Veronica Mars episode guides

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Season 1

1. Pilot - Veronica Mars is a high school student, part-time private eye, and complicated heroine. She'd just like to find out where her mom Lianne is, who raped her, and who killed her best friend Lilly.
2. Credit Where Credit's Due - Weevil is accused of credit card fraud, and even though he likes to bug Veronica, she wants to help him out. Meanwhile, Logan is dating Paris Hilton. Yeah, you heard me.
3. Meet John Smith - A kid at Neptune High wants Veronica to track down his father. Too bad his name is John Smith. And he may be dead. Duncan demonstrates more emotions than he ever has before. Also, Veronica and Troy, sitting in a tree.
4. The Wrath of Con - Veronica goes undercover to figure out a scam run by some college computer nerds. A memorial service for Lilly affects Weevil in a surprising way. Veronica pays tribute to Lilly through the magic of stripping.
5. You Think You Know Somebody - Veronica tries to help Troy get his father's car back, even though she's not thrilled about saving the steroids in the backseat. Keith is dating Ms. James. Veronica wants to find Lianne.
6. Return of the Kane - Duncan wins his campaign for class president, causing Veronica to think that something is amiss with the voting process. Logan's parents are nuts. Veronica notices some evidence that might proove Koontz's innocence.
7. The Girl Next Door - Veronica tries to find out why her pregnant neighbor disappeared. She also learns that Jake and Lianne were once a couple. Logan and Weevil serve detention together, but none of us is upset about that.
8. Like a Virgin - A purity test throws Neptune High into chaos, and Veronica wants to clear her name, as well as that of a cheerleader named Meg. Keith acts crazy to help out Wallace's mother. Abel Koontz is creepy, but possibly helpful.
9. Drinking the Kool-Aid - Veronica investigates a cult which might not actually be evil. She also investigates her paternity, but she's not quite as ready for the results as we are.
10. An Echolls Family Christmas - Duncan, Logan, and Weevil participate in the world's greatest game of poker. Veronica plays Clue. Lynn wants to know who's stalking Aaron.
11. Silence of the Lamb - Mac asks Veronica to investigate her parents, but is shocked to learn that she was switched at birth with an 09er. Keith and Lamb work together to try to catch a serial killer. Veronica decides to do battle with Wiedman.
12. Clash of the Tritons - Veronica tries to infiltrate a secret society at Neptune High. This involves karaoke, for some reason. Ms. James interviews Veronica, Duncan, Logan, and Weevil about Lilly. Lynn might have gone to the Great Collagen Factory in the sky.
13. Lord of the Bling - Lilly and Veronica's former friend disappears, and her hip-hop producer father hires Keith to find her. Aaron decides to quit the movie business. Logan is having trouble coming to terms with what may or may not have happened to Lynn, and this leads him to make a stunning decision.
14. Mars vs. Mars - Veronica's favorite teacher is accused of sleeping with a student, and she and Keith face off on either side of the case. Veronica agrees to help Logan look for Lynn. She also finally finds out what's wrong with Duncan.
15. Ruskie Business - Veronica is working on finding a missing actor, Meg's secret admirer, and Lynn. Logan stakes out a hotel to wait for his mom. Lianne's back, but it might not be for long.
16. Betty and Veronica - Clemmons asks Veronica to find Neptune High's missing mascot, so she goes undercover at a rival school. Lianne spills some, but not all, to Veronica. Celeste and Jake have been lying. Also, Duncan and Meg, sitting in a tree.
17. Kanes and Abel's - Veronica tries to find out who's harassing a valedictory candidate. As she gets closer to proving that Koontz is innocent, she imagines the possibly scenarios of Lilly's death. She also does battle with another PI and Wiedman, who gets Keith involved.
18. Weapons of Class Destruction - Veronica investigates a series of bomb threats at Neptune High, against Clemmons' wishes. Keith is dating Alicia. After discovering that Veronica has a file on him pertaining to Lilly's case, Duncan takes off. Also, Veronica and Logan, sitting in a tree.
19. Hot Dogs - A rash of dognappings makes Veronica suspicious. She also makes a deal with the devil (aka Celeste) to help Weevil after he's arrested for breaking into the Kanes' house. Logan wants revenge on Trina's slimy boyfriend. Keith is suspicious about Veronica's paternity.
20. M.A.D. - Veronica helps a classmate break up with her boyfriend without threat of retaliation. Keith likes the idea of finding Duncan and using the reward money to send Veronica to college. Aaron approves of Veronica and Logan's...whatever, but Wiedman wants Keith and Alicia to break up. Veronica finds out who supplied the GHB at the infamous party.
21. A Trip to the Dentist - Keith finds Duncan in Cuba and brings him back to Neptune just in time for him to get questioned by Veronica. In her quest to discover who raped her, she also questions Meg, Luke (from "You Think You Know Somebody"), Madison, Casey (from "Drinking the Kool-Aid"), Sean (from "An Echolls Family Christmas"), Dick, Beaver, and Carrie (from "Mars vs. Mars"). All of Wallace's favors are rewarded when he gets to look at Veronica's files on Lilly's murder case. Keith finds Koontz's alibi, plus a literally sobering surprise.
22. Leave it to Beaver - Keith tries to sue the Kanes for the money he's owed for finding Duncan, and Celeste will only give it to him if he gets Veronica to agree to never try to claim the family's money. She does, but it doesn't matter anyway, since Keith is her real father. Veronica goes undercover to find Lilly's secret stash and winds up figuring out who killed her. Said killer is crazy. Weevil finds a drunken Logan about to jump off a bridge. Lianne is a jerk.

Season 2

23. Normal is the Watchword - Logan may have killed Felix. Meg and a bunch of other students are in a bus accident. Veronica and Duncan are back together. Logan is sleeping with Dick and Beaver's stepmother Kendall.
24. Driver Ed - Veronica tries to help the daughter of the bus driver accused of committing suicide and taking the students with him. Keith decides to run for sheriff. Wallace solves his first case on his own and gets the girl. Veronica may be on to Logan and Kendall. Meg is alive, but a man is found dead with Veronica's name written on his hand.
25. Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang - Cassidy asks Veronica to find out if Kendall is cheating on Dick Sr. The dead man has a connection to Aaron that makes Veronica believe that she was the target of the bus accident. Someone from Alicia's past is after her. Logan and Duncan have it out. Veronica joins the Future Business Leaders of America.
26. Green-Eyed Monster - Veronica helps a jealous woman who thinks her boyfriend is cheating. Duncan has been visiting Meg. Alicia is lying. Lizzie has potentially damaging information about Meg. Nathan is Wallace's real father.
27. Blast from the Past - Jackie sets Veronica up but winds up taking a fall herself. Wallace is ticked at everyone and winds up skipping town with Nathan. Logan and Duncan make up. Keith's lead in the race for sheriff narrows when Lamb reveals news about Ed Doyle.
28. Rat Saw God - Abel asks Veronica to find a missing Amelia. Keith loses the election and is even less pleased to learn about Moran. Weevil torches Logan's house, so Logan has his family evicted, then moves in with Duncan. Aaron claims that Duncan killed Lilly. Veronica teams up with Wiedman. Lamb has the bus dragged up and Keith finds a rat on it.
29. Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner - Veronica babysits a bunch of kids to try to find out which of Meg's former charges is being abused. It turns out to be Meg's little sister Grace, and Lamb isn't happy about it. Woody approaches Keith with the possibility of turning Neptune in a city of which Keith would be the chief of police. Logan asks Veronica to investigate the so-called witness who came forward about Felix's murder. Kendall gets devious in her quest for money.
30. Ahoy Mateys - Keith and Veronica try to help the parents of a boy killed in the bus crash. Logan has trouble fending off the bikers. Duncan dreams about Meg, then reads a shocking letter someone wrote to her. Mac plays Q to Veronica's Bond.
31. My Mother, the Fiend - Veronica investigates a rumor that got Lianne suspended in high school and ends up discovering who Trina's birth mother is. Cassidy starts up his own business with some help from Mac and Kendall. Weevil and Logan decide to work together to find out who really killed Felix, but they have one last fight to make it look good. Meg is pregnant and also awake.
32. One Angry Veronica - Meg asks Veronica to make sure her baby is taken care of if anything happens to her. Good thing she does, since she winds up dying. Veronica serves jury duty. Keith investigates the theft of the Aaron/Lilly sex tapes from the sheriff's department. Logan and Leo commit related crimes. Just as Veronica is about to preemptively write off the new year, Wallace returns.
33. Donut Run - Veronica helps Duncan flee with the baby. Wallace admits that he came back to Neptune because of a hit-and-run. Logan and Weevil work together to find out who killed Felix.
34. Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle - Wallace, Veronica, and Nathan try to clear Wallace's name after Rashard blames him for the hit-and-run. Weevil and Logan ask Veronica to bug a confessional. The bikers turn on Weevil, who realizes that Thumper probably killed Felix. Thumper blackmails him with footage of him beating up Moran. Keith investigates the bus crash, suspecting that someone wanted to kill non-09ers.
35. Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough - After the senior class trip money disappears, Veronica searches for the culprit and finds herself defending Jackie. Keith bonds with Terrence, who wants him to take his case. Weevil gets revenge on Thumper while Cassidy and Mac get revenge on Dick. Logan has found a new way to get to Griffith.
36. Versatile Toppings - Veronica helps a group of gay students who are in danger of being outed by a blackmailer. Keith tries to convince Terrence to let him reveal that he was at a casino the evening of the bus crash. Logan tells Hannah the truth about her father. Veronica finds explosives in Woody's hangar, where Terrence keeps his cars.
37. The Quick and the Wed - Jane asks Veronica for help when her bride-to-be sister disappears. Logan gets Griffith to withdraw his testimony, but he realizes that he may have made a huge mistake in the process. Kendall and Aaron team up. Terrence is shot.
38. The Rapes of Graff - While visiting Hearst College, Veronica and Wallace run into Troy, who asks Veronica for help after he's accused of date rape. Keith helps Cliff find an escort who swiped his briefcase. Logan comes clean to Hannah, who forgives him. Madison and Lamb, sitting in a tree.
39. Plan B - Weevil asks Veronica to help him prove that Thumper killed Felix. When their plans don't work, he sets Thumper up to be killed by the Fitzpatricks. Logan wins the internship with Woody. Wallace still likes Jackie, who's attempting to overhaul her image. Mac wants to go to the next level with Cassidy, who doesn't.
40. I Am God - Disturbing dreams about the bus crash victims lead Veronica to step up her investigation. Wallace and Logan work together on a physics project, attempting to ensure the Kane Scholarship for Veronica. Keith investigates a slew of anxiety disorder diagnoses at Neptune High, unwittingly helping Veronica get closer to the scholarship.
41. Nevermind the Buttocks - An investigation into the death of a Neptune senior's dog leads Veronica to believe that Kendall (who's not really Kendall) and the Fitzpatricks are behind the bus crash. Weevil helps the bikers out of jam, then abandons them again. Keith digs into Kendall's past. Wallace wants to be with Jackie, no matter how much time they have before she leaves the country.
42. Look Who's Stalking - After the prom is cancelled, Logan throws an alterna-prom at the Neptune Grand. Keith helps Woody out of a jam but ends up in a media fight with him. Gia is being stalked. Lucky knows something about Woody. Someone gave Veronica an STD.
43. Happy Go Lucky - Keith and Veronica think Woody crashed the bus, but they have to convince Lamb that it wasn't Lucky. Veronica pairs up Cassidy and Weevil for some tutoring and car-fixing, and Mac finds herself involved as well. Veronica is torn between her academic responsibilities and Aaron's murder trial. Terrence is released but finds himself trapped anyway.
44. Not Pictured - After confessing to crashing the bus, killing Moran, and raping Veronica, Cassidy kills Woody and then himself. Jackie comes clean to Wallace about her not-so-pristine past. Kendall has a proposition for Keith, and it might keep him from going to New York with Veronica. Duncan has Wiedman kill Aaron.

Season 3

45. Welcome Wagon - Veronica kicks off her freshman year of college by helping Wallace's roommate Piz find his stolen belongings. Keith takes Liam's brother Cormac to see Kendall. Dick becomes the campus drunk. The Hearst serial rapist claims another victim.
46. My Big Fat Greek Rush Week - The school newspaper sends Veronica undercover to write an exposť about a sorority house. Wallace and Logan participate in a sociology experiment. Parker's parents want her to come home. Keith has to find his way out of the desert.
47. Wichita Linebacker - Veronica helps a football player locate his stolen playbook. Weevil puts in time as a PI and a janitor. Logan is elusive. Piz wants a radio show.
48. Charlie Don't Surf - Logan has a half brother, but it's not who he thinks it is. The Pi Sigs ask Veronica to clear their names, so she takes advantage of the opportunity to do some investigating. Keith helps a woman who thinks her husband is cheating.
49. President Evil - After a necklace that belonged to Lilly is stolen at the on-campus casino, Veronica tries to find the thieves. Keith looks for Dean O'Dell's wife's ex so he can help their dying son. Wallace wants to pass mechanical engineering.
50. Hi, Infidelity - Veronica has to prove that she didn't plagiarize a paper for Landry's class. Wallace tries to balance academics and basketball. Parker likes Piz, and also thinks Mercer is the rapist. Keith and Harmony, sitting in a tree.
51. Of Vice and Men - Veronica helps a girl find her missing boyfriend. Harmony promises Keith she's leaving her husband. Mercer is cleared. Vinnie blackmails Keith. Veronica almost becomes the rapist's next victim.
52. Lord of the Pi's - A Hearst heir disappears just before a vote to determine whether or not the Greeks can remain on campus. Veronica doesn't appreciate Logan's attempts to protect her. A bizarre clue leads Veronica to investigate a three-year-old suicide attempt and makes her suspect that all of the rapes were faked.
53. Spit and Eggs - Mercer is the rapist, thanks to some help from Moe. Dean O'Dell hires Keith to find out if Mindy is cheating. Logan and Veronica break up. Parker saves Veronica. Someone murders Dean O'Dell.
54. Show Me the Monkey - Mac enlists Veronica to find a missing lab monkey. Logan and Veronica both try to move on from their breakup but don't get very far. Mindy hires Keith to investigate Dean O'Dell's supposed suicide. Mac seems to finally be getting over her bad dating past.
55. Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves - Veronica helps a guy find his true love, but she's a hooker. Keith goes undercover (sort of) to get information on the Lillith girls. Logan hooked up with more than one girl while he and Veronica were broken up, and Veronica doesn't like the second one.
56. There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill - Bonnie asks Veronica to find out who gave her a morning-after pill that cause her to miscarry. Keith doesn't get much farther in the Dean O'Dell investigation. Veronica tries to cure her Madison-related insomnia by messing with her car.
57. Postgame Mortem - Veronica tries to help the basketball coach's son when he's framed for his father's murder, but she gets arrested when he escapes from jail. Logan is stuck babysitting. Keith almost quits working for Mindy, then changes his mind when he finds out how much Dean O'Dell liked Veronica. Dick gets married.
58. Mars, Bars - Josh asks Veronica to help him leave the country. Dean O'Dell died an hour after the Marses thought he did. Logan, Parker, Mac, and Bronson do a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt together. Steve goes to Mindy's house to kill her but ends up killing Lamb instead.
59. Papa's Cabin - Tim asks Veronica to help him clear Landry's name. She happily takes advantage of Keith's return to the sheriff's department to get access to everything she needs. Logan wants to date Parker, who's worried about what Veronica will think. Everyone confesses.
60. Un-American Graffiti - An Arab-American couple hires Veronica to find out who's vandalizing their restaurant. After cracking down on underage drinking in Neptune, Keith busts Wallace, Piz, and, by extension, Veronica. Dick thinks he's having the best day ever. Wallace tells Piz to go all in with Veronica.
61. Debasement Tapes - Piz hangs out with a has-been rock star, calling on Veronica for help when his backing tapes go missing. Logan enlists Mac to help him with a class project. Keith and Leo team up to foil a robbery, but in the process they accidentally inspire Vinnie to run for sheriff.
62. I Know What You'll Do Next Summer - Now an official PI, Veronica investigates a man's claims that a soon-to-be-famous writer is his son. Parker doesn't like Logan's summer plans. Keith wonders if Vinnie and the Fitzpatricks are behind a sudden crime wave. Mac isn't so sure about her love life. Dick Sr. resurfaces.
63. Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down - Accused of selling fake ID cards to Hearst students, Weevil asks Veronica to help clear his name. Wallace is stalked. Logan thinks Piz is to blame for a sex tape starring Veronica and Piz.
64. The B%$@# is Back - The truth behind the sex tape lies in a secret society that Wallace happens to be a recruit for. Veronica investigates and finds that Jake and Wiedman are involved. Keith faces election trouble thanks to Veronica's extracurricular activities.

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