.

"Officer Six Pack." Thank you for that (and nothing else), Dream Esme.

I noticed that Brook touched her neck while she and Chase were talking about Ava's stabbing. I wonder if that was Amanda Setton's way of indicating that Brook was thinking about her own attack.

If Linc cancels Chase's gig at the Savoy, can't Brook just go to Curtis and say, "Hey, I heard you have a cancellation; I have someone to fill the slot – oh, and it's the same person you already booked"?

Why do I feel like Nina's eventually going to find out about Willow's diagnosis before anyone else does?

If Chad Duell is going to keep missing episodes, can they please get a new substitute Michael? I'm not a fan of this one.

I'll pay Dante $10 to yell, "Get a room!" the next time he sees Brook and Chase making out in public.

I love Josslyn calling Avery "Munchkin" and being willing to jump in a Dumpster to find her bracelet.

September 5th, 2022

Spencer goes to Trina's yay-you-got-acquitted party to give her the letter he wrote, but he changes his mind when she tells him they're not friends anymore and they both need to move on. While she makes plans to go to a PCPD event with Rory in a few weeks, Cameron reassures Spencer that writing the letter was a good idea and he'd like them to smooth things over. Spencer changes his mind again but freezes when he tries to give Trina the letter. As he's leaving, he drops it and she grabs it. Brando confides in T.J. that he's not sure he did the right thing when he talked to Sasha about a guardianship. He thinks he should wait and let her ask for help on her own, as if he hasn't given her months to do that. Meanwhile, Lucy takes Sasha to dinner to tell her in a public place that she should take a step back from Deception until their bad press dies down. Sasha agrees to that but objects when Lucy asks her to give up her financial stake until she's "better." Things get really heated and Sasha blows up at her, then smashes a patron's phone when he films her. By the time Brando arrives, she's in full-on meltdown mode. On the plus side, she finally admits that she needs help. Brook asks Sonny to use his connections to help Chase get gigs. Chase protests, not wanting any favors from a mobster when he hopes to eventually go back to law enforcement, but Nina offers to talk to Curtis on his behalf. Chase blasts Brook for crossing a line, but they only fight for a couple of seconds and she gets why he needs to be careful about who he associates with. Jordan goes to Trina's party, hoping no one will be upset by her presence, and Portia assures her that she doesn't hold a grudge because Jordan arrested Trina. A talk with Taggert about Trina makes Jordan feel bad that he doesn't know she's not his biological daughter, and a talk with T.J. about Stella reminds her that before Stella connected with some long-lost relative on the ancestry website, she was linked to someone else in Port Charles. Dex helps Josslyn find Avery's bracelet, and yeah, they're definitely going to get together at some point. Curtis tries to avoid Sonny when he and Nina come by the Savoy, and Sonny calls him out for it. He thinks it's because he wouldn't look into Marshall's arrest record when Curtis asked. He tells Curtis he's done more for his family than Curtis thinks, but he doesn't clarify that he committed a crime to help keep Trina out of prison.

So are we only going to see Spencer over the next three months when someone goes to visit him? That's going to get old.

I like that both Portia and Rory let Trina deal with Spencer instead of chasing him off.

I see Sofia Mattsson went to the Maura West School of Screaming.

I don't think Jordan should have gone to the party, and not just because her invitation came from T.J. and not someone actually throwing the party.

Thank you, T.J., for bringing up the ancestry website. I was starting to think I was the only one who remembered that.

I noticed that Nina didn't wear the half-heart necklaces today. Interesting timing – she mentioned that the day was significant, and Brook said it's the two-year anniversary of Nelle attacking her, which means it's also the two-year anniversary of Nelle's death.

September 6th, 2022

Willow has a nightmare about Nelle killing Carly and Michael, then taking Wiley away. She goes to Nelle's grave, where Nina has imagined Nelle saying she wishes they'd spent more time together because they could have caused a lot of trouble and gotten some really good revenge on people. Nina claims that's not what she wants, but she also makes excuses for Nelle's actions to both Willow and Carly, as if Nelle made a few small mistakes but could have easily redeemed herself. Carly tells Nina that she and Nelle were a lot alike, and they can't blame their upbringings on the decisions they made. Spencer talks Trina out of reading his letter, since they're not going to be friends anymore and he wants her to be able to fully remove him from her life. He apologizes for screwing things up for her, and they both wish things had turned out differently because they appreciated each other's friendship. Jordan continues the conversation with T.J. about Stella's ancestry search, which he thinks left some loose ends. Jordan pretends she's working on a case where an ancestry website has proven helpful, and she casually asks Trina if she's ever used one (we already know she has). Stella's thrilled to learn about Portia and Curtis' engagement, but when they ask her to officiate and mention that she can take care of paperwork through the mail, she finally remembers that she failed to submit Jordan and Curtis' divorce papers. The two of them realize that they never received confirmation that their divorce went through, but so far they haven't connected the dots. Marshall's annoyed that Sonny's at Trina's party, but Curtis assures him that Sonny isn't going to exert any pressure or try to wriggle into anything he shouldn't at the Savoy. He doesn't mention that Selina's already done that, and has even started talking like they're business partners. Sonny's curious about exactly how deep their business dealings go. Michael needs to chill out and stop worrying about Willow, because if he doesn't, her pregnancy is going to feel a lot longer than it should.

First Esme, now Nelle. Which dead/presumed-dead character will show up in a dream next?

Oh, Nelle had "flaws," Nina? Is that what we're going with? The woman who killed her fiancé and slit Brook's throat just had "flaws"? Shut up. A lot.

The mentions of Frank Benson made me realize that Madeline really sucked at picking adoptive parents for her granddaughters. How is it that of Silas' three daughters, Kiki wound up with the best upbringing, considering Ava was her mother?

Are Jordan and Curtis still married? Is that all that's going on here? That's not exactly a big deal.

Heh, one of the ads during this episode was for

I assume that was William Lipton's real band. They were good, but I've never seen so many guitars in one group.

Wow, dating Michael must be exhausting. Let Willow take a walk alone, dude!

September 7th, 2022

Anna asks Robert to provide her with his old list of contacts so she can find a way to take down Victor. She won't let him get involved or tell him what's going on with Charlotte, but he guesses that Valentin is her motivation, in some way. He cautions that Valentin doesn't seem like the kind of guy who can fully separate himself from his past. Victor flirts with Lucy and presses her to have lunch with him. Lucy resists, but Anna won't ease up on using her to get dirt on him. While Mac tries to find out more about Cody, allegedly in connection with Ava's attack, Felicia tells Maxie what they've both realized but haven't spoken out loud yet: There's a reasonable chance that Mac is Cody's father. Mac isn't sure he wants to go as far as getting a DNA test yet, and he's conflicted by the thought of having a child he didn't know about and whose life he's never been part of. Austin thinks Mason stabbed Ava and is hanging around the hospital so he can finish her off, which will be pretty difficult since Sonny's having her protected. Mason says he's just there to deliver a message to Austin: A significant patient will be coming in next week, and Austin needs to take an interest in their case. Also, he needs to go home. Britt catches them talking and remembers seeing Mason at open-mic night. She also remembers Austin pretending not to know him, so her curiosity is piqued when he reveals that they're cousins. Dante has officially moved into the penthouse, and he and Sam are super-happy, which means they'll either run into an obstacle that causes problems or they'll become really boring. Valentin asks Alexis to use her Invader platform to point the public's attention away from any Cassadines suspected of attacking Ava. Sonny warns Cody that if he's doing anything that could cause harm to Spinelli, he should reconsider. Cody's clearly intimidated and promises to behave. Victor and Sonny have arranged a meeting, for some reason.

"Like Peter bad, or just run-of-the-mill horrible?" Heh. "On a scale from Molly to Helena, how bad is this person?"

Why would Leopold give Cody to the Bells? Why not send him far away so Dominique would never have a chance of encountering him?

That's two mentions of Emma now. I think we'll be seeing her sometime in the near future.

As much as I like the penthouse and appreciate that the show keeps it around, I think Sam and Dante should have moved somewhere else that didn't have history for either of them.

September 9th, 2022

Rory is assigned to get Spencer ready to be taken to Pentonville, and neither is particularly happy about it. Spencer's even less happy when Nikolas shows up, and he threatens to tell the police that Nikolas slept with Esme and had a motive to attack Ava. Victor tries to make peace between them, but it looks like the three-month separation they're about to have is going to be good for everyone. Trina tells Ava that Spencer wrote her a letter, then wouldn't let her read it. Ava reveals that he has feelings for her and only pretended to be Team Esme in an attempt to help Trina. Trina isn't sure what to do with that information, and Ava advises her to pick a boyfriend who's worthy of her and has her best interests at heart. Trina rushes to the PCPD to see Spencer before he goes to Pentonville, but she's too late. Mac is hesitant to find out if Cody's his son, let alone get to know him, since he doesn't know what kind of person Cody is or what kind of relationship they could have. Maxie and Felicia encourage him to consider the possibility that things could work out great. Maxie will probably change her tune, though, because she overhears Cody badmouthing Mac and now thinks he's shady. Sonny's suspicious that Victor had something to do with Ava's attack and warns that if he harms her in any way, he'll have to answer to Sonny. Later, he questions Ava about who might have stabbed her, thinking she's hiding something. Sonny's also curious about whether Victor did something to Esme, so now the Cassadines have that to deal with. Cody's worried that Mac is asking questions about him because he's a suspect in Ava's attack. He considers just leaving town before things can go any further, which makes Britt think he has something to hide. Rory wants to ask Jordan a question about Trina's father, and unlike me, Jordan manages not to ask, "Which one?" Sam and Dante are basically filler.

Happy No One Wants to Talk to Nikolas Day.

I definitely didn't expect Ava to be the one to spill Spencer's secrets to Trina.

Why are we jumping from "Spencer has feelings for Trina" to "Trina has to choose between Spencer and Rory"?

Does Frank really need an earpiece? Who's communicating with him through it, and about what?

I'm surprised Sonny's the only person so far who suspects that Esme was the victim of foul play.

Okay, now I need Chase to yell for Dante to get a room.

September 12th, 2022

Cody still wants money so he can leave town before the police come calling, so he asks Selina to stake him in her next poker game, ensuring her that he'll win and be able to pay her back. She agrees, as long as he either helps or hinders other players at her command. He realizes this will require his presence at multiple games, which will delay his trip out of time. Though he ultimately decides not to leave just yet, he still wants money, so he accepts Selina's terms. Elizabeth wonders if Nikolas gave her an alibi to help her or himself. She calls him out for being suspicious after Ava's attack and objects when he tries to paint her as imagining things. Finn tells Gregory that while Elizabeth is starting to accept that something's wrong, he's still not sure how to help her. Gregory guesses that she repressed memories for a reason, and she'll have to work through that before she can get better. Finn is suspicious of Nikolas, and it doesn't help when he sees Nikolas and Elizabeth together. Elizabeth tells him that Nikolas is being squirrelly and she almost accused him of stabbing Ava. She's decided to tell the police that the alibi he gave her doesn't cover the entire time period during which Ava was attacked. Stella admits to a furious Jordan that she stole her divorce papers and they were never filed. Around the same time, Curtis finds out from his lawyer that the papers weren't filed. Sonny bugs Ava to tell him if Nikolas attacked her, as well as what she knows about what happened to Esme. Ava keeps quiet about Esme but can't confidently say that Nikolas didn't stab her. Sonny vows revenge if he did, as if Ava won't beat him to it. Ned has no objections to Brook and Chase's relationship but he's worried that if they do business together, they'll end up breaking up. Chase takes on the same worries and asks Brook if they should really continue their plan to get revenge on Linc. She promises it won't harm their relationship. Cody asks Dante why Mac seems to have it out for him. Dante assures him that Mac isn't targeting him and doesn't seem to suspect that he attacked Ava, so Cody has nothing to worry about. Also, Dante definitely did something bad when they were teenagers and Cody helped cover it up. Selina worms her way further into Curtis' business, then suggests that he book Chase to perform.

Doesn't Sonny have enough going on in his life to keep him from nosing into Ava's?

Again, what does it matter if Jordan and Curtis are still married? The only reason I can think of that it would be a big deal is if one of them committed a crime and the other could hide behind spousal privilege to keep from testifying against them.

Does Jordan have a crystal ball in her office? You'd think she'd solve more crimes with help from something like that.

Finn and Curtis need to interact more often. I forgot that they were friends.

September 13th, 2022

Ava confides to Portia that she thinks Nikolas might have been her attacker. Her suspicions grow when Elizabeth admits that she doesn't have an alibi for the whole time period when Ava was attacked, which means Nikolas doesn't, either. Finn supports Elizabeth as she considers her options re: telling the police, and it looks like she's leaning toward that so Ava can get answers. Sasha agrees to the guardianship, assured that it'll be reevaluated every month to make sure it's still what's best for her. Sonny gives her some encouragement, telling her that though thinks look bleak right now, she'll get through them. While hanging out with Sasha and Gladys at Charlie's, Brando notices Josslyn going out the back door to return sunglasses Dex left behind. Though she leaves unscathed, someone holding a hook attacks Brando. Jordan takes the blame for the missing divorce papers, not wanting to cause any more trouble between Stella and Curtis. Curtis finds her lie about accidentally forgetting to file them suspicious and wonders if she did it purposely. Carly's hesitant to go to Aruba for the seminar, but Josslyn assures her that she, Sonny, and the girls' nanny have everything covered. Something crystallizes for Carly as she's leaving, and she tries to call Drew to tell him she's decided something. By the time he calls back, she's on the plane, which has to make an emergency landing. Sonny orders Nikolas to stay away from Ava, and Portia backs up Ava's desire to keep him out of her room. Nikolas tries to use a guard of his own to intimidate Frank, but he's no match for Portia and Curtis. After talking to Elizabeth, though, Ava has Nikolas brought back. Jordan casually brings up the ancestry site Stella used, and Stella passes along her results without a clue about how she's helping. Jordan finds out that the match between Stella and Trina disappeared because Trina withdrew her info from the site. Josslyn thanks Dex for helping her find Avery's bracelet and asks him not to tell anyone they were together, which definitely isn't shady at all. Drew and Marshall make peace over Drew's sting operation and end up talking about second chances and the balance between waiting for what you want and moving things along yourself.

So Ava and Portia are friends now?

I'm totally calling the attacker Captain Hook.

I'm not saying Dex is the attacker, but he has connections to both attacks, so...that's not good.

Sasha: "Hurry back." Me: "Yeah, he's dead." There were already rumors that they were going to kill Brando off; this plus Gladys telling him she's proud of him feel like a nail in his coffin.

Jordan should have just said that the papers must have gotten lost in the mail. This is dumb.

I love how people just keep handing Jordan information she needs.

I wonder how Michael would feel about Josslyn becoming friendly with Dex.

September 14th, 2022

Brando gets pretty sliced up, but Kristina arrives on the scene and Captain Hook runs off before doing too much damage. Dante and Jordan have already learned that Ava was stabbed with a hook, and Kristina's eyewitness account of seeing Brando attacked with one may tie the two cases together. Carly's flight gets diverted to Jacksonville, her hometown, and she chats with another passenger about how her life has changed since living there. Then the flight gets canceled, and I think we're supposed to care. Ava asks Nikolas straight out if he was the one who attacked her. He acknowledges that he's not a great person, but he loves her and wouldn't do anything to hurt her (well, physically). She admits that she still wants to be with him, but it's going to take her a while to get past his fling with Esme, if she ever can get past it. Sam, like others, has caught on to Drew and Carly's attraction to each other, and she's fine with them starting a relationship if that's how things turn out. Jordan should probably stop commenting on other people's relationships when her most recent one ended badly. In better ideas, she wants to bounce theories off of Dante about the Trina/Curtis situation. Portia's willing to buy that Jordan might not have filed the divorce papers because she didn't want to split with Curtis. He tries to talk to T.J. about Jordan but doesn't have time.

If we're going with the assumption that Ava and Brando were attacked by the same person, we can cross Nikolas, Spencer, and Elizabeth off the suspect list. My theory is that the attacker is someone who's not on anyone's radar: Esme. I think Josslyn was the real second target, and Captain Hook only went after Brando because he saw them, and because Josslyn had already gotten away. The fact that Brando was the second victim is going to throw everyone off, because there's nothing really tying him to Ava. If Josslyn was the target, Esme makes sense.

No offense to Kristina but she is no good in an emergency.

Why do the Quartermaines even have six big fish hooks?

Why couldn't Carly have done those scenes with an established character?

How dare they not show us the dog.

Hey, Nikolas, just so you know, "if I wanted you dead, I'd kill you with my bare hands" is NOT something one normally says to one's spouse.

I count three Hayden mentions in the past couple of weeks. Let's hope that means something. (I will never give up hope! Never!)

Also, Morgan mention – drink!

September 15th, 2022

While Brando undergoes surgery, Jordan takes Kristina's statement again, but the only significant part is that she only assumed the attacker was a man. When Sasha and Gladys mention that Josslyn and Dex were at Charlie's before the attack, Josslyn gets brought into the mix, but she had no idea that anything had happened. Carly chats with a woman named Mrs. Honeycutt in a hotel bar and quickly learns that she's snobby and judgmental, especially towards sex workers. She's southernly astonished when Carly mentions that the former brothel the city recently tore down belonged to her great-aunt. Carly realizes that Mrs. Honeycutt is Reese's mother, AKA the woman whose husband she slept with when she was 16. She's unable to grasp the concept of statutory rape, and she always despised Carly for having a working mother, secondhand clothes, and a reasonable jealousy of Reese's upper-class life. Carly defends herself and says she's not the person she was back then. Dex is starting to go the Dante route when he was undercover, feeling like Sonny isn't the monster he was led to believe he is. Dex still wants to help take him down, though, since it'll make up for some sort of mistake(s) he's made. Michael tells him to keep his distance from Josslyn, since he doesn't want Dex to have to lie about what they're up to. That's going to be tough, since Sonny asks him to keep an eye on her. Nikolas seems to find it unbelievable that Ava might never trust him again. Josslyn admits to Trina that she didn't go Dumpster diving alone, and she didn't tell Cameron that Dex was there because she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Trina thinks that's shady. Now that Trina knows what Spencer was really up to and how he feels about her, Rory wonders if she'll want to be with him. Trina insists that she still can't trust him, and the feelings she used to have for him are gone, so Rory has nothing to worry about. Willow and Drew are the filler.

Not sure why we needed to hear Kristina give her statement twice, but hey, she got some screentime.

Dang, I thought Sonny was going to put together that Josslyn might have been the real target. I feel like he was getting there.

Wow, Reese. There's a deep cut.

I can't believe we had to watch two episodes in a row of Carly talking to people we don't know or care about.

"Do you feel better now that you know that I didn't try to kill you?" Well, there's still the little problem of her thinking you COULD HAVE BEEN the person who tried to kill her, so...

September 16th, 2022

Brando makes it through surgery and his prognosis is pretty good, but he's still at risk for major complications (not to mention the rumor that they're killing him off). Jordan tells Sonny that so far the only connection between Ava and Brando is him, so if the attacks are related to him, this could be just the beginning. Curtis won't drop the whole thing about the divorce papers, and he's still suspicious that Jordan intentionally "lost" them because she hasn't moved on from him. Portia asks if that makes him want to get back together with her. He assures her it doesn't, since their relationship ended because Jordan wasn't completely honest with him. Portia wonders if they would have stayed together if she had been completely honest with him. Dante's suspicious of Dex, who made appearances at the scenes of both attacks, and doesn't agree with Kristina's assessment that if Sonny trusts him, they can, too. Dante would also like to know if Cody has an alibi for the time of Brando's attack, not because he's a suspect but just, like, because. Cody's annoyed that he could be a suspect in another attack on someone he doesn't know. Selina suddenly doesn't have a problem with Britt being friends with Brad, and she even admires Britt a little for making the smart choice when Selina threatened her with whatever happened in Lisbon in 2016. Britt's worried that Brad is going to be put in a situation he shouldn't be, but he tells her everything's going great working for his aunt. Then he encourages her to go on another date with Cody, which she isn't sure about since he's mentioned possibly leaving town. Brook, Leo, and Cody are basically filler.

They're going to Nathan Brando, aren't they? I'd say his odds of dying are 1 in 3. Soap Opera Digest's cover teases a death and features five potential victims: Carly, Michael, Nina, Brando, and Diane. To me, those first two are absolutely safe. Nina is most likely safe; even if Cynthia Watros wanted to leave, they would recast. That leaves Brando and Diane, and I can't see them killing her off. So...sorry, Brando.

LOL at Dante being like, "Dex is everywhere something bad happens," then only naming two places. I mean, yeah, it's a little sketchy, but come on. Josslyn was also at the picnic and in the alley. Are you going to interrogate her next?

Kristina may not be good in an emergency, but she's very good at defusing a situation before it can get volatile.

Lexi Ainsworth and Evan Hofer played love interests in a short film years ago, so it's nice that they got their own scene together.

For the record, Selina first mentioned Lisbon in April, five months ago. But if nothing else, this show has trained its viewers to be patient, because sometimes you have to wait months, if not years, for a payoff.

"You may have your hooks in him now..." Britt, read the news. Don't say stuff like that right now.

September 19th, 2022

Brando's awake and doing fairly well, but the only thing he can tell Jordan about his attack is that he heard the sound that reminded him of Sasha's bracelets clinking together (maybe the sound of dog tags like Dex's?). Sasha tells him that as hesitant as she was to agree to the guardianship, she knows she can get through it with Brando's help. That's when he has a major decline. Elizabeth tells Kevin about her recovered memory and the time she lost at the picnic. She's worried that if she's only able to remember a little bit of what happened in her past, whatever she's still blocking is bad. Kevin offers to hypnotize her, which allows her to remember seeing the woman she fought with at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Sonny wants to work with Jordan to catch the attacker, thinking they each have information that could be helpful to the other. Jordan isn't too interested, and she asks Sonny to keep quiet about the fact that Ava and Brando were both attacked with a hook. Curtis can't really say that he would still be with Jordan if she'd been honest with him sooner, but he can say that he values honesty in a relationship. Portia decides to tell him what she's been hiding, but she doesn't get the chance. Later, Curtis continues to be unable to drop the whole thing about the divorce papers, and he asks Jordan if losing them was really an accident. Josslyn may or may not suspect that Dex had more to do with the attacks on Ava and Brando than being at the scenes. She's shaken by the fact that she was also there but couldn't do anything to stop the attacks. This has made her a little vigilant, and when she spots a guy watching her and Trina at the pool, she confronts him. Dex steps in, but it's only because the guy is one of Sonny's men, assigned to keep an eye on Josslyn without her knowing. Gregory invites Alexis to some PCU thing about ethics in journalism, so they're finally taking baby steps towards getting together. Finn mentions the hook to them, having overheard Jordan talking about it, and they deduce that Ava and Brando were attacked by the same person.

One of the teasers for tomorrow is "Sonny reminisces about Mike." I predict that Brando will be escorted to the afterlife by Mike and Liam.

I think Dex is a red herring. It feels too obvious for him to be the attacker.

But Jordan, if you keep it quiet that the attacker is using a hook, they won't get a catchy nickname!

I hope Portia wasn't going to try to justify keeping Trina's paternity a secret because she'd rather keep Curtis than tell either of them the truth.

Not to take credit away from Josslyn or anything but her suspicious and observant nature weren't why she thought Norman was watching her. It's because he sucks at being stealthy.

Freaking A, Finn! What part of Jordan telling Sonny not to say anything about the hook made you think it was okay for you to say something about it?

It's fitting that Alexis, who's going to an ethics-in-journalism-related event, now gets to make a decision about the ethics of publishing something about the hook when she's not supposed to.

September 20th, 2022

Brando's dead, everyone's sad, and Captain Hook is officially a murderer. Portia and Finn can't figure out why Brando declined, since his symptoms don't line up with his condition. Elizabeth remembers someone else being at the top of the stairs in her long-ago memory, but then it turns into the time she found Peter after Finn pushed him down the stairs. She tells Finn that she thinks seeing Peter triggered her teenage memory. Something Finn says about climbing a mountain to the summit reminds her of something her father used to say. She goes back to Kevin and tells him that her father may have been the person with her on the stairs, which means he might have pushed the woman. Carly visits Virginia's grave and reflects on how difficult her childhood was. She finally achieved her goals and made it to the highest level of society, but now she's lost most of it. She learns that a beautification committee Mrs. Honeycutt is part of is closing the cemetery, and Carly was never informed because Jason was the person of contact. Carly vows to fight so Virginia's body doesn't have to be moved. Gregory advises Alexis to keep the hook out of the paper and stick to facts rather than stir up emotions. She wants to publish an open letter to Captain Hook and try to get their vanity to trip them up, like the media did with Jack the Ripper. When they learn that Brando died, Gregory urges her to print something about the hook, since the top priority now is finding a killer. I refuse to write any more about the Jordan/Curtis stuff, except to say that he doesn't quite catch on when she asks if he has complete confidence in Portia's honesty.

No Mike? I'm shocked.

It sounds like Captain Hook drugged Brando after finding out that he survived the stabbing. The hospital should really do something about security. They should also focus more on the "care" part of ICU, because Sasha shouldn't have had to go yell for help before someone came in.

They need to write Sasha and Gladys out, too. There's very little reason for them to stay on the show. And I really don't want to have to watch Sasha have another breakdown.

The only way I'm going to care about Jeff possibly pushing someone down the stairs is if we're actually going to see Jeff, and I have no faith in that happening, so...whatever.

Oh, good, more pointless Carly scenes, as part of what looks like a dull Carly plot. I can't wait.

Carly, you still have your family and your "estate." Remember how you made Sonny give you the house?

Why does it matter if the public knows about the hook? It's enough just to tell them that two people have been stabbed. They just need to know to look out for sharp things.

September 21st, 2022

Jordan isn't happy that an unnamed GH source told the Invader that Ava and Brando were both attacked by a hook, and a serial killer might be on the loose. Finn puts on his most innocent face and tries to get her to say that it's not a big deal. A distraction helps him out, but it's not a good one: Brando's death was due to a toxin on the hook. Victor continues flirting with Lucy, who continues trying to act like she's interested and not slightly scared of him. Meanwhile, Anna tells Valentin that she had one of Robert's contacts check out Charlotte's school, and the contact backed out of the job within 24 hours because of Victor-related fear. They decide it's probably time to pull Lucy out. Curtis starts pushing back against Selina, starting by asking for $50,000 for a party she wants to throw at the Savoy. Sonny and Alexis are different levels of upset to see Victor chatting with Kristina, supposedly because he's worried for her safety after she witnessed Brando's attack. She insists that she's fine and refuses to either move in with one of her parents or take leave from Charlie's. Alexis doesn't think her job is worth risking her life, so welcome to the next big Alexis/Kristina conflict: Alexis is disappointed that Kristina isn't living up to her potential. Lucy's annoyed that Brook's been spending so much time working on Chase's pop career instead of Deception. Maxie tries to make peace, since Lucy's mad enough to replace Brook. Brook says she'll do better, then rushes off so Chase can audition to perform at the Savoy. Jordan tells Anna that all her thinking about Trina's paternity has led her to decide to stay out of Portia and Curtis' relationship.

Jordan, maybe don't carry a hook around in public.

"No favor. A courtesy." Heh. A Curtis-y.

Kristina really should be more shaken up by the fact that she witnessed an attack on her cousin, who later died.

Alexis, a woman who was disbarred because she committed perjury after sleeping with her therapist doesn't get to judge anyone else's choices.

September 22nd, 2022

Victor basically kidnaps Lucy on the Haunted Star so he can wine and dine her in private (well, almost in private – Johan's there). He gives her a diamond bracelet, and when she hints that she's not going to reciprocate in any way that would make her unfaithful to Martin, he claims that wasn't his intention. He's looking for an ally because something "earth-shattering" is coming, and he can't count on his family to stand by his side. Anna and Valentin try to find Victor and Lucy, but Maxie doesn't know where they went. Their only clue is a tweet that said something about stars and included an emoji of a jack o'lantern. They translate that as the Haunted Star and manage to get on board, but they'll have to evade Johan if they don't want to die at sea. Jordan totally knows that Finn was the Invader's anonymous source, but he promises to keep the news about the toxin confidential. It's something he would consider a "country" venom, so it wouldn't be easily attainable or widely known. The situation reminds him of when he and Reiko worked with Doctors Without Borders in the Mariana Islands and lost a friend to a snake bite. Elizabeth begs Kevin to hypnotize her again ASAP, since she can't think about anything but recovering her memories. She's still unable to see who's at the top of the stairs (though it looks like it's a man), but she recalls enough about the woman's face to draw her. Unbelievably, she looks just like Reiko. Sonny focuses on his family's safety in the wake of the two attacks, while Nina keeps blathering about Carly, then Carly and Drew. Since Carly left her phone on the plane and has just now gotten a new one, she's been out of the loop about Brando. Drew finds out from Mia that Carly wound up in Florida and tries calling her yet again, but she's too busy fighting with Mrs. H. to answer. She calls Sonny as soon as she can, and when she learns about Brando's death, she decides to go straight home. Sonny orders her to stay in Florida until Captain Hook has been caught and Port Charles is safe again. Maxie feels bad for the way she, Lucy, and Brook considered pushing Sasha out of Deception while she was struggling. She doesn't think she can offer Sasha anything now that she's struggling again, but Nina gets her to realize that she can help by planning Brando's funeral. Mrs. H. continues to be completely hateful while Carly continues to dig in her heels about not wanting to move Virginia from her current burial place.

Nice job with the emoji, Lucy. The ghost would have been a better choice for "haunted," though.

I was skeptical of Esme using a toxin but I'm assuming she's getting guidance/instructions from Ryan. My theory stands.

I doubt anyone could have predicted that Reiko would somehow figure into Elizabeth's storyline.

Carly, just throw a drink in what's-her-name's face and move on. If you won't, I will.

September 23rd, 2022

Despite everyone expressing sympathy for Sasha and wishing they could help, Sonny's the only person who actually shows up for her. He's still mad at Diane for what happened at the visitation hearing, but he trusts her to step in for Martin and get Sasha a continuance until she's in a better place to sort out her guardianship. He also trusts Dex to hang around Brando's garage while Diane gets some of his paperwork, which might turn out to be a mistake, since Captain Hook is lurking and looks to want to make Diane their next victim. Elizabeth's excited for her breakthrough in remembering the face of the woman on the stairs, but when she sees a picture of Reiko, things just get more complicated. Finn mentions their time in Micronesia, in an area called the Mariana Islands, which Elizabeth is familiar with. Instead of telling him that Reiko was the woman in her memory, she rushes home and finds a picture of herself and Sarah in the Mariana Islands in 1997. Anna and Valentin get rid of Johan/create a distraction, then swoop in to try to rescue Lucy. It turns out she doesn't want to be rescued – she thinks it she plays Victor's game long enough, he'll tell her what he's up to. Nikolas asks Alexis for advice on winning Ava back. Without knowing (or wanting to know) what Nikolas did to damage their marriage, Alexis suggests that he do something to make up for the honor Ava would sacrifice in taking him back. He's unaware that Ava is currently talking to Nina about how she wants to move back to Wyndemere when she's out of the hospital and possibly reconcile with Nikolas. Alexis doesn't seem to regret publishing something about the hook, and Gregory thinks she did the right thing.

If Diane dies, I will light something on fire. A lot of things. All of the things. Also, not fair messing with us, show! When Brando died, we assumed Diane was free and clear. Wrong!

Another reason to think Dex is a red herring: Why would he attack Diane when Sonny and Sasha knew he was going to stay back with her? He would automatically be the first suspect. I think he's smarter than that.

Morgan mention – drink!

Sasha's doing surprisingly well. I anticipate a gigantic breakdown in the next couple of weeks.

LOL at James Patrick Stuart's "well, I didn't see that coming" face.

I don't think Lucy should keep wearing that bracelet. It probably has a tracking chip or mind-control device in it or something.

I can only assume that Ava's about to become really, really rich.

September 26th, 2022

Alexis and Gregory find an injured Diane at Brando's garage, where Dex has already called 911 and is trying to help her. The same toxin that killed Brando is involved again, but fortunately, Finn already has access to the antidote. Nikolas gives Ava a statement "confessing" that he killed Esme, in case she ever wants to use it against him. She wants more, so she gets him to record himself reading the statement. Also, she's totally going to take him back. Anna and Valentin are mostly boring (aside from a conversation in which they confirm that they would kill each other if it was required to save their daughters), then have sex. Mac and Cody find themselves in each other's orbits, and Cody's not happy about it. Robert just thinks he's hiding something about the attacks. Felicia makes up an excuse to talk to Cody, who asks her if her husband is going to try to frame him for the attacks. She tells him that if he wants to know more about Mac's relationship with Dominique, he should ask Mac. All this happens while Cody and Britt are on their second official date, but I'm still unclear on what he sees in her. Dex has now made an appearance at the scenes of all three attacks, so he probably isn't surprised when Mac takes him in for questioning. Terry and Yuri update: He sent her flowers at work.

Will we get to see Max??

I don't get the sense that they're going to kill Diane off. I have a sixth sense for when actors are leaving shows, based on how they interact with their co-stars in their final scenes together. I didn't see any hint from Diane's scenes with Sonny on Friday that they'd be her last. I think she's just a low-stakes victim they chose because they can only use so many regular characters for this. There are too many people the audience knows they won't kill off; might as well tease us with someone who's expendable.

Yeah, Nikolas, the destruction of your life is allllllll Esme's fault. None of it was due to your own horrible decisions.

I can't wait until that "confession" gets either read or heard by the wrong person.

Speaking of Claudette...well, I want to know what happened to Claudette.

Can Cody really not put 2 and 2 together here? Felicia all but confirmed that Mac and Dominique's relationship went beyond friendship, and she told Cody to talk to Mac if he wants to know more. Wouldn't he jump immediately to, "This guy might be my biological father?" 'Cause I would.

September 27th, 2022

Dante questions Dex, who refuses to talk without a lawyer present, then insists that he didn't witness anything at the garage but also didn't stab Diane. He calls Sonny, who throws enough weight around to get Dante and Jordan to let him go but isn't 100 percent sure Dex is innocent. Drew tracks Carly down in Jacksonville and makes a surprise visit. He offers his (and Aurora's) help bringing attention to the whole cemetery thing, hoping a public outcry will shut it down. Curtis mentions to Portia that Jordan made some comments about openness and honesty. Portia easily puts it together that Jordan was referring to Trina's paternity, and she's not happy that Jordan isn't staying quiet. Josslyn and Cameron go on a double-date with Trina and Rory, but it ends early when Jordan asks Rory to serve as Diane's bodyguard. Rory says a suspect is being questioned, and though he can't tell Josslyn outright who it is, she gets enough clues to figure out it's Dex. She tells Cameron and Trina that she's going to check on Diane, then goes to the PCPD instead. Sasha and Gladys want to start planning Brando's funeral, but they run into a snag because of the on-hold guardianship. Nina offers support and help, because so let's just make her Sasha's guardian already. Cameron apologizes to Trina for keeping Spencer's secrets from her. Trina hasn't quite forgiven him yet, but she can understand what it's like keeping one friend's secrets from another, since she's doing that with Josslyn right now.

The people who have been attacked were alone at the time, so as long as everyone uses the buddy system, everything should be good. Or, like Trina said, they can just hang out at the hatchet-throwing place so they'll always be armed.

The police are going to need to come up with a motive for Dex to attack people associate with his boss.

Can someone at least mention Max?

Drew, this is stalker behavior. It's not a good look.

Ooh, they remembered that Drew has Jason's memories. I think that makes this whole thing weirder.

September 28th, 2022

Sonny has Dex beaten up in an attempt to get him to confess to being Captain Hook and/or having ulterior motives for working for Sonny. Dex won't say anything incriminating, so Sonny brings in a guy named Carver who's known for getting people to talk. Michael learns that Dex left the PCPD and guesses that Sonny took him somewhere for an interrogation or some kind of violence. He goes to the restaurant, where Sonny has Dex in a freezer, and tries to get Sonny to admit what he's up to. Portia slams Jordan for making pointed comments to Curtis and interfering in their relationship. Jordan asks her straight out if Curtis is Trina's biological father, and since Portia doesn't address the subject either way, Jordan figures she's right. Portia's furious that Jordan's overstepping her boundaries, and it only gets worse when Jordan implies that she's going to tell Curtis what Portia's hiding. Josslyn remembers hearing a clinking sound in the alley right before Brando was attacked, the same sound he said he heard. Dante thinks it was Dex's dog tags and may have made Josslyn doubt his innocence. Trina confides to Ava that she's not sure how she'll adjust to having Curtis as a stepfather. Taggert, however, thinks Curtis has already mastered father stuff without having kids. The two of them want to find a way to make sure Trina's safe from Captain Hook, and for some reason Curtis thinks the best option is having Ava fire her from the gallery so Trina isn't around if the killer comes to finish Ava off. Cody gets Maxie to admit that there's a chance Mac is his biological father. She doesn't get why Cody thinks that would be a bad thing, since Mac is awesome and, at the very least, isn't Leopold. Also, in case it comes up later, Cody meets Austin and focuses on the Gatlin part of his last name. Spinelli tells Sam that his feelings for Maxie resurfaced recently, but it doesn't sound like he's going to make any moves. He also finally admits that he's behind Society Setups, and that his efforts to make it successful have him risking prison time.

What does it matter if Dex was wearing his dog tags when Ava was attacked? We're not dealing with the Dog Tag Killer.

Curtis and Taggert seem to be friends now, so...that's going to be awkward when some stuff comes out.

Good, Cody isn't as dumb as he seemed on Monday.

I look forward to weeks of vague hints that Austin and Cody have some connection.

"You can't keep holding what you know over my head." Spinelli, that's how blackmail works!

September 29th, 2022

Michael tries to talk Sonny out of hurting Dex without revealing that Dex is on his payroll. Sonny plays his usual "I'm doing all this to protect my family" card, so Michael points out that if he has the wrong guy here, the real killer will keep flying under the radar. Josslyn shows up and sets out a case for Dex's innocence, which convinces Sonny to pause Dex's forthcoming torture (though he's still a hostage). Trina doesn't want to accept Ava's attempt to fire her, though it's really more that she's closing the gallery until Captain Hook is caught, so Trina wouldn't have a job anyway. Ava tries to cheer her up with a prestigious fellowship at a museum. Trina's excited until she finds out that it was Curtis' idea, mostly because the museum has security while the gallery doesn't. Trina tells him that while she appreciates his concern, she's an adult who can take care of herself, and also, he's not her father. Portia thinks Jordan is threatening to tell Curtis that he's Trina's biological father. Jordan insists that she doesn't want to ruin their relationship and is fine with them being together. However, she's positive that if Portia does nothing and Curtis finds out the truth another way, Portia will ruin the relationship herself. Maxie and Felicia force Mac and Cody to talk, and it's finally all out on the table that they might be father and son. Mac has come around to not thinking that's such a bad thing after all, but Cody's hesitant to find out if he has a family he never knew about. Maxie and Felicia are confused about why he wouldn't want to be a Scorpio. Spinelli confesses to Sam that he created an algorithm that more or less hacked everyone in the world to make matchmaking more accurate. He also tells her that Cody blackmailed him into matching him with Britt. Mason talks Austin into doing one last job for their mystery employer (who is apparently a family member), though I don't think Austin should believe Mason's promise that he'll have repaid his debt after this. The job involves some guy named Gordon and an injection. A combination of Josslyn's good judgment and the fact that Dex's clothes were clean when she saw him at the picnic makes Dante think that he's not Captain Hook (since Ava's blood would have gotten all over her attacker). Still, he's stuck on the fact that Brando and Josslyn both heard the same sound behind Charlie's.

Dex, if you ask Michael for a raise again, I'm pretty sure you'll get it this time.

This is so dumb. Why doesn't Ava just get security for the gallery?

Hey, Mac and Jordan, three people have been stabbed. Stop having personal conversations about people's paternity and do your job, like Dante is.

Spinelli created a digital skeleton key, yeah? So why doesn't he use it to, say, hack Victor and find out what he's up to?

I wonder if Dante's search of Dex's apartment will turn up anything tying him to Michael.

September 30th, 2022

Nikolas tears into Finn for...well, basically for being present when Elizabeth told Ava that Nikolas gave her a fake alibi. Finn tries to brush him off, but things almost get physical when Nikolas says that Finn is the reason Elizabeth is messed up right now. Gregory and Alexis have to break things up and remind the guys that they're not children. Unlike their significant others, Ava and Elizabeth are on good terms and each pleased that the other is seemingly doing well. Victor visits Spencer at Pentonville, where he's not having a great time, thanks to his being an easy target as a rich kid with some measures of protection. Victor offers to make things better for him but Spencer would rather just keep his head down and get through his sentence. Other things Spencer wants: to hear from Trina, to not talk about Nikolas, and to not get bashed in the face with a book in the library. Unfortunately for him, that last one happens. Meanwhile, Victor tells Nikolas to step up as a father and visit his son, even though it's likely that Spencer won't want to see him. Valentin's happy to get to wake up with Anna in her bed, but a text from Charlotte makes things bittersweet. A run-in with Nina gives him the idea to use her to deal with Victor. Brook is super-determined to make Chase shine in his debut performance, which means staying focused on that instead of the fact that they want to tear each other's clothes off. Selina invites Sonny to her next poker game, which will take place during Chase's debut (even though there will probably be a bunch of cops there). Sonny declines, then puts together that she's the one who convinced Curtis to give him the gig. Alexis wrote an op-ed about Captain Hook, stating that nothing they do will intimidate the town. She hopes her plan to draw them out works, because if it doesn't, she's just poked a very violent bear. Nina talks Ava into coming home with her instead of going back to Wyndemere with Nikolas. Elizabeth hasn't said anything to Finn about Reiko, but she asks Gregory how well he knew her.

What a ridiculous reason for Nikolas to pick a fight with Finn. Shut up, Nik.

Also, I love that while the two of them were being immature, Ava and Elizabeth were each making sure the other was okay.

Alexis yelling at Nikolas made ME want to behave, and I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Who decided the "chill out and read" poster with the penguin on it should be on the prison-library set?

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