General Hospital blog - September, 2019

September 3rd, 2019

Elizabeth is trying to stay optimistic about Andre being able to help Franco, and Cameron's trying to help her keep things normal at home. However, she admits to Julian that she's worried that Kim has feelings for "Drew." Julian is sure she doesn't, but after a long conversation about Oscar, during which Kim seems to forget that she's not talking to the real Drew, Franco and Kim kiss. Hayden approves of Elizabeth's plans to have Franco declared mentally incompetent but wonders if Andre will even be able to help him. The answer, as of this moment, is no, because Andre is currently unconscious and on life support after stumbling into GH's ER (and no, Drew wasn't with him). Apparently Curtis isn't going to be helping Valentin after all, which is good, because there's no way Jordan would be okay with that. Instead, he agrees to help Hayden and Jax find Mikkos' codicil. Jax objects, which is reasonable, but since Hayden trusts Curtis, she's not concerned. Curtis' one condition is that they warn Nina that her fiancé could be on the verge of losing his fortune. Gladys pops in for a visit, and she and Dev are completely awkward trying to keep up the charade that they're grandmother and grandson. Sonny hopes that Gladys isn't there to try to renegotiate the terms of their deal. Josslyn quizzes Dev on his so-called life story so he'll be ready for all the questions he'll be asked when school starts. Also, it's confirmed that Trina likes him. It's Australian Father's Day, so Josslyn and Carly talk about that a lot. Olivia talks to her children's fathers but isn't allowed to say anything meaningful.

So much for the possibility that Hayden would knock some sense into Elizabeth.

Why is Jax working with Hayden to help Spencer? It would make more sense if Alexis were the rightful heir. Also, is Hayden stalling on finding a place to live because she thinks Spencer will let her move into Wyndemere?

I know Carly can be childish at times, but that doesn't mean people need to treat her like a child, Jax.

When Julian inevitably doesn't leave town, will he keep Olivia's pizza oven?

September 4th, 2019

Cameron sees Franco and Kim kissing, and Trina keeps him quiet so they can eavesdrop. Franco wants to take Kim with him when he leaves town, as he believes that he's the true love of her life and Julian doesn't mean that much to her. Kim doesn't help things by accidentally calling him Drew. After she leaves, Cameron confronts Franco and begs him to try to give Elizabeth what she needs like she's always given him what he needs. Franco won't listen, so Cam says he's glad Oscar isn't there to see this. Jason tries to show sympathy for Elizabeth's situation, but she thinks he's trying to hide his happiness that Franco's gone. The rest of the episode is just me rolling my eyes and telling her to shut up (and also hoping she'll tell him her plan so he'll tell her how ridiculous it is). Epiphany summons Elizabeth to the hospital with the news that Andre's there, but she doesn't get a chance to explain that he's not conscious. Elizabeth doesn't have childcare, so she sends Jason in her place. Epiphany's hesitant to tell him anything because of HIPAA, but Mac and Jordan declare him part of the investigation and let her announce that Andre was stabbed. Peter overhears part of their conversation and pays a visit to the patient. Robert takes time out of his busy schedule to bug Peter some more, which doesn't go anywhere. Peter has trouble keeping a poker face when Robert mentions that Shiloh might testify on his own behalf at his trial. Felicia asks Robert to back off if he doesn't have anything specific to nab Peter for (yet). There's some dumb reason Olivia can't buy Charlie's for another week or so, which means Julian and Kim can't leave for New York yet, because they can't just...go before it's sold? Whatever. Julian's annoyed about the delay, but Kim is pretty casual about it. She also declines when Alexis offers to get her a restraining order against Franco. Robert and Felicia urge Maxie to listen to Hayden's praise and find an opportunity to run her own publication. Julian wants to start a trust for "Wiley," which Lucas thinks is his way of trying to make up for his impending exit. Maxie's worried that Mac's official return to the PCPD will put him in harm's way.

Someone please tell Roger Howarth that Drew is not a Kennedy, so he should stop talking like one.

Funny, Kim's never mentioned Drew's arrogance before.

"Franco will be back soon, if everything works out the way it's supposed to." And I'm sure it will! It's a brilliant plan, Elizabeth!

Late '90s Mac: "Jason, stay away from my niece or I'll kill you myself." 2019 Mac: "Mr. Morgan is helping us with this investigation." Somewhere in Berkeley, Robin just started laughing and doesn't know why.

Why is it that Kim can get a restraining order against Franco, who hasn't done anything threatening, but Ava has no legal way of preventing Ryan – her daughter's murderer – from sending her letters?

Don't worry, Maxie. Chase is the cop who's already been jinxed; Mac should be fine.

September 5th, 2019

Peter can't do anything to Andre before he starts waking up. He tells Mac, Jordan, and Jason that Drew found him in Ethiopia and sent him back to Port Charles before heading to Afghanistan. When Andre arrived in town, the driver of a car he thought was there to pick him up stabbed him, then ran off. The group then turns their attention to Drew, who hasn't been in touch and isn't answering his phone. Sam learns from his private-jet service that his plane never landed in Afghanistan, and has virtually disappeared. Finn wants to do something to help Sasha that will involve genetic testing, which means her true paternity could come out. Obrecht taunts Valentin that he would be happy if Sasha died, since his secrets would die with her. He denies this and warns that if the truth comes out, Obrecht will be brought down as an accomplice. She turns to Brad, using the "Wiley" secret to blackmail him into altering the test results to make it look like Nina and Sasha are related. Brad thinks that should make them even, but Obrecht disagrees. Franco mentions to Julian that he and Kim just spent some time together and he feels bad about what ensued. Julian asks Kim what he means, but she doesn't say anything about their makeout session. Julian finally realizes that they don't actually have to stay in town until Charlie's is sold, so they can go ahead with their move. Cameron tells Elizabeth that he saw Franco and Kim kissing, and that he asked her to run off with him. Elizabeth basically ignores the first part and focuses on the second, worried that Franco really is planning to leave town. Sonny is considering adopting Dev, even though Carly hasn't gotten a vote yet and Diane says it could be sticky legally. Carly isn't sure Sonny's keeping in mind that this is a permanent decision. She wants to make sure the whole family is on the same page, including their kids. Michael tells Sam that Sasha's been secretive but said she'd be more forthcoming after she's better. Sam reminds him that honesty is important in a relationship, so this is a good step. He makes the Nelle parallel, sure that, whatever Sasha's keeping quiet, it can't be as horrible as the lies Nelle told. Franco asks Alexis for help getting his ankle monitor removed, but she tells him it's a conflict of interest because of Sam (though she doesn't go into detail).

Hey, PCPD, maybe put some security on the guy who was just stabbed immediately, instead of waiting until the end of the episode to realize you should?

Yes, Nina. "Toxic" is one word for your relationship with Madeline.

I'm a little surprised that Sam didn't offer to investigate Sasha for Michael. Maybe she did and realized Michael would have said no.

I honestly can't decide if Sasha is going to live or not. I feel like they keep jinxing her.

September 6th, 2019

Sasha turns a corner, and Finn predicts that she'll make a full recovery. Nina is happy for about five minutes, then starts talking about the wedding and getting revenge on Cassandra. Valentin points out that since Michael is involved, Sonny will most likely make a move on Cassandra, so they don't need to do anything. Brad makes the arrangements Obrecht requested, but she's clearly not going to just let the "Wiley" thing go now. Carly mentions to Lucas that she saw Brad and Obrecht talking, so Lucas asks Brad about it. Brad lies that Obrecht sometimes asks him if he's heard from Britt. Obrecht ends up in an elevator with Lucas, Michael, and "Wiley," which might be Brad's worst nightmare. Alexis tells Diane about her and Neil's first date, which we see in flashback. They went to Drag Bingo at the Floating Rib, and even though Neil accidentally brought up his ex-wife, things didn't get so awkward that either of them wanted to escape. Alexis won and celebrated by laying a big kiss on Neil. Diane is thrilled but disappointed that Alexis is coy about what might come next. Nelle tells Shiloh that she has a plan to get him both "Wiley" and his ELQ stock. Jax is annoyed that Dev is still living with the Corinthoses, possibly permanently, and wants Josslyn to split her time between him and Carly once he finds a house. Carly thinks this means they should rethink the potential adoption. Sonny figures that Josslyn is at more risk with Jax, who may or may not have a connection to Cassandra. Josslyn and Dev give each other support on their first day of school.

Why were Alexis and Neil the only people we knew at Drag Bingo? What a missed opportunity.

Stepping back to let Sonny take out Cassandra is the smartest decision Valentin has ever made. I mean, the bar is low, but still.

"You really should be thanking Harmony. Because of her, you and I are going to be great friends." Gee...thanks, Harmony.

Pentonville, you really shouldn't put male and female inmates alone in a room together.

Sonny's a mobster, but yeah, Jax, Dev is the person to worry about in that house.

Can one of the drag queens please tell Josslyn not to wear overalls?

September 9th, 2019

While Michael and Willow hang out with "Wiley," noting that he doesn't look like Shiloh or Willow, Brad goes to Julian for another freak-out session. He blurts out that Obrecht knows too much, since she was present when "Wiley" was born. Julian puts the rest together and realizes that the baby he's been lying about for more than a year is his enemy's grandson. Andre tells Elizabeth that there's a chance he can restore Franco's memories, but there's a greater chance that he can't. Scott works on the first steps of their plan, asking Sonny for help detaining Franco, if necessary. (Yes, you read that right.) Monica reaches out to Franco, who's not that interested in bonding but does open up to her a little. He offers to tell her more about Drew's life if she'll help him get his ankle monitor removed so he can leave town. Jordan and Curtis dig for information on Drew, but the people at the private-jet service are no longer being helpful, and tracks are being covered. They team up with Sam and Jason to try to figure out who, other than Shiloh, might want Andre dead and Drew out of the picture. The wreckage of Drew's plane is found in the Gulf of Aden, and while it looks like he's probably dead, Curtis thinks he could have survived. Sonny asks Julian if he can buy the old photos at Charlie's for Mike. Like the Grinch, Julian's heart grows a few sizes and he says he'll hand over the photos for free.

I'm sorry, are we...making progress on the baby swap? Is it possible?

I was going to say that it's ridiculous that Scott has Sonny's number in his phone, but that's the least ridiculous thing that happened today. I mean, Scott thinking Sonny would help him help Franco? Monica considering inviting Franco to live in the house Michael lives in?

Monica, please don't play along with the Drew stuff. You're not helping.

Yeah, I'll bet Drew's dead.

September 10th, 2019

Brad tells Julian everything, including confirmation that he was the one who pushed Obrecht off the Haunted Star. He thinks the solution to all their problems is for Julian to kill Obrecht so Lucas will never find out the truth. Jason tells Monica and Franco that Drew may be dead, then warns Franco that he could be targeted by whoever's responsible. Elizabeth confronts Kim for kissing Franco and not outright telling him she won't run off with him. Kim has appreciated talking to someone who shares a past with her, but Elizabeth really doesn't care about that if it reinforces Franco's delusions that he's Drew. Kim agrees to stay away from him and goes over to tell him that she's not running away with him. Franco tells her that Drew is presumed dead, which means his memories might be all that remain of Drew. Josslyn skips school, overwhelmed with her grief, and chats with Michael about how difficult it's been for her. He shares his own struggles over losing Jonah and reminds her that Oscar wouldn't want her to stop living because he's gone. Carly thinks Dev's presence at the house is making things harder for Josslyn, so they need to change the arrangements. Sonny calls her selfish, as if Carly caring about her daughter more than some kid she barely knows is a bad thing. Somehow, this turns into a fight about past sexcapades, but Carly puts an end to it before they can hurt each other too much. Peter talks to Wyatt about being brave and stuff, and now Maxie thinks he's even more awesome than before. This is, by the way, while he's secretly trying to tie up loose ends like Andre and Franco's memories.

"Julian, please kill Obrecht so Lucas won't be sad." Brad, you need help.

What? The DVX? What do they have to do with Drew? Did I miss something?

Wait, Josslyn's wearing a jumper, not overalls. Eh, still bad.

Sonny, stop mentioning that Dev saved your life. No one cares.

I joke about Kristina being the last Corinthos to know stuff, but...freaking A, she doesn't even know the truth about Dev!

I'm sad that no one ever told Wyatt he was a hero. Jordan should have given him a medal.

September 11th, 2019

Franco comforts Kim, who defends him sternly when she thinks Chase is accusing him of having something to do with what happened to Drew and Andre. (He's not.) Franco's amused when Kim accidentally calls him Drew. He thinks that since memories are what make people who they are, his memories make him Drew. Elizabeth and Sam almost have a civil conversation about Drew (both think he could still be alive), but Elizabeth is Elizabeth, so of course it turns into a fight about Franco. Hayden steps in and breaks it up, but Elizabeth admits that she was in the wrong. Rocco is sad on his birthday, so Olivia cheers him by pretending one of his presents is from Dante. Lulu isn't happy with the lie, and Olivia overreacts, saying that Lulu may have removed herself from the family but Rocco hasn't. She gets even more upset when Dustin accidentally crashes the party and Olivia thinks he and Lulu have something going on. Valentin practically asks Sonny to kill Cassandra, but Sonny doesn't want to leave any kind of trail, so he does the whole "I am but a humble coffee importer" routine. Laura has questions for Nina and Valentin about Cassandra, which don't get answered, and not just because it's an inappropriate topic of conversation at a child's birthday party, Laura. Jax is still hesitant about working with Curtis, especially since their actions may lead to Nina getting hurt. Curtis thinks she'll be madder at Valentin when the truth comes out, so it's okay. The two of them and Hayden decide they need a Helena expert to help them figure out where she may have hidden the codicil, so Curtis turns to his old road-trip buddy, Laura. Jax invites Sam to take over Drew's part of Aurora. Dustin is the teens' new English teacher, and Trina thinks he's hot.

Elizabeth, you can't stop with your crap for five minutes on the day the father of Sam's daughter may have died?

I'm looking for a volunteer to get Olivia to calm down.

"Sore loser alert!" More Charlotte, please.

Sorry, Curtis, but I think when Nina finds out the truth about Valentin, she might shoot the messenger.

Also, Curtis, I think when you've gone through a near-death experience with someone, you get to call her by her first name, not "Madame Mayor."

September 12th, 2019

Josslyn gets a talking-to for skipping school, which is less of a problem than the fact that her parents didn't know where she was. Carly reminds her that, as a mob family, a kid disappearing is extra-bad. Dev doesn't like that Josslyn has to lie to Jax about him, but Sonny says telling Jax who he really is isn't an option. Carly thinks the decision has been made for them and Dev will have to leave. Michael sees but doesn't hear Obrecht and Sasha talking about how Sasha's a fake, and Obrecht will do anything to protect Nina. Sasha's ready to tell Michael everything, but he's willing to wait a little longer. Ava thinks that Kim and Julian are making a mistake by leaving town, and that Julian will move too far away from who he is. He almost goes back to who he was by getting Obrecht super-drunk and contemplating killing her, but ultimately, he can't do it. Laura is hesitant to dredge up old Cassadine memories for Curtis, who won't disclose too much about why he wants her help. When he tells her he's trying to bring down Valentin, which could mean that Spencer can move back to town, Laura's all in. Nina brings up Jax's file on Cassandra again, but he distracts her by mentioning that, until/if Drew resurfaces, he's now the only CEO of Aurora. Nina publishes a wedding notice, I think, and an unidentified woman is very unhappy about it.

This whole codicil search is only happening because Spencer says it exists, right? No one's questioning the validity of his claim? How does he even know about it?

Has anyone ever talked about moving more than Kim and Julian do? JUST GO ALREADY.

Well, getting Obrecht drunk was a bad idea.

Also a bad idea: Obrecht and Ava spending any time together.

September 13th, 2019

Laura asks Curtis for more information on the person he's working for, but he remains tight-lipped. She thinks there are some places nearby where they might find the codicil (though Curtis won't even tell her that's what they're looking for), so they start with a trip to the Haunted Star. Lulu and Dustin are already there, taking a tour and flirting over a ghost story. He kisses her, then backs off, worrying that it's too soon, but she's more than ready for it. And that's how Laura and Curtis walked in on her daughter having sex in a state room (which, admittedly, is better than the last time Curtis entered a room on that yacht, when he found a dead body). Lucy is really serious about making Sasha the face of Deception, and though Sasha doesn't outright turn her down, she's unenthusiastic. Obrecht points out that it would be a bad idea because people would dig into Sasha's past and possibly expose her secrets. Sasha takes matters into her own hands by preparing to tell Michael that she's not really Nina's daughter. Brad talks to Julian again about killing Obrecht, but Julian doesn't think it's their best option. Brad warns that if Sonny ever finds out about Julian's part in the lie, he'll be dead, so they should cover their tracks now. Talk of Kim and Oscar makes Lucas worry about "Wiley," so Brad promises that he'll make sure they never lose their "son." Valentin advises Peter to leave the past in the past, so Peter's going to try to move on from all the crimes he's committed, whether they were years ago or, like, hours ago. Julian says goodbye to Alexis, and if I thought he was actually leaving, I would believe these were their last scenes together, but I don't, so...whatever. Jax and Maxie book Tamron Hall for the cover of Crimson.

I don't want Lulu to get into a rebound relationship, but I'm pretty on-board for a Lulu/Dustin pairing.

Someone please make Michael shave.

If Brad really wants Obrecht dead, he should talk to Valentin. NOT THAT I'M ADVOCATING MURDER. I'm just saying.

I can't believe I have to say this, because it should be obvious: Peter, do NOT take any advice from Valentin.

"Some of it was your fault. And the rest of it...was pretty much your fault, too." LYLAS, Alexis.

September 16th, 2019

Sasha tells Michael she's not Nina's daughter, and she participated in the scam to make money to pay for an operation her grandmother needed. (Her grandmother died later, so it wasn't even worth it.) Sasha started to see Nina as family, so she didn't want to tell the truth and hurt her, but now she wants to get everything out in the open. Michael's upset about dating yet another liar, so they're done. Valentin gets that some things have been said that he didn't want said, but it's going to be hard for him to keep Sasha from telling Nina anything without looking suspicious. Franco can't take a hint, so he goes to see Kim and talk more about their past relationship. She insists that she wants to build a life with Julian, so she'll have to find the strength to say goodbye to "Drew" again. Chase arrives in the middle of the conversation and removes Franco's ankle monitor, so he's now free to leave town. He tells Kim he'll send her a postcard from wherever he ends up so she'll know how to contact him if she decides she wants to. Just as he's leaving, Kim realizes she can't say goodbye to him again, and there's more kissing. Once Lulu and Laura have recovered from the awkwardness of mother walking on daughter in bed (Curtis is uneasy but fairly cool; Dustin is basically unruffled), Lulu has questions about why Laura and Curtis are on the boat in the first place. They give some vague answers about a case and not wanting to get Lulu involved because she's a member of the press. A search doesn't turn up the codicil, but it does turn up a scarf that indicates that someone else is on the Haunted Star. Obrecht tries to blackmail Brad into helping her get in touch with Britt. Brad, of course, turns to Julian, pushing again for murder. Julian appears to follow through this time, messing with Obrecht's car.

LOL at Michael not immediately guessing who paid Sasha to pretend to be Nina's daughter.

Yay, Valentin's "oh, crap, I'm losing control of this situation" face is back!

Hey, it only took Franco, like, four conversations to finally take "no" for an answer...and then Kim took it back. Sigh.

Julian on Friday: "Alexis, you made me a better person." Julian today: "Be right back, gotta kill someone."

September 17th, 2019

The Haunted Star stowaway is Cassandra, and Curtis is willing to team up with her to bring down Valentin. Cassandra would rather have Curtis and Laura tie themselves up while she holds a gun on them. Curtis is smarter than she is, and once he overpowers her, Laura immediately calls the police and has Cassandra arrested. Cassandra offers to help Laura bring down Valentin if Laura gets her released, but Laura won't take that deal. Cassandra asks for her one phone call and uses it to contact Valentin. Willow invites Michael to vent to her, so he tells her that he misjudged someone and found out the truth about her. Willow thinks there are two kinds of lies, the kind that hurt others and the kind that protect. Valentin confronts Sasha for telling Michael the truth and makes it clear that he won't stand for anyone ruining his plans. Nina interrupts before any threats can be tossed around, and she whisks Valentin away when Michael shows up. Michael has decided that he can forgive Sasha since she had good intentions and didn't set out to hurt Nina. Sasha still feels bad about everything and wants to eventually come clean. Kim and Franco take it to the bedroom, but that's as far as Kim is going to let things go. They're going to have some explaining to do, since Elizabeth is right outside the door and Kim is currently wearing a robe. Julian tells Brad that he didn't do anything to Obrecht's car after all, and he's not going to do anything to hurt her. He's not about to throw away his future with Kim for a mess Brad got himself into. Plus, Obrecht isn't the only one who knows the truth about "Wiley," so killing her would just snowball into more violence. Julian thinks Brad needs to get on Obrecht's good side to neutralize her. Nina asks Obrecht to give her away at her wedding. Finn gets to be part of two filler situations, first with Andre, then with Wyatt and Willow (who will now be working at the hospital).

I hope Cassandra plays the Claudette card, because that's been a loose end for two years now.

Cassandra strikes me as too smart to let her hostages tie themselves up instead of doing it herself.

"Sasha, you were just doing a job." What job is that, Michael? Professional liar?

So do we think Kim is on the pill, or...?

Also, of the two people who could screw up Kim and Julian's relationship, I definitely never thought she would be the one to do it.

Who threw darts and landed on putting Willow, Finn, and Wyatt in scenes together?

September 18th, 2019

Elizabeth overhears Franco asking Kim to leave town with him, then sees them kissing. After Franco leaves, not really caring how much his actions have affected Elizabeth, she realizes that he and Kim slept together. Kim feels that Franco is Drew now, so she has no regrets, because how could she sleep with her friend's husband if that husband is already gone? As Elizabeth calls Scott to tell him they need to move on their plan ASAP, Kim writes Julian a goodbye note, then meets Franco to run off with him. Before they can leave, Franco is whisked away by psych-facility staff for a 48-hour hold. Peter pays his assassin part of his fee, since he didn't actually take care of Andre, but doesn't ask him to finish Andre off. Shiloh tells Peter to get the ball rolling on breaking him out or Shiloh will tell Jason all about his involvement in the Jason/Drew stuff, because Shiloh has nothing to lose at this point. Peter tells the assassin he'll get the rest of his fee if he takes out Shiloh. Shiloh calls Jason to let him know that the Invader will be publishing a piece on him, greenlit by Peter. Jason finds this mention interesting but can't figure out why Shiloh would have ties to Peter. Maxie isn't helpful, so Jason decides to turn to Spinelli. Lulu feels a little bad about sleeping with Dustin so soon after her divorce, but Maxie thinks it's all okay as long as she's enjoying herself and knows this could be just a rebound. Cameron tells Josslyn that he feels awful for spending so much time wishing Franco would go away, because now that he has, Cameron and his family are miserable. Franco runs into him and agrees to listen to a little of what Cam says about the person he was, but it doesn't change anything for him. Dustin wants Josslyn to put some more effort into her writing, but her thoughts are still all about Oscar, and she's not ready to move on yet. Jason advises Sonny to delay making any decisions about adopting Dev since he's soon going to need to devote his attention to the baby.

I despise Kim for making me side with Elizabeth on something.

If Peter's so worried about Franco exposing him, shouldn't he put out a hit on...Franco?

Yes, Shiloh is scum, but Peter is also scum, and I enjoy Shiloh messing with him.

I didn't realize Maxie and Diane were so alike, with their investments in their BFFs' sex lives.

September 19th, 2019

Shiloh's predictably cocky leading up to his trial, where Willow, Harmony, and Kristina all testify about his DOD shenanigans but don't really measure up against Shiloh's lawyer's defenses. The recording of Shiloh and Sam from the night she and Jason took him down may be the only significant evidence on the prosecution's side. Sasha's worried about coming clean to Nina and getting in trouble, not realizing that Valentin and Nina are currently worried about Nina's own possible legal problems, considering she put Cassandra in a coma. Cassandra plays the Claudette card, but Valentin doesn't think she has any proof that would get him in trouble for kidnapping/death-faking, so he won't play her game. Sonny says...nothing of interest to Cassandra, who warns that he's going to regret not teaming up with her earlier. She still wants to make a deal with Laura, but Jordan thinks they should focus on Cassandra, not Valentin. When Laura decides she wants to discuss the matter further, Cassandra says she was bluffing about having anything on Valentin. Alexis skips Shiloh's trial to meet with Cassandra, having agreed, for some reason, to represent her. Cassandra asks to stay in Port Charles instead of being extradited, then contacts her still-unidentified partner in crime to tell him she'll out him if he doesn't help her. Maxie's really good at running Crimson! Everyone thinks she's awesome! People talk about this a lot and it's supposed to mean something! Spinelli (hi, Spinelli!) drops by to testify at the trial and also help Jason figure out why Shiloh mentioned Peter to him. Kristina's uneasy about Alexis and Neil's new relationship, since she's spent so much time confiding in Neil. Peter solidifies his plans for Shiloh, then shows up to his trial, like the fool he is.

I can see Shiloh being found not guilty for the DOD stuff, but the Cameron/Sam stuff after that should send him away.

Why did they make Robert DA if they're not going to let him do lawyer stuff?

Has Sasha actually committed a crime? Is it considered fraud if she didn't get any money out of Nina?

I don't get why Sasha's waiting to tell Nina everything. She's not planning on waiting until after the wedding, is she? She knows she needs to tell Nina that Valentin is scum, right?

Way to trash the woman who was once willing to commit perjury to keep you out of prison, Michael. And on the day everyone else is saying such nice things about Maxie!

I will accept Nikolas or Jerry as Cassandra's silent partner, and no one else, thank you and good night.

Why in the WORLD would Alexis agree to represent Cassandra?

Spinelli's hair is so big, it qualified as an extra carry-on on his flight to Port Charles.

September 20th, 2019

Shiloh's lawyer paints him as a kind of victim, a generous man whose good intentions were twisted by some angry ex-followers. The ADA gets things back on track by bringing up the Trust and Shiloh's habit of drugging and raping women. Shiloh seems out of his league for possibly the first time in his life. Robert warns Jason not to take Shiloh-related matters into his own hands. Jason tells Sam that if things don't go the right way, he'll do what he has to, but Robert won't ever be able to bring him down for it. It's a moot point, since the assassin (disguised as a guard) invites himself along on the ride to take Shiloh back to Pentonville, and the van never makes it there. It's not clear exactly what happened – either the assassin is helping Shiloh escape instead of killing him, or Shiloh got the better of him – but Shiloh ends up in a guard's uniform, pulling over Bobbie's car. Sonny and Carly have another argument about Dev and what's best for him vs. what's best for the family. Carly missteps by saying she's looking into boarding schools, and Sonny missteps right back by suggesting that Josslyn stay with Jax for a while. Josslyn and Dev open up to each other about what's going on in their lives. She assures him that he's not causing any problems by living with the family, but Dev can't shake what he heard Carly and Sonny talking about, and he's considering leaving town before they can ask him to leave. At home, Josslyn finds the information Carly's collected on boarding schools. Peter tells Lulu that he wants Maxie to start her own magazine, and Lulu jumps on board the idea. Maxie has definitely given it some thought, but she doesn't have plans to leave Crimson right now. Spinelli hears Peter yelling at the assassin on the phone to finish up his job, then contacts someone to trace the call. Carly chickens out of telling Bobbie about the baby's issues.

At first I was like, "So Shiloh's going to carjack Bobbie – so what?" BUT. She was supposed to pick up "Wiley." Which means this could go the way I always thought it should: Shiloh kidnaps "Wiley" and flees the country. (Though I thought he was going to run off with Nelle, too.)

I love that Shiloh mentioned that some of his former followers were in the courtroom. They were there to testify against you, nut bar!

The ADA flustered Shiloh! That's like a superpower.

Chase: "I'll text you when I get out of here. I love you." Me: "Something terrible is going to happen to him." Thanks for proving me wrong, show. (At least so far.)

Maxie should start a website with Amy.

Bobbie sure is judge-y about Carly's decisions.

September 23rd, 2019

It's Shiloh's lucky day, as Bobbie has "Wiley" in the car, and she's unable to keep Shiloh from running off with him. He takes her car and leaves her by the side of the road, where she passes out, but Jason finds her. Lucas tends to the real prison guard (as opposed to Peter's disguised assassin), who tells Chase that the assassin helped Shiloh escape. Jason guesses that Shiloh wants to flee town via boat, which is exactly right. Before his boat is scheduled to leave, Shiloh goes looking for supplies on the Haunted Star, where Dev is also waiting for a boat out of town. When Dev spots him, he calls Jason, but Sam has his phone and comes running to his rescue when she hears Shiloh knock him out. Now Shiloh has two hostages and a toddler to deal with. But at least he has blackmail at his disposal and can get a bunch of town-fleeing money from Peter. Kim is almost able to get away with keeping the activities of the previous night from Julian, but when he finds her goodbye letter, she has to tell him what happened before he reads it. Julian is furious and sees now that she never really got over Drew. Someone tell Chelsea she was right again, because he's definitely not moving to New York. Josslyn thinks Carly and Sonny want to send her to boarding school, so she asks Jax if she can move in with him. He diplomatically tells her they'll figure everything out, and he's sure that no one wants to send her away. Franco fights with Elizabeth and Scott about his commitment, and I'm going to be honest here: I wasn't completely listening. Finn realizes that Peter might know a little about the memory-transfer stuff, so they talk about Franco and the procedure. Peter pretends that he thinks it would be great if Franco went back to being himself. He also pretends that he did a good deed by stashing Jason at the Russian clinic, so he could recover from his horrible injuries without Faison knowing his location. Sonny, Carly, Epiphany, baby, filler.

Poor "Wiley." The writers just use him as a pawn.

Dear Lulu: Invest in security.

I guess Elizabeth deserves some credit for not telling Julian that Kim cheated on him.

Just do the memory thing already. I'm tired of Franco and Elizabeth fighting.

September 24th, 2019

Sam tells Shiloh she'll pilot the Haunted Star to Canada and help him escape if he'll let Dev and "Wiley" go. Shiloh doesn't want to leave his "son" behind, but Sam and Dev are able to wear him down. Once the boat is on its way, Shiloh tells Sam that if she thinks she's still essential to his escape, she's not – he can pilot a boat himself, which means he doesn't need her alive anymore. Peter gets delayed by Maxie, who wants him more involved in her and her kids' lives. After he leaves to take Shiloh his town-fleeing money, Maxie finds the withdrawal slip and sees that he took out $35,000. By the time Peter gets to the docks, Dev has already left the boat with "Wiley" and run into Jason, who got Spinelli to track his phone to the docks. Kristina sees boarding school in a different light than Josslyn does and gets her to realize that it wouldn't be as horrible as she thought. By the time Carly, Jax, and Sonny tell her that they never intended to send her away, Josslyn is actually considering it as an option. Then she realizes she's making rash decisions without thinking them through, which can't turn out well, so she should stay put for now. Carly gives her the same advice Jason always gives her: Before doing anything, take a deep breath and count to 10. Jax tells Sonny that he knows something's going on with Dev that the Corinthoses aren't talking about, but the two men don't want to cause tension by fighting, so they're going to try to keep the peace. Eventually Josslyn realizes that Dev is gone and has probably run away. Spinelli has some downtime until Jason needs his expertise again, so he decides to use it to dig up dirt on Peter. Brad blames himself for the "Wiley" crisis, which Lucas thinks means he feels bad for getting Shiloh involved in their lives. Chase tries to reassure Willow, who I think would be more reassured if he would actually go out and look for "Wiley."

$35,000? That's it, Peter? Shiloh's going to be ticked.

I love that Spinelli has Sam in his phone as "Fair Samantha."

Sonny should just tell Jax the truth about Dev. What's he going to do, call Immigration?

Chase, I know you want to comfort Willow, but it's time to GO BE A COP.

September 25th, 2019

Sam and Shiloh fight a bunch about his past, and I don't think it'll end up mattering, but just for the record, he admits that he killed his father. She tries to fight him, but he gets the upper hand and decides to give rape another shot. Jason somehow got on the yacht in open water and shoots Shiloh, but he doesn't bother making sure he's dead or tying him up or anything. Shiloh comes after him as Sam's turning the yacht around, and we're supposed to think he's going to kill Jason. Dev spots Peter lurking around the docks and gets a ride to the hospital from him. So suddenly Peter has gone from potential fugitive aider/abetter to hero. Jax will NOT shut up about Dev, as if he hasn't been living with the Corinthoses all summer and having whatever influence he has on Josslyn. Josslyn sees Dev as a hero for his part in "Wiley"'s rescue, so Jax probably won't be able to keep them separated. Sonny's proud of Dev's actions and most likely won't be sending him away now. Epiphany and Laura think Elizabeth's commitment plan is fine, but Cameron thinks it's a step too far. Aiden ends up chatting with Franco, telling him that they used to have fun together and he's sorry Franco doesn't remember. Franco understandably thinks Elizabeth sent Aiden in to manipulate him, but he believes her when she promises she would never use one of her children like that. While Brad promises God he'll do anything if "Wiley"'s returned safely (which I doubt will include telling the truth), Willow tells Chase she wants to offer herself up to Shiloh to lure him out of hiding. Chase refuses to even consider that option, though at least she's trying to do something during this crisis, unlike some people.

I'm guessing that Sam is going to return and finish off Shiloh, which would be much more satisfying than having Jason kill him (though not as satisfying as Willow killing him).

"Wiley"'s like, "I had a fun night. I went on a boat."

Can't wait until Peter tries to twist this into making himself look like a hero.

Jax, get a hobby.

Franco ate! I'm counting it!

September 26th, 2019

Sam shoots Shiloh with a signal flare and he falls off the boat. Anyone who's ever watched this show knows that means nothing, but his body actually turns up later, so it's possible he's really dead. Jason hates that Sam has his death on her hands, but since the choice was between Shiloh and Jason, she doesn't regret pulling the trigger. Hayden's annoyed that Curtis has brought Laura into their search for the codicil, but Curtis defends his decision. While complaining to Laura herself, Hayden lets slip that they're looking for the codicil, which Laura didn't know. Curtis and Hayden explain that Helena made Mikkos amend his will to leave everything to Stavros, Stefan, and/or their heirs, which means Spencer will get everything. Laura isn't sure that's actually in his best interest, but Hayden points out that Valentin certainly doesn't deserve it. Sasha wants to wait until after Cassandra's trial to tell Nina she's not her daughter, since she thinks her dishonesty will make her look like an unreliable witness. This means she's still participating in wedding stuff, and every time she's with Nina, she'll have to pretend everything's normal. Alexis asks Neil to a concert, and though it's not quite clear that they're in a relationship, like she told Kristina they were, he's decided to delete his dating profile, so I guess they're exclusive. On her way out of the office, Alexis runs into Neil's newest patient, Ava, who's just heard about Julian and Kim's breakup and asks Alexis to go check on him. Alexis says she's moved on from that sort of thing, then goes to see him anyway. Julian thinks the breakup could be for the best, since he wouldn't have wanted to always be overshadowed by Kim's true love. Instead of talking about Kiki in therapy, Ava starts off by complaining about Nina and Valentin, which leads to her talking about Nikolas. She sees him as the first in her many losses over the past few years, which have made her turn on herself. Neil praises her for admitting that that's a problem and seeking help. Peter tells Maxie that he was on the docks at the same time as Dev because he was looking for waterfront property off of her suggestion that he get a permanent place to live. Maxie mentions the withdrawal slip, which shows that he withdrew his money before their conversation. Peter lies that he'd already been searching for an apartment and just hadn't mentioned it. Maxie totally buys it.

I won't miss Shiloh, but I'm sad to see Coby Ryan McLaughlin go. He was so good in that role.

Signal flare to the back. That's a new one.

Yeah, let's open a body bag right out in the open at the hospital. That's a great idea.

If they're not setting things up for Nikolas to come back, it's a heck of a red herring.

So Sasha's going to let Nina marry Valentin? Why??

"Julian's not my concern anymore." Cue the "Hallelujah Chorus." (Except then she went to see him anyway. Ugh.)

September 27th, 2019

Sam, Jason, and Dev give Jordan their statements about what happened with Shiloh. Everyone tells the truth except, surprisingly, Diane, who lies about Dev's reason for being on the yacht. Jordan agrees with her that everyone acted within his or her legal rights, so the investigation is pretty much over. Then a possible Shilohtologist nurse who overheard Sam and Jason talking about Shiloh's death tells Jordan something that makes her want to ask Sam more questions. Elizabeth and Franco fight some more, and then she has him sent to Shadybrook. Sam thinks Elizabeth should hold off and see if Franco changes his mind about undergoing Andre's procedure. Elizabeth thinks Sam should stay out of it. Carly gives Josslyn a pep talk, then goes into labor. Sonny tells Dev he won't be sent away, but he needs to have the same trust in Sonny that Sonny has in him. Dustin suggests that Josslyn work through her grief by writing in a journal. Already upset that Julian has put a stop to the sale of Charlie's, Olivia gets even angrier when she learns about Lulu and Dustin's blossoming relationship. Laura stands up for her daughter, but she seems uncertain about the pairing.

I can't believe I'm siding with Elizabeth again – and against Sam, no less – but she's right. Sam should stay out of it. I mean, the plan is horrible, but if Sam doesn't want to have anything to do with Franco, then she doesn't get to express her opinion about this.

For possibly the first time in all her years on the show, Diane has revealed that she's bad at something: confidentiality.

Remember when Olivia was...what's the word I'm looking

Nooo, now Trina's wearing overalls! It's an epidemic!

September 30th, 2019

Carly has a smooth, drama-free delivery, and the baby, Donna, won't need as much treatment as previously feared. The Corinthos kids now all know about her spina bifida and are supportive of their parents. Jordan thinks the statement the possible Shilohtologist nurse, Sherry, gave is enough to prove that Sam didn't kill Shiloh in self-defense, but because she wanted him gone. Diane doesn't think her statement will be admissible in court, but Jordan is ready to test that theory and announces that Sam is under arrest. Josslyn runs into Nelle in the park, where she's been allowed to join a work detail because she's been so well-behaved at Pentonville. Nelle pretends to be forgiving and penitent, but Josslyn sees through her and hits her with a lot of snark. Nelle has a new lawyer, Martin Gray, who falls for her claims that she's reformed and wants to make things up to the Corinthoses. Kendra appears to be Kiefer's sister, so the fact that she's given Alexis some supposed nutritional supplement probably isn't good. Willow visits Harmony to tell her that Shiloh's dead. They're proud of each other for their parts in bringing him down, and seem to be on track to rebuild their relationship. Harmony shares the news with Nelle, who's quietly thrilled to have that obstacle out of the way. Alexis tells Kristina that she's more important than Neil, so if she doesn't want Alexis to be with him, Alexis will ditch him. Kristina gives her blessing, happy that her mother is happy.

People, don't ask pregnant women why they're having a C-section. It's none of your business.

If Sam and Jason are at all worried that he'll have to testify against her, I have a solution. It's called getting married.

Nelle: "Josslyn?" Josslyn: "Oh, no." Same!

No way is Nelle eligible for parole after just a year.

I didn't even think about the possibility of Kendra being connected to Kiefer. Nice development.

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