"Take the Deviled Eggs…"
Written by Daniel Palladino; directed by Jamie Babbit

Rory wakes up to discover that Lorelai is in project mode and is looking through a bunch of catalogs. Rory reminds her of other projects she’s engaged in and abandoned in the middle. This time, though, Lorelai says things will be different. She’s planning to figure out which catalogs they have duplicates of, contact those companies, and tell them to stop sending more than one copy. In some instances, they’ve received as many as eight catalogs in eight different names. She’s even given fake names to some places to see how many catalogs they’ll send her. Rory admonishes her for killing trees and tells her to fix everything. Lorelai decides that she’s bored with her project and wants coffee. Rory offers to call half of the catalogs, so Lorelai tells her to do her half first. Stars Hollow gathers for a town meeting in which Taylor announces that they need to do something about all of the birds around that are relieving themselves on things and people. Miss Patty’s date Jesus pokes his head in and she tells him she’ll be ready in a minute. Everyone compliments Patty’s choice in men. Taylor is upset that people are focusing on the date now instead of the bird issue. He brings up the town loner, who seems to creep people out. He’s requested to hold a protest in the town square (for something Taylor isn’t sure of), which isn’t allowed. Jesus comes back in, thinking that someone said his name (Taylor said “buses”). Taylor finally ends the meeting since no one is paying attention.

Outside, Lorelai, Rory, and Luke discuss the town loner and Lorelai teases that he sounds a lot like Luke. Jess drives by in an old car, which surprises both Luke and Lorelai. Lorelai notes that Jess has a bad track record with cars (see “Teach Me Tonight”) and Luke agrees that he’s not thrilled with the turn of events. He also has no idea where Jess got the money to afford the car. “Maybe it was a gift from someone…who doesn’t know it’s gone yet,” Lorelai suggests. After Lorelai leaves, Luke approaches Jess and asks him where he got the money for the car. Jess quips that he mugged an old woman, then says that he saved his money and bought the car from Gypsy. Luke wonders if Jess has taken other expenses like insurance and gas money into account. Jess says that he knows what he’s doing. He gets Luke to sign the registration, since Jess is still a minor, and Luke makes sure it’s okay that the original name on the registration is crossed out. At home, Rory gets an invitation to Sherry’s baby shower (see “I Can’t Get Started”), which is coming up that weekend. Lorelai is surprised, since they’re not speaking to Christopher (see “Haunted Leg”). Rory admits that she’s been in touch with him and Lorelai tells her to stop apologizing about it. Rory isn’t sure whether she wants to attend the shower but Lorelai promises to drive her and spend the afternoon shopping in Boston.

Jess heads out to run errands before school, telling Luke that he’ll repay the $10 he owes him later. Luke realizes that Jess took the money out of the cash register, which Luke has told him many times not to do. After Jess leaves, Kirk enters and admires Jess’ car, making up what he thinks sounds like car lingo. He wishes his mother would let him have a car, or a bike, or his roller skates back. Gypsy checks out Jackson’s car at her garage, telling him that every time he does something he shouldn’t to his car, she gets to pay her bills. Luke arrives and confirms with Gypsy that Jess bought his car from her. She tells him that he even paid with real money. At the diner, Taylor chats with Reverend Skinner and a rabbi about the town loner’s protest. The two, who share the church for their services, have agreed to let the loner protest on the steps. Taylor wants to find a way to ban the protest, but the church is exempt from town statutes. Taylor tries to tell them that God doesn’t want the protest either, but Skinner and the rabbi think it’s funny that he’s in direct contact with God. Taylor threatens to withdraw their permit to play bingo at the church, then tries to argue that he’s a good Christian, so Skinner owes him a favor. Skinner denies this, so Taylor says he’ll convert to another religion. The rabbi says that they don’t want him but the Shakers in Woodbury might accept him. Luke arrives home and looks through Jess’ things a little.

Rory and Lane discuss the baby blanket Rory bought for Sherry, which she doesn’t think is original enough. Lane admits that her mother never told her about the birds and the bees; when her cousin got pregnant, Mrs. Kim said that “an angel brushed its wings against her face.” Rory offers to fill her in but Lane says that she learned it from the streets. The girls see Jess’ car and Lane is outraged that the guy who crashed Rory’s car gets one of his own. Rory doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. Jess walks by and Lane confronts him, saying that she thought he might have built the car out of parts of cars that he’s totaled. Jess is unimpressed and tells Rory to get Lane to back off. He taunts that Dean is probably building Rory another car anyway. As Jess leaves, Rory tells him that he left his bra in the back seat. Lorelai and Rory arrive at Sherry’s house and discuss whether or not the green balloons outside mean that Sherry’s having an alien. Lorelai tells Rory to call her if she wants to make an escape early. Sherry surprises the girls at the car down and invites Lorelai to stay for the shower. She thinks that Lorelai being there would make Rory feel more comfortable. She talks Lorelai into staying and they head inside to meet the other guests. Sherry announces that the baby, a girl, will be named Georgia and called Gigi. The games start when Lorelai gets a diaper pinned attached to her. One of the other woman announces that if anyone catches her saying “baby,” she has to give up her pin.

One of the woman complains to Lorelai and Rory how wonderful Sherry looks, which they agree about. Lorelai is surprised that she’s the only attendee with kids. The other women say that they don’t have time for kids and can’t find their own Christophers anyway. Sherry asks Lorelai for pregnancy book recommendations, but Lorelai didn’t read any. She also didn’t learn anything from her mom, but rather from the movie For Keeps. As the other women move the couch so they can play a game, Rory thanks Lorelai for staying. Later, the women play a game with cotton balls, which Lorelai isn’t very good at. Rory does sings karaoke but can’t say the word “baby” in “Baby Face.” They all play a game where they have to guess the scents coming from diapers. Later, Sherry opens her presents and Lorelai and Rory note that everything is green. Apparently pink is out and green is the new pink. Sherry has already scheduled a C-section since she has trouble living with disorganization. This is why she was so thrown when she first got pregnant, since she and Christopher didn’t exactly plan this. Her friends were surprised to hear the news as well, since Sherry isn’t a baby person. The shower guests talk about Rory and her plans to go to Harvard, which is less than three miles from Sherry’s place. Sherry invites her to come visit after classes and on weekends. She adds that they already have a key for Lorelai, who will be like Gigi’s aunt.

Away from the rest of the group, Sherry thanks Lorelai for coming and tells her that Christopher would be glad she stayed. She tells her how much Christopher is already acting like a father. She thanks Lorelai, believing that she’s responsible for Christopher’s behavior, since she thinks Lorelai said something to him when he told her Sherry was pregnant. Lorelai heads to the bathroom and rearranges Sherry’s medicine cabinet. Rory joins her and thinks that Lorelai is upset about Sherry inviting her to visit. Lorelai admits that she’s hurt that Rory has said she’ll spend her free time with Sherry instead of with her. She’s also upset that Sherry is having a girl; she thinks Sherry is copying her. She adds that the name Gigi is similar to Rory, though Rory thinks she’s crazy. Lorelai asks if she can mess up the whole house but Rory tells her she can’t do that. Luke arrives home with food and Jess accuses him of going through his things. Luke says he didn’t but Jess can tell he’s lying. Luke asks again where he got the money for the car, since he couldn’t have earned enough working at the diner or cleaning people’s gutters. Luke asks if he’s a gigolo, since Jess won’t come clean. Jess finally admits that he’s been working at Wal-Mart. Luke is amused and asks if he has to wear a vest to work. He says that Jess is an all-American boy now.

Rory and Lorelai head home and Lorelai keeps complaining about everything that happened. The girls laments the fact that they took home deviled eggs, but apparently Sherry insisted so much that her drunk friends started yelling, “Take the deviled eggs!” Lorelai makes fun of Sherry, wishing that she’d done more than mess up the medicine cabinet. Rory admits that she went back in later and straightened everything up. Lorelai is upset because the act was cathartic for her. She’s upset that Sherry brought up Christopher and hates that she sent him back to Sherry. Rory tells her to stop the car so she can participate in another cathartic event - egging Jess’ car. Lorelai protests at first but finally gives in. The girls throw the deviled eggs at the car, then complain that Sherry didn’t give them enough. They pretend that the cops are after them and Lorelai tries but fails to make the tires squeal as they drive off. The girls make the noise themselves instead. The next morning, the town gathers in the square in anticipation of the protest. Taylor has brought a police officer, just in case. The town loner heads for a window in the church and unrolls a banner, but he does it backwards. When he tries to fix it, the banner rips. Kirk saw the letter R, so the others try to figure out what he could be protesting that starts with R. The town loner yells something that no one can understand. Jess finally sees his egged car and wonders if someone actually prepared the deviled eggs just to throw them at the car. Luke asks if he ticked off one of his Wal-Mart coworkers. Taylor complains that now there’s been vandalism in town on top of the protest. Rory and Lorelai tell each other that they were both home the night before and have alibis.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Luke: “We got nothing of substance done in this meeting.”
Lorelai: “And the tradition stands.”

Lorelai: “Maureen and Susan almost coming to blows was worth it, though. How did that happen, anyway?”
Rory: “From what I can tell, Susan said, ‘Bla ra um beh bleh’ and Maureen took great offense.”
Lorelai: “Well, yeah.”

Miss Patty: “Well, this is a very nice protest so far.”
Lorelai: “One of the best I’ve ever been to.”
Babette: “It’s fun seeing everybody like this.”
Luke: “We see each other every day.”
Lorelai: “ But we don’t all stand around in a clump like this.”
Luke: “True.”

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