"Plan B"
Written by Dayna Lynn North; directed by John Kretchmer

At Neptune High, Logan learns that he has won Woody’s essay contest (see “The Rapes of Graff”) and will get to be his intern for a week and push the plunger to demolish the old Shark Stadium. Veronica is the only one who seems to notice that his essay is actually direct quotes from the movie Easy Rider. At lunch, Weevil flashes back to Felix telling him he wanted to go to trucking school after high school, then get married and have kids. In the present, Veronica and Jane discuss the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance, teasing Wallace by pretending that Jane isn’t going to ask him to go. Weevil summons Veronica, who tells him she’ll only help him with whatever he needs if he pays her $50. He predicts that her curiosity will win out. He’s right. Weevil announces that Thumper killed Felix (see “Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle”) but he can’t prove it. Plus, Thumper has a video on his phone of Weevil beating up Moran. He adds that he and the other bikers got anonymous calls telling them that Moran crashed the bus in order to take out Cervando for hustling money out of Liam Fitzpatrick. He flashes back to beating up Moran, who claims that he didn’t crash the bus, though he knows who did. The fight breaks up before Moran can continue. In the present, Weevil tells Veronica that he saved Moran’s life, since the other bikers wanted to kill him. Veronica asks if Moran had her name written on his hand at the time, but Weevil implies that he wasn’t looking. He tells her that either Thumper will get his courtesy of the police or Weevil will take care of things. If Veronica wants things handled correctly, she’ll have to help Weevil.

Jackie and Wallace chat in study hall and she tells him that she’s used to being alone at home. He tells her that they should hang out sometime. Mac and Cassidy see a banner for the dance and tease each other for a little while before she asks him to go. He tells her that if things don’t go well, they can leave early and hunt for the best pizza in Neptune. In the parking lot, Veronica catches Logan on his way to his internship and asks him for more details about the night Felix was killed. Logan no longer cares what happened, even though his refusal to help means that Thumper will get away with murder and corner the market on the high school drug trade. All Logan tells her is that the man who stopped and called 911 was Hispanic and drove a San Diego Seafood truck. He thinks he would recognize him if he saw him again. In Woody’s office, Logan meets his boss for the week and is sworn in. He announces that he supports Woody’s plan to incorporate Neptune, though he’d rather just put a wall around the town to keep out people he doesn’t like. Woody assigns him the job of organizing mail into pro- and anti-incorporation piles. Keith arrives, surprised to see Logan, and Woody asks him to drop all of his other cases and work on Terrence’s. Keith reminds him that Terrence broke into Ms. Dumas’ family’s home (see “The Quick and the Wed”), which he finds suspicious. Woody claims to know “the quality of his character.” Logan interrupts to show them a DVD from the mail that someone took at Woody’s house.

Veronica and Logan stake out the San Diego Seafood Company and she ribs him a little about Hannah. He suggests that Keith and Griffith go bowling together. Logan spots the 911 caller, Luis, but he claims not to be the person they’re looking for. He then admits that he was on the bridge but never came forward because he has a family and lives near bikers. At school the next day, Veronica fills Weevil in and he tells her about Molly and how her family used Griffith to frame Logan for Felix’s murder. He thinks that the Fitzpatricks ordered Thumper to commit the murder so that he could keep doing business with them. He adds that Molly and Thumper were secretly seeing each other; it’s possible that the Fitzpatricks either found out about their relationship or were told about it. Mac approaches Veronica for relationship advice, since Cassidy doesn’t seem willing to go beyond making out. Veronica tells her that if they enjoy being together, then she shouldn’t worry. Mac still thinks that there’s something abnormal about a teenage boy not wanting to have sex. At lunch, Weevil gives Molly a toy truck and tells her he knows about Felix’s plans for the future. She tells him that her family had nothing to do with his death. Weevil brings up Griffith and says that though Felix’s love for Molly seems to have been his downfall, she doesn’t appear to care. She claims that she loved him and Weevil yelled back that he loved Felix, which is why he’s still trying to find out who killed him. Elsewhere, Wallace and Jackie watch a couple of guys ogling a girl and egging on a special ed student named Charlie to ask her out. To save Charlie from embarrassment, Jackie asks him to the dance.

Logan snoops around Woody’s office, but before he can find anything more interesting than a signature stamp, Woody shows up and takes him to Lamb’s makeshift gym. They discuss the upcoming demolition of the stadium and Woody gets a little too touchy-feely with Logan. At the River Stix (see “Ahoy Mateys”), Molly gets Liam and Danny to talk about Felix. Liam goes off about how Molly was Felix’s whore and she should be glad he’s dead; if her father weren’t in jail, he would’ve killed him himself. Veronica and Weevil listen to the conversation from Mars Investigations thanks to a bug in the toy truck. Veronica warns Weevil that Thumper could turn over the video of him beating up Moran if they take the tape from the truck to Lamb, but Weevil would rather see Thumper pay for killing Felix. He says that Thumper made up the things Felix supposedly said about Molly. Keith arrives and Veronica pretends they were talking about Caligula while studying for a history test. She and Weevil take the tape to Lamb, is upset that someone took his parking spot. Sacks notes that the new deputy commissioner (aka Logan) needs it because he’s apparently handicapped. Veronica announces that Thumper killed Felix and the tape practically contains Liam’s confession. Lamb notes that the recording wasn’t obtained legally, but Veronica says that she was just pointing him the right way, not doing his job for him. Since Lamb isn’t helpful, Weevil wants to go to plan B, but Veronica wants to try out one more idea first and asks for a few hours.

Keith goes to Woody’s office with the DVD and tells him that it was made in November or December, before the incorporation plan went public. Woody claims not to know any other reason someone might sneak into his house and make a video. Jackie meets up with Charlie at the dance, where his mother thanks her for asking him. Veronica takes photos while Logan and Gia collect tickets; he is less than thrilled to be stuck with her for the evening. Thumper heads to St. Mary’s (see “Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle”), where two kids watch as Weevil knocks him out and takes the money he was planning to drop at the confessional. (The kids will be back in “Happy Go Lucky.”) At Neptune High, Mac and Cassidy dance while Wallace finds it hard to focus on Jane while Jackie is nearby. Gia tells Logan that Woody said he had potential, then asks him if he’s nervous about what could happen if the demolition doesn’t go as planned. Charlie’s mom takes him home so Jackie starts to leave. Wallace goes after her and kisses her but she tells him that she’s trying to be a different person now. Wallace’s luck continues to run out when Jane tells him that a friend of hers saw him and Jackie kissing. He manages to apologize and get her to forgive him. Cassidy and Mac leave the dance and Mac suggests that they go to his place, but Cassidy obviously doesn’t want to do what she has in mind. She backtracks and tells him they can continue their pizza quest instead. Gia continues bugging Logan and makes the mistake of asking him to be completely honest about what he thinks of her. Before he can respond, Veronica pulls him onto the dance floor and they share a moment that shows that they obviously still care about each other.

Thumper winds up at the River Stix with some very angry Fitzpatricks who don’t believe his story that he was attacked and the money was stolen. Danny gleefully finds the money behind Thumper’s gas tank. At Neptune High, Jane tells Jackie that she used to think people were wrong about her, but not anymore. Liam and Danny handcuff Thumper in a bathroom as he tries to convince them that Weevil set him up. They gag him with duct tape (possibly indicating that they duct taped the rat under the bus seat) and leave as a klaxon sounds. Woody visits Keith at Mars Investigations and tells him the video was made by his former gardener, so Keith can stop investigating. Keith gives him the DVD, but he has made a copy of it. Luis arrives and tells Veronica that he’s changed his mind about coming forward. She takes him to Lamb and Luis confirms that Thumper stabbed Felix. Lamb issues a warrant for Thumper’s arrest. At Neptune High, Wallace confesses to Jane that he kissed Jackie at the dance, admitting that he still has feelings for her. Later, he tells Jackie that he broke up with Jane, but Jackie doesn’t want to be seen as a boyfriend-stealer. Nearby, Mac finally confronts Cassidy, asking him why he doesn’t want to do anything physical with her. He gets upset when he learns that she talked to Veronica about their relationship and tells her, “Good luck getting laid.” As everyone prepares for the demolition of Shark Stadium, the foreman tells Woody that someone’s motorcycle was found under the stadium. It will take too long to get it out, so it will be blown up along with everything else. Veronica and Keith watch from home as Logan pushes the plunger. Thumper, chained up in a stadium bathroom, can do nothing to stop the explosion. Weevil heads to St. Mary’s and sits down for his first confessional in a long time.

THE SCHOOL BUS CASE: Weevil and some other bikers were told by an anonymous source that Moran crashed the bus to kill Cervando.

The Fitzpatricks seem to know a number of uses for duct tape.

THE FELIX TOOMBS CASE: According to Luis, Thumper was the one who stabbed Felix, most likely because the Fitzpatricks made him.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Weevil: “I need your help.”
Veronica: “Augh, if I had 50 bucks every time someone said that….”
Weevil: “Look, I know it’s a drag being you and--.”
Veronica: “No, seriously, I’m gonna need 50 bucks if you expect me to keep listening.”
Weevil: “Well, I’m banking on, uh, curiosity getting the better of you.”
(Veronica spends a few moments attempting to walk away but can’t bring herself to)
Veronica: “All right, tell me! Da%$ my curiosity.”

Mac: “This serves as a pre-emptive apology for the conversation that's about to take place. Okay. And…Beaver and I occasionally, you know, uh, make out.”
Veronica: “Mmm. I made out once. Back in the day. I think he had me pinned up against a woolly mammoth.”
Mac: “So, not that I'm an expert in this sorta stuff, but four months, typical high school boy, there should be some…under the…bra action, no?”
Veronica: “Let me consult my Idiot’s Guide to Wanton Behavior. Basically, you’re asking me because I’m the sluttiest person you know?”
Mac: “Um, ‘slutty’ is your word choice. Mine was ‘worldly.’”

Lamb: “Still pickin’ winners, huh, Veronica?”
Veronica: “I told you, when I start picking losers, it’s all you.”

Gia: “What if you push the plunger and nothing happens?”
Logan: “You mean like if there were total silence? Let’s try to imagine it.”

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