"A-Tisket, A-Tasket"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Robert Berlinger

Lorelai and Rory are at Doose’s Markets, looking at baskets for Stars Hollow’s Bid on a Basket fundraiser. Lorelai announces that she’s decided to save herself for William Holden. Rory points out that he’s dead and Lorelai notes that every great relationship has obstacles. Rory asks for her opinion on a basket; Lorelai says it’s too big and raises expectations, such as that there’s actually a good meal in it rather than leftovers from the girls’ fridge. Lorelai talks about the quaintness of the fundraiser, where women make lunch and men bid on it. Rory thinks it’s fun, but Lorelai says that’s only because she has a cute boyfriend to bid on her basket. She asks if Rory told Dean to eat lunch first. Rory says that of course she did, since she loves him. Lorelai runs into Patty, who’s had her basket for weeks and says that she’s getting the itch to find another husband. Lorelai realizes that Miss Patty has a picture of her in her wallet and learns that Miss Patty often shows it to single guys she runs into. Lorelai asks her not to try to set her up, saying that she’ll find her own nice guy to date. She takes back the photo and Miss Patty calls her stubborn. Dean tries to give Rory pointers on baskets and she tells him he doesn’t get a say. He makes sure that Taylor isn’t nearby so that he can kiss her. Jess pops up to get some glue and Dean complains about his presence. Rory wishes that the two guys could start over and live peacefully in the same town. Dean would rather just hate him.

At the inn, Lorelai receives a package that startles her. She heads to the kitchen tells Sookie about Miss Patty’s matchmaking attempts, adding that she’s just received the résumés and photos of the top three candidates. Jackson arrives and Sookie makes him close his eyes so he won’t see what she’s making for her basket. Lorelai notes that one of her potential dates has seen Ghostbusters 124 times - “can you say score?” Jackson tells Sookie that his landlord called to remind him that his lease runs out in a month. He’s trying to decide if he should re-sign his lease and wants Sookie’s input. Sookie doesn’t get the hint and tells him that he should. On the day of the fundraiser, Lorelai tells Rory that she loves that it always falls on the day after trash day, so they can put stuff in their baskets that they would normally just get rid of. Lane joins them and excitedly tells them of her plan - she’s gotten her cousin David to bid on her basket. At 2:00, Henry will call on a pay phone to make sure the coast is clear, David will leave, and Lane will get to eat with her boyfriend on their first official date. Lane gives the girls the basket her mother packed her; she has another one for Henry containing stuff he’ll actually like. After she leaves, Lorelai reminisces about the days of hiding boys from her mother.

The auction gets underway and Mrs. Kim keeps Kirk from bidding on Lane’s basket. Rory’s is next; she complains when Taylor starts her bidding at a low price. Dean and Jess get into a bidding war and Jess drives the price up too high for Dean to be able to afford it. Rory and Dean are both upset and Rory heads over to talk to him. Dean thinks that Jess was messing with him and Rory tries to calm him down. Jess approaches, pleased with himself, and tries to take Rory away to eat. Dean tells him that Rory isn’t going with him, but Jess wants to hear Rory’s decision. Rory wants to stick with the tradition and be fair. Dean angrily gives in and leaves. Back at the auction, Sookie alerts Jackson to the fact that her basket is up next, but he ignores her and lets Kirk and Andrew bid for the basket. Sookie tries to stop the bidding and get Jackson’s attention, but he keeps ignoring her. Kirk wins the basket, since Andrew refuses to go any higher unless he gets the promise of pie. Sookie confronts Jackson, who says that it just didn’t feel right. He finally tells her that he asked her about re-upping his lease because he wants them to move in together. Sookie tells him that she hadn’t even thought about that. He gets upset and she admits that she’s thought about it a lot; she even knows that their bathroom is going to be pink. She worries that they’ll get sick of each other if they live together, then realizes that Kirk is going to eat the lunch she made especially for Jackson. Jackson vows to get the basket back.

It’s Lorelai’s turn, and three guys in the crowd start off the bidding. Lorelai notes that they don’t seem to realize there are only a Slim Jim and two stale Pop Tarts in the basket. She suddenly recognizes the guys as the three whose bios Miss Patty sent to her. Miss Patty confirms this, telling Lorelai that she can’t be trusted to find a guy by herself. Lorelai hightails it to Luke’s and tells him that he needs to grab some money, head to the auction, and buy her basket. He tells her to buy her own basket, but she thinks that’s pathetic (more so than her chasing him around the diner and demanding that he buy her basket). Luke finally gives in and follows her back to the auction, where the top price is now $47. He’s especially surprised because he’s sure there are only a Slim Jim and two stale Pop Tarts in the basket. Luke saves the day by raising the amount to $52.50; the guys were told that they would only have to go to $50. Lorelai is thrilled with the turn of events and tells the guys that they got off easy, since she’s into Dungeons and Dragons. The auction ends and Lorelai tells Luke that now they get to eat what she’s packed. He tries to pretend that he’s not completely thrilled to get to share a meal with Lorelai. Jess finds Rory again and asks her if she’s going to go after Dean. She says she isn’t.

Jackson tracks down Kirk and tells him that Sookie’s basket is really for him. Kirk won’t give it back, since he bought it fair and square. Jackson offers him money, but Kirk doesn’t want to be bullied just because he doesn’t have a girlfriend who can make him a basket. Kirk tells a sob story about how his mother never even made him a basket; his 12 brothers and sisters all got baskets, but he never did. He tells Jackson that he wants $250 for the basket. Jackson finally gives in. Elsewhere, Lane wonders where Henry is, since it’s already 3:00. She realizes that the pay phone he was supposed to call her on his broken and runs off. Luke and Lorelai head to the gazebo, though she thinks they should eat on the ground, like a real picnic. Lane runs over and asks to borrow Lorelai’s cell phone. Luke leaves to go back to the diner and get some real food. Lorelai says that she’s going to pout, then stops when Luke promises her brownies. Lane calls Henry, who admits that he called her house, got nervous when Mrs. Kim answered, and offered her a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Lane asks him to meet her now, but she wants him to honk twice and drive around the block before she gets in the car. Henry announces that he doesn’t think their relationship is going to work out. He likes her, but he doesn’t want to have to go to all this trouble to spend time with her. Lane promises to tell Mrs. Kim about the relationship, but Henry admits that he’s already asked another girl to the prom. Lane heads home and fights with her mother about Henry, lamenting the fact that she blew the relationship.

Rory and Jess wind up on the bridge and Jess admits that he actually likes it. He points out the spot where Luke pushed him in the water (see “Nick and Nora/Sid and Nancy”). Rory asks why he outbid Dean and he says that he just wanted to bug him in the beginning and wound up thinking it was funny. Rory tricks Jess into eating her not-so-edible lunch, telling him that Dean never would have fallen for that. Jackson and Sookie eat together; Kirk wouldn’t take Jackson’s check, since he didn’t think he looked like his ID picture, so Jackson is paying him off in weekly installments of carrot sticks. Sookie brings up the idea of living together, but he says he doesn’t want to anymore - he wants to get married. “Are you pregnant?” Sookie asks. She quickly accepts. Luke and Lorelai share a nice picnic and she calls him stubborn for not admitting that he’s having a good time. Luke asks who Lorelai wanted to wind up with her basket. She tells him that in the past, she’s gotten home improvement work out of the winners, and this year, she wanted her gutters cleaned. She also likes the idea of having someone you love or have a crush on bid on your basket and share lunch with you. Luke tells her that someday, she’ll have her lunch with Mr. Right.

Dean pulls Lorelai away and tells her that he doesn’t think Rory should be hanging out with Jess. Lorelai thinks he’s jealous; he says he’s just upset that Rory has to be nice to everyone. He’s worried that Jess is going to get Rory into trouble. Lorelai reminds him that he loves Rory, which means that he has to trust her. She says that she knows Rory isn’t going to do anything to mess up her relationship with Dean. On the bridge, Rory and Jess talk about The Fountainhead; Jess promises to give it another try if Rory promises to read some Hemingway. Rory asks why Jess is only nice to her and accuses him of planning the entire auction escapade. He avoids responding to her accusation and they leave to get pizza. Rory’s bracelet, given to her by Dean (see “Rory’s Birthday Parties”) falls off without her noticing and Jess pockets it. Later, Rory heads home and admits to Lorelai that she spent the afternoon with Jess. She asks if Rory has solved things with Dean, and Rory tells her that he’s coming over later. Rory thinks that Lorelai wants to make a comment about Jess, but Lorelai is just surprised that she spent time with him. Rory thinks that Lorelai shouldn’t judge Jess by his behavior the time he was over at the house (see “Nick and Nora/Sid and Nancy”). Lorelai mentions the trouble Jess has gotten into and Rory isn’t happy to hear that Dean was talking to her about him. Rory points out that she was only fulfilling her part of the deal from the auction. She wonders why Lorelai and Dean think that she could get hurt with Jess. Lorelai says that she’s known guys like Jess, but Rory doesn’t want to discuss the matter further.

At Friday night dinner, Emily complains that Richard has joined a cigar club. She notices that the girls are quiet; they imply that they haven’t been speaking much lately. Emily asks if they’re fighting and the girls bicker with each other. Rory gets a page and won’t tell Lorelai who it’s from. Lorelai suspects it’s from Jess and Emily tries to figure out what’s going on. Rory accuses Lorelai of never liking Dean; Lorelai says that she just didn’t know him. Rory says that she doesn’t like Jess, either, but Lorelai says that she does know him. Rory heads up to Richard’s study and calls Lane, whose mother gives in to let them talk, even though it’s after 9:00. Lane doesn’t feel like talking, though. Mrs. Kim tries to get her to have some tea, then tells her that she makes rules about Lane dating so that she won’t get hurt. She’s surprised to learn that Henry was Korean, not a dangerous American boy. Mrs. Kim debates calling Henry’s mother to work things out. Back at dinner, Lorelai and Emily discuss Jess. Emily agrees with Lorelai’s reservations about him, since she knows what can happen to good girls when they hang out with bad boys. Lorelai is surprised that Emily agrees with her 100 percent on her opinion about Jess. Lorelai joins Rory in the study and tells her that she has to trust Rory’s judgment because she can’t always look out for her. She says that she still doesn’t trust Jess, but she knows that Rory knows what she’s doing. She warns her to be careful and asks her to cut Dean some slack. Back at home, Rory calls Jess and they discuss The Fountainhead again.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “So I’ve decided I’m saving myself for William Holden.”
Rory: “Wow, it’s nice out here in left field.”

Miss Patty: “I don’t know where my quarters go.”
Lorelai: “Down some guy’s g-string, I would expect.”
Miss Patty: “Oh, no, a quarter would be insulting.”

Lorelai: “I’m trying to think, uh, in what scenario this situation could be construed as positive.”
Rory: “Well….”
Lorelai: “Well, no one’s head’s on fire.”

Rory: “Please don’t walk away like that.”
Dean: “Sorry. I’d do a silly walk but I’m not feeling very John Cleese right now.”

Lorelai: “Patty gave my picture out to all these guys because she thinks I need a man.”
Luke: “You do, one with a nice couch and a deep knowledge of Freud.”

Jackson: “I swear, you better be as pathetic as you sound.”
Kirk: “Oh, trust me.”

“As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.” - Lorelai

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