"A Broken Heart"
Written by Vanessa Taylor; directed by Harry Winer

Picking up from the end of “Parity,” Sydney and Anna stare at the codes written on the sketch inside the case. Acid begins to pour onto the paper, so the two agents start memorizing the code. They ask each other if they got everything, then run off in opposite directions. Sydney ends her transmission with SD-6, then gives the code to Vaughn and tells him that she’ll give SD-6 the wrong one. He orders her to give them the right code. Anna does the same in K-Directorate’s van. Back in L.A., Sydney blasts Vaughn for giving her an order, since it’s her job to mislead SD-6. He points out that they would have caught on if she’d given SD-6 the wrong code and Anna had given K-Directorate the right one. He notes that if SD-6 suspects Sydney, none of their work will matter. Sydney says that it seems like Anna wants to destroy SD-6 as much as they do. Vaughn replies that Anna is still her enemy - “the only thing worse than SD-6 getting its hands on critical information is if K-Directorate gets it first.” At SD-6, Sloane talks to an agent named Russek (Miguel Sandoval) about Rambaldi and how advanced his designs were. They meet with Sydney and Marshall and learn that the codes were deciphered incorrectly. Sydney is being sent to Malaga, where she’ll find something called the golden sun in a church sitting at the coordinates Rambaldi provided. Sydney completes her task, retrieving a gold circle, but is ambushed by Anna. They fight and Sydney gets the upper hand, handcuffing Anna to a table and leaving with the circle.

Back in L.A., Sydney tries again to assure Francie that Charlie isn’t cheating on her. She encourages Francie to ask him about the matchbook she found in his pocket (see “Parity”). Francie would rather follow him and see what he’s up to, so she and Sydney stake out Charlie’s house. While they’re waiting, Sydney admits that she and Will kissed. Francie spots Charlie and wants to drive after him but Sydney tells her that they have to wait until he’s a block away. Francie isn’t sure how Sydney knows something like that. She’s disappointed to see Charlie get in a car with another woman. At his office, Will tells Jenny that, according to Sydney, Danny was supposed to be at a conference in Singapore the night he died, but he wasn’t registered at any. Sydney calls and they talk about how strange they feel about their kiss. Sydney says that Francie is upset about Charlie and spent the night at her place, but she might have to go on another business trip. Will agrees to come by and make sure Francie is okay. After they hang up, Jenny notes that Will sounds different when he talks to Sydney. He asks her to get a phone number for a contact at the airport. At SD-6, Sydney asks Jack if they can have dinner later in the week. The team meets and Sloane and Russek assign Dixon and Sydney (under the alias Kate Jones) to go to Morocco to stop an ex-con named Jacqnoud from doing whatever he’s planning to do. They’ll be meeting up with a contact named Mochtar. Marshall gives Sydney a laser transmitter.

McCullough hypnotizes Jack, who pictures a baby’s room. Instead of seeing Laura holding baby Sydney, he sees Sydney holding a child. “It’s only a matter of time before I find out the truth,” she says. Jack is shaken up by this. Sydney meets up with Vaughn at a carwash, where she notices that he looks a little out of sorts. She asks if he had a fight with his wife; he’s surprised that she’s thought he was married the whole time they’ve known each other. In Morocco, Sydney and Dixon meet up with Mochtar, who is an old friend. Later, Sydney talks to Francie on the phone, telling her that Charlie might have an explanation for his behavior. She encourages Francie to call him and tell him what she saw. Sydney heads to a market for the mission, sing-songing that she gets to go shopping. She spies on Jacqnoud and Mochtar tries to identify Suari, the man he’s meeting with. The two discuss “phase three” and a man named Patel, who will be their delivery man. Sydney recognizes a bodyguard, who sees a camera on the balcony and realizes that something is up. The team starts to head out but Sydney has to fight the bodyguard first. Dixon and Sydney are able to escape in one piece, but Mochtar isn’t so lucky. At home, Francie tells Sydney that she and Charlie have plans to have coffee. After Francie leaves, Will tells Sydney that he’s figured out how to make things all right between them again. He kisses her, noting that it wasn’t awkward, but she tells him she has to go see her father. Will doesn’t notice that her luggage tag says Kate Jones. Sydney goes to a restaurant to meet Jack but winds up waiting for a long time.

Charlie and Francie go out and she admits that she saw him with another woman. Charlie isn’t upset that she was spying on him and tells her that the woman is a friend. Francie tells him to go hang out with her instead. Sydney finally gets a call from Jack telling her that he can’t make it to dinner. Upset, she calls Vaughn and meets him at a pier. She laments that her father stood her up and that a friend of hers died in Morocco; she thinks she’s partially responsible because she knew the truth about who he was working for. Her pager goes off and she throws it in the ocean. Vaughn admits that when she first walked into the CIA, he thought she was crazy, but now he’s seen what she goes through every day. He knows that she sees darkness, but she needs to make sure that it doesn’t darken her. He tells her that if she ever needs him again, she can call him. The next day, SD-6 IDs Suari and figures out that Jacqnoud is planning to use Patel to abolish the United Commerce Organization. Sloane wants Sydney and Dixon to head to Sao Paolo to stop Jacqnoud from planting an explosive on Patel. At his office, Will learns that Danny’s flight was paid for in cash and he wasn’t travelling alone. Sydney spots Patel and notes that he looks sick. He collapses and Sydney grabs his glass, discovering that he was given a sedative. She and Dixon spot Suari and Sydney decides to follow Patel as he’s taken away in an ambulance. In L.A., Will promises someone a date with Jenny in exchange for the news that Danny’s travelling companion’s name was Kate Jones. In Sao Paolo, Sydney catches up to Patel in time to see Jacqnaud and Sauri instruct a doctor to insert explosives in his chest.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I think spying on your boyfriend generally sets a bad relationship precedent.” - Sydney

“You just threw your beeper in the Pacific.” - Vaughn

“When you’re at your absolute lowest, at your most depressed, just remember that you can always…you know. You got my number.” - Vaughn to Sydney

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