"S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous"
Written by Gayle Abrams; directed by Victor Nelli

Christopher brings Lorelai home after taking her to see Snakes on a Plane (and of course, Lorelai has plenty to say about that). They complain about how they keep seeing bad movies, and Lorelai thinks they’re to blame, since they’re the only common factor in all of the viewings. She laments that they can never watch Casablanca together because they’ll ruin it. The two start to divvy up their leftover candy, but then Christopher realizes he’ll never be able to get what he wants, so he gives it all to Lorelai. Inside, Lorelai asks Rory if it’s strange that Christopher didn’t come in, and Rory says that if Lorelai wants him to come in, he can. They’re not sure what the protocol should be for Rory’s mother and father dating each other. Lorelai admits that she’s not sure what she wants. However, she’s happy that things are going well with them. Rory reports that Christopher said nice things about Lorelai the last time they were together (though she won’t tell Lorelai any details because they’re not in junior high). Rory adds that she wants Lorelai to be careful because she doesn’t want her to get hurt again. Lorelai notices that Rory is packing some of her mother’s things in with the stuff she’s taking back to school, so she guesses that that means Rory wants Lorelai to go to college with her.

At the diner, Kirk tells Luke that he’s been having women problems lately, as both his mother and Lulu are being possessive. Now that he’s had to spend so much time choosing between them, he can no longer make decisions on his own. Anna arrives, wanting to give Luke April’s schedule before bringing her by; Anna is headed out to New Mexico to care for her mother after surgery, so April will be staying with Luke for a while. At the inn, Lorelai discovers that the kitchen is full of squash, since Jackson’s crop has grown a ton, and now Sookie is cooking up all sorts of squash dishes. Sookie invites Lorelai over for dinner, then guesses that she doesn’t want to commit yet because Christopher might call and ask her out. Sookie notes that they’ve been seeing a lot of each other, and when Lorelai says they’re just dating, Sookie wonders if she can just date the father of her child. Lorelai says she can, and they’re just getting to know each other again (though, as Sookie points out, they’ve known each other most of their lives). Sookie reminds her that she and Luke haven’t been apart for that long, and though it’s normal to have a rebound relationship, Lorelai shouldn’t have hers with the father of her child. Lorelai says there are so many people worried about her getting hurt, she’s considering setting up traffic cones around herself. Christopher calls to ask Lorelai out, and Sookie bangs around the kitchen to interrupt the conversation.

Rory moves back into Logan’s apartment and calls Logan to let him know where she is. Richard then calls to let her know that he’s going to be teaching an economics course at Yale this semester. Richard, Emily, and Rory are all happy about the news. At the diner, Luke reads over a list of rules for April’s school, marveling over the list of banned substances and behaviors. Miss Patty tries to calm him down, but she freaks him out more when she tells him a story about a disgruntled ballerina. Anna and April arrive and Miss Patty encourages Luke to bring April by for a ballet class. Having heard about ballerinas’ fits of rage, Luke declines. He takes April up to his apartment, which isn’t decorated that nicely, and suggests that they go to Target and get some stuff. At the Yale Daily News, Rory congratulates everyone on finishing up the first issue. Paris isn’t that impressed, as she spent some time at the Hartford Courant and thinks the Yale paper is a joke in comparison. She adds that Doyle has become a very in-demand fact-checker at the Courant. A writer tells Rory he has a problem with an artist at a show he’s supposed to cover (read: they used to date), so Rory offers to cover the show in his place. She invites Paris to go with her, but Paris has plans and encourages her to force someone else to go instead. She used to make Bill go as her date to all sorts of things, until he showed up wearing a sweater that made Paris realize he thought they were going on a date. Rory says she’ll go by herself.

Christopher comes to pick Lorelai up for a date, and she notes that she’s picked an outfit that would fit in either a casual or formal setting, since he won’t tell her where they’re going. Outside, Lorelai sees that Christopher has a red convertible, which she loves, and she wonders if the car is the big surprise for the evening or if there’s more to come. Luke and April return to the apartment after their shopping spree, in which April picked out a number of cerulean items. April tells Luke the place looks nice enough for him to bring over a date. He changes the subject. Christopher takes Lorelai to an old barn, where he’s set up a projector for them to watch Funny Face. On the phone in his new office at Yale, Richard tells Emily how different college is now from when they were there. Just as the conversation ends, Emily, who’s been driving, is pulled over and informed that it’s illegal to talk on the phone while driving in Connecticut. When Emily rants about the situation, the officer tries to get her to take a Breathalyzer, which she refuses. At the art show, Rory meets two wacky friends named Lucy (Krysten Ritter, AKA Gia) and Olivia (Michelle Ongkingco), one of whom is showing there. They tell her they used to be obsessed with Paris, who they think is a genius, and offer to show Rory around the rest of the show. At the barn, the movie ends and Christopher invites Lorelai back to his place. She isn’t sure that’s a good idea and he admits that he’s nervous about the relationship, too. The point is moot anyway since Lorelai then gets a call asking her to come get Emily out of jail.

Luke makes sure April has everything she needs for the night, and she tries to talk up her biology teacher. He tells her that he and Lorelai broke up because they weren’t right for each other, and he’s okay and doesn’t need April to try to take care of him. At the police station, Lorelai gleefully takes photos and Emily snarls at the officers for wasting their time on her. As they drive home, Lorelai makes jokes about what music Emily might like to hear (“Jailhouse Rock” or “Folsom Prison Blues”), then asks why Emily called her instead of Richard. Emily says it was his first night teaching at Yale and she didn’t want to interrupt him at the dinner he was attending. Emily suddenly realizes that they’re in a special car and wonders if Lorelai and Christopher were on a date. Lorelai changes the subject back to jail. Rory takes Lucy and Olivia to Logan’s and her apartment, where Olivia and Lucy start an impromptu miniature party. Logan calls and Rory has to ask if she can call him back because the other two are being so loud. Christopher takes Lorelai home, where she gushes about how great the evening was. Christopher says he feels like he’s been overshadowed a little by Emily’s fiasco. Lorelai assures him that the night was memorable even without that happening, and she’s glad he was with her for the rest of it. Christopher starts to head home, but Lorelai invites him inside.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “I don’t eat orange food, except for candy corn.”
Sookie: “You eat Cheetos.”
Lorelai: “I don’t eat food that’s naturally orange.”
Sookie: “You eat oranges.”
Lorelai: “Okay, I eat food that’s naturally orange, but I don’t eat gourds.”

Paris: (re: Doyle) “He works seven days a week just to keep up with the demand for his fact-checking.”
Sheila: “Maybe he’s looking to get away from a certain lunatic.”
Paris: “Jealous much, Sheila?”
Sheila: “Yeah. You got me.”

Christopher: “Buckle your seatbelt.”
Lorelai: “Buckling my seatbelt - is that the special thing?”
Christopher: “Yeah, that’s it. You’re all buckled up. Date’s over.”

“Are you planning to murder me? Because people will notice I’m gone. They’ll look for me. Paul Anka saw me leave with you. He’ll bark. He will bark, and he’ll sell you down the river. (barking) Chris! Chris!” - Lorelai

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