Gilmore Girls episode guides

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Season 1
1. Pilot - In order to afford to send her daughter Rory to private school, Lorelai Gilmore makes a deal with her rich parents. Rory debates staying at her public school because of the cute new guy.
2. The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton - Lorelai makes a memorable impression on Rory's first day at her new school. Rory doesn't have it any easier when Paris immediately dislikes her.
3. Kill Me Now - Richard takes Rory to his country club to play golf. Lorelai worries that Rory will start to like her grandparents too much. Lorelai organizes a double wedding at the inn.
4. The Deerhunters - Rory stresses out over her grades, with no help from Max, Paris, Tristan, or a deer. Sookie obsesses over risotto.
5. Cinnamon's Wake - Dean is totally in love with Rory. Max is totally in love with Lorelai. Babette's cat dies.
6. Rory's Birthday Parties - Lorelai and Emily throw very different birthday parties for Rory. Rory doesn't like Emily's as much. Paris and Rory discover that they might not be able to get rid of each other after high school.
7. Kiss and Tell - Rory has her first kiss, but she decides to hold off on telling Lorelai. Mrs. Kim beats her to it. Lorelai arranges a date for Dean and Rory at the house, and he fits in nicely.
8. Love and War and Snow - Rory gets stranded at Emily and Richard's house during a snowstorm. Lorelai winds up with Max. Luke battles the town reenactors. Lane is upset with Rory's lack of attention.
9. Rory's Dance - Dean and Rory go to a dance at Chilton and wind up falling asleep at Miss Patty's. Emily hangs out with Lorelai. Tristan doesn't like Dean.
10. Forgiveness and Stuff - A medical emergency throws Luke and Lorelai together and forces everyone to make up. Luke introduces the Santa Burger.
11. Paris is Burning - Lorelai wonders if her relationship with Max is right. Paris uses the relationship to distract everyone from her own family troubles. Sookie and Jackson, sitting in a tree.
12. Double Date - Sookie and Jackson drag Lorelai and Jackson's cousin Rune on a double date. Lorelai winds up hanging out with Luke instead. Rory and Dean go on their own double date with Lane and Dean's friend Todd, but keep the truth from Lorelai and Mrs. Kim.
13. Concert Interruptus - Luke isn't happy to see Lorelai wearing his ex-girlfriend Rachel's sweatshirt. Lorelai gives Bangles tickets to Paris, Madeline, and Louise in an attempt to make Rory some friends.
14. That Da%$ Donna Reed - Rory and Dean disagree over The Donna Reed Show. Lorelai summons Luke to the house for help with a chick emergency. Before she can realize that she likes him, Christopher reappears.
15. Christopher Returns - Emily invites Christopher and his parents to Friday night dinner, which ends in disaster. Lorelai makes up for breaking a promise to Luke.
16. Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers - Rachel returns to Stars Hollow and quickly senses that Lorelai and Luke want more than just friendship. Emily tries to set Lorelai up, but Richard helps her bail. Rory and Dean celebrate their three-month anniversary but wind up apart.
17. The Breakup, Part 2 - Rory tries to distract herself from her breakup, but it's Tristan who drives her to realizes that it's okay to wallow. Lane has a new crush. Lorelai misses Max. Jackson attempts to cook for Sookie.
18. The Third Lorelai - Richard's mother Trix visits, much to Emily's dismay. Rory gets Tristan to ask Paris out, but Paris isn't happy to learn the truth.
19. Emily in Wonderland - Emily visits Stars Hollow and sees how her daughter and granddaughter really live. Lorelai bonds with Rachel. Sookie and Lorelai consider buying their own inn.
20. P.S. I Lo… - Rory heads to Richard and Emily's for the night after learning that Lorelai and Max didn't mention their reconciliation. Lorelai has a new Luke doll.
21. Love, Daisies, and Troubadours - Rachel realizes that Luke loves Lorelai and leaves Stars Hollow. Max proposes to Lorelai. Rory and Dean get back together.

Season 2

22. Sadie, Sadie - Lorelai accepts Max's proposal but doesn't tell Emily and Richard. Rory defends Dean to Richard. Lane's parents are sending her to Korea.
23. Hammers and Veils - Rory worries that she doesn't have enough extracurriculars to get into Harvard. Emily makes it known that she doesn't appreciate hearing about Lorelai's engagement from Sookie. Lane's off to Korea.
24. Red Light on a Wedding Night - Lorelai has her bachelorette party at a drag club but finds herself thinking about Christopher instead of Max. She decides to skip out on her wedding and tells Rory they're going on a road trip.
25. The Road Trip to Harvard - Rory and Lorelai wind up at Harvard, where Rory falls in love with college life. When they return to Stars Hollow, Lorelai focuses on opening her own inn rather than her romantic life. Lane returns from Korea in one piece.
26. Nick and Nora/Sid and Nancy - Luke's nephew Jess comes to Stars Hollow and immediately starts causing trouble. Paris tries to make Rory look bad in front of the newspaper supervisor, but Rory turns it around on her.
27. Presenting Lorelai Gilmore - Rory agrees to participate in a debutante ball. Lorelai is impressed by Christopher's sudden maturity. Richard is upset with the changes being made at his business.
28. Like Mother, Like Daughter - Rory tries to make friends by joining a secret society at Chilton. Lorelai and Emily appear in a charity fashion show. Lorelai worries that Luke will date a Chilton mom.
29. The Ins and Outs of Inns - Sookie and Lorelai have problems trying to buy their dream inn. Lorelai is saddened to hear that her current inn's owner wants to sell. Jess is accused of causing more trouble.
30. Run Away, Little Boy - Lorelai tries to get over Max by going out with a fellow business class student, but he's a little too young for her. A class project brings some Chilton students to Stars Hollow and results in another Dean/Tristan showdown.
31. The Bracebridge Dinner - Sookie and Lorelai decide to hold a planned historical dinner despite a blizzard. Jess tries to cause trouble for Rory and Dean. Richard reveals to Emily that he's quit his job.
32. Secrets and Loans - Rory asks Emily and Richard for money, which makes Lorelai mad. Lane suddenly decides she wants to be a cheerleader. Paris obsesses over Rory's PSAT score.
33. Richard in Stars Hollow - Richard visits Stars Hollow and drives Lorelai crazy. Paris does the same to Luke. Rory finally gets her car from Dean.
34. A-Tisket, A-Tasket - Stars Hollow's annual picnic auction drives a wedge between Rory, Dean, Sookie, and Jackson, but brings Luke and Lorelai together. Henry decides that his relationship with Lane isn't worth the trouble he has to go through. Sookie and Jackson get engaged.
35. It Should Have Been Lorelai - Christopher brings his girlfriend Sherry to Stars Hollow. Emily isn't happy. Lorelai blames Christopher for her history of bad relationships.
36. Lost and Found - Luke looks for a new place to live with Jess. Rory realizes that her bracelet is missing and struggles to cover up the reason why. Luke does battle with Taylor.
37. There's the Rub - Emily and Lorelai bond at a spa. Rory winds up hanging out with Paris and Jess and realizes that her relationships with them aren't the way she thought they were.
38. Dead Uncles and Vegetables - Lorelai and Rory help Luke with some family issues. Emily tries to help Sookie with her wedding plans. Taylor doesn't like the new farmer's market.
39. Back in the Saddle Again - Richard helps Rory and her group out with a class project. Dean tries to hold onto his relationship with Rory. Michel's mother pays him a visit.
40. Teach Me Tonight - Rory agrees to tutor Jess but they end up in a car accident. Lorelai blames Luke for the accident and they have a huge falling out. Lorelai winds up with the job of choosing a movie for the town's movie night. Just as Christopher arrives in town, Jess leaves.
41. Help Wanted - Richard gets some help from Lorelai with his new business. Dean learns about Rory's accident. Lane decides that she wants to be a drummer. Luke goes fishing.
42. Lorelai's Graduation Day - Lorelai continues avoiding Luke, going so far as to skip breakfast at his diner. Rory invites Richard and Emily to Lorelai's graduation, then bails to go see Jess in Manhattan.
43. I Can't Get Started - Lorelai tries to patch things up with Luke, then really patches things up with Christopher. Paris talks Rory into running for the student council with her. Christopher returns to Boston when he learns that Sherry is pregnant. Rory kisses Jess, then tells Lorelai she's going to D.C. for the summer.

Season 3

44. Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days - Rory returns from D.C. to discover that Jess is over her. Paris has a new crush. Lorelai has a strange dream about Luke. Emily and Richard disagree over Lorelai and Christopher.
45. Haunted Leg - Christopher causes trouble at Emily and Richard's. Kirk asks Lorelai out. Francie faces off with Rory and Paris. Emily interferes with Lorelai's life.
46. Application Anxiety - Rory tries to do everything she can to perfect her Harvard application. Luke and Taylor do battle yet again. Lane looks for a band to join up with.
47. One Has Class and the Other One Dyes - Lane rebels by dyeing her hair purple. Lorelai drags Luke into speaking at Stars Hollow High. Rory is sick of Shane.
48. Eight O'Clock at the Oasis - Lorelai meets a guy at an auction and sneakily tries to get his number. Rory and Lorelai take care of their neighbor's lawn, leading Rory to ask Jess for help.
49. Take the Deviled Eggs… - Rory and Lorelai head to Sherry's baby shower in Boston. Jess gets a news car but won't tell Luke where he got the money for it. A Stars Hollow resident wants to protest in the town square. Rory and Lorelai get out some frustration at Jess.
50. They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? - Lorelai and Rory participate in Stars Hollow's annual dance marathon. Dean breaks up with Rory. Lane tries to hide her possible relationship with Dave from Mrs. Kim.
51. Let the Games Begin - Luke learns about Rory and Jess and tries to assert some authority. The Gilmores go to Yale for Richard's Whiffenpoof reunion. Kirk's dance marathon trophy disappears. Rory debates attending Yale rather than Harvard.
52. A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving - Lorelai and Rory accept invitations to four Thanksgiving meals. Lane gets Dave invited to her family's celebration. Sookie is shut out of Jackson and his friends' deep-frying activities. Lorelai learns that Rory is considering Yale. Kirk has a cat.
53. That'll Do, Pig - Trix announces that she's moving back to Hartford. Emily takes Lorelai's advice on how to handle Trix. Jess reluctantly goes to the winter carnival with Rory, whose newfound friendship with Dean makes him uneasy.
54. I Solemnly Swear - Lorelai and Sookie meet guys at a seminar. Francie starts playing dirty. Emily gets sued by a former employee.
55. Lorelai Out of Water - Luke becomes interested in Taylor's lawyer Nicole. Lane's band starts practicing in Lorelai and Rory's garage. Paris tries to get Rory impeached. Lane tries to get Mrs. Kim to let her go to the prom.
56. Dear Emily and Richard - Sherry goes into labor, sparking flashbacks of Rory's conception and birth. Rory gets roped into being Sherry's support system.
57. Swan Song - Emily invites Jess to Friday night dinner, which he shows up to with a black eye. Dean swears that he didn't do anything to Jess. The truth is much funnier. Zach and Brian continue to be oblivious to Dave and Lane's relationship.
58. Face-Off - Emily stands up to Trix. Taylor's family takes over the inn. Rory watches Dean play hockey and learns that he's dating someone new. Lane tries to figure out a way to get Mrs. Kim to let her date Dave.
59. The Big One - Paris and Rory compete to speak at Chilton's bicentennial. Sookie's pregnant. Lorelai runs into Max. Paris has sex, gets rejected from Harvard, and melts down on CNN.
60. A Tale of Poes and Fire - Lorelai scrambles to find beds for everyone after a fire at the inn. Sookie takes over Luke's diner. Rory encourages Paris to move on with her life. Luke discovers that Jess has been skipping school to work at Wal-Mart. Rory picks Yale.
61. Happy Birthday, Baby! - Rory arranges for a giant pizza to be made for Lorelai's birthday. Richard gives Lorelai money from an investment in her name, but she wants to give it right back to repay him for Rory's tuition. Luke doesn't quite hit it off with Nicole's parents.
62. Keg! Max! - Lorelai tries to play it cool with Max. A party turns into a fight between Jess and Dean. Lane drunk-dials her mother.
63. Say Goodnight, Gracie - Lorelai and Sookie attempt to buy the Dragonfly Inn. Dean announces his engagement to Lindsay. Jess' father arrives in Stars Hollow. Mrs. Kim gives Lane permission to go to the prom with Dave.
64. Here Comes the Son - Jess goes to Venice to see his father. Lorelai tries to figure out how to tell Rory that Jess is gone for good.
65. Those are Strings, Pinocchio - Rory tries to solve money problems by turning to Richard and Emily. Luke wonders where his relationship with Nicole is going. Jess contacts Rory one last time.

Season 4

66. Ballroom and Biscotti - Rory and Lorelai return from Europe to discover that Taylor wants to use Rory to promote his new ice cream shop. Lorelai and Rory try to cram in all of their last minute pre-college activities. Emily holds Rory hostage with ballroom dancing. Luke confesses to Lorelai that he and Nicole got married.
67. The Lorelais' First Day at Yale - Lorelai and Rory head to Yale, where they run into mattress, truck, and suitemate problems. Lorelai spends the night to help Rory adjust. Luke deals with Nicole's legal partners.
68. The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles - Lorelai and Sookie cater a Lord of the Rings birthday party, causing Sookie to worry that she'll be a horrible parent. Rory discovers that Emily has redecorated her dorm room. Richard contemplates working with his business rival's son.
69. Chicken or Beef? - Dean invites Rory to his wedding. Lorelai and Sookie try to lure Michel away from his new job. Kirk installs an annoying security system for Lorelai. Taylor proves to be a stumbling block for the Dragonfly Inn.
70. The Fundamental Things Apply - Rory goes out on her first date since her breakup with Jess. Lorelai has a movie night with Luke. Paris and Janet do battle.
71. An Affair to Remember - Emily hires Lorelai and Sookie to cater a party for Richard's business. Rory has roommate problems. Kirk gets closer to being a normal human being.
72. The Festival of Living Art - Rory and Lorelai participate in another town tradition. Kirk lets the role of Jesus go to his head. Nicole wants to start dating Luke again. Lane's band finds a possible new member. Sookie wants to give birth at home.
73. Die, Jerk - Rory gets blasted after a bad review. Lorelai finds herself strangely attracted to Digger but jealous over Luke's rekindled relationship with Nicole. Lane worries that Mrs. Kim is planning too much for her future.
74. Ted Koppel's Big Night Out - The Gilmores attend the Yale-Harvard game, but Lorelai leaves early after contributing to problems between Emily and Richard. She winds up on a strange date with Digger instead. Rory catches Paris kissing her professor.
75. The Nanny and the Professor - Lorelai tries to keep her relationship with Digger from her parents. Rory plays dumb about Paris and Asher. Lane's work at the diner impresses Luke.
76. In the Clamor and the Clangor - Luke and Lorelai team up to silence the church's restored bells. Rory makes a fool of herself in front of a former crush. Lane sneaks out for a gig at CBGB's and winds up leaving home.
77. A Family Matter - Lorelai decides to come clean with Emily about Digger, but changes her mind when Emily laughs off the possibility of them having a relationship. Lane stays with Rory at Yale. Jess returns to Stars Hollow.
78. Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels - Emily tries to get Digger and Lorelai to pretend to be a couple for a benefit. Luke is worried that Liz's latest relationship will end like all the others did. Jess expresses his true feelings for Rory.
79. The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais - Rory and Lorelai can't get in touch with each other. Richard stands up to Trix. Janet and Paris battle again. Rory and Lorelai are comforted by Dean and Luke, respectively.
80. Scene in a Mall - Lorelai and Rory encounter Emily on a shopping spree. Luke suspects that all is not well with Dean and Lindsay. Kirk has problems with dog-sitting.
81. The Reigning Lorelai - Trix dies, sending Richard into depression. Emily refuses to make any more funeral arrangements, so Lorelai takes over. Everyone in Stars Hollow wonders where Nicole and Luke's relationship is going.
82. Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist - Rory, Paris, Janet, and Glenn head to Florida for Spring Break, where they meet up with Louise and Madeline. Digger gives Lorelai a key to his apartment, but she winds up running to Luke's rescue.
83. Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom! - Digger's father tells Emily and Richard that Lorelai and Digger are dating. Kirk almost ruins an Easter egg hunt. Richard has a secret deal with Floyd.
84. Afterboom - Lorelai and Richard fight about Digger. Mrs. Kim replaces Lane. Rory wonders if Asher gave her a good grade because she's friends with Paris. Lorelai discovers that Emily has moved out.
85. Luke Can See Her Face - Self-help tapes get Luke to finally realize that he's in love with Lorelai. Liz announces her engagement and upcoming wedding. Jackson, Sookie, Lorelai, and Michel sleep with zucchini. Paris has relationship angst.
86. Last Week Fights, This Week Tights - Luke asks Lorelai to Liz's wedding. Rory lets Emily fix her up with a classmate but ends up asking Dean to bail her out. Mrs. Kim adjusts to Lane's new living arrangements. Rory tells Jess she won't go away with him.
87. Raincoats and Recipes - The Dragonfly Inn has a successful practice run. Lorelai plays Parent Trap with Richard and Emily. Digger tries to win Lorelai back. Rory and Dean wind up in bed together. Lorelai and Luke finally kiss, but are interrupted by a naked Kirk.

Season 5

88. Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller - Rory agrees to go to Europe with Emily, though she feels she's being punished for what happened with Dean. Luke reluctantly heads out of town to help Liz and T.J. Dean picks a fight with Lindsay.
89. A Messenger, Nothing More - Luke finally extricates himself from Ren Faire life and returns to Stars Hollow. Rory returns from Europe and makes up with Lorelai. Lindsay finds a letter Rory wrote to Dean and throws him out.
90. Written in the Stars - Luke and Lorelai have their first offical date and he lets her know he's "all in." The next morning, the entire town learns that they spend the night together. Taylor worries about what will happen if Luke and Lorelai break up. Paris holds a wake for Asher. Emily panics about Richard's social life.
91. Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too - Jackson runs for town selectman. Rory and Dean try to spend time alone. Lane announces that she likes Zach.
92. We Got Us a Pippi Virgin - Lorelai and Luke double date with Rory and Dean, sparking competition between the two guys. Jackson stresses over his new selectman responsibilities. Lane takes back her announcement to Zach. Emily buys a panic room.
93. Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! - Norman Mailer visits the Dragonfly Inn but irks Sookie by only ordering iced tea. Rory discovers a secret society at Yale that Logan happens to belong to. Sookie's pregnant again. Christopher reaches out to Lorelai after Sherry leaves, but Rory asks him to stay away from her.
94. You Jump, I Jump, Jack - Logan invites Rory to attend a Life or Death Brigade outing. Emily orders Lorelai to bring Luke to dinner. Zach and Lane have their first date at home.
95. The Party's Over - Emily and Richard team up to throw a Yale alumni party for Rory. Rory plans to leave early to be with Dean, but she winds up having a good time with Logan and his friends, leading Dean to realize that they're too different to make things work. T.J. interrupts Luke's evening with Lorelai. Lane tempts Kyong to disobey Mrs. Kim.
96. Emily Says Hello - Christopher has lunch with Rory and Lorelai at the inn, leading Rory to lash out at her father. Emily starts dating again but is still miserable. Jackson has to be tricked into performing his selectman duties.
97. But Not as Cute as Pushkin - Lorelai rescues Luke's father's boat but winds up making him mad. Paris finds herself bonding with Doyle. Rory hosts a Chilton student and learns that Logan and Marty both like her.
98. Women of Questionable Morals - Christopher tries to patch things up with Rory, but she rebuffs him until she learns that his father has died. Emily and Richard tend to a lost dog. The town reenacts an important war milestone. Lorelai declines to tell Luke that she spent the night at Christopher's.
99. Come Home - Emily and Richard finally reconcile and decide to renew their vows. Emily tells Christopher that Lorelai and Luke are getting serious and he should make a move now. Rory gets mixed signals from Logan.
100. Wedding Bell Blues - Emily and Richard renew their vows. Rory finds herself in an awkward position with Logan. Luke learns that Lorelai lied to him. Lorelai tells Emily it's over.
101. Say Something - Lorelai tries to patch things up with Luke and realizes that she's partly to blame for their failed relationship. Rory tends to a heartbroken Lorelai with some help from Lane and Logan. Taylor makes everyone in town choose sides.
102. Jews and Chinese Food - Luke and Lorelai both work on the elementary school play, almost sharing a special moment over "Do You Love Me?" Rory tries to spend the day with Marty but winds up with Logan instead. Kirk is a ringer.
103. So…Good Talk - Lorelai refuses to go to Friday night dinner, hanging out with Sookie instead. Lane realizes that, thanks to her mother, she doesn't want to have sex yet. Emily tells Luke to go back to Lorelai, so he does.
104. Pulp Friction - Kirk takes back everyone's ribbons. Rory goes to a Pulp Fiction-themed party with one of Logan's friends and almost winds up with Logan instead. Kirk moves out of his mother's house but can't find a place to stay. Emily blasts Luke for not listening, so Luke gets Lorelai to run interference. Lorelai tells Emily to shut up and stay out of her life.
105. To Live and Let Diorama - Taylor turns a late resident's house into a museum. Lorelai gives an interview about the inn for a magazine article, then changes her mind about some things she said about Emily. Rory, Paris, and Lane bond over boy troubles. Dean tells Luke that Lorelai will grow bored with him.
106. But I'm a Gilmore - Logan takes Rory to dinner at his parents' house, where she's surprised to learn that his family looks down on her. Luke fills in for Sookie, who doesn't like being replaced. Paris finally reconnects with Doyle.
107. How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod? - Rory brings Logan to dinner at Richard and Emily's, but Lorelai realizes that he's not as upstanding as he pretends to be. Taylor makes Luke happy by announcing that he's selling Twickham's house. Lorelai entertains a job opportunity that would send her out of Stars Hollow.
108. Blame Booze and Melville - Mitchum tells Rory that she's not journalist material. Upset, she gets Logan to steal a boat with her. Sookie goes into labor. Kirk tries to buy Twickham's house. Emily entertains a houseguest.
109. A House is Not a Home - Rory announces that she's dropping out of Yale. Lorelai asks Emily and Richard for help, but they wind up convincing Rory to move into their poolhouse. Lorelai proposes to Luke.

Season 6

110. New and Improved Lorelai - Luke accepts Lorelai's proposal and buys a ring from Kirk. Rory is sentenced to 300 hours of community service. Paris freaks out about Rory not returning to Yale.
111. Fight Face - Rory starts her community service. Lorelai gets a dog. Luke tells Rory about the engagement. Rory contemplates getting a job that will require her to join the DAR. T.J. puts a hole in Lorelai's house.
112. The UnGraduate - Rory is the queen of community service. Paris harasses the Dragonfly staff. Hep Alien has $9,000. Luke takes care of Paul Anka. Everyone lies to T.J.
113. Always a Godmother, Never a God - Sookie tries to reunite Lorelai and Rory by asking them to be her kids' godmothers. Zach and Brian spend the band's money on recording equipment that doesn't work. Lorelai is upset that Rory changed her cell phone number and didn't tell her. Jackson's brother Bo thinks that Lorelai is wilder than she is.
114. We've Got Magic to Do - Rory coordinates a DAR event crashed by Shira. Lorelai and Sookie attend a recital at Miss Patty's. Paris joins the working class. Richard goes after Mitchum while Emily goes after Shira.
115. Welcome to the Doll House - Stars Hollow changes all of its street names back to its original historical names, but the Dragonfly winds up with the short straw. Richard tries to use Logan to find out Rory's plans. Emily sends Lorelai a bunch of stuff she doesn't want anymore. Logan gives Rory a Birkin bag.
116. Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number - Rory and Lorelai are sad that they can't celebrate Rory's 21st birthday together. Richard and Emily think Rory is still a virgin. Lorelai wants to do something new for Halloween.
117. Let Your Balalaikas Ring Out - Jess visits and tells Rory that she's living in a life that doesn't suit her. Paul Anka's illness makes Lorelai think that she's a bad mother. Rory finally grows a spine and stands up to Logan and Emily. Luke agrees to sponsor a girls' soccer team.
118. The Prodigal Daughter Returns - A phone call from Christopher causes problems for Lorelai and Luke. Rory bullies her way into a job back at the Gazette. Emily confides in Lorelai that she thinks she's lost Rory the way she lost Lorelai. Luke discovers that he has a daughter.
119. He's Slippin' 'Em Bread...Dig? - Luke tells Liz (but not Lorelai) about April. Christopher is rich and wants to pay Rory's tuition. Zach gets jealous when Brian writes a song about Lane, so Gil literally knocks him down a peg. Rory hears from Honor that Logan is telling people they broke up.
120. The Perfect Dress - Lorelai finds the perfect wedding dress and the rest of her plans fall into place. Luke tells Anna that he wants to be a part of April's life. Rory winds up in therapy. Mrs. Kim tries to help Lane move on from her breakup with Zach. Logan tells Rory he loves her.
121. Just Like Gwen and Gavin - Lorelai meets April before Luke can tell her about her. Logan won't give up on Rory. The newspaper staff wants to revolt against Paris. Zach thinks Lane has moved on. Taylor goes incognito.
122. Friday Night's All Right for Fighting - The Gilmores revive Friday night dinners with a big fight. Lorelai keeps quiet about her true feelings about Luke and April. Logan comes to Rory's rescue after Paris loses control of the newspaper staff.
123. You've Been Gilmored - Paris is ousted from the newspaper staff, but when Rory takes over as editor, Paris kicks her out of their apartment. Logan suggests that she move in with him, much to Lorelai and Christopher's chagrin. Luke suffers through dinner with Richard and Emily, who think the wedding is still on June 3rd. Michel doesn't like Luke doing odd jobs at the inn. Christopher and Logan bond over being thrown out of boarding schools.
124. A Vineyard Valentine - Rory and Logan invite Lorelai and Luke to spend the weekend with them at the Huntzbergers' house on Martha's Vineyard. Luke tries to assure Lorelai that they'll stay together, but she's still worried about April. Mitchum wants Logan to go to London after he graduates. Lorelai is inundated with phone calls after Emily runs an engagement announcement for her and Luke.
125. Bridesmaids Revisited - Rory learns that Logan slept with a bunch of Honor's bridesmaids while they were broken up. Lorelai babysits for a spoiled Gigi. Zach gets the band back together and proposes to Lane. Paris and Rory break up with their boyfriends and move back in together.
126. I'm OK, You're OK - Rory, Emily, and Richard all wind up visiting Stars Hollow, where Richard and Emily want to buy a house. Mrs. Kim wants Zach to write a hit song before she'll let him propose to Lane. Rory drops by Anna's store to check her out.
127. The Real Paul Anka - Rory visits Jess in Philadelphia, running into Luke and April while she's there. Lorelai tries to make Emily and Richard think that Stars Hollow is a horrible place to live. Logan goes on another Life and Death trip. Emily thinks Lorelai should try to get to know April.
128. I Get a Sidekick Out of You - Lane and Zach have two weddings. Lorelai gets drunk and talks about her own wedding. Christopher loves his new Sidekick a little too much. Logan almost gets himself killed.
129. Super Cool Party People - Stuck throwing a party for a bunch of junior-high girls, Luke calls Lorelai in to help. Rory rushes to be with Logan and blasts Mitchum for not being more involved. Miss Patty assures Lorelai that Luke won't find out about her embarrassing speech at the wedding reception.
130. Driving Miss Gilmore - Lorelai has to drive Emily around after eye surgery. Sookie and Jackson have to get rid of a bunch of pot. Liz is pregnant, but she and T.J. are splitting up. Rory gets mad at Mitchum again.
131. Partings - Lorelai finally tells Luke how she feels, then winds up in Christopher's bed. Logan heads off to London. Stars Hollow is overrun with troubadours.

Season 7

132. The Long Morrow - Rory is confused about the rocket Logan left her. Lorelai and Rory decide not to talk for once. Kirk drives into the diner. Luke wants Lorelai back, but it's too late.
133. That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee - Lane is pregnant. Luke punches Christopher. Kirk gives the diner some competition. Lorelai takes Rory to fake Asia.
134. Lorelai's First Cotillion - Rory and Logan try to bridge the distance between them with technological intercourse. Lorelai goes to a cotillion. Zach and Lane freak out about her pregnancy together.
135. S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous - Lorelai and Christopher date. Rory makes some kooky new friends. April moves in with Luke. Emily gets arrested.
136. The Great Stink - Christopher and Lorelai fight over a trip to Paris to take Gigi to see Sherry. Logan visits Rory, then takes her to dinner with his coworkers. Stars Hollow smells like pickles.
137. Go, Bulldogs! - Christopher tries to impress Rory's newspaper coworkers, leaving them drunk when a big story breaks. Luke dates April's swim coach. Sookie debates cheating on Jackson's vegetables.
138. French Twist - Lorelai and Christopher hang out in Paris, then elope. Rory has a meltdown, then meets Lucy's boyfriend - Marty. Lane and Zach are having twins, and Mrs. Kim wants them all to live together.
139. Introducing Lorelai Planetarium - Rory isn't thrilled that her parents got married without her. Logan, who's moving to New York, thinks Rory is judgmental of rich people. Luke calls Lorelai for help when April gets sick.
140. Knit, People, Knit! - Concerned for Christopher's lack of connections in Stars Hollow, Lorelai sends him on a man=date with Jackson. Christopher then alienates everyone further by ruining the town's knit-a-thon. Anna wants to move to New Mexico. Marty still likes Rory.
141. Merry Fisticuffs - Logan tells Lucy that Rory and Marty used to be friends. Luke and Christopher battle it out. Lorelai hates Emily's plans for her wedding party. Emily warns that if she doesn't start taking her marriage seriously, it won't last long.
142. Santa's Secret Stuff - Lorelai and Rory have a late Christmas. Lane wants to reunite the band to take her mind off of being pregnant. Luke asks Lorelai to write a character reference for him.
143. To Whom It May Concern - Christopher finds the letter Lorelai wrote for Luke. Paris tries to get Rory ready for graduation and post-graduation with Operation Finish Line. Sookie is pregnant again, despite Jackson's supposed vasectomy. Richard has health problems.
144. I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia - Logan rushes home to comfort Rory while Richard is hospitalized, but Christopher is nowhere to be seen. Luke, however, proves that he still cares.
145. Farewell, My Pet - Lorelai and Christopher finally break up. Rory has a crush on Richard's replacement. Michel mourns the death of Chin-Chin.
146. I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar - Emily is jealous of Lorelai's independence. Liz, T.J., and Doula move in with Luke. Rory tries to throw Logan a big birthday bash, but Mitchum ruins things. Logan finds out his big business deal failed.
147. Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore? - Rory and Lorelai plan a big baby shower for Lane, but face obstacles such as a Lane/Mrs. Kim battle and Lane being put on bedrest. Luke has boat issues. Logan tells Rory of his business troubles, then goes to Vegas with Colin and Finn.
148. Gilmore Girls Only - Lorelai, Rory, and Emily take a road trip. Lane and Zach ask Luke to be the twins' godfather, just in time for Lane to go into labor. Logan follows Rory, but she puts him in his place.
149. Hay Bale Maze - Taylor forgoes the typical Spring Fling activities for a giant hay bale maze. Rory can't decide whether to take a job or wait for the one she really wants. Luke and Lorelai move towards civility. Logan visits Stars Hollow.
150. It's Just Like Riding a Bike - Paris has tons of post-graduate luck, but Rory doesn't. Lorelai's car dies. Jackson stays with Lorelai and accidentally breaks her dollhouse.
151. Lorelai? Lorelai? - Lorelai sings karaoke and unexpectedly expresses her true feelings for Luke. Logan wants to marry Rory. Luke wears Lorelai's hat again.
152. Unto the Breach - Rory graduates from Yale and turns down Logan's marriage proposal. Luke is upset when Lorelai claims her karaoke serenade didn't mean anything. Richard and Emily throw a big graduation party for Rory.
153. Bon Voyage - Rory gets a job that will require her to leave town quickly. The townies plan a big graduation/going-away party for her. Luke and Lorelai finally figure out that they belong together.

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