"So it Begins"
Written by J.J. Abrams; directed by Ken Olin

A disguised Sydney runs down a hallway as men shoot and shout at her in French. She heads for an elevator, escapes via elevator shaft, and jumps in a limo, where she hands a box over to a man. In L.A., Sydney tells Vaughn of her first meeting with Leonard Dreyfus, a man who helps fund SD-6 operations. She adds that there is a crew outside of Memphis, Egypt that provides SD-6 with a lot of weapons. She suggests that taking out them and their leader, Ineni Hassan, will help shut down SD-6. In a flashback, Sydney and Dixon meet with Hassan, gets mad at an employee and shoots him. In the present, Vaughn tells Sydney that he’s supposed to be the one providing plans. He tells her that whenever she gets an assignment from SD-6, she’ll write it out on a paper bag and throw it in a pre-marked trash can. After the CIA has created a counter mission for her, they’ll call her posing as a wrong number, Joey’s Pizza. Sydney thinks she’s being condescended to and makes it clear that she’s not pleased. She tells him that she’ll help him destroy SD-6, and then she’s out of the spy business. She figures it will only take a couple of months. Vaughn tells her to draw a map of SD-6 and its allies to show how far the organization reaches. Sydney does so, then tells him that no matter what his problem is with her, she wants to do things her way. She’s shocked when he shows her an actual map of SD-6 and its extensive reach. “This is not about cutting off an arm of the monster. This is about killing the monster,” Vaughn tells her. He then puts a sticker on her arm, since they’re meeting inside of a bloodmobile.

Francie and her boyfriend Charlie (Evan Dexter Parke) help Sydney move into her new house and are joined by Will. The four make plans to celebrate Charlie’s recent job offer later in the week. In the bedroom, Will stops restraining himself and asks Sydney why she asked for his sister’s passport in “Truth be Told.” She doesn’t answer. Will asks if something was going on with Danny; he thinks he must have been in some kind of trouble. Sydney asks him to accept what she’s already told him. She tells him that she lost it for a while and started imagining things, but now she wants to move on. Sydney heads to Credit Dauphine, where Marshall expresses his condolences over Danny’s death. The two of them meet with Dixon and Sloane, who wants Sydney and Dixon to stop a man named Navour from buying stolen intelligence documents from Russian mobsters. Marshall provides knock-out drops. After the meeting, Dixon laments the fact that they keep trying to fight the bad guys but they still come back. Sloane takes Sydney to see Jack, wanting Jack to tell her that he works for SD-6 (which, of course, she already knows). Sydney asks if Jack knew that Danny was going to be killed. He admits that he did. She slaps him and tells him never to speak to her again. Later, Sydney writes out her mission on a bag and carries out the rest of her protocol. Back at home, she gets her first call for Joey’s Pizza. She meets Vaughn at a convenience store and he tells her to make sure she gets the stolen files so that the CIA can get them via brush pass and copy them.

At his office, Will tries to fend off the advances of a younger co-worker, Jenny (Sarah Shahi). He asks her to pull Danny’s file for him. Sydney and Dixon begin their mission in Moscow, with Sydney disguised as a maid and Dixon impersonating Navour. Dixon meets with the mobsters as Sydney knocks out the real Navour to get his money. However, she discovers that he doesn’t have any cash and realizes that he was going to steal the files. She quickly takes off her maid’s uniform, revealing a now-famous blue latex dress, and prepares to change plans. Back in L.A., Weiss notices that Vaughn is nervous about Sydney and teasingly reminds him that his girlfriend’s name is Alice. Sydney heads to the bar and executes a switch for the files, which are on disks. The Russians catch on that Dixon isn’t Navour and he and Sydney have to resort to violence. Back in L.A., Vaughn gets the disks from Sydney in a brush pass, copies them, and returns them to her before Dixon can notice that anything is out of the ordinary. Sydney rushes home so that she can put her engagement ring back on. Later, she goes to dinner with Francie, Charlie, Will, and a friend; Will pulls her aside and tells her that the night Danny was killed, he was booked on a flight to Singapore. Sydney tells him that he was going to a conference and she was planning to fly out later to meet up with him. She pretends to be upset about the investigating and asks Will to let it go. At SD-6, Sloane tells Sydney that, according to the disks, there’s a nuclear weapon buried somewhere in the U.S. He sends her after a guy named Ivanov and she informs Vaughn of her mission.

Vaughn tries to convince his boss not to move forward on the information about the weapon in case they jeopardize Sydney’s double agent status. He asks his boss to give her five hours to do something on her own. After the boss agrees, Weiss praises Vaughn’s guts. Sydney goes to Virginia to find Ivanov and discovers that he’s been dead for almost 30 years. She digs up the grave and discovers a bomb in a coffin. Panicking, she calls Marshall, who helps her disarm it. Later, Vaughn blasts her for calling SD-6, as well as for going to Virginia without contacting the CIA properly; now SD-6 has the bomb. Sydney says that they’ll just track it down and steal it back, but Vaughn tells her that the bomb is now in Cairo, having been sold to Hassan. Sydney thinks she can get it back anyway. She meets with Jack, who promises to make sure that SD-6 doesn’t know what she’s up to. She asks who bought Danny the ticket to Singapore and he tells her that he did. He also bought one for her but it was too late. At the CIA, Vaughn is told that he’s been pulled as Sydney’s handler because he’s not senior enough. At SD-6, Jack tells Sloane that Sydney has gone away for a few days to digest what she’s learned about his work. In Cairo, Sydney finds the bomb and removes the core, but gets caught by Hassan.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Vaughn: “Any questions so far?”
Sydney: “Yeah. Can you show me what a bag looks like again?”

Will: “There’s a woman in Marina Del Ray who’s eating newspapers.”
Francie: “She’s eating it?”
Will: “She’s pregnant and apparently it’s a condition some women get before they….”
Sydney: “Eating newspaper’s a condition?”
Will: “Yeah, yeah. This is what I write about. This is how I make a living. And Lintback says my writing’s too judgemental and I’m like, ‘Well, who cares? She’s not gonna read it anyway, she’s gonna swallow it.’”

Marshall: “Okay! Okay! Cut the blue-white wire!”
Sydney: “Okay, cutting the blue-white wire!”
Marshall: “Oh, hold the phone!”
Marshall: “Are there two timer panels, or one?”
Sydney: “Just - I only see one!”
Marshall: “All right! Try the blue wire!”
Sydney: “‘TRY IT’?!”

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