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Twitter Updates

    Tumblr: McCall and Jackal, Private Investigators

    My '90s love/hate blog: '90s Flashback

    Current journal entries: I give you leave to go

    Just read: Because Internet (Gretchen McCulloch)

    Currently reading: The Warehouse (Rob Hart)

    In Jenn's Big Stack o' Books: After Her (Joyce Maynard)
    After We Fall (Emma Kavanagh)
    Black Leopard, Red Wolf (Marlon James)
    Dream with Little Angels (Michael Hiebert)
    Half Baked (Alexa Stevenson)
    The Little Friend (Donna Tartt)
    Look for Her (Emily Winslow)
    The Monsters of Templeton (Lauren Groff)
    Never Have I Ever (Joshilyn Jackson)
    The Oracle Year (Charles Soule)
    Recursion (Blake Crouch)
    Searching for Sylvie Lee (Jean Kwok)
    Self-Made Man (Norah Vincent)
    Trust Exercise (Susan Choi)
    The Whole World (Emily Winslow)
    Woke Up Lonely (Fiona Maazel)
    Woman With a Gun (Phillip Margolin)

    Current obsessions/interests/things occupying my time: So You Think You Can Dance
    "Alligator" (Of Monsters and Men)

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