"Time Has Come Today"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Daniel Minahan

Meredith voices over about time losing meaning in the OR, and how surgeons can make time stand still there but not outside the OR: “For even the strongest of us, it seems to play tricks. Slowing down, hovering, until it freezes, leaving us stuck in a moment, unable to move in one direction or the other.” At the trailer, Addison finds Meredith’s panties in Derek’s coat pocket (see “Losing My Religion”). The interns stand outside the bathroom at Meredith’s house while Izzie lies on the floor inside, still wearing her prom dress. Alex, George, and Cristina think Meredith should be the one to help her out, since she’s “dark and twisty” thanks to her parental issues. In the bathroom, Izzie sits up and has a flashback to the mixer where the interns all met each other for the first time. She meets Alex, who is surprised to learn that she’s a surgical intern since she doesn’t seem hardcore enough for it. “You won’t last the first year, babe,” he predicts. George lies down on the floor with Izzie and suggests that she change clothes. She shuts him up, telling him there’s nothing to discuss. At Seattle Grace, Bailey IDs Denny’s body before he can be taken to a funeral home. There won’t be a funeral, and his family is having his body sent to Memphis. Bailey apologizes to Denny before his body is taken away.

At the house, Meredith makes sandwiches, telling Cristina that when someone dies, people cook. Cristina tells her about how Jewish people sit shiva for the dead, but Meredith isn’t sure they can do that since Izzie is Catholic. Cristina says it doesn’t matter, since it’s what she knows how to do, and suggests that they order in instead. Meredith defends her sandwiches, saying that they’re comfort food. Cristina thinks she’s acting strangely and asks what she did. Meredith tries to keep them focused on Denny’s death and Burke’s shooting, but she eventually admits, “I lost my panties last night.” Speaking of the panties, Addison has washed them and is now putting them in a Ziploc bag in her purse. Webber and Derek run into each other at the hospital, where Derek has spent the night performing surgery. Webber admits that he stayed to see Denny’s autopsy. Derek asks if Webber has seen Meredith, then asks him to find someone to cover his rounds so he can leave the hospital. Unfortunately, Bailey tells Derek that there’s a patient with head trauma on the way in, so he can’t leave just yet. The patient is Giselle, who was in a car accident with her husband Omar. They were on their way to the ER because both of them are sick with what they think is the flu. As Derek rushes Gisele to the OR, a paramedic brings a newborn into the pit, having found him in a trashcan at a prep school. Alex rushes him to the NICU, not wanting him around a bunch of people with the flu.

Addison joins Alex in the NICU and demands to know where the baby’s mother is. He tells her that the baby was abandoned and has intra-abdominal bleeding. Addison wants to find the mother so they can test her for maternal platelet antibodies, though Alex thinks they should just operate already. Olivia informs Addison that there are some people there about the baby. In Giselle’s OR, Derek asks George how Izzie is, noting that losing a patient never gets easier. George points out that Denny was more than just a patient - he and Izzie were in love. Back at the house, Meredith has filled Cristina in on her activities with Derek; Cristina has a hard time wrapping her mind around it since Meredith is with Finn and Derek is with Addison. Meredith reports that Derek asked her what this means, but she’s not sure. Meredith then has a flashback to riding a carousel as a child and seeing Ellis arguing with Webber about leaving their spouses. This appears to be the moment when Webber finally decided to stay with Adele instead of leaving her for Ellis. At the hospital, Webber meets with Adele, who has had to make an appointment to get time to talk to him. Bailey interrupts to tell Webber that people from the IDC are there because Gisele and Omar happen to have come in contact with…the plague.

Addison meets with four 14-year-old girls (Shannon, Sarah, Lisa, and Karen) and their parents, who are arguing over how none of their daughters could be the baby’s mother. The parents suggest that Addison perform DNA tests to determine who the mother is, but Addison notes that that will take too long. She’d rather perform vaginal exams on the girls, but some of the parents won’t consent (though Lisa’s father is fine with it as long as it proves his daughter’s innocence). Addison says she doesn’t need the parents’ consent - she needs the girls to agree to figure this out, or the baby will die. All of the girls remain quiet, asking Addison if they look like the kind of girls to get pregnant and abandon babies. Derek finds George in the locker room, getting ready to go home, and tells him he did a good job in the OR. Derek wants to go to Meredith’s house, but George doesn’t think Izzie is up for having a lot of people around right now. Both of them start to leave, but they’re stopped by men from the IDC, who tell them they have to be quarantined in the locker room until the IDC can determine if Gisele and Omar have the plague. Bailey tells Webber that she can handle the plague situation so he can go home with Adele, but Webber would rather stick around and take care of things (and, of course, avoid Adele).

Bailey passes by Omar’s room and hears him calling out for help. An IDC guy tries to keep Bailey away, but she wants to make sure her patient is okay. Through the door, she tells Omar that Gisele is out of surgery and doing fine. Omar, however, is losing track of time and thinks he’s been in quarantine for days rather than hours. Bailey tries to calm him down and agrees to stay with him for a little while. Callie arrives at Meredith’s with food and shares the news that George has been quarantined at the hospital. She promises Meredith that she’s not going to tell anyone about walking in on her and Derek together. Cristina takes her turn on the bathroom floor with Izzie, telling her she needs to change clothes. Izzie asks for more information on shiva instead. She thinks a tradition of honoring the dead and supporting the grieving sounds nice. Cristina doesn’t, since there are so many regulations about things you can’t do - including wearing clean clothes. She tells Izzie that this doesn’t have to be shiva, but Izzie wants to continue because Denny’s body has been taken away and she’ll never be able to see him again. At the hospital, Addison asks the girls if they want to see the baby, but they continue to deny that it’s any of theirs. Webber and Addison inform their parents that without the girls’ consent, they can’t perform vaginal exams. However, Webber can stop the parents from taking the girls home. The parents argue about which girl is most likely to be the mother because of her upbringing.

Addison flashes back to the night Derek found her in bed with Mark and threw her and her stuff out of their house. After leaving her outside in the rain for a minute, he lets her back in. She begs him to give her a chance to show how sorry she is, but he tells her he’ll move out the next day. Cristina flashes back to the intern mixer, where she meets Burke and gushes over how great he is. At the same time, George chats with Meredith, who is distracted by looking at Webber. In the locker room, George is a little panicked about the quarantine, but Derek is calm and knows it’s just a precaution. Derek starts looking through people’s lockers for food. Elsewhere, Addison laments to Webber that because of Safe Haven laws, the girls could have left the baby at a hospital or a fire station and not gotten in any trouble. The two discuss their options and decide to take blood samples from the girls to determine who couldn’t be the baby’s mother. Finn arrives at Meredith’s and Meredith quickly runs off to check on Izzie, leaving Finn to talk to Callie. Callie tells him that doctors are “socially retarded” because they’ve been in school so long. She laments that she’s in love with a guy who won’t say he loves her back, and now she’s cooking in his kitchen and waiting for him to come home and notice. She tells Finn that they’re all 17 years old and this is just “high school with scalpels.”

Up in the bathroom, Meredith lies with Izzie and admits that she doesn’t know what to say. Izzie asks if, when Dylan became pink mist (see “(As We Know It)”), Meredith felt like things were moving in slow motion. Meredith says that it was just that things happened in a split second - Dylan was there one second and gone the next. Izzie says that she feels like she’s moving in slow motion but everything around her is moving fast. She wants to go back to when things were normal, but she’s stuck here with people around her waiting for her to do or say something. She’s fine with doing whatever is expected of her and what will make the others more comfortable, but she doesn’t know how to be this person, or even who this person is. “How did this happen? How did we end up here? Why am I alone? Where’s Denny?” Meredith just takes her hand and tells her she’s not alone. George and Derek continue searching lockers for food, finding a ton in Izzie’s locker. George talks about her in the past tense, saying that she ate a lot to keep up her energy. He admits that it feels like Izzie died because things have changed and she’s never going to be the same. Derek tells him that there are split seconds in people’s lives where everything changes forever. Webber approaches and George asks if they can be let out of quarantine, but they can’t.

Derek flashes back to meeting Meredith at the ECB the night before her first day at Seattle Grace (see “A Hard Day’s Night”). She tries to ignore him, but he tells her that he’s someone she “need[s] to get to know to love.” She labels him something of a narcissist, but he says he’s just hiding his pain. In the NICU, Alex wonders how the mother’s parents were so out of it that they didn’t know their daughter was pregnant. Addison says that parents just want to see the best in their kids. She also understands how the mother could panic and try to pretend that nothing happened. She just isn’t sure how the girl could just go back to her life and pretend that everything’s fine, because it’s not. The blood results come back and Karen and Lisa are both eliminated as the baby’s mother. Omar calls out for Bailey again, telling her that he’s feeling better. It doesn’t last long, however - Giselle developed complications thanks to her exposure to the plague, and she didn’t survive. Omar starts to have trouble breathing, but Bailey calms him but putting her hands on the window and having him put his hands on hers. He asks if she believes in an afterlife, and she responds that she has to, with her job. She thinks that doctors have to believe that when we die, we go to a better place.

In the locker room, George starts panicking over Giselle’s death, worrying that he’s getting sicker. Derek is still completely calm and refuses to give in to George’s anxiety. George complains that Derek has lived his life - he’s done things, he has nice hair, and he has a hot wife and a pretty ex-mistress who’s still pining after him. Of course, Derek likes the sound of this. George continues that no one will care if Derek dies, but if George dies, he can’t believe this will be it. He mentions that Callie said she loves him but he didn’t respond because he’s not ready. Now he’s going to die and not get the chance to say “I love you” back. Derek asks if George does love Callie and he says he might one day…“soon-ish.” He asks if Derek ever told Meredith he loves her, but Derek didn’t. George replies that he did, but it’s different with Callie. Derek encourages George to tell Callie he loves her, even if it’s “soon-ish,” because someone else could come along. Meredith returns to her kitchen and Callie leaves so she and Finn can talk about what may or may not have happened between Meredith and Derek the night before. Finn points out that he and Meredith aren’t exclusive, so he can’t be mad. He adds that though Meredith thinks she’s dark and twisty, she still deserves good things - and Derek isn’t one of them. If there’s a competition for Meredith’s heart, he wants to take part in it.

Back in Webber’s office, Adele tells her husband that she’s not happy about being kept waiting, especially since Webber always makes her wait. She’s done, and she wants Webber to decide between her and the hospital. It’s time for him to retire. Addison takes Shannon and Sarah to the NICU and tells them that they’re wrong for lying about what happened and letting the baby suffer. She knows the truth will come out eventually, but when it does, it’ll be too late for the baby. Finally Shannon confesses and asks Addison not to tell her mother. In the locker room, George asks Derek if he really doesn’t feel sick. He doesn’t, but he’s worried it might be too late. George asks what might be too late, but they’re interrupted by someone from the IDC telling them that they’re free to go. Both men run off to Meredith’s as Addison and Alex operate on the baby. Addison says that she can’t imagine the childhood he’ll have now that his mother is going to juvie and his grandparents are clueless. Alex tells her that kids can get over bad childhoods now matter how bad things are - they just have to survive. At Meredith’s, George happily reunites with Callie, who tells him again that she loves him. He kisses her instead of responding, earning a disappointed look from Derek.

Derek finds Meredith in the kitchen and tells her he wanted to come over that morning, but he couldn’t because of the quarantine. He continues that she has a choice to make now, but she shouldn’t make it before she’s ready. This morning he was going to come over and say something, but now all he can say is that he loves her. Derek wants Meredith to take her time to make her decision because when he had to make a decision, he made the wrong one. As Derek leaves, Meredith voices over some clichés about time. Adele asks Webber if he’s made up his mind, but he tells her he hasn’t had time to think yet. She interprets this as the decision that he’s not going to retire. At the hospital, Addison pins Meredith’s panties to a bulletin board under a lost-and-found sign as Cristina goes to see Burke for the first time all day. She crawls into bed with him and starts crying, asking him not to ever die. He promises to try his best. In the bathroom, Izzie has another flashback to the mixer, excitedly telling George that they’ll be surgeons the next day (as Alex leaves the party with Olivia). She finally gets up and tells Meredith, “I’m ready.” Meredith helps her take off her prom dress.

THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: The Chambers Brothers/The Ramones

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Dr. Shepherd, those are people’s personal…that’s Alex’s apple.” (Derek takes a bite) “That’s just rude.” - George

“I’m in love with a guy that won’t say he loves me back, and here I am in his kitchen, cooking, just hoping that he comes home and notices me. I’m a total freak. I’m that girl in the back of the class who eats her hair. Meredith…she’s 17 years old. We’re all 17 years old. It’s high school with scalpels.” - Callie to Finn

George: “Is it hot in here?”
Derek: “No.”
George: “Then why am I sweating?”
Derek: “‘Cause you’re pacing.”
George: “My pulse is rapid.”
Derek: “‘Cause you’re still pacing.”
George: “Feel me.”
Derek: “I’m not going to feel you.”
George: “Seriously.”
Derek: “Seriously, no.”

“I’m gonna…leave the room for a period of time for no reason whatsoever.” - Callie, giving Meredith and Finn some privacy

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