"Long Day’s Journey"
Written by Mere Smith; directed by Terrence O’Hara

Lorne brings Angel some blood as he sketches the Beast. Lorne notes that Angel is hanging out alone; Angel says that he works better that way. He notes that Connor may be connected to the Beast (see “Rain of Fire” and “Habeas Corpses”) and Lorne mentions that Connor is with Cordelia. Angel tries to kick him out of the room and Lorne tells him that no matter what happens, Connor will always be his son. Even if Angel doesn’t wind up with Cordelia, there are other women out there. Gwen (see “Ground State”) meets up with a guy named Mr. Ashtet and tells him she won’t get that the amulets he wants her to get for him; she’s heading for Tahiti to avoid the possible coming apocalypse. Ashtet is about to let Gwen go when the Beast arrives and rips a hole in him, from which light shines. The Beast pulls a piece of metal from Ashtet’s chest and Gwen takes off her glove, ready to shock the Beast. However, he’s already taken off. The next morning, Cordelia and Connor note that things are crazy outside. Connor thinks that they should go to the Hyperion to see if the other MoG have learned anything, but Cordelia says that they would have called if they had. Connor wonders if Cordelia won’t take him back to the hotel because the others think that he’s connected to the Beast. Cordelia admits that she doesn’t want to take him there because Angel knows they slept together. Connor argues that they didn’t do anything wrong, but Cordelia says that they hurt Angel. Cordelia suddenly has a vision of the Beast near some trees and heads off to talk to Angel.

At the Hyperion, Gunn tells Fred that he doesn’t trust Connor, especially after he buried Angel at see in “Deep Down.” He thinks that when the little girl in the white room said, “The answer is among you,” (see “Habeas Corpses”) she was talking about Connor. Fred thinks that she was trying to get the Beast to go after the MoG instead of her. Wesley reports that with the girl in the white room gone, Wolfram & Hart is now cut off from the senior partners. He has also discovered that the little girl was a being called Mesektet and was “one of five enormously powerful beings which are linked to an embodiment of the ancient god Ra.” They’re totems, aka symbolic manifestations, which together are called the Ra-tet; only the totems know of their “true purpose.” Lorne arrives and announces that the Beast has killed another supernatural being. Fred correctly guesses that it was Ma’at, another member of the Ra-tet. Gunn thinks that the Beast is killing off all of the Ra-tet, but Fred and Wesley note that it could just be a coincidence. Cordelia arrives and goes up to see Angel, who doesn’t want to talk to her. He accuses her of not caring about his feelings, but she says that’s why she’s there. Plus, she wants him to “get over it,” since there are more important things to deal with. Cordelia tells him about her vision of the Beast; she’s not sure when it took place and doesn’t know what it means yet, but she thinks it’s important. She also thinks that this means her connection to the Powers That Be is still intact. “You’re the leader,” she tells Angel. “So lead.”

Later, Angel takes Cordelia’s advice and gathers the troops. He tells them that the Powers That Be are trying to send a message and they need to go on the offensive - they’ll figure out what the Beast’s weaknesses are and figure out how to be prepared to fight it. Fred says that they support Angel, but they’re not sure how to be prepared. Gwen shows up (Fred’s not happy, since Gwen technically killed Gunn in “Ground State”) and is interested in the fact that Cordelia, whom Angel was trying to find the last time she was around, is back. Gwen tells the MoG about what happened to Ashtet and Fred realizes that he was another member of the Ra-tet, which establishes a pattern. Cordelia announces that there are two totems left - Manjet and Semkhet. Manjet was reportedly last seen in Belize two years earlier and Semkhet supposedly lives in a cave in Death Valley. Angel says that they’ll have to find Semkhet and protect him; Lorne spots a photo of the little girl in the white room hugging Semkhet and says that “Semkhet is puddy-tat to the world’s scariest six-year-old.” Cordelia notes that the mission could be dangerous and Angel quickly announces that he’ll take Gwen with him. Angel and Gwen arrive in Death Valley and discover that they’re too late to protect Semkhet. Angel wonders why the Beast is killing members of the Ra-tet and a man appears in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat. “It’s gonna turn out the sun,” he announces.

Angel introduces himself and Gwen and they learn that the man is Manjet, aka Manny. He returned when he heard about the little girl’s death, though he never liked her (“evil, right down to her Mary Janes”). He confirms that what he said about the Beast blotting out the sun is true; once the members of the Ra-tet are dead, the Beast will perform some ritual to do it. Manny wasn’t worried before, but now that four of the five members of the Ra-tet are gone, he’s nervous. He tells Gwen that once the sun is out, L.A. turns into a hotspot for demons which will eventually spread all over the world. Angel says that they have to stop the Beast, but Manny isn’t eager to help. He also isn’t certain that Angel and Gwen will be able to protect him. The three return to the Hyperion and explain that Semkhet is dead and Manny is their last hope. They add that the Beast is going to blot out the sun, so as long as they can keep Manny alive and “the lights on,” they can stall long enough to figure out how to defeat the Beast. The MoG try to figure out where to keep Manny and Gwen comes up with a tenement downtown. The tenement looks rundown, but Gwen’s apartment is actually high-class and nicely decorated. Angel tells Cordelia that Gwen must have sold the Axis of Pythia and made a fortune (again, see “Ground State”). Gwen puts Manny in a panic room behind a bookshelf in her study and the MoG decide to take turns guarding it; Gwen wants to partner with “Denzel,” aka Gunn. Angel tells everyone that they’ll take four-hour shifts and those who are off-duty should try to sleep. Gwen keeps Gunn awake through their shift by telling him her life story. She notes that he seems upset with Wesley and his desire for a relationship with Fred.

Angel and Cordelia arrive to take over the shift, but things are still awkward between them, so they decide not to talk. A few hours later, Gwen and Gunn wake them up, telling them that they fell asleep. Angel opens the door to the panic room and discovers that Manny has been killed. Gwen realizes that Manny, who was supposedly an orb-keeper, probably had an orb with him that the Beast wanted. Angel notes that she said something in the cave about the Beast taking something from Semkhet and accuses her of knowing more than she’s letting on. She admits that the Beast took something metal out of Ashtet. Cordelia thinks it’s impossible that the Beast found Gwen’s apartment, spiked her and Angel’s drinks, snuck over to the panic room, and killed Manny without anyone noticing. Gunn brings up “the answer is among you” but Cordelia says that Connor doesn’t know where they are. Gunn still thinks that he could have figured it out. Gwen says that Cordelia’s right about someone coming in unseen - she has security cameras. As she rewinds the tapes, Angel tells Gunn to call the other MoG and tell them what happened to Manny and the things the Beast took from the members of the Ra-tet. He adds that they should follow up on Connor and see if he was involved. Gwen discovers that the security tapes are all staticy and of no help. Cordelia tells Angel that he needs to talk to Connor. Gwen finds out that the security system went down ten minutes before Angel and Cordelia’s shift, which means that someone knew they were going to take over and knew to spike their drinks. She thinks Gunn is right about Manny’s murder being an inside job and Cordelia accuses her of being behind it. Angel breaks them up and tells them that they need to focus on the Beast before they do anything else.

Back at the Hyperion, Lorne gives Angel the news that the Beast will use what he took out of the totems to block the sun. Gwen notes that if she can get close enough to the piece of metal taken from Ashtet, she can melt it. Cordelia points out that they don’t know where the Beast is or if they’ll have enough time to stop him. Wesley and Fred announce that they can send the Beast through a portal, because portals are their answer to every problem, apparently (see “Supersymmetry”). Gunn is the only person who doesn’t like this idea. Suddenly, Cordelia has another vision of the Beast; he’s standing in a field full of bodies and talking to someone Cordelia thinks is familiar. She thinks that it’s time to get Connor involved. The Beast has the same idea, since he goes over to the museum. Connor fights the beast and winds up getting thrown out a window just as the MoG arrive. Wesley and Gunn realize that the Beast might be there because he has to do the ritual where Connor lives. Angel starts to get the MoG inside, telling Gwen to destroy whatever she can and making sure that Connor knows he’ll be okay. Inside, the Beast has already started the ritual. Angel fights the Beast as Fred and Wesley start to open a portal and Gwen goes after the objects from the totems. Outside, Cordelia’s vision comes back and she hears the Beast telling someone, “You’re a worthy adversary.” The Beast continues the ritual as Wesley and Fred open a portal in front of him. Outside, Connor and Cordelia see that the sun is being blacked out.

The Beast continues the ritual and Angel decides that it’s now or never. He, Gunn, and Gwen shove the Beast into the portal, which closes. Unfortunately, the sun is still being blocked. Cordelia has another vision, in which the Beast says, “Our strength is useless, divided.” Inside, Fred wonders why the sun is still being blocked. The Beast reappears in the doorway and says, “I told you once - you need not be my enemy….” Angel suddenly remembers talking to the Beast in the past; he’s in the scene from Cordelia’s vision and he’s Angelus. “Join with me,” the Beasts says in the memory. Outside, Cordelia has visions of this memory and says, “The answer is among you.” Inside the building, the Beast swallows the orb he took from Manny and says, “We’ll meet again. Soon.” He jumps through the window as Wesley notes that the sun is completely blocked out. The MoG re-gather outside and Cordelia reveals that Angel knew the Beast when he was Angelus. When she was a higher being, she saw all of Angel’s life, and instead of having a vision about his encounter with the Beast, she was remembering it. Angel isn’t sure how he could forget meeting the Beast. Gunn notes that the little girl meant that Angelus, not Connor, was the answer among the MoG. Wesley says that the Beast might have the power to make Angel forget things and do things for him. Cordelia believes that the Beast has some sort of plan and is using Angel in it. Angel isn’t sure what the plan is, but Wesley thinks that Angelus might. “There’s only one way we’re gonna defeat this Beast,” he announces. “We need Angelus.”

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: You can’t really trust anyone. Cheerful, huh?

GRADE: B Someone’s been bad…but who?

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Don’t interrupt me, I’m brooding.” - Lorne, imitating Angel

Lorne: “[Connor is] not entirely unmaking with the moves on the girl who might have been?”
Angel: “You want to shove that into English for me?”

Gwen: “Demon, okay? The whole nine - cloven feet and horns and teeth--. He wasn’t wearing lamé, though.”
Lorne: “Yeah, the evil ones can’t pull it off. It gets camp.”

Gwen: “Okay, then, I’ll take Denzel.”
Gunn: “Uh, actually, it’s Gunn. Not that I mind the freakishly accurate comparison, but you will keep your hands to yourself.”

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