"A Clean Conscience"
Written by J.R. Orci; directed by Lawrence Trilling

A man gives a backpack containing an explosive to a man named Aleksander, who takes it to the Indonesian embassy in Copenhagen and leaves it there. In L.A., the APO agents watch footage of the ensuing explosion, which Sloane says was courtesy of a group called the Beograd Faction. Sydney notes that something is fishy, since they haven’t declared any ideology or made any demands. Langley has an undercover agent named Thomas Raimes in the faction; he warned them of the attack in Copenhagen but disappeared before he could follow up with details. He did ID the leader, Milos Kradic, who is planning a meeting in Amsterdam the next day. Sloane sends some agents to the meeting to attempt to apprehend Kradic. At the end of the meeting, Nadia gets a call from Sophia (see “The Orphan”), who is on her way to L.A. Nadia offers to meet her at the airport, and when Sophia arrives (on Oceanic Airlines, a reference to Lost), Sydney and Nadia are shocked to see that she’s been beaten up. They take her to the hospital, where she tells them and Sloane that she felt like she was being watched before she was attacked. Sloane wants to find out who attacked her because she took care of Nadia when he couldn’t. He also wants her fingerprint for some reason.

Jack sees a doctor named Liddell to manage the illness he’s been dealing with since the events of “Nightingale.” He’s been studying some possible treatments, but Liddell tells him that they won’t help the kind of radiation he was exposed to. The two reminisce about Sydney, as Liddell has known Jack for 20 years, and he encourages Jack to clear his conscience by telling her what’s going on. In Amsterdam, Dixon and Vaughn wait for Kradic to show up and Dixon admits that he knew Raimes. Kradic arrives with Raimes in tow and Vaughn wonders if he’s gone rogue. At the hospital, Sophia gives Nadia a necklace to thank her for caring for her. At APO, Sloane interrupts Marshall’s fun with virtual reality to ask him to analyze Sophia’s fingerprint. In his office, Jack scratches at his hand, which is peeling. Sydney informs him that Vaughn and Dixon saw Raimes with Kradic; Jack wants them to shadow Raimes to find out what’s going on. At a lounge, Vaughn slips something into Raimes’ drink that makes him sick. In the restroom, Vaughn and Dixon confront him, but he says he needs to get back to his table, since Kradic is meeting with Aleksander. He admits that he did have the information Langley needed about the attack, but if he’d reported it to them, Kradic would have known who he really was. Raimes reveals that Kradic is after a water contaminant, and though 15 people died in the embassy bombing, hundreds of thousands will die from the contaminant.

Dixon calls Sydney, Jack, and Sloane to tell them that the Indonesians developed a sample of hydrosec, but he wasn’t sure where. When he bombed the embassy, all of the intel was transferred to off-site servers, so Kradic must have intercepted it then. Dixon thinks that they should keep Raimes where he is so that he’ll lead them to the hydrosec. He offers to provide him with technology that won’t be detectable. Kradic will be meeting with a hacker, and since they’ve never met face to face, Dixon wants to take the hacker’s place to get another man on the inside. Raimes says he only has an hour to get everything in place. At APO, Marshall gives Sloane the information he gathered on Sophia. It doesn’t seem good. Sydney and Nadia research the hacker, alerting Vaughn and Dixon to his location so they can take him out. Back at APO, Nadia and Sydney discuss Sophia and how lucky Nadia was to have her in her life. Sloane confronts Sophia at the hospital, mentioning a man that she killed for hurting the girls at the orphanage (possibly the man from “The Orphan”?). Sophia admits that the men who attacked her were looking for Nadia, but she didn’t tell them anything. She didn’t tell Nadia the truth about the attack because she thinks she deserves the happiness she’s found. Sloane announces that he knows who’s after her.

At APO, Marshall shows Sydney a stimulation of the damage the hydrosec could cause. She spots Sophia’s file on his desk and he admits that he was investigating her for Sloane. Sydney confronts Sloane, blasting him for lying to Nadia. At the lounge, Dixon joins up with Kradic, Raimes, and Aleksander, posing as the hacker. Kradic brings up a job that the real hacker, Halsey, participated in and Vaughn tries to get him to spill what happened. At APO, Jack, who’s still having hand trouble, tells Sydney that Kradic probably stored the information he wanted in a phone tap. As long as it’s still there, APO can probably access it and get what they need. After Sydney leaves, Jack pulls a capsule out of his hand. At Liddell’s, he learns that it was implanted there to regulate Jack’s medication; he seems to have completely forgotten hearing about this. Jack notes that memory problems don’t fit well with his job. Liddell encourages him again to talk to Sydney, but Jack doesn’t want to burden her. In Amsterdam, Raimes tells Dixon that with regards to the embassy, he had to make sacrifices for the greater good. He thinks Dixon should remember that their jobs call for that at times. Dixon sees things differently now that he’s a father and has lost his wife as a casualty of his job.

As Kradic and his team arrive at the airport, Sydney tells Nadia and Sloane that the hydrosec is in Peru, but Kradic has apparently already sent someone to retrieve it. Sloane thinks Dixon should stay put for now. After Sydney and Nadia leave, Jack tells Sloane that it’s time for them to come clean with Sydney and Nadia. At the airport, Aleksander overhears a conversation between two other men that mentions an Agent Dixon in their group. He passes on the information to Kradic, who asks whether Dixon or Raimes is the imposter. After some fighting and shooting, Dixon winds up with a gun and pretends that Raimes is the infiltrator. Raimes gives him an out, allowing himself to be sacrificed so Dixon can continue with the mission. (Fortunately, Dixon doesn’t kill him.) At APO, Jack and Sloane tell Sydney and Nadia that Elena was an assassin for the KGB and was considered the cruelest of the Derevko sisters (which is saying a lot). She disappeared 30 years ago, possibly after a falling out with Irina, and even her sisters couldn’t find her. Jack was alerted to the location of one of her safehouses, where he and Sloane found books full of pictures of Nadia and Sydney. She’s been watching them for at least ten years and most likely ordered the attack on Sophia. Elsewhere, one of the men whose conversation Aleksander overheard contacts Sophia - calling her Elena.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “He was an MIT graduate with a degree in nonlinear cryptoalgorithisms and stochastic systems analysis. Because if they call it ‘code-breaking,’ they couldn’t charge 30 grand tuition.” - Sydney

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