"Over the Rainbow"
Written by Mere Smith; directed by Fred Keller

Angel, Wesley, and Lorne are looking for the missing Cordelia in Caritas (see “Belonging”). Wesley realizes that Cordelia must have been sucked through the portal into Lorne’s home dimension, Pylea. In the woods of Pylea, Cordelia starts yelling for the MoG, then realizes that she should keep quiet so “hellbeasts” won’t come after her. She tries to find something good about the new dimension but soon encounters a hellbeast, which chases her. Back in L.A., Angel announces that they need to open a portal and go after Cordelia. Wesley thinks that they should wait a little while and do some research first, telling Angel that they might not be able to get back to L.A. Angel simply says, “It’s Cordy,” deciding for both of them what they have to do. He reads from the book but nothing happens. He tries again, but the portal still doesn’t open. Angel is upset that he’s lost Cordelia so soon after the MoG were reunited, but Wesley tells him that there’s not much they can do. Lorne says that it might be better that they couldn’t get through - humans aren’t exactly welcomed in Pylea. Cordelia is still being chased by the hellbeast, which just licks her face when it catches up with her. They’re soon joined by an older demon who congratulates his hellbeast on finding a “cow,” which he’s going to sell in a market. Cordelia isn’t thrilled about this, and is even less thrilled when the demon gags her. Angel, Wesley, and Lorne head to the Hyperion, where Angel asks for info on Pylea; Lorne isn’t very forthcoming. Lorne confirms that he came to L.A. through a portal but says that he wasn’t the one who opened it - one opened and he took advantage of it.

Wesley notes that Caritas (where the portal transported Lorne) used to be a hotspot for psychic energy, but now it’s “cold,” which is why Angel couldn’t open another portal there. Lorne suggests waiting until the portals in Caritas and the library are recharged, but Angel says that they don’t have time - they need to find another hotspot. Wesley says that there’s another problem - when people head through the portal, they tend to separate. Lorne points out that Landok (again, see “Belonging”) and Cordelia probably arrived in Pylea separately and Angel realizes that Cordelia really is alone there. Gunn arrives and, after learning what he’s missed, announces that he won’t go to Pylea with the others. He explains that he lost a crew member and should have been there, and he’s not sure they’ll come back to L.A. He wishes the others luck and then leaves. Lorne announces that he’s not going, either since he never wants to leave the dimension he’s in now. He leaves and Angel and Wesley go back to figuring out what to do. In Pylea, Cordelia is taken to a “market” in a village, where she’s traded to a demon woman named Vakma. The demons put a collar on her and when Cordelia starts trying to talk her way out of her situation, Vakma zaps her with electricity. As Cordelia reluctantly leaves with Vakma, she doesn’t see Fred (again, see “Belonging”) watching her. Somewhere in L.A., Gunn sits in his truck, thinking. Lorne heads to an office building and meets up with a friend of his named Aggie who works at some sort of psychic hotline. She reads his aura and tells him that she can’t tell him where to find another portal for Angel and Wesley. After learning that Lorne isn’t planning to go with them, Aggie tells him that she’ll find another portal if he agrees to take one last trip back home.

At the Hyperion, Wesley tries to figure out a way to keep himself and Angel together once they go through the portal. Two men enter the hotel and one introduces himself as Gavin Park (Daniel Dae Kim), a lawyer with Wolfram & Hart. They’re there to appraise the hotel, since Angel’s lease is up in six months and Wolfram & Hart wants to buy the building. Angel refuses to cooperate and Gavin tells him that he’ll hear from them again. Cordelia, now in ratty clothes, shovels manure in a barn and talks to herself about how much she wants to go home. She decides that she needs to take her collar off but someone suddenly tells her not to try unless she wants something bad to happen to her head. Cordelia peeks through a hole in a wall and spots Fred on the other side. She’s surprised to see another human and tells Fred that she came there from L.A. Fred (who’s a little crazy) tells her that they’re in Pylea and that they won’t be able to leave. Cordelia tells her that her friends will come rescue her and Fred says that she tried to get back but didn’t have “the mass.” She asks how Cordelia arrived; Cordelia tells her about the portal. Before she can tell her where it was, some demons rush in and grab Fred. One of them, Narwek, notes that Fred has disabled her collar and tells her that she should have stayed in the woods. Angel leaves a message for Gunn, giving him some instructions in case he and Wesley don’t make it back from Pylea. Lorne arrives just as Wesley figures out how to get through a portal. Cordelia heads to a market with Vakma and tries to get information out of her about Fred. Suddenly Cordelia has a vision of a Drokken attacking a Pylean near a big yellow rock. A bunch of demons gather around as Vakma exclaims, “My cow is cursed!” Cordelia tries to explain that she’s not and that the townspeople have to go save the villager.

Angel, Wesley, and Lorne wind up outside a movie studio where the portal is supposed to open. Lorne reminds Wesley that they need their book in order to get back to L.A. Angel wonders if they need to put the top of the convertible up, but Wesley is 96% sure that they only need four metal sides around them in order to stay together on the trip through the portal. Gunn arrives, having gotten Angel’s message, and announces that he’s tagging along. Angel says that he would feel better if someone stayed behind, just in case, so Lorne says that he will. The others stop him and Wesley reads from the book, opening a portal. The MoG drive through and the book lands on the pavement back in L.A. The convertible stops in Pylea, where Angel freaks out about the sun, thinking that he’s going to catch fire. Lorne points out that there are two suns and Wesley says that they might not affect vampires the same way they do in their dimension. Angel is pleased to realize that he’s not on fire. Lorne suggests that they hide the car, which would stand out in Pylea. Cordelia is in a room surrounded by a bunch of villagers and is trying to downplay her visions. Narwek informs her that her vision was right and repeats that she has a curse. A demon named Silas announces that the must start a test to find out if she really is cursed; Cordelia isn’t happy to hear this. The other MoG finish covering the car and head off to find Cordelia. They quickly realize that they don’t have the book with them and Wesley tries to convince them that the book might only open portals and therefore won’t be useful in Pylea. Angel tells him that it doesn’t matter - they just need to find Cordelia.

Cordelia’s tests wrap up and Silas announces that she does have “the curse of the sight.” The other MoG head for the village and Lorne approaches the house of a childhood friend, Blix. Blix isn’t happy to see him and chases him off. The MoG wind up near the market where Cordelia was and find themselves surrounded by Pyleans. The fighting begins and Wesley announces, “I think we’re winning!” just before the four are captured and tied up. Narwek arrives and asks Lorne why he’s returned to Pylea with “cow-scum.” Lorne is taken away and the others are told that they’ll appear before a member of royalty for their sentencing. Elsewhere, Silas tells demons, “She is indeed cursed with the sight. Measures must be taken. Blood must be spilled.” Angel, Wesley, and Gunn are taken to a cell, where they realize that they won’t be able to escape. Angel uses his special vampire hearing to listen to demons talking about Cordelia and her visions, as well as the MoG’s upcoming trip to a castle for their sentencing. Guards appear to lead them out and Angel tells Wesley and Gunn, “Be ready.” At the castle, the MoG run into Lorne, who says that he was interrogated. Angel asks if they’ll be taken in together or separately; Lorne thinks they’ll be taken in together. Angel quickly shares a plan with the others as Narwek gives the guards instructions on what to do with them after they’re dead. On their way into the throne room for their sentencing, Angel begins to count to three. Inside, he starts attacking guards and is stopped when someone clears her throat. The MoG look up to see Cordelia sitting on the throne, wearing a crown. “Hi, guys,” she greets them cheerfully.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Um…there’s no place like home?

GRADE: B Let the wackiness begin.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Is this thing out of batteries??” - Angel re: the Pylean book

Angel: “Start talking.”
Lorne: “About my dimension? Okay, sure. Let’s see: I was there. I came here. I like here. I don’t wanna go there.”

Gavin: “We represent Wolfram and….”
Angel: “Already bored.”

Angel: “I’m just waiting for Wes to have that Eureka moment.”
Wesley: “Eureka!”
Angel: “Oh, jeez. Thank God.”
Lorne: “You mean he actually really says Eureka?”

Wesley: “And we didn’t merge into some freakish, four-men Siamese twin!”
Gunn: “That was a risk? How come nobody told me that was a risk?”

“You know, ordinarily I handle bad news really well. I just drown my sorrows in an ice-cold gin and tonic, little squeeze of lime. Except where they don’t have them here!” - Lorne

Lorne: “Xenophobia, kind of a watch-word where I’m from.”
Gunn: “I don’t get it. Why’re they afraid of Xena? I mean, I think she’s kind of fly.”
Wesley: “Xenophobia. Fear of foreigners?”
Gunn: “Oh. Then can we pretend I didn’t just say that?”

“I take the twenty on the left, you take the fifty on the right.” - Gunn

Gunn: (re: his chains) “It’s no use. This thing’s made out of some magical alloy.”
Wesley: “Really? How can you tell?”
Gunn: “I can’t. I’m just making myself feel better.”

Wesley: “No, these impenetrable stone walls are proving to be rather--.”
Gunn: “You say ‘impenetrable’ and I will kick your a%$.”

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