Written by J.R. Orci; directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Sydney is still at the bar in London with Renee (see “Prophet Five”), who informs her that the bar is owned by the people who killed Vaughn. She’s been trying to get into the operations center in the back, but now she thinks that Sydney just blew her cover. They use a guard to get into the back room but are too late to stop the data on the computers from being destroyed. Sydney spots a surveillance camera and grabs the hard drive it’s connected to. (She’s pretty sure Marshall can recover the data on it.) She tells Renee to call him, but first Renee wants to know what Vaughn has told Sydney about her. She’s a little disappointed to learn that she’s now eighth, not sixth, on the CIA’s most wanted list. Sydney is determined to take down the people who killed Vaughn, and Renee agrees to make the call. Sydney notes that Renee calls Vaughn “Michael.” Renee tells her not to worry, since Vaughn was crazy about her. Back in L.A., Sydney goes to a doctor’s appointment and is encouraged to ask for help when she needs it. At APO, Jack displays footage of a man named Ivan Curtis, who was behind Vaughn’s death. Up until three years ago, when he was presumed dead, he ran operations for a security firm in Dublin. Dixon notes that Dean was also presumed dead for two years. Jack plans to go to D.C. to find a new recruit, as Dean, Curtis, and their associates seem to have access to resources at a high level. Weiss wonders who Sydney got the footage from.

Sydney calls Marshall, waking him up, and asks him to pull surveillance footage from London. He does so and gets audio on a conversation between Curtis and a man about a package. Carrie enters during the conversation and Marshall tries to pretend that he’s talking to a male coworker. “I’m not having an affair,” he assures her. Marshall traces the conversation and tells Sydney that Curtis was talking to a man named Heinrich Roemer; he finds the name familiar but isn’t sure why. Sydney visits Sloane in prison to get information on Roemer’s base of operations, since Sloane was in contact with him back at SD-6. Sloane warns Sydney that “revenge is ultimately a hollow pursuit,” but Sydney tells him that she’s trying to protect herself. He sends her to Amsterdam, where Dixon and Weiss go to Roemer’s office while Sydney works on hacking into the surveillance system. Dixon pretends that he was friends with Jean Briault and orders some weapons. Weiss, posing as Dixon’s business manager, squirts ink on Dixon’s jacket, allowing him to leave the room so he can help Sydney. Curtis arrives while Weiss is still with Roemer and a gunfight breaks out. Dixon saves Weiss’ life while Sydney goes after Curtis, who has just stolen some nuridium. She, Dixon, and Weiss corner him and take him to a warehouse so Sydney can interrogate him as to Dean’s whereabouts. He’s not very forthcoming.

Dixon contacts Marshall about the nuridium and learns that it’s unstable and could cause a big explosion. Dixon passes the news on to Sydney that six canisters of nuridium from the same lot as Curtis’ have disappeared from a Russian processing plant. Weiss thinks that Curtis already has those canisters and that if they let him go, he’ll lead them to it. Sydney doesn’t want to risk losing her one lead to Dean, but Dixon points out that they don’t have much time. Dixon gives Curtis some water and offers to make a deal if he tells them where the rest of the nuridium is. Curtis wants immunity for everything, including Vaughn’s death, but won’t talk. Sydney kicks him through a window and Weiss prepares to track him through the tracing device in the water. In D.C., Jack meets with a contact who lets him know that his potential new recruit has a secret and a temper. Jack finds said recruit, Tom Grace (Balthazar Getty), in the middle of a bar fight. At the warehouse, Weiss confesses to Sydney that he’s been offered a promotion to coordinate covert operations for the NSC, but it would require a move to D.C. He doesn’t think it’s the right time to leave, but Sydney encourages him to accept the job. The agents track the tracer Curtis drank but realize that he’s not on the ground. Elsewhere, Rachel gets a call from Curtis telling her to let Dean know that he’s en route with “the device.” On his plane is a large box.

Jack calls APO to discuss how to stop Curtis’ plane from arriving in North Korea. Sydney, Dixon, and Weiss get on a plane which allows them to sneak up on Curtis’. Sydney finds what looks like a bomb feeding nuridium into a panel while Weiss and Dixon deal with guards. Sydney can’t find a detonator on the supposed bomb, instead finding the box, which appears to contain a body. Curtis catches Sydney and she threatens to turn the connection to the box. She asks who Dean is working for and Curtis tells her that she won’t believe him. Dixon and Weiss take over control of the plane while Sydney overpowers Curtis and tells him she’s taking him into custody. He’d rather not have to worry about the people he works with, so he lets himself get sucked out of the plane. Back at APO, Jack tells everyone that the nuridium was being used to power a cryogenic chamber. The body inside hasn’t been identified yet and the box is in the DSR’s custody. After the meeting, Jack tries to encourage Sydney, who’s feeling helpless, and offers to accompany her on her next doctor’s appointment. Tom arrives and Weiss gives him his old desk, not wanting him to take Vaughn’s. As Sydney says goodbye to Weiss, Dixon announces that there was a breach at the DSR facility. Sydney calls Renee to let her know that the box was stolen, but Renee already knows, since she’s the one who has it.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “I’ve been going over the footage from London. I think I found something.”
Marshall: (just waking up) “Hmm…I’d love to, baby, but I’m married.”

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