"I Can’t Get Started"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and John Stephens; directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, and Michel are at the inn, going through music Sookie wants at her wedding. Lorelai vetoes the idea of Sookie walking down the aisle to “I Can’t Get Started,” since it’s a song about a woman who can’t make her relationship work. Sookie’s alternate choices are “Hey Jude,” “Seasons in the Sun,” “Cat’s in the Cradle,” and “Don’t Cry Out Loud.” Lorelai wonders if Sookie even likes Jackson. Michel’s only suggestion is that he be allowed to leave. Lorelai reminds him that since she’s in the wedding, Michel is in charge of everything behind the scenes. Rory tells Sookie that she and Lane can come up with some music suggestions that aren’t “quite as Girl, Interrupted.” Lorelai asks Michel how the RSVP list is; he notes that it’s a waste of time since 40 people are coming and they all live within five miles of each other. Lorelai tells him that she’s not going to let him annoy her out of having to participate. Sookie tells Lorelai that she has two extra seats and suggests that they invite Emily and Richard to the wedding. She notes that Emily helped her do some planning (see “Dead Uncles and Vegetables”) and should come. Lorelai agrees to ask her. Sookie puts “I Can’t Get Started” back on, claiming that it gets happier on the second playing.

At Friday night dinner, Lorelai announces that “oy” is the funniest word in the world. “Poodle” is also funny, and if the two words were in the same sentence (as in “oy with the poodles already”) you would have a great catchphrase. Lorelai invites Emily and Richard to the wedding and Emily notes that, since the ceremony is in a week, she’s getting a pity invite. She guesses that there were two cancellations and Sookie asked Lorelai to invite her parents. Lorelai says that’s not true and Emily challenges her to produce an invitation. She turns passive-aggressive, so Lorelai tries to change the subject to how pretty Rory is. Emily tells Richard about the wedding and he recognizes the pity invite as well. “Oy with the poodles already,” is all Lorelai can say. Rory and Dean eat breakfast at Luke’s and she tries to get him to trade meals with her. Dean counts that Lorelai has walked back and forth outside 12 times. Rory says she’ll be in after two more passes. Dean suggests taking something out to her but Rory refuses, wanting Lorelai and Luke to make up (see “Teach Me Tonight”). Lorelai finally makes it inside and is surprised that Rory and Dean are eating; Rory notes that it took her half an hour to come in. She and Dean leave for school, so Lorelai decides to make an attempt to talk to Luke. She wonders if he’s always going to be cold to her, even though he’s read the apology note she sent to him. He tells her that he’s not mad, but she says he’s still not acting the way he usually does.

At Chilton, Paris makes a speech to the student body to try to get them to vote for her for student council president. It doesn’t go over incredibly well. Afterwards, she approaches Rory, who’s covering the speeches for the Franklin, and asks if she thinks she did better than her opponents. Madeline and Louise tell Paris that they polled 150 students, 90 percent of who said that Paris is the most competent and qualified to be president. However, she’s not considered likable. She scares people, and they think that a Halloween mask of her face would be popular. Paris doesn’t care, since they think she’s competent, but almost all of the students said that the likeability factor would influence their vote. Paris sends Louise and Madeline back out to do more work, then tells Rory that she’s been trying to find the perfect vice president. She’s trying to find the “yin to [her] yang, Joel to [her] Ethan, Damon to [her] Affleck.” She’s decided that Rory would be great in the role and begs her to accept. She says that people think Rory is nice and Paris believes she’s soften her image. Rory has no interest in politics, so Paris assures her that she won’t have to do any of the work. She adds that Harvard likes this sort of thing, and if she doesn’t have this on her transcript, she’ll regret it. Rory accepts, mentioning that Paris probably never considered just being nice.

Lorelai takes Rory to the doctor so she can get her cast removed. Lorelai says that she’s gotten attached to the cast; Rory suggests that it might be time to “wean [her] off of getting attached to inanimate objects.” Christopher arrives and Lorelai is surprised that he would come down from Boston for this, since he was just in Stars Hollow. After the removal, Rory decides to go home to look over her campaign platform. She tells Christopher that she’s torn about how she wants the election to turn out. Lorelai says that she spent four hours making buttons with Rory’s picture on them, so she wants to win. Rory says that she’d have to spend six weeks of her summer with Paris in Washington for a junior leadership program. Christopher suggests coming back for the election and helping Rory tamper with the votes. Lorelai invites him to Sookie’s rehearsal dinner that night instead. The night of the rehearsal dinner, Kirk taps his glass, but instead of making a toast he announces that someone’s car is blocking him in. Christopher asks Lorelai how long he should wait before moving his car; Lorelai says he should give it ten more minutes. Kirk whines that his mother is waiting for him and this isn’t funny.

Jackson tells Sookie that his father gave him a kilt, which he wants him to wear at the wedding. It’s a tradition for men in their family to wear the kilt at their weddings, but Jackson isn’t a fan of this idea. He notes that Sookie won’t let him wear shorts in public, yet she’s in favor of the kilt. He says that he’ll wear pants, and if his father doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to come. Sookie reminds him that his father is his best man. Christopher and Lorelai drink on the front porch and talk about Sookie and Jackson’s discussion about the kilt. Christopher says that he knew Lorelai was trying to think up Brigadoon references. She admits that she thought of 12, as well as some bars of “I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean.” He asks her to take pictures at the wedding, but she thinks he should just come if he’s going to be in town. He accepts and she’s surprised that he doesn’t have to check to make sure he’s not busy. Christopher tells her that Sherry (see “It Should Have Been Lorelai”) is out of town and that they are basically breaking up anyway. The next morning, Rory interrogates Lorelai about the location of some almonds she prepared for the wedding. Lorelai plays innocent and starts to tell her about Christopher and Sherry breaking up. She’s interrupted by Paris, who calls to ask Rory to give her opinion on her concession speech. Rory tells her to leave the auditorium so people don’t think she’s crazy.

Lorelai tells Rory about Christopher and Sherry; Rory thinks she’s gloating. Lorelai says that Christopher isn’t upset, so she doesn’t have to be. “Fourth rung of hell, party of one,” Rory says. She catches Lorelai eating a Jordan almond. Michel greets Lorelai at the inn, trying to get her to let him leave. Lorelai finds Sookie making sure everything is ready for the wedding the next day before she goes home for her last night as a single woman. Later that night, Christopher comes downstairs to find Lorelai decorating. She tells him how happy she is for Sookie and how nice it was to watch her and Jackson fall in love. They start kissing, despite their better judgment, then head upstairs to Christopher’s room. Later that night, Lorelai goes back downstairs and finds Sookie manically making changes to her cake while wearing her wedding dress. She explains that she had a bad dream about her dress, then decided that she shouldn’t serve salmon puffs; when she came to the inn, she realized that she didn’t like the daffodils on her cake. Lorelai tells her that it’s normal for her to be nervous. Sookie says that she doesn’t want her marriage to fail. She asks for something to distract her, so Lorelai tells her that she just had sex with Christopher. Sookie gets excited about their possible reconciliation and asks for more details the next day. Lorelai promises to grab her sometime between walking down the aisle and getting married. She tells Sookie she’s beautiful and sends her to bed.

Back upstairs, Lorelai and Christopher discuss what’s happening with them. He thinks that everything is happening the way it should, but she’s not sure. She decides that they should at least try being a family and see what happens. Kirk goes to Luke’s and asks him to make a quick sandwich. He hopes that he meets someone nice at the wedding, since he’s extremely lonely. Luke heads upstairs and meets up with Jess. Luke is upset that Jess never called to tell him he was okay, but he’s too busy to get into everything now. Jess tells him that he wants to move back in. Luke notes that everyone thought he was crazy for taking Jess in and Jess proved them right. He says that things will have to be different, but he will give Jess a second chance. Before he goes back downstairs, he tells Jess that Rory is at Sookie’s wedding and that she and Dean are still together, so he should leave them alone. Everyone gathers at the inn, where Miss Patty and Babette sing while Morey plays the piano. Dean wonders how many drinks they’ve had; Rory says they haven’t had any, but when they have, she’ll have to hide Dean. Paris calls Dean, asking for Rory, and tells her that they’ve gotten band members’ votes and are most likely going to win the election. Dean notes that this means Rory will probably spend the summer in Washington.

Lorelai joins the two (reiterating the fact that they’ll have to hide Dean soon), then heads off. She runs into Christopher and they share a kiss. Richard and Emily arrive before things can go any farther and Richard and Christopher go off to get drinks. Emily wonders why Christopher is there; Lorelai says that he’ll probably be visiting more often. Christopher talks to Rory about the situation with Lorelai and she asks about his intentions, since they’ve been waiting for a while to be a family. He assures her that he won’t disappoint them. He gets a call on his cell phone and walks off. Jess arrives and tells Rory that he’s moved back. She responds by kissing him, then freaking out about it and running off. Christopher meets up with Lorelai on the bridge and tells her that he has to leave. Sherry called and has come back. Upset that he’s leaving, Lorelai tells him to just go. Christopher announces that Sherry is pregnant and has just called to let him know. He doesn’t know what to do, since he was so happy with Lorelai the night before, but he missed everything with Rory and would like the chance to really be a father. Lorelai doesn’t have time to discuss this with him and sends him back to Sherry. As the wedding is about to start, Lorelai and Rory meet up to do their duties as bridesmaids. “I think I’m going to Washington,” Rory says. “Oh. Okay,” Lorelai replies as “I Can’t Get Started” plays and the girls head down the aisle.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sookie: “I mean, if it wasn’t for your mother, I never would’ve settled on the color pink.”
Lorelai: “Why is that?”
Sookie: “Well, I wanted yellow and she said no.”

Lorelai: “In fact, if you put oy and poodle together in the same sentence, you’d have a great new catchphrase, you know? Like, ‘oy with the poodles already.’ So from now on, when the perfect circumstances arise, we will use our favorite new catchphrase.”
Rory: “Oy with the poodles already.”
Lorelai: “I’m telling you, it’s knocking ‘whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?’ right out of first place.”
Emily: “Lorelai, for God’s sake, be quiet.”

Paris: “Well, what do I do?”
Madeline: “Hope for a sex scandal?”

Paris: “You’re quiet, you say ‘excuse me,’ you look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning. People don’t fear you.”
Rory: “Hey, I haven’t been dressed by a bird since I was two.”

“Not that the person who actually wins will even know who Hubert Humphrey is, but, hey, I bet they’ll organize one boffo senior ditch day.” - Paris

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