"I Robot, You Jane"
Written by Ashley Gable and Thomas A. Swyden; directed by Stephen Posey

In 15th century Italy a man named Carlo declares his devotion to a demon named Moloch, who returns his affections by killing him. A group of monks forms a circle and banishes Moloch to the pages of a book. Centuries later, in Sunnydale, the book arrives at the library, where Giles and the Scoobies are scanning books into a computer with the help of the computer science teacher Jenny Calendar (Robia LaMorte). Giles and Jenny trade barbs as Giles declares that he doesn’t need modern technology. Willow scans the monks’ book into the computer and Moloch awakens.

The next day Buffy learns that Willow was up all night talking to a boy named Malcolm online. Buffy asks for info on Willow’s new friend while Moloch speaks to Fritz, one of Jenny’s students, via computer. After Xander learns that Willow would rather spend time with Malcolm than with him and Buffy, Buffy teases him about being jealous. He worries that Willow is in danger but Buffy believes that everything’s fine. Willow shows up late to school and Buffy comments on her strange behavior. She goes to Dave, one of Jenny’s students, to find out if she can get more information on Malcolm; he tells her to leave Willow alone. She heads out to follow Dave and find out what he’s up to while Moloch tells Fritz to kill Buffy.

Buffy discovers that Dave has access to CRD, a computer research lab that is supposed to be closed. Willow continues to talk with Malcolm and they decide to meet in person. Willow grows suspicious when Malcolm reveals info about Buffy and warns her not to log off. While sniping at each other, Giles and Jenny find a blank book and Giles worries that Moloch has been released. Dave tells Buffy that Willow’s waiting for her in the gym locker room; in reality, Fritz has set things up so that Buffy will be electrocuted. At the last minute Dave warns Buffy, then tells Moloch that he can’t kill her. Moloch retaliates by writing a fake suicide note for Dave. Giles tells Xander and Buffy that Moloch has been released into the Internet. When Buffy tries to delete him, Moloch tells her to stay away from Willow.

The Scoobies head out to find Willow but Buffy first finds Dave, who has apparently killed himself. Buffy tells Giles to get Jenny to help him get rid of Moloch while she and Xander continue to search for Willow. Fritz grabs Willow at her house before the Scoobies can get to her. Giles is shocked to learn that Jenny already knows about the demon in the Internet. Buffy and Xander find a message from Malcolm telling Willow to meet him at CRD. Jenny explains to Giles that she’s a "techopagan" and can help him out. Moloch (aka Malcolm) greets Willow in his brand new robot body and declares his love for her. While Giles and Jenny attempt to perform a spell to get Moloch back into his book, Moloch goes after Willow. Buffy saves the day again and Moloch is bound, though he doesn’t return to the book. Buffy manages to destroy Moloch, saving Willow. The next day Jenny and Giles flirt while Willow mopes over the fact that her first real boyfriend was a demon. She cheers up slightly when Buffy and Xander point out that Sunnydale isn’t exactly a breeding ground for normal relationships.


GRADE: B- Redeemed by the Giles/Jenny action.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jenny: "Kids really dig the library, don’tcha?"
Buffy: "We’re literary!"
Xander: "To read makes our speaking English good."

Buffy: "Tell me the truth: how’s my hair?"
Xander: "It’s great! It’s your best hair ever!"

"Hey! I got to hit someone!" - Xander

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