"No Hard Feelings"
Written by Samantha Humphrey; directed by Tucker Gates

At APO, Jack tells Rachel that no one can know what Sydney is up to, and they have to keep operating under the impression that Prophet Five has moles inside the CIA. He tells her to contact someone to send them Anna’s body (see “I See Dead People”). Jack fills Dixon in on the situation - Anna is dead and Sydney is impersonating her. Thanks to a tracker inside the chip she’s giving to Peyton, they can track Sydney. Jack thinks Prophet Five cloned Sydney because they need her for something only she can do. If Sydney can find out what it is, she may be able to figure out what Prophet Five’s endgame is. Vaughn calls Jack from the storeroom in Germany (see “I See Dead People”), then talks to Dixon, who’s being tasked to join him. Marshall uses the tracker to figure out where Sydney and Peyton are. Peyton toasts to Anna as “Anna” complains about the body she’s been given. Peyton tells her that the chip is an “inconvenience,” then destroys it in a glass of wine. This also destroys the tracker, losing APO’s connection to Sydney. Marshall quickly patches into traffic cameras and gives Vaughn directions so he can follow Sydney and Peyton. With some German translations from Jack, Marshall gets Vaughn a green light, allowing him to get to the airport and slip Sydney a cell phone.

In Zurich, Sloane announces that the decrypted message on page 47 is, “The circle will be complete when the chosen one finds the Rose in San Cielo.” He says he understands what needs to be done next, but notes that Rambaldi’s prophecies always take small variables into account. The rose is something unique, and Sloane isn’t sure that Anna, even posing as Sydney, can complete the task. Peyton takes a surprised Sydney to see Sloane, who asks if there were any complications. “Anna” announces that she killed Sydney and they should celebrate. Later, having determined that Anna was cloned to find the Rose, Sydney asks Sloane if he really thinks Rambaldi had intentions for her 500 years in the future. Sloane is confused, since he thought Anna was a Rambaldi follower. “Only when it suits my checkbook,” Sydney replies, adding that she doesn’t want her life ruled by “a perverted sense of faith,” though she’s willing to put her new body to good use. Sloane tells her that San Cielo is a monastery outside of Rome and she’ll leave within the hour. At APO, Marshall pulls Rachel aside to tell her that he’s been monitoring the servers to see if there’s any more strange activity after Sloane’s hack. A message came in this morning for Allen Korman (see “S.O.S.”) - he’s coming to L.A. tonight. Rachel notes that Tom said he went after Korman but couldn’t kill him. Marshall says Tom lied. He wants to tell Jack, but Rachel asks for 24 hours to get more information.

Sydney uses her phone to scan her room in Zurich, discovering a microphone in a lamp. She puts a radio near it and calls Jack to tell him she’s heading to Rome. Jack is with Isabelle, who seems to find him funny. Dixon meets up with Vaughn in the basement in Germany, telling him, “You’re shorter than I remember.” Vaughn tells him that his father documented all of the mysterious deaths that befell anyone who tried to get close to Prophet Five. He explains that Prophet Five would have killed him if Jack hadn’t convinced him not to fight back while he was in the hospital (see “Prophet Five”). Jack gave Vaughn sodium morphate, which mimics death, then sent him to Nepal. Vaughn says this was the first time he ever felt like Jack accepted him. “Or else he manufactured a very elaborate scheme to postpone your wedding to his daughter,” Dixon notes. He gives Vaughn a picture of Isabelle, saying, “Fortunately, she looks more like her mother.” Jack calls Vaughn to tell him a team is coming to get all the documents in the basement; Dixon and Vaughn are being sent to follow Sydney and Sloane to Rome. On their plane, Sloane asks “Anna” how she killed “Sydney,” thinking it couldn’t have been easy since Sydney was such a good agent. “Anna” says that Sydney may have been the chosen one, but she died like anyone else. Sloane tells Peyton that when it’s all over, he wants to be the one who kills “Anna.”

In Rome, Sydney has a discreet, old-school meeting with Vaughn at a newsstand, where he tells her that Marshall couldn’t get any information on San Cielo. Sydney tells him she’s meeting someone at an OTB for more information. Vaughn isn’t sure how they can keep up with the spy life now that he’s seen a photo of Isabelle. “We do it the way we’ve always done it,” Sydney replies. “It’s the only way to keep her safe. We end this.” Vaughn promises that he and Dixon will have her back and pull her out if anything goes wrong. She’s not sure who Sloane’s contact is, but she’s supposed to know him when she sees him. She’s right - it’s Sark, and “Anna” gets to beat him up a little, since Sark betrayed Anna in “A Man of His Word.” Tom meets Korman in a parking lot and he confirms that he’s found the Cardinal. Rachel watches from her car, then approaches Tom as Korman leaves. They head to a more secure location and Tom explains that Korman did kill Tom’s wife, but his orders came from someone named the Cardinal. He adds that he and Korman once worked together, but Korman doesn’t even know Tom’s real name (hence why he called him Peter in “S.O.S.”). All Korman wants in exchange for the information on the Cardinal is his car, which was seized when he entered the Witness Protection Program. Rachel is hurt that Tom didn’t trust her enough to fill her in, but he tells her he’s been searching for four years and couldn’t trust anyone. Rachel offers to find the car by hacking into a federal database.

In Rome, Vaughn and Dixon see that Sydney’s contact in Sark; they’re pleased that she’s at least dealing with someone she’s familiar with. Inside the OTB, Sark tells Sydney that Rambaldi knew their target location as San Cielo, but now it’s La Fossa, a maximum-security prison. Rambaldi was held there in the days leading up to his execution (according to Sloane, at least), and the Rose is supposedly hidden in an isolation wing. Only the chosen one can extract the Rose. Sark makes a call to the police to tell them there’s been an explosion at the OTB, then warns Sydney to take cover. He sets off an explosion and pretends to rob the cashier. The police arrive and Sark and Sydney pretend to surrender to them. As they’re taken to San Cielo/La Fossa, Marshall sends Vaughn and Dixon through the sewer system to help him hack into the prison’s internal network. Sark is taken to a cell with a flirtatious cellmate, and when Sark swallows something and starts convulsing, his cellmate calls out, “Help! The beautiful man is dying!” Back in L.A., Rachel and Tom sneak into a federal parking lot, where Rachel proves that she’s better at stealing cars than Tom is. In Rome, the APO crew hacks into the prison’s network and spot Sydney in the isolation wing. As Sark is taken to the hospital wing, he knocks out the guards and nurse around him, hacks into the system himself, and disrupts APO’s feed.

Sark breaks into Sydney’s cell and she makes her way through corridors, though Sark is briefly detained. An old man emerges and tells Sydney he’s been waiting for her. He tells her he’s the Rose, showing her a rose tattoo on his arm. Meanwhile, Sloane meets with the prison director, telling him that he needs to extradite two prisoners. The director refuses, since Sark and Sydney committed crimes on Italian soil. Sloane gets Peyton to pose as the general prosecutor to okay their releases. As Tom and Rachel continue getting Korman’s car, Tom reveals that the night his wife died, he was supposed to meet her but was delayed. He’s not sure why his wife was killed, but Rachel tells him he’ll find out soon enough. As they drive off in the car, the Rose takes Sydney to a cell where her picture from page 47 is on the wall. “He told me you’d be coming,” he says. “All I had to do was wait.” He takes an amulet from the wall and gives it to Sydney, telling her it’s hers for now and is “his greatest gift…and also his greatest curse.” It’s the “end of nature itself.” Sydney wants more information, since she won’t be able to stop the people who want the amulet, but the Rose tells her she can’t stop them. “You don’t know me very well,” Sydney replies. The Rose tells her that fate is in charge and now it’s a matter of time “until the stars fall from the sky, until the end of light.” He sends her away, telling her he’s not a part of “the battle to come.”

The APO crew gets another video feed and Vaughn spots Sydney while a guard takes Sark to Peyton for his release. “Anna won’t be joining us,” she tells him. Back in her cell, Sloane waits for Sydney, who tells him that when she went to get the Rose, there was nothing there. He thinks she’s lying and shocks her. As Vaughn watches on the feed, Sloane takes the amulet and blasts “Anna” for the way she killed Sydney. He starts to strangle her as Marshall gives Vaughn directions on how to get to Sydney. There’s no time, so Marshall sets off an alarm, which distracts Sloane long enough for Sydney to get away from him. Guards arrive and Sydney and Vaughn take care of them, then leave together. Tom delivers the car to Korman, who doesn’t want to tell him who was behind his wife’s hit because he thinks Tom will kill him. He admits that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time - he was supposed to kill Tom instead. Korman drives off and Tom detonates a bomb in his car. Back at home, Sydney and Vaughn spend a few minutes gushing over Isabelle and enjoying being together. Vaughn thinks Isabelle might be just like Sydney, but Sydney wants her to have a normal job. Sloane calls and tells Sydney that he should have known it was her and not Anna. “You’re a survivor, just like me,” he says. “And now, thanks to you, I have everything I need.”

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Marshall: “You know, I cried at your funeral.”
Vaughn: “Sorry about that.”
Marshall: “No, no, thank you. I need a good cry now and again.”

“It’s this body. I have this uncontrollable urge now to act like a Girl Scout all the time.” - Sydney

Sloane: “Retrieve an artifact from San Cielo, a monastery outside Rome.”
Sydney: “Monastery? That sounds fun. Do I get to wear a habit?”
Sloane: “I think I’ve told you all you need to know for now. We leave within the hour.”
Sydney: “Does this mean you’re sending me to my room?”

Sydney: (slapping Sark) “That’s for a year spent in a federal holding facility.” (hitting his head on the bar, then addressing the other people around) “That’s all for now. I will let you know if I’m gonna hit him again.”
Sark: “Now, what was that one for?”
Sydney: “I’ll get back to you.”
Sark: “Right. So what are you drinking?”

Rachel: “Can I help?”
Tom: “Yeah, just keep an eye out for the guard.”
Rachel: “Is there any particular reason you’re connecting the carburetor to the intake tube?”
Tom: “This is the carburetor?”
Rachel: “Yeah.”
Tom: “Maybe, uh, I should keep an eye out for the guard.”

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