"Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2"
Written by J.J. Abrams and Jeff Melvoin; directed by Ken Olin

At APO (see “Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1”), Jack announces that Tamazaki has disappeared, which means that they no longer have a link to Vadik. Sloane says that Tamazaki was once arrested trying to steal the Shintaro sword from a museum in London, so if they steal the sword, they might be able to get Tamazaki’s attention. Dixon says that he only trusts one person to get them into the museum, and that would be Marshall, who (along with Weiss) has no idea that APO exists. Marshall is a little depressed that all of their former coworkers are gone; the only person left is Sark, and he’s even gone to see him in custody just to see a familiar face. On his way out of the office, Marshall is surrounded by agents who tell him that he’s under arrest for misusing government property (he hooked an XBox up to his computer). Marshall is escorted to APO and reunites with all of his former coworkers. “Am I dead?” he asks. He then notes to Sydney that Sloane is there. In London, Sydney and Vaughn go after the sword while Marshall expresses his excitement to Dixon. Sydney gets to the sword but Vaughn warns that a guard is on his way towards her, so she has to hide. She knocks out the guard, but his soda bottle sets off a motion sensor and she has to make a run for it. Outside, Jack drives up to get her, a la “Truth Be Told.”

Back at the ops center, Sloane asks Jack if he’s told Sydney the truth yet. Jack says that she’s better off not knowing everything. In Brussels, Dixon tells someone that he has the Shintaro sword; the man promises to make a few calls, which will get the word out for the CIA. Sloane hears the news and tells Sydney that it’s great to have the old team back together. Marshall and Sydney discuss Pablo Martinez, Nadia’s partner who was killed by Vadik. Sydney wonders if he was transmitting at the time of his death. Jack and Marshall visit a guard from the train, assuming that he’s seen Vadik and knows where he is. The man reveals that there is no Vadik - he’s really Tamazaki. Dixon calls APO with the news that Tamazaki has taken the bait and wants to meet with the woman who stole the sword in Rio de Janeiro. Sloane assigns Sydney and Jack to go, but Sydney requests to work with Dixon instead. Sloane won’t budge. Everyone sets up in Rio and Sydney and Jack sit around silently, waiting for things to begin. “This is the best conversation we’ve had in weeks,” he comments. Tamazaki calls and sends Sydney to a bank with the sword. Sydney tells Jack that she’s going in alone. She heads to the building, losing coms, but doesn’t meet up with Vaughn at a designated spot. Tamazaki has led Sydney into a trap so he can abduct her.

The other agents determine that Tamazaki must have some sort of base in Rio, but they have no information. Vaughn suggests contacting Nadia, assuring the others that he’ll convince her to help. He calls her to let her know that Sydney is in trouble and that Tamazaki is Vadik. After some hesitation, she informs him that Tamazaki used to run an operation near the Catedral Metropolitana. Sydney is strapped to a chair, about to be tortured by Tamazaki, who asks, “What happened to the deal?” Nadia goes to a meatpacking plant and catches the attention of someone who knows her but hasn’t seen her in a few months. Tamazaki tells Sydney that she must know about “the hit” but was spared for some reason. He tortures her with water and she tells him that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He reveals that he was hired to kill her but won’t tell her who did the hiring. Tamazaki does state that the person who hired him was killed the day before the hit was supposed to take place. Sydney repeats that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Nadia kisses her meatpacking friend, knocking him out with tranquilizer lipstick provided by Marshall. She takes a key card from him and winds up in the room where Sydney is being tortured. Before she can get her out, Tamazaki returns and fights Nadia, then follows Sydney to the meatpacking room. There, after more fighting, a dying Tamazaki reveals that Irina hired him to kill Sydney.

Back at APO, now with new recruit Nadia, Sloane congratulates the team on their first successful mission. Afterwards, Sydney tells Jack that she found out about Irina’s hit from Tamazaki. Jack claims that he didn’t know she’d hired Tamazaki, just that he needed to stop the hit. Sydney realizes that Jack killed Irina to save her. On her way out of the building, Vaughn finds her and comforts her. Later, Weiss hangs out at Sydney’s house, discussing her new job (which he thinks is, ironically, at a bank). Nadia drops by and Weiss is immediately smitten. After he leaves, Nadia tells Sydney that she wants to talk about Irina. Sydney takes her to Moscow to visit their mother’s mausoleum. Nadia asks if Sydney know who killed her. Sydney lies that she doesn’t. Nadia vows that she’ll find out who it was and kill him.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Marshall: “The only guy we have left is Sark, and that’s only because he’s in custody. I hate that guy, I mean, really, kinda scares…although I did go visit him…twice…just to see a familiar face. We had eggs.”
Weiss: “Don’t do that.”

“How cool is this? Stealing a sword so we can find a bad guy, in order to catch an even bigger bad guy? Come on, come on, you’d have never let us do this back at the CI…you know, when you were double-breasted, serious Robot Dixon….” - Marshall

Sydney: “What are you doing?”
Jack: “You know what typically works in a situation like this? A simple thank you.”

Tamazaki: “Before you leave this room, you will tell me why.”
Sydney: “I might. I’m relatively open-minded.”

Sydney: “You were hired to kill me? Who hired you?”
Tamazaki: “Sydney. Assassin/client privilege.”

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