"Guise Will Be Guise"
Written by Jane Espenson; directed by Krishna Rao

Wesley is making a mess (and a fool of himself) at the Hyperion when a new client arrives looking for Angel. Wesley tells him that he can help, but the guy would rather meet with someone with special abilities. After the guy leaves, Cordelia comes downstairs, telling Wesley that she “found him” and they have to go “stop him.” “Do you have any clothes a man would wear?” she asks. Angel and Gunn sneak into Wolfram & Hart and get into an elevator. The doors start to close but suddenly open again when Cordelia and Wesley appear dressed as lawyers. Angel pushes a button for a floor and Cordelia presses the “door open” button to stop the elevator from moving. (This goes on for awhile.) Cordelia tells Angel that he’s not going upstairs, but Angel is adamant about finding Darla. Cordelia reminds Angel that the building has vampire detectors and Gunn replies that he has a plan. He’s not happy, however, when he learns that Angel’s plan was simply to move fast. Cordelia tells Angel that he’s “all insane and angry and insane” and needs help. He denies this, quickly grabbing a stake from a security guard and stabbing him in the foot with it. “Maybe I’m a little angry,” Angel admits as the MoG leave the elevator. At Caritas, two men are singing “I Got You, Babe” while Gunn wonders how he could live in L.A. his entire life and not see all the weird stuff that happens. Angel tells Lorne that he has something inside he has to let out; Gunn panics over the possibility of Angel singing. Fortunately for him (and us), Lorne has another option for Angel - he gives him an address and tells him about a guy named the T’ish Magev, who’s sort of like a swami. Angel tells the MoG that they can leave without him singing and Cordelia expresses her gratitude.

In Angel’s office, Cordelia and Wesley discuss Angel’s visit to the T’ish Magev, thinking that he’ll use magic to cure Angel of whatever’s bothering him. Cordelia sits in Angel’s chair, spinning around, and doing an Angel impression. Angel arrives at a log cabin and meets Magev, surprised because he doesn’t look the way he’d imagined. In the lobby of the Hyperion, a guy named Benny grabs Cordelia and demands to know where Angel is. Wesley overhears Benny threatening Cordelia with a gun and heads to Angel’s office. He then appears wearing Angel’s coat and announces that he’s Angel. At the cabin, Magev and Angel discuss Angel’s car, which Angel doesn’t think is an important subject. Magev points out that Angel is a vampire and drives a convertible in L.A. Magev then questions Angel’s decision to wear black all the time. Angel notes that this way he doesn’t have to worry about matching his clothing, since he doesn’t have a reflection. Magev replies that he does have one - he’s reflected in people around him and the way they see him. Back at the Hyperion, Benny points his gun at Wesley, who nervously notes that it won’t kill him. He agrees to go with Benny so that Cordelia won’t be harmed. Benny takes Wesley to a huge house, where Wesley starts to enter until he remembers that he has to be invited in. Wesley meets Magnus Bryce, who wants him to protect someone. Wesley is served blood and tries unsuccessfully to get out of drinking it by saying that he doesn’t drink it in front of humans. Bryce explains that his money comes from wizardry and that his businesses are all fronts. Wesley pours his blood into a flower vase, realizing too late that it’s a clear vase. Bryce says that a lot of people don’t like him and that someone has been threatening his daughter. Bryce’s protection spells haven’t worked, so he wants Wesley to look out for his daughter.

Back at the cabin, Magev tells Angel that there are two of him, the real him and the image he presents. After some business with Angel’s jacket and hair gel, Magev asks, “How do you expect to triumph over the soldiers of darkness when you’re still fighting yourself?” He throws Angel a staff to fight him instead. Bryce introduces Wesley to his daughter Virginia (Brigid Brannagh); she’s not too thrilled to meet him. Wesley sees his reflection in a mirror and quickly tells someone to cover it. He explains that if someone launches a surprise attack, he’ll immediately know that Wesley is a vampire. Wesley asks to speak to Virginia alone and tells her that she does need protection. She decides that she wants to go shopping. At the Hyperion, Cordelia tells Gunn what happened to Wesley, complaining that his plan to impersonate Angel isn’t a good one. She tells Gunn to go get Angel while she tracks Wesley down and finds out who Benny is. Wesley and Virginia arrive at a fancy wizard supply store, where Virginia wants to buy Bryce a birthday present. She wants to find an image of the goddess Yeska, “his favorite creepy deity.” Wesley absent-mindedly puts his hand on a cross, then covers by pretending to be burnt and putting his hand in a bucket of ice. Two guys approach Virginia, who tells them that Wesley is Angel. He tries to play along, but his Angel impression is awful. Wesley discovers that the guys are there on the orders of a man named Lanier, who works for Bryce. He sends them off and tells Virginia that they need to leave. Angel and Magev play Robin Hood and Little John on a bridge. Angel says that he can’t let himself lose control or the demon inside him might kill Magev. Magev tells him that he is the demon, but Angel doesn’t want it to control him. Back at the cabin, Magev talks to Lanier on the phone, telling him that he’s afraid Angel will figure out where the real (dead) Magev is. Apparently Ramon, Lorne’s bartender, spilled the beans about Angel’s visit to Magev. Lanier is shocked to hear that Angel is there and wonders who Wesley is.

Cordelia gets bored looking through mug shoots and lets herself get distracted by a magazine instead. She sees a photo of Virginia and Bryce and recognizes Benny with them. Wesley takes Virginia home, where Virginia complains about the difficult life she’s forced to lead. Two guys in robes arrive outside the door and Wesley fights them off, to Virginia’s delight. She notes that he didn’t vamp out while he was fighting and he replies that he’s not like regular vampires. Angel and Magev fish and discuss Darla, whom Angel admits he’s still obsessed with. Magev urges him to find another blond girl to sleep with, then break her heart to get over Darla. Angel declines telling him that he’s been there and done that. At the Bryce’s, Virginia tells Wesley that she wants to get her own place and a silly job. They start kissing, but Virginia stops before they go to far, telling Wesley that she knows about his curse. Magev and Angel are also talking about the curse, and both pairs mention the “true happiness” aspect. Wesley starts to tell Virginia that he’s not really Angel, but she’s too busy kissing him to listen. The next day, Gunn arrives at the cabin and tells Magev that he’s looking for Angel. Magev knocks him out, then tells Angel that Gunn wasn’t really his friend. Angel asks where the real Magev is, then gets intimidating. Wesley leaves Virginia’s room post-coitus and runs into Cordelia. She tells him that she’s rescuing him, but he says that he still has a job to do. Bryce arrives with some guards and Wesley tells them that he asked Cordelia to come over to test the guards on the perimeter. Bryce replies that he knows Wesley isn’t Angel, a fact that shocks Virginia. She’s upset that Wesley lied to her and that she trusted him. She runs back to her room and Bryce has Cordelia and Wesley thrown out of the house. Bryce blasts Benny for not bringing the real Angel and risking “the sacrifice.”

Angel and Gunn meet up with Cordelia and Wesley at the Hyperion; Angel explains that Gunn was hit by a fake swami and asks why Wesley has his coat. Wesley thinks that Lanier was involved in the real Magev’s disappearance. When his guys couldn’t get rid of Wesley, they told Bryce that Wesley wasn’t Angel in order to make sure Virginia wasn’t protected. Wesley mentions that Virginia is at Bryce’s birthday party and is vulnerable. When Angel learns about Bryce’s tributes to Yeska, he notes that Yeska isn’t a Davric demon, not a goddess. Wesley reveals that Davric demons don’t serve humans unless they receive sacrifices, especially of women. They grant great power to people on their 50th birthdays, so Wesley thinks that Bryce is going to sacrifice Virginia. Wesley orders Angel and Gun to go to the front of the house while he and Cordelia go to the back. He asks Angel for his opinion, but Angel thinks that Wesley already has things covered. He just wants his coat back. At the party, Bryce starts his tribute as Benny shackles Virginia up. The MoG arrive and Wesley is immediately knocked down by a guard, which means that everything is getting back to normal. The fighting begins and Wesley frees Virginia, though Bryce is still doing his tribute. Yeska appears, announces that Virginia is an impure sacrifice, and disappears. Virginia asks why Wesley came back and he says that he promised to protect her. Bryce is shocked to realize that Virginia isn’t a virgin (“Whoa! That’s what impure meant?” Gunn asks). He says that if the real Angel had been protecting her, they wouldn’t have had sex, since Angel is a “eunuch.” Angel objects to this term and Wesley is horrified that Virginia was a virgin before they had sex. He’s pleased to learn that she wasn’t (“I could have told you she was no virgin,” Gunn announces) and hasn’t been since she was a teenager. Virginia hits her father and leaves, Angel telling Bryce, “I’m not a eunuch.” The next day, Cordelia finds a magazine article about Virginia and Wesley which calls him a “bodyguard to the stars.” She’s jealous that he’s getting attention and becoming famous after what happened. Angel tells her to “get some perspective,” but he also gets upset when he realizes that the article says Wesley works for the Wyndam-Pryce Agency.


GRADE: B+ Wesley makes a horrible Angel, but at least he’s entertaining.

WELCOME TO L.A.: Virginia

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Gunn: “He’s got a plan.”
Wesley: “A plan?”
Angel: “Yeah. I get to the offices before they stop me.”
Gunn: “See? (to Angel) What? That’s the plan? Walking real quick was the ‘plan’?”

(Cordelia spins in Angel’s chair)
Cordelia: “Hey, look at me. I’m Angel!”
Wesley: “He doesn’t generally spin that much.”
Cordelia: “Right. Right. This is Angel. (she picks up a book) ‘Oh, no. I can’t do anything fun tonight. I have to count my past sins, then alphabetize them. Oh, by the way, I’m thinking of snapping on Friday.’”

“And this whole ‘I’m Angel’ thing is a very, very bad idea. I mean, if I thought that would work, I could’ve been Angel, because, guess what, pretty much a girly name.” - Cordelia

Magev: “You’re deeply ambivalent.”
Angel: “Yeah, well, I am and I’m not.”

Angel: “Were you in Virginia?”
Wesley: “That’s beside the point.”

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