"Out of the Box"
Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Jay Torres

A masked person enters a Frankfurt storage facility to retrieve a silver case. The person encounters some soldiers, who start shooting and set fire to some flammable barrels. After jumping out a window into a truck, the intruder reveals that she’s Renee. At Sydney’s house, she and Rachel, who has been staying with her, discuss the baby and Sydney’s apprehension about being a parent. She tells Rachel that she can stay as long as she wants. Jack and Sloane meet up at a restaurant, where Sloane tells Jack that he wants to come back to APO. Jack would still be in charge, but Sloane would be able to provide contacts, as well as use the CIA’s resources to find a cure for Nadia. Jack admits that he’s already put in a request to have Sloane reinstated, but he has the feeling that someone is trying to stop it from going forward. In her hideout, Renee opens the box she nabbed (see “…1…”), which contains a man (Patrick Bachau). At APO, Dixon fills Jack in on the raid in Frankfurt, which resulted in the theft of Atropine ZX, a stimulant used to revive people. He and Jack suspect that the person who stole the ZX has the box. Tom manages to get footage of the Frankfurt intruder, whom Dixon immediately identifies as Renee. Later, after Jack fills her in, Sydney says that Renee might not have the body, but if she does, she must have a reason for taking it. Sydney wants to go see her and Jack wants Tom to go with her, since he doesn’t trust Renee as Sydney does.

Sydney and Tom arrive at Renee’s hideout in Marseilles and decide to split up to get inside. Sydney tells Tom that he won’t need a weapon, but he reminds her that Renee has killed CIA agents. He adds that Jack told him he can take Renee out if she presents a threat to Sydney. Inside, Renee injects the man in the box with ZX and receives a call from Sydney. Renee heads outside and ambushes Tom, refusing to tell Sydney what’s going on with the box. They see the man up and around through the window and rush upstairs, where he holds a knife to Renee’s neck. After assuring him that Sydney and Tom won’t hurt them, the agents realize that the man is Renee’s father. Later, her father, Luc, is amazed that it’s been 23 years. He tells Renee that a man named Desantis is responsible for what happened to him. Sydney asks if Desantis has anything to do with Prophet Five, but before Luc can answer, he collapses. The agents quickly administer diazepam and Sydney asks Renee why Luc was in the box. Renee admits that she doesn’t know - she just wanted to get him out of it. In L.A., Sloane encounters Keach (see “Mockingbird”) after visiting Nadia. Sloane tells Keach to tell his employer that he’s going ahead as planned. Suddenly, Dean shows up and gives Sloane photos of a senator named Lewis who happens to be the chairperson of the Intelligence Committee. She’s the one standing in the way of Sloane’s reinstatement. Dean encourages him to “persuade” her to change her mind.

In Marseilles, Tom calls APO to get advice on how to help Luc. Rachel recognizes the name Aldo Desantis; Dean has files about him in a facility in San Francisco. Jack says that they’ll organize a mission to the facility and tells Tom to contact a doctor named Etienne Laurent who can care for Desantis. Sydney tries to convince Renee to let them help her, which she finally agrees to. As Tom is heading out to get their van, the power briefly goes out and he gets stuck in the elevator. He gets out at the first floor and sees armed men entering the building. As he runs from them, Renee gets a call demanding something that she took from the men. Tom returns and Renee announces that the men are French military; she thinks Sydney and Tom brought them there. As Tom gathers weapons, Sydney and Renee watch the men on surveillance cameras as they prepare to pump gas into the building. Renee says that she’ll go out to take out their truck, but Tom decides to go instead. At APO, Marshall and Rachel bond over War Games and hacking into the Pentagon. They prepare to hack into the San Francisco storage facility’s network to get the files on Desantis. Marshall then presents Rachel and Dixon with a robotic spider named Charlotte that will take photos of the files without them having to be removed from their storage container.

At the facility, Rachel and Dixon pose as people seeking a storage space for a vase. Rachel stays behind, pretending to call Dixon’s wife, so she can get Marshall access to the facility’s network. Dixon puts his vase in a vault, and after he leaves, Charlotte crawls out and takes photos of the files. In Marseilles, Renee tells Sydney that when she was a child, Luc got a job that would allow him to afford expensive medicine for her. Later, though, he came home scared and they fled their home for Geneva. In a flashback, Luc puts Renee in a closet and tells her not to open the door until the morning. He is then attacked by two men, injected with something, and taken away. In the present, Renee says that she later found out that Desantis was behind Luc’s abduction; Luc was paid for his clinical trials. Renee pursued Prophet Five after that because she wanted to make Desantis pay for her father’s supposed death. Outside, Tom knocks out a soldier and takes his uniform, then blows up the truck. He heads back inside and tells the others that if he can get rid of enough soldiers, they might give up. At a skating rink in D.C., Senator Lewis watches her daughter figure skate and gets a visit from Sloane. After pleading with her doesn’t work, he gives her the photos from Dean, making it clear that they’ll come after her daughter if she doesn’t cooperate.

In Marseilles, Renee tends to one of Tom’s wounds and he shows her a tracking device he found. He realizes that the signal it’s tracing is in the box and was probably activated when Renee opened it. At APO, Dixon tells Jack that thanks to Senator Lewis, Sloane’s security clearance has been reinstated, so he can return to the agency. Rachel and Marshall look through the Desantis files, discovering that the man in the box is not, in fact, Luc. In Marseilles, Luc (or whoever) offers to turn himself over to the military; he thinks they want him alive. He mentions the beacon, which Sydney didn’t know about, and he realizes he’s said too much. He holds her at gunpoint and tells Renee that Sydney was trying to kill him. Sydney announces that he’s actually being rescued by the military. She tells Renee to ask Luc where her father left her when he was taken away. Luc avoids the question and Renee asks him who he really is. Before he can answer, a helicopter arrives to extract him. Later, Sydney tells Renee that the helicopter was tracked to North Korea, though they’re still not sure who the fake Luc really was. Renee laments that she thought she had her father back, then apologizes for not trusting Sydney like Vaughn told her she could. In North Korea, Dean visits the fake Luc, addressing him as Desantis. Desantis tells him that Renee is alive and working for the CIA; Dean says it won’t be a problem to keep an eye on her. Sloane returns to APO to find Jack waiting to greet him.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Tom: “My mother always said, ‘If someone was worth shooting once, then they’re worth shooting twice.’”
Jack: “I’m sorry I never met her. She sounds like my kind of woman.”

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