General Hospital blog - November, 2007

November 1st, 2007

While waiting for the texter, Carly overhears Ric and Alexis fighting and Alexis throwing something. During a blackout, Carly finally comes face-to-face with her texter - Coop. Alexis comes across something frightening. Diane tells Jason about Carly’s plan. Kate hangs out on the parapet, but unlike the last Katherine who went up there, she doesn’t get pushed off. Instead, she gets exactly what she wants - Sonny. As the storm approaches and harbor patrol shuts down all routes to and from the island, Johnny attempts to take Lulu off the island, warning her that Zacchara wants to kill her. Lulu and Nadine are wearing the same dress and keep getting mistaken for each other, which means Zacchara will probably kill Nadine instead of Lulu. Nikolas rails at Emily when she takes Elizabeth’s (and, by extension, Jason’s) side over Lucky’s, then tells her she might want to rethink marrying him. Maxie breaks Leyla’s necklace and makes her cry.

Remember when I said I’d be mad if they dragged this out over ten more episodes? Guess I’m going to have to get mad.

Coop? Nice twist! I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding, but still.

I was about to wonder who would stab Ric, but then I started laughing too hard to answer myself.

Sonny’s there? Um, how? Okay, I’ll suspend disbelief. Also, nice touch to have Kate (AKA Katherine) up on the parapet. I wonder if that was on purpose.

November 2nd, 2007

Alexis comes across Ric, who’s been stabbed with a sword. Trevor and Johnny are sure Zacchara is the culprit. After trying to help Ric, Robin collapses in Patrick’s arms. Jason heads towards Spoon Island, unaware that he’s about to be blown up by a bomb. Johnny tells Lulu that Zacchara killed his mother. Maxie talks Carly out of shooting Coop, though Carly still isn’t sure he just coincidentally walked into the study when she was supposed to meet with the texter. Nikolas attacks Patrick after finding him fighting with Robin. Patrick and Emily try to keep him away from the partygoers but aren’t successful. Kate is concerned with the dangers of Sonny’s job.

Congratulations, writers, on finding a truly creepy villain who actually seems capable of anything.

Kate, honey, you’re going to have to get used to Sonny’s job being dangerous. He loses, like, a car a month.

Is Jason on a Jet-ski? Also, who puts a bomb on a Jet-ski?

$5 says Robin’s pregnant.

Injured: Ric Lansing
Trapped in an Agatha Christie mystery: let’s see...Sonny, Kate, Carly, Jax, Robin, Patrick, Emily, Nikolas, Lucky, Elizabeth, Sam, Alexis, Jerry, Ric, Skye, Spinelli, Lulu, Johnny, Logan, Luke, Georgie, Nadine, Leyla, Maxie, Coop, Trevor, Zacchara, Alfred, a bunch of extras we don’t care about and who better watch their backs because they’re all expendable

November 3rd, 2007

Next week: people face off with Zacchara, with varying degrees of success.

November 5th, 2007

Sam, Jerry, and Jax try to find another launch to get them off the island, and when they find one, they realize it’s been sabotaged. They’re then fired upon by bullets. Carly sneaks off the launch to head back to the house, on her way coming across Coop, who’s either unconscious, dead, or lying in wait. Patrick tells Ric that he can try to operate on him to stop his bleeding, but he might kill him in the process. Jason’s boat goes boom, but he makes it to Wyndemere alive. Nikolas knocks Lucky out and stashes him in a passageway. As Luke, Scott, and Logan try to collect information on the Sonny/Zacchara war, suspecting it’s the reason they’re trapped, Trevor walks in on Sonny and Kate…you know. Nadine swaps masks with Lulu and agrees to pretend to be her, but this just leads to the inevitable moment when Zacchara grabs her, thinking she’s Lulu, and prepares to kill her. Alexis blasts Trevor for not caring about Ric.

Dear Nadine: you’re an idiot. I probably won’t miss you. Love, Jenn

So Emily, Elizabeth, and Carly (not even medically trained, mind you) could patch up Robin at the hotel with just Patrick to help them over the phone - and literally with guns to their heads, by the way - but Patrick, a neurosurgeon, isn’t sure he can stop Ric’s bleeding without killing him? Where’s his cockiness?

Hi, Jason! Stop grabbing people from behind. Also, Elizabeth, stop running around in the dark with a knife and no flashlight.

So is Coop evil? Discuss.

November 6th, 2007

Patrick tells Alexis and Trevor that not only does Ric need emergency surgery, but also a blood transfusion. Skye notices that Alexis is in pain, but Alexis doesn’t want Patrick or Robin to know. Sam and Jerry head back to the house to round up some escapees while Jax brings the launch around. Luke correctly guesses that no one is going to want to make the trip back to Port Charles. Sonny uses Johnny to lure Zacchara out in the open. It won’t work since Zacchara is currently trying to sweeten up Carly in the catacombs. Spinelli gets Nadine away from Zacchara, and after almost an hour of running around blindly, they finally run into Jason. Jason hides Elizabeth in the barn, where someone tracks her down. Nikolas is skeptical of Coop’s excuse for going outside. He and Emily go to gather up some guns, but Emily is nervous about Nikolas carrying around a loaded weapon.

Hey, Patrick? If Ric is supposedly going to bleed to death without surgery, maybe you should stop talking about it and just do it.

I would’ve let Sam take the launch, partly because she had a salvage boat and would be able to handle it, and partly because, you know, she might die.

Oh, Johnny. You’re an idiot. Never put your gun down when Sonny has his own pointed at you.

Just thinking of the few people left unaccounted for at the end of the episode, I’m going to guess that Lucky is the one who found Elizabeth in the barn. But if it’s Helena...well, let’s just say I’ll let the writers get away with whatever they want for a looooong time. (Um, when they come back from the strike, of course.)

Hey, Nadine didn’t die! What’s up with that?

November 7th, 2007

No one wants to take the launch once they realize they could be picked off by mercenaries. Johnny announces that he’s not going to stop his father - he’s going to kill him. Carly stays calm and humors Zacchara, who eventually just leaves. Tracy, who made it to the island hours ago but had to hide out from the rain, finally reaches the house only to be frightened by Alfred and fall down the stairs. Spinelli and Nadine hide out in the barn with Elizabeth, and when they come across an unconscious mercenary, they decide to help him. Trevor tells Sonny that he’s the only person who can give Ric a blood transfusion, but Carly thinks he should let Ric die.

Just how, exactly, are they planning to give Ric this oft-talked-about transfusion? (Also, I find it hard to believe that out of all the people in that house, only Sonny has A- or O- blood. I’m guessing it’s more that the people there just don’t know their blood types.)

Tracy was on the island the whole time? Huh?

Okay, Carly gets some points for the way she dealt with Zacchara, but she loses them (and more) for encouraging Sonny to let Ric die. See, he should save Ric so that Ric will owe him a favor in the future!

Dear Maxie, if you die, you have only yourself to blame. (Eh, I’m sure Coop will save her.)

November 8th, 2007

As Sonny gives Ric a transfusion, Jax attempts to take Alexis (who mostly likely has appendicitis) off the island. Zacchara attacks Nikolas, and despite the fact that there are two guns within reach, Emily stands there and yells for Zacchara to stop instead of PICKING UP A FREAKING GUN. Jason takes Lulu and Johnny to the barn, then goes back to the house with Johnny to find Zacchara. Spinelli stops Lulu from going after them by knocking her out. Jerry is adamant that Carly leave the island with him and Jax, and rails against Coop for trying to forcibly convince her to go. Carly is ambushed by mercenaries, but Jason and Sam work together to kill them. Carly thinks Sam was only being nice to try to get Jason to forgive her, but Jason announces that Sam knows he never will. Maxie proves to be smart enough to get herself away from Zacchara, running into Lucky in the process.

Once again, Emily proves her uselessness. Bravo.

I diagnosed Alexis before anyone else! Just wanted to say that.

Me: “I wish Carly would get killed by a mercenary.”
A mercenary appears
Me: “I wish I had a million dollars!”

Aggggggh! I can’t believe Georgie, who wasn’t even in the lobby that night, was the only person to hear Jerry call Coop “Three”! That secret is never going to come out! Although it looks like tomorrow the secret of Jake’s paternity might finally be revealed, so there’s that. (Also, Lucky’s alive, which I guess is good.)

November 9th, 2007

Sam threatens to tell Lucky about Jake’s paternity, but it looks like Jason wants to beat her to the chase. Sonny passes out from blood loss, and Trevor worries that Ric won’t get all the blood he needs. Skye notes that he’s suddenly concerned for his son, and Trevor admits that he regrets not being a bigger part of Ric’s life. Luke runs into Zacchara, who announces that he’s going to kill Lulu. Instead of just snapping his neck right then and there, Luke pulls a knife on Zacchara, then collapses before he can use it. Nikolas yells at Emily for not trusting him, then quickly realizes that he’s getting worse and asks her to lock him up. Trevor overhears Sonny and Kate talking about their teen years. Later, while hiding out, Sonny tells Carly that he loves Kate. Johnny thinks Leyla is in danger because she looks just like his mother.

Can the paternity secret finally be revealed? PLEASE?

I don’t know why Luke didn’t just kill Zacchara with his bare hands for threatening his child. In related news, Luke is an idiot.

Poor Kate. First she thinks her boyfriend is dead, then she’s stuck with him in a house where a killer’s on the loose, then her boyfriend’s ex gets him to wake up when she can’t, and then Sonny tells Carly he loves Kate before he even says it to Kate herself. Of course, it could be worse - she could have fallen off the parapet...

Oh, so that’s why Leyla’s there. So then why is Skye there?

November 11th, 2007

This week: the crazies are still crazy, everyone’s still in danger, and believe it or not, I totally get one of my wishes. Sort of. I’ll really get it in May, but this is good enough for now. You’ll see. Oh, you’ll see.

November 12th, 2007

The truth about Jake’s paternity is finally out, thanks to Jason. Lucky is understandably upset, and doesn’t get much happier when he learns that Sam has known the truth for months. Elizabeth finally admits that she’s responsible for the whole mess, but she wishes Jason had picked a less stressful night to tell the truth. Emily reluctantly locks Nikolas in the wine cellar, but he breaks himself out. Patrick runs into Zacchara and Robin quickly hides Leyla. When Zacchara threatens to shoot Robin, Leyla steps out, and Zacchara immediately thinks she’s Maria. He tells her he wants to shoot either Robin or Patrick instead - and Leyla gets to choose which one. Carly runs into an injured Jerry, who tells her that after he and Jax got Alexis to an ambulance, they decided to come back to the island, but the boat collapsed and Jax probably drowned. With some help from Scott and Logan, Emily tends to Luke, who’s had a heart attack. Carly thinks Sonny is crazy for being in love with Kate because they have nothing in common. He reminds her that he let her go when she married Jax, so she needs to do the same for him. All Carly will allow is that when things don’t work out with Kate, she won’t say, “I told you so.” (She totally will and everyone knows it.)

Interestingly, this time the person who was called a lying tramp actually is a lying tramp! (Oh, and Elizabeth? It is all your fault. Shut up.)

Poor Leyla. She thought she was just going on a date with a hot neurosurgeon, and now she’s facing off with a psycho who thinks she’s his dead wife. Bad evening all around.

Hey, was that a Reese mention? And did someone actually remember that Emily and Sonny went out? Oh, wait, that’s right - Carly can name every single woman Sonny’s ever slept with.

Yeah, I bet Jax drowned. Just like Brenda drowned. Well, see you in four years, Jax!

November 13th, 2007

Emily runs into Jason and tells him what’s going on with Nikolas. He wants to take her to the barn but she wants to find Nikolas. Nikolas finds them instead and attacks Jason, thinking he’s trying to hurt Emily. Lulu uses herself as bait to draw Zacchara out, and instead of killing her himself, he wants Johnny to do it. Zacchara starts to shoot Patrick, but Leyla jumps in front of him and takes the bullet herself. Robin decides it’s time to tell Leyla that she’s sorry for being mean, and she and Patrick admit that they still love each other, even though they’re not sure they can be together. Carly makes Jerry tell her everything that happened in the water, but she still doesn’t believe Jax is dead. Luke is fine but not looking forward to probably having to give up alcohol and cigars.

So Emily will just stand there looking stupid when her fiancé is almost getting killed, but she gets right in the middle of things when he tries to kill her brother. Whatever. Let’s just say I won’t have to worry about it in a while...

Sorry, Leyla, you’re pointless. Go ahead and die. We’ll wait.

Dear Johnny, please just shoot your father with his own gun so this whole stupid thing will stop. It’s getting ridiculous that he keeps finding ways to escape from groups of people who want him dead.

So Jerry could surface, tread water for a while, go back under a bunch, and swim to the island WHILE INJURED, but supposedly Jax couldn’t...swim? Uh-huh.

November 14th, 2007

Jason overpowers Nikolas and ties him to a chair, then takes Emily to the barn for protection. Zacchara finds Nikolas and makes him believe that he’s locked Emily up somewhere. Lucky and Sam arrive and Lucky chases off Zacchara while Sam unties Nikolas. Emily later returns to find Nikolas, and he blasts her for not running away when he told her to. As zero hour approaches, they fight off-screen, blood splatters on Emily’s mask on the ground, and Emily goes down. Johnny tries to shoot Zacchara, but there’s no bullet in the chamber of his gun. Zacchara tells Johnny he can be with Lulu until the sun comes up, when she’ll die. Jax is, unsurprisingly, not dead after all, but Jerry is now a little closer to being so since he’s coughing up blood. Upset about Lulu seeming to like Johnny, Logan stashes her in…a cave? Robin and Patrick consider getting back together, but he still doesn’t want kids.

I’m choosing to blame Sam for Emily’s death (and yes, she’s dead), since she untied Nikolas. Yay! I love getting to blame Sam for things!

I figured they would have the death battle happen off-screen so we don’t know exactly what happened. My money’s on Zacchara having killed Emily, and Nikolas will think he did it until he, I don’t know, undergoes hypnosis or something and remembers.

Hey, Jax! That was faster than I thought.

Oh, Patrick. How do you know you won’t make a good father? Give it a shot! (Especially since, considering Robin passed out a few days/hours ago, I’m guessing she’s actually pregnant.)

November 15th, 2007

Emily’s dead and everyone’s sad. Elizabeth sedates a flipped-out Nikolas with a horse tranquilizer and he dreams about watching himself strangle Emily. Sonny leaves Kate with an injured Jerry, then returns to find Kate gone and Jerry unconscious. Kate is with Zacchara, who tells her that he’s keeping his promise to play a game with Sonny. Carly finds a bug that alerts her to the fact that her texter really is at the party.

Say what you will about Jason (and people seem to say a lot because apparently not many people like him), but Steve Burton is ON this week. He deserves an Emmy just for standing there and looking helpless and sad. Contrast that with Tyler Christopher, who I usually like, but who is, I’m sorry, totally chewing the scenery this week. Also, for some reason, Rebecca Herbst just isn’t doing it for me either. I’m all about the Burton right now.

I don’t envy the person who has to tell Monica that Emily is dead. First her son, then her husband, then her daughter? Not to mention the fact that, you know, the writers wouldn’t even let her go to her daughter’s engagement party. (Stupid writers.)

We’re still on that texter thing? Ug.

I love how we’re supposed to believe Sonny is all concerned and stuff about Emily. He hasn’t talked to her for two years, and no one even mentioned their relationship until, like, Monday, but oh, yeah, he’s totally sad about her dying. Whatever.

November 16th, 2007

Nikolas thinks he killed Emily and decides to shoot himself. Zacchara lets Kate go, then shoots Sonny in the arm. Trevor summons a mercenary and sends him to kill Sonny, but when he arrives, Kate tells him that a passed-out Sonny is “already gone.” Zacchara grabs Elizabeth and takes her to a turret, where he tells Jason to jump or he’ll kill Elizabeth. As Carly is wandering around by herself, someone grabs her from behind with a rope. Jerry figures out that Trevor brought the mercenaries to the island to kill anyone who’s encountered Zacchara. While trying to get to Nikolas (for some reason), Luke has another heart attack. Logan spots a rope burn on Johnny’s hand and thinks he strangled Emily.

Can we stop almost killing people now? Also, can we stop pretending that every freaking person on that island could overpower Zacchara in about two seconds?

Trevor is a bad, bad man. (Not new information. Just making sure everyone gets it.)

Someone get Tyler Christopher a toothpick so he can remove the shreds of scenery from his teeth.

Carly...whatever. You kind of deserve this for wandering around on your own.

Almost/possibly/maybe about to be dead: Nikolas Cassadine, Sonny Corinthos, Carly Jacks, Jerry Jacks, Ric Lansing, Leyla Mir, Jason Morgan and/or Elizabeth Spencer, Luke Spencer
Really dead: Emily Quartermaine

November 18th, 2007

This week: Happy Thanksgiving! Uh, not you, Quartermaines.

November 19th, 2007

Elizabeth jumps down from the ledge onto the turret and is able to distract Zacchara enough for Jason to do the same. Zacchara then jumps from the turret with Jason firing bullets at him on the way down. Trevor finds him and tells him he’s going to die. As Mac, Harper, Epiphany, and Leo head to Spoon Island, Trevor sends the mercenaries away but announces that from now on, Zacchara will be fending for himself. Jason decides to put Zacchara out of his misery, but Johnny stops him, followed by Mac. Harper tries to find out what happened in the ballroom, not seeming to care how upset people are about Emily. Robin tends to Luke, who’s one of the first people evacuated from the island. Johnny revives Carly, but Logan thinks he only did so to cover for his father’s actions. Sam and Elizabeth can’t find Lucky, who’s gone after Zacchara. Sonny and Kate, blah.

So...are Ric and Leyla just going to be left to bleed to death in the house? Because I don’t see anyone worrying about them or trying to evacuate them. I mean, obviously Luke should be one of the first to go, but Sonny? Really?

Wow, Harper’s kind of a jerk. Maybe you should be nicer to the guy who just lost his sister.

Elizabeth actually did something smart! I’m impressed.

Dear Maxie and Sam: both of you shut up. No wonder you’re friends.

November 20th, 2007

Monica blames Jason for Emily’s death. Edward apparently thinks the Quartermaines are the Kennedys. Luke is in bad shape. Ric promises to change his behavior so he doesn’t end up like Trevor. Lucky is still MIA. Sam is a word I won’t use.

Dear Leslie Charleson: thank you for showing us how an intense, high-emotion scene is supposed to be played. Please give Tyler Christopher some lessons.

Ha, Carly is so jealous of Kate. Of course, she’ll never admit it...

Is Lucky’s disappearance an actual plot point, or was Greg Vaughan just sick that day?

If I were Ric, I would be really careful about getting involved with Skye, considering she okayed the murder of her last boyfriend.

November 21st, 2007

Monica spends Thanksgiving angry, but Edward decides to start his do-gooding by catering dinner for the doctors and nurses at GH. Monica, Edward, Skye, Dillon, and Ned spend Thanksgiving with Lila. Nikolas is sad, and Lesley isn’t helping. Mac invites Patrick over for Thanksgiving, but he declines the invitation and spends the evening with Leyla again. Robin doesn’t seem to care. Luke doesn’t want a bypass because he knows he’ll have to change his lifestyle. Carly decides not to tell the boys…well, anything. And then she makes Mike cook dinner for them. And then Bobbie and Coop both mention something about text messages. Max lets Maxie and Coop know that he knew about their relationship (though he doesn’t know they broke up). By inviting Coop over for dinner, he gives Coop the chance to tell Maxie he misses her and wants to get back together. Georgie invites Spinelli over for Thanksgiving, but he thinks she just wants him there as a friend. Scott plans to spend Thanksgiving with Logan, but Lulu inadvertently chases him off and hangs out with Logan instead.

It’s Seldom-Seen Character Day! Howdy, Lesley, Bobbie, Ned, Dillon, and Mike. I was half expecting Logan and the not-seen-in-ten-years Serena to pop up.

Wow, Lesley is really unhelpful. Maybe the guy who just tragically lost his fiancée shouldn’t be taking care of a toddler right now?

So Carly didn’t even tell Michael and Morgan that Sonny’s in the hospital? Whatever.

Heh, maybe Greg Vaughan really was sick when they filmed these scenes.

Tomorrow they’re reshowing last Thanksgiving’s episode, so have fun seeing Laura again! (And enjoy the irony that while Emily is alive, Jason is presumed dead.)

November 25th, 2007

This week: Monica isn’t too happy with Sonny either, Lucky is sad, and Trevor makes Sonny (say it with me) an offer he can’t refuse. Plus, funeral! So get ready for more happy fun times.

November 26th, 2007

Jason interrogates Nikolas, who can’t remember what happened in the ballroom and is sure he killed Emily. Harper seems to suspect Jason of having something to do with Emily’s death, for some reason. Monica and Tracy try to convince Luke to have the bypass. Before being taken to an asylum for the criminally insane, a paralyzed Zacchara tells Johnny, “Use Trevor to secure your position, then kill him before he kills you.” Sonny and Carly tell Michael and Morgan about Emily’s death. Morgan is angry that Sonny didn’t kill Zacchara, since that’s supposed to be his job. Carly is so incredibly jealous of Kate, it’s not even funny. Apparently Lucky has been MIA for three days and had no idea Emily was dead. He also blames himself for her death (and Elizabeth for distracting him). Jason stops by Elizabeth’s and gets to spend a few minutes with Jake before being interrupted by Lucky, who (most likely with encouragement from Sam) seems to think he’s still going to be a part of Jake’s life.

By the end of this week, I want everyone to stop saying, “That’s what Emily would have wanted.” It’s already way too old.

So Lucky was off somewhere for three days with no contact with anyone else? I find that incredibly hard to believe. Unless he was off doing something nefarious that we just don’t know about yet. ...No, I don’t think he’s that interesting.

Sam? Shut up.

You, too, Carly. Always and forever.

November 27th, 2007

Carly convinces Jason to go to Emily’s funeral. Monica wishes death on Sonny for ruining Jason’s life so he in turn could ruin Emily’s. Luke steals scrubs and a doctor’s coat for some reason, then possibly has another heart attack. Everyone else is just sad.


November 28th, 2007

People are still sad, this time at Emily’s funeral (which Jason does attend). Johnny tells Carly he doesn’t think Zacchara strangled her or killed Emily, and he’d like to find out who it was before he goes after Lulu. Scott halts Luke’s attempt to leave the hospital, but since he doesn’t actually care whether Luke lives or dies, it’s up to Tracy to try to convince him…well, not to die. Lulu and Michael think Jax and Carly should try to have a baby. Post-funeral, Lucky hangs out with Sam and Elizabeth comes home to find Jason in her living room.

Yes, yes, Emily was a saint. Can we move on?

It’s not so much that Elizabeth isn’t a good public speaker, it’s that she’s...a bad writer. Also not to good with home security, considering Jason got into her house and her mob spawn lives there.

So the new Carly/Jax plot is going to be them trying to have a baby? Because I could definitely do without that.

Robin needs to get Patrick a kid to babysit for a week, and then see if he changes his mind. Because right now he’s just being annoying.

November 29th, 2007

Emily is a ghost (or something) but is in denial about being dead. Nikolas thinks he’s crazy but doesn’t care. Carly…thinks she’s pregnant? Or wants to get pregnant? But she doesn’t tell Jax. Okay, really, who cares? Elizabeth and Jason are definitely not over. Kate is upset with Sonny for putting a security system in her house and having Max keep an eye on her. She thinks this will make her less independent, but he just wants to make her less susceptible to dying. She also seems to be worried that Sonny and Carly will get back together. Georgie brings a sick Spinelli chicken soup, which she ends up spilling all over herself. Her fantasies of making out with him are dashed when Nadine shows up with unspilled soup.

Oh, no! Dead Emily is even more annoying than Alive Emily!

I swear, I’m fast-forwarding every Carly/Jax scene for the next nine months.

Hi, Kate? Yeah, I’m all for the whole girl-power thing you have going on, but if it’s between being independent and being dead, you might want to go for the bodyguards and security system. Also, you ran straight to Sonny when you thought someone was trying to break into your house, so what are you going to do when someone puts a bomb in your car? Oh, yeah - you’ll die. Also, I love how Sonny told her he and Carly weren’t getting back together in the EXACT SAME tone of voice he always uses to tell Michael the same thing. Heh.

I love how the baby (babies?) who plays Jake loves putting his head down on people’s shoulders. So adorable!

Why the heck would Jason keep Brenda’s old robe in her old room for four years? Also, Brenda would never wear that robe. Come on!

November 30th, 2007

Nikolas is arrested for Emily’s murder after his blood is found on her mask. Trevor encourages Johnny to take over the family business, then makes a deal with Sonny: call a truce with the Zaccharas or lose everything. A random Greek bride makes Patrick realize that he wants to be with Robin no matter what. Jax is kind of a jerk in his attempts to find out what Carly is keeping from him. Lucky wants to stay Jake’s father, not realizing that Jason has been spending a lot of time at Elizabeth’s house. Alexis thinks Nikolas should bring Spencer home.

Oh, for the love of.... They found Nikolas’ blood at the crime scene, where he was already established to have been, and therefore he killed Emily? Hey, Harper, remember how he had a HEAD WOUND? Which, by the way, is still bloody-looking? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the PCPD is, to borrow from Principal Snyder, deeply stupid.

Dear Patrick: I admire your maturity (um, I guess), but do you really think this is the right way to go about this?

Shut up, Jax. (I hate having to say that.) Mind your knitting, Grandma.

So exactly what is going to stop Sonny from making that deal with Trevor? This is dumb.

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