"Leave it to Beaver"
Written by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero; directed by Michael Fields

Keith has brought Cheyenne (see “A Trip to the Dentist”) to a newspaper office, where he’s trying to get someone to publish the news that she can provide an alibi for Koontz. When he returns home, Keith finds an envelope from a genetic testing facility (see “Hot Dogs”). Veronica and Lianne (see “A Trip to the Dentist”) are in the kitchen, chopping onions while holding spoons in their mouths, because Lianne claims it keeps them from crying. They listen to Connie Francis and Veronica comments that it’s strange that Lianne has to have a certain type of music to go with what she’s cooking. Lianne drinks from a bottle of water and lists her music/meal matches; Keith changes the music to “La Bamba” to go with the Mexican food. Keith reads the test results at Mars Investigations and is interrupted by Cliff, who thinks he’s crazy for wanting to sue the Kanes. The next day, Dick and Beaver (see “A Trip to the Dentist and “M.A.D.”) read Cheyenne’s story in the newspaper. Beaver panics about phone records and Lilly’s shoes, but Dick tells him that they’re taking something “to the grave.” Nearby, Wallace reads the article as well, repeating glowing passages about Keith to Veronica. Veronica spots Logan and drags Wallace into the bathroom to avoid him. Wallace correctly guesses that Veronica wants a favor and agrees to spy for Veronica and let her know when Logan is gone. After school, Veronica arrives at Mars Investigations as Alicia is leaving in tears, having just learned that Lianne is back.

At the Kanes’ house, Jake and Celeste work on a seating arrangement for an upcoming party with the governor. Duncan shows his parents the article clearing Koontz and demands to know what really happened to Lilly. Jake unceremoniously informs Duncan that he had a fit and killed his sister. In a flashback, Jake and Celeste find Duncan cradling Lilly just after her murder. Later, Jake told Duncan that it was an accident and that they would cover everything up to help him. In the present, Celeste learns that Keith is suing them; Jake is a little upset that she doesn’t care about comforting Duncan. At Neptune High, Beaver quietly approaches Veronica (revealing that his real name is Cassidy) and informs her that the weekend Lilly was murdered, he, Dick, and Logan were down in Mexico. However, Logan got upset over the idea that Lilly might be seeing someone else, so he came back to Neptune early the day that Lilly died. At Mars Investigations, Veronica repeats the news to Keith, adding that Logan bought Lilly a shot glass that read “I Got Baked at Ensenada”. Keith looks through his files and remembers that the shot glass was found in Lilly’s car, which means that Logan did see Lilly before her death. At Neptune High, Veronica finally talks to Logan, telling him that she got spooked at his house (see “A Trip to the Dentist”) because she wasn’t sure where their relationship was going. They discuss Lilly’s murder and Logan wonders if Duncan might have killed her. He asks Veronica not to run off without telling him again, so she lets him know that she has some things to take care of.

Veronica calls Keith to let him know that she talked to Logan and he’s trying to blame the murder on Duncan. Keith replies that he learned from border patrol that Logan returned to California around 9 a.m. the day of Lilly’s death, so Beaver was telling the truth. After they hang up, Weevil approaches, having overheard that Logan may have killed Lilly; he comments that rich people can get away with anything. Cliff and Keith meet with Celeste and her lawyer, Cliff informs Celeste that she may have made a deal with Veronica (see “Hot Dogs”), but Keith was the one who found Duncan. Celeste agrees to pay Keith for finding Duncan, as long as Veronica agrees to never seek money from the Kanes. Keith announces that he’s willing to make the deal, but he has to discuss it with Veronica first. Keith fills Veronica in at Mars Investigations and she quickly signs the papers that will keep her from getting money from the Kanes. Keith asks her if she knows what she signed away. She replies that she doesn’t want anything from the Kanes. He tells her that it doesn’t matter, then shows her the paternity test results and confirms that she’s his daughter. After they celebrate the news, Veronica suggests spending some of Celeste’s payment. Keith tells her that they need to go to the authorities with the information they now have about Logan. Not long after, Lamb heads to the Echollses’ and asks Aaron to let him search Logan’s room. At Neptune High, Sacks unknowingly saves Logan from a beating by Weevil and takes him to the sheriff’s department.

Logan gets interrogated at the sheriff’s department and uses his one phone call to call Veronica. She tells him that she’ll do what she can to help him out, but after he hangs up, Lamb tells him with amusement that Veronica was the one who turned him in. Later, Keith calls Lamb to find out what he learned about Logan. Lamb informs him that he thinks Veronica and Logan are dating. He adds that they had to let Logan go because they didn’t have enough evidence to keep him. As soon as he hangs up, Keith asks Lianne where Veronica is; she replies that Veronica took Backup out. Logan tracks down Veronica at the beach and blasts her for turning him in and suspecting him of murder. She tries to get him to back off by threatening to sic Backup on him, but Backup himself calls her bluff by acting friendly. Logan explains that he was upset about Lilly possibly seeing someone else, so he came back and found her at the carwash (see the pilot). Instead of going over to talk to her, he sat in his car across the street and wrote her a note, which he left in her car with the shot glass. He says that if Veronica had read the note, she would know that he would never have hurt Lilly. Keith arrives and chases Logan off, then asks Veronica if she’s dating Logan. She tells him that they’ve broken up. At home, Veronica watches a video she made with Lilly and voices over that though the sheriff’s department found the shot glass, they never found the note from Logan. However, she has an idea where the note might have wound up. In a flashback, Lilly showed Veronica her hiding spot in her room, in her air conditioning vent.

Later, Veronica dresses in disguise to crash the Kanes’ party for the governor. She grabs a swig of water from Lianne’s bottle but quickly learns that the liquid inside is a little more spirited than just water. On her way out the door, she calls a rehab facility. Veronica sneaks into the Kanes’, heads to Lilly’s room, and, unaware that she’s being watched, opens the vent. Duncan catches her and wonders why she’s in Lilly’s room, since she seems to think that Duncan is the one with something to hide. She reveals that she thinks Logan killed Lilly and that she hid the note from him in her vent. Suddenly on Veronica’s side, Duncan lets her open the vent, where she finds three videotapes. They take the tapes to Duncan’s room and discover that they’re from the surveillance cameras in the Echollses’ pool house. Veronica quickly realizes that the video they’re watching is from the day Lilly died. Lilly is alone in the pool house, waiting for someone, and spots the cameras. The second tape contains footage of Lilly having sex in the pool house, which makes Duncan uncomfortable. He’s even more uncomfortable, and not alone in that, when he and Veronica see that Lilly is having sex with Aaron. Veronica quickly figures everything out, imagining that Lilly took the tapes and left before Aaron could discover what had happened. She heads home, running a red light (see “Credit Where Credit’s Due”), stashed the tapes in her vent, and went out to the pool. When Aaron arrived, he demanded the tapes and she threatened to give them to the media, so he killed her. After he left, Duncan found Lilly and was spotted by his parents, who thought he’d killed her.

In the present, Veronica tells Duncan that Aaron is definitely capable of murder, since he beats Logan (see “Return of the Kane”) and beat up Dylan (see “Hot Dogs”). Duncan tells her that Aaron is there at the party. Veronica takes the tapes, wanting to get them to Keith, and Duncan agrees to stay behind and keep an eye on Aaron. He tells her to be careful and she responds with the good news that they’re not related. On her way to her car, Veronica calls Keith and tells him that Aaron killed Lilly. He tells her to stay at the Kanes’, but she says that she needs to leave because Aaron is there. She assures him that Duncan is looking out for her and that she’s on her way home. As she leaves, a drunken Logan heads to the Coronado Bridge (see “Clash of the Tritons”). Veronica tries to call him but gets his voicemail. Weevil and his biker gang arrive at the bridge and face off with Logan. In the car, Veronica gets a call from Duncan, who worriedly tells her that he’s lost track of Aaron. She tells him to call her when he finds Aaron and he asks her to call him when she gets home. Before she can get very far, she glances in the rearview mirror and spots Aaron in her backseat. He grabs the tapes from her bag and Veronica drives the car into a tree, knocking them both out. Keith calls her phone but gets her voicemail, then decides to go find her.

Veronica regains consciousness and tries to get to her phone, but can’t without disturbing Aaron. She spots a house nearby and runs over to get help. When she looks back at her car, Aaron is gone. As she runs around the house, she tosses the tapes in various places. Just as someone inside the house comes to see what’s going on, he’s grabbed and knocked out. Aaron appears and knocks Veronica out. She wakes up somewhere dark with a walkie-talkie nearby, hearing conversation from Aaron, who has the other walkie-talkie. He demands to know where the tapes are, promising to let Veronica out of her refrigerator prison when he has them, but she decides she’d rather be trapped and safe from him. As Aaron finds a can of gas and starts to pour it on the fridge, Keith arrives. Aaron demands the tapes again, growing more frantic and telling her that Lilly kept the tapes from him as well and wound up dead. Crying, Veronica tells him that the tapes are on the roof. Aaron heads up to the roof as Keith calls out for Veronica. He hears her through Aaron’s walkie-talkie, then gets attacked by Aaron and fights brutally with him in the yard. Aaron finds himself losing the fight and pulls out a lighter, tossing it into the gas. He tells Keith that Veronica is in the fridge, which is surrounded by flames. As Aaron runs off, Keith rescues Veronica, getting burned in the process. She tearfully tells him that she loves him and that she knew he’d save her.

Aaron attempts to steal Keith’s car and escape, but he’s attacked by Backup. As he tries to run off, he’s hit by a van (the company’s name is Thomas and there’s a picture of a lily on the side). The truck driver starts to help Aaron but is stopped by Veronica, who is aiming Keith’s gun at Aaron. She tells the driver to call the police, the fire department, and an ambulance. Later, Keith is taken away by paramedics and Aaron is tended to and arrested. Jake and Duncan arrive and Jake has to be restrained from attacking Aaron. He yells that Aaron will die for what he did to Lilly, then gets arrested for obstruction of justice. Veronica heads to the hospital and is told that Keith will be fine, then advised that she should go home and rest. She says that she doesn’t want to leave him alone but thinks of someone to call to come sit with Keith. At home, Lianne learns what happened but is immediately ordered to pack up and leave the house. Veronica tells her that she bet on her and lost, so she’s through. At the hospital, Keith wakes up to find Alicia with him. Veronica heads to her room for a nap as Lianne, packed up to leave, grabs Keith’s check from Celeste and heads off. Veronica dreams of floating in a pool with Lilly, both of them peaceful over things having worked out all right. Lilly asks Veronica not to forget about her, then disappears. Veronica assures her that she’ll never forget her. Veronica wakes up at 3:07 at the sound of a knock at the front door. She goes to answer it, smiles at whoever’s on the porch, and says, “I was hoping it would be you.”

THE TITLE IS A PLAY ON... The TV show of the same name.

THE LILLY KANE CASE: Aaron killed Lilly after she discovered that he had videotapes of their affair.

The Kanes suspected that Duncan killed Lilly and framed Koontz to cover for him.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Cliff: “You want to sue the Kane family.”
Keith: “Yes.”
Cliff: “Please tell me there’s another Kane family in town. Maybe a Boris and Gilda Kane?”
Keith: “They’ll settle.”
Cliff: “Oh, they will. Well, that’s good to hear. Seems like you have this pretty well sewn up. Anything you need me to have notarized?”

“My blonde-pulling-me-into-the-girls’-room fantasy? Ruined!” - Wallace, upon being dragged into the bathroom by Veronica

“You think that charm of yours is learned behavior? That’s genetics, baby!” - Keith to Veronica

Lamb: (tapping the table for emphasis) “You said you were in Mexico the day of Lilly’s murder. Why?”
Logan: “How many episodes of NYPD Blue did you have to watch to get the finger tapping down?”
Lamb: “I asked you a question.”
Logan: “And I ignored it and moved on. Keep up.”

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