Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Daniel Attias

Sydney and Dixon are still in Badenweiler, having just blown up a plant with CIA agents inside (see “Doppelganger”). Dixon is unaware that the agents were in the plant and tries to get Sydney to leave before they get caught. Back in L.A., Sydney meets up with Vaughn at the self-storage facility and tells him that she reacted to the situation by basically going catatonic. She thinks that she was having some sort of flashback to what happened to Danny. She’s upset that she wasn’t able to stop the explosion, but Vaughn reminds her that she didn’t know Dixon had set up a second detonator. “Those men died for no reason,” Sydney says. “No. Those men died for their country,” Vaughn replies. Back at home, Sydney looks through photos, including some of her mother. Francie arrives and tells Sydney that she’s afraid Charlie is going to break up with her when she meets him for lunch later in the week. She sees a photo of Laura and tells Sydney that she was pretty. She asks how Sydney’s business trip was and Sydney tells her that it was bad - some people she worked with were terminated. “The economy sucks,” Francie laments. Later, Sydney gets a call from Helen Calder, the wife of an FBI agent who may have investigated Jack for spying for Russia (see “Doppelganger”). She meets with Helen and asks if her husband ever mentioned Jack. Helen says that Calder didn’t talk about his work much, then shows Sydney a picture of him. Sydney recognizes him, and when she gets home, she finds a photo of him from a newspaper article - he died in the same car accident as her mother.

At the self-storage facility, Sydney tells Vaughn that she always thought the accident really was an accident, but now she knows that Calder was chasing Jack. She thinks that if he hadn’t been, Laura would still be alive. Sydney wants to turn Jack in, but Vaughn points out that he was under suspicion 20 years ago and the CIA is already aware. Sydney notes that there were pages missing from his file, so maybe he’s not done selling secrets. Vaughn reminds her that Jack is helping them take down SD-6. She gets upset that he won’t let her do anything and asks if anything is ever unacceptable to him. Vaughn asks for two days to find out if Jack is still under suspicion. Francie meets up with Charlie, who announces that he wants to be a singer. The woman she saw him with is a pianist and they have their first gig on Friday. Francie is just happy that he doesn’t want to break up with her. At his office, Will learns that the fake Kate Jones’ license plate is registered to a woman named Eloise Kurtz. At SD-6, Sydney and Dixon are assigned to go to London to retrieve an encoding machine. After everyone else leaves, Sydney reveals to Jack that she knows what really happened the night Laura died. She vows to make him pay. Later, she meets Vaughn at a driving range and he gives her a bug (shaped like an actual bug). He tells her that they’re taking a little at a time from SD-6’s mainframe so they don’t notice anything. Sydney admits that she told Jack that she knows about Calder. Vaughn gets upset that she went against his orders but she says that he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a parent like that. He reveals that his father, an agent, was killed in the line of duty. He adds that he’s been asked to represent the CIA at the funerals of the agents killed in Badenweiler.

Will tracks down Eloise (aka “Kate”) and asks her for five minutes so he can find out more about Danny. She sprays him with mace instead. Sydney and Dixon head to a gallery in London, where Dixon creates a diversion by lighting up a cigar. Sydney goes to an office to break into a vault, but just as she’s finishing up, she sets of a motion detector. She winds up having to hide on top of a hot pipe until the coast is clear. Back at home, Francie tells Sydney how surprised she is that Charlie wants to be a singer, since he rarely sings. She’s worried that he’ll be devastated if doesn’t do well at his gig. At the gig, Francie is happy that Charlie has been talking her up to the woman she thought he was cheating with. Eloise calls Will, feeling badly about macing him, and tells him that she was paid $2,000 to tell him that she was having an affair with Danny. She agrees to talk to him if he comes back to her apartment the next day. Sydney helps break the tension in the club and Charlie performs well; Francie is proud to call him her boyfriend. At SD-6, Sloane and Jack tell Sydney that they need DNA from a man named Perkashov who, unfortunately, is dead and whose burial location is unknown. They know that he was killed by a man named Martin Shephard, but Shephard’s subconscious is programmed to react to part of a poem. When it’s spoken the first time, he’ll do whatever is asked of him; when it’s spoken a second time, whatever he’s done will be erased from his memory. Sydney needs to get close to Shephard, recite the poem, and find out where Perkashov is buried. However, Shephard is in an institution in Bucharest. Sydney will pose as a patient and an agent named Fisher will pose as her doctor and check her into the institution.

Outside, Jack gives Sydney a message from the CIA, since Vaughn isn’t available to give it to her. She notes that Vaughn is at a funeral for agents who died because of people like Jack. Rather than listening to his message, she tells him where to go and asks him to explain to her what really happened in the past. Jack tells her that she doesn’t have clearance. She thinks this is a horrible excuse, but he points out that the last time she broke rules, something pretty bad happened. Fisher checks Sydney into the institution in Bucharest and they meet a doctor named Kreshnik. Fisher tells him that they were referred to the institution by the consulate. Will goes back to Eloise’s apartment and finds it empty, though there’s fresh paint on the wall. Vaughn attends the CIA agents’ funerals and tells a little boy that his father was a hero. At SD-6 Marshall realizes that there’s a worm in the computer system and has to turn everything off. Sloane calls someone and tells him that they may have a mole. As Sydney finds Shephard at the institution, Kreshnik tells Fisher that the consulate doesn’t remember recommending the institution to anyone. Sydney recites the poem, sending Shephard into a rage. An orderly breaks up the fight and tells Sydney, “We know what you’re doing, Miss Bristow.” At the CIA, an agent tells Weiss that Kreshnik is with K-Directorate. At the institution, Sydney frees herself from a straightjacket and goes to find Fisher, who has been murdered.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “What’s this?”
Vaughn: “A bug.”
Sydney: “What are you, 12 years old?”

Official: “Actually, this is a non-smoking gallery.”
Dixon: (smoking a cigar) “Not anymore.”

Sydney: “Raid my closet.”
Francie: “Thanks, but I got boobs.”

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