General Hospital blog - October, 2004

October 1st, 2004

I might be a little more worried about Emily possibly drowning if Nikolas weren’t standing five feet away. Even then, I probably wouldn’t be that worried, because I don’t exactly like her.

I don’t want my poor, sweet, adorable Kristina to be sick! But I’ve suspected that things would turn out this way for awhile. At least she has half a dozen siblings in case she needs some sort of transplant.

Hey, new guy - you may be hot, but you’re supposed to be underaged, so stop being creepy. Also, Courtney’s already done the bad boy thing, and it didn’t turn out too well for her, so don’t push your luck.

HIGHS: It’s official - I like Ric and Alexis together.
• I could get really lucky and Emily could die! (Hey, a girl can hope.)

LOWS: Kristina’s probably sick. NOT COOL.
• That whole Jason and Sam pretending to be married thing was a little creepy.
• This Courtney/foster kid thing is a little too...what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yeah. Contrived.

Next week on GH...

Monday: Alcazar is playing a risky game. (You know, TV Guide Online never really gives good soap previews.)
• Alcazar warns Carly that Durant is determined to send Sonny to prison. (Because he loooooooves Carly.)
• Carly decides to test Durant’s loyalty. (This could get dangerous....)
• Steven tells Ric he is concerned about Kristina’s test results. (Nooooooo!)
• Nikolas finds Emily unconscious in the bathtub. (Yeah, we saw that in the previews.)
Tuesday: Emily is convinced that the Cassadine curse will come true. (Sigh.)
• Steven thinks it’s all in Emily’s head when she and Nikolas explain about the curse. (But, since this is GH, it’s probably not.)
• Tracy listens as Alexis gives Emily a hint on breaking the curse. (Why does Tracy care?)
• Courtney tries to stop Diego from flirting with her. (How about smacking some sense into him?)
• Skye thinks she has contacted Luke. (Well, he’s coming back soon, so that makes sense.)
Wednesay: Carly puts Durant’s family loyalty to the test. (Okay....)
• Jason opposes Carly and Sonny’s plan to test Durant. (Um...why?)
• Ric takes Skye into custody. (Aww, poor Skye.)
• Alexis works on overturning Skye’s conviction. (Who would’ve thought that Alexis would care?)
• Heather has Laura hidden away. (Yeah, like it’s really going to be Genie Francis.)
• Jax convinces Courtney to contact Social Services to relocate Diego. (Someone’s a little too involved in this.)
• Diego apologizes. (Yes, but is he sincere?)
Thursday: Heather adds another twist to her wicked agenda. (Oh, great.)
• Lois defends Alcazar when Sonny questions her. (Sigh.)
• Carly is elated when Durant passes her test. (But is that good or bad?)
• Sonny tells Jason he will kill Durant if necessary. (Of course he will.)
• Heather continues her scheming while keeping Laura in the attic. (What attic? Huh? That’s just weird.)
• Edward proposes to Heather. (Please, kill me now. Better yet, kill Heather.)
• Jax relents. (With regard to what?)
Friday: Durant pits Sonny against Alcazar by framing Alcazar for an explosion at one of Sonny’s warehouses. (Eek. But he’s smart.)
• Carly is upset when Jason and Sonny suspect Durant. (That’s because they’re smart, too.)
• Skye continues to believe that Luke will come to her rescue. (And he probably will.)
• Jax makes a date with Courtney and offers to make arrangements for Diego. (This is taking FOREVER.)

October 2nd, 2004

I have to do this.

Characters I like: Alexis - Because it’s very hard not to like her. She’s the funniest character, but also the one I most often find myself sympathizing with. Plus, Nancy Lee Grahn is so completely awesome that I can’t begin to describe how awesome she is.
Jax - First of all, hot. (Yeah, I can be shallow. What’s wrong with that?) Jax has always been THE hottie of GH, no matter what. And even when he has that little “I’m so cute, how can you not love me?” smile on his face, he’s hard to resist. Maybe I still have sympathy left over from when Brenda was presumed dead and Jax was all sad for so long.
Jason - I know a lot of people who hate Jason, but I just can’t. The poor guy’s been through too much. Though sometimes I wish he would find his spine and stop letting Sonny walk all over him.
Luke - When Luke’s around, which isn’t as much as he should be, he’s one of the most consistent characters (probably because Tony Geary’s been playing him for more than 25 years). He always has something good to say and he always makes things interesting.
Lucky - Lucky used to be my crush (that was in the days of Jonathan Jackson). When Jacob Young took over the role, I couldn’t stand the character, mostly because Young played him so differently than Jackson, including in an out-of-character way. Fortunately, Greg Vaughan plays him now, and has restored him to his original character. Too bad Lucky’s hardly ever around.
Nikolas - Nikolas is another one of those characters I mostly started to like because he’s cute. But he has so many layers and is so complex that I can’t help but like him. He’s someone that I would find fascinating if he existed in real life, which I think makes him a realistic character.
Faith - I know we’re supposed to hate Faith, since she’s a villain and all, but I can’t do it. I want to spend a day shopping with Cynthia Preston, because I think she’s brilliant. Faith is the most amusing villain ever.
Justus - Joseph C. Phillips played Justus perfectly, but when he left, the character just got boring. (Sorry, Monti Sharp.) I love that they brought Justus back, both because he’s funny again and because Mfundo Morrison plays him the way Phillips played him. I wish he had more to do, too.
Monica - Monica’s another character who doesn’t get to do as much as she should; Leslie Charleson is so wasted on this show. If the Quartermaines are all together and Monica’s there, you know the scene will be good.
Alan - See Monica; just insert Alan and Stuart Damon instead.
Lucas - Now that he’s finally grown up and gets to do some stuff, Lucas is fun. If Ryan Carnes had a little more training, he could be one of the strongest actors on the show. As it is, Lucas is amusing and brings something new to his scenes. I’m glad he got thrown into the teen storylines, because he’s added so much to them.
Mac - Not that he’s ever around.
Steven - So far, so good. I like that he stands up to Sonny, because I think more people need to do that. I think Shaun Benson is doing a great job, and Steven seems like a very interesting character with many possibilities.

Characters I hate: Heather - Find me someone who likes her. I dare you.
Sam - She was brought on as a love interest for Jax, which means that now she’s completely unnecessary. Sonny doesn’t need another child. Go away, Sam.

Characters I used to like but now hate/am starting to hate: Sonny - He’s almost become a characiture of himself, which is sad, because Maurice Benard is a terrific actor and used to be able to do so much with the character. Now he just yells and bosses people around and tries to control Carly.
Emily - Amber Tamblyn’s Emily ruled. She was always one of my favorite underrated, underrused characters. Natalia Livingston’s Emily is annoying and unrealistic. She’s too perfect. Everyone loves her (well, except the people who keep trying to kill her). Every time she’s onscreen now, I know I’m going to get bored.
Courtney - I used to defend Courtney to all the Courtney-haters I knew, but now it’s harder and harder to do that. I think my decline in favor started when she broke up with Jason because she didn’t like his job (never mind the fact that she knew what she was getting into when they got married). I’ll accept her with Jax, but she has to stop being so judgmental and selfish.
Brook - When Brook was younger, I had no problem with her. Unfortunately, when the writers aged her, they made her into a whiny, almost bratty teenager, which just bugs me on principle. She started out with some potential, but now whenever she tries to get sympathy, I have to admit that I’m all out of it. Maybe Lucas can talk some sense into her.

Characters I used to hate but now like/am starting to like: Skye - When Skye first arrived on the show, I was back and forth about her. I thought that Robin Christopher was a good actress and that Skye was an interesting character, but she was kind of irritating and the writers tried too hard to characterize her. When she hooked up with Jax, I immediately became an avowed Skye hater. My hatred didn’t even abate after they broke up; I didn’t like her getting together with Luke, since I’m a die-hard Luke and Laura fan. But somehow, within the past few months, I started to almost like Skye. And then, a couple of weeks ago, when she came back, I realized that I’d stopped hating her. She’s actually one of the more interesting characters. It’s a little scary.
Elizabeth - I hated Elizabeth so much for years, mostly because she was with Lucky and I didn’t like them together. But lately she’s just been so agreeable. I don’t know what it is. I don’t even mind her being around anymore. In fact, when she hasn’t been around for awhile, I almost look forward to seeing her again. That’s scary, too.
Ric - I was always back and forth on Ric, but lately he’s been falling into the “like” category. I think it’s because Rick Hearst gets to put a little more humor into the character now. I’m also interested to see how his relationship with Alexis is going to shape up.
Helena - Helena, like Faith, is an incredibly amusing villain. She’s someone you know you should hate but you just can’t. She gets a little one-dimensional every once in awhile, but for the most part, she makes things more fun.
Felicia - Like Elizabeth, I hated Felicia for a long time. Then, she went away for a little while, and when she came back, I just didn’t care as much. Now she’s almost interesting.

Characters who I like or hate depending on the storyline/the scene/my mood: Alcazar - Sometimes I think he’s fun, sometimes I don’t. Like I said, it depends on what’s going on and the mood I’m in. Lately, though, he’s been annoying.
Carly - Most people either like Carly or hate her, but I’ve never been completely sure how I feel. (Most people also prefer Sarah Brown to Tamara Braun, but I like them both.) She can be very interesting or very annoying. I’d like to see her with someone other than Sonny; that might help me make a decision.
Lois - I loved Rena Sofer’s Lois, and I was really sad when she left. I’m glad that they recast Lois with Lesli Kay, but so far she hasn’t quite lived up to her former character. I’d like Lois and Ned to get back together to see how much chemistry they have now.
Tracy - For the most part, Tracy is in the Faith/Helena camp of amusing villain, but she gets on my nerves a little more often than they do. She was a lot more interesting when she wasn’t around as much. I think she needs a good, strong plotline to really win me over.
Ned - Old Nedly was great because he was so laid-back and charming. I think he really changed after Alexis left him at the altar. He just doesn’t have fun anymore. Poor boring Nedly.
Dillon - Dillon used to be great - hilarious and sympathy-inducing. Lately he’s been annoying. Scott Clifton, please yell at the writers and take Dillon back to the way he was.
Georgie - Georgie was annoying when she was younger, but I liked her as a teenager because she was kind of the way I was at that age. Then the writers screwed her up and made her do and say things she would never do. Lindze Letherman has a lot of potential to be a strong actress, if only the writers would stop messing with her character.
Bobbie - Bobbie isn’t around much anymore, and when she is, it takes me a little while to gauge my level of like. Too many secrets there, I think.
Michael - Okay, sometimes he says funny stuff, and sometimes he’s actually smarter than a lot of the adults around. But mostly he’s precocious and nosy and manipulative (which I guess makes him his mother’s son). Which is why I mostly just respond to him with, “Shut up, you little moppet.”
Durant - I just haven’t seen enough of him to really judge. I think he’s going to wind up getting on my nerves a lot, though.
Diego - So far he’s mostly just been annoying and has incurred my refrain, “Shut up, pretty boy.” Maybe soon he’ll demonstrate some substance and prove to be three-dimensional.

October 4th, 2004

In the past 48 hours, Steven has saved two people’s lives. Isn’t that a little...strange? And unrealistic? Oh, wait, I almost forgot what show I was watching.

Diego, you’re 17. Don’t be an idiot.

Wow, Sam, you’ve now managed to be nosy about something that’s less your business than even Jason’s. If Carly didn’t hate you, she would be proud.

Poor Elizabeth. She had to stand there and not freak out during the Cassadine/Quartermaine battle scene. Someone buy that girl an ice cream sundae.

HIGHS: Awww, more Ric and Alexis. Plus, he’s learned the patented Kevin Collins “If You Want Her to Stop Babbling, Kiss Her” Technique.
• Tracy actually used her brain for once.

LOWS: Yes, Ric, lying to Alexis is a really good idea.
• A spider? Really?
• Thanks for saving Emily, Steven. That was really nice of you.

October 5th, 2004

I think I have to give up the highs and lows. They’re kind of annoying me.

So is Emily dying or what? Because the writers shouldn’t toy with me. Kill her or don’t (yeah, like they’ll actually kill her), but stop putting her life in danger every other week. It’s annoying, and we know nothing’s going to come of it. Also, when we don’t like the character, it’s hard to care whether or not she lives.

Hee hee, Justus won Lila’s inheritance. But wasn’t Kristina in the running? I can just see her inheriting all that money and then spending it on candy and toys.

My interest in Diego has already vanished. Go away, pretty boy.

I think that Felicia should put the smackdown on the Quartermaines once a week, just to keep them in line. Especially Edward, since he’s just insane.

I loved Skye looking up on the pier to see Ric standing up on the steps, looking down at her. Like I said, I’ve started to like Ric, and I liked that he got that scene.

October 6th, 2004

I actually liked Carly’s plan to try to trap Durant. (Though, technically, Jason’s plan was more efficient and possibly just as successful.) I’m guessing Durant won’t be smart enough to catch on before it’s too late.

Please, please, please let Steven find Mommy Dearest’s DNA on Luke’s letter. And please let that lead to her being arrested and/or publically ridiculed and flogged. I can’t take much more of Heather.

Ric committed a crime for Alexis! It must be twue wuv.

More people care about Skye now that she’s a recaptured escaped felon than they did when she was a wrongfully imprisoned non-murderer. How ironic.

October 7th, 2004

What is this, Obstruction of Justice Week? Heather is a creepy psycho, and I hope she goes to jail forever. Also, I hope that Alice finds Laura in the attic, exposes Crazy Psycho Lady, and tells Lucky and Nikolas where their mother is.

Poor Skye. And I haven’t felt sorry for Skye...possibly ever. Stupid Heather. I hope Skye figures everything out.

I refuse to mention Edward and Heather’s “engagement.” I refuse to acknowledge its existence. If I do that long enough, maybe it’ll be like it never happened.

I love that Lois finally stood up to Sonny. Ha ha, Mr. Center of the Universe! Lois doesn’t buy it. I always thought she was smart.

Diego has suddenly become very boring. Shut it, pretty boy.

October 8th, 2004

It’s Luke Day! Welcome back, Luke! You’re not looking your best, buddy. But you’re not supposed to, so that’s okay.

Seriously, Heather, you’re creeping me out. Quit it.

Nikolas, you might not want to try to kill someone in the police station (especially a police station where your brother works). Not that you don’t get an A for effort. Oh, and you know how you keep trying to bring up Emily’s spirits by telling her that Mikkos and Kristen got past Helena’s curse? That story doesn’t have a happy ending. Helena killed Kristen, remember? Maybe you should try to think of something else to say.

Tracy actually did something nice! And she didn’t ask for anything in return! Is she feeling all right?

Steven should always wear what he had on today - white shirt, dark jeans, black sweater, and suede jacket. Perfect.

Carly, button your shirt.

October 9th, 2004

Next week on GH...

Monday: Sonny is angry that Carly went to see Durant. (Of course he is.)
• Steven admits to Durant that he cares for Carly. (Yep, figures.)
• Alcazar hires a woman to kill Durant and plans to frame Sonny. (A woman? At least he’s progressive.)
• Nikolas attacks Helena. (Or, more accurately, Nikolas keeps attacking Helena.)
• Luke tells Skye he was drugged and forced the write the letter. (We figured that was the case.)
Tuesday: Luke and Skye consider who framed her for murder and held Luke at the asylum. (Here’s a hint: her name rhymes with Feather Debber.)
• Dillon sets the mood for his encounter with Georgie. (Encounter? Yeah, that’s romantic.)
• Nikolas and Emily search for the Garden of Aphrodite. (Huh? What? What are the writers smoking?)
• Jax asks Lois to watch Diego while he has dinner with Courtney. (Poor Lois.)
Wednesday: Georgie explores her rebellious side. (It’s official - she’s Elizabeth 2.0. Don’t go in the park, Georgie!)
• Sonny questions Durant’s decision to stay in Port Charles. (It’s called a contract.)
• Alcazar believes his plan is working. (I don’t think that plan works until Durant is dead.)
• Luke asks Dillon and Georgie to hide him and Skye. (Awesome!)
• Brook is upset to see Lois with Alcazar. (Someone get that girl something to do.)
• Sonny stops a fight between Lucas and Diego. (Uh, oh, Diego’s met Sonny. That means he’ll be working for him before the end of the year.)
Thursday: Alexis is willing to do whatever it takes to save her daughter. (I really don’t like the sound of that.)
• Carly assures Alexis she will do whatever she can to help Kristina. (You’re not reassuring me, here....)
• Steven believes Kristina could be seriously ill. (Oh, this is bad, bad, bad.)
• Durant catches Carly snooping in his room. (How does that help Kristina?? Priorities!)
• Alcazar orders Lana to kill Durant. (No, get back to the Kristina plot!)
Friday: Alcazar’s plans have serious consequences for Carly. (Well, obviously - he wants to kill her father!)
• Jason threatens to kill Durant if he hurts Carly. (Because everyone loves Carly.)
• Lana aims at the stage and shoots. (What stage? I’m confused.)
• Steven admits to Ric that Kristina could have leukemia. (NOOOOOOOOOO! I want a second opinion!)
• Heather keeps Luke from discovering Laura in the attic. (Yeah, right, Laura. That’s a mannequin with a blond wig.)
• Nikolas takes Emily to the remains of the garden. ( it just me, or has that plot gotten really weird?)

October 11th, 2004

Please, please, please tell me this Helena/Emily thing isn’t another version of the Helena/Chloe/psychic link storyline from 1999. Because it was ridiculous enough then, and it would be even more ridiculous to do it again. Not that anyone on the show would ever mention it, because everyone seems to have completely forgotten that Chloe ever existed. Even Alexis, who was her so-called best friend. (I think that went out the window when Kristina showed up.) I can’t take that storyline again.

What’s with this show making fun of tofu? Not that I’m a tofu fan or anything, but that’s at least the second time characters have criticized it. Mike must not prepare it very well or something.

Of course you like Carly, Steven. Every man in town has, at one time or another, been in love with Carly. I have no idea what it is.

Sonny, you’re just jinxing your marriage by the minute. I guarantee that by Christmas, Sonny and Carly will be done.

October 12th, 2004

Dillon and Georgie are so cute together. Too bad they were interrupted. “How good are you at lying to your father?” Hee.

This show makes it too easy to break curses. Emily and Nikolas should have to travel all over the world and do a bunch of tasks before they can be okay. Go to a garden and kiss? Whatever.

All that money, and Monica can’t give anything to some fake homeless people. Tsk tsk tsk.

Jax and Courtney, you’re killing me. HAVE SEX ALREADY. It’s obviously going to happen, so just skip all the chit-chat and DO IT.

I so hope Lucas hits Diego again.

October 13th, 2004

I can’t stop laughing at Diego. What an idiot. First of all, before you lie about being friends with someone, make sure the person you’re lying to isn’t that guy’s best friend. Second of all, don’t try to mug a guy who has a gun, especially when all you have is a stick. Also, don’t try to mug a guy who’s twice your size.

Is Georgie insane? I’d really like to know what’s going through her mind. It’s like she’s high on rebellion and breaking the law. Weird. Also, is Mac insane? Did he learn nothing from Robin?

Hey, Lana, shouldn’t you be trying to remain inconspicuous? About a dozen people probably saw you in public with Durant, so if you try to kill him, people are going to suspect you. And your shirt brings you enough attention as it is, because it’s possibly the world’s ugliest shirt.

Tomorrow’s going to be SO bad, with all the stuff about Kristina being sick. I’ll try not to cry.

October 14th, 2004

Alexis is WAY too calm. I’m guessing that she’ll be heading towards breakdown territory no later than Tuesday. Poor Kristina! Stupid writers. Leave the poor girl alone. What did she ever do to you?

Sonny actually did some nice, selfless things today! Imagine that. Oh, but if the writers give him one more “ha, ha, isn’t it ironic that he says Morgan and Kristina aren’t related when the rest of us know the truth?” line, I’m going to throw something at the TV.

Try not to be so concerned about Kristina, Carly. Also, I don’t know how Durant saw through your disguise - I thought it was brilliant! Almost as brilliant as Emily’s glasses-and-sweats disguise when she snuck into the psychiatrict hospital a few months ago. Seriously, glasses? Not a disguise. You’re not Clark Kent. At least wear a wig.

Did Durant seriously threaten Jason by saying he would hurt Courtney? First of all, you just...don’t do that. Second of all, he must not know that Courtney is Carly’s best friend. If Durant hurt Courtney, Carly would kill him before Jason could even think about doing it.

Am I a bad person if I want Emily to fall off that cliff? Wait, don’t answer that.

Georgie’s a criminal! Dang, calm down. You’re on the fast train to juvie.

Yeah, I bet Luke will see Laura in the attic. Because I’m just that gullible. Speaking of Luke, he gets the quote of the day - “This is like doing grand larceny with a puppy. Good boy! Good boy!” (to Dillon, complete with pats on the head)

October 15th, 2004

Kristin Minter is going from one medical show to another (well, GH isn’t exactly a medical show), and she doesn’t get to play a doctor on either. Minter, who used to play Randi on ER, is joining GH as Jordan Baines, starting November 12th. She’s playing Sonny’s lawyer. And we all know what happens when Sonny has a female lawyer. (Oh, please, please, use a condom this time, Sonny. You already have four kids.)

Am I supposed to worry that Lana shot Durant? Because I really don’t. I don’t even really care if she shot Carly. Amazingly, the only person in danger that I actually cared about was Ric. (I think I’ve made some good progress - just a few months ago, I would’ve been rooting for him to get shot.) Even if Lana did shoot Durant, she’s still the worst hired killer ever. Almost everyone in Port Charles has seen her with Alcazar. Good job, genius.

Consider Michael scarred for life. Though at least one of his parents was spending time with him for a change.

Cheese factor in the garden, on a scale from 1 to 10: 12. How lame. But this means the curse storyline is over, right? Please?

Thanks for dragging out the Kristina storyline, people. I love not knowing what’s wrong with her. STOP TORTURING ME, OKAY?

Jason gets the quote of the day: “He threatened Courtney. Can I kill him?” (to Sonny, re: Durant) It’s almost as good as if he’d said, “Sonny! I accidentally killed Durant! That’s okay, right?”

October 18th, 2004

This week on GH... (Zap2It’s previews aren’t up yet, so this is kind of sparse)

Monday: Nikolas and Emily finally break Helena’s curse. (Yeah, we know. We saw the flowers. And let that be the last time we speak of that.)
Tuesday: Carly has a change of heart about Durant. (Let’s call this the beginning of the end.)
Wednesday: Heather is one step closer to her goal. (Um, okay.)
Thursday: Luke and Skye offer Faith an interesting proposition. (Faith! Yay!)
Friday: Sonny is disturbed by Carly’s relationship with Durant. (Disturbed? Is that a good word to use here? That sounds a little strong.)

I want an endless loop of a scene of Alexis and Ric reading Kristina a bedtime story. And I’m incredibly disappointed that we didn’t get to see it at all.

Not caring about Durant. So not caring.

ENOUGH WITH EMILY AND NIKOLAS. Seriously. Such a waste of time.

Hi, Carly? There’s such a thing as being framed. Don’t talk to Jason like that. I’d choose him over you in a fight any day.

Lucky rocks. Not only is he on to Alcazar, but he actually called him out. Keep up the good work, Lucky. And get a haircut!

Lois also rocks. I might call Lana “Tootsie” from now on.

October 19th, 2004

So, Durant’s going to be okay. Um...good?

Poor Michael. Does Sesame Street explain “do as I say, not as I do”?

Sonny praying in the hospital chapel - take a drink!

Lois almost made it to my “characters I love” list. Then she ruined it with her stupid “make out with Alcazar to call Brook’s bluff” plan. Bad idea.

Why is Ric giving Sonny advice? And why did we have to listen to it instead of seeing the non-existent scene of him and Alexis reading Kristina a bedtime story? What happened to giving the audience what it wants?

Sam! GO AWAY! You have no idea how much I want you to die in childbirth. Other than having Sonny’s baby, you serve NO PURPOSE. So LEAVE ALREADY.

October 20th, 2004

I hate you, Edward.

To Faith, I give a hearty “ja!”

Yeah, I didn’t think they could arrest Helena for a 30-year-old murder that didn’t even take place in the U.S. But I’m glad Helena echoed what I always say when Kristen is mentioned - her last name was Nilsson, not Bergman. (And I have no idea how I knew that.)

Pssst, Alexis - you know I’m all for you saving Kristina, but if you happen to turn away and let Helena, you know, kill Emily, I won’t object.

Since when does Luke belong to the Clark Kent/Superman school of disguises?

October 21st, 2004

Awww, Ric saved Alexis’ life! It’s definitely twue wuv. Speaking of Ric, is he going to mess with evidence so that Helena gets arrested for Mary’s murder? Okay, he’s turned out to be a nice guy and all, but he’s the world’s worst DA. He’s so going to get fired for this. (Especially since Durant knows that Alcazar killed Mary.)

Lana is so lame that even Durant suspects her. She deserves whatever she gets.


Someone please tell Ted King that it’s Durant, not Durance. I’m pretty sure he called him Durance today for the second time. How does he not know his name?

Faith is really going to go along with Luke’s plan? I have to say, it’s one of the worst plans I’ve ever heard, and probably Luke’s worst plan ever. Faith is getting next to nothing out of it, and she could easily decide not to take part in it. Luke and Skye might need a Plan B.

October 22nd, 2004

This week on GH... (I’m dropping the Zap2It spoilers, because they ruined too much for me, but I’ll stick with the TV Guide Online previews)

Monday: Alexis and Carly face a difficult decision. (My poor Kristina. Sniff!)
Tuesday: A threat from beyond the grave threatens Nikolas. (First of all, a threat is threatening Nikolas? Get a thesaurus. And second of all, WEREN’T THE FLOWERS ENOUGH? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE US WITH CHEESY, UNREALISTIC STORYLINES?)
Wednesday: Luke’s latest plan unnerves Skye. (Raise your hand if you’re surprised.)
Thursday: Jax and Courtney call it quits. (That won’t last. They’ll be in bed before December.)
Friday: Emily’s life is put in danger. (Okay, hear this, writers: WE DON’T CARE ABOUT EMILY. You put her life in danger every other week, and we still don’t care. The lesson here is to stop putting her life in danger. For one thing, in case you haven’t heard, WE DON’T CARE ABOUT EMILY. And for another, it’s old. We don’t believe you’re going to kill her off any more than you do. You’re making us feel stupid, and you’re making yourselves look stupid. So quit it already.)

Aha! I knew it! I knew Kristina would eventually need a bone marrow transplant! That’s because this show is predictable, but that’s beside the point. For the record, I’m pretty sure the best donor for a bone marrow transplant is the patient’s sibling, not a parent. But whatever. The truth is going to come out anyway.

Yeah, I’ll believe that Helena’s dead if and only if we don’t see her for the next five years. Nik’s turned into quite the little homicidal maniac, though, hasn’t he?

I can’t BELIEVE Courtney is using Michael to try to convince Jason to get together with Sam. Grrrr. I am so against that pairing. Jason deserves so much better than Sam.

Judging from the way Tyler Christopher said “magic flowers,” I think he thought that turn of events was just as ridiculous as I did.

The cover of this week’s Soap Opera Weekly says, “Look out for Nikolas’ evil twin!” This better be an evil twin like “oh, look, this guy looks just like Mac, and he’s evil, but they’re not related,” not an evil twin like “Kevin has an identical twin brother who happens to be a murderer.” Because there’s no way that Laura had twins and never mentioned it. I’ll buy her having Nikolas and never telling Luke about him, but I won’t buy her having twins and only talking about one of them.

October 25th, 2004

Big surprise that Alexis wasn’t a match for Kristina. No way they would do this story and then have it end that easily. The truth will come out! Rest assured that it will come out!

I think it’s time for someone to explain to Michael about the birds and the bees. And about how Daddy likes to sleep around. Also, have fun telling Michael that he has ANOTHER little sister.

Nikolas, dear, every time you say, “There’s no way she could’ve survived that,” you’re just jinxing it more.

Can we have an entire hour of Ric’s Happy Fun Story Hour? And could he maybe do a puppet show? That was awesome. He so needs to adopt Kristina and be the world’s best daddy. Maybe he can turn the panic room into a playroom.

Random question: whose stethoscope was Morgan chewing on? That was strange.

CONNOR! Dang. Everyone really does come back from the dead on soaps. There’s no way he would look exactly like Nikolas, though. Mary never said they were dead ringers for each other (no pun intended, heh, heh). Man, this storyline is going to be horrible. I can just feel it.

October 26th, 2004

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Steven is brilliant. Carly said two words and he figured out that Sonny is Kristina’s father. Ooh, Sonny’s not going to be happy when he finds out that Steven knew before he did.

I can’t wait to see Edward and Heather living at Kelly’s. I hope they start waiting tables there. And I’m glad Edward is smarter than he appeared before.

Connor is scary. He might be as crazy as Mary was. I still don’t like where this is going.

Dude, Luke, don’t sneak up on the girl who was just almost murdered about five times.

October 27th, 2004

Yeah, I bet they found a donor for Kristina. Unless that person’s last name is Corinthos, it’s not going to work out.

Alexis was going to tell Jason that Sonny is Kristina’s father? Interesting choice. I wonder if Ric is mad that she still hasn’t told him. And I wonder why he hasn’t just told her that he knows. That might alleviate some stress. (Well, okay, not really, but it makes sense that one of them would say something.)

Reason #5,947 why Jason rocks: Even though he’s probably never actually seen Kristina, he was willing to get tested to see if he could donate bone marrow to her. Awesome.

Mike is my hero. I hope he makes Edward deal with all the difficult customers.

Did Luke and Skye seriously think they could trust Faith? Are they on something?

October 28th, 2004

See? I knew it would be too easy to find a non-related donor for Kristina that soon. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I think Alexis is actually going to tell Sonny that he’s Kristina’s father. I know he’s going to find out, and soon, but I don’t know how. I’ve heard many rumors and speculations, including one that Elizabeth will become suspicious and be the one to point things out to Sonny. That doesn’t make sense to me anymore, though. I think it makes the most sense if Alexis tells Sonny. Plus, with Carly in Manhattan, she’s out of the picture, at least temporarily, which gives him the chance to get mad at Alexis, deal with Kristina, and then, later, get mad at Carly. However, I do think that, after his conversation with Carly about Alexis admitting something to her back in February and after Jason’s conversation with Alexis about biology, Sonny and Jason should be able to put their heads together and figure it out on their own.

Dang, Connor is creepy. I’m impressed that Tyler Christopher can do both the creepy character and the normal character equally well.

I knew Courtney and Jax weren’t going to break up for good! Not after everything they’ve been through. That commercial they showed totally has them having sex. Finally.

Poor Edward. Though he did marry Heather, so he kind of is crazy.

October 29th, 2004

Gladise Jimenez is joining the cast as Maria, Diego’s sister, starting November 23rd. I don’t know if she’s older or younger. If she’s younger, NO MORE TEENAGERS. If she’s older, good - he’ll get out of Courtney’s loft.

Want proof of God’s existence? Rumor has it that Heather is leaving in the next couple of weeks. THANK YOU.

Next week on GH...

Monday: Carly reveals the truth to Sonny. (From Manhattan? How kind of her.)
Tuesday: Lucky agrees to keep Nikolas’ secret under wraps. (And that would be...?)
Wednesday: Ric and Alexis take an unexpected step in their relationship. (I know what it is! I read spoilers. And I’m very excited.)
Thursday: Luke and Skye get ready to break Faith out of prison. (This should be fun.)
Friday: Dillon makes a shocking discovery in the attic. (“Hey, Monica? There’s some blond woman in the attic, and I don’t know who she is.” I wonder how they’re going to keep this up without Genie Francis.)

From all of the cliff-hangers they could have ended today’s episode with (Carly/Alexis/Ric, Connor/Nikolas/Emily, etc.), they chose...Alcazar, Brook, and Diego in the warehouse? And then, in the previews, they showed that they’re all okay? LAME! I’m surprised they didn’t go with the Carly/Alexis/Ric cliff-hanger. Oh, well. The truth should come out on Monday....

Yay, Alexis finally told Ric that Sonny is Kristina’s father! And I’m not really surprised that he didn’t tell her he already knew. That’s such a Ric thing to do. But at least he got tested.

I seriously wanted Connor to shoot Emily just so she would SHUT UP. She’s so annoying. And also not that bright.

Durant and Steven are like two gossipy old ladies - “did you hear that Sonny is Kristina’s father? Do you think Carly is going to tell him?” Get hobbies, guys.

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