General Hospital blog - January, 2020

January 2nd, 2020

Obrecht calls Ava out for showing up to the wedding, but Jax, who has figured out that Ava and Nina are scheming together, pretends she's his plus one. Valentin is also suspicious of Ava, at least with regard to the painting, and has Martin send her to a parapet for an interrogation. He offers a deal for the codicil, and when she plays coy about it, he outright demands it. When that doesn't work, either, Valentin tries plan C: pushing her off the parapet. Sasha sees Nina and Madeline's DNA test and asks how long Nina's known that she didn't act alone. Nina says she's been aware of Valentin's involvement since the truth about Sasha's maternity came out. Sasha thinks she should still be with Valentin, but Nina lets on that she's going to do something to get revenge. Sasha tells Michael that she's worried Nina will cause more heartache than she plans. Carly FINALLY tells Sonny that the secret she and Jax have been keeping is that Nikolas is alive. Sonny brushes over all the Cassadine stuff and can only focus on the part where Carly kept something from him, supposedly because she couldn't trust him with the truth. It also doesn't help that she kept the secret with Jax, of all people. Sam has her first home visit from her parole officer, who's displeased with her living arrangements. Sam sadly tells Jason that they can't see each other anymore, presumably because she's not allowed to hang out with criminals. Laura asks Charlotte if she might have decided the man on Lulu's phone was her bodyguard after she saw his picture, not before. Charlotte says she recognized his ring, which has the Cassadine crest. Laura asks Lulu to send her the picture Charlotte saw of Nikolas, which doesn't show his hand or a ring, so now Laura's really intrigued. Sam, Jason, and Michael are confused about why Michael was invited to Shiloh's memorial, and suspect the Shilohtologists might want to claim "Wiley."

How many blond women have to fall/be pushed off a parapet before people stop going out there?

No one seems to be wondering where Maxie and Peter are – shouldn't they be at Wyndemere? Maxie would absolutely be there to help Nina get ready.

I think Sasha's the only person left arguing that Valentin isn't completely awful. (Charlotte doesn't count.)

Oh, good, another contrived way to keep Sam and Jason apart. I just rolled my eyes so hard I sprained something. This will obviously be temporary.

January 3rd, 2020

Charlotte almost catches Valentin just after he's tried to kill Ava, and he might want to have her hearing tested, since she didn't hear Ava scream. Jax tells Nina that he knows she's weighing two options – marry Valentin or destroy him – and neither is going to end well for her or Charlotte. When Charlotte visits Nina right before the wedding starts and talks about how they're about to get their happily ever after, Nina may make her decision. At the altar, giving no indication that she's planning anything devious, Nina lets Valentin declare his love, then asks him to confirm that there are no more secrets between them. Valentin does, then says, "I do." Before Nina can either go through with things or end them, Ava returns to the house, being carried by Nikolas. Part of Sam's parole terms is that she can't associate with felons, like the one who lives in her penthouse. Diane can't do anything, and she warns that no matter how good Sam and Jason are at sneaking around, they shouldn't take the risk of getting caught. Her advice is to get Spinelli to dig up something on the parole officer and try to get Sam a new one. Until then, there will be no more Morgan Family Togetherness Time. Diane also looks over Brook's record contract, but there's no way to get her out of it. Her manager has rights to all her music until she produces three albums. The only option is for someone to buy out the contract, which Ned refuses to do even after Brook says that Link/Linc/whatever hit on her. He feels bad for her, but he thinks she needs to figure her own way out of this instead of just letting Daddy's money take care of everything. Olivia notes that Brook is a lot like Tracy, so she may come up with a solution that's...well, Tracy-like. Michael, Sasha, Willow, and Chase jinx the heck out of their happiness and relationships, and also I think they might be setting it up for something bad to happen to Sasha? Lulu's at the wedding reluctantly, and Laura reminds her that she and Valentin want to try to get along for Charlotte's sake. Michael's worried that Ned will make an ELQ power grab.

That awkward moment when your wedding is interrupted by the woman you just tried to kill, being carried by another person you tried to kill.

It's pretty telling that no one wondered where Ava was the whole episode.

NO WAY would Diane not have known the terms of Sam's parole. And there's no way Sam wouldn't have already been told this stuff. She's been out a week!

So Brook is Ke$ha? I didn't see that coming. Also, $5 says either Nikolas or Julian buys out her contract.

Please, not another Quartermaine civil war. PLEASE.

January 6th, 2020

Nikolas announces that he's the true heir, and not just because of the codicil. Valentin's not really a Cassadine: Mikkos wasn't his father, but Helena was his mother. Valentin won't believe him, partly because Helena hated him, which...doesn't really mean anything, but okay. Nikolas tells him that Helena lied to Mikkos about Valentin's paternity, which is why he had to be written out of the will later. Laura and Lulu are basically the only people happy to see Nikolas, but it doesn't last long, at least for Laura. Once Nikolas tells them he stayed away voluntarily, Laura blasts him for hurting his family, especially Spencer. Of course, Nikolas sings his favorite song, saying everything he did was for Spencer. Valentin notices that Nina's not surprised to see Nikolas and guesses that a) she knew he was alive and b) the whole wedding was some kind of set-up. Nina confirms that she was never going to marry him, and that she's known since the truth about Sasha came out that he was behind it. She adds that he could have fixed everything by just telling the truth, but since he didn't, he's brought this all on himself. As Jax offers to help Nina any way she needs, Valentin goes to grab Charlotte and run off, but he'll have to go through Maxie and Peter. Ava objects to Jordan's failure to do anything about her accusations that Valentin tried to kill her, and Nina's mentions of his other misdeeds. Martin argues that she's drunk and Obrecht is the only one who saw him take Madeline's DNA, so no one can prove that Valentin has committed any crimes. Ava drops it and moves on to the next step of whatever her, Nina, and Nikolas' plan is: She and Nikolas are going to get married. Josslyn and Dev exchange New Year's gifts, a Turkish tradition, and I guess Josslyn is over Oscar because she kisses him. She thinks he'll be happy, since Trina told her he likes her, but he's worried about ruining their current living arrangements or doing something to upset Sonny and Carly. Trina realizes that Cameron likes Josslyn, like, where have you been, and tells him that Dev likes her, too. The two agree to go to their mid-winter formal together if neither of them has a date. Maxie and Peter take Charlotte to bed and discuss all the goings-on downstairs, which doesn't really amount to anything, except that she points out that Valentin was expecting Nina to return his feelings, and Peter notes that bad people also fall in love.

Valentin saying, "News flash, genius" was utterly bizarre.

I'm disappointed that Charlotte didn't just start yelling, "I told you guys! I told you all!" as soon as Nikolas walked in.

If Valentin thinks Helena's hatred for him means she couldn't have been his mother, he must not have heard about Irina. Which is fine, and we don't need to talk about her. Ever.

Nikolas broke the rule everyone on this show forgets about: Don't tick off Laura.

Valentin is so predictable. Of course he wants to flee with Charlotte. That's what he always does in these situations.

Isn't Nikolas still married to Hayden? Maybe when he disappeared recently, he was off getting a quickie divorce. Remember how everyone on this show used to get quickie divorces in the Dominican Republic?

Maxie must have wiped 2016 from her memory, because Nikolas was no angel back then, either.

January 7th, 2020

Laura and Lulu both think a Nikolas/Ava marriage would be a huge mistake, but Ava insists that they're in love and this is romantic and awesome. Nikolas basically looks like a hostage who's about to start blinking a distress message in Morse code. Laura tells Ava that she's both happy to have Nikolas back and furious that he stayed away for so long and let them all grieve. She realizes that Nikolas is acting very Cassadine-like and points out that since he "haunted" Ava, this isn't a good match. Meanwhile, Kevin tells Nikolas that he's hurt a lot of people and encourages him to call Spencer (who doesn't answer the phone). No one wants to watch Nikolas and Ava get married, so they tie the knot with only the officiant present. Valentin dispatches with Peter with a knee to the groin, sends Maxie after him, and takes off with Charlotte. Jordan has gotten a warrant to arrest him, and when Lulu realizes that he took Charlotte, she wants kidnapping added to his list of crimes. Valentin uses the tunnels to get off the island undetected, but he runs into Anna, who's curious about why he and Charlotte are in town instead of on the island for the wedding. Her questions delay them long enough for Jordan to catch up with them and arrest Valentin as he yells that Nikolas deserves to be imprisoned, too. Nina admits to Jax that she wasn't sure what she was going to do before Nikolas interrupted the ceremony. She wanted Valentin to confess to everything he did, but he decided to keep quiet. Even though she revealed his crimes in front of everyone, she's upset to see him get arrested. Finn tries to stay quiet as Anna tells Mac that she wasn't able to figure out who hired Black to kill Franco and/or Andre. Sonny and Carly haven't officially made up after their fight, but they're on the same side about one thing: Gladys is annoying. To be filed away for future reference, along with the death of Jordan's friend: Someone hijacked one of Sonny's coffee trucks.

Amazingly, this is, as far as we know, Ava's very first time getting married. Assuming it's legal, which I'm not sure it is.

Now I wonder if Ava doesn't know that Nikolas and Hayden are still married. It would be just like him to keep that in his back pocket.

Great, Laura, wiped 2016 from her memory, too. Nikolas was Cassadine-ish then! He manipulated people to steal ELQ! He framed Drew for his murder! Why does no one remember this?

Maybe Valentin did us all a favor and rendered Peter unable to procreate.

Peter, you just witnessed a possible kidnapping. You can't just go home!

January 8th, 2020

Ava spends the morning after her wedding just like every other bride: looking for the gun she slept with under her pillow, only to find it in her new husband's hand. Obviously they made a deal – she'll give him the codicil if he gives her some of his inheritance – but Ava would like to hold off on keeping her end of it for a little while. However, she doesn't trust Nikolas not to kill her, so she wants Obrecht to hang around as a chaperone. Obrecht still despises Nikolas for all the Britt stuff, so she hopes he loses out on everything, even if it means Valentin wins. Nikolas fully admits to making bad decisions in the past and indulging his dark side, but I don't think he's that remorseful about it. Ava tells Nikolas they can work out their arrangement as soon as he signs a post-nup. In the middle of all the chaos Nikolas' return has caused, Lulu is only focused on Charlotte. She wants to move right away to try to get full custody. Maxie and Laura think she should wait, since he could go to prison and render custody irrelevant, but Lulu wants to get started while he's in lock-up and can't fight back. Valentin is also focused on Charlotte over his potential incarceration; he figures Robert will go on a pointless crusade to convict him but won't be able to make anything stick. Martin is eager to help Valentin (since his paycheck will be worth it) and totally believes that Valentin didn't try to kill Ava. Carly summons Sam and Jason to the Corinthos compound to give them a place to spend time together without anyone catching them. Alexis is displeased and warns them that they're playing a dangerous game. Carly wants the couple to brainstorm ways to change their situation, and Jason quickly comes up with something that involves presenting Robert with a proposal. Sonny bribes Gladys to go home by buying her a car so she can come visit Mike any time she wants. Gladys asks to stick around until Donna's christening, but Sonny won't budge. She isn't too offended and even gives him an article about a medical experiment that could help Mike. After Carly announces that Nikolas is back, Alexis goes to see him and learns of his new marriage. Ava spins it as romantic, but Alexis is too smart to fall for that.

Oh, Valentin had the right to take Charlotte? Then why did he sneak her out?

If I were Alexis, I would yell at Sam, too. And also Nikolas. I hope Alexis can find someone to hang out with who's not currently making horrible decisions.

Heh, Carly conveniently left out that she knew Nikolas was alive before last night.

Sonny: "You're good to go." Me: "So...go."

January 9th, 2020

Anna's worried that she's helping Peter by not turning over what she knows about his ties to the assassins. She shows him what she found and gives him a chance to explain himself. He admits his ties to the company he and Black both worked for but plays innocent about who might have hired him. He doesn't want Jason to get his hands on the connection, but Anna downplays its importance. Robert won't get Sam a new parole officer out of the kindness of his heart, but he does accept the deal she and Jason present: If they can bring him evidence that Peter's behind all the stuff he's been behind, Robert will make Sam's problems go away. Diane thinks this is a long shot, but Jason points out that, at the very least, this will give Sam something to focus on. Ava tells Julian and Sonny that her marriage to Nikolas is part of a revenge plan – he made her think she was crazy, so she's going to take his fortune. Michael thinks Brad is in over his head with solo parenting and offers to hire him a nanny. Brad doesn't want someone else hanging around and calls Julian to ask his advice. Julian couldn't care less about Brad's problems and tells him to calm down. Carly tries not to be too negative about Sonny's plans for Mike, but she tells Michael that she thinks he's clinging to false hope instead of trying to make the most of his last quality time with Mike. Maxie's upset that Nina didn't tell her what she was planning for Valentin, as if any of this is about her. Jax tells Finn that Hayden was involved in the Nikolas stuff, and though she thought she was in danger when she left town, she wasn't. Finn's mad that Jax let things go so far. Carly mentions to Sonny that she saw Brad and Julian on the docks together, so Sonny goes to question him.

It's New Year's Day, right? Why are people going to work and school?

I'm surprised Ava told Sonny her intentions. How does she know he won't warn Nikolas?

Brook should be "Wiley"'s nanny. She's friends with Lucas, she has experience from taking care of Leo, and it'll make Ned think she's a contributing member of society.

If Maxie's this mad about Nina keeping stuff from her, Peter's really in for it.

January 10th, 2020

Instead of hiring a nanny for "Wiley," Michael thinks he can cut back on some of his ELQ responsibilities and do the childcare himself, with possible help from the Corinthoses and Quartermaines. Brad panics and suggests Willow instead. Julian joins the conversation and argues against Willow, but Brad ignores him and picks her, wanting to keep "Wiley" from spending any extra time with Michael's families. Julian promises to help Brad get any help he needs, whatever that means. Jordan questions Jason about the missing Corinthos Coffee truck, guessing that either the hijacked driver went rogue to deliver something illegal or the Corinthos mob has a new enemy. Jason does his classic stonewalling thing, but the truth is that he and Sonny don't know what happened. Nikolas reunites with Elizabeth, who's definitely the least angry of anyone in town about his bad decisions. Well, that's partly because she doesn't know that he's responsible for Hayden's departure from town, since he doesn't even mention that she knew he was alive. Lucy wants to work with Crimson to relaunch Deception and announce Sasha as the new head model. Nina passes, but Sasha argues that she needs to put their personal issues aside and help both their companies. Maxie takes control and starts to make the partnership work, though Nina takes over again and makes Maxie feel overlooked. Curtis tells Jordan that her colleague who died, Bob, overdosed on opioids. Jordan's shocked since Bob never came across as a drug user, but Curtis points out that addicts are really good at hiding their addictions. Jordan wants more information and summons someone to town to work with her. Sonny tells Julian he knows he and Brad talked about Carly and Michael, so Julian needs to stay away from anyone named Corinthos.

How long before Julian tries to kill Brad again?

Sonny, don't let Avery hear you say sharing is overrated.

Is the press in Port Charles not reporting on Nikolas? It should be a major story all over town. There were more than a dozen people at the wedding, one of whom runs a newspaper. There shouldn't be anyone left in town who doesn't know he's alive.

They were teasing us by showing Willow right after Nina brought out the necklace, weren't they?

I always forget that Curtis is a recovering addict. They should do something with that in whatever plot is coming for Jordan.

January 13th, 2020

Brook changes her name from Ashton to Quartermaine, claiming it's to be more a part of the family, but it's really because she thinks that will get her out of her contract. Spoiler: It won't. Lulu and Dustin are doing really well, and she thinks that if/when Valentin goes to prison and things settle down, they'll be able to spend more time together. She asks to spend the night at his place, and after he makes sure she's in the right head space to make that kind of decision, he agrees. Before they can leave the Floating Rib, Lulu bumps into Brook and spills her drink, leading to a fight. As Brook's preparing for a performance, Linc/Link shows up to bust her for performing without his consent and violating her contract. Things are about to get inappropriate when Lulu and Dustin jump in to save Brook, who somehow knows Dustin. Ned wants to prepare for an ELQ board meeting to vote on what to do with Oscar's shares, but Michael has his mind on Shiloh's memorial. Tracy's displeased that the Quartermaines are falling down on the job of being Quartermaines. Ned and Michael both suspect that she's going to make a play to take over ELQ again. Ned actually tells her so, and Tracy says that while she's not going after the company, someone else is. Alexis warns Sam again not to take any chances in her interactions with Jason. Sam tells her they're working on something to get her parole reduced but won't give her any details. Robert confronts Anna for looking at Peter's file and asks if she's uncovered anything. Of course, Anna isn't going to just hand him anything incriminating. Robert tells her that there's going to be an investigation, so she should prepare herself for proof that Peter's been a bad boy. Now that Franco's Franco again, Jason's done with him. Still, Franco's grateful to him for helping him decide to do the memory procedure, though he's even more grateful to Peter for supposedly saving his life. Peter's uncomfortable with the attention, and Jason doesn't like it much, either. Franco wonders what he was like while he was Drew, so Elizabeth offers up a video he made for himself just before he underwent the procedure, but Franco isn't ready to watch it yet. Neil and Alexis see each other for the first time in weeks and are super-awkward with each other. She thinks he's met someone else and is going to dump her, but he announces that he's about to lose his medical license because of their relationship. Ellie's considering a job in the area, so she, Spinelli, and Lil' Georgie (who are in town for a visit) might move back to Port Charles. Maxie may be thinking about leaving Crimson.

Great casting on Linc/Link. He looks like the ultimate slimeball.

It says a lot about Lulu that she didn't just ditch Brook. She may not like Brook, but she doesn't want her dead or anything.

I want Tracy to stay. She's so much fun.

I haven't heard anything about Bradford Anderson coming back for good, or whether they're planning to just use him whenever and pretend he's around, but either way, if Spinelli and Lil' Georgie move back, I want to see Ellie again, too.

January 14th, 2020

Michael, Willow, Jason, and Harmony attend Shiloh's memorial, where Daisy cries over her beloved leader and generally acts like someone who's unhinged. Willow tells everyone in attendance that Shiloh wanted to control all of them, so they should be happy that he's dead, because now they're free. A woman in a veil shuts her down, reveals herself to be Nelle, and announces that she and Shiloh were married. Before Lulu can find out how Brook and Dustin know each other, Linc/Link is scummy again, and he and Dustin really get into it. The women get involved as the police arrive, and Brook miscalculates the swing of a beer bottle and nails Chase in the head instead of Linc/Link. All four end up getting arrested. Tracy doesn't know who's after ELQ, but she met some intermediaries representing some interested investors. She turned them down when they asked for Dillon's shares, but then they offered to bail Luke out of a jam (something involving counterfeit tulips), so she had to give in. Laura wants to revitalize the waterfront (you know, the same thing she opposed while she was running for mayor against Ned), specifically cutting down the crime that takes place there. She'd like to partner with ELQ, but Ned points out that her plan will hurt Sonny's business, so Michael will never go for it. Tracy advises Laura to wait a little while because Michael might not be in charge for much longer. Neil's job is in danger because he didn't wait two years before getting involved with one of his former patients. Alexis offers to testify for him at a hearing to determine whether he loses his license, but since she's mentioned in the complaint against him (possibly filed by Kiefer and Kendra's mother), that's probably not a good idea. Neil is willing to give up his career for Alexis, but she knows she'll just feel guilty. He wants them to keep their distance at least until the hearing, so for now, they're over. Curtis is disappointed that Jordan won't open up to him about her feelings over Bob's death, so he gets a visiting Stella to encourage her to let her loved ones support her. Jordan thinks there's something suspicious about his death and she owes it to his family to look into it. Jordan also warns Laura that they're going to reopen the case against Nikolas over the whole faked-his-own-murder-and-framed-Drew thing, but she doubts any charges will be filed.

That Nelle reveal would have been better if we didn't know she'd gotten married to someone who died.

"Shiloh, wherever you are--." Oh, Daisy, I think we all know where he is.

Of course Kristina skipped the memorial. Why involve her in a plot that first came about because of her?

Someone online pointed out that a bartender at the Floating Rib would have broken up the fighting.

Counterfeit tulips? That's a new one.

It would be hilarious if Alexis winds up having to sneak around with Neil after telling Sam not to sneak around with Jason.

January 15th, 2020

Nelle explains that, as many of us had already guessed, she married Shiloh in prison and now wants anything she might be entitled to as his widow. Jason warns Carly, who can't figure out what Nelle thinks she'll get out of this arrangement. Tracy tells Olivia that Ned should be running ELQ. When the Qs hold a shareholder meeting and discuss what to do with Oscar's shares, Tracy backs Ned's plan to give them to Olivia and Leo. Brook objects since she thinks Olivia will just vote with Ned and give him too much power. Before the Qs can agree on a plan, Nelle arrives to try to claim the shares as Shiloh's widow. Once Laura has arranged for Lulu and Dustin to be released from police custody, Lulu finally gets her answers about Dustin and Brook's history: They met in New York and dated for a while, but it wasn't a great relationship, and she eventually dumped him. Lulu worries that he still has feelings for Brook, but he sees their break-up as a good thing, since it made him turn toward teaching. Brook begs Ned to play the Quartermaine card to get her off the hook with the police. Ned notes that she only wants to admit her ties to the family when it's convenient. He agrees to pay for the damages at the Floating Rib, which I think means the charges against Brook will be dropped. Nikolas still hasn't signed Ava's post-nup, and since she wants things like an island, he's not exactly eager to. Ava thinks this is a long-term arrangement and doesn't think Nikolas will kill her, so I guess she doesn't know about the time he put a hit out on Hayden. Nikolas tells Laura he's heading to Europe that night to see Spencer. She's worried that he'll just disappear again, so Ava invites herself along to keep an eye on him. Laura wishes she could trust her son to do what's best for his son. Carly brings Stella in to try to convince Sonny not to take Mike to New York for the experimental treatment. It doesn't work. Willow tells Chase she's going to be "Wiley"'s nanny, making him worry that the complexity of the situation will be too much for her.

I want it on the record that when Nelle was first convicted, we were told that conspiracy to commit murder carries a life sentence in New York. Plus, she was convicted of crimes in multiple states, so she definitely shouldn't be out.

Brook, if you want people to take you seriously, you have to stop calling your father "Daddy," like, immediately. Also, if you want him to bail you out of trouble, you shouldn't go up against him on ELQ business.

I'm with Carly – whatever happens with Nikolas and Ava, it's going to be entertaining.

What is this, Have Stella Talk to People About Stuff for You Week?

January 16th, 2020

Martin backs Nelle up in her quest for Shiloh's shares, getting an injunction that allows her to vote the shares until everything's sorted out. Brook tears into her, letting her know that she'll never get what she wants. Nelle brushes this off and invites herself to move into Brad's place. Julian wants to spend more time with "Wiley" so he can keep an eye on Brad and make sure he doesn't screw anything up. Brad is about two seconds from completely losing it and no longer finds the prospect of coming clean that bad. Julian thinks they can hold everything together...until Alexis tells him that Nelle is out of prison. Lulu blasts Nikolas for his decision to stay away for so long and let people mourn him instead of finding another way to fight Valentin. Nikolas has very few regrets and isn't going to give up on his mission. Sonny tells Carly and Jason he's putting Mike in the trial, and Carly promises her support, knowing he'll do what's best for himself and his father. Sonny asks Jason to come with him and Mike to Bensonhurst in hopes that it'll put Mike in a good state before the trial. He also wants to call a mob meeting to tell his people what's going on, though Carly's worried that that will distract him from Mike. Sonny and Carly decide Gladys can stick around, since Mike seems to like her, but as soon as she's no longer needed, she's gone. Sam and Alexis are filler.

How much can Nelle really do with only 5% shares?

Since we didn't get a murder mystery for Ryan or Shiloh, can we get one for Nelle?

The Qs' attorney is fun. Come back soon, Pascal!

Lulu made some good points, but she can't really be mad at Nikolas for what Charlotte did. It's not his fault she's an idiot.

January 17th, 2020

Sonny and Jason go to Turning Woods to get Mike for their trip to Brooklyn and run into an old enemy: Taggert. He's there to talk to Mike about something he doesn't specify, and he also knows about the recent Corinthos Coffee truck hijacking. In a coincidence we should probably roll our eyes at, but which isn't even close to the craziest coincidence in this town, Taggert used to work with Jordan and is the person she asked to come to town on the 10th. Nelle is now pretty much in control of Brad, so when she learns that Willow is "Wiley"'s new nanny, she tells him to end that arrangement ASAP. It only takes a few minutes for Willow to decide that "Wiley" is no longer safe with Brad. Carly senses tension between Josslyn and Dev, so Josslyn tells her about their kiss and his rejection of her. Carly acknowledges that they probably shouldn't date while living under the same roof, but she doesn't want Josslyn to keep trying to avoid Dev. Josslyn feels bad about having feelings for someone who's not Oscar, even though moving on would be healthy for her. Michael thinks Nelle will target Sasha, so he suggests that she move in with him. She declines, not wanting to risk harming their relationship. He settles for planning a vacation instead. Chase let Sharon Grant know that Nelle's free, and Jordan's not happy to hear it. She warns him to keep his distance so he's not accused of harassment, but Chase plans to get involved if Nelle goes after anyone he cares about. Cameron and Trina don't find anyone at school appealing enough to take to their winter formal, but they want to actually fail at finding dates before they resort to their fallback plan of going together. Trina finally forces both of them to take a chance and go out with two of their least objectionable classmates. Gladys is still hanging around and being annoying.

I can't remember most of what I learned in college 17+ years ago, but I remembered that Taggert's nickname for Jason was Anger Boy.

I'm pretty sure Réal Andrews hasn't aged since he was last on the show.

Yet again, two people who knew each other from another place have lived in Port Charles at separate times.

Brad should have run away with "Wiley" overnight. Every second he fails to do something to escape or stop Nelle, he looks dumber and dumber.

January 20th, 2020

Nikolas and Ava surprise Spencer in France, and while he's happy at first to have his father back, his mood quickly changes when he learned why Nikolas was away for so long. In a nutshell, Nikolas' behavior comes across like he cares more about revenge and the family legacy than he does about his son. Ava pleads with Spencer to see this as a second chance to be with a loved one he thought was gone forever, but that doesn't work. Michael and Chase confront Brad for letting Nelle stay with him, even going so far as to threaten to call CPS if needed. Amazingly, Michael is able to convince Nelle to move into the Quartermaines' mansion, as if that will keep her away from "Wiley." Curtis wonders if Nina's ties to Sasha have really been severed, since they were so close while Sasha was pretending to be Nina's daughter. Nina decides to accept the Deception deal and put Sasha on the cover of Crimson, but only if Sasha agrees to let Nina have her past scrutinized and exposed in the magazine. She's probably trying to call Sasha's bluff, but Sasha calmly agrees. She tells Willow she's worried about the possible backlash, though she'd kind of be relieved to get everything out in the open after she spent so much time lying. Jax apologizes to Laura for keeping Nikolas' secrets for so long. She's willing to get past it, since he wasn't the real bad guy here, but she'd also like to use his guilt to get him to agree to back her revitalization project. Taggert agrees with Jordan that Bob's death is suspicious and is eager to help her investigate. Also, he's totally in love with her. Curtis offers to reopen the search for Nina's daughter, but Nina says she's done hoping to get her child back. But also the necklace comes out again, so I'm sure that's not over. Gladys is more excited than necessary to meet the town's mayor (strange), and also wants a tour of Sonny's coffee warehouse (stranger). Charlotte cuts up a picture of Sasha and is generally just...creepy.

Poor Spencer. That was a horrible way for him to find out about Nikolas. Laura should have gone over and given him the news, then had Nikolas come in.

So having Nelle around "Wiley" is unacceptable, but having her live with Leo is okay?

I wish Willow had heard Nina call her Sasha's sidekick. We haven't had a good Nina/Willow smackdown in a while.

I KNOW this show isn't setting up a Curtis/Jordan/Taggert love triangle. I KNOW THEY'RE NOT GOING THERE.

Hey, Gladys, steal any coffee trucks recently? Because I think everyone suspects that you're behind this stuff.

January 29th, 2020

Simultaneous shootouts in Port Charles and Brooklyn put Sonny, Jason, Mike, Laura, Josslyn, Michael, Sasha, Carly, and Gladys in danger. Two hours earlier, Laura presents Michael with her ideas for cleaning up the waterfront, with a focus on making it safer. Michael is hesitant to revamp everything, and Laura knows exactly why, but she holds firm to the plan to unmob everything. Ava tells Nikolas that he needs to suck it up about Spencer because at least his child is still alive. Parenting taught her not to be so selfish, and she thinks her selfishness led to Kiki's murder. Nikolas finally agrees to sign the post-nup, as long as Ava doesn't sleep with anyone else while they're married. Ava accepts the deal after getting him to make the same promise. Nina gets a taste of classic Jax generosity and charm, and goes from indifferently flattered to smitten within two hours. Carly tells Nelle her freedom is only temporary because she's too crazy not to do something that will land her back in Pentonville. Nelle makes vague comments about knowing things and having done things that could tear Carly's life apart. She tries to get under Willow's skin by saying how hard it must be for her to see "Wiley" and be reminded of how she gave him up. Willow replies that, while it's horrible that Michael lost his child, she's glad Nelle isn't a mother. Josslyn is adamantly against Michael's decision to have Nelle move into the Quartermaines' mansion. She urges him to find a way to get "Wiley" away from Brad, but Michael doesn't think he can go that far. Josslyn's mainly worried that Nelle will do something horrible again and Michael will be hurt or killed. Willow considers her options for protecting "Wiley," especially if Lucas is out of the picture for good. Lulu and Laura both hope to keep Charlotte from Valentin, but he makes bail and vows to keep custody. Lulu threatens him with a restraining order, which Martin casually says they'll be able to fight. Also, it sounds like Valentin wants ELQ shares? Or something regarding Nelle's plot? Sasha agrees to move into the Quartermaines'. Sonny and Jason kill some time in a Brooklyn bar, talking about being good and bad sons while Mike flirts with a bartender. They're ambushed by a shooter while two others open fire on people on the Port Charles docks, putting Laura and Carly in direct danger.

Who would Nikolas and Ava sleep with, other than each other?

I wasn't sure before, but I think I can get behind a Jax/Nina pairing.

Why did Nelle go to the hotel? Just to bug Carly?

Sam and Julian destroyed all the paperwork, so is "Wiley"'s adoption even still valid?

Heh, no one thinks Brad is a good father. Willow all but said that she chose Lucas as Wiley's father, and had to accept Brad as a package deal.

Why was Sonny encouraging Mike to flirt with the bartender? He's married. (Well, "married.")

Good to see that Jason's spidey sense is alive and well. Josslyn may have it, too.

Aww, Jason's biggest regret is how he treated Alan.

January 30th, 2020

Despite dozens of bullets flying in three locations, Laura's the only significant character who gets shot. Dustin happens to be passing by and tries to capture her shooter, but loses the guy. Josslyn tells Chase that the shooter was aiming for Michael. Sonny protects Mike while Jason faces off with the shooter, who takes the bartender hostage. When she fights back against the shooter, Jason is able to take a shot and kill him. This earns him a trip to the police station, but the cop investigating the shooting acknowledges that he didn't do anything illegal. The cop is suspicious of Sonny's claims that he doesn't know who orchestrated the multiple ambushes, but she lets him go back to Port Charles. Gladys finds a place to hide while Carly gets trapped near where some Corinthos guards are trading gunfire with the bad guys. A guy takes her to a safer spot but gets shot in the side. Carly's willing to risk her safety to help him, even as he tells her to worry about herself instead of him. Once the shooting has stopped, another guard finds them and reveals that Carly's savior isn't a Corinthos guard. Carly tends to him anyway, since he saved her. When Gladys returns from wherever she was hiding, she IDs the mystery Brando, her supposedly dead son. Nina and Jax do some kissing, but he puts on the brakes when he realizes that he's not being very professional. I don't think Nina minds. Ava interrupts before they can go any further, and then Jax runs off to be with Josslyn, so they'll have to pick things up later. Mike misses out on his chance to do the medical trial, but it looks like his takeaway from this whole thing will be that he needs to live life to the fullest. Sasha's annoyed that Chase keeps asking Michael the same questions about the shooting; as Michael's friend, Chase should cut him some slack. Chase channels Dante to tell Michael not to let the Corinthos contingent handle things by themselves. Ava checks in with Nina, and it looks like they may be on the way to becoming friends. Then Valentin shows up to let Nina know he's out on bail. Nikolas complains to Kevin that people aren't as happy to see him alive as he'd hoped. Kevin thinks they'll get over it eventually and things will be okay. Finn realizes that Elizabeth doesn't know that Nikolas is the reason Hayden went into hiding. Josslyn is super-grateful to Dustin, and I think she might have a crush on him now.

Sonny's guards seem competent, and they were definitely willing to risk their lives to protect Carly, which is part of their job, but they're not very good shots.

Dustin should be a cop or something. He keeps doing heroic stuff.

Oh, hey, Jason learned to check for a pulse after shooting someone.

Did we really need to see the full police interviews in Brooklyn?

Looks like Sasha's suited to dating a mobster's son. She stayed pretty calm during and right after the shootout.

I don't care how annoyed Epiphany is with Nikolas – she wouldn't ignore him to announce in front of him that his mother was shot.

The way Finn greeted Nikolas made it seem like they've never met, but they were in town at the same time back before Nikolas faked his death.

January 31st, 2020

Jordan tries to get some answers from Jason "I Have Nothing to Say Without My Attorney Present" Morgan, as if she's forgotten how he responds to questions from law enforcement. Chase and Taggert also participate in the investigation, but even three cops can't get any information on who coordinated the shootings and clearly wants to take over the Corinthos territories (mostly because no one knows). However, Taggert does guess correctly that the Corinthos guards captured one of the shooters so Sonny can talk to him. Carly tries to balance comforting Gladys and digging for information on why Brando's in town and why Gladys said he was dead. As Jax and Josslyn tell Dev that his not-dead "father" is in Port Charles, Carly snoops in his things and finds a picture of Gladys and Dev. Ava won't leave Nina and Valentin alone, so there's a lot of snarking in between Valentin's attempts to talk to Nina. She tells him she was in on Ava's plan and worked with her to bring him down. Ava taunts that Valentin knows nothing about love, which just gives him the chance to talk about how Nina is the best thing to ever happen to him, blah blah blah. Nikolas presents Valentin with a restraining order keeping him away from Wyndemere, plus orders to take a DNA test to prove he's not a Cassadine. Valentin thinks Helena set Nikolas up and is going to make him look foolish from beyond the grave. Jax tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is the reason Hayden went into hiding and had to leave Violet behind. Sasha is shaken by the shootings and a little disturbed that Michael finds this sort of thing normal. Dev is concerned about the possibility of more shootings as the Corinthos contingent beefs up security. He's also incredibly happy to see Josslyn, so this might be what turns things around and leads them to a relationship. Elizabeth offers Finn her support, since Violet connects them as family.

Jordan, you have to stop treating the victims like they're the culprits.

I'm excited at the idea of Taggert having to deal with Diane.

I assume someone checked on Kristina to make sure she wasn't ha ha ha ha ha just kidding. No one cares about Kristina.

It's almost like this is the first time Jax is realizing that Josslyn could be in danger because of her associations with Sonny.

How does Chase think Josslyn acted recklessly?

Ava actually deserves a tiny bit of credit today for not telling Valentin that she walked in on Nina and Jax.

I hope that someday, somehow, I'll be able to say "I have some redecorating to do back at my castle."

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